OMF - Deborah "Deb" Goldberg Treasurer of Massachusetts 8-15-17

 Deborah Goldberg Treasurer of Massachusetts joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian on the first day of the 16th annual WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon. 


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Goldberg here at the result virtually treasurer's here treasury share I hunt for a variety to all excited and I hope she gets as excited with that the players and she goes with your I don't mean I don't know what to do and houses start to show you as I was everybody's. Season ticket holder and I can bond ever and on what I'm a photo Obama's. In the photo. Of the players at four day. It. Happened in the crop out. The state treasurers and ladies and gentlemen out she is tonight. Judgment here commercially always like. Have to get you more money next if you keep on giving me my guy due to chance would you. Yeah yeah yeah it. Now. The talk around this means commercial. What I mean we're gonna let this guy and honey money money. Except I think testing and testing your accent not have any Mueller. I mean I got to find similar so. These guys give me a hard time I say you know I put orderly in the last commercial in the summertime by massively dot com commercial. And now I gotta find this Buffalo News jealous. They have an IRL. Com a big moments I wanted to you know acting isn't taking care yes I'll have to edit it. But it's always great seeing you because you always bring in a side and there Debra I feel really appreciated and I did you know you can explain what the process says that people that have hidden money in different spots. There's a period of time in which they have to turn it over to. Throughout Selma you know Taylor. This time I'm in an average the list comes out and I really highly encourage every one. It may seem impossible to you read the list. The treasure here I sit down and I read that list in my friend of mine I call them up I tell them how much money that I haven't I want to give it to them. And they are so excited. But for the Jimmy Fund. And for all of you. Let's unbelievably amazing in this year we ever records. Young people are a 171000. Dollars your kid. And over the last ten years we've been able to get back to you. One point five million and act straight to it that's great I mean it's unbelievable. And so what we do is what happens is. Is whether it's checks that get lost Anthony Allen and Allen or get an bank account and it doesn't get cleared. We get it all turn back to us after 3 years and am leery to read history tells act itself. It tells me to thinks it tells me that it's gonna benefit the Jimmy Fund and also tells me. That they're not hearing Christian tellem to go to get their mud that's on you've got to come up with a more innovative commercial. And there aren't that bright and getting it right yeah. Connecticut and won it people look at. It. Actually does where it's just that every year more money comes in and sell the constant battle somebody sent me how common. How come if you're turning back all this money you still have all this money and it's because. Every single year we got a senior centers we got to say errors. We have people out and Iran we are one of the top unclaimed property divisions in the country and getting money back to people. What you're saying is I have what you call job security. Is yes but at that. He'll always had a need for new creative way to get your message across. You another call Broncos are a wrap all are spoken word we're here to serve you apps aren't they. Quote. It's getting people act to be total on the check again. 407. 47901. And flowers com. Well we sell around the world of ours that one out at you every. When you about the commercial analog only hero I ordered it. Isn't that help you as usual bad worked on this show I never do it you define me and then. On. X. Fine Christian Fauria dot com that it had them. I thank you very much it's always great to see you ask you an unbelievable especially without Shaq we really out without it really helps things holy it just did. We are all is million dollar closing in on the million dollars or we close out our shift ear gel now with 900. 77748. Dollars and ran we jumped a distant three yes your honor was still mean when you're saying I don't know I challenged my Alley man isn't like that are currently available united on Euro closed. Airlines are doing. And our air and I thank you gentlemen we're really appreciate it's always like to.