OMF - Danny Amendola talks working with Guerrero, the various awards Patriot employees receive 1-8-18

Monday, January 8th

It's always a rare treat when The Dola joins the show. And you know the most handsome man in football isn't going to fall for Fauria's abrasive line of questioning on Alex Guerrero or a Super Bowl run.


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Almost more touches the dole thinks that he can perturbed because it's the doha. But don't look so hot right now not a lot of good looks me all the time and say. Yeah do you belong Serbia and order a hot piping Dolan did you. This morning nice being. Really really. Really ridiculously good looking. You gotta paid noticing that America from the film so. Today on. Day it's the holiday and Yemen all happy new year. Our premier military dog don't worry you can really good they're compliant back in the playoffs again. I got it last year announced the top Julia Reed this ESPN peace about Brady and telecheck in the whole split here. I'm who did not read that. I. But when you when you hear that when you hear there's a lot of noises going around about the article he's on Twitter me so mixes do you. Do you you can give a crap reasonable now I'm probably I am Google read it so just think he's got me an average day it's not worth your time. Ignore the noise. Would Norris. You know there's a lot of lot of lot of things said a couple years so. I don't the mood much into the. So you've been around Tom now for awhile one of the things in this article says that he is changed. Which is old Ager all all getting older what none of you seen a different Tom in your time here. I mean. So whom seemed on the main. You know comes in action hard to prepare you shouldn't urgency and imagery Clinton. And I. It is only we look at its outcome won't be happy this thing going doesn't put him in a good life I don't know what the sources on what the story is one of the things he's talking about was. The fact that kind of bothered him a little bit he hasn't been a patriot player of the week this year and if you employer patriot player of the week this year don't. I have alone as long term ability to deal Ahmanson. I don't know I don't know. I'm they deduced from actual law. So what I'm always tend to eloquent neighbor loses they keep them out there on the wall for the whole year. I couldn't fashion a deal Russia their eligibility. Or. Christmas Turkey you're down there look at the pictures on the wall and thought Fred I'm trying to progress so it's the patriots because there's scout team player of the week players you know that you know the game balls that are given now like Monday or Wednesday right. And then this is a third aboard a major player of the week it was Obama team it's a what do you what did you have to do to earn that award. I think it would be like and holy patriot employee that we saw your piece on a you could be shoveled snow outside HE. We get. It's just like Eric employee of the need to know this is where I don't want you to back. Or kitchen stuff like that so. Okay all right I guess is that some sort of definition to exactly what was to the electors a lot of awards going around. There and breeding get inaudible did he wants us now. If Daniel the other part of this thing too was was the confusion among blue with the surprised when he woke up that day finally traded him. I know junior a great player and and you know obviously he's been playing great and thousands first of all really happy for is an opportunity. And I know he's gonna make the most of it so. Well let's try adding that. Business you know business. Let's talk about to play could urinate here in the playoffs Saturday night taking on Tennessee team that we did not expect to us in the day I run the schedule you got to play him. The last months the offense is not then is crisp and as fluid. As we saw before that you have any reason why and any reasons why it's not going to be a factor going forward. Well our goal is to win each game then. You know score more points and who can score so. We definitely definitely like you can play better. And quarterbacks or you know you're so. Personal at all feel Orlando. You can definitely. Putting good we sort this week you get ready for a good tennis you can come home town itself. Well you know what Danny I don't know you can handle this or not lot of pressure about the put on you. Last night last week. I told these guys that you'll get the patriots go to the Super Bowl it will be because Danny and Angela. Went nuts I think you're the most important person in this offense moving forward and are you handle that that's a lot of pressure I know. But continue. You deal with that in the next. Level up through. I don't know it is it is. Not got a lot of his teammates so. You know we do a good job of working together in. Whom got a big opportunity. Taxes sweet king in the and it was certainly today in India ready in several elections won't buckle down. In. Could take all of us. To the talks about it's certainly not the stats are you know personal. Goals. Definitely coming out each game on Iran talks of. It's a pretty good answer and you're the leading candidate now the only mass interview subject to the weekend does that award are whale is trying to restart yeah two picture of Maine yeah. We're sure also yes hello good out there. So we want a smoldering look we don't want just like the cowboy who like really like the eyes feel I'm out I'll go look the goal. Yeah good debut. The I think the Christian talk about the offense and it did seem. Look at times and honesty gold did his thing against Pittsburgh but that man to man guys that oppress you guys. The deal is a struggle to get guys open is that something that's concern during a wide receiver group going forward. Now. You know I actually actually who confident in the ability to get off more than more coverage and crass and so like that some look on her day in. It's not gonna happen. We didn't go in each unit regain that situation. Is different in each other. Be ready for each situation. You know. Continue that won't trust our abilities and indeed going. We talk about not being familiar with the opponent you're playing this week is yet to play them all year long which you know Logan Ryan real well he's a lot of time in practice with Logan Ryan. It is an advantage for for for one employer over the other or is that one of these things were you you play chess you play enough against the contract that you know some of those tendencies. How does that play out. What he just takes very little time to get recorded each other and and you know we we've been goalie went against each other for forty years and every day in the slot so. You know some about an old version a couple of stocks and you know and I'm obviously very happy for success and it is an opportunity done in intensity as friends and but yeah this would not want foreign and we're gonna organist and that the march and we're gonna. We're going to be competing it's going to be a lot of phones so that I really do. They Danny. Are you still. You're working out with Al square puppet to be twelve. I don't know where he got permission from those. You know I'd you know I'd you know then I don't know cut them all for. Yeah you're not allowed to talk to he's the I don't work. I mean I don't know I don't know your fuel your assumption though are. You worked out with them in the past. How about word that the of course course do you currently working on them. I can't work out on a home. Are not dead and. Well I'd buy part of the story to the divide of the Alex's and we almost public knowledge is traveled team and it was that the some of the teams that felt that some of the team the players rather Fella divided right rather go and or go Tom's got a plea the quarterback or stay here with the staff and please Bill Belichick so. It seemed like that always part of the issues as far as bill to sing stepping in saying okay no more. Did you feel that pressure to work out within the homeowner might be. Who. I'd I'd definitely what I do is I have my age eighty message and it's basically yes you have been tools that can try to get the job done. And I really appreciate everything that out until me and and it's been pitching staff cheered KG it's bad for me constraints. And all the doctors and I really I really enjoy using a more tools than than. I do respect and created it what are you. You had an adult as a daily look at about the Berkshire. Wilson RPA eighty. Adopted saw pictures saw picture book. What you're so your shirt off right. Now. But it's you don't model folders. Yeah he should do you should just you know it breeds don't know what books clock go out but he's got going on you should just come out the book because it's a copy book to calendar dole. Tell us they want a dual book just what you would just different colored underwear. It. You can hear if you can do to change yeah. I have some all the photos I got a great iPhone right here oldest light in and then we go out. It'll be awkward right to do me 11 room alone together with. Nobody else around. Why didn't. And about a. All ocean and we are now. Just isn't any of the stuff it is we're talking about it in you know what we do Danny and enough to tell you. And and fans obviously are going along with this if it is a soap opera with weed we admitted. But it is it any of this stuff disruptive to anybody. Won't get it to get together and and got a practiced and prepared you know halftime talk about engineer who says he's in our ideas and how you can attack. The next seem quite so it's obviously. Takes up. A bit. The majority of our time up here and all of our energy and focus and we'll have any kind of think about or even two or talk about it in a corner on the outside events. Grosso and continue to talk about radio stations so. You know we're really focused on who just get better and get ready for this game. My great catches up with you take good luck on Saturday night you if you win our award the ritual come down here in the studio commitment. And while you very much you know I like to thank you say that's it AM adult.