OMF - Devin McCourty on the bye week, the trade deadline 11-1-17

Wednesday, November 1st

The guys are joined by Patriots safety Devin McCourty.


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Finally got stuck to one of the players selected them according enjoying bye weeks so far. Or an error error while you're at your heart go out. Here created record. A year ago. I know you've been choosing then the wars over the years we you who have shocked at what happened with the trade the other night. Although I'd rule. You know it you're shocked and marketing related rumor that your here. Leverage greater welcome you know you. You can't expect some and you don't know what it is never too. You know but there are situation I think bigger agenda you know opportunist or all the work and the bigger the you know. You've you've gone up against you know Brady a weekly practices and and you don't against quarterbacks in this league. What what is Jimmy the problem in your mind that leveled the quarterback can he be. Are regularly record record in. I did an interview yes there are how much you don't just get better this season so the last couple years. You know slushy this year how we started out just because those. You know you have just read your car this very you know let me go to this guy who's sort you know he he's. Dropped back he read the coverage over the course but he also knows he got out of political order position. A lot. You know not just go to partners. A political course and actually got in the quarter to quarter. As did regarding race situation right alarm that they're not they're out here you know the order to. Haven't yet look at just the landscape so Jimmer rubble gets traded and you know there's still more atomic clock portraits to get done decent there and an ever like play GM. And say OK I wonder who's next are they're gonna go get this guy and maybe we need a little help here are you guys you heard just do that personally. He Monday night Wednesday night I was out to them I don't know much oh my daughter so. You know part of your pay attention to what the deadline saying. Here on the futures on it and try to be aggressive. Hey Devin I don't know if you heard sword but so obviously Russian rebels into extension is this might not happen owners are happy with may be what's going on with some of the protests and ratings are being down and I'm just here SCSI MBA and Silva they have a rule that players must stand and show respect to the flag. How what are goal or fraudulent Elvis and give posted this is a new rule and made everybody do it all be fine. How that goal for. Well it can't happen. You all of that would be agreed upon our negotiators still a myriad of combat you know. Would you be would you would have they actually you know offered that and one of that to be one of the issues in the news NBA coming out would that be something you guys would. Listen to or is it just off the table. Annan here art and record numbers here they are into the political gotten creating all of that well. There's no point you really get into the you know right now. Aren't sold so back to regain a quick. It go deeper inside the football what's the one thing you guys are working on that needs to be fixed in the next couple weeks. Are they debated whether it was hard so limited victorious. You know put a religious give too often volatile you know one quarter order period of very scared her and on just charter or take out a word one problem because we will have got a lot. Do you look around the rest of the NFL do you look around at other teams you well aware of what's going on whether the teams during the course of the season. You know for the most for a mere citizen they're barely watch film they're ordered children there. Currently in the not the yard divisions. Let's solve. Really known around the hole in the true. Okay the reason I like they're the reason I was asking the question is this seems to be year in which there's no great team that is stepped up their maybe it'll happen here. As we've got another half a season due to go to seems to be more parity out there. Then we've seen it in the past any any reason Ford and even usage. He I was there from that they're pulling out the scores so you know it's you know it's one of those years you know. He you know little little any particular country so. I'll but I couldn't you know pinpoint exactly readable. On you know 23 years in his ability to get better center. Absolutely ordered the rent on they have. Good record this year. That in you know put in the work and now the other seat turned around dramatically compared to last year. I listen enjoy your time off than them and we'll see her in a couple weeks. Carried our federal thank you gather on the court.