OMF - Dave Dombrowski, President of Baseball Operations for the Boston Red Sox 8-15-17

President of Baseball Operations, Dave Dombrowski joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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Did you guys joins us from time to time we'd like and rehearsed it in any hints on his spot over here Dave Dombrowski joins us. Start by asking you about the Jimmy Fund because I'm wondering how aware you were you obviously came into this ballpark. As an employee of different teams but the Jimmy fun out there in right field the Jimmy Fund on the on the idea. On the the war out there how aware were you when when did you first one about this. Now actually pretty aware because coming to Boston throughout the years as many times site gets a lot of publicity where such great cause. Occasionally a luncheon discussions that take place so. Probably not to the extent does I do now you see that cause it takes place so many great causes that are that are tackled. But you have some polls coming in here I think basically now most people on bass boat and while coming your examples. Is it also kind of where your team react the players being ball went in the sort of a sense of pride knowing that the guys you have you brought in here. Negated as well and was Hugo there's no question about it it's me it's amazing. That sent a minute here. When you're involved in a lot of different cost picture here to rock years. I think the Jimmy Fund actually gets more then. Publicity more clause. Creates more money for treating cancer and various illnesses than any probably in Major League Baseball. And I think the players get it. Individuals get it I'm amazed by the nations that come into a regular basis from people in my mind it's raised and it's great how good job action on does. And the treatment attached. To. You are you aware of the guys that spend a little bit extra time. At Dana Farber guys like brought COLT who really kind of you know make you don't Dustin Pedroia is another guy. A little bit I have some feel but of course are relations department handles most of that. We do a lot of time but the others polls that no there ought. To know of the EDT pitcher to retreat I called spring practice this. Are practicing based well and it during the break I noted that different type of talk from a sport and that's OK and there. 89 dates they take a trip down there is there any is there ever been a request me here were all the requests answered kids have assertion that the young adults and then some request they have. As doughnuts and hey listen I want to shadowed Dave Dombrowski I wanna see what it's like to Vizio wanna get up early Elena stale played on me the phone calls any any requests like I. Have not and I guess it's not surprising I would gladly welcome that usually they don't want to be gentlemen teachers they wanted to play when you're that age they get up ya wanna be players see what's attached to that so. I just saw young lady that was not name him. She's singing today godless Americans are beautiful. Town sectors. I'll watched especially because my daughter her. Forcing national them here Friday. And solicitors special attachments EG you do see that. But it's more that the interest in sinkers but there are some players but that's in the audience that is now you know what it is weren't the ones that wanted Gionta. Others are I thought you work I don't like that any way to play. Let's get to second we spent some time talking leading up to the trading deadline of what Dave Dombrowski should do. You ended up going out getting newness you ended up bringing devers up here. And that's been the spark that you really need you've got a nice run here because of those two players never not been Anthony's been hot as well. Did you really believe at that time you gonna get. This much out of those two polar. Well I'll be honest. I mean you can never predict. That some is gonna hit four under for your divers come up at six it's six home runs at that age. Twelve games I think it is. We thought. I'm gonna make the final decision but of course couldn't put a lot of individuals player development scouting have a lot of people look at peppers a lot of people look at unions. We thought they would be good players for us sort sparks force really when you looked at our club the biggest hole we hit out was third base as a source stood out. I mean everywhere else and maybe guys are performing as well Hewitt like human time but there's not really a big old there at third voice we get a hole. Regularly so we need to be in position we feel that we felt both of them could do that. To ever step and up which really more a matter. We moved up from doubling to tripling once we would have just even that was a short time period. With the older players. But also as the leak already but just pitched two more off speed stuff trying to get in the chase those strikes on better command of those type it is handled that very well we thought it was worth it. But to say that he come up here to keep right now I don't think you could ever protect that to happen. Nothing impressive thing is I think it's his first home run hit one against Chapman in last night all fastballs up previous pitches to get beat. And in the very next pitch it's almost very similar and he makes he makes aimed at bat adjustments. Already that you know from the next pitch I think is impressive not for any hitter let alone to one hero. Well no question. And I would tip my cap to people player development Romero are. Myers and my assistant. The one thing that kept saying about real dollars trips he's a baseball player. Very talent you can see now these baseball player he will make the adjustments work hard. Place that's what's taken. Taken place here this time and you really can see the talent. Anybody. That sees. Him at a fastball by Chapman. And you almost think it's impossible to I was third Yankee Stadium so what game again attacks. Bright that. Again I looked it was from gently. You got it back yeah. And so that last night text against Estes kept the you know at the Sony club last night he went down deep in the hills correctional facility does make it just yesterday. A gifted player and yet here you never can protect you doing this quickly. But I'll be surprised if he's really good player for a lot yours offensively. He Schuster if it works are based. And Kansas the usually it seems like young kids come up and surprise everybody know what it's quite figured out what their weak spot is. Have you knows that this has taken a little bit longer for other than it has been a long period of time but two seed that maybe happening till like a little and been preparing her for that listens not always going to be this great rates. Well it we we did that we have but it's amazing because you already after the first couple games. They started to make an adjustment you could see more off speed stuff more changes speeds more not. Consecutive pitches the same pitches so they would change for a fastball breaking ball change in that regard try to go out bottom. But he makes quick adjustments in that regard and I think the biggest thing is that he controls the strikes because it's going to to better pitchers. I he'll be in a position where he does very well for himself because instantly adjusts to him. He does have the usual bet that apparatus under can also which is unusual for young guy. He hit the ball to all fields and and hit the ball out of the ballpark to all fields which most young guys don't do. They give different lineup they did last year obvious you know David Ortiz who eat you globally business differently. Base running has been a big topic he has a very aggressive and at times and to be honest it's somewhat frustrating because if it is a fine line between being aggressive. And overly aggressive situation of baseball is this something that's kind of come from John as far as that this is how we want to approach it and do you see. The difference at times do you see some frustrations with the way they were on the basis. Well I think getting technically a complete it no matter who we are you get frustrated. I understand that philosophy that's jobs philosophies. And we do have a more team speed that most books do. It's our way going about it sometimes you pay for. But sure get frustrated just like anybody ulcers about the policy somebody you know what their. Usually know where their mind is clicking like okay trying to get this extra base there. I get the third rather via second in this situation and sometimes you get hurt your ideally would like to see that happen frustrations come out but. That is the philosophy that's preached in our cars are gross. Beacon of frustration did you happen to have a chance to read. The Pablo Sandoval oracle that was in the players shouldn't just. OK so Patti and I really do it but but how does that make you feel when you when you read about his reasoning these are really his excuses for. Not being successful here well. Yeah of course I wasn't here to sign you know so have all been diagnosed since I've been here and luckily for us here. Every accommodation was made that we possibly could to try to help. And it doesn't make you feel good when you see that in the sense that for me. He can perform berg while alternately when it comes down to use that as a a comfort feeling. I'm perfectly player I don't think it's really a very good excuse percent I think it's up to him to try to make the adjustment but the basic reality of it didn't work he didn't play very well. I think if he would have played well. He wouldn't Hewitt felt comfortable as could be. But he didn't play very well and it's it's that's why we made the change it was a very unfortunate situation that we'll see what happens movements Francisco. Is there a point in time when you realized even you know with the weight gain and the weight loss you know the injuries and he came back was it did you realize that you know. He just didn't happen anymore or he wasn't gonna figure out it here under your watch. Well I think really what it came down to for me use. I give him credit for to believe it this year he did get himself into very good shape. He worked well worked hard worked on nutrition worked on all of the skills or mental aspect of it he did what was possible to try to succeed. But to me what and a couple of tennis that his skills have deteriorated. And senator Tripoli we sent mine injury real patient assignment he didn't do very well there. I still think you'll be able to hit some from the left hand side was not a very good hitter from the right hand side all along. But I think the biggest key for me was how we struggled on defense perspective also. So when I watch that I just thought Natalie myself but others think that he choose what's going to get it here and I can't say don't go somewhere else it'll be better. But I'm. When you're leisure defense of skills which to me look like yet and that your position were you hurt yourself. From the defense of perspective with the club that really has made an adjustment tried to be pitching forward organization really depend upon. You can't really have that type holes so really it was more a matter for me just. Wasn't playing very well Dane Duffy says and then at that point I I give ownership credit because that's a lot of dollars to to eat that's a lot of money. But the reality is and try to win one championship we thought of us would do but something else service. They've yet another guy into the bullpen the other day and and I'm wondering is this plays out. Seems to me that in the playoffs bullpen is far more important. Far more important and we've seen teams win because their bullpen is stacked and even though they don't have a great starting rotation. Are you comfortable right now with what you've got the bullpen yes I am I mean we. We're we're talking here after couple days we had a couple bad days in New York with three arms dealer Tuesday but reads a good pitcher he's pitched very well. Barnes has done their job for us that Kelly's child out there Workman. Of course temporal at the end of the games I am very comfortable and I also think. I agree with you about the importance of the bullpen place. But if you do have a starting staff the kitchen deeper into the games that that's important too I do think that we have starting staff that does it deeper into most games and a lot of clubs. Is kind of it sounds embarrassing moment guess Sunday night John trying to take Edison out and you Willis are visiting him and I'm curious can you give it Alec Edison read you acquire him closer high leverage kind of guy. Is as far as you're concerned John I get your reliever used and how you want or is there discussion this is what we needed this is what we got he's highly leveraged use. That way well I'd really it's kind of a combination of both. He knows he's a high leverage guidance that we got him that's why we got some of the game. But if he decides Nazis in the seventh the day that's more and depend upon matchups at those particular times. So that that that part oh lead but after. Its time period. But so I think when you get a guy like cats read because before you get your conversation with the manager which. It's worth thinking that you witness how do you see it you see if we can use. And so you're pretty well have that. Wrong the same page and art Dave thanks for up up and down correspondent appearance and field and we will talk real soon thank you thank a thanks revenue to browse.