OMF - Devin McCourty on the Boston faithful; life after football 12-29-17

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Friday, December 29th

Patriots safety Devin McCourty is no stranger to Boston sports and the fans that support it. He talks with Buck and Butch about the importance of the rabid Boston sports fans as well as what a post football life might be like.


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I did Steve Buckley the Boston Herald Butch Stearns of Boston 25 time now to talk some football our conversation with the patriots captain DeVon according. Brought to you by Sam Adams rove won an MD Anderson Cancer Center. Making cancer history to bring in the captain now hello DeVon are you my friend. Who have god I don't. I'm dual mode already. You're Jeter got to halt in the Coke. So I wanna hitching up without. Couple football questions and a second but that's subject we brought up today the Celtics won a big game last night Al Horford came out and said we couldn't do it without the garden crowd. And I'm curious is measured in what eighth here now and then there pitcher's uniform Devin I think here tonight. So and you've you've talked to a lot of veteran athletes outside. The scrutiny that comes along with a playing in Boston all the good things the crowds are crazy you guys have mostly want all the time so it's good. But Horford point was we couldn't won this game without the garden crowd there have been some other athletes in Boston. Who along with that excitement that scrutiny comes some bad things you know fans yelling you suck in all this in that. What do you think about the scrutiny of Boston do you think some athletes are we ever talk to any athlete who would rather not play under what goes on goes on in Boston or in the northeast. There I'll never talked who low side of that conversation. Yeah I can see. Like a gut feeling that way you know. Hopefully game seemingly been booted from the locker perhaps there are so. I'll book how hot was sort out their level until he was right the crowd oh you know just wait here. However you know any insulin you know and school club or twice in the road crowding out and so. On it was a great atmosphere there last night and what they are actual little different for all every problem in the garden this seems like they're always leave for the opportunity go if you sit well in the dictionary so. It was definitely environmentalists. They want situation lawless tiger and I think it. Well forces in their little corner which Abu great hitter Edgar. See different crowd giggled and arcade and well we've had some pretty big Gator democratic house of a lot to. I would imagine coming here wasn't as big shots you've grown up in New Jersey and I mean you knew with the northeast is all about when it comes to sports right. Yeah I'm Indian and New York. You know any of those things that the bare feet you can read about it in the paper reader get full article every day. That goal in lieu of are coming here local one particular change without tree metadata and measures that are the sake of you know come to college and high school. And in well. I doubt it's the book before Harold I wanna go back to the Pittsburgh team in the way things kind of fell apart for the Steelers after the call and there was some miscommunication. Some confusion with the Steelers and everybody used as an example the patriots have him Belichick's genius and all that but the fact of the matter is that the patriots are very rarely. Make mistakes and looked confused in in crunch time and right again because alike credit the that my question is. How does that happen how easy is it in the conference from that auditorium of the was key presses are held. Is it on the field is that a pamphlet is it word of mile veteran leadership. Q can you give me some specifics as to how that happens week after week season at the season with the patriots. Oh I've written you know a lot of the code from repetition you know like today it will be talk. You know prior to reject gold Goldberg conservator harder it will be cooler than murder over the course certain. We'll talk to me about situations. And it again now and let clay go. You know what they like to do in this situation on the offensive or as deep as their us and so. You know low poll what I can go to practice reporter to on this would be that we Clinton you know a lot of mostly nervous tomorrow. Until they come up with a game unit that that you situations so solitary rose twelve. People are training camp combat portal we're trying to hit different situations luckier. And it will get over Olmert and that prepared so you know we did in that it's unfair situation that rarely comes you know we might not have committed this we believe it. At some point and he's in thank god at all eagle Trace back either hidden on the field over so well run in the air room. Thought that you give. You know. You have always been called that we've done this much is electrocuted. You look this is an unfair question you've only ever played for the patriots but how how is that different. All the teams and soma that other teams iso date. They even even the college BC Matt rikers. That that these kind of things happen how how is what the patriots along those lines to and from other programs. Yeah auditors and literally let them Collins Buddhist and have that much on a you tell opponents you know like we do here at the color detail putting everything in our face because. You know this is our jobs you can put more effort to understand a little bit better so. On August oh I don't know how well you know other king delivered nothing being here on the floor whomever you want them to say what is it. You know out in the crowd grew. Kevin you were at the podium yesterday were asked about James Harrison and you talked about him. Just thoughts about him after a couple days in Foxboro it's kind of a unique situation. Such an arch rival coming into this team is an. All the what they don't know I think they'll lose like like any general Eric gleacher and where they're all of God's shoulder catch up with much as possible converted a flurry. Mother who it is very hard just come you know lead when Politico McCain well he just goes and where. Early and they apparently trying to learn as much as awful because they're like well. You know not only take on where you and all that you know get on the same level or notion of a competitive part of option. Why had some guys I mean you brought up Derrek Lee for example you couldn't be too. Bi polar opposites I mean you got Eric Lee was a practice squad guy a commander in thrived had a great first game you get teams Harrison is one of the most accomplished dealers ever yet. Some guys commit to Foxboro whether you're a veteran like camera rookie and on Harold it and it works or doesn't why why does it work for some and not for others. It all the more important tiger situation as far as different. Well you know opportunities and occur and sometimes that works and so on and so that would. You know. From my years there's never been that simple you know effort or. A guy you know not Kerry you know just it either works or doesn't you know confident they're at Pitt which you know coach what we do or. You know there. Those qualities are just wasn't there you know that is how come about it I think we've great guy to come who won a clay and one learners. Get out there network while that you see when that happens it's great yeah helps the in house quarters so. I'll local presented their. Yeah I think he just nailed it from 'cause I've asked that question a lot over the years it's the roll right because. Whether it happened on teams. Elsewhere when they come here bill and the staff outlines a role for a guy and it's a question of how much they embraced that role or not right. Here like everyone all the globe whenever I come here they can you do everything he's always so good. Some thought that not always the only other cases sometimes there's usually you know we're so. DeVon I was in contact NBC sports Boston the other night to do the show I walked in I saw you on the set with Tom current. You doing the weekly hits here and you're you're very eloquently puts in March or podium guy you've spoken about issues beyond football. What's your what's your game after game after the games or we gonna do. I'll try to be able to view older hopefully Jericho my brother feel we can do. Well moon namely the apparently you know this could be wrong thing that we can't America. Audio and a lot of hours here on you know there to be powerful figure there. I'm unsure of mcginnis and Bruschi those guys to do their thing in the activities quite well but. You can probably do more much more of that as as a TV or radio guy because you're I was more structured you know I'd. On a mini camp to get on planes all the time so so to boil it down there is a future TV career field right. Yeah I hope you know. He's he's come opener hope of this. Horrible if if if if if. Which will be applying for the new guy now I don't thanks for your time appreciate it. Oh all right DeVon Macquarie patriots captain conversation dim according brought to you by Sam Adams rogue one. And also brought by MD Anderson. Cancer. Center making cancer here's.