OMF - Danny Amendola on the Gronk hit, Brady's blow up 12-4-17

Monday, December 4th

THE DOLA IS BACK! Yes, the most handsome man in football makes his return to OMF. The 'Dola was also around the Gronk/White hit and gives his side of the story.


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See it out I don't wanna use compared to hold runners of the diesel never Kamal but again if we are for you from smack talk from. But. Is more on the line don't worry about it just consistent talk to our. World Malone who is the phone lines light up. Exact all I'm not exist nearly how he's a round rock church. Right now just follow the leader of the terrible you've you've done because she hung on us now you just saw that a stupid topic chassis you're like here here here here's a crappy idea I'll just run through. About time Harold adult I know you you're not had to sit ins are welcome all. It's terrible situation well thousands of mr. dole music it told. Ottawa touches the old. Think for sure to put stupid don't whine okay. And don't look so hot right up a lot of good looks me all the time Wednesday. Yeah you belong to Serbia and order a hot pipe Dolan did you. There's more life being really really. Really ridiculously good looking at eight doubt seen deployed very good but still so hot. There's a great day for us flak we don't even have a little bit about the live program we have and haven't read all of we just laid randomly just to get a smile and a that don't miss that it Mozilla gonna show Danny Nate Allen. Thank you Richard and I appreciate it usually careful investors did admit. And you're a parent tell. That's a good feeling and good for the year is when you're when you're getting in that when you squat square off with Micah Hyde in the fourth quarter. She's a rule or what world. Tomasson the monitor group. If it or did yours and usually I'm getting off. Am not a Aaron about it yeah that's OK so it was a favorite tell us what was going on. And the fields at the time we know the outcome that we know you would like Google and at a we know what would wrong did kinda give us a feel. For what was going on in did you get key that the feeling that. Throughout the entire game rock was just kinda get fed up within the articles articles against them. I don't I don't know I didn't see much of them until after the game. So. I couldn't tell during the game. It is I mean it was critical game really he didn't run blocking it is super physical to conduct aren't so. You know. My particular place and we got into little I guess I'll have cut loose and the Lincoln pushed him. I think I saw the ball hit pick up and I YE. And I think the public library and I thought my god is incumbent try to block he could what you can do that and I like kind of an actor and first could have some fluke. And then I got a flight attendants who hustled up a little bit afterward my club got it got obviously. I did I was injured soldiers here in discretionary critics of football player that I that I certainly realize. Situation so and Portland and for me. Let's ask for a few weeks now we've gotten into some guys you taken that trash talked to a different level is your ticket thrown out of the game couple weeks back. I don't I don't mean a lot really and it's always Wear my trash truck and I was like we're better relief at not taking a penny and more levels. You know what I think those cigarettes are really cracking down on the on fighting an altercation. You know really at the end of the whistle. Trying to coordinate and he didn't clean. As surely as. So did you were you mentioned the ground situation. We've sold tied up in your own view little's I don't miss what that was going on here. Yeah I didn't hear these so I'd be seated recently had a citizens. I have seen it soon. Entertainment media and what are your thoughts. Ministry got a message really. He's also talk lecture so. Obviously. It was after the whistle got to apologize when there are millions. I know he's not a dirty player so. And those are happy to see them. Capsule passes and usually productive objects. He quickly on the cards such a great cornered. In. It does it it's it's not something that we see really from the sink as we've seen the last few weeks in the run in the league and that's what we said received. Why don't the patriots you never get involved in something like this we've heard players say while we don't. He taught consult Tom about look keep our cool and not emotions too much into it and of course come on you see some let that happen to see known characteristic. Well when workhorse not a penalties and that's articles. Like can I heard our team didn't. You know about something of the situation thirteen thirteen men I know myself obviously I would regret and apologize sort of not moving on. Aren't on an excuse for his actions. On on white but you watched the film you see what goes on I contend that. Because he's so big so strong he is a unique. Specimen. That he gets treated much differently out there on the field because if there's any contact made. His body is not moving to any the other body is moving we saw a lot of the pick place you know where he's not really moving. Yet the other body moves because he's like a brick wall. Do you have written I mean do you and I sit Christian it's much different than when. When you play at that particular interest it was soft and it was soft humor you. Nobody contact with genetic and our musical yeah okay but Julia went through you when it. You watched his horror receiver like he is albeit at different position though he's more of a dot Tweeter in between the two positions. Why don't tell you tell me is it different. I got to remind you go after them a lot of people to Britain has been a lot of people give him credit for. Because of all of the wall yesterday. I mean he's he beat or he he lit around the men and you can positioned her for a lot of people. On the sideline and that's a cornerback on on a young ask Aaron Sorkin. Still still warm glass he's he's an amazing athlete like you said he's. It's critical to crystal clear in the route to cool calm and outlined his physical a at a catch falling in and people want to deal with that sometimes. Perhaps. You know we'll see this offensive. You know being too critical offensively and they're gonna fly good. Nobody ever and take at least for me is going to be that player and so shops called. Is he treated differently than other guys that position. I I believe the different the difference that's so. I. Don't know. And yet that's an excellent so. So the other we will we will we will get in the game prompts you okay so the last game as the last good housekeeping GAAP. Less than a house Steve Russo break first quarter rating comes off the field. Seems like. There is so it just seemed like a bad play there is a memory I just saw filters that was vital Brennan cokes and deep and through to coats when. Did make it there walked up the field looks like. Just again says something I'm just you know. Spit balling here it is again his lips about you know he should hit the cells so. Pretty basic level that the way it comes back and there is he is John. At Josh McDaniels now when you see something like that. Do you just kind of get out of the way wait for the dust to settle all are what do you do. I think that the that we that's part of the game and that's what football it's sort of to. Column and Joshua all of our players. Although a lot of our players. Are working more than just you know natural fires that are full of intensity and emotion in the with a lot of hard work and taking advantage of playing in the field and occur Atkinson. Has anybody else other than birdie kind of losses you know what on Josh McDaniels or any other coaches. I. Yeah. Keep that in now so obviously this. Can go to now there may be shocked if it does give a loss like that on you. It's it's all it is an emotional game caller caller we're engine to gain we lost 111000 you know thousands of Ulster couple weeks ago rookie because he's a rookie. I don't know he addressed it in the middle of the Christian UK you can't let yourself as probably not possible and you never he goes under. It has been an attack. Personally its wounds is the only minutes and they asked Brit you could ask brazen listen I was on with Fauria OK the other two slaps. And he's bags that is in the four years I've played them he said that you never screened them screamed at him and it'll be like yeah I never did never had to. Whom in that president had to pleas of them with. I didn't didn't. Well you know when it. Kick of the game. From the. Also with us RNC like early on you guys are struggling kinda. To find your groove which is something that Miami was doing it'd be surprised you a little bit it was the second half Buffalo News all the songs vulnerable division I. The same team so they're doing different. Some. They're playing hard that's for sure he's got a we get down there you know we are those who gets get coached them so don't look on on getting out and get punched out. You know we felt definitely at the teen couple off the field yesterday that we're happy that long and and the defense played great like so. Social and the special teams and offensively we we feel like can we can do better so. Back to work this weekend and ready to get down to a hundred. And aligned with the problem do you loosely soulless work agencies because I want to ask that question. The question we'll talk with the games is flu sorry man. Are you know we mission lowered me down their to let me up and won't just go down anymore are you they're now you working out today. Am I will be working at it and I'm not scared now that you either like before two at a mechanic that now aren't. I thought oh yeah I think that if and as quick as daddy. Won't for me the that retaliation. Aspect of this deal with rock. And you and indeed in some respects based on the other Micah Hyde a little dust up. What do you guys aren't terrible and all I understand there so I would guess that was off a richer for it hello all mail to amass whatever that a money market. I think elections struggled on balance of its initiative felt it. It was an awesome. Strap that thing protected yeah victim I want to Wear one with these Carrie Kirby has underneath. A good. Are you ready tomorrow here are here hello hello I'm mad about you are among and we need to protect the good. I don't have the time for gods are. I must love me last one. Retaliation. Are you guys fearful of that in all I know it's early but is that a concern it's when it's one situation like this come up. The second time you play the bills are planning a couple weeks. Well then yeah I mean. Whatever whatever we didn't get doubled since being done so whatever whatever whatever. It would mean that would lower than anything retaliation was. Got to play them again we're excited to play again and you know possible obviously a lot of other games and I guess for folks someone else. But that does happen though right I mean when there's some bad blood and specially wouldn't you can divisional game like this you play him again the same season. I gotta believe it's some of that stuff comes back right. I mean that protest like nine catches for 150 yard yesterday maybe they should be. You know. We'll focus on global. Or let like there is this this isn't a 200 grandeur price prepare for a new role is tough and I don't like a Lexus. It is yeah if I mean I haven't well I've gotten all. You guys are. Okay it would make okay the next time we actually see guys get Monday night. EC generally wild wild remote and pulled the we will or won't see them that the week after that. We're gonna be got a bright we out we haven't if we see that tournament they have a big giant present for you. Like love. The we got a present for you gotta come in the studio and two weeks. Our exit deal. Well you know let this and please let's allow the centers of unity on his who's got a subsequent. It's up with a tell a lie no it doesn't have enough and we got a connection. Why Danny is great talking to you once again will do its own right. So we won't do its thing it's you sincerely Denny Hamlin dole.