OMF - David Ortiz says he wishes he could've played with JD Martinez

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, August 8th
Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria speak with the great Big Papi, David Ortiz for his take on the red hot Red Sox including JD Martinez, JBJ, Mookie Betts, and a comparison between Alex Cora with John Farrell.

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A special guest I guess my. Those same restaurant. They lost. Control. Okay. They included the. My man hit the the best thing that's that's a not a good. You and obviously not every night the Yankees lose out of Dublin that's. David Ortiz big poppy ideal but at the Maloney Jews Christians Florio with him. Well look on got to go to a dead end here are we going to got a good regularly in the. Yeah really loose on the that yankees lose thing that's a good listen I want them to double check because I've given up faith you sure are you gonna come back this year. Mean. Those little. It'll hurt you lose your identity. Well I know what I know you've looked really really easy when you retired I still think you can hit. A little mad you know all the work it and you know there are you had a couple. Will be ready to it merely based policies and good luck on the course and all the in any decade you're very good it looked so. When you when you when you when you go when you go to the ballpark emulates the at bat discount cardinals laid against that the Fed to some like that they're really just pick it up in just swing a little bit OK this is good. And then actually speak about getting in the batter's box at all I mean are you worried about things being pulled left and right. You know where I see if you're absolutely right that I haven't heard back in the lot is that that leads them. I haven't taken my the end thinking. To negotiate. A lot of things went so. He didn't look good memories where you don't say what almost certain animals unhappy. Being with a group that sort learn. You know mobile unit and I don't want out again and me. I've been unbelievable these amendments that are going in there as well. You know they're about almost time you spent with the JD on the you hear all the stories in the in the meetings in the and the knowledge and the talk about his approach and when he does die on the pages. They disguise you know you got a guy like yourself Manny this guy you affect the guy in front of you but the special ones you know let yourself in this guy. It seems that you affect the entire line up late to witness the way he talked hitting with these guys it's it's a lot of fun to watch. It's put it this way Lou. I went and later ball or days. Where there are. You eighties are joining us. And Bloomberg mean. OK we broke right theater. In a movie and I'm very significant spread. Eagle I. I was surrounded by so many great theaters. I work and remitted one of the great that I believe I ever play the game. I also who rears. Where. What he did you marking him in the spring training him by and are yeah pretty clear where I didn't blow. I keep up wrote. But I don't behind occasion and watching it slowing. Wanna promote I don't know about any pretty much more Spain students. Investigated. What and even pretty cool. Where are. So what he's doing right now. I'm not so proud. Of what I wanna see. I don't know what I mean I I I noticed that region what I saw when I saw him about it for days he invited her there. And it was it was what. That you make carried. Yeah so Google's something like this that's part of Britain's lead when you say it. Did. He's a broad. He's you know he's he's he's looked it just the use. Other type lever. And and you know ball below the Alderman Dick. He's got good people want to and other operatives and here. Is corporation. Is using in game let it there. You wanna get better days let these guys begging bowl a neat idea where these after the game but it. Put it out of that. Exit house. If there did you gotta bring Iran Lou. I would law to I would guy might machine. Almost certainly in days like that don't get me error in ITV that he used getting everybody wrong remember that we do seated ego. Going I. Everett who are you know what you gonna do I gotta get there and you know they don't. Numbers beside her while working. So what what can some of the the other guys. You know take from the mint is you know we talk about his approach. He's obviously gifted right series is just our right up the bat mortality is hitting overall. But it his approaches is there anything that. Make some of the other hitters like Jackie Bradley junior like what could he take from G Martinez's approach to help him out more. Whoa wait we we would have press corps I don't mobile before. Where we create a culture where. The younger players. And and in India need armor. And an annual bear. The team. Go to years. One day it is the power. Didn't wanna find out. Why are some sort of episode that's what I would be Smart grid would be in. Davie. Yeah you won't see it that bit unity game and a little easy one so that you'll begin doing what you are. In the Oklahoma. Definitely wouldn't I did and universal are richer. The same way guy so I don't mean to distinguish. Auto pilot made the immediate. One side there is saying way to be the autograph later. Did some very. Normal repertoire. Indeed include Jerusalem. Do you relate here. Juvenile hall there are other and little spit at him when he there is absolutely right beauty. Don't. You do it together again Lee and probably. I do believe that you you wanna be the best in the game you know what would be EBJ. In the EU might mean to me. Novo eating every day. You haven't done that so obviously the group. With the war or execute. Key wanna you to where. So we'd like to shape the key equal system to record. Two. Miracle. Moment at least learn on and Q you know. So the confidence level you can use. And again so. Deep right now. Did you hear. And an Internet users junior. It has been an actor who listened to go out there voted not no problems. I think sometimes completely whom some alone time on the console Mobutu did the point where it is what it will let you know clear that. If the ball well I can tell you right now due to monitor credit union wanted to learn. And and I think that ought to welcome welcome to. It was. So David how score comes over here brings us offensive approach right he goes out gets a guy like JD Martinez who's the living proof. And it's more aggressive approach you know bad takes taking strikes just to take strikes a curious now. Because you're you're grew up you know it in this in this organization and it was what do grind out at bats we're gonna work the starting pitchers the game changed and here's your last year here. Did you start start to see it changing did you start to look at things and say maybe this is the best approach me are we gonna be more aggressive no more free takes the did you actually start to see that because Alex has brought that with a. Whoa yes it is you got to look at it this way. It you've got a unique long job. Whitman to clear it you know it it that these are gonna. A person literally right. Or you'd need to know that you're gonna. Or did you run who see TJ. So in that lineup. When people the first 67 meters it will be there. The land of the to do that there. You if you'd like to run the 67. You know he's going to be out of the game and Orton. Good you go to our a lot of it's so. If I don't blame for the record right now there are other abruptly you. Indeed you won't where America. He then I think at all. I I had a political room. We dug. And he behind me we've done DirecTV. And binding. During the event so I don't equations and it could make it. And I don't know where. And guided me. All he EU behind. Right now I'm good bidders an ominous to some. Sort. You know day so. I didn't even in that are being aggressive and whenever he does everything you read not like those little jumpy. He looked awful. All of them enough. Old it did when slider so now we do a good guys are beholden to him in here three years later. That it is being conducted law you don't play so. The bottom line and yet there it goes. Besides there over the lava that is in the game right now. These are are using different welcome. Tutors seeking ways and so on basically some zone I would definitely they are. Are so we're talking to David Ortiz obviously you can't tell by the sound it was always dated so. Obviously you played for Ferrell and had since that's great success with him. And I know how much you know six summits you know you've been around. Al score. But based on the the small sample size so far would you think the biggest difference. Between the two is Ferrell a core. I've been able group manager Larry. I think. Yeah. Let out of eagle and they advocate. Are. I did see that the negative feedback from the clear. That the message you wouldn't don't you know would Lou you know how important that is. When you how to manage years. And it saw our. He Hughes who knew him in argue back. And and and and and W that are in the army. You know directed an important players. And I'm not saying that the war in don't okay where I can see you I guess I could be done are being more lighter. There wouldn't leave it. When you don't don't don't split issue with a player. And Asia and whatever you can't say I mean all of them employees are refugees. Where they did negotiate a lot and then you get other scorer. I have heard so many slow and you and strong. Guy. That are completely blow well. So. London I mean when there are probable. And other and in EU's. You don't. It billion U Colin left. Of the un where. Beginning doom the US the number. When I believe we'll Francona. I would sort of embedded. Of the game people who we. What you the game right now and whatever that there are blew the game. I'm going crazy it is just what didn't win. And I. I'm looking to and it does little method in day you didn't create and other local but it Bartlett. Made you guys that they win. So once that knowledge yeah you'd think that we're on the blog and did you know that let you get. Moment and so it's. At a government sort Francona. From what I was actually embed media and on our item locally everybody records. If you're behind K what do you mean it in over the but I do it and low wing I don't I don't know let it. A there is a and you wanna over the obviously you don't declare. Did you lacking is what some. It didn't Orion was leg room you know well I didn't want me to courier so the Eagles. With the latter every Monday night that I was a bit. You know what do we do. There in the open it would not just the confidence you got the liberal. Whom one wears. You'll be back at. You you'd you'd do well yeah you don't keep it so yeah what do we are. David you're I've I've always does not duchess John you know it is not the doll at some Paula pitching coaches you'll pitchers managers that haven't been great this game is obvious they have but I do feel like their position player coach. The guy like Alex a guy like Tito. I just feel like they can relate more to more parts of the game right the position player mentality and feel the running game the hit and run hitting game itself and it feel like this sometimes is that better relationship. Just being a position player you relate to more people. We gotta die I act ER. Do we should not like they. The majors. You only had one way to blow. You either make it there it is. You one routine. You can get away with you got a winter a particular. Particularly if you thought it was sort. It is too late and that mentality. Is different in war kind of wired. Moral and we will letters. I gotta tell me about this now because you hear a note that Saturday this Saturday is national baseball card day things that third annual baseball card day so. Tell me about this Topps home run challenge and tops big league baseball first its sponsors. So cool side of day anybody can go and whose lawyer you're car. We are a million going to be one day a national. Contribution from. In. If they put on days. The thing when he went on to Britain are now all you can go into. Dark home and not get more information about. Continue to dream which is being. To reach out in nineteen seasons. Anywhere within gonna be able to make that happen so. Going Tuesday. Dark home and get all the information about. This machine. All right sounds good that David Ortiz talking about the national baseball cards Saturday August 11 beginning go to Doug Topps dot com slash. First dash hitch in get more information on that big popular and always good talking you amid enjoy your ride joy a time off. And you basically got thoughts coming up and everything so but they're talking to government. A big blue daycare you got hot. Our activities that David Ortiz are unlistenable to take quick break you'll come back couple things he touched on. But I wanna fall while on his well we also it's all stuff I know you you only have to that there are with you when it I've been at to a. Harmonious something very important that that is kind of popped up that I think you're gonna appreciate the wheel you'll hear what what that's on Christian for his money going to come back at that is.