OMF - David Price really just can't help himself; What do fans think of David Price and what are the chances that he actually opts out of his contract at the end of the year - 7-12-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 1. Glenn and Lou (Fauria out) hold down the fort and begin the show talking about Dan Shaughnessy's latest article featuring comments from David Price. Callers weigh in with both defense of and vitriol towards the Red Sox lefty. 

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These Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 if you plan. Rather what is that nature came to hundred no question no question absolutely you kinda ride straight starts at eleven strikeouts or more this is must watch must listen this is better than break your brain washed out and I'm not -- I'm going to be sit down we'll get to begin with some live tweet and some tweeting last night drunk this can be quickly and Lou and Christian what is fair and what is unfair when it comes to Dave price. Like David Rice made a mistake fourth home run given up front line guys CEO stuff. The price of piling on a price has been excessive don't like it that's better on Sports Radio WEEI. So we can sit here we can go off before. Hours and do exactly what curt does not want to do we can talk about homeless guy Chris Sale of awful good lies and daughter asks analyst. I gotta tell you I myself I just love portola Cologne I mean 45 years of age he's still out there doing wasn't useful. And poor fielding guys get a collided into each other in center field so we could spend four hours that he is unbelievable he is unbelievable that it's still pitch. Look the velocity their week it still pitching well he's got our fingers or does it could learn a little bit about Bartolo Cologne and how he's altered his game over the years and knew who that is what happened to you guys pitching tonight this should be given the night. So did that tonight could learn on an awful. From the port to local and a master the masters 45 was it that long ago was heavenly blood transfusions are like that are I expect. When he was here was it as it was ten years yeah yeah he was here we just had an injury went home and that and he couldn't find them yet he just took off as a bulletin with where's Bartolo istar apparently is grizzled. Like OK in the we are ten years later he's on the mound against Chris. I'd love to be Abrams I don't know did you see that don't want owners and the coaching staff has fallen closer and alleged associate of coaching staff had more plate appearance in the current rockets that 63 to 62 yes they did see all the guys on the staff federalists in and and and Goodwin and Alex 63 plate appearance against this guy I hate to say that I hate to say that that I have quite a pass on the Tom Brady the TV twelve method. Because I. I've tried a little of that Spiro lean and that other crap and you have a catalyst and Sox Gephardt. I'm going on the port hole Cologne. Guy I'm on the bar all alone at that he is 45. Is five years older than Tom Brady should refer to that subway is still doing it at a high level. UK and here's the difference you think he's ever passed on a meal do you think he's ever passed on a five guys cheeseburger. Do you think he's ever passed on the bed big ice cream sundae. Never. Where Brady does. Probably he's just boring every single thing it would eat him what he does Cologne enjoys life. And the league is up thirty pitches like that last would you agree he was victimized last. I want all my awful defense but I mean I just go back it was like. I blocked him out I see the little things that the at bat when he struck out JD Martinez was it was amazing race. Let me just two receivers away to receivers in the TC was a way to receivers in he's got kind of go back and forth and it tells a cutter in. And just recently to the ball goes the other way so it's just. And I'm like that's pitch that I enjoy that stuff soccer I enjoyed almost evenly NC that's fine. But it's the sequence with this guy and what he's able to do with 80% fastballs and locate this is phenomenal. Yeah the windy yet as an awesome year reserve has moments and they probably get a seven share last then of course Alex Ramon which they would at 93% voted for one of December so Watson he's 93 war. And I Smith movie got Lucy and make it nine out. Okay sail well. Rolling out as you were as you to read every single item only talking a must read every single you know mobile and well you mad TV against that you want a ground there was no influence of the you'll keep on pissing people off exited and doesn't count does a lot of people laugh with because a lot of people out there the president of course isn't as they don't assume it's subtle as it always thought on a date days they're really don't think that I am one of those guys that doesn't count. Right nine straight and not easy to sweep a team I don't care how bad you ought trust me evidence of very good teams. And it's not easy to sweep a team three times and rob cannot. Really playing Major League Baseball team sees what area of the easily Tripoli news that's what they are also a visual and I are old enough certainly I am a lot older. Remember when Bartolo Cone's fastball actually was a fastball he actually had like zip on the fastball right yes we do remember that. So he altered his entire game how was it did David Price. Who has got hit and terrific stuff certainly understands the game. He's got a track record he's won a Cy Young award spent a one of the best pitchers for numerous seasons in his career. Doesn't sector in the dugout steps last night watch that and say that's when I need to be maybe not as fat as that guy cam got to build up you know and put all had big personal. Boy why can't I do. What he's doing business he's not doing it at 45. Hi does that his stuff though he Caroline just fastballs with this guidance is to humanism move as much. It it just does so mean you're able to do it and I'm not gonna say that this guy right now is like asthmatics because he's actually knocked out. Because that's a different level but that that's the thing it's a white keys to a medic stances told all of them Miller played haven't dropped two and half feet down the right. You know it's just you you you don't you can't do that. You know on his two seamer isn't moving he has his fastball. It looks glorious it's 8889. Off and then it drops about a foot and a half unlikely that the left and down so it just. Good moment I swear to turn it into at least fifty. If you if you if you can throw like that. These are you watching you so much about which so irritable and then you're right there's that drop is that movement it's insane and racist got a minor leagues. We are both 23 whatever laws for your result in Olin is never year was basically 9080 came up none of that was mine. So I've had faced this guy played against this guy played with this guide in time in areas in 2018. He puts it gets Chris Sale are a symbol. It really is someplace all all talked. So why don't need TB twelve. The third party to go look at the booklet that we elect if they're an athlete phonetic you do it up a we got to get David promoter got it can't help himself he's pitching them. So the days before he decides on sitting down at at his locker and he's going to have a conversation with him and shops are you tell. Jealousy. It for and I didn't credit crisis. He is viewed as a pariah in that in that. Clubhouse but he's viewed as the devil everybody in the all of the players in here in front of every one we already know expect the curling they. We call on the curly haired boyfriend. Big column along worse than your. They know what he has. So he's the guy that when he wants to come up with you national appeal and maybe get a few. Quality minutes from you where he's gonna ask you some questions you shy away from game Janice you are not gonna go about last year was last year that. Arnold prices and not talking to media anymore. And he did a sit down with with with Dan. And it that was only the it was that everybody needs to ease up on gas crises such symptoms and let's. Like a weird guy to go to it would you know that'll be yes you know that Chauncey he's just saying that because he figures he can working and then again and he got a price has been access and that's this BS she doesn't believe that we know Sean sees mentality Reno was a good approach tomorrow. Cardenas of questions here though it's close enough docket I was actually laughing is what are you as I was wondering if this interview you. It happened again as I'm reading the beginning of a 'cause it goes right through all of this was. Sort of like a dream he had what he called Ian if you would go in the questions that he would ask him those questions that I was laughing against questions. More than I was some of the responses to those that hysterical. Dollar to settle the question is extremely blot was beautiful meat. You say you were searching after that bad outing in Kansas City the other night did you find which you're looking for answer yup. Next question can you tell me what you learned. Question is it mechanical yeah. So that's all articles are. What do you think this is dollars where I'm like OK this is eventually it's gonna get one more questions and and the game's gonna write its articles like he wanted nothing to do with. But you know one. David Price can't help himself into shallow seas credit. Shaughnessy knew that David Price can't help himself and he knows that defeat hawks won enough. Any asked enough of these some of them ending questions and the eventually gets in the something a little bit deeper. The David Price can't help himself because after reading this entire. You don't interview. At a it's not coming to any new conclusion it can just. Re asserting any thing I've thought about this kinda passed. He does care about everything years he does care about everything he rates he does want to set the record straight in his world. It is important to him he's not a guy that can shut everything out I think they got the pits than in a mile last night. I think he's a guy that can shut everything off David Price in this and you basically said about the fans that he doesn't listen to radio. FM or AM on nobody listens to a him anymore they haven't listened to it yet. He have you been able to tune out the noise around you here in Boston. Yes I'm still not a subscriber to whatever papers their art. I don't know the last time I'll listen to FM or AM radio Lou reloading do you think he's still on the trip. I know I don't. Now and here's the thing so. Is there wiggle room there is the easy not listening or somebody close to him telling him he's well aware. One is one of the. Date you may ask committee heard the guy who does a killer impression if you. On the sports so that's Jim Murray he says no. And then it goes on to say I know you've talked to John morose. A little about this any change you could opt out of your contract with a Red Sox at the end of the answer I'm not going to sit here and say there's 0%. Chance. When there's always a chance of anything but that's nothing that I'm thinking about or putting any thought to. Or talking to anyone else about I expect to win an unexpected do that here. Well then why does he say it is always a chance of anything. Why is he leaving the door open and he could close the door right. He's sleep you're more easily in the door wide open for everybody this Delilah. How do you feel about playing here. I don't have a problem with the I need to go up there and pitch better. Shaughnessy is credit there is a follow button but it seems like you hated here dude you were eight Boston. Answer I've never said I hated Boston or had a problem with the Spain's. That's the perception it's poured on me through you guys the media. I'll say this record on them. Never said he's loved. Is nobody's ever city's love the fans he said I know I got a ball pitched better than love in case but. Merrill last year that there was opportunities they talked to him about you know whether it was. Coming off the mound and get a standing ovation in the playoffs in your net support and he basically said yeah I'm here for my team. You know and then I think there was a follow any talk to my house team play you know so. There they have they've opened the door they sort of you know sometimes that the media will just guide you down knowing which rates of will be. And with that these agents actually can write down they guided him to an area that you sort of led him to the water. To say yes I I heard that the appreciation from the fans and what's been a tough year for them to support me epic was great it's great feeling. But you gotta love the fans and the passionate somebody's. Even always have never hated it here had a problem at the fans he's never said he's like to hear he's never said he's loved the fans. You know you're right this is a golden opportunities that this causes cancer and then we'll give you probably what he should've sent. Is answers I've never said unheeded Boston or had a problem with the fans. That's the perception that poured on me through you guys in the media. That's what that is. It's like when we were in Minnesota and I said I wasn't deserving of being an all star and didn't think I should be an all star and then all of that cry. Got put out who it churns into that so right what you want to right. Radio station have you changed everything from the marriage whom I moved to let you. Philly if you do just deal to to give me credit sitting you know and that he would. Pretty brutal on this quarter but come up with something the time and also I don't know I have this. Well afford life you know America sports every down. He has a thing he teaches to deal with left that part out. And that the next day discussion had not to do with the fact because I remember reading talking abouts in Butte just stopped. Before you know allegedly fortnight on that now be derelict you know just the Jackson thought the ball well give you go to yet if aegis that I'm not worthy of being an all star. Not thrown a ball that well the ball low recently but there's other guys more deserving liquor sale late great Kim what was other guys in the league. That would have been fine but instead it was all just do. A plea for an on night and I'll be down so that was the stuff that we talked about. Following that interview so you can't play the it was economics at the right thing you still got army and that's by the way is also proof. As we says you guys wrote all that stuff and how over might be would be over he said would gain and I forget what the Cole was. And all that crap to put out turns it turns in that's correct that you want. So he's admitting that. He heard the backlash surety that he's he's seasons. He's admitting that either herded on radio the discussion or read it to pay MRSA because he thinks he said the right thing and that all that crap got put out. See Richard so right about this so it was answer to do you hate Boston is have never said of needed Boston. Or had a problem with the fans OK so you've never said that. But she never said that you love this place it's simple. Is to do is go up there and say you know what. I love the place I've picked up to the terrible level and I can understand why some people probably are not happy with me right at them pitched up to the level. Where I think my potential it's what I've done in the past in my career it's weird. Is that probably set it in fifteen yard ninth street it's the Yankees yet so I looked at the start to doesn't fifteen thugs gonna be right to a third ten hits eight earned runs. At home against the Yankees. And that wasn't it. Don't even though we got absolutely hammered in two with to a third ten hits eight runs does that while. We must be a hit their hearts and were also was he just mistakenly is done does not have LeBron James memories. You know so I looked as the only just look at 2014. And there was another can 2014. Com where he went two innings twelve hits eight runs. So back to back here are the yeah bloody set off first inning a third inning. Ellsbury single. Steals a base. Double by Jeter's single by Prada double by to share a single by Beltre single by McCann single by Hadley single by Gardner singled much it's a barely out of the game home. Corrupted back to back years you like to what is give up eight runs against the Yankees. Meanwhile the balloon does he carry up to 2.2 week each year a 3.2. Basically through these lights out except of those games. Back to back years actually hammered and it is dating her career questions. So dish and she ended up the interview by saying do you ever wish you sign somewhere else. His answer was very similar to the first three questions it was one word no and that was at the end of gonzo. Oblivion so I try to figure this out why and sit down. And do you miss Q winning which game shall see you know exactly what he's you know exact. Again I don't think I could Toobin did that yet professional is very polite on whether or not they don't. I don't there's still some things in here like I said we're gonna still be a martyr was economics at the right thing you estimate a big deal of it. Which is true because it makes fun of the fact you called the all star as the other stuff. But I I I given credit for purchase for being able to sit there and and it's obvious question is not locking away get to know what screw you I said. No negative he's coming my way night come to my locker and it could have gone another way. Wanted to abide song. I think he picked the double in the room because he purposely stock that's where he's going to answer the questions. The problem was he could have clarified some of the stuff couldn't. Has he is being made it better with the fans with this interview he did with the instruments in the fans. It's intimacy it's one of the perfect guy. To be able to talked that issue honestly think it's people like you people like sports talk radio. That think that I hate most and I love Boston I walked the streets I show up at the ballpark every night evil I have a bad and I get some people blowing it but there are a lot of people know I had a bad game and cheering me. At the the next time. Could have done so much. To clean some of this up up with the fans are asked Shaughnessy is a media. What the fans he had an opportunity with a guy interviewing him although the pants can't stand any blow it. The future price in this city is all up to him. So okay LA's not people so called picking on him. Have a grudge don't like the guys that not to do with that it is on him because you know. Take away last night TV was sort of defending them instead you know and the media is honored but the fans really not like him. And I just as simple questions I've always said David make us talk about your pitching. That's what you what's out when you're on the mound because when used the plural while this huge deal in the that was it keep it that way but he couldn't help himself three straight starts he's making comfortable for which fine knees feel good about a stubby putts is just that's great. You do that you raised the stakes Bennett continued to all the ball well he hasn't the last 22 games so what I say make us talk about your pitching foresee for him. Now we're talking about is pitching so last Gary a simple question. Is this the fans like him I said what is it like a bottom. This is Gary not realized the fans don't like and if anything I will say this. The media sir certainly the guys who covered the team and day to day basis the ones that David Price sees in his face every day. Those guys are making excuse what is up there but exhibit what including Evans wrote what was in here the last four hours. And and Andrew what has gotten some of the rap from the look at what else it is constantly making excuses you. I'll make your fair and out there driving around you nick off I don't know 677797937. And you you feel like he's treated on just right now. What is it that you like about him. Some people don't like the crap. Off the field right stuff that happened in the past stuff that may be that the fort night jokes and that's a crowd of those guys that is another crowd that's it I don't care just one that all the ball well. Well last July's haven't gone was beautiful four ERA is get over four ERA since he signed here were 217 million dollars or 31 million a lack. So you tell me on the before you what is it what is there to like about him. Because I. And and that's up to him. You've got to go up all the ball well. You you hear the media the way you want if you told the ball well there will be a crowd the Red Sox fans is that does all of a lot of them out there. They'll say I don't care the media is the devil who cares as we saw when he won nines when nine straight to a 71 with a 272. You started the year at us you'll find it's does keep talking about a pitcher. It's up to him. To go out and all the ball well. And he has not he has had spurts where he's looked good. But the overall picture he's extremely under performed for the pitcher that he was with the resonated he had when he showed up in this town that's not my fault. That's not your fault. That's his fault. Figured out remote. You still see tonight. Episode and he just doesn't candidate. This was a golden opportunity formed just want that he doesn't it he thinks the people and fans out there want him to fail. I think he's crazy there are some. To patrol is going to catch that result but but the majority of the people you're right. The date they swear applied the launcher. So all we care about. We've seen that before they loved Johnny Damon when he's here V goes to the other and wears different laundry specially pinstripe wonder we hate them we have a born every time he's at the plate it's all about the laundry. You're wearing that that don't properly laundry here in in Boston they'll lock you and then he gets all his C about. Don't know on the in my name on my daughter and if. Ditto with the playoff game this year it is going to be people the next angle build whatever you go to win tuna. Appreciate it a bit of fuel but they're but that won't join the call and say what those suits do dissect what that was coming out what do people this that there's a you know what. I could write this guy for not being it would a playoff start he went out there what seven innings one run and he beat Houston portal one. Gimmick that's the woods yet I now can we keep god now we go up because that's in the past. But but I tickle your pro and win a playoff start you kit kit he has to gonna give you example trauma. Child like nobody but nobody was more disliked. It will use the word it by the plans John Lackey. Lackey was up their pitching with a bad arm. Okay and he was doing it every fifth day and people were red all over two point worked he couldn't stand the study couldn't stand anybody in this town. And in the end spoke with pretty good he came back in Asia does something as vowed to cut against price. I still think it was were full of course it was really divorce laws. This guy is this guy is is missing it low he doesn't get it. Any such BS artist he doesn't understand the east you're trying to tell us that he doesn't subscribe to the newspapers that mate. He doesn't go on line and see stuff about himself every once and a while I tell it doesn't push the button every once in awhile away from music it's a super sports talk stations that don't I don't know we don't know of any Amdocs ESPN radio talk about it but. Yet you know he's doing it every once and a while or Zhu said somebody one of his buddies people into circles that they go that it has loosened so Woodson a retinal. It gets going because nobody wants to hear. People saying bad things about you negative things about nobody that's human nature but this guy. Gets himself into a deeper this was a perfect opportunity with Shaughnessy I thought. For him to kind of work this angle a little bit maybe doesn't wanna do. It simply doesn't care and you're right if he gets out there he wins every fifth day does that really matter. Israel into the biggest payroll the world Ryan wheat we could think he's ultimately your. In a year where you at a team at 6529. At its July what's the eleventh applause at twelve okay late. Should this game be the end of the world that are. Know what it might be to him and that sort of saying like it theories he raises the stakes alive a key in the bull's eyes on the back in noted mean and and and gathers of people on here I understand will Google isn't this below the Yankees start my setup for the Yankees start he creates it. They have always said is an athlete you never give an organization. An excuse. Right to get on you write whatever might be a you've got a young kids up the party in every single night in 330s and all star and you are okay but guess what. Know that that's fine as long as it did on to blame well. But the medieval opinions are under performing. Now I'm gonna blame that now gonna sit there CO what you actions in the past that reason why this is now a bigger problem than maybe it should be. Because I'm not so sure you're invested now. Not saying he's not vested all of saying is that. He's giving the fans. He's just thrown brush on the fire but he's making it more emotional. You know it but if they every word he says. He's firing up people more morning say you know what you better call did throw the ball well July 12 you gotta be kidding me goes out there tonight. And it's another bad out he gets kids against Toronto Blue Jays on two on July 12 it should be obliterate opportunist 65 and 29. But not the bed he's made. No it's an emotional start as a big start for him tonight in Fenway as a beta since since before the Yankees Orioles here. It's a big stock at an engine because they know if it doesn't go well tonight he will yankees start with the big starts at a baseball but it shouldn't have been as big as he made it out to be. Perfect now leading up to it I'm just amazed at the perfect opportunity and challenge he chose the question now but it seems like eight year. Do you eight Boston. An easy answer is I've never said I hated Boston. He never said it right. So so kind of what you so adamant that I'm never sent out eight in Boston or had a problem with the fans. It's a perfect opportunity Xavier and embrace the city. And put on you when a pitched well I expected all of when he and when I'm not pitching well. I guess it but the town the day of the action I pits and Tampa. Showed up for games in the people that didn't want free tickets or didn't care about the freaking game that has been employed they just wanted to get free air conditioning. Oscar and 8000 shown up every single that it was an answer for him. And it was done by as I say that apple it was inch honestly. I was asking the question the fans what a bit and you can't figure out. I'm still amazed now don't hold their tight. I don't know all of their good friends or not but I do know their teammates. I do know their their their one of the five that two of the five men in this rotation it still amazes me. That David pricing Chris known as same locker room on the same team. Because every single time Chris Sale opens his mouth you sit there and it's like a breath of fresh air you like huh. Thank god this kid gets a nice easy to get a win is dominant she is winning I get it it's it's like is nice like he's not struggle unlike pro no he's not I understand that but. Everything he says I mean I last had him and post game everything he says yes. Would be part of I we'll. You do. You know those those. Much like headline. Thought that. Bringing in room. Six ebitda does yoga but hold on he he pitched great strikes out the side and one of the innings and you could see the standing ovation but the differences. Much lower price would sit there and recognized the fans. If they can suck like that because if he goes out strikes up the sides that the fans are gonna give them that that that type of respect but but. This guy figures and a yeah. Incidentally assessed run like this tonight. And he zeit a six game run that you've had music if I had to knock and talk about it because games humbling and just lucky to go out there are native Donna great job put runs up for me and in all bogeyed I I most of a double play it was a beautiful term but Bogart's that was the whole play it's secular it's just. We interviewed him to a three time is great and it's just say you want more to why I gotta talk every single day and for his locker right next to David Buick. The median price let's just do whatever. I police be easy for you since you've shown that you deal a mobile gonna talk to him in the next couple weeks but he's been terrific with the center if you saw yellow I know you saarc as we talked about it before the camera guys. Our buddy moose over in an SE sports Boston he does a little sat down with personnel and get on the move seeing Glen go around they do these things and kind of funny and wacky whenever self deprecating humor. And what does Chris Sale talk what they're talking about you know wearing clothes or whatever wearing an out for whatever he jokes about the incident. In Chicago all right. Christmas before. I spenders and we'll fare I mean yeah. That that game they came pretty quick we really well both of you actually and wears them you know it's short period. Months want to look I don't know like it and you you've got to get Iraq NAFTA goes is it. Clearly these shirts and leave them would you say like cash. I don't need help but know this isn't anti deficit okay that's what that's it's good to go out the back. So you mergers filtered through that service. It is funny so so most obviously nobody was like what are you gonna ask him any Nooyi is gonna focuses its atom but some guys would give you did that's Inca. I think that he's laughing about it he's that self deprecating you've done. At the other day at the moment that brought called me an innocent Chris I was knocking it in outsell the Apollo. All right David Zuckerberg on the house OK but once in awhile like laughter admit left the yourself have a smile have fond night that's. Hot on the likable as a personality like it more profit and that I should be frightened senator. Front and center is he is right now locked there Helen. And of course wanted to see pat cash didn't even have to do. He didn't even have to do you didn't even have to be the funny guy to come up with a quick kick comedic lines. All you had to say is that he he loved this time it adds up quite an amazing. Kyra Irving has said nothing negative about this town and on the other hand he has said very positive thing but the fan base but the organization. But the history. And a bit of a Bill Simmons podcast here recently and raved about every player on the team and what it's like playing Boston whatever. And there are people on this count the seconds say country carrier away because he doesn't wanna be here because of some stupid little one liner. They read from somebody. That only he wants to be the next maybe you want to play with with Jimmy Butler because they said something good a couple of years ago and maybe they wanted to play together. And and he goes out of his way. To talk about how much he loves Boston the only thing he hasn't done is he is not locked in beyond. The this isn't. Which by the way he shouldn't but for those people that are that are that a portion for him to get out of town I. Tell level but one player signed his long term contracts now they signed them with one year outs. So when he does finally signed his deal with the Celtics next few which I'd believe Kyra Irving will bill. They'll be out probably after the first year were certainly after the second year because that's what every star in the NBA does so it's not like you're locking in me and for four or five years. All year to year. But getting back to the original point price does not of that. He doesn't go out of his way in this was a golden opportunity which honestly asking the question does it get to OPEC and the media. He basically threw it on the media that's the perception that's poured on me through you guys. But he had a chance clearer perception. He had an opportunity right here interviewing one of the most hated media people in this town and most of the sorry. Opportunity clarified that he not only did not have an opportunity to say it does look a lot pitching in the heated love it and it. What is set as I sit here to defend freedoms and the fans. Golden opportunity and it was doing it with a media member in which the fans would sit there and say. You know David it's not right to their curly haired boy different. Let's get a phone calls. Got an open line. Did Luke you don't have the power of Kirk Kirk goes and he says I want full lines right now when he gets alike don't you go you gotta give the number again dues on position what's. It was 779797. We and fair to David Price of what exactly is it if you like him what exactly is it do you like about him. I don't coalition that'll hold up those telephone lines he's gonna feel the wrath of angry Louvre Loney. Moved back to moral or are way more lonely at 48. Right now fox Sports Radio. Pay attention where we're on the rotor. Whatever you know threats of big series in a sea of immediate answers as to have you here around it's. Oh something I do is was here before us it's something I'm prepared for breakfast. Experience does is does from salt. Or some. To go everywhere do. Oh thanks so. I told an opportunity. She asked me. Chassis people hate channel see the fans each out of your perfect opportunity. For you to throw it out there all of the fans whenever Boston. And by the way yeah more evidence. That the the power of Kirk min and years fading in and out and Sawyer yeah more evidence. Our rob Bradford was on it for four hours today. A minute ago rob Bradford tweeted out. I am not a boot liquor I actually don't like Dustin Pedroia or Joseph Kelly news breaks but I do love all MF on WEEI holds on happy finally decide to start cutting itself where does Laker gently a rotten. If that is all live here take that crash is in a column of areas like beating all Tokyo note you're absolutely right. Pretty obvious right you hit the nail on the head job around them what to the public does for you Lou you're welcome to worry about. Close to Twitter count. Toward the victim of a lot worse for me Tuesday that look. It was a stuff we're talking about earlier that some of that extra tournaments are rob is the guy. Who runs all of our digital operation here and an account you umi system is correct yeah. Votes wrote that. This. You say that you got to act. Act Brad you could sit out. Majority got had to you want a viable lied to give you five polarized now let's go to our yeah wait long pleases god are you getting pushed let's go to judge doesn't echo what John. Gentlemen I want to. Good lesson one don't know I understand that these in the media they have a lot of money. But the moment when you forced out on the best team in baseball. Interest. The guy. Pitched it has every five days who really cares about the price. Honestly. Open you don't you don't you don't care and you can't do it. Are you disappointed are you disappointed right. Scientists supported his performances. Last year and this year and input all the player option that I wish it could be doing. And you know I mean it fortunately got Chile and and you get the rest of the guys that. I'll give out to judge you realize that you've got this guy for four more years after this. And he's been a huge disappointment is highest paid player to team and you say why do we care about him. I'm in Chile SA and let if it might not come out of my pocket. Well mine either bush. Would you like to see until the ball better which that this could be the number two on this staff that he should be. All compete with sales the number one which he should be. That you and Jack I think the Red Sox made a mistake by give them all that money. I think he passes brought. Unedited mystic at the time. I don't know. I don't know who they needed runner up there and beat our Cy Young age you often used to five you are able to dominate lefties in the game and made all the sense in the world to go to get the start he's he's under performed. That's all and at at forget about off the field stuff be once you would just talk about his pitching is not the same guy with three years in. He hasn't thought. Ball while. Yeah butter when it's a ridiculous argument is that I'm not paying his salary. So. Same people that say that are people who call up and say I'll they blow it way with Pablo they blow it Linda and they widely spending all this money. You are embracing emotionally attaching yourself to obtain. And so they're spending becomes important because they do have a budget and they do get into its so we're gonna do it on and the 31 of July. People are gonna sit there and say what in the Red Sox make more deals. And the answer is going to be because it will put them into the tax luxury tax situation and cost them a lot more money. Are you gonna come back and say to make I don't care I'm not it's not my money. Can't do that he can't play that game Maliki plays it. Dan was sitting here saying you know Red Sox the only goal of the prospects to go that they don't wanna go over to 37 you know and because there are 234 whatever their act. 233. If they are at 215. Now you can add you know you've you can add to twenty million dollar players joint pain at the salary you've still got. You can do that now. But it's mismanaged because teams win at a hundred million. Okay teams went at 91 of the city's needle case that he's opting out a case to make 31 on the next four years but hey you want persona come back at the next year you want him to be your closer do you want Judy Martinez when he opts out you wanna give him. You're 2830 million to whatever it is you wanna re signed rookie bats. So there is a huge ripple effect. I don't cute there's notes so called hard salary cap or not. This team is spending right up to the Max. And there's still sit there with wasted dollars on this roster and he's occupy. Isolated on this page they do a poor job of shopping every once in all of that is their problem though but you get bigger Rasheed coming. If you wanna talk about the money issue that you paying 31 million for David Price I agree I think everybody agrees with you he is not opting out for years. At this type of money that he's not get it anywhere else here's the issue you have after next season. Chris sales deals up. Christian right now is make a twelve point five right thirteen million about that 31 million for price. Sales making twelve and a half I believe because of thirteen and half next year. If you work sale or you're not looking for 31 million dollars plus. I'm not sure the Red Sox are gonna get. I'm not so sure they are willing to pass luckily for them they don't have to make a decision until this year's up on next year's open oceans are next year's open and you see we Iraq. Let it play out the guy's pitching always pitching right now then yeah we'll have a discussion but anything can dance and mainly got Dan. Pretty that person Altamont I mean yeah yeah. Today. And the radio and hearing is. I'd you light come to light on the light come scarce. You know not a popularity contest sure it almost reminds you might did I get hit and they'll say or we can favorite on the Red Sox or whatever and I only one I can think of only evidence favorite when I was growing body you'll. You know way acting the the adult and I'm. Jerseys with names on it now that is ridiculous I mean is that he's paid that it. And I don't I don't care what he does the opposite field he has not been idle. He cares. He can go whoa time out yeah he cares this stuff gets to. As much as he says he doesn't want to embrace the town he he clearly. Said he never said that he hated that down or eight of the fans but he's not embracing the fans he's the one that gets worked up about it in August and it affects him. And why why it's a big deal just let them. You're out of Austin that popped placed. W say like there's a mutt is a lot of things to go to personnel that his performance. You just said you don't like his performance. Obviously not like if football who cares don't usually like about it you've got a body like ordeal like molecular in junior high school. It's not known advocate like not all it's all encompassing some what do you like about. I personally I don't even know why how can I like. You know woody likable multi. The same thing. On the field I looked like what David Price doesn't. But now after that you don't like him but now I don't like it a woman who were saying. How do you guys that got a lot of. No wait we're talking what I separates this there's some people don't like them what it off the field to some people that. Don't like honestly on the I want all the people liked about so we can separate that Julia apparently can't. It. It's different especially now forming at the level liberty expects it to exactly the person that remembers you played the game that's when it's different. Here's to a different route Judy Martinez and Chris it don't you know performing its different your animal like him. Ray I I'd note that we should we should regard David Price as sort of like a sunken car I mean. It not an opt out and you. He's not good showing before inning pitched well in America in my life and Al wild card spot if we drop off a little. I I don't see how all the negativity in the Arctic media environment it's gonna help given the fact that it won't change that back then we're paying him for the next four years. That we say he's had good outing by any I understand that you get lit up a stadium is not a pitcher that we all think we was gonna be but there is. I mean it would be crazy to say that there's some possibility of him returning to form and some possibility of him being out a shot during your round. And once you lose to help them. Are helpful but I cannot 98 baht or don't raise us and I get it and David Price get where you just can't does. Not pitching reluctantly doesn't listen to Larry Ellison he does Tim because he's not pitching well. And he's never won as a starter in post season game so you do don't have confidence is Jim Beckett help him right you can't album please get album devastation kitten albums and farmers there an album is himself. But it's like we're adding on at that we as anything we pay in you and all the thing yet somehow help in LA. Not come back or all the negativity she's doing anything other than just increasing that toxic situation that. Clearly has more fragile mentality. Okay. Are you cynical about there I am not sure I understand he's not pitching well. It's personable for David Price. I don't care what he thinks about counter what the town thinks about him. He is out and he starts winning if you pitched a great game against the Yankees a week and a half ago two weeks ago. And then came back and was even decent. Against the Kansas City Royals put port city. Did anybody would be the would be beating up on that that the people know. Poor people got with that Yankee game once again he cracked his pants and a big emotional game. That's what he did and wouldn't that say on this the days leading up to it setting himself up. He was talking about it and the reason he was setting himself up is it's Ian is it. So the fact is that if he does not pitches tonight he struggles and in the third inning. The average score has to go pull his ass out and the fans start blowing it's got to get along. But that's on him he can chart all of that around and you know what some guys can't spits out there. Can't do that a guy can't pitch in the big leagues or can't pitch at a high level he can't turn that around this guy is capable of doing it and I think that is even more. As good. Signed indicate you had one of the best Reza Mason all of baseball he's one of the best left these in the game. The gate pitched well when he released it 327 coming in verse the Yankees in his career. Who's coming off runnerup to Cy Young that's a guy you want on your staff. That's a guy you give 217 million dollars to say he can be the difference maker. He's at 64 starts as a member of the Boston Red Sox as a four point 07 ERA. There's no defending that knocked. Is that OK sure if Boerse okay Moeller. As a full point or seven. Different but we did Kamal with a resume. That David Price at or the expectations of David Price. Well that's why can't knock the Red Sox for actually making a decision to going in then and nobody was critical of it at the time. And why port QB critical look at some eye or some but there's always people critical. Every OK okay but everybody that they can trains are considered internal everybody's going in the direction I'm gonna go in the other direction is so I'm swimming upstream week we're gonna always get that would any turf I think on the whole if you look at priced look at his credentials. Don't want you don't know if you don't know what he's gonna be like in his. That I will give you you don't now. But the fact is you're bringing in you needed an ace that pitching staff and that's what you Bryant. He is the guy and that is underperform and it's all bent on him 6177797937. Radio and all enough of Christian he's office. Talks talks right now with the way moaning and or. Sports Radio telling you. Bradford as a figure this out things. Digitally savvy here he hasn't figured out that that Lou got into his computer. And actually tweeted I am not a boot liquor I actually don't like Dustin Pedroia or Joseph Kelly but I do love or Winamp when WE. We blow left all of the evidence. This was just like eight A dum crime he left all of the evidence right there in the in between that. Pomona I think you really hated all those people love this show them out of my none of they can figure them. Going to be figured that the united oversaw a soulful style chicken delusional moment rob Bradford and that the I don't know what the summer of I was accused of a thoughtful. Object has gotta set to New Bedford high doesn't wanna go to them okay OSHA. It upright not my favorite never. But it was a little choked in Tampa Bay and yet they are coming are there. Well with a good Red Sox stand. I wanted him to come in here to add jobs. Pitch you know went in and simmering in US bank. But he hadn't he at a knuckle has he tried not. Yet previous all that we're talking about well some money out of my pocket and that to meet goes straight up white Easter well. Because. You can lol OK you're not performing. Time I got to go to a game in gear box where I eat and eat and watch him pitch. Is it a total joke and then what he says afterwards goes straight wet but it doesn't want to go to if you direct sock it. I literally out of my way to make sure that you knock it should let it there. Well I just think it's a you watch tonight since. Oh we'll see that's the thing right like he's making it must walk it's easy keep under the volleyed a really yeah as we're raised and like tonight for the game against Toronto July 12. Yeah I mean. Robert jacket. You know you rubber neck at what are you train wreck. Case on it so you're watching tonight's game not to see them win their tenth in a row. You're watching tonight's game hoping that he fails. A wreck or would it is the beauty of the game and I like seven percentage I want to see him go out there and throw seven shall. There will see them win back. But Eagles want to there's gives up eight I know that conflict with the business wise it's going to be a fun morning what do you stone pressure Nazis one of these one of the other imminently makes a difference the last time the Kansas City didn't suck that they went against shouldn't wanna get other one it isn't a difference in the perfect in all factual to say frosts in the as far as its guitar work. I just don't you Bridgewater don't have any. Okay great don't don't. And all that. Oh this woke watched this question in my mind it's got caught out of Tony is all of them well. Once was a creation flight out I'm not saying the vote is out there at the shell. Like now is this a mark he get 500 no. No hole freak in well that's a lot knew who I certainly don't get to carry out what part of it but I. I don't sign one yeah which at that wool huge set back that's exactly what he. Yet he gets somebody who'll give them an awful lot of money for one year so let's say somebody gets some 25 million for one year he's going to pass on walked. A 102 on return mail Tony he's got a pass on two million. How long does it. These little white. Wanted it actually we all all it's little like this so let me Cates will speak for Ike is wash it. What. Why is it yeah. Because there's somebody teams right now spending a fortune to tell you looking as to what's going on a Major League Baseball that these teams are tanking and now they're not spend money out there right now and you'll you'll does what do you have a handful of games. And it's the Yankees bring him in for one year 25. Wood is giving him five years he's got to walk on a 127. Million dollars on. Bad enough. Most at all. That's what little girl that's a good line Tony liquid basketball did you once rodeo is the agreement that aren't. All walked that I do. Yeah. The 31 million dollars Tony I just don't listen to the baseball play longer essay at the homeless and an area has been better than in the last three years. It was agrees don't whiteness. Not a ball. And it takes all right well these are more. That's exactly what we're saying if it does on 127. Million dollars on the table he's not giving it up he's not leaving it on the table because he's not a moron you are. Agassi says new engine. That policy Null. No. Dole still and it's a disagree again and called he's got to perform I need and he somebody's these notes are to war with him about I mean in Melamine. Let's face today we live in the right now a month from now that ERA beat 36 again I don't know but you know. That 272 yet for nine starts he's OK let's see community consisting of the rest of the year shows these healthy yet is a good chance. In those last two starts is completely change your mind I don't. There's it was so bad now it and the FDR is up to 444. I sort of nasty trending right now I. He's not been trending in the right direction and an even worse that you as a team right now. And as a manager how scores got to look at this thing and say. We get a big game against the Yankees. A must win game we get a playoff game against the Yankees are against one of these really good teams which is what you face in post season. Can depend on them. You have to think I'm going with. Over here right now. Boy if it was today yes. If it was today yes in September we can have this discussion about a goal of the bullpen because he's knuckled open now he's in your rotation you try to fix them and you can see if he can. You know throw the ball well you go from there and it's too early for that go to Kevin in Chicopee and here's this Kevin isn't that Chicopee Massachusetts lovely this time of the year Kevin. Kevin let's. First long. Didn't play excellently walking into this ballpark and city. He wasn't one or you'll like coming here to be buying your natural. Altamont Grunow and an issue any old age from day one. Always taste in his performance now he's extremely overpaid but yet there was of people that sectors that this kid hasn't figured out in the playoffs yet neck that was. Have a Z one and only concern. I can translate those Torre pointed that he was overpaid coming in east of the loans it. I agree. Ought. You blame them for not caring if they win and you don't he's not from Boston. You know blue world he was from Boston he wanted to courts are excellent score sheet it hometown team terror. Ten and Oklahoma homes almost guys don't we don't play like cares who doesn't want who doesn't want to win. Didn't quite solid character wins and out of respect when he set an insult. Seventeen. Not Tennessee now that was that the item that's a joke I mean he's he's joking you really don't think he cares whether he wins of the team wins I get it right away. No way what Kevin is saying is because he's not from here that's ridiculous can't answer to those players are debt when they play professional sports. Don't play in the town that they grew up there talking about it's got nothing to do with the Iraq. Guaranteed money shouldn't be on the oh you guys are. All of regularly on so that's a different subject you wanna argue whether you know we should have guaranteed contracts or not we should do. What we do want football that's a different topic it. A evidence separately no guarantee. Or baseline guarantee everything else and sometimes. Quite eloquently or more I'll give you incentives I get an you don't mean it's just ridiculous we talked the other day Bolick what's fair be critical of David Price that what's unfair. To sit there and say that he doesn't care he wins of the team wins that's terrific that's ridiculous. Kevin it's ridiculous comment because he didn't grow up here and saudis. Makes zero sense can't. At all are okay what's important. Part of that is for her lack of performance. Okay that's all of equipment that's all of its all of that's all he's good news Chris Sale you would say he's open. Chris Farrell as pitching like he was an an edit comments and attitude that he does locker room presence in Syria eagle. None of the attitude we aren't you know of a page the paper's performance via Q1. It's almost performance him that's it they actually had two of the best bargains. In baseball right now for those people talk about how much money the Red Sox are spanning. They right now we have two of the best sport gains in all of professional sports. JD Martinez because there weren't a lot of takers for some strange reason in the off season. He's a bargain right now one of the best in all of sports and the other one got a pitch last night hitting twelve point five million. And they have them for another year thirteen point five million. Hitting him Lou for what three seasons. For like 36 million dollars. He is on the legal ball they are paying David Price of almost that in one season. They getting three seasons in the heat of his career in person. And the one problem you have with JD Martinez can't. Is he popped out he has stopped here there's no question he's got a lot. God is there for two reasons insurance for the player Casey gets hurt or socks that's the case dear price. Or to opt out make more money because you've been exceptional the first couple years and you knew team the next Judy Martinez. So for all the wasted money the ruse Nicosia the Pablo all the handmade by yadda yadda yadda ya they still have the two best bargains certainly in baseball. In May be an all professional sports I six point 77797937. More all that coming up next.