OMF - Devin McCourty on Derrick Henry, containing Marcus Mariota, outside noise 1-11-18

Thursday, January 11th

Patriots safety and defensive captain Devin McCourty joins the guys to talk about the Titans as the Pats get set for their divisional series match up this Saturday.


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Stock went to a debt and my according here. On a Thursday with a game coming up on Saturday now you don't. I'm very dark terrific I know if I would ask you whether there's tension or problems between Belichick and Brady Guerrero etc. you wouldn't answer the question you'd find something else the sex talk we'll ask you this is a veteran. When stuff like this happens. Outside the building that does mention people inside the building. Do you guys deal with a that it doesn't seem over the years to have really. Lauded the play on the field how do you guys master that how do you do. Definitely the corporate bond thing not for a lot of those letters from there and let them do it also. You know I don't waste time we'll just let the ball like that that university and a Pulitzer. You know I've I've tried it in there so. To Mears started saying well just. Quote solo. Bob as a what we have to learn about it it's you know logistics all American. Knows all about winning a finger but he cares about that more. One thing that will affect you is not just your defense a Cornish who may or may not leave. Tom how's that been with few words as dealing with the with the prospect of losing. You're deep as a coordinator. I mean we don't regular because you have nothing to do it in the Tennessee site so. I think we just focus on the tunnel where. Auditors Saturday night you know whatever happens in the future and seeing not received an hour. That's why haven't looked for right now we'll focal point in the city and charmed quote the world we could control about as saying you know the media are going to talk about. Well disease does it Lisa it's like the elephant in the room. I mean he's who were worsening of disease does not just of diesel does he at least addresses they listen you may hear some stuff about me but he's just over and I'll focus on it does he talk about it or has he talked about it at all. We at least I'm me. I've got a leg under scrutiny must the only other ball players that he tried. Not about anything goes no talk of well. You know how to let alone you know talk about what crops here last night was a market that's we can't let excited about burial. How about Hillary Delanie Walker. We've got a whole list goes on on the go I mean there's just no foreign relations law. You know debacles are very very concerned because you talk about this game for short minute and they think that we're we're too cocky. And they forget that we don't play in the game so on justice is to make them feel better and value you liked us I'm sure right now patriot room guys look at past. Tennessee and they can about the issue title games are correct. Nominees are there thrust was that we're focused on just her. You're saying that senate seat on the causing us subsequently introduced or if they're always you know a lot to denounce what they want to react on an administrative folks to come back. Call and verify this you know just keep fighting in the north and obviously you saw. You know between Dario wherever they Minnesota police Ironkey situation also. I think that's really the lost focus always you know little more aware about. What happens next because they're closer earlier warned that will solve our earned their right to get the practice list to include war. Are you seeing enough footage here and give us something that Tennessee does really well that. Maybe nobody is talking about. They don't play action passes so now we've looked try to get the ball down the shield obviously everyone knows. You know they have good running back or little emerged out but it never let a ball. Oh really effect this year but you can see well they get to play action or you're gonna feel. Whether the fielders Delanie Walker down the middle there's sometimes double move was shot. They've they've been looking at least over the that he useless when you get the ball down this year so unless something we talked about it until the last. You're gonna makes a lot of tackles during the course of the game Libyan bell is one of those guys that pauses stops. And then you need to figure out and guess what he's gonna do next. When you're dealing with Derrick Henry this is a big bruising guy very very difficult to bring down do you do things differently with him are you cognizant of the fact that. You're gonna make that rap on him he's still gonna try to get 456 yards on. You are saying is just awful this sort of decent. Just cute and they're on the need to. You see in the fourth quarter when it sucks in river where you'd is that very effective so. I'll go that they would and they see not just a great job is or straight. He got murders and you see a lot of you know you clog everything up and Clark would have let the girl was able to run itself. It's really all levels the foreigners had not let that change direction or send us oil involvement get there and they're trying to gang tackle. So you know that there's this article out today about the teacher's defense and just how they struggled with running quarterbacks mentioned Cam Newton to Shawn Watson. Tyrod Taylor twice and Alex Smith. When you guys here's some when he yourself like that is that something that's been a point of emphasis this week and have you fix that problem if there even was one. Oh most definitely remain those quarterbacks. It's either burned in all their. You watch Cynthia polish I mean every change struggle playing nose got into a mobile to consult all. Also apparently has its own words decent fellow citizens are going up getting outside the pocket and that would just on or he you know. Take actions second Viacom has somebody in virtually from congress so. Are you got to be aware I'll include quarterback that is our mobile enough five continent that sequence of words. Does your Vinny back and forth and trash talking would Logan Ryan or does he think that that's gonna take care of itself on the field. Yeah we'll we'll talk a little bit out there and you're you know that blood got there because. I'll block area and try to finish Honolulu. I DeVon good luck and and our and then didn't get them according all brought to you by dark the building supplies and your local Andersen windows Korda.