OMF - Dennis Eckersley opens up about Price incident 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

HOUR 1 - Months after Dennis Eckersley and David Price had their airplane spat, Eck sat down with's Rob Bradford and opened up on the subject for the first time since it happened. This is very exciting for Christian in particular since, apparently, this is the first podcast he's listened to. Ever.


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On you wish. He explored ways and moaning and 48 but this is the problem I have with Tom. He's just always comes all this and gently he was disingenuous about to play games same thing that happened. During the presidential election that he acts as if he gets an old Donald Trump you can't have a ball weigh the worst people in the world all good people. With Chardonnay ahead when bad things happen with blue and blue and Christian do you say what she's saying you can't sit there through quite careful here careful where you wanna hurt somebody a lot of these players think they want their mom and dad to be up here call McCain and talk radio talk radio's killer. He says he in this town and shout out shot out. John. Yeah there's investor setup gets thrown around. Once. For its radio WEEI. Coming out as well hardball come. Oh well we actually surplus when I do is your true. He's you're talking about you do that you'd you'd go talk radio manager who'd you bet it all yet that that bag and act react and act is talking about you plus I heard you played the game somebody donated yeah did you play the data every little bit. Credibility ahead of the threat of violence. Act act likes and we live now at least. Please but he knows that Ingrid was a factor. It's a fun and he knows you drawing he knows that we you know of that after the parties know it through some gasoline on it made the situation worse three start don't let this week. And that to my first podcast the sporting driving it's a brat who I. Your first I guess the purse a visual punch my talent that yes he's looking out for me but yes that's my first idea was it would I think. Of relevant behind his argument that intro to the Brad gross. Early here. How can I don't address for another weird I don't know if you Davis will serve and dumb stupid like out like some lakes and the show is being somehow hard wired into my radio about ultimately it was really. Who who. Who is banned in this conference a thing about it and felt. Round yeah. I've been crowned him. Jack has urged that it's. That's my old. I don't know why you'd. Oh yeah. Good yeah few. But also I was a good yet. I've been grabbing at the end it was excellent its excellence coupled show months afterwards forty years from you know you listen that Brad so was your first guest rooms and bought the I don't know if correct I get that you never got panic. Kevin JJ. I'd. We got so much to get to only four hours rob porky year old body isn't it but it was easily we'll get and so he's isn't enough he's completely other idiot yet. Packed full of information editors so many stories. There is beyond Michael Bennett went on Good Morning America ABC's Good Morning America employ. Talk about you know privilege in entity such as his memory yes the you'll be amazed I I had about exploded out of you know like we do because I distill disgust and I got that in ways but I'm so disgusted at the way they expect this to the American people what makes me sick markedly. I have when I start. Who we may be developing united rocky be running my life rafts that satellites that there hate. Let me could it. If you take a bus. Which is that he would lose track who is good reviews track I know exactly which group I would try out very seriously that morning Good Morning America thing you know blah it will get we'll get to it death we're gonna get it to Mel hill because to Mel hill did not get to Gmail kill between six and I've wasted an hour of my delight odd that all watching the show did not so good yeah that's how we had James Harden not to talk about season it's a month and a half a video game I was favorite video game and only had Doug ball when to talk about a a serial he's now developed update. Let that Tom Brady late. Okay plus is an idea for you regardless and not seriously actually I. I had it on in the back well as witches night which almost bullying most people do not even suitable like I was on the back on and I turn my head I'd ever column I saw them I mean I had an offer purpose. But it couldn't be couldn't he might answer which isn't saying much but still I was focusing on at those who kill my craft new laws about it within they got the hearted interview. I think the. Just the most I've seen of that show was sitting poolside at caesar's palace while they were doing it and others are looking up last couple weeks ago they see those at the it looked like what it's like what message usually they have and I don't even know that the guys Steve and I was good more cold water does is drink it hunt on the pole probably good triggered the alert more drunk you've got. The good show get a better idea I was excited I was like oh OR HUS I did and he had never drew so far away could hear bonds doesn't husband guy showed that I thought. That's ever asked it was a waste of an hour and they did nothing on the didn't even manage. And the last week or ESP NY because it would have finally gotten them some ratings because two offices like me sat down and watched African shall. Are we got to get to that Colin cap. Finally. Finally response is something you won't believe what responsible get. And as you said the Michael Bennett several hits that would get stuck with yet stuff right at first of all it's are a little baseball out there it deserves that. We'll keep that's last night had a big night they need to watch out somebody and that lineup to get hot right now. Because they've got a team in Cleveland right now looks invincible running into zone and that's it that's just weren't there we never for hours on the Indians a peek into Sunni start lose and there's going to be talking about Cleveland not only that they won twenty in a row and I think you're right I think you've you've said this two weeks ago maybe three weeks ago. The clover was gonna win the cy young and I think you gonna be right in the year yet and could still in tremendous year but people are gonna remember this run. Down the stretch the fact that they may dampen that they're gonna overtake Houston and they may even have an opportunity overtaking the insurance for the best record. In Major League Baseball ever thought that was even at this possibility. But the other thing is he's winning all these big games one has its tail off. The Palestinians that maybe they had to win of people fight and it finally had a conversation. Sunday would relic in in. I don't last night that was complete game shutout but he pretty much beats sailors say sales have a great year he is right in every category of strikeouts. I really any every category of strikeouts and batting average against isn't whip as it is not Latin many guys on bases sale is ERA and he's got like couple less starts than him so the innings. Aren't there but it's not a Snedeker finished you with a puck 78 now. You know all means to be over 200. The strike us he says he's he's not. It does struggle wondered you guys so a gain so music second strike on jeopardize America's far behind strikeouts either. Strike does your I think cell has right now Joe's been great this guy's been better and it's a reason why you wanna play Houston up because game one against Cleveland you're not favored that they got the better pitcher. And he face your team better than you face as. Sold you don't want Cleveland to one game wonders Berlin DOD advantage Red Sox outfield where her for it's on. Cooler herself a bit colder. Why you better win the division because when The Who whose decision to get that wildcard then. You get that I had wanted him to play and I grateful you know one employee and and then you get to face Cleveland with him holding. A home field advantage that the stat that jumps out at me. So the twenty game winning streak is a 180 innings. They have only trailed in full. Of the 180 and what do you perceive that baseball baseball's not one of those games Donna did we win twenty straight drivers to brought me just doesn't track as you get one guy has a bad outing right one picture in your rotation as a bad outing double geyser there. But what do you ever seen it back to common. In which go 180 innings and you only trailed for four which makes you think there's an. Oh waited in Cuba but luge tragedy might think baseball go way baseball Psycho dad Vail you peaked too early I always thought that was a a bloated stat with Pablo Sandoval could you so good in two of the three post seasons he played I just think it was it no I just think it was time I think he just went to eagle lucky streak where he just happened to be seasonable in October. And probably couldn't see it in August that happens of. Those November Etsy. November 21. 2011. Since November 21 2011. Cleveland Browns have won twenty games. I don't yeah eight million that he's rightly or her rounds I'll leave out outlook 2011. They've won twenty games since that day it's it's having. You hear rounds you argue that you throw around for any idea about an area I'd do better than a 108 I it is an online clothing on grounds that I never you're never gonna. So let's get to a tennis actually sits down was Brad by Roche oh. And he obviously talks for the first time about the whole David Price that you weren't really curious about what went on and how went on and so he talked. About it yes the years or so and head out to there's been nothing like this year just really he go back over saying why you know why this up like that happen. Thank you know have enough distance from it now. To sort of say that you know. Things happen in this game you know to sort out to be me I think it's very unfortunate for everybody you know that's. That's connected with a you know. That's out priced me whatever so I'm glad it's behind us now. It's usually because a lot of people for some reason. We were stunned at the fact the price thought the Packers Lee was critical. Because he was fine. He was honest he would eat he wasn't he wasn't hiding. He was in Africa I didn't play well implantable I don't know what price expected but responded to the whole idea that players in this case study was critical. You know I think I had heard a few little things but when you're not the main guy. You're not gonna hear all that often in their players are normally careful. You know amongst themselves they'll say stuff you know because there not that they're sensitive you know but nobody likes to be I mean. Everybody wants to be. I talked about positive me having positive you know and and it's not that way too you know I've got to do my job. And I can't just be here of this flowery. Type of commentary he just can't. You know I had and I don't make an attempt to either way to do whatever. In and that's that's why I feel like I'm honest with you when I say stuff. You know and he he kind of one on through and in he's right we all know he's right well and listen to the guy it is a goal overboard. But what they had those in Sydney said he's had you know they don't here is that what the athletes and in this case the Red Sox the players themselves. They don't hear when you say anything positive is it's just expect. All they hear is the naked so you know you can sit here and talk about. Great player this guy is in no way of looking at bats you know what a great player should've won MVP last year. Somebody you wanna invest in long term this guy does everything a student of the game great hitter great defensively great base runner. Right now just in a falcon he's lost only think of a default. We take a loss that they are. Well. I mean so you'll believe that a lot of those are what these votes they. You hear everything else that you said about. You know I mean so it's. It it's so true it's like it did they don't here and I'd get it you know I understand it's it is it in your much of the positive stuffy others view when the negative stuff hits you can open your eyes Hewlett walls. But I mean act does talk about some of the great things that these players but when it is negative it's time to address something negative I've always said. He acknowledges. He eating knowledge that he exists. You know all other than like some of these other guys that we've thrown in there now. You know during the last month or so when something bad happens. You should acknowledge that this this isn't right they they they they can't do that again. He should have gone that it debates you can't have it Laredo a some positive about everything and you know I like the aggressiveness and but was Smart baseball forgot about whether or smarter partner in all it's the aggressiveness and that's what's it like just socks. And that it's like. Like that commercial like that problem at NASA does were pretty steady at that as we're going goats arts girl gossip it's I think I think that the thing that stood out to me it was just his overall. Honesty and frankness. It's almost like I wish people that everybody took this approach towards third of the elite lines Alec look at things and I'll be honest he would like other characters again account affect but. Don't. Yeah did talk to it it's just it's like this is like this is the way it is a mock at a sugar coat or market a baby sit you I'm not gonna pat you on the head because you feel like you earned it. It I don't need to talk to you pickles and everything it like going on the world if you could just be honest. And addressed that and be done with that then you think you could see the problem though forget this is the most refreshing. Like opinion. Just you know dialogue that I that I minute that it hurt in the wild because his personality. Is the way we should all think and deal with these just issues batters so sometimes you just really small. And you know it just don't they don't need anything and you just. Yet they're they're built into some big hullabaloo and you're just sit beard. Several public that we did here right. So I talked about how things have changed. Over the years from the time he was pulling. Did you ever have a problem and any broadcaster to do you know of anyone who did. I pass but nothing that stands out. And I think it's changed I just too because. There's more profit the pregame and it's all it's all consuming I think. And then there's more talk of what was being said and talk radio. Talk radio's killer addresses in this town I didn't have to go to me out here long time ago. Talk radio they had never they put the glass half. The rule. With the class and those with little you Lisa you're OK I could pick up that politically cloud that's total stock you told us he's breaking news here what hole particularly did not start with the news interviews he did whatever they want intern who they were on an afternoon drive I was sullen. Night and so they started the better off I've put Iran before you. It we knew how long rallies without an interactive with their job we're on the same time. You are veteran senator and everything all right I assume he was a closet and hasn't that taken down to it. Cinema but it. But it but I can say amnesia because I did have some issues. And times for stuff that I was like I said and others that did have some issues hit you you'd get one of it you know the state guy at the ballpark. If you if you disarm the next day or whatever but I but I do believe he's bringing up a valid point and that is there was very little of that that. So you could ignored if you wanna to a supplier you can't ignore. Oh really all you really to go out you say that the only thing he really plea deal with was just you know. Articles in the paper I dealt with you but now let's listen to memory when what we year this year which will help offset or bash reports sentenced. Street producer obviously there was one show you know couple other guys were numerous shows talk shows seaports ports talked numerous well. Does that NASA now he's a USA you invented it and have started to use I'll use as you have been I have ever it's that I invented McNabb and you're Marconi invented in my. I radeon and ready yeah. I don't listen laughed with the club and right due to sports -- yeah I did not have yeah Indian identity Immelman was before -- club you wanted to I'm Manila was there a document with tutors or pod or as employees and now that you're listening to my son Alex are wanted to Arkansas is an accident. And I don't know I don't read it out on the bus for an amount brick brought an unsolicited that's a point about talk radio and here's where he. He's right additional much of that right now so it's hard to escape between. On digital media now. Terrestrial. The media you've got. You've got now people at every credibility. Because they play. In some kind of added a marine who people listened to far more. So they listen to him and if he says that they're like parrots they yap and if he angrily back odd. I'm angry it's actually. Period and then. When my favorite parts of this is entirely on to have this and now he's talking about how. Because he was a closer in Oakland a lot of closes there and that an operable in over the first six innings the first seven innings and get treatment seventh and walk out there and at the end the seventh and get ready to Poland right. Any talks about how when he was playing in a reset now likable slot which he would you'll be evident that job. This is how it's done and you really haven't changed since well you know some I think originally I've never sitting as a player listeners who decisive in and then you know clubhouse so long. Does he for the seventh inning aside what's the record. Three quarters of the game before I went to the bullpen dicier guys I think while Montgomery. Well but I'm not an open O and oak and I've yet did it and I remember thinking to myself if I ever do this that which is just a thought. I mean I want it I want to make sure that he not know this team's not that easy so you don't want take you get up there and start you know pop in Austin and look at this you know. Middle middle fastball and hanging breaking balls and they guy headed out out whatever you know. That but after a while when you fall. You just go he got he said what she's saying he can't if there's a white careful here careful there you don't wanna hurt somebody you know. A lot of these players think they want their mom and dad to be up here call on the game. But at the line of well they've Jones it gives us. God there the Debra flipping the bird seed but because they have they have my dad he is older I don't Mike to any reliable. It's all right is it any player. But it wouldn't it when they're done play an immediate immediate hometown you'd do one. Talk what a game now how hard the game next elect people ripped guys for chase sliders down away it's like okay active and they got those 95 with a nasty slider. You know it's gonna happen you know it's the game's not that easy but when you. The more you can do the media the more you talk about the game you can't just we've had the votes before you can't keep sit there in saint but and it's not easy. You know it's hard player on every single time European boss you know listen a's try and I mean if Tehran NASA if you want that every post. If you try and he's trying hard. You know we all know that's trying to underwater right nobody talks about he's at this level these are the expectations. Are they living up to them or not let you know you've got to move that runner all right no it's not easy but still it's got to be done if you don't. It's a failure it's it happen to me I feel like I've failed. So the further you get away from it and the more media you do you like. I can't sugarcoat. Everything but he's brought to freshen him when you look at everything that heat vapor out of Montgomery OK at the preference it. Monty was bad years ago he was the day Arizona's Monty in. And I'm actually hit him with a red face and that's the reds I Slater did their games. And he was the Vegas cap on and on television and radio he just kissed the arrest. But most of the guys that do it even now. That's what they are so X sticks out like a sore thumb in this thing. He really does here's the other one baseball is different. There's a game every single days of sale can pitching great game they can go out have a big night win the game seven to nothing whatever. It only lasts for 24 hour get the next night if they if that Rodriguez was out there he had shelled in the second inning which he did last night congratulations. But he had been recently. If that happens suddenly it all up positive but he is gone reporting for us lead foot. All last a lot longer holly yeah that's what laughed at while hockey hockey Elijah Morgan Israel sources football or see him in week. You clearly can't you have to do OK whatever game and could put aid that's fully put if you don't you're dealing with a winning team and all the years the Red Sox have been predominately winning the you win a majority of your games for the patriots winning the majority of the games keeps people off you're asked for the next week so there was one thing in that baucus also but he said don't worry that it was now I think I know exactly. What led to David Price saying what he said good let's get to an all coming up by the way. Yeah I'm a Trojan funny and a punches did you have any technical issues trying to figure it out get on their. A little bit concert held now at a healthy she came through my phone at your own identity and we're tired and a it basically figured it out. Like like you the American technological advancements. Izod Center. If we got a lot. It's the stuff we got to get to and we gonna get to overlook the phone lines to get your reaction to speaking out finally. About the David Price incident on the point 6177797. On its recent. Hope you're enjoying listening to Poland and the am yeah okay. Don't listen to each other greatest six NL in home games against number one total defense as well. Brady is six and all his career home games against the number one total defense but didn't descend on Sports Radio W. And talk radio. Talk radio's killer he says in this town. I mean there's some vicious stuff gets thrown around it there as and so I could see how the players are sensitive towards it because you know. I mean they're trying their best to you know value they have the same time I played and I gave up. I gave up a lot of home runs you know I mean I had a lot of bad outing so. All of us did they forget when you saying nice things about. Which is a lot that's a given right you're supposed to be nice and all that I mean they forget that. Choosing peace and NY whose careers arrived here. Is that when a player does well. He gets out of his way to basically say what this was good this was and he comes up with you cheese or comes up with the don't want him is crazy words or whatever to describe. What they just accomplished and what a player does something poorly that's just the opposite that is Tony. All. Throughout at least got zone there was scattered ultimately it's good line Olympic pairs of the only so so this is so this is this is the real reason. That why David Price doesn't like that inspectors. Would you ever wanna talk to on now. Why would I want talking you know the gas would probably be a cure yet but on race at the first guy doesn't like me I get it. It just doesn't like him. I mean if it does it have to be old I don't like we said is it because the reason for him getting Matt was kind of petty and lame and I childish really you know call out got a plane. It's so let's say it isn't it could XP you know we just decide you know what I never liked that guy. Period Utley and luckily walks and only two ways here is your only I don't I don't like him period that's. It's and so when that after it happens. Tom what do you feel on what are you feeling right after it happens I was too humiliated to be honest here. And you know as far as talking about this I've never said anything and I knew the first first I really talk to you we appreciate that. Yeah and so 'cause I don't wanna make or anything more than it is. In an and that's -- operator comes and we did he got to turn it down as you know your guys he had an opportunity right after that. And you know the sharks were in the water he had an opportunity if he said anything. The good crowd was 99.9. Percent on his side or he could have come right out right after that he could have buried price only price realizes. He could have been buried. And what pressure was doing was what was really kind of waned. In that things were not going that well. He suddenly goes to a nice little super where he pitches well for about three weeks feels good about himself and what is he gonna do it tells other teammates. Problem the team captain here gonna protect 'cause he was in was pissed off about Lam about Rodriguez's. Rehab this I wasn't and that's. I had an up against I refuse to believe that he only made it out he used he rod you is that you don't say he used EU rod. With Evan Jala and try to make that about Iran you try to make this about you rod to you try to show that he's a great teammate. And I'm confident but it buys it enough but it not do not none of the stuff or anything do vero. And everything to do with David Price and just in his mind and I refused to try to even get in there. It was unprofessional. I don't hear anybody says anybody that's been neck kind of setting Knowles is a way to handle it does have we not to handle it. X not that locker room if you want to talk to actor had a problem of the eagles' Kevin Gregg and X in the law. And they have a conversation we wanna do it that way when do result one. So yeah acting saying anything and then that the only you're right he could have you know everybody genocide ended details in the coming out anyways it and got ugly again for David Price. He wanted to he wanted people to see it and he used. It basically pound himself and that you know that's great in the senate testimony. That was around you know. She was like what's with posters of me I wonder why people hate price and they love anchors get ready for it but I tell you this. And I'm sure act would would agree business. So if David Price had gone out suddenly went on Enron went on a Corey Cooper roared. He's just winning every time out he's just dominating he's going deep into games. That 99.9 percent at Georgia that favored them suckers like. That would swing well below 50%. The numbers might be lower than trumps popularity rating right now. Down it would change you know Matta he was when he and his personality his attitude what he was doing in the locker room. Was the same it wouldn't change it would change nobody in August so people and we showed their good. Well why is it wise why would be picky on that they've got the bully mentality it's us and he's winning on a guy that's just doing his job and I cannot stop and change he's stuck now lives as well if he was really they would put it he was doing it. Correctly and for legitimate reason you reveal the seat that he was for real I don't know there's a fake yes the that he just made. It would it change but it wouldn't have been as drastic as it should have you know I mean they do it. Normally the guy goes on a clover like run it's a 100% supported the cut of the idea he gets forty. But he yet but it would nowhere near what it should be noticeably some people account you can run he goes on stillness. And I also wary that. If you went on a run these do you think incidentally this would have happened again. I only control so our music. Question that something would have happened if he's been playing the last month and a half something else would have come up. Something else would have happened because I don't think he controlled so let me ask you this taking needs initiatives he has an opportunity. Maybe get some people on his side over the next six weeks then. Being a dad comes out of the bullpen. And helps them get to the postseason and 81 in the postseason he's do you see any of that happening. Meego is it possible he could guess is source of supply today alleging that he enjoys free Iraq is ready to throw three in his next outing could be in a Major League game whether it is. Coming out of the bullpen for a three game and to me and you know depending would mislead his fall gains sneaking regard to start him. And just Siegel appeared to start the game prepare like a starter if you're done in the third we will pulley out it will come with Hector Velasquez is pick Mbeki is SMU and and then we'll just continue to do this and he we can build you up to 708090. Pitches and able to to evaluate as we see. Extra people swing the other way now and start to come and to support of him in his corner if that happens. We get a lot of that now. I don't think so we doll I don't think so either because you probably the right now you brought him it is a thirty million dollar top of the rotation starter. And and I think when all more than a few relief appearance next tighten up when Everett wit here's what worries me the most about this when this is all said and done. And I said this a couple of weeks ago so I'm repeating myself which I do from time to do. In that. I've truly believes that he is a big part of why. We're gone through a grueling season. But didn't press the net. He had an opportunity maybe to go get surgery done missed the season they come back next year when I fear the most is gonna get through this thing he's gonna try you're gonna fail. Or he might get a little bit out of it and then a month after the season we find out. Suddenly says you know what out out of one of the night now. I'll go have surgery he blows out all of next season are in and then sits in the driver's position. Where he has done it the players' option the following year. And apple really pissed people off I think any im gonna find out. He had a lot to do with why this has been a wasted season. If it did a lot of it's not not I don't wanna go to the right now I can do I condone. The widely throughout their fun with 25 or 26. Doctors at a from 25 to receive a undergoes surgery wife still would you do the surgery in a hole. We talked about why would you do and money if you need it the only five. Only thing is that you know eating enough information Avian that do the commerce as a doctor and might have been this even maybe you'd pitching with this entire career. You know in the cause successfully event. So no I mean you fusion already shown he can continue to throw through it. Or this has been an issue its crop up now as you get older but because you've been successfully both Arthur young kid and it was an unknown with the could do it or not and we had to get it done right away. Organization can't force should get surgery correct not okay it's up to the play. Would it surprise you at all if David Price is the one holding this one back is he still thinks he can do what he can fight through and a situation we showed years ago remember that yes. They want him to when he did want to and he wanted to and they said notre it's or any standing hasn't he done to the order is the ownership since he want to do you wanted to and he said no try to pitch through that she appear out of they Miller shot like that was it. In these buildings that are not be surprised if that's maybe a week that's that's what the story is all about and if that's the case if he thinks the public hates him right now. Well well I would say they would they would they would flip recalls how much money he's making idiots somehow compatible hey give you a couple wins and help. That's not condemn it not gonna matter how much money even if the golf ball because it's a benefit the team overall in the and it's like I won't. We don't while like you think your chair when it just you know. India the lesser of two evils what's what's the other option that. So not well built he built it in and depending on how far they know got a when the playoffs just not a store and how many. Once you help some it is able to do it can easily change and that's the thing about David Price. I'm looking at it I I would look added a different way I would look at it as OK stop trying to be in the what you've got to be just try to be him because he's unique he's he's a different cat he and John is in we said it from the very beginning. Just go out there and they need to strong innings from U 67 whatever whatever it ends up being and you end up being the reason the bridge to success. They beat that guy. All that role and they don't look for applause don't look for pats on the back then that's up because you know it'll gradually. Eventually just come to. And then you can be then it's an easy answer yet you don't sound investments you know to help team win. But just imagine how pissed off people that if he announces that he's going under the knife. When the season is over he misses all of next year as we said. The other day it could be well beyond right Loney with the go it could affect him in the in the he has surgery the last day of the season. And he you know you probably won't be ready. The second half of 2019. So that's the case there's no way he's opting how I mean you look at Carson Smith plenty of surgery last. So June 16 months for an area like if someone to sixteen months elect a some last night guys a mess you know is all over the map the velocity is not there I don't know. Are you can trust him in a post season so. You lost two years of Carson's Smith. Adding I think that's the fear yet thing is even if it you know if if David Price had surgery beginning of this year. John that you get him back the awesome Eric says that all of a guy following year you know two years so I mean it surgery. He misses all of all of all of this year. And next year I don't even know eats Ian effective David Price here in August of next year we had spring training. I don't know and then the general so different than this no opt out. Easily and is now he's staying put up joining opens no surgery. Any gives you 32 starts very effective if he's gone through our do you want opt out blue sky to an entire year. And we've gone to ups and downs of him trying to get back and it has not war. They're going to do surgery this off season. I'm convinced and I think he's been behind big points will say. Let's go to the dance in Ohio first up a no MFA day. Yeah I do on the yeah I got a little bit different take on those David writes are grossly confrontation. I don't remember untreated do bat before the confrontations David Price was pitching in a ballgame. It forgot to cover and he didn't cover first base don't apply. And act kind of said something about it on the radio. And I are on the TV excuse me. And David Price wouldn't call act out of that because you knew was wrong and that cover first base so we kind of waited and bought brush. So get an instance where he could and are now at route Rodriguez thing happened and he called him out stoplight there. Yeah that you're right about that that was that was the first probably. As follows things that he was kind of hold on to write like how I hear you call me out or bears me out I'm a probe may not make thirty million yeah I don't best. I can guarantee you that David Price issues and act would back the year before. I mean year before when he was struggling early on in you can't recall any one moment but backed calls the way years the way it is he was struggling early. And you know I did do was put in a couple of comments about you know that a real truth. And I'm sure he held on that for awhile. And that he heard talk about others but even at that we we've we talked about that you know recovering but back even went on saying he's got to get over the faces us I've done it before. I've not covered. You know green so. If he's got that so be it I think one lie deeper realized this was not like after that game going you know what that Ekejiuba said about me I don't like him none and this was a year and a half. And he he had a holes Duffy or from last year hit home no compassion he watches it sees everything that's what it's about he also hears other guys bitch about act the question now. It is going to do something that none of these other. Analysts did. And that is actually bring up when a player does something negative. Then he's got stuck out like sore thumb so those employers are guarantee while bitching pissing and moaning their wives and now works look their friends all want to own Eric was ridiculous by what is what is said something and it was pointless. But they see it a different way because they love. Their friend the player. But it would buckle Russians are coming home. If you look at a buck yeah I got now wouldn't who wouldn't get in and talking to them like a live action I is not each argued. 61777. 7937. Mop. Or will emerge Loney and 48. Christian college Sports Radio. I saw you in the clubhouse in Texas. The series after that happened the least of two of those games did that surprise. About the clubhouse and I yeah quote that surprised me because I think they've they think you're you're supposed to be available and I can understand that you have a problem with me. Because ultimately if you do have problems abuse its editor we talk but it he's thinking I'm never around and he doesn't have that did you know you weren't they need to. But yes I'm just the same way some PR guy says go get him I wanna talk him eight B you can make it happen. But he ultimately. This comes dead back to you know the dude doesn't like me. You know and I get it so it's cool. Let's move on yeah. Every year it makes a great way of looking at do you like reasons why we not pay no we're not to have coffee on the talk of a chat. You do your job I'll do mine difference in the two is that excelled so mature. And David Price and so if you ritual it's really not that difficult I mean it's just his approach to it is like it ever okay you don't like OK fine you know holes playing games and then he's. He's been really. So. God today when you're winning you're down now that's god doesn't distract you insane you know that parents say that now. I go to Milan and I got a mama. That's exactly what this is always that is at eight. Care to carry it doesn't let it affect his business to focus on the game to their business effectively clubhouse stuff about whether it was just because baseball is notorious for this football is not all of these other sports art. But baseball this goes back those old years with some class if you want it was all players I always expected that if you gonna say something writes that. The that the board was you had to be in the club house the next. One. That's where you want it to be in the proposal is an approach you excited him and you timid and expect and you know when they're gonna intimidate you the gonna win timid HU with the oh well yeah yet don't do it right it's a lot on numbers exactly. And it is a thing that only exist. In baseball really does a bit of Acadia you know you you and you know you're not what it was like Lou because you need to listen back clipping class d.s aghast. No when guys were hanging out the lobby or in the whole hell are you know who's drinking gin and tonic to zero. You know both going after the same women yes OK I'm sure was a different situation different. Relationship if if but to say if their relationship. You know with the players and their team or heard an opinion or if it's something because of you know you walk in that locker room. Doesn't allow you to do your job the nation going there. Mean if I go in there and it you know that summaries talking about this that he'd become buddy buddy units that comes up he screws up and you don't ripple for. You don't get on him for because. Your voice to them than you know doing your job that's for those unit being honest so I think people of the beat writers are in there each and every day. I get that you know but it's at Sports Radio. Even the TV guys radio guys you do need to be sure there Ian is right influence what they are they calling game exact date they should be it in the beat guys I think because there is ever present. And they have to go the next has to be very carefully on what I think Jonny Gomes was the way he was in those telecasts. What is the number one reason why. Everything is great. Go Sox positive no matter how negative the play what is your spending quality time in the clubhouse before the season popular gradually it just hanging out with all of art galleries are all about daddy's in Danny's got a bad guys that Amtrak's I don't like I don't -- got I got here. You screw up a large bottle nosed game so he's taking their relationship he has no locker room up to the Booth and he's not doing a good job because of what that's why. He can't it's but he is a victim because of that of just not they would not be far enough removed I think what I don't know if actually the minute it he had no personal relationship. Titles via a lot better than he is right now yeah I agree Pacino he does feel good gala tonight on what he does another team's well again it had a crazy so he got he could be good and we have good data if he can't leave that relationship with the players to allow him to do a good job. If he had no relationship with anyone and was up there. There was no call on a good play call on a badly be fine what do you think teams warranty management purchased this organization but every organization out there. What do you think they want to do they want somebody like at school all that the audience is gonna sit and say yeah. This is goodies and Frankie being announced what do they want somebody that's gonna ultimately don't they wanna promote the product yet so they ultimately they wanna promote the product blocked. I do think they want honesty I don't give it is your acting like this is I just don't don't think one Jonathan yeah. We what's there's no this. You the truth they what do you call a game. I feel like we're we're misinterpreting what really had don't make it giving up there was not what happened there was nothing bad happened I don't know how bell Harlem globe Trotter telecast is. What is so if that's the case and I I don't know what John Henry thinks about now after all of this priced off. If he feels differently but other conversations with a before where he raved to me about that it was the best thing on. All right so if that's good that the case but then again the best thing on us was well. Was there. Well at least it's humorous if no I think of my boss alluded to I pick your people it over here in Watertown person at the Nelson building yes I tried to say most analysts had a I just have more in sync. Said the same thing and he runs the program he said Jim Rice was the best thing they had over at NASA ya don't hate him involved with the kid at a protest against. Let me give an act was doing the pre and post yes so I Sega but Henry thinks differently but if but if that's the case. And the Red Sox pretty much controlled those broadcast how was it that. Others that. I mean nobody is really. Critical and ran the odd records not going anywhere around the readies their knees and he's been great when he's on that it was awesome have been through that was they were actually good that was fantastic the stories we're pretty sick it's brought in and do you think lines running to be a cheerleader. Yes. It kind of maybe. A little bit whack here he is a little while I'm given all the way season now what he wants. I mean what you want cycle lions out there differently right yeah what did you think you. But when you're reminded commentary about I don't like I did so what I did I thought to be more on what Carolina tonight I think we tonight I think you ought to set lakers love you know what they are slightly candidate since the intimidation in in its in itself. All. I don't know when they made this change people it made a big deal out of this whole thing with audio and leaving and will be coming in an old big part of it was wanting more honesty. I wanted more honesty and by that I mean be critical when it's time that's coming from John Tanner okay era that it is the only thing. They don't ate the Red Sox over 80% of deaths and 20% of his own by the growth so yes I would say eighty personally told you they got pretty strong already more honest. Though opinion. Broadcast. Premier team the other night you're right Austin toward the three man team they have them. Which had to do something that they are wanted to do like we ever originally the but the problem as they have different guys go down for different reasons. And we all know that you know run dodged health issues have been a problem for the here's Bob Newton next up here and OM FI about. It Obama. It's tough call yeah bombs and well in. While. Those who have dropped this morning too with calls but even the content calls like that. He had them they lack the calls are getting. Every dollar did you did you don't don't you stimulate egg being like the bois. This should they should be the voice of the generation like you should have more of his philosophy when it comes to dealing with social issues. Any issue contact reporter you know maybe he's maybe you shouldn't have maybe should you realize there's a world I know it's not I don't not but. Had taken his approach to everything pricey and use it for everything. Early so what's so it's a big deal so I'm. The college and sighed picking imitation is going to be in effect from a solution be really surprised that together you know whether he's black why because of what the guys that came before him. That got the look quotable but ball for various reasons and I got that and just really keep it simple why so much the water like the whole. Which we'll get to hold Michael Bennett Good Morning America thing which is just absurd. So just gets called like you seem to like about what he said. He's that you not trying to call I can see it but a lot of people don't like the way I call it fits do you have a couple of years I taught like I sit with the people at critical like LA so I think yeah they don't. I always sick well okay. And that's our. I think he's in a market though in which people do scrutinize. That product and they always said. And so he's in a perfect market there are certain markets in this country should Lewis who is an interest in baseball fan it's great baseball park it's not a critical baseball dull. The cardinals could be twenty games out which they very really are. And they're still don't go. They're bigger and. All along their way exactly go to me it just like you know whatever they win no they lose until can expect tomorrow and yet they just sort of everything's a flow. I remembered the the World Series out there and it's it came for the World Series the Red Sox are about the sweet to cut the lead in the game. And cards fans. Are all sitting there shaking hands with Red Sox fan getting under eighths giving up their seats at this is important we think you should come over here giving up their seats you should sit there and done approached you should enjoy most of us it's your moment and congratulations. I sit at a future event in Austin not support for sure. Except in the World Series of skiing for. I think the cardinal management opened up to do all these the Boston fans who couldn't get tickets for the game the role outside the stadium though you don't think that nobody thought that product and oh yeah I think that's a good way of going by the president. I still pretty big business even at top quality of the people critical of him the critical of everything here. Economic times that we have like you know broadcast experts calling about how they don't like the way Renny does this of the way Jerry does this of the way. You know Donnie oh Dave O'Brien car and seconds and what do you like about I just don't like him only like. You know it is so it puke puke campaigns and everything you know I'm gonna please everyone expose close you can get right now especially given what happily price. Graham the personal liberties you get a we'll talk radio regional time people don't like Kershaw like they're showing the heat eulogy fired exactly. President is station until they let you go at ports you suck or quake I ever you don't blow hard and get ready to bullets. These guys love god and as executive everyplace I am of our territory it up. Good replace them some they realize how how good they had it before you want all of you wanna be popular you want on dollar have been say nice things I think in his prison yeah right if you have low self esteem go get fired in art and sports talk radio in this market decline. And they will load the day after you get you will be a bill that's because we think truly. Went out of their way to show love and support of dawn or so before you get pushed out. How many people really sit African love Tony on some but how many. I that he was the greatest. I'd love when they talk about nothing. You know on the political one of those Israelis criticism when they got rid AM. Yeah you're right Richard this is I got rid of the greatest broadcasters in any history of Brock and I do. Think that's what caught the Red Sox management off guard with all of that they had no argument of the petition that's. The 100000 signatures on the petition that was shocked by that because. Their research showed. That there were some like it. Beaten towards or solar and read recent images that are I'd listen you know banter you know Jerry loses is still an epidemic the subject from hitting five all. But they found out. After it was fired. Everybody loved to resume ever thought I would make it to your round Michael Bennet senator Michael Bennet opened up and talked today this morning. Unfortunately. Gmail hill did not talk last night on around free and shell. And there seems to be some hypocrisy. And all of that. With ESPN and the way they've treated this with her. And they waited treated incidents with other people I'm not even talking about children will get all of that you're a phone calls my worries. Our good. My little Johnny is at 158. Audio 115.