OMF - Dave O'Brien coaches up Todd Walker; David Price should have thrown last night, 9-21-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, September 21st

HOUR 2 - Dave O'Brien was ribbing Todd Walker for acting like a player in the booth and NOT talking about Chris Sale approaching 300 strikeouts. Lou thinks last night was a great opportunity for David Price to get some work out of the bullpen. Kirk sabotaged Christian's chair. Lou's nephew is facing off against Christian's son tomorrow night in high school football. Marcus Cannon is on the injury list with a concussion, which means Cam Fleming might have to step in. 


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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne. And moaning and 48. That we don't want you to night talking about resources like help. Limited on what I saved as a player you're not talking to me. With wind blew in Christie's pop back hammering out there who's got a hammer. Whereas if there's no word on where. Hammer don't lie is that I'm gonna go out and got to force somebody go what parents thought I am over all right well the long haul. No grip and I don't care who the you have to colts dropped that camera right now on Sports Radio WEEI. As I said Tom Warner chairman of the Red Sox enjoyed a successful third we'll get an all sorts. We got tons of talk about. Then it's been awhile since we spoke with a bomb and maybe we get into a little bit of the stuff. Hole was nestled in the broadcast in the that the policing on the Todd Walker not that a little this is the best they got. Little bit I disagree like a little bit below the neck and running LeRoy homer with a little Bloomberg Donnie Jones doing it on terror policy wherever. I'd like a little bit and ordered Internet from Todd Walker little bit more. But he's a little angry little salty managing all of us I always get something with domes and whether he's whether it's by accident purpose whatever it's it's never. Maybe he's recognized that this can be a bit for him it's an accident waiting to happen I like it but I table brightly chastising. I do not sound as evidence during the course of the game we all knew that there was a possibility that Christian. Could hit that 300 strikeout mark which would make in the second in Red Sox history to have to do so well with the regional Martina asked. But that walker and that's the problem I think I have with a lot of these. Players who leave the game to go into broadcasting they still think there in uniform down there in the dugout. So when does a no hitter who can't see anything about it because we're gonna jinx them. Like as an announcer. You opening up your involvement speed can just sort of jumps him to lose control the pitches and try and lots that he down 84 miles per hour of frightful here at you like you know who went to. Why wouldn't Julio chasing 300 strikeout if she isn't in a category. Yes that beset perfect game no hitter again it. I'm just talk if you talk about how we are noticing everybody everybody's a relatively ascetic giving you static stood at 300 strikeouts is not something got to keep on here. That's a that's a strong duel because you might not get a project is that one more start to go there again right. Danny actually could have maybe have to beat him put him out I'd eaten probably won't have to that last game against Houston but the fact is that the announcer. Who really believes that by saying there are a lot of play by play guys as you know in this country that believe it's. That you are going to jinx don't. Always get your legs out in full sit in the back being part of the team call up this jackass because someone's it's a lot I don't know like listening in Toronto. But couldn't believe those guys talking look you know it in the seventh and blew it off you know on that part of it there in the dugout so Todd apparently was reluctant to talk about it during the course of the evening and and and Dave O'Brien probably because he. Just sick and tired of working with the different Tom kicker Aaron every single night. In the in the bush finally you know kind of exploit works. Back to your point about superstitions that we don't want you tonight talking about chris' record. How did it happen it's. The guys sitting struck a player before. Greg got a thrill content then have been taught that we that's so weird stuff happened here the last couple nights ovals but what is if we saved. The possibility may happen and it happens and we haven't changed and could get to with a solution. It's limited at all what I say. It was a book about the way. Sir anything to pursue them. Nobody else would soldier player. I've talked to see. And views and coach them about what I say before good. I. -- he eat for Dave O'Brien. He's on he's working with these guys think Walsh. So while we don't like generally you might like him based on what he just said. There's certain things I can't say. If that's the way you're approaching the job going into that Booth right now then crosses name enterprises and I don't think anyone that they're putting in the Booth. Zinni aspirations of staying there. Do you. That you think salt it thinks is got a career and has yet to. Oh you know I mean so I don't. You can I think some of these guys actually what's your take on big giant addition yes I think they think they can do. I think it's my ligament coming in the Booth and don't forget now sounds good I don't think anybody really has any ideas of doings rest of their life than just filling in doing in getting gamble with the normal was down more what was he doing elsewhere you know he's an I have no idea. I've no idea what any of these was doing some games some march for somebody I don't know I thought I heard that he was doing. Some games somewhere up I think that some of these guys probably truly bad might. But they don't want to cross that line they still Wear a uniform. Appear in the broadcast with and other Dave O'Brien who's been you know really. Kind of you know passive with these guys I think he finally. I'm glad I'm not only had just got to teach me. I can't hear what tomorrow and every interview with Jonny Gomes I think that's it's kind of light hearted child is maybe you know maybe. But that's that's who yet for the second chance in the first impression. It's. Back to me is comical. This what he's doing his leg on and you really need to check yourself what you are not a player anymore and yeah I think he's kind of feeling okay they it's like got. Think every day there's somebody new. I've no idea who's going to be home it is. When the announcer sure they do. Probably has been a terrific you know and the Friday morning his nose to a Friday night while they just. I mean it it it you have been Jonny Gomes is is open to doing all the Philly and work why not just keep Jonny Gomes in two on a consistent basis. And then just look the other guys know I obviously just hate Johnny well. I mean a lot of it's you're always so I would think that these tragedies are I don't know what they have going on. Every delegate junkie you know I can't project can't come up to Boston for a week is I've got this this this in this goal on my house are here means so solid they're all just. Lined up to a call me whenever I'm free all summer all fall all spring I'll do whatever you need I think. You know it's like making you do and I can't do next weekend I can do follow Indonesia next week and so they're just trying to piece it all again. Now some of its geographical isn't an I mean they pick of people where you live if you haven't Tampa Bay Area we're gonna. Who's in Cincinnati I don't know who's the ones whose only games and all the alumni there. With all the former players that are in the city that they're finally as usual Illinois Cincinnati though youths in San Francisco or he's got a ball restaurant bar and attribution to stereo sound and two radios were so. And he. Gigi just can't be still in the count duke duke and that's the problem with most of these educate them on the exhibit I thought you know what's I didn't hear that I was now is. Asian interest just to listen to. But he here you are doing a live show. In what is what do that was over with Tony Romo in has. Hey I don't wanna say the about this third down play because you know I as a player or muscle is youth I don't I don't wanna I want you know my checks in my. I'll ovals are so sick about this think about this this is the game last so again it's not enhanced to nothing it's four nothing at six we take our Italian guy what is the story. Of that game if you run a broadcast Booth it is Christians say closing in on 300 strikeouts and then. You get to the eighth inning okay in his radius of woe. They got to bring is Farrell bringing him back out now want to strike out a way. Easy go to bring a backup as we already know that kind of spaced out his schedule here because they're concerned. Chris Hill has a history of kind of watering down in September how they gonna play this. And suddenly Chris Sale comes out yet parallel old conversational and Chris Sale comes out of my own for the eight doubt I ask congress should. I thought that was interesting but I admit loose leaf go one way or the other what's crazy about study done it. Not study was done in nine and as well as what it was eight nothing to put a few more runs up there and it was. They'll lay the inning late. And more points is how you treat Chris Sale. That's all you know army guys you know struggled here down the stretch and and then the other breast than when they possibly can and he's got one more start is neck is last started years on Sunday in ya gonna do that so we go one more star. So technically could bump on need to give length sixty stressed a few more because it's going to be a lot of time off. But I just I thought they want to get to be said before the game price was his closer. In May be a be really careful with price and I use them because we did promo there any nothing gained. It's not a ball didn't work to vote winning a game I don't I just felt like he should a price and a game last night. You just to see what he looks like coming back after throwing a bullpen. In Melbourne. I think it's more about getting price on the mound. The saying you know we don't need it would save for tomorrow well tomorrow they gonna have reading at camera ready ago we got off to a rather so it's even better. So why not use price last night. And just gets a lot of game and several in a home game he steps on amounted to 99 in you might actually get some kind of a crowd against Toronto Blue Jays is going to three moderate their Fenway. Our significant marketing. You've Jennifer ocean of the market on a lot of things can answer you're against bringing about the things that Thelma. I went crazy about it I was done I should've done a good thing and I noticed yeah grant cycle he treated better setup like loosely people like Charles an absolute fool idiot but there was no prizes I just felt like he shouldn't of he should have gone out there of people took a Twitter is like you know yell you're all apparel and I mostly was what it fireball offense and just in to continue to. If you found out that there was some sort of marketing campaign for him to be the center of attention so yeah it strikeout number 300 at home and friendly to the economy kind of DS all of could that's just not his style. Right I mean they. It's almost think I think he want to go back out. Finish the job being done with it and that you don't have this leaks are always caused only your head up and show a show they had the conversation. The audio that you know if you want me to speak to do a lot of it appears don't boot I don't know about that but. Here's an exact number is that her mom to check with him interest. Villanova people more aware of what's been transpiring the entire season in all fronts with him so. An additional twelve precious time doing what he was an obligation to do tonight. There would have been the interesting one because that he got a first pitch ground ball and that on the first batter. And then he got this the second out pretty quickly had the third out any ground ball and he did not pick up number 300. Then it becomes a real question can you now bring amount. In the night that I would had a problem that would be sent them back out and that would allow him but he its enemy and 99 just Phillips is now I was older you say non to 99. The nuggets in a loosely over budgets I just felt like it was a good opportunity get pricing game at least you price the ninth. So everybody jealously as well don't you have yet those those. Pay to stats of burning yup yup those up because we're talking about Casey's at 300 you there under the Pedro Martinez. And the fact that. It took more games for Chris Sale to get his 300 as opposed to how quickly. How quickly. Page of Britain or you have very. Well sale has let 31 starts so weak in order to break it Tammy coated ball and it fourteen is next outing and you get a 32. Paid a 29. You know sold sailor 278 strikeouts in 29 starts though PD actually had actually at 306. At 29 starts but he came out of the bullpen twice to get seven more. So yeah it's. AE to break the record he tied the record. If you do it and it's gonna take. What size isn't it but again it's not even it's a -- that's right no but it's like 300 saw you in order for him to break that record he has to do in the same amount of games that that Pedro detonated in order for to be legitimate and you can't just because you brocade. You broke 300 he broke his record was at three you most like any formal starts. That's all boats who wants to add to the cowboys is that regular freezer and ours our regular regular and bowl rings and I went right OC some dollars I can get it. 3313. News Peja was marked the thing about it is it's in right now is leading the week. In number pitches per game and etiquette unwritten seven point something rather easily but Lowell was out there any was she was battling. Some people last night on on Twitter Abraham Abraham got a little he got a little ugly I was a little bit concerned that he got a little ugly. So what happens and he comes out any tweets sale is coming back out. You'd think saving up view bullets. Would be a bigger priority. And chasing strikeouts and physically against the citadel. But you should go lots OS and PCs and it's going to be well. Down there Farrell's offers this is a little lesson was Clinton each of the two laughter record so then the next week 300 strikeouts for sale first American League pitcher to do that since Pedro Martinez in 1992. Pitcher in Sox history and an excellent AL Cy Young but we quite. Know look at it you want your right and then the next one. In and he seemed Lou and other people bitching about it don't see one inning rewarding sales season yeah. If I turn up polish and shouldn't get lost. And contrived. Controversy. Not so before I let out fake warning. Zealot you shouldn't allow you conceive should say bullets. Should go up to stood just to get a record he should be saving his ball that should keep an eye on the prize or the big picture and when he does. It's try to usher in a row say one innings gonna ruin sales season. So did he get involved in the contrived controversy when you're involved in the contrived current controversy with your earlier toy. It probably makes sense to delete the contrived controversy. Tweet. And just put the second one up and hopefully people didn't see the first two weird exchanges and in one. And nobody Abraham should be years. You're present TrueCrypt guys were actually what I do I don't agreed to get pregnant and had a great guy that's something we've never talked about opt in on the market and I've never fun we have ever had okay guys in just popped the president one hour. For now Time Warner will join us chairman of the Boston Red Sox lot of question it's been awhile since we've had Tom in the studio. Outdoor channel outdoor champion of this one more view phone calls coming up next at 6177707. On threes. We return to more affordably Merck moaning and Fauria you. It's forget which are you happy now I need to be taught. And this. Sports Radio yeah. Chris and others are trying to get you more rest. We've received an agency didn't feel healthy. You know came up. Vessels available on the phone so. Controller infamous attack on Kabul there and think there's been an or something. Even more consuming oil there to slow starts. This one game and then. And he's not gonna get I doubted the thirteenth striped yeah. Maybe he's just morning everybody down and keep the net gains. Let's listen he's not pitching that last game against Houston Johnson beat him and I still active so David Price threw two innings on Sunday yet. So. I was in its game to keep pitching is Friday. And who knows the game dictates whether he can pitcher. Right communities if the wind right now and who knows in alluding get in the cleaning or not that that game is over eight nothing. And you're trying to find out how you can use David Price how we bounces back how he feels. So we do on Sunday and that's why he should have pitched last night even if those of that ninth inning Brandon addicts I think he should this year eighth and ninth but still given the ninth. Because now it's eight. I housing bounce back I don't know what do too on Sunday came back into another inning two on Friday a case of starter sorted so what they put him in laws I don't know that would mean to me was more that was more story than you know whether it's ocean are gonna I don't know we can debate that I today like you find out this guy can bounce back how we feels easy healthy and that game is over with so it's a perfect opportunity to go put him out there. I'm one of two things one they like him for two innings is that is going to be his role we get to the playoffs. I'd multiple innings and there was only one and so they said we're going Maddux one. Or the second one has it from a benign nothing game it's intense thing you know kind of a throwaway yes that's what you wish her up which is David Price there is a difference. It shouldn't be that you only want for two as YouTube you can't dictate that you may be over just one so mean eulogized. To get back on the mound to see how we feels after throwing two on Sunday and one on Wednesday. And with the off day and can you bounced back on Friday with the day's rest on a post season trying to figure this thing out. Now is OnStar is scheduled to onto at a time. And it's just it's more about trying to see how you can. Use this guy who who own state this so convoluted and what they say. You know one Carroll's doing a national interview he's basically saying. How organized the that he isn't in the Andrew Miller role and a win win local he's asked about it Johnny Miller buddy Johnny Miller goes and ask the Ferrell question about it for our wants nothing to do marriage not Andrew Miller well you want the brunt of the event that was a mistake. And and but that's a mistake. Don't you don't put it to people don't mix don't makes Andrew Miller David president asking for too much for fans to know a good thing to do what he's doing a good thing was he column itself is Ferrell on understand that that this interwebs thing this little thing they have now. That is what locally we hear every word he says Arnold every interview nationally and that we actually he urged. We care about stuff like this so we actually go to seek out these interviews to find out that maybe John Farrell said something really interest think that we can talk about. Everybody's picking up on all the stuff. It's so much the oldest IPO if you get you could say one thing it wanted if you nationally in the look he say something else nobody picks up. It's Arnold talking about I do you know. Let's get to to the phone calls again more people wanna talk about at TP twelve god here's Richard and remain more publicity yellow Richard. Good morning gentlemen morning particular call. A target date and down there's a lot of obvious things most you gotta have good points. Obviously he's forty years old what he's orders or can. What he's telling everybody it's already out there. And yes he hasn't bigger. A bigger voice. Another thing no it is he talked about you're not. In breaching all these types of things as far as full public with what he's going patrol. Immediately age of 3630 sharpened. What did your attitude was towards. These types of things of these twenty are 26. Is probably still in. There are experimenting with a lot of things. Yeah he was business environment and Tara Reid doesn't know when that. Accident in output is just men and can I really love Snow White. Disney princesses is the critics you know an eccentric character. Of is filtered out and out and Ricky is quite how to run it like walking around a little while fingernail on his shoes and parents. But he is but he is different I mean he is it different this that time in his life he's forty years of age. Donors to with a big deal is he's selling a product right now. That appeals to some people in the public because he's doing something at age forty. Nobody else and able to do when he's able to sit there's a saying I can do it and you wanna do what so of course everybody wants to do. Think self help books. RRR a billion dollar trillion dollar industry because everybody thinks that or if I read this book I can suddenly look here it's unlikely the ugly as some of additional world modified follow what they thought it aren't that things like that the technique that everything that he's selling is great. And that everything and it all works I don't know if at all or no and got more I don't know I'm telling you that's 6000 dollar Simmons mattresses it. Forgot about that Tibet know what I am from my and I'll talk about the actual men philosophy towards training and rehabilitation. That stuff works. The mattress. Bynum brand name they stated they stick to fame famous person on top critic gives it more credibility there's only. Tom Brady about these and it's got to be good it's really expensive. An old ritual of hours you want to Christian. Everything in the book apparently works for forty year old Tom Brady who's an elite athlete. And the greatest quarterback of all time. It doesn't necessarily mean it's gonna work for somebody and get some weekend we 'cause I'm telling you this clocks up say goodbye and within well I'd I'd go. There's opinion you know I think it was color or text so why yes career inlet at the factory. Seven. It was practically six and 3735. Or watched opt out it warrants it does work it is two parts right I mean it's nutrition diet. And physical therapy side but also you can whip you tag it with this what you put into something is what you get out of it wants so I'm just trying to. I don't know what the content you wanna sit there in lake in and like union that's scientific evidence of I doubt if that if the work out works and what's this liability thing I've never heard of before yeah. Could you made a name 66 months ago we were told the coffee was dead for hours in the if you had more than of one cup of coffee. You're you're screwed up the whole nervous system and everything else now a new study comes out based on 20/20 years. Point originators what are yours you live longer when a wandering eye on things like reason to think he climbs every five years some comes out that's bad I saw there five years ago this corner of the week. That every hit every week they're gonna try and it's always gonna try to scare you out if you don't I was eighty something if you don't like to book. And you don't like the Paula as a result there what do they have the foam finger the phone back saying whatever if you don't wanna pay the money for the money for an idea. What Beisel baseball. I saw a baseball to say it's the same thing all the uses a hard surface you can use any region with a baseball. Just roll roll on a low team is dying but it does use now for it was based ultra results are rolling it's not all out of pulled roll out. You hit a little and things but that yeah exotic and digital roll that I had after I thought I need like massage parlor stuff under there. No change so yeah it's definitely up until she would John Johnson a car John. Hey Dylan. Doctor look at that yeah Brady launch of products as early and obviously he's. And twelve and it up for speaking engagements around the world. So locks out age they're demanding a huge. Ticket. I everything will be available what do you what do you. What do you think he got that Tony Robbins speaking equity that you get for that I'm not sure I got fortune or not. Here's a here's they just is an edited in a little bit more show they were talking necessities and I and I. I don't wanna say it's it's gonna happen but I feel like it's trending that way the whole thing does he turn into Tony Robbins. Probably jewels comes out yes closest Tony Robbins and bring to you really I don't I don't know that's. I don't know if you would allow him Sutley Gisele would allow him to do that. Does the people doodle Tony rom that's cheap dollars to get in there you got Tom and rich you maybe I did it's loose it's treated like. And why not at that level. Right I don't think but can you would be similar. As we talk about the dive talk about living life should be talking about you know. Negative thoughts. In ill and now having part of Fox's hit endeavor lighting people the ones that seminar you know usually bottles and give them your energy into. These types of awards for commandments of restaurants Atlanta before rules can laugh. Session I gonna ask you this question so you sell your artists who sell us on a speaking about about global change in the war. Greenhouses they idea to him. The five now. Sharks can to prevent just agreed to a we think the average size of solar. Yeah average base I was frozen foods or use manure for their own gardens a bit of a two page of a background methane when it ended and a fly on commercial. The jets try to go delta jetBlue cancels out right now they don't have a case of private jets and wanted to Leonardo scenario that's doing well what you hear what you think their carbon footprint is compared to let's say yeah. A UN staff and Aaron and I always voted you. Up. And that's why it's laughable. But that's what they are that these now that it is not that three high again Bible found in group that's not who are all I think. Well I think you sell is that she's more biopsies archery she thinks she's mothers she thinks his mother nature and other online. 88 she is the one who is responsible for all African art and flip side to vote. So that I think this is some people lost and that. He's not like you. Well I'll bleep he's not like you course is not like you used here is why for worth half a billion dollar. Ten years from now they'll be worth well over a billion dollars and like anyone of us. They aren't. And I think that that's what people have an issue with him for all the Asian regional leaders to change he should drive around as well now you shrink bastion like. Okay let me better ready is when useful but that mess Tara Reid. Passat yeah. We'll common man are you guys. It. I know you lose it celebrity Susan she's they demagogue and Donald right after American final few months. Well it was actually train wreck that was actually at that she was young hot billion famous as we had a hero three ledger doing your best so I hear. Should sharp needles aren't I really don't charge well seventeen pars until their off yet they usually don't think they'd certainly like. I don't know like it chainsaw arms. Saying these things you can tell it was they can. Things. I don't know what the big deal is Tom Brady is an elite athlete he's a gigantic. International celebrity he's making lots of money his goal is to continue to make lots of money and that that (%expletive) people off. Well what isn't gonna do you think he's got a sentence and all Nagano from is gonna. The people around him that they they just don't know I thought this is his last year. Exit now is that this is that maybe I didn't try to boost your name and a books and we're going to genome you know I had been asked I think it has more to zoom with a better life for myself and now and if Tehran with what I got to beat the crap but you'll get. It is fell off his chair did. I oh. She shares chair is holding an enhancement as well and also sabotage though it shares artist with a very yet many had an appetite to habitable took the bolts out of the merger doesn't goes true trust me it'll be million screws and all of us who just he destroyed your chair and dinner on purpose that rises won't forget her once we get injured right. Our guys lower HR's. It depends of this or is an estimate in mess my Mike in mismatch here and a fearless from the sabotage or shall I I on the final but now I can't figure it you're tied in. People. You know getting married Brady for making money I think they'd look at TV to wall is nutrition his diet his work out. Almost in the same way the put it Bible thumping you know mainly this is the only way to do it and they sort of like preaching to you and informing the cycle. That's why I think people look at this is preaching he's telling his own way to do it blew it which I don't think Paris I think he is just preaching what works for him who if you think that is what people look at and say and a out of my face with us. OK but if he'd rule is if he was doing this. In action this and you look like meat or John moxie that I would sit there and say Europe from what he thought about it obviously works for the H forty. He's playing better than any quarterback has ever played he's got called liberty in our pocket and Billy were he had no idea Billy ideal problem you can't. Can I want to point. That this works for it doesn't mean it's gonna work for me you or anybody else bill Fauria claims that work for anybody that decent or well he implies that. If you are doing stupid well I guarantee you we read the book and we followed the book on for you when ball. Who have lost a lot of weight here and and we feel a lot better than we did before I think we probably would too bad. Probably what we're never gonna. I don't wanna do. I select another new low fat loss well rounded era were everywhere to Soto is somewhere and I get away with all the rules of college you have some chemical imbalance where. There colossal view their techniques won't work for you if you buy into the program if you commit to end your religious about it. Then you'll have results were from it has only way he and everybody and your and one day and out the other guess what it soccer war front. So it's what's what's the difference between this the act in diet. African hold on South Beach diet and twelve articulate their different I think the difference Lou and I and I get the money to Tom Brady get into until the snow and I think. Not a problem I didn't have a problem yeah. It's pretty different and it's not incidents. With what some call the best community Sheila Bostick investment issue on the city does not mean being sarcastic I. Happen like this show a lot right now its board wavered Loney had four. Sports. You can't do injury a new chair goods. This is just for the record plummeted out just to the hole left arm of the chair just felt right now that severely based you'll after the baseless a turnover. And someone has sought through. The base of the chair so it when I leaned back a while back him and get hurt and that asked the chair and that's high chairs a mini and asked and that's the chair that minutes it is the chairman Nancy do you think he knew I was going to be sitting in mr. and I did it on purpose I did I heard a good. Portion of their shattered and never heard the left arm fall law now or no no hold base of the careful what so obviously it was a scheme that was done yet the show up. Obviously to I don't think you have anything to worry about Luke and probably not only did that mean another route to get caught me all. Just to check whichever now yeah. Now whenever I would when you go to the park and take the breaks. That's just ready to break. They chased him way out there and organized on days you and I don't think it was mostly they just leave you left your wallet. In the car league right now do you think you would have of time. To run back proud of force for you get relates you're always on the fourth floor of the park to the you'd ever a time and he did to Ron always there were little and legs. No way back him no way Kansas floor and I cannot make gloves I'd make it fun to. I'm all right the there last year and you'd be just like him stopping to chat talk to people hanging out I don't. You are like people you come in and out there it's true I'm just I have things to do people the CW I don't have people that's why don't I don't try to out of you by brio I don't have a lot of time or you have you know I don't have much time I'm very involved are very I'd say I had a big game is right because they game mostly under the researched lots and lots of film break it down Scott the other team we've got a good ski lessons what's right. Where drive measurement bath. I saw was spread this game. And based honest with blue loosen his nephew four read Bruschi teams planes now my nephew this weekend. And it but it's not your nephew is not a Maloney right now is the lawyer held up the loyalties I think that both debt and face a lawyer asked. The boy is that guys isn't in Boston it's as the lawyer to help protect the lawyer. Yeah so we got to. He's covering society I think there's going to be little for it or wait a little while just GAAP. Rules we'll see you delegates and you are one of the coaches on until until it fails miserably through you can. It's an Aussie for a ball I'll tell who's gonna open the door the other corners and I'm out there and look slimmer 'cause I'm the only word communism and you know now. And it looks like it to be really crappy on on Friday our family is gonna let it rain they're honest they're hopping and Hillis now area and we got that deal terms so you don't that we should replace the fuel turf and modest the I wanna hear our minds that's I don't know things don't go so and it feels. The year WDQ. You moved to put about a way to keep on talking about a Glock and we're talking about all of these other injuries and looks like that the dole. On the talked of the dole. Monthly vehicle wow honey and ultimately won't don't have one at some point everyone is so hot right. You won't adult. But it is yells concern right now that that you look at the injury report yesterday from the patriots seem Marcus cannon and yet there. And I said to myself wolf well look at the defense of fruit from Houston and Marcus cannon. And has a concussion. And they now play in this game on sun. Were you all the little. Well yes because the replacement will be Cameron's London he worries me. But there I think they're there most vulnerable inside from guarded though that guard position and that's numbers and that's why I think a week. And remember they that line this year. They cause the most having from merciless rushing from death or rushing right over the guards killed just destroyed the tackle I do just fine on outside his lead over on the play Brady steps up that I helped him. That's a that works to his his. His skill set. But when you start coming up the middle and you wind like right away. Now we got married issues that we got sacks and we got death throes you're just throwing it away and I caught a loss of down. That's where the problem is attacking the same way. I mean I don't edited the corners of both her seat that may be changed that by their philosophy is not. That we Kevin Johnson's south right the united sales force six winds Johnathan Joseph who left the game because of a shoulder he sees is that he's playing pretty banged up question question. I don't expect tended to look like it did against a wall that's for sure the minister to defense they've they've struggled with me Tony current energy. That road destroy an article Texans perfectly positioned to slow down Breen pass. I'd I think there's going to be a struggle for them offensively. You know and who knows what comes back we'll see if chemical comes back you know she would Chris Hogan squad looks like in Bernie you know grown to growing looks like so and but I'm just look and it's can can you get the week with a loose and three guys four guys. Yeah I just I'm not I'm not buying into the hole. I mean again you start talking about this Tom Watson is going to be that the second youngest quarterback or the youngest quarterback to their office as colonel. They're just gonna struggles can be in music this scene alone could have made up or not gonna have an offense that duty and Israel both sides. Offensive ball yeah because it made it it'll be tough for pages to move the ball you know I don't maybe they get one good drive double self correct and not enough I guess we are. I do think though this is one of those and we talked about yesterday this is one of those that if and when England can get off to a really good stock. And your offense is in gear you put up a couple scores the touchdowns not field goal fourteen points that I don't really that's already. Fourteen points and suddenly in Houston is out of their element. So then you play the rest of the game. Just going back and forth but Houston is out of their element they're not a team that can come from from behind the scene Watson. Did they practice with Watson down their West Virginia so they got a little bit of an idea will and in Houston they're making a big huge deal about the loss of Brian pushed. Now that he was really the leader on the defense he's a big sport for them that he's on he's a big factor with him out of line. Yeah and the whole you know it's funny that you know we're I don't know how many years ago was on the showed up but the letter resented the time the broad out of the good idea. As I don't know Brian. Is was a bill drive it doesn't matter. Collateralized. Else. It's it's so it is because last night it was Comcast's general was that you know wanted to at all Eagles enjoy what is literally going to get. So was stupid for them Joseph Maddon and Lou we'll tell you does this all the time with the cubs and before that with Tampa Bay you don't peoples like CG yes he can get to people. You takes people out of their element and makes them feel good and makes them laugh and what takes away all the pain right. That he does that have taken independent offer little like a Tony Robbins like oh yeah it's like once got powers he's got mad at towers. He doesn't Joseph Maddon knows that and they would let and hand it and everybody loves us I'm gonna tongue slide it's it's. Yeah he does things will be different than children in varsity jackets that's just two shots and thousands of dollars in the F. It's not oxman well just about as I understand what what is it that at the Texans showed up personally and I addressed the seventies. You know a little bit beneath Bob arena and that's when he does answered yes it's not like hard so it's always hard and I hope varsity jacket. Do we go home or vote for you have surgical and dismissed dozens there. This Thanksgiving football game you know tumbled and now he joked around he goofs around. As things often serious battle varsity jacket for a little. Wit and what would. You do if a liberal about it is pretty far cry do little girl and. Leaders that. The door isn't so but I'd you. Give me two seconds and did he got on me you had to hold on hold on let me guess he's. He wants system he wants this to interpret what I guess now he's on as he can't figure out am I gonna read somewhere I mean I'll. I'd be like a little circle on the side to my eyes so as to figure it desperado past the headline Annika is don't give us and how desperate is not right to have their go to guy. Okay it's related to the article so there's there's a lot of it carried over would you say with the topic was what the headlines. Just on eight and expect I don't know him. I don't know him maybe a curt to destroy the chip maybe that's part of it is summer and it bill Belichick's coaching tree remains fruitless. And anyone. And he once but isn't this the most random what's your story of the blamed it on Thursday O'Brien is that is so the okay it's very well OK so there's some there's some connection with the use Beckett right next week yes luck is. Please sir may not match you know I'm a little I think a below the Israeli don't think there's no real player on the right. You're right you really this comes out Tuesday after rising could I that you could written hijack it. I'll take us when it's in your favorite and last year I jumped and I want to get after rumba you know he made a good point. It's Thursday there's a connection their bill O'Brien. Broad new crew album Mike Vrabel on that staff you know but who else is honest. Though they are welcome comments that in this special teams coach it is. Echoed this listing is level is Hillary is is there. Can't just absolutely it's just hours column this is but this has been done a thousand times is not. Yeah every time us. As my points. We've discussed cap hit Tellme a coach that's had a lot of success that's left the same nobody last year probably on Israel are making any headway while Fannie and look at he's now a night prevent Charlie and give it to Weis you know he never anti he says men GD McCain doesn't make an especially beat when he was that ever but overall. Nobody's doing anything now because you know why. Very important very very in very important pieces puzzled at stake as. Or not they'll they'll have to and they don't have a there is the most important piece. Contrary it's amazing tough because if you can read this article that Billy always going to be a coach at number and I want you to be you know I think you'd be coach of the year old IRA damage. Us Weiler. The cast of characters that he is serious speech they able visited we actually get Elliott I think Graham and who better to have been granted the opposite of that or felt. Was thinking that quiet and I think Josh Purdue hasn't done it in Denver the ballot Matthew Ryan mallet Mallon and now what do breach eagle back in time he'd be college degree he would be because he would be good quarterback all of that was back when he had no endorsement or you'll be and I came here to read and but yeah. Okay but today he's always done his whole career started in the result didn't realize it -- I don't read the editors did I -- the Atlanta southern at 1000 arrests and fitness that I read he read. Every always right which you had any help catch it but it's history against predictions all the time the bikers Gasper is right he never writes anything relevant never rights and all of those portfolio. Only one cause and raise it every single one desperate I'd say this I've icing correct. Yet you are correct Lou I was this came out at the perfect time to games on Sunday. And people are curious. To find out what the coaching tree is light with Bill Belichick and what a perfect opportunity not only that bill. He has a coach. And then there's a connection there but that's seen it done it read it been there before don't need to have discussion board. It's kind of like you watch part of the coaching tree now I have to write a hit you in Teddy. That's right your way and you don't look at it. You do know is yes OK let's. Are you guys don't think Iowa is right now I'm just gonna say just be just a column from the morals son and an innovative and we're building something special. If we are building on Stewart lost deadline I'd that terrible accident accident that it he's trolling the Internet possible my Huntington. Taylor's football teacher and certainly got a little golf tournament on reason or another spot supporting pillars of itself and number 77. Out there we'll get to the police we got them for doing so good. Gentlemen welcome I was coming up next it's odd ones growth. Seven of the 97 and seven. The top of the key and loaded. Let's go would've been just on number ten and it's no number 264. Clinton did after I saw it on President Obama a dominant in alternately getting the ball to the outside person whose throw the ball decently kid in front of me. Our top one of the chairman of the Red Sox will join us in studio coming up in about 25 minutes from now. We are back to the phone calls.