OMF - David Price should try his hand at stand-up comedy; Does the Kawhi Leonard saga scare Celtics away from making deal with San Antonio? - 6-20-2018

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Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 2. The boys think David Price should try his hand at stand-up comedy because he is really funny when being sarcastic to the media. Also, does the Kawhi Leonard situation with San Antonio scare the Celtics off from making a deal with the Spurs?

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Fort Wayne alimony and 48 and there are some people out there Terry tank weight what to throw this guy under the bus to say he quit on this team. I don't expect that that could have bought that I say bring it all but we've also I. It just came up top I have my entire life for decades watch in this league nobody ever had to go conversation until LeBron won his second title in Miami we don't do this baseball. We don't do wouldn't hockey even with Tom Brady who. Many of you say this kind of a system guy she is yeah. With clay and Lou and Christie up like report tonight that night football I think this is fought only looks good this is him having a sense of humor try to make light of it. I don't think he knows is on her I think she loves so maybe that's why I just talk about his pitching that's what you do well you're not a funny guy you're not a clown me out here and usually it's just add that I talk about the stock market three hours tomorrow now. About the judges don't economic power edge now on Sports Radio WEEI. Five back here on no whole M apple alone will play facsimile of the range of goods movement. First we'll play back some of that coming up in the next hour. You'll get there we'll get your phone calls it 617. 7797937. The path of price and about Brady we buying it anymore meanwhile prices of Lou I gotta tell you get this. I I kind of here's what he is I don't think it's Bostonians I'm not. I'm and it's exactly now you can't be a good series you're I don't know it's nice and organized site as you valuable not a critique yourself because your two infected that's the problem we have in fact it is that you can't you can't see he possibly chorus through the trees that. Another threat or good cleaned out it isn't and that's okay. You all know as it was even I finally finally hit me. Sitting there listening and had little or locally Obama being this topic David Price and that I don't get a lot of you have a lot of issues before that so you were already on edge I get that predator that don't hold Little League you know be a while I don't doubt it that's for each of GAAP but it really is just doesn't don't have to think it's only similarities but it's not just you. But other girl local Bostonians who sit and have the same traits that you talk about it we talk about all the all time I didn't saw embrace him now. The when he think. He wants some I don't have to embrace them on the way and go a little while now he's winning that's also allow you to all that you actually can't he can't get a pass. He can't merged over to the good side the Bostonians. Until we actually win the playoff game right. That's basically it big yeah we're looking get out of the regular season really doesn't I had I don't know. We crap I don't know it over again so that I didn't get one and I agree with you yeah that's really any athlete and being marketed to accomplished so I agree with you don't always 170 really an attack her you're eating plug your own bugs are doing exactly what I've seen when we constantly usually you'd sector only protect you ladies that you showed you're an vineyards in you don't play. It was I don't. I don't southern cal and I don't remember taken a very inclusive we don't want all yeah that you should written in particular money you should root the red such a pain in the guy and get it I get why they send in my get. Why he took the money is no question about it. With that. You have to accomplish something. You've got to do something. Before you troll fan base. When but elders like Eric wrapped up and Elaine you can't yen hit a good about this all right does that mean and rod he's in that. No win situation now with him and that's and that's what is. And he did I as well as Lazard he will he is in shock but he he is listen I'm not David Price stopped screaming at me and I don't run the cal Ripken Lee okay. So stop picking up your outlook that he didn't build a pass back go to cal rather well. That bill filling the robotic but that's it so he's it's no win situation and I as a lot of these John crazy also added that that's doesn't matter at this point. That's it. He's an know what situation because if he says what you wanted to say. You're gonna say wise anymore forthright or watch the show more personality. It be if he gives you the passive aggressive date because he's obviously. Altering sums up a lot of issues what the what what people upset about because every time he gets an opportunity to say. He brings up Christie is brings it up her. Here's the issue I have with the fort thank stuff I think most of us. I have said is is is yes. Sit near sick claiming that he got the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Because he was playing for night we already know because our own guy Ryan did the research he's back plane for nine he's playing in the wee hours of the morning. I don't mind is I don't think that was part of it. I think the whole model carpal tunnel. With what the Red Sox told him so the key could feel at ease that he's okay you're healthy your all's not fallen apart shoulders okay. They did it to make him feel the Eaton go back and pitch again. Now the one that is coming back and sticking it to Peter what is wants six in a cronies were eased on Nazis at oh. Oh maybe it played four night that night not planning on your honor here's your dirt track title way you're traumatized. He's joking about it nobody is also sticking it to people. Not boy beat. Actually press a big artist friends. Don't you agree that it's tough to take his sense of humor. Yeah hasn't been reds and doesn't let tabloid might I would say overall his experience so far it's been a negative point yes so hot that awesome amounts of the laugh with them. And we'll look at what what a great but ideally I was wasn't that easy jokes I agree with you almost everything what's about to me is that yes a lot of the same qualities that you have. That most that a lot of people locally have what it comes to their teams their point of view in the way to everything to stubborn as. Guilty hasn't done yet in missing now I'm not missing it attacked again you're infected academy toss back. Today I can't disagree. Mean I'd appreciate it used. Purified your finger is that cliches are cliches to deter the difference is if he if he knew that now. Understood how more or get away with it yeah they've got paired today as tall as the I don't he would realize. You winning right now nobody's gonna see a negative word about you don't say anything don't sit there and try to hoped it would before I don't do anything. Nobody is going to see a bad word media and they're not going to end if you want to win continue to win. And then you win in the post season call up John Lackey has Lackey what it's like when you finally went. All those people that were busting your balls that were all over you call you Fuchs as some days. He's obviously not they don't know what you know dobbs reduced because it you know so but you know views on he's on next these great seven game run an outstanding. So we sort like climbing this hill. You don't every time he kind of gets up close he kind of he falls back again because he opens it yeah he needs to just be quiet that's all. Stop trolling media fan base whatever you wanna call it. Throw the ball longer regular season. Get the football season winning game went around Mo Vaughn let's talk positive about you it has been nothing but positive vote is is the way throws an amount. Keep it that way. He's been upstanding Christian he's helping goes up he's out there again but just to cook it that way for awhile and we wanted to one in the postseason because that means this team wins they need him. But he's a great position he doesn't need to do this and tell you why. Got an opt out. So if he doesn't like it. He can pass on the thirty million and guess I gotta believe Lou. Team's gonna pay him at least one million maybe 22 million a year and I'd get thirty from another team he's gonna get close to that. He has control of the situation he is controlled to what he could sit there and dictate the stuff over all of the people it appears in what instead. He's letting everybody. Kiss it off. And he's doing things like this just them making these. Annan in LA it makes perfect sense to me he's a comedian if you look at maybe you need to get away with that it was only adds that there are lots of he would he would be a terrible comedian not a good to be assembled these two years of marriage is about he's not so easily taken out all its personal these issues on the audience. Look like you know it would be the would be angry comic actor a lot of comedians on passive aggressive comic and a team that I mean they're really camera Syria. Senator Joseph goes I mean joke and a joke Kelly's the can be. Accomplished all of what is that about fighting as the last night and I don't like it brought brought I don't know brothel to Meehan thank thank the media. It's up to date I mean. Painless on us at announcement got a good lord can you give Joseph Kelly cleaning. But to bring it made it's gone down nobody I have no idea what the other -- got in wasn't left the left eight adapting to. We've been to itemize all your long you call by no lefty specialist that's what you believe that that have been earlier. It's Ebert and attitude to gain. On the road you just call them up that day. Trust me I notice like lesions called up my dad did it many many times. And it is different for position player pick up that book in game OK it's no big deal but when a reliever. It's almost like you I think he should be down for that day hitters unless you meet him in the thirteenth inning it's innocent it's your bearings get back into a routine that's billion back in the big leagues. It's day one lets you really need you were down and on a good day off today before you know come in his pocket. I don't 91 you would righty lefty left think you look at the lefties form. I don't know what the band situation was for Cleveland for Minnesota mid Atlantic off the bench I try to joke and Ayers. But the 22 game at the guy just called up from Tripoli after a while rested bullpen. You don't start that it. Can I say this I hated that it was sort of Ferrell yeah I hate to looking at the left you and saying I'm going lefty a lefty crowd this scorer after the game. Now knows the perfect situation for me and my answer either in jail then Eddie. Now on this losing 42 good lefties out and we tell them they're ninth hitter and he wasn't gonna. Do damage against him. I mean whenever he got they got any but at that point man on my mind and it's. Didn't score as Americans Ernesto and that's fun. I like their don't intelligence in Manila on the situation and he made it a he's like he's Soledad tonight record should've made it worse though our stop and he made a high enough power hold on one thing and we'll we'll get we'll get to Jack repose of the year we're gonna raise the current studio is got a won't score at that time there was this drug is what drives me crazy like with the situation it's like I know it's what we do we second guess everything. Under this under the circumstances it's not like who's who's the one guy volley point yet it is today there was an issue with that okay not putting and why did you put in an idea Adams freight train. This current situation course as you know listen I'd wanna put him in that spot I get them OK understood understood it's an area but it's some tomatoes similar my book because we have another guy who's a veteran older guy. Okay heat it's called back you put it in the perfect situation the most advantageous situation night hitter Matt nice nice nice ninth hitter in the lineup. You would this would think that that's the situation he would feel comfortable and even what the jitters being part of it a hit out urgent situation where. It gives you the best opportunity for success is think right OK I and is still then why why predict it's it's not but I got us all the right decision. I don't think he did because you've eaten that is his situation to me when you first called acute up has been there all year and always been up there last year. But it's like you've got to give it might just one little confidence in and whether you're up whether you're up by six to survive your down by five or six neutral ball there. You get him back and get back on that mound get his feet went a little bit. You don't sit there because the eighth inning in that situation calls real lefty setup guy or you left the situation back. He can't be at. Q and he just called them up that day he can't be your high leverage lefty situation. Just called up that day from AAA hopefully eventually that might be his role. But I don't the you do with the date comes up his first appearance is a tool it's a game on the road. I just I don't I don't that is due that's great art and there. That is part of his job description he doesn't have the luxury well eventually he doesn't have the luxury of saying I'm a young kid hey Lee leave you alone know he's he's got that guy. And I look at that the quote is like this. He's here or do I mean it yet to order options there are going to be ahead Joseph Kelly was gonna go and they're behind Scott was gonna go and put in a situation that's what it's it's like better don't get that. That luxury they don't have the convenience of using a on the I'm rusty. No no this is what's your here for okay now deliver so I think the decision was correct. Date but at some point time the player needs the kind of own some of it that you need to take responsibility for so yeah. Don't think he's a veteran. You know this isn't lefty specialist generally long in one year the big. Go one years anyone good at the start the year the rookie point beat him out. Madonna AAA here we are in June he stole the ball well and Pataki. I just need to give a Micah I just get your feet wet type of appearance build their confidence and eventually hopefully he can turn into a lefty specialist for you. But I don't he's a lefty special is that you call him up near the guys out there that are effective against let these as well. I just pattern and yes there's a day off of what like you were you were down on arms. As holy war and like I said he knew at that point one didn't have to hit before drilled. Hill what's in my hour I'd just as I don't understand this move. Mine and I'm not I'm not gonna get worked up about a lefty on lefty. You know situation in the eighth or move on what did you ever let us specialist all yearlong run on anybody else that I had had quite got to go find one that I'd Minnesota Jack had. All you want to think we just had this long conversation yesterday about eighth inning guy who is that guy looking at the stats looking at the numbers. Answered eight they came back to bite stickers guy couldn't hold down the Joseph Kelly will you please usually saves today at the end of giving a one of the biggest hits in the game but Joseph Kelly doesn't get a clean inning. Yeah I think so he's not being used injury inning guy. He's being used when you get into trouble in the eighth and Boise multi did you bowl double what are the what are the what are the percentages that that's going to work for eventually it's going to break it broke last night I won't get it to Jackie Bradley junior because he's planning on eating for now. So it's very yeah he's in the problem. He wouldn't be something very honored. I saw play out. I hope he's he's black he's probably hitting wise defensively I'm not gonna rag on him because. You don't you just played that knowledge out where he'll present that how often does that happen Jackie Bradley June and that's very rare. And it did it might hurt him in the game last night even though he made a great throw later on it was just an unbelievable tossed from where he was. In indeed center field but. The hitting part of the Jackie Bradley. They're good aren't they don't have it it's not a a citizen Twitter was a white you're defending jerky you've been tired is not a defense of Jackie is there's no other option right. There's no other option. And you could sit there and civil Barrett's and he goes to for those of senator. JD goes to left to lose you DH or feeling we're here it would be a different suggestions yes it would be but he's not gonna love you want the player currently there's nobody wants them. But I'm just saying so. Jackie sits then attendees considered TDs in left who's your DH so why are. Nunez that's what allowed teams to run all different guy every day yet but I'm sick when they were those three individuals even though Brock colts and 300. The the offensive difference that any of those three guys gonna give you even as bad as Jackie is will not make awful what you lose defensively what bent Indian JD Martinez in the Altria argument. If you get a 300 hitter we if you had Hayley swinging the bat well. Then you could justify it because Dailey is that much better offensively than Jackie but Brock called I don't think is even though it's a better hitter. I don't think Nunez is even though he's a better hitter and I don't think swipe card is a better Gatorade I don't know what he has is he's on up there at all soul. You don't make up offensively by sitting Jackie what you gonna lose. Simple I just wish he could hit a little that he can't hit a little bit right now. I mean again he came out two men on. Strike out I mean in the pictures at strikeouts look he just. All still a disease of fans catcher to just give thinking catcher a little bit of cool leap back there isn't yet won't use it it really is for a Major League hitter. It really is amazing to me. That heat is not better than this. And it is really cognizant that is so Soviet yesterday I mean who tweet us off between the cells that relic or was it wasn't it was Evan drug you know and he treats up this thing it's this. You know ending this war this force that does yeah. The stupid Faber metric baseball community's best effort in war zones like you're impressed with their hands I hate it this. Once that before that I hate that absolutely no idea. What the hell that means but all it knows who saw the headline and says hey you know listen Jackie Bradley is as real isn't really the problem guys. The New York catches your problem you second baseman your problem your third baseman is one of your problems your shortstop is when you are probably listening in no particular order. Bradley Bradley is like them to throw this out. And I don't I don't initial public when it's of interest out there and autos that. Jackie Bradley tutors that apostle when I see something like that every tweet. The problem is. Is the fact that he's Annika a negative war guy that works with how good he is defensively. That's tough to do that is tough and base paths domain came when Italy doesn't chases. So war is is if you very good defender. Whose fast. If you have a pretty good war I mean it really Italian defensive metrics and base running on top of stuff that's what it did hurt he's never had a great war because she doesn't Ron. Is a play defense. What I can do is those are you guys would that was wrong so that would be when Hillary at all. Or fifteen game lead us and it's then consider or would like to you know what is probably a couple of monster because it runs the bases he plays defense he hits the superpowers the month. Auto detect it is a negative Blair. That was a bad he is offensively. I which I understand it's still is some sort of drug goes debt religion isn't the Red Sox problem folks. So let's folks mostly it's only he's a problem autos exhibition is I hate war because they bring into many different stats. Any can be mostly because of you be really strong one area completely overshadows the other areas and you don't know Loretta and borrowing base. We have a lot they were Metrix not a number it's not you know. The whole wars that. You don't notice it's you know what is its talent mechanic and user's account greeting at a curve to get all all my grades. And an average them out in a ticket now one of the worst ones gray Kirk a baseball players that's not lazy what it is war is something that we're Maloney is waging right now with atomic expert it or not that is war. BI that's that's that's. I'm passed that note wins above replacement player. So you just take any average player put him out there and in unique to B plus. If you're not the need is the replacement player he's an average guy to put anyone out there so according to this. They're below. Replacement player at catcher Joseph they're below at second base makes sense that below at third baseman effective the worst in the American League which I don't hundred they are bowl at center field. So I agree why is that a positive thing how can anybody turn that around and that's a positive thing is not the worse your know your. And if I could. An extra bonus since Saturday that are gonna hold on other group and hold on yet a third baseman and it always known that his his his his business and was shaded he was in last place Christians all I care about her basements 21 years old. We like who gets them upside beacon they can hit for some power who is having some trouble now still learning the position at third base. That's understandable percent of fielder is supposed to be a fairly experienced veteran now. Rodney at the problem alternate is not from both supposed to be that the problem goalies is not the problem. He loved the little OW WW bush and he should still be played better when you Robert last night overall like you know analysis is that not point the finger net debt. Read when you can't stand it when you look at that static that it it's technically it's not I get the problem. All right but is strictly correct because of the defense he brings you. So media IAE got to be defense he brings outstanding defense we know that that's why devers was thirteen errors as we areas although I think he's not better than now. So I mean that's why you know captured office adapting now that's why they would there isn't a defense isn't like it's gold glove either. So it's it's the ease only where he isn't mill pact because of his defense. If Jackie Bradley Jude's and we've insane on Iraq sadism Andy that's for 75 for the next month that's going to go into the exit. Category okay that's gonna change award ever scored change I'm not sure is capable of don't even though we is that senate feel they should be second. Yet these stately and that's and that's what they should with him batting about 245 to fifty yeah they should be should be second target you know the number one in Houston the Houston. Dialects are obviously Trout for nine. Meeting and he he should be in that 32253. Range given what he does defensively. And he's and he's organized negative point one which whenever OK the big hit the green and make it happen between. Popovic and Kauai Latin what does that all mean that. For your Boston Celtics will talk about that coming up next we'll open up the phone lines as such once 77 on seven about a threesome. Or when we're ammonium 48. Christians aren't Sports Radio. That's an interesting things out of San Antonio people start to write about it now. San Antonio express news Jabari young. It was a very optimistic that he. Greg Popovich sitting down with the acquired Leonard and they would over a lot of company to get the feeling now. And what you're asking yeah does that the spurs are unlikely. To move letter to the lakers because they still pretty much of time on their site they can do different things first ball they hold over him. The super Max extension. So they can pay him more money than anybody else that given five years and 219 million and they don't trade him in this offseason they can do it at the trading deadline next year they could sign it. Next year with super Max and then deal him away so they have some control of the situation. But I think it's kind of funny the stuff on the hearing. That people keep on talking about why Leonard is the top five player here in Boston the reaction you're getting in Boston people you want top five player and I would agree. Two years ago he was a top five player he's an MVP candidate. Hell happened last year and why we totally dismissing what happened last year we're talking about some bogus bed. Organization in the San Antonio Spurs that Ferris said San Antonio Spurs or as well one. As any organization and all the professionals Banja yeah okay and it got a track record okay of doing it demonstrate that an honest with their players. This is a plucky organization. And you tell me God's. When players. His own teammates. Start turning on him. That's when the red flag goes up for me well so in early march and he was practicing with the team on three on threes four unforced. And the players. Parker Ginobili on the key players veterans are sick they're saying he looks great he looks terrific he's ready. And then suddenly. He says no not ready element in a comeback now and sit down have a meeting in March. And apparently they had Al. And people that were outside the locker room said it was vocal it was a lot. Why do we back here in Boston win just because we love. The guy two years ago there was a top five player any envy people would dismissing everything that happened character wise. Injury wise everything else over the last year. With twilight what is that bin dismissed. Wiped out on the on the race and. I'm not right now I think there is there is some red flags there but I'll say this and it's it's not surprising that the big guys that are called him out. Mark Parker and noble publicly though I know but it but it could tell I said that's an unusual that that is usually what you call it. But much like OK so I compare I was a bit like an MBA France says it seems to be run similar to the patriots run it. Do they keep their leadership the way to a you know god welfare and there's a there's lots of letters we've got it and bill and just you know no nonsense whenever. So it's not surprising that two with the old guard guys two of the guys that have been with Popovich for the long after time. He's probably in bold it in the leadership you know let's send my message. Parker Ginobili dirt coming out they're doing what what Popovich would do you are yet you miss the British and you it's gonna come from the leadership. Letter like screw it I'm not I'm not your age I'm younger it's different situation. This team is not the same as it used to be. It back to me that surprised to be liked. You know Dante and high power and depth look forty. Or are. You know Matthew Slater calling somebody out on the patriots. Like two guys that you know they they preach and they drink the Kool Aid and all they do is send a message that they're they're doing Belichick bidding. So I think park original leaders doing I think Popovich if you. You see some of the stories that are out there he's a little bit different in that we've already said that Belichick's. Relationship. With Brady is as coach and quarterback they don't quote spend a lot of good quality time together. Popovich seems to have a much more chummy your friendship. Type of relationship of post players. And so which seems to be a little bit different how Popovich I know a lot of people's look at it and say oh he yells and Belichick goes that it must be the same. Those are saying look there's no other bettors but it's obviously it's earned yes and no and he certainly I think you treat the young players differently right. Especially guy with this much talent he has. And is realized wow I can pretty much dictate an illicit a Christian he shot and have a mild if you're. Davis Erica you were certainly things since I think San Antonio was gonna hold onto home for a while Lou because I think they know they have control. They know he wants to go to the lakers. And I I just think they're too good an organization too Smart they're not gonna give Wafer cup of coffee. The able label they will hold on to him till the end job to go public you know and Ali if you win for cup cuff. Read it vacant. Taken try. To keep them from LA. Or you're a control they have over that. Or her fi society audition I'm leaving and you know they do they can they could. Send them off to Boston or Philadelphia I think it's more likely more Panama default at Philadelphia year. Yeah if you really want to go to LA they have no control over that sells core they've lost control. Right admitted I don't know they have official verdict a year if they feel like he wants out of San Antonio they've lost control. They'll play for a year and a goal of how he wants to you can dictate where it goes for a year after that that's for. It that it puts you at a time on your side to be able to manipulate. And get what you need in return. You could hold overs had for example of the lakers move make a move in the offseason here. And that they have to do they're gonna deal with LeBron and Paul George and the door kind of closes in Los Angeles unless. The San Antonio Spurs are willing to play along with a it and they get a third team involved so they have some control we're now about how they can do so now that they can sign up. Trade with a sign and trade deal and get a third team involved. They have some control but it's to me some that they're now Brett would know what you're reading right now is. They're trying to re lament I think they think this problem they think may be that he's just on a lark right now to show how nice a and he's just thinking of right now this is what I want. An unemployed is certainly not what he wants it might be able to control from going LA at the video control Maloney used. Chris Paul right now and Il last night and his report forget working from the we were about the talk about. We do this crystal ball thing of all we're LeBron James is gonna end up. And right gains in going into segment that there was that break technical report that Chris Paul came out publicly since he's going to do everything he can't right. Do you LeBron James to Houston that. And the minute I heard that rested who you can go to Houston. You gotta be there if that's just the way the league works right and B Chris Paul's a guy Tucker involve money right you'd. Who did the whole lady he opted in suing to trade it's it could make it work so. We thought maybe scuds go for his use much money he can but Chris Paul's bullet do anything weekend. That's like his goal right now is to get LeBron in Houston. Pretty good chance that he's go to Houston to see when when I saw that this is a big big control it so let's say they've missed out LeBron he goes to LA. Knickers all that I ever do everything in my target alkaline letter to Houston but now you're saying it's Sony's backyard. So sick idea as to act went from when I heard that Popovich was going to LA to have a another meeting. With coli Leonard a sit down me to have that'll come to Jesus moment this is why this is a good place for you this is how like it'd just it's almost like. You've lost complete control. You now you're you're now going into his territory baking and plea for him to come back or not come back because he doesn't really have a choice right now but. Let's see the slick is good for everybody. We get how can we all went in the situation. To me it just reminds me of different situation though look at LeBron James was a down the freeagent. Pat Riley tried to convince LeBron James to stay in Miami but grass is not always greener on the other side like Cleveland and all the different teams that work. That report to be an image from LeBron James he went back to get a good reason. So even if you're is for pat rod but at that point time Gaza these guys these these high profile powerful guys successful guys like Popovich in Riley. When they sit there and you tell them listen you gotta go talk to him. Kidding me. Imagine Bill Belichick doing that as you listened to guy doesn't want to play you gotta go convince and got a big lead you caught that guy. You ought to be give him all that power and I guess that's just legally his because the players have all power all the quietly. Under contract questions they don't do it and they go well again we got the rubble you know we have debated leads you to kind of just back. Abbott being a good mood she beat the the quite editing is is fascinating and may be Popovich knows him better then people are giving him credit for. But they're doing everything they can't try to reel him back in an iPod if you go back and read some of the stuff especially. Out of the San Antonio express news and and the way this thing has all played out. They had a meeting in March and it was really vocal and most of the players thought. The core I was ready to come back and simply wasn't going to come back room and they had no real understanding why because he children practice. It'd be terrific on three on threes four unforced there's not he's the same quiet he's fun. And then Popovich kind of made some comments when he was asked about like on a daily basis when's he coming back when he come back. And they thought it was gonna come back late march and then the next thing you know the players and Popovich or throwing it back to the entourage. They're saying you'll have to ask Hughes beat. It's and its good that America. I think it's a bad again and just elated he's out to get the voice of his of his butt people right. All right so then apparently play incident used out ripping the entourage and his friends whom he's listening to. The trigger situations and he wants out. I don't think they're ripping them I think what they're what they're doing is. They undermine think that the lakers have placed ago that you got to deal Laker okay that's what you wanna do so if your Danny Ainge then let's just hold it let's look at Boston point of view. Because I start this by saying I don't understand why these people. Are just willing to wipe out the last year and all of the stuff that a great organization San Antonio. Had gone through with Cole why this all play by the way that I'm marks the sixth to the media said he wants to be in San Antonio spur for life. He's doing something that that the economy apparently. Is not doing to satisfy some of the people here locally he did it on March the sixth and yet right now it sounds to me like Paulie wants to do is be a Laker for life. Not a spur for lighten but if you arrange you do all of the the leg work. But how do you trade away and making a deal. And bring it guy in without the guarantee could you're not going to get you can't boo you can't trust him even if he says he. Stay with the Celtics kettle like green like all that the the history when how can you believe in defeat no issue that. How can you bring admit and deal a substantial package away. To take awhile and it will with the understanding he wants to be a Laker a year from now. I don't these drugs anybody like her carrier is basically doing the same thing. Carrier Irving has until he is global carrier Irving is basically saying like I mean it's different you're right they're not it's extremely it's the same. By the way he's. Expressing his desire or a new contract. And what his plans are and how the plans on going about it. It's pretty matter fact healthy people like it. It depends how you interpret the stuff we get back to to put a price we'll get back to the Brady again. In the undefeated yesterday Calgary Irving said he wants to win championships with the Celtics ESPN's first take is going with it OK I won't say. He wants the state Karrie wants to stay in Boston. I agree to that. I didn't sense that that way I think he's playing right in the middle of the carries doing what is supposed to. I keep the Newark and open a little you saying nice things about bolster your you'll like it. Would you keep in the negotiation. Wife will get into more of it coming up next right here on old enough to. In the mid day with the O and amp. Board weighed more lonely and Fauria watch Sports Radio telling you. It bought that for example ends up in the finals next year Max element. Egg carton youth ball that out. And he's the league MVP candidate or at least an all star yet again because he's dropped it 11 spot to be all right eighties helped me. Partly there's going to be the elite freeagent ought to often exceeds the left Kevin Durant Scott shall update. That's the facts so I'm looking at the right perspective that I have no problem taking one yet at top of him considering that that's the ports. Stephen. Every Irving and Kyra you're being being in the guy next year it's a year to year basis or for these guys you talking about crisp also crisp ball. Was on the clippers a year ago and and worked his way out of there with the deal. That was only one years so he gets hurt he screwed right. But it didn't make a difference because you get to Houston team he wanted to go to jail and now apparently he's Wellington screw around with the numbers and whatever. To get his buddy LeBron James there. All along and watch it carrier ring sit there what's gonna happen next year with the Celtics. Now why why should sit there and say OK we're here in world where it all and will all battery or don't we don't. I'm like where guys I don't know both formidable peninsula global this alone alone won't this this is. I I really do believe that there's a lot of heat still long pressure's still on the range. 'cause it's like he's got this one last piece and two to move well as well let's move to make. He's so close right now building something. That can compete and win championships for the next five or six years correct yes I mean he's close now Maryland is no longer two to three years ago and let's see how it shakes out it's ready is not there he's not there you know so. The -- me via that same moves every Air France is all the rumors that are out there for quite Leonard and then a year acquiring want to go to LA needs it nearly two years Chenault Golan. How to negate here. Or if he brings in coli and I read something happens and it both leave. How again here or is he Saban whom Furyk and Davis and a year or two. They he's got one more move to make. I feel like. Any can't screw it up but is great is it's bent of the this point I mean it's it's spend yet tip of the cap. No one's done a better job of building what dean has built so far here in Boston. Risks it's still at this next move was the most important one. End up like just for a four of these Democrat all because you would look for that long term success for that consistently. Always kind of being you know one of the one of the teams are going to be in that Eastern Conference finals. You don't see what happens then in the NBA finals but yeah because securing that guy. It's got to be the final piece because the way it without without carrier ring. Good team not a great team. Not beat you still not beat the warriors. And who knows what's gonna happen with the some of the other pieces on that roster as they get older and how you somehow contain them and keep them on on the team but yeah I agree with you. Yeah I'm not and I'm not buying that you can you can beat the warriors. With carrier ring and and Gordon Hayward to act at the end the better chance. And I think a lot of people would like to see. I don't think there's any guarantee that you're gonna beat that team that team is. It is is going to go down in history as one of if not the greatest team and in NBA history anchors I eat. How do you do you knocked him off in his entire Israeli planes perfectly and he sees these plated just right I agree he wanted to playing it this way. You can look that he he won his freedom he wanted to count you know branch on his own you know and in an NB a leader and who knows what of arts and philosophy in movies he's doing everything a Christian why would you unload Kyra we right now. Because you are not. Totally sure that he's going to beat here a year from now. And you're ready to bring in Kauai Leonard. Even though you're not sure he's going to be here after I did and I think they're different situation obviously. It's ours you know the contract situation with Leonard and and at a crucial they have one year left and I know but he's in your building. Terry Kirby I would do a better about this I don't feel better about how you shouldn't feel better yeah yes and it's. At that point you will be able to pay him a lot of money that would Ashley usually you get everything he wants right here but here's what you can to. Which some people are talking about you can't unload all of the that some of the young technology you have the future. And say I would take and I'm gonna deal the young talent for Cole why. Because I'm not sure the economy is gonna be here so what happens if both primary and quite decide they're gone the end of next year. And you don't have that young talent that young building team that you thought it would always. That's that's why I say nice still has. The Sacramento picked Houston got Memphis right aghast but it's. Who knows what it Edison and gives us this is this up now right I mean up to be close to close now out of BC news two years snuggle what happened. No Leonard no carrier ring won't know Jim Brown around isn't it an early you know and now brown for your pain housed on just just meant to help out but I miss I don't I don't think he gets to of that. Because I really do fight are to believe that you know with the team you have here are the carrier ring you know is going to just walk away from. I mean it's got to in this and he is a different individual. So he might walk away from more money than anybody can pay him. And it's in this case the way it's an impeachable the course of a the next contract he signed through two B five years. To I guess there's an outside chance. But who does that. I grossly the cleavage is they're done Bulger allegedly left Indiana is they're done in Durant who left Oklahoma City. Because you want to join a super team David as the baby that's admitted as it's in between the Carey feels that he can but he's but he would have won I feel like. Here. The potentially. So I just I don't see it happening that I wanted I do like about the cat everybody's got one more play to make you. I'd I do get the feeling with with carrier ring that you have a chance of keeping him in any concern us up feature and some of the stuff he's saying it really is not like I wanna go elsewhere. He he doesn't know what this team is necessarily going to look like a lot of people envision what it could DB is still don't know what it's going to day I. And I think he's thrown some of that stuff out there but the one thing you do have. Over him if you could pay him more than anybody else so if I'm Danny now. You talked about the pressure being on Dan. Every move Danny makes right now he's got to have a plan B in the plains say so and other larger plane BU playing chess here. You've got to be able to figure out if I can't keep carried. Can I at least get something back form at the end of next year with a sign and trade be able to give him. The Max that he wants I've got to be able to have the flexibility because maybe. You're the position. Were it that he Davis next year is available for that you now Max contract players that you can deal and he's got to be thinking along those lines. I would get into a more that's as anybody really care about the draft coming up on Thursday yet I'm hearing now you never know Chris from X is throwing it out there. The possibility the Celtics might move up to the top of the draft. To try to get one of these players in the top six or seven spots hearing through posted the news to prove her through matured by that can really didn't move inside a monster I gruden. For in Qatar an inch a day we get to your phone calls as well.