OMF - David Price never seems to help himself out when talking to the media; Marcus Smart suitors starting to get serious - 7-12-2018

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Thursday, July 12th
Hour 4. The boys reset David Price's latest comments to the media, courtesy of his interview with Shaughnessy and sign-and-trade offers for Marcus Smart are materializing. 

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Are you ready. These Fort Wayne and moaning and 42 to plan. You rather watch them patriots game Condrey no question no question I was so you kinda lives straight starts at eleven strikeouts or more of this is must watch must listen this is better than parade here brainwash. I'm not then I'm going to be sit down we'll do -- do with some live tweet and some tweeting last night drunk this can be with clay and Lou and Christian what is fair in what is unfair when it comes to Dave price. Like David Wright made a mistake fourth home run given up its CEO stuff. Go home runs broke. Aldridge David Wright was piling on a price has been excessive don't like it is better right now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Happy to report everything is okay expression. He is so full side. Seemed to be inebriated did Levy a cocktail there are localized area and at channel two umbrella sticking out of the foot. He seemed to be doing just fine but he apparently misses us literally just had to connect just needed to connect Nagin. You won't be doing it actually novelty. She chooses not to Alter. Although it's. Taken victory at home yeah. You know which is yeah I didn't that you imagery that lieutenant you're not the cut at least a sales gonna go seven innings that's at four hits the sex of your success there apple start of drug. You might pick up a run which he almost did I sort of a tonight with David trails with what's his derision that I hours ago. The problem for David Price. Is that the royals to one pitcher now as Jane how are these court against who's tough against the Red Sox. I use equality 636. In three runs. Eight hits a mature via. Eight it's idle some let's say it's great kisser we don't we also since three runs we also before the Yankee game. Eight hit it it was a big okay it was a big game for him and he probably made it. True big game in his own mind and it affected about it out there an amount but that game was over what do we sent. He's won the last 809 he's been really good and he's just got the Yankees and said the only thing we have to worry about. Is one price goes up against those guys in pinstripes but it is out against a horrendous Kansas City royalties under horrendous line yes sorry to say it will work three days into account they did they did beat them and that count. And they beat him on the Nike pitch but. He was horrible and what are we come out of it came forward them. It's not just the Yankees are in his head. Problems out there and he came after that game so we got to work on some stuff. So how big is this game right now can he afford it and it could be yes a whole game. In front of the crowd that sit there and all of seeing now with excellence every single night about the the ballpark and always say is they beat up on always. These crappy teams in baseball. He's the only one right now. That is disappointed in the last two weeks is the single player and a team you can look at Bradley just opened and there isn't a single guy you could look at. And say over the last couple weeks at a crappy except for one guy David Price. He's got to be good tonight or what are we see in a more. He's a great numbers against these guys in the past and he faced them a lock in on team more so than did the Yankees than in 210 off. You know so the bigger guys and a slide that tourists that just don't hit on the small team to 35 it's like the best. To Travis extremely minimal at bats but. You know it's so he's had great success but you're right I mean he's built this thing up the probably bigger than it should be. His first start back in Boston since. To end of June. June 26 I think what before the Yankees. So it's it's it's a big star form I think he's gonna go out there I think he's gonna give you eat it's gonna be in between. Suck to be Kansas City and New York have been and it's not going to be you know a dominant start it's gonna be okay. Topic of factors that if you've had success against the on the team to the bodies change the name like I look at Sonny gray. In the Yankee fans were all excited that I advocate today because Sonny gray was good life that he was real good. Doe Sonny gray if you look at these numbers against Baltimore numbers are phenomenal as foreigner with a and ERE a blow to an island. So is. What is it about those one uniforms because they're not the same players. It's at the same team goes its success against Baltimore it's a single you know Chris Davis it sink in more. You know I mean they've got so there's there's Davis I don't know what the hell records so they've you know so that's a war veteran single team and that's the thing about New York when he was just Davidson got to change things up they hit me I mentioned. Those outings he had in India would go with the tigers when he talked about the ninth consecutive hits. You know than a fall in your chemo went to the third and ten hits eight more runs he too horrific starts against the Yankees. But back in 201415. You tell me Gary Sanchez there. Was standing there was judged there was Torres there was. Into law there was because she Oca was he there toros all dollar Austin there. Judge birds standing no none of these guys were there they now they own you the last two years especially this year this line. So it's it would just as Jamaica lodges and Pedro back in it all too real force and you know 03 that my daddy because they're faced the exact same lineup essentially for like seven years in New York gators core group. So he skis he has to go about any of the figure this thing out tonight. They don't look at four hour I'll pitch mix would be nice is a good curve ball to figure out his curveball mechanically what's coral that NATO's change. You don't sold location a fastball is is usually there although he's missed it that's why he struggled lately the cutters always there. Put teeth or change. I don't know if you don't see the changeup and curve and the first couple of innings beat you know we shying away from he has no confidence and and you have to worry about it because. He you'd team's hitters can figure him out. You know he's very predictable can imagine we're talking earlier about Boston where it's like playing in Boston can you imagine if Chris Davis. We're playing in Boston with what he has become. Sit here and we we I certainly do it drives me crazy like she would Jackie Bradley junior and the with the group. Time periods he goes through 3458. Weeks for his horrendous Christmas is on like that all season long source veteran baseball right now. This guy wants a great pop right. Well well he was always a guy that was a ghetto mess he's always Allman but I normal average with any kind of went nuts there for a couple of years the average wasn't you know ninety it was a 240. You live with the knowledge read back to what he wants. He is whole Rambis can you imagine he'd be taken in a town much we can actually we we know what it looks like. The nesting. I took the phone calls we go 6177797937. Georges of what's wrong or what's up George. And let some guys will specifically this morning last why would anybody will put David Price. None no no I asked why was asked what is there to like about him. I don't what you wanna play like a bottom line the only guy and that team with some attitude edict Carrick. And I know. Your opinion as you bet a lot of clock out and seeing you know dog and yet you're an expert on this stuff. I want him tonight that come up that mom let you pick a seventh inning. Made his a couple of guys done in Egypt that strikeout he pumped suspect when he walks off that loan. Secondly and I want your opinion on the also. A guy like mini major auto. Wouldn't that be. Into the budget J. D. Drew on the team that great don't get me wrong but there's no apparent that there's no any additional guidance standout. Why would you not pull the trigger even if you happen give up that is I just want your opinion what. Com. I will make it probably is about to say because he had and disease in an interview which he swore about elsewhere left and right about the Red Sox pitching staff and how they went after him. Well we should think he's very person then when you watch him play don't you just just kind of molds around. I think it would bring some energy I think he would give that like. I just something about it the only thing that this team is missing. Yeah these high energetic slow molding you know I think he's smooth and each release move better. Are now a did that the much auto stuff we wasted votes 1520 minutes less than TV talking about which outcome of the boss that's a waste of time I agree. It's a waste of time he gonna give us shorty you're borrowing in your renting him for too much about bringing him back next year. You're not bringing them back. But I think he would do it for two months get a ring. Nikki guarantees touring with his bullpen. I think he would I think if the Sox game. Clear weight of the World Series and who. Why is there Bay's offense is that really killing of. It's not so much third base defensively and offensively I think each got a guy that won't make up eighteen think what the Sox lineup and he's gonna get is seeing more pitches than anybody. Yet DOS I think it's a waste of time I guess that if you trade him you betrayed devers for him that you have the right. You destroyed Dave Dombrowski for as long as you would like the given a devers for the skew for two months now the Yankees. Looks like they're offers a serious a victim here I am with the Yankees OK I think he's going to be in New York next year. I don't think it's Bryce Harper they don't need to outfielder with pop. They need they match up so I think he's gonna end up in New York next year if that's the case. And stripped their mileage system a little bit gold Quetta right now repair Red Sox spend it. Eighties and go in and let. It treated equally pleased their days. Playing shortstop wants more money. And the Yankees got the most. I don't shortstop will play a more money bombs into Israel is an odd way. Some bombs them and the greatest player in the world on the third baseman and those there's aired out George George looking at this line up right I was viewed. This is a and I think you're way off base here. Where my child is gonna make that much of a different schemes hitting. He's got a problem scoring runs. This is not this this team is at it if there're any holes in this lineup. It is what the bullpen that's what you have to fix right now shadow coming in here is not going to make much of a difference with the state. Really ball and I are talking about this cheerleader this emotional leader or whatever. About marlin in seventh now. Think about that. Great line up okay great it now. I don't have a problem telling them how well you have a problem with the lined up now Jules yeah you don't know. OK okay do you have a problem with the bullpen. Yeah I do then that's when just half. If it's it's like New York Lola John okay last year when they wanted beefed up the bullpen get bigger advocate can't leave they got Robertson. You sit there sit good god it already shortened up the game but you but remember talking about it going much better they really get. If it gets so many guys in the eighth and ninth. So case I guess in case of injury that's a lot of the price to pay maybe for insurance are more concerned about the starters those so they probably did you know your well. I would be jobs strong they want a charity didn't get channels OP gonna get much out of the eagle Feingold Quetta right now would you trade for many Macau don't. That they'll get a right now than give up that's QE3 your best prospects ogle give up just the Sheffield legally cities topical give up another. Great prospect ship that system a little bit because that they want to and again next year. Where for no prospects. And great their offense is awesome now it's gonna be even better OK if they don't have a number two and number three starter in a post season it's gonna hurt them more. That it is going to be then it's gonna help that the child. So you put a package together you send rock field devers to Baltimore as part of this deal for my child though and the channel plays for the next 23 months for you. Win or lose OK and then he'd go skins he's he's not finished eight series he goes. Endeavour's becomes a star for the next decade plus. What was everybody saying around these parts that. Can you write this to shred Dave Dombrowski you'd ever trade devers from its absolute fund had a gigantic hole at third base. Then Greta devers could be better defensively. I had a big hole at shortstop right now the you would you could understand why you you need to bring in China we need to improve we can't win. At that let those two positions but right now want to look at it no one thing that I'm most concerned about the postseason is. The bullpen gonna be like when they go to Carol they have to bring him well in the ninth in the eighth inning last night with two outs he ended up bringing you know watching the first amber in Iraq home. But you needed him at that point. They are in trouble. In a game anything. Yes ya arena attending that that's what they need help. That's really had a quote improve. It's not it's it's you know you you wouldn't know they're a different spot at some point you gotta pull back. I can't trade Ben attendee Iraqi trademark goal to San Diego because I got bats and I got Bradley. You know I can trade milk how to even for sale because I've got devers. In Iraqi trade hobby glare and and Maurice you do bond at a trade these guys is like not Bogart's. You've got nothing right now. You got nothing. In a minor league system and what do you you can not afford to trade devers who can not afford to trade been attending. Because of what your system looks like it what your financial situation is moving forward part. So you pay Machado we fortune who knows maybe forty million a year or knows what you pay him. And then what happens with bogey that's when he's where were where you the luxury tax where were the number. But errors out of sight of you are we looking at again look at look at. Relievers high impact relievers final year of their deal. And beat the kid out that the kid last night. He was ticked Aikman left the I mean filth. You know look at Brock the give Britain look at Familia out of New York that tell you that that's how you get better. There's I don't know if they've got enough to go further than now below lock it could cost control reliever for years someone under contract like hand we'd love to have. But I don't know of they've got enough. It depends on the feel what you Miley system. So it's gonna be those types of guys got to get them channel things it terrific player and seeded fifth here I don't see where they need that right now here's Paul west feels like fall. Hey good morning guys Lou you're right out. I say this next game guys this is the clear and present a situation where. If he does not have the torque and velocity. And then exit velocity not there is no movement we know he's gonna get shell. And peek at huge crises. Date may see him as a suspect target and so they'll probably see whether are excited hey Brent you didn't show a little. That he answered Jack ray and bomb garner an LA that picture in New York he sport bike at the Mets suck but he's got a 19 ERA is time to put it right back to the drawing vote put some muscle on him get him back in proper pitching form. Because we know what's gonna happen we need to prepare for you and you all and gave them rocky and know exactly what to do. Certainly you say you're gonna put him on the on the DL. Prices have your son. No sir I'm saying that if he had not throwing lately been thrown with no movement no torque no velocity he had to rebuild gained some muscle. They've proved his throwing action because he'd get a gauge of the Obama garnered. But that's for next year though we're not talking about doing it right now be right. I mean increases aren't. Glad it went even dole and the British thrown ball down in the the play getting hammered that not a superstar juncture how much class. We don't feel that that's that's obviously what we're seeing it right now because you know it's it's one of two things right it's either lack of execution location which will we've seen. The last couple of outings he's either injury. Or its mechanics. He says he might affect some things okay and Woolsey tonight. We'll see you tonight the location is there off speed is there the movement is there but I'm maybe it was just mechanics. Because in it's not just about face and bad teams do well we solid against Kansas city's policy of total ball well today against Toronto regardless of what's that thing progresses here. Regardless what they look a look good they are pitchers spots look. In a disease based bad teams before but you watches it that was awesome. Media every single spot he wanted against Kansas City. That was it that was awful to watch. 210 pitches through we want it to doesn't mean there weren't strikes. But it was inside set out those outside study and who's down with that up so please don't strides but he just in order telling things don't. Maybe must see TV tonight right cherry is that they would price after the last two outings the pick this becomes a pretty big game. Tonight it does even though the team is just you know. A look at for the tenth in a row I think this more on on price than anybody else Joe's employment by GO. I left it unlocked and I think that my. Much bigger handled a lot of baggage endorsement or you're all of our regular on the show so I really love your wallet dot. It'll be digital later this month. And an. And I didn't know that don't like questions for you I want Camelot I doubt it candidate that doesn't it might utter a lot. About trapped in MLB where that that can carry no longer batting third right batting only soccer practice. That you look at it last night but you are the right opportunity. I secured by your opinion on that. Saber metrics has gone along way with that that's all I mean and it's not necessarily best hitter it's just that unity. At these long is a million orders from the Belafonte to deal with. You can have George bring a leading off but it George spring it was a weak lineup I don't think he'd be a leadoff hitter. You know but in Houston you decorate and you got out to break you don't hear you've got Bogart's in new gut you know Judy Dean you've got Moreland and swing the bat well so. Yet you put an explosive bat up there to set the tone right away. It's different when you get the milieu that produced in years past you know it is there hasn't been anybody that know the order especially last year. You know last year there is no David Ortiz even argued before you sit there saying OK well. Yet yet David and yet Hanley Ramirez OK. I'm cool with that. But when you don't have that milieu owner I don't know if you're the luxury of being able to put a Gallic mu Q George bring it Leo's. Every is right though it it's all different in the old days the 345 hitters were always your power hitters judges the number two hitter now writes easy leadoff hitters that hit home runs. It's it's a lot there's everything announcing some some guy locked down you've never even seen before didn't know he worked for your organization puts a piece of paper in front yet. It says the number two hole leader actually gets this many more at bats a year than the 304 hole leader and all by the way. Research shows that he's up in more high leverage spots than a four hole I mean it's just. The research is their needs at this you'll how long can I ignore this OK let's put our best hitter lead office for a best they're a two hole if we had the luxury of being able to do. When he first started happening so these nerds that were there pop in their heads and well educated guys most of them would never played the game of baseball every some of them at a cup of coffee beyond Little League may be Babe Ruth or maybe even high school or college. What it's like the prevailing opinion wants them amongst most major league baseball players. These guys making decisions. Now they're always talking about. Oh I know. This is bright bedspread Isner coming up here and basically I've got to move to the top of the order to convince nerds don't edit it won't. Got to convince these guys that this is this is what works. Look you gotta present them data you gotta tell them got to convince them and that's why Judy Martinez presence is it is the best thing that could've done. I can present you with all the data in the world the bullets and it the first pitch of what it means but it. I haven't that's not I haven't lived my life as a baseball players thinking like this. So I kitchen statistic OK forget that keeps me so I couldn't help ability niggardly. Unity so it's. A look at the plate and it's like my first at bat I wanna see the guys got. So it takes some pitches I'm gonna sit up gas Oscar boss now the next at bat I am no we have seen all of his stuff and I'm better prepared than none on and I don't know why waste. They always the first at bat footed double off the law this classic historic first based on announcement but you got to get somebody convince you that it works. So not only is it numbers and managers and co hitting coach is now it's appear now as JD Martinez. Whose whose real relaying the exact same message to you as a teammate and it means a lot more. Yeah just has asked for him because he's doing it as opposed to the guys that Cunningham with a little laptops gases that shell is one of us. This is it with flat out he's a 120 pounds so let us edit edit ten page report sent to me today about the infield in. Well loans and it was a issue last book a reservist is I didn't like it. Right because and obviously the result of bloop single Leona Arab by old door it's sort like in the eight inning lead off we don't believe in bunting hitting into a ground ball guess what you look back. Right yeah but the united it was just this research that was done. That you know when these guys should be in second and third one of the results with a thousand different outcomes. Initial 47%. In Albany field they would nobody out early one out early in game doesn't end up scoring at the infield in is opposed the infield back so it's. All these numbers are being thrown out at you. The point where some edits is discard and others you have to look at because you can all wrong ignored but it's all based on the percentage of probability and the only difference is they have computers to be able to track all of these things. Keep them and put together. You know of a list it's why we're seeing in the shift. I say based that the conclusion was infield in one out you mean you know a third one out you bring you feel and every single time. Every and at bottom I agree with. Knew anything about accounts were talking about earlier like that the decrease human input if I'm at shortstop. OK I gotta go three or four steps to my right to get a ground ball Pomona grass again take a step and a half to a pot. You know it just takes me longer to the Balkans it's it's further away from the further away I am from it. So fun and for the most part until I get the same balls that hit over here at the bloop singles when it kills me. The chopper up the middle that gets by on back I don't get it anyways from the traditional defense. So this so much information out there that makes you sit there and also why are we doing it this way. I scroll down third one out in fields in from the first inning on the medical we're facing a metal what's going on it's got to be it's just the change minds that's. Yeah I just think the old jocks and Germans got this nerd is coming in trying to tell me what to do it on the JP Martinez things are great example because if you look he was a late bloomer. And maybe he was a late bloomer because he didn't use any of the stuff didn't figure it out is one on his athletic ability. Rotten things change and he gets it that's I think why a lot of people had difficulty. When he came here thinking that he could even when you were significant player a two year wonder yeah. He's sort of material at San Jose Batista. And you know people think if you only hit it two years of baseball sure. That's what they are 6177797937. Right here on or enough. Hope you're enjoying listening to pull and the cat and occasionally don't listen to each other previous six and only been home games against number one total defense as well. Brady is six in all his career home games against the number one total defense Purdue and descend on Sports Radio W. Do fine if Danny Ainge doesn't care that LeBron left the Eastern Conference and. No and it would be idiotic not to care. It would be if LeBron wasn't there last year you go to the funds period point blank. You you go through yeah honest and around one. The sixers and indeed in round two the raptors in around furry hood and then you go to the NBA finals and the idea that. It's not an enormous relief to know now that if you were to at some point. Climb that mountain. That you now have don't have another mountain to climb afterwards it's ridiculous like he's not telling the truth here. So right so all right so I know that I really and though yes I really sad and it is literally these. None and or heard this with him yesterday because the talk we we can play the audio for you but all you get is the bulls dribbling and background sneakers sound. Slide on the floor. So you can't really hear it was interest and I watched it with jeans yesterday and the body language was a little bit strange. But what is he supposed to say when somebody says. Edit what you feel better and I'll let it flow of is that he's. You can't voter right now. So he's got to talk and what are they going to say in Philadelphia was the reaction going to be in Milwaukee. What about the reaction in Toronto affect. He noticed this in the off season. When they talk about the Eastern Conference nobody is managing the Toronto Raptors know like they're gonna be a 45 win team next year. They would the best team in the regular season. In these. They won 59. Games this past year they still have two significant all stars on their team and who knows that probably makes it more of moves here. Com. So no. He's mentality is or he's gonna did not gonna does that up next for the he's right it regulars name's nick writes that he's correct. Okay expedition vehicle it was expected as though he said yeah I am we said LeBron skunk is now we own the east. We were in Hollywood now very excited you know meted so he'll come off as of hollow density. Listen to the best team need we don't know it there's no reason to go there and talk while I'm psyched he's gone now it's our league. Our conference. Who would you say the first I didn't get the change the safe here. We need this book us for the for the NBA finals where released the first forget surprising was able to get another deviate he's not only there. Any would be stupid to go there he'll look like in full during the course of the season you get a couple of injuries and guess what. Maybe three seed of four seed a five C. It's it's your orbit but body language restrained they were asking him questions and and as I said the audio sucked. They were asking him questions about Marcus Marty said while still our intentions it's our I think our main priority. To get market site. But this is that the plate full Danny Ainge. And then there's the games where he gives you very short answers usually when he's given you the short answers there. There's something going on I just wanted to something going on with the Smart Smart stuff. There are couple stories out there. That two teams. Have actually come to the Celtics about a sign and trade. So fatigue is coming to Boston with Marcus mark with a sign and trade. That tells me that that team does not have enough money to get market Smart. The deal they wanna give him. But that may mean that the deal. Is fairly substantial and it certainly higher than anything that Boston would match but you're still. Or they might citizen we relate to start for the three and 33. It's to a sign and trade. And off they just put an offer sheet he's gonna match but the main ways but brings it back to lake why why would Danny do a sign and trade for markets unless. There you know like you said the contract is up four at sixteen for eighteen days that cam done that he might get some in return. I wanna see the teen accused him but it gives him the kind of money. They'll make the patriots walk an insult to walk away. Who don't pay these guys I think you're just 1618 million miles. If it's a four year deal and it's sixty million what I'm saying is. The reason it teams may be talking about a sign and trade is they may be willing to go low balls and give a number that may be boss they give them what they can't they can't fitted into dividend of their cap. So they've got to release some money they have right now but she did do with that. What what's what's any good and what's gonna take on somebody else's money right now unless it's a player of the Denny looks sentences who my god we want that guy the other thing is. You know we had. The bill lollipop guy in L all of our. Our green chambers got all excited about Jabbar bird in your description the start this thing this year and it was asked if that isn't gonna do it Gerard burg because he's a free agent to what is the Sports Radio. W and his answer was I don't know. I was. It's a etiquette Ventura is regrettably somebody fall loaded up and I think he he came back and suggest he was last summer. This summer. Has averaged just a reality check marks its knowledge and digital running a business trying to win games my job to be fiscally responsible seems so that was the one thing that got. That line right there. So that almost it in his body language in the way he delivered it it was almost his staff we still are dealing with this luxury products. And I think that they are so focused next year. On being able to sign carrier you have to understand. If you are going to be dealing well into the luxury cap money from the church that money can be gigantic for example. Golden State is well into deep into. So Golden State goes out the signs bogey cousins for five point four million dollars and everybody gets excited. To shoot Golden State just yet but we're getting for only five point four million out no. Eat cousins gets paid five point four million dollars the Golden State Warriors with luxury tax. Will pay 22. Million dollars but only one iBook because on the five point four boys. Boy with elbow do you edit page seventeen. No they're paying for. Four and a half times four and a half for every dollar. They're they're way up there they are way up there so they're getting socked 22 million. For that quite there yet and I didn't feel the Celtics if you player away. And you can X and lets the Celtics get in the same position Golden State it's and a I respect will spend that type of money they will go well Wendell luxury tax to keep that thing going but he's not there yet. And he has to worry about high re next year I recycle most importantly don't follow. Nobody blames market for kind of feeling this way right. I don't know laid out these pictures worth a lot is that is hard at this is an organization with a one of the great things we talk about with with Brad Stevens. Is how much our confidence. He gives each and every one of his players no matter who what is. Right let's come off the bench Daniel Tice take a shot. Paint you come off the bench if they're taking a shot ignored shot you know like that believing you guys guys great place. So all yearlong that guarantee last couple years it's just been licked you know brazen market Smart up and down all year right. The Bucs are cute Beagle for six. Believing you I trust you a great shooting to make a play that game it was a game. Are your huge part of this team you keep doing your thing keep shoot keep shoot I told you could shoot you the great issued a world that he gets the free agency in the like you know what the money on hold on. The two years becoming a grant him. The Petit has been so supportive and and so give me confidence about every player I am and Alec lives on pay me don't want any. That's it gets its business whopping six point one let's see what happens any freeagent as we already offered you money you turned down. You know sold. I just think for whatever it was just it's just the first eye opening business decisions a lot of these guys see it when they hit free agency welcome Butler and he seeing it now. It that you might though but Marcus has to be more selfish for his own needs a month saying in the when he plays the game. If you Brad Stevens you're concerned about the team there is so markets brings to the table is really good stuff and by the way you can take them out of the game. When you suddenly need offense in your trailing and again by 1415. You can do that you have control about it. If the market Smart. I'd be pissed. It's bad timing. It's a big you to be restricted free agent but I think I take the six point what is six point four million dollars or whatever. Which is the the offer. And you don't I don't go work in the summer and and it was going through some difficult times with his mom be real sick and everything else a really work on my shooting. And I can back makes you an idea better shooter or a negative on her struggle we had everything here at camp though yes he got federal election every lost weight he was a better shooter we're gonna Shah cracked he's got. But if you but to be selfish. He's not hurting the Celtics he's not hurting what Bret Stephens wants him to do if he's a better shooter next few reds even more thrilled about because he's a great defensive play or not good. Great now great defensive player. Any can prod and provide some offense as well. And then he strikes it rich in the unrestricted free agent market. That's what he's got it aren't we got one more segment here. We just don't make peace with Ford way remove any and 48 cheer on Sports Radio WEEI. I've sat here knowing that we talk to us and Canada such person earlier in the program that we games that I definitely exists. Great title for you try to get some more young people involved in the game of baseball and we like the fact that Brock COLT was Mike Duffy element we wish that more players won't like apple announced. Maybe he's out of the game in the third or fourth inning and Mike and David Young demographic. That's up to what a cute 34 of 1618%. Of the 36% twenty fret games get younger viewers he's younger and they get younger people involved and so Ryan tell me that the Red Sox have come up with something now apparently the what does that run a -- to do he had this isn't exactly what you guys were talking Wednesday really you know we're leaving so the Red Sox account and had a nice little feature in and set of yummy in the younger players what you guys are talking about. All let's go it was a feature called it is what had. Hi everybody I'm not sure what the proper or reduction is let. Let's just assume it's improper and welcome you at Fenway Park my name's Bob LaBelle and this is my good friend. And from patriot Dick Flavin. Shielded us to be here you are certainly part. That's it could be that they're called the original values we've got to get them home. That's very good your good work guys that are finding their phones available to. Since stock covering just actors that you guys have really gotten in the minds are between hasn't. Had one that called plaque just put it Jewish reach. We pray that he'll launch no F bombs in his speech. At this. Think we'll game. And that's I think that's the idea is you know somebody got hit what would it be like if you sat watching in the bubble ballot Dick Flavin and and that's what we have. So let's go to the younger generation that rich keep and -- -- would think. It could play and there are a lot of might you never know he's gonna say it. Out there that deflating can always have to be on people always expecting the best that here's the Red Sox Shakespeare. Let's get it -- they thought that he he's not off the game got called an outline and there are. Very good that's been negotiating with David it's absurd arguments that part one college more there's more as a whole series here at juveniles as he volunteered. Actually I don't of his glory of the Red Sox museum almost the payroll listen when it when it's. Passion like you relieved the ministry of now Lester is within all of the debates are pretty three good guys. Watch the game bothered. And it's like watching a game that. I would like to watch the human actors well and it goes. But Bowe bell sleeves and we elephants are pretty good that's nice that goes nicely that's exactly what Lou and I were asking for a week let's see him as a hawk eye Mark James thinks it's yeah. I understand and bring them up aren't going to be a few guys who can bring up the hey guys that she's an item from the vote ultimately it's about pride. Yeah. Apparently. What are the covenant not to mosque in the again that we have a lot old design back back there what they roll over tomorrow she's you know capitalism as warnings went. It is it tax load they would. Shot edit jackass. Back backing out of the bunker sort of a material tomorrow flight back. From general Biarritz. Adam Jalal. David Price positive surprise good. Maybe maybe drugs even presidential Nicklaus did and didn't play real significantly and on profligate living on flick my way of bunny hour and up next with a backpack.