OMF - Did the final episode of "Tom vs. Time" hint that Brady is looking at retirement, 3-13-18

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Tuesday, March 13th

HOUR 1 - Glenn thought Stephen Colbert sucked last night during his interview with Tom Brady. The final episode of "Tom vs. Time" has everyone thinking that Brady is sad and wants to retire. KFC from Barstool sports suggests Brady has undergone Botox. Christian hates facial hair. Christian's college football photo makes him look like Cam Newton. 


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On the red. Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 women who comes under the air he believes that Al Horford is a guy that should be we can we get ten where out of bed. Matt this argument socks is not the same argument that it was back Kendall and well okay good so you don't like look to who's a liar. Yet just like I gotta do another bit in the Maloney who I didn't like him as a player I don't like it now with cool and Hulu and Christian. We are sitting very challenging. For him so many ways. And I think it's just not you know he tells me I love it so much and I just I'm going to work iron. Could appreciate and have fun at first get the lotion on hall and CO. It's better back in the day or good feared slugger you want to watch on here. Appreciate it and have fun. On Sports Radio WEEI. Let's get out of the way right of the toughest thing major storm. Something like. Well we've seen this before in the wind and because we live in the movement and their major. Blizzards in new and usually get to three. Percent. We have a we have only what we are the only ones in this building yet. Yes me when I talk when other ordinary people when they're essentials line that's do you think because you essential bullet and we let the ball on the dollar allow guys right now throughout morning listening as you the only ones on the road millennium yeah we love finally how it missed a spot there'll Atlanta. Like being a line up I walked in this morning and you captors closed it's not open it's battle pollute hey I got a par comfort level this morning zoo I mean that all the way up the ramp not what I Amazon fees. They both on the base US estimated and why does. Still you always have a bill that does this go otherwise Julio he's an act of I never miss out I'd probably say it's on its off my chest right now won't you be taken one further step into the show. This but this is booming sport for all of us involved apology too sweet a conference call starts. At 815 now with the added 811 metadata thirteen men and 817 looking. He's brickyard that adds advanced hey Don started dating and we don't think you do rely on you we sit there and wait for you wouldn't and you'll. Where were you can do nominally a long haul back yeah. And our guys I don't make small talk with Christian until I'm joined the company and a Christian name buy in and blew it at Lucas well this morning I was in the parking garage right around that time and she's my goal off his ability on the way it. And with the hello lot I don't know if that's right they're. Would you like Rezko went down on my relentless in 13. And even that's my point that I want to. Are they had you lose. Isn't it now officially so did you some push him to give you cushion. I'm little padding like that right at 815 and I agree I telling us he won the argument I don't like look I was only three minutes late holes and that's the good guys that's what I am I don't sew it into the race horse bleep Balkans opens and a dine and and I got a recap what we talked about the first artists eight T agree. Yeah my phones are everybody makes a big deal about it alls phone sucked that it did nobody admitted to the safest ones and why is it. It's a Mulligan an up close why just elements they agreed. Where 850. 880 degree in a brilliant burst of nearly. The media outlets keep everybody you want to be at our everybody. Just want to some of the power that's all it does is make all of you with Ali it make everybody happy ending a terrific welcome. Edward got so it. We have we have an audience today of people that have no not on the road because of nobody in the room today Robert a lot of bad guys are on the road so I see happening. Those of us. I struggle and governance and an iron so Ed and some people are already without. I'd we have major power outages lead to fifty that we are without power so here. And will be here to look at 2 o'clock so well let's start with Brady is Brady is everywhere now. It is everywhere in your like it. Get rid of Tom Brady is everywhere. And what's called the thing I did yes. There now all of helped out my bed now yeah crime that got rid rip Chris price for rubbing bowl lotion. I'm James Harrison held agreed to last. That was weird when you rub the lotion. We used to beat the guys that you know I don't he probably he's not a good guess on that show. It was terrible here is often not great I saw it was great first off and I was off DJ called unloved Brady. That was off not that was a bit uncomfortable but I don't this about Don he drank the beer yes I don't local mayor joining the slipped and he slipped its legal listen listen as you look at just produce a guy like okay yahweh which is which and he looked over to the side he switched to be lifted them the beer. Because Tom's a little head. The bears didn't. It would Tom drank we all know what it looks likely chug a beer in the fullness left and a glass Kobe had no idea theater gear Grady Judd bits and you said before the tree can jump up. The death that he is a. Master that if you look at SE Mikey Reese little Mikey yeah sent out to relate a couple years ago he did this whole pretty easy deal as a months ago the story tell the story that we're told. Yeah but it was in it was in it was in Reese's stories about Brady memory we are given all the way up as he left on my sort you know what's awhile he retrieves music the other words like all about she does not want to give our time because he left euros or got a lot of but my point is so yeah me Hoyer told a story about how Aaliyah gets stuck in I think buffalo went detonated a ball going out he was. Cha gonna be there. I think that guy listen I know he looks like he's done you know not human and he's like you know a gift from god but he's the guy drinks beer or one. Lou though I think Kent cold beer at the sleepy did and they do you know that's and no I don't do it knew of no moment you don't but the glass down and you know because he he switched them around. And one had a little bit of fun and I'll say this snowball Tom with the old drinking beer and everything else. That man wanted nothing to do with stronger now. He sees based music really seriously. Is innocent really at this disgusting look in his face like. He really gonna make me eat strawberries right now citi's any any it is he hates rob Audi heatstroke and there there are usually favored further oil that's the case that he doesn't like I thought they were unhealthy for some reason I should look at what he does it actually because it LA lakers back to restrict let me set thinking eat this great fruit. Hatred of sugar and Lucy MySpace and play three and grapefruit coconut and it despise. I want I don't know if you told us here and I want to do oh what's you degree from Null and well just just try to once I just attribute on the ice. This and that's when I do as well of the Q&A lot of monitors a high degree. Bucket and drink a glass of milk run all of that nasty combination. On on earth great group none other than a grapefruit and and a little you are great we just put an aggressive Tiffany glass their glass on Hughes. The nasty coconuts on a balanced harbor I mean I'm reading your blog it's one of those things or maybe like you know kids. I get that maybe he got sick one day like this the stomach bug rectory he likes strawberry you ruled strawberry all the place. And they can remember a time intolerance instituted in the story time. I got so wasted and some frat house ball our treaty Koehler that I couldn't do ridiculous for overly like seven years could have a Margarita can add anything. Think the. Yet it's a bit of alcohol he's had that smelled stays with you. So resilient your own eyes and welcomes back and appeals to me that's what the strawberries are for him. Mean anyone knows what a night out I've heard say this before that even as a kid I don't think it has anything to do with the TB twelve men. Don't know part of the smell. That's springtime. The sound as. What is why are okay I'm. Well I know part of it and knowledge is it's soft you want no part of tennis and just started that the authorities thought most of them now that story. For Tom Brady and it's obvious what he wants to do right now he wants to promote the brand. But would be a good idea to have your handlers make sure. That the research is done by the host of the show. You need to know which. Kobe had no idea what the hell he was talking about he brings up the book he doesn't know what its name of the book doesn't know donate them or if you're doing embarrassing if you go to. If you got promoted that the Brady does not do these things. This is a rare appearance by him on late night talk show. If you want to do it and you're going to promote your brand and that's what you wanna do and that's what Brady is all about right now promoting their brand is evident by numbers are all just. Then what do you make sure you sit down with cold beer if you gonna do this thing you're a big huge star you're great get for them as a late night talk show guest. You make sure they know the appellate talking about. Then diet what is that what is it seemed to two to twelve method. Well look it and there's another side of the attitude only because I agreeing probably shouldn't read the book if he's gonna come on but. Elect playing dumb you just basically just get him to explain what it is faith which is what you want thank you write quite honestly what I'm one double what is his TB twelve think partly I'm about it they're needed an answer the questions for Brady you superiors say. So what does it take you have it up continue what does that he neutral yeah hydration is really important. I think that's one thing that yet you gotta have that OK so how much hydration we talk and and are you always in the bathroom that's a lot no. What's your body adapts and your body adapts you don't need to goes off and I think that's a big kind of misnomer. That if you drink a lot of water yet tequila that seems like physics though. There's got to build your heart is out. House over time your body and yeah he's either of that bathroom. Not that I want to ask you guys you don't have disputed it due to the died almost all countries cannot leave it. I've done it before okay where you sit there drink a gallon a day all in all day. All night. Two and he says he invited to ask which of planet bigger how that works on what is your body soak it up because decrease of more I don't exit two zones. I don't like no way. There's no way no way you can you can denounce I'd never heard that your body adapts. Shoot the amount of water that you. You drink electric and water some. Public regular at William and avoiding. You know getting summer you've I've learned that Miller I don't buy an editor a lot of stuff that's really a little little shaky. But but this is what Tom's gonna do. This is Lou you know getting in and pushing and promoting. And he'll get the opportunities as everybody will want to get money short so you you talk about lake OK so did you you talk about good. There are good appearance. Ellen Maxwell all like that we should we look better than no I'm sorry it and it adds I just I just for so for Brady for the Bert for the the level of celebrity he is I thought it was pretty weak and wanted to do a whole light usually it takes a share offer them like that when he's around a counterterrorism did you. But what it wants and what if I don't think he's great birdies on Colby as if she's relatively Jesus is ugly and always looking for this in view went low that people forced to Paula as late as I said I don't think col Baer was ready. For the interview to begin any kind of a cellular calls is so I. Of oil as odd that let's go and a bit. Maybe that he that he brought to juggle water's always a lot of water hole hitter I have a jug of water. You don't agree. I haven't had beer and let you know it's a pop music by Gasquet were well to look liability outlook has emotional Palin but my shirt and you knew besides I'm I'm a. Think that really you think he really brought the TB twelve looks like you that I I just watching me and why you're going on tomorrow on it brings of the book at least five times. And where's the part we it's always able talk about water the worst or talk of liability. Is right after the massage center. The young quarterback yet couldn't throw the ball because my arms were my arm my elbow was so sore and the problem was. The muscles in my form in the muscles you know in the above my form in my advisors that were so tight. Yeah it was pretty so much pressure on those tendons in my. Number how was in the massage and then you because he's my quarterback yet feeling from the so that's long and that's long I don't pressure on that on the elbow so you saw these. Players are always have trouble pronouncing got that they would just. Work on some of these things to be a lot better I think we take a break. That's true that's that's that's 100% accurate but that's an Obama look at some sort of things that need a shoulder and here's the problem that's RT beat twelfth. That's that's there at the end of this break it up like the front runner but they've been invented yet it isn't like all right these TB twelve flight. You know a metallic pitchers should try this. But if I was a picture was stress in my elbow. I would get massages a much forums and massages on my triceps and bison. Which what they've been doing for twenty years forty years I don't know the fairness to him little I don't think he's claiming that they reinventing the wheel here. That a lot of the stuff incorporated is just normal stuff hydration what a lot of people realize that but the popular real you know and watches and elect Obama godly TB twelve hydration and and massages and stretching stretching out well that's what he's trying to Primeau right now but it it's. Again it's not it's nothing new with what he does that works for him but a lot of people do list I thought it illustrates what most people. Do the filming asked every guy's their baseball does that. We love him in New England people love him here he's adored. He's the most popular athlete maybe the most popular athlete knowing little fall time are people gonna get sick and tired of the ski B twelve stuff is if you travel the next 23 years. As a quarterback. He's going to be talking about TB twelve he you've really is and what. He's buying into it hook line and sinker I think he's gonna be very successful with that because he's got himself as as an example of being able to play. At a high level at a at an advanced age. People gonna get sick of focus discourse that they aren't breached of people. Yeah okay but so I would say lash it was probably a good indication of how often you would hear about it during the season. Did you hear about it a lot right you heard yet some different you know. Yet top commerce is time you do well sadly my feet would I don't agree with Kirk and telling him. He wound to the police ballad about you but that's OK so I would say personally that once the season starts. He stops actively. It's not pursuing but actively selling stuff himself is it something the book comes out and dug a book that's yet. I don't think you'll see among those with upload your daughters this time that's what watts yeah and and we'll just what you spotted it and and he didn't really promoted really talk about it and even ask what it was all about. The season the goal and so once so I think you'll see that but. I think we but he didn't settlement effort example. You know getting ready for the playoff game where Alex Guerrero is working on him in the luxury box in what was that episode five and then an episode sixty doing the acupuncture done to date to the to the cut the cut looked awful. Yet ousted the acupuncture and almighty god Tom was able to perform at a high level. I think this is all to promote. I am an item but that's that's. Obviously yeah of course it is but I don't understand why it's enough. Why is my as a surprise nonpublic visiting a it was a surprise him saying are people going to get worn out when that. He's going to beatle lecturing them about this because this is his true love going forward. I this is his business this is what he wants to do this is his passion he's he's admitted that he said that many times. A people going to get sick of it because how often do we sit there and people say just go out there and and play the game stop that don't lecture me don't tell me what you gonna do just go play the freaking game. I think he's gonna hear more and more of this stuff because he's really start to throw it up and might be driving Belgian. A little of that I was gonna say 96 people. Is it is it aggravating bill may be. You know I still think that there's still leaves a little something hits it is there's tension there between them. And I still try to you know that even that Tommy covered talking about that final episode commerce is time and you know showing that there is some frustration. Again we talked about that thing came out the thing that jumped out to me was how that whole thing ended. You know with Gisele talking about he just wants to be appreciated. I won't have to want to know if he tells me I love it so much I just I'm going to work at it and yeah appreciative to have fun. They are everybody talked about it the other rest of the day after came out you know and he had full edit control of that and he wanted that in there. In the way he ended it talking about conviction. You know yeah I think that and now wonder if bill is soreness in his saying I liked you better when you were football player. Just a football player you know and listen in time does does things annoy you everybody changes bill changes pump changes. I think Tom is change I think bill is changing and I just wonder if if he's not sit. Say can we just can we just about the football yet to read too much into into all of this stuff and I know people are doing at ground showed up on the last episode. And he's on the phone and it makes sense at the time because you've got the crew in the car. He's talking to crock has grown just had a concussion during that game. And suddenly because growth is included in that I'm hearing people say all there it is he wants grown to get more money he wants gore to be back pictures of ways including wrong. The in this episode. It isn't it more about. The crew happened to be there they were in the car they liked the scenes in the car where he goes to the phone talks the somebody. And I happen to be grown and grown just got can cast than I did. Now you're and it just so you know. I if you need any. That was a miracle of us winning without you rather just say you know I'm that was. I think it's a stretch that we're taking that little. The bite out of the out of the documentary. People suddenly say it's a radius try to convince the patriots that we need to have grown I mean. I think I fart that's and that's reaching but I think it's reaching that last the last part of that old except that he said it at all win win these same piece of the week. After the suit and all day after him because he's saying different stuff like the cold air stuff he can throw away they need it you know when did the retirement or whatever you know. And he did the same thing with Michael Strahan really was kind of a throw away. It's not like he was giving any hint in the two interviews he did yesterday. That you know he's thinking about retiring thinking about walking why. I think we're soul cognizant of everything he says now that we're. We're trying to two which had to get the message cool it's hidden in a bottle where is it where's the message or whatever. It is a different. When Nicki don't he doesn't post game interview a drunk is a it's your ball that you know reaction to a question. That maybe he's not prepared for or going on a TV show you know a month after Super Bowl and and just knowing how to handle a question. At the different stream that. And putting year old little fifteen minute thing together on one of FaceBook that you have complete edit control. That you know they sit there it's agent Zell said this do you wanna put in there. Because it I don't wanna I don't wanna put in that I wanna be appreciated just wanna have fun. Don't go a hall honey wanna end this thing you know so he had complete control. And sat there for weeks. Before you put this thing out and it's been you know over a month before I put this thing out. He had plenty of time to take stuff out put stuff in that is completely different. That is that is like sending putting up and whatever message you want you putting it out there for good reason I. You have answers those questions and have to be worth a lot of conviction. You know when you lose your condition and you question doing something else and Talladega. He but he talks on north and he talks a lot. Like that. And he gets tries to get philosophical but yet the music and at the video yet highlights and yet you had the family. There's somebody added elements to what I think that's more than filmmaker. Than it is anything else was annoyed this was elitist and this was this was a really. Slick. Well done. Doctor and a lot of threaten absolutely but if you sorry that you thought all go to for reasons if you saw all six pieces. As one document you would sit there go all my guy that is an excellent otherwise. It was also extremely expensive. To. Reduced there's NFL forty engineer he takes some of that stuff out it changes that the the feel of the of the movie. They spent a fortune on this thing just the rights to get NFL VD video and film is off the charts. Roy and that always surprises. You know about this partnership at least that is that you would have won two minutes and it cost 13 on 3500 bucks for two minutes of at a time. Yeah they were and they were strict as Hamachi Kenya and it could all write in you were using older stuff he couldn't use stuff with in the last. Seven days in the NFL it's so strict. A bit and they have lawyers. Who go out and monitor. Hardly pressured him NFL is unbelievable. Little over NBC. Yeah but I think it's at and in news if it's in news show it's a regularly scheduled new deals you can you can play the highlights but if not yet by the package and it's a specialty shows centered on the baseball show and let's say it was NFL weekend on Sunday you can't run as the highlights and what you pay. The Major League Baseball when I. You have to pay NFL if you do what he's doing a documentary the documentary is going to be seen by millions of people so fortunate. He put a lot of money into this. And if you look at it obviously FaceBook is is paying for some of those could be getting eyeballs on on FaceBook they're paying for good portion of I just think need to it will regionals Mario I think I think it was so well done it's perfect. For his brand is chosen as the family. Well it's it shows us is that it's a great advertisement on bringing out their first down near and it Kirk cousins is gonna be doing one is gonna document. His free agency you know the off season. Sole right away gonna sit there and say we'll show I watch it. What's the first thing you say about Brady was really good regret that he was we rich because it was Tom Brady but it was really well done. And punished and Kirk cousins and his path the word from Washington fail every ends up a Gabby eutectic is that that was really good. See that's the thing is that it is there even is Kirk cousins and then draw. Is it like it did it without it there's needle mover of people because hey there's nobody spell. In a well an opponent or does stuff like this all the time they have with rookies fellow rookie that they like or five different guys in the page document that are you know there draft experience com by amnesty is over all the way to the end. And and other players I've done it also ideas. As to elect you know Brady's obviously one off situation were Kirk cousins like dynamite they might look at that one. IA but it's just interest in the in this. In the product I mean let you go hard knocks the first came on you like man that was really good. And then next year they announce the team you like you know what I don't knowledge thing it teams it is but. It was so good last time I wanna watch. Now it's sort of I don't know I mean our knowledge did you learn it any more does it had a couple bad ones in a row but the product was so good it was so interesting. That no matter what the team was used a kind of drawn to it so it's I mean isn't different she Tom Brady and Kirk cousins obviously the interest is going to be as high as any any no jealously is well done. It's you know a sign that bill is done Embree has done you know that's you know that's going to be. When the patriots decide to do hard knocks it won the last camp that already don't edit that you resign Marlon Byrd question. All that's a great question and I would not even a question of state. But we were talking about this yesterday and he used his brother Kirk cousins we'll have appeal it won't have the appeal with Tom Brady yes I. But I think you're gonna see more and more of the stuff that's why Brady's business with Strahan. Will be extremely successful. Because. Athletes can portray themselves the way they want to portray themselves in May be why it may not really pretty accurate. But they're gonna be able to present themselves directly to the public the way they wanna be seen. Be perfect for David Price of I'm David Price. I lock ones right now are operating in straying and I say what can you do to clean up my image and you want these documentaries. To get people who think I'm human should go to Roger exactly. And more more guys are gonna do it because if you could eliminate the middleman. The guy who's actually that the media person. Who's trained whose Ashe asking difficult questions that you don't wanna answer or you don't answer properly. You you left you make yourself look totally different in the eyes of the public. We're gonna see more more that's on the Brady did a great job this thing for mountain now is it a true portrayal of Tom Brady. Probably not. Do we not maturities. A maturity is it shows you the good side there's nothing that shows you any of of of you know any wrong doing any any of the other side of Tom Brady show like anybody else he's human right. Because you don't. Allot more vending only. Newly inserted him but he was important that they open up the curtain falling right we got a lot of stuff to like to get to during the course of the show 6177797. Many 37 is our phone number it's always available to you. I don't know if people are at home where they are my guess is you're you're at home today. But we do phone number are we to take uncles at 617779793. Cents. That's you Glynn who flew in Christie's weight Berlusconi importing any sportswear and you don't. This past couple seasons there's been politics mixed in with our football. Do you when you see the players kneeling on the field do do you know what they're nearly four or or does it have. Have no resonance for you what do you what do you think when you see that. Yep week. On our team there wasn't too much of that city I thought it brought up a lot of healthy discussion locker room. And you know I think the great thing about sports and brings a lot of guys together a lot of guys from all over the country from all different backgrounds and cultures and I have such a healthy respect for the guys that I played with. It's great to hear their stories to obesity can respected there they're need to express themselves yeah okay there. I thought he I'll have editors and it's sort of there listen good Smart diplomatic answer now behind Tommy related but what an idiotic quake do you know what they're kneeling for. Are you Smart enough to understand. That we had social injustice. That's what he's still. And we don't you know his whole political gain that it's all cold air show is. Every night is you know an hour within an hour and a half we just beat the crap out of or an hour. Beating the crap on track. So pretty so it was Kennedy's yeah Brady could he could oppressed could have pushed a little bit could've it could've and probably. He could. I'm a number of years now they've come on the show notes that while this book and bonds do you know what the air and deal mean for Mike why am I saying it's slowing down so you can't understand. Editing and my question is. Once you start drinking that amount of water how long does it take your body took it just so you don't we Campbell to return Campbell to get home. Are back maybe braces get an extra amount that we maybe. Guy like his ideas I view of the if you work it out all the time injured in that much wanted to go to spring training a payment of what the bath. You know to -- morally arrogant so damn water Regis she's what did -- I should not different game maybe just for media and work toward bilateral with you because obviously he doesn't sweat you don't you don't let our guard you have those wetlands manager that was awesome plane off of the the appearance last night. I saw this tweet actually from a Casey are still cast any tweet a picture of comments that Tommy Botox has been layoff the injections guys gone falls and let him. And I got to admit yet there's something going there in a wrinkle in this fail he's doing satellite expression he gives and you look at Edmonton and I don't think there's any doubt for a little problem with it because his wife Gisele and I'm sure she'd literally has the best person in the world. Guarantees do. Some stuff for the first unlocks first a first of all if you look at the early episode out I mean none and no I've I've shut down and watched the whole and it used to reasserting its research on this. I might be age that are I watched in cycle I have. I watched the whole. Tom vs time saying last night that wanted to see the whole thing again and from beginning to wind it was the sort of a refresher if they were idols didn't notice that early on in the early episodes they'll like these crow's feet which is a normal thing that happens as UH aisle you a little ideological and ankles up sometimes to have and I did notice it when I did follow up by watching the Strahan peace and Good Morning America and then last night's cold there are sure to work that you've gone. While she affiliate Dag you got the kids up at school now would you anticipate now not that anything with with Botox that the thing that I'm actually issued to symbol. In the snow. Sponsor announced that you in two hours today and yelling and now yeah on the you'll know pretty reasonable like. I appointed to overturn the idea that you cross over that Bryant is a regular time. You really your Democrat level on her popular idea Terry Glenn with the title agents on the show exactly please okay. Arnold younger than both of yeah you're. There's a community of dusty. The body is used to eat poppy cheat they view it on the money I think you bunch of money. I tell you one easy quick passed away to make you look at least ten years wrinkle free green I noticed she ain't your mustache. It must death. Accidentally talked about my MO I don't live again up in a bit odd that you didn't feel it was an odd man. I don't know if we. Just. Yourself of that like six wrote that it ought. Both watch and remove this actually I think that I think you should start it's a must that public good lies it's looks good to let us not look like he was under thirty he ripped. Right now I'm gonna take it and why does it or hate facial I can honestly my body almost as well in case I just feel like it's a crutch. Well I just. If approach. Crutch for wanted it it's like. Your your insecure about something sort of facial hair did you like like masculinity my bill they must aside I hate I'm like I'm sort of insecurity that's going on with anything deeper and I don't know. I change is not Lugo made you lose. Especially here at all times it just moves it around on its feet longer shoulder the odds you know brown next day. And just like any I don't know what does everybody's pretty useful or that's that's that's that's that's what I need you bet you're the best talking about the best looking I don't mind and actually all the people that aren't as. Yeah yeah I shake my head also I didn't know recycling plant outpatient interstate at that nobody manages to use their air for the local patient after the looking elect you know what not bare bones shoot at nobody here. This idea would not be a trip exploring want to Monday without as much shut out of my time. I'd that you're going if you don't look HU good looking it's. You can't blast as a method of Finland's great complexion and wonderful and are you out of it alive he's witty. Are we don't. As you know why it. Agassi from a smarter. Daniel van Tyson and it's about November. Politically honestly acknowledge what a lick of good that something is nearly. Celtics go to the NBA guys a little edgy. The stand a much hidden stash of plastic eggs and again how long and I don't look Allenby had flown to say put it on and off on a price on how you ever seen on highlights of its been off okay you work here how long it's never been off yeah for short periods of time and I don't I don't agree we have none of them would lose you know you. Built up well you know normally I don't believe that your it is written as a bit later that's only god of the air road I liked it could be that's as everybody think Stephen Hadley cancer winners pregnancies is. British eight I edwards' for just the owners some things that erupted in itself as a lot things go to make the can be found appreciate it seems like if if like tiger he's tiger wins the masters usually so that it was a match I don't know you. Shop the Bruins in the content. Yeah shot I know you for Jimmy Fund. You do it is and what you play well he's now the dollars at age your monthly schedule wouldn't you say what you do that for the wouldn't believe we're gonna do it will do it during the as the original we will yes yes radio tell somebody like that in public you. Locke that he does it reaches that she shakes his head in my head and that was good shape I was occasionally I had yeah. If you she used ash who. If for the Jimmy Hart in August I don't they don't really hard on arguing it was I am I. I'm real he's got a grows hair and beard. I got it again that are not possible. I think right now or we go totally on. It's not just because I don't know 116 of some in the honest facial hair and challenging because I've tried multiple times here Don Rhodes doesn't basement I think you know like he'd be. Well I mean that's why just pure animosity that why you just are usually not a pizza and hamburgers hot again it gutsy bat. That back I can we go to vote on the telephone calls to regular Broncos welcomed him. I'll we have some open lines six wants to know segments of the a book also we've had a 7937. We have open minds if you wanna join us if you get nod and it's hard out there we're here. Here's Kevin in Greenfield what's up Kevin. They guys I'm thinking back back to document our opinion Tom Brady makes a document report retired. Migrated later to any game that he thinks that he is the greatest the all time. Out publicly or privately. I think now. Publicly he's not gonna say that privately scan the belief. Got a great eagle to what you're checking relative. That you can't be that good. And not have an eagle on not think that you're the greatest or you perform every day you use it clear motivation privately at rating is he so our drug. As new and previously in and. Yeah a dozen religious right now. And it would your tires can be a boost he's gonna get a gut and he's gonna be a mess is talking he's assertion at the news see episode five and was surfing. I don't play probably was sentenced Wellesley zero ACC slot for I don't ever for UT averted if you ever been Costa regional yes ever. But I like it like it's like. It's like it's Pacino serpent in the Waikiki. Rate that every wave is lightly you know to be and it lasts forever. Did you really and because I heard a lot of people come to some conclusion. Based on the documentary. I'm whit whether Brady's going to retire here sooner or not most people were saying who they could sooner rather than later. I watched it again as I told you guys again last night and it says an awful lot. I don't see only year I see either way here another effect when you hear the two interviews he did the 1 a Good Morning America and then lost and told there. He almost says just the opposite. Signaling here three days after you get might choose worked on my phone. You know what we're doing this or. You know. What are we doing this for Hutus were far reaching and as soon for the documentary he got answers those questions yeah it's good being with a lot of conviction. It's so when you lose your condition and you question do something else and so meaningful. And now see in the background. Now why is India with. Round and I'm not done yet he didn't but he probably didn't when he ended in two and you of this thing that like somebody else produced and edited this thing this is palm breeze project okay. The fact that died to meet the most telling thing is is is which is also I think he looked being appreciated having Fun League he has full control not appreciated. Well yeah. Appreciated his wife. Is talking about how he just wants to be appreciated have fun why would she say that if he's never ever said that to her first waited up. I think that he'd left it in the document pretty. Do you like in figure that. I can't figure it out because a person that I just think that what he's doing is he's trying to make a great documentary. And he sounds like it's very meaningful I I really don't think there's much to know what. I don't think there's any sign in there that he suddenly he's changed his mind and he's got a retiree in it to get a good example of that. In the last episode he said this off season is gonna be for my family. I will bet anybody. He does the exact same things in this offseason that he didn't last offseason that's go to LA and work out go to Montana and work out. He will do the same thing he seems to be a great Family Guy great dad I'm sure we'll spend plenty get on with the kids. But how is it gonna really. Changed on this offseason suddenly. I like and no other as a result like this house of like white tennis hours you. It just makes you now wanna go to work brilliant and really a situation. It's when let's assume element gone. And dole is gone glanced soldiers gone draw is gone. Sweet feed is gone sold from an energy he's flowers remember that transition there's this weird transition where. He went from having all his boys here to have been nothing but a bunch of rookies and reach a wide receivers. And a tight ends that it because grunt was heard all these new faces that he didn't know. And although the original crew the first group of of guys like them who brave bulls of the world. At all left so all these relations of these great relations that he came up with in the leave. Like they were gone the next I remember I sat down to sit down interview with them and I remember going. Nothing in common with these guys any ATP didn't he he was he was married and having kids. You know they were younger did you know what you're doing there's a lot of frustration and ever going that alone. We'll soured you on wanted to go to work. A total work at layers as you boys aren't there. You don't have any stories to tell it you're not really like really want it in emotionally invest in another relations when you are additionally your gone differently now forty. Dwight emotionally invested some activity showed up MIA. Let's hang out like I know I don't be happens I think when everybody's gone. He meat may be the last person again with the second wave of guys BM doles of the world you know all the Lyman of the world to deepen the players of but he put the neck of riches of the world. I think that. To me is could be part of there were numerous times go through the episodes and all six of them. In which he talked about being around the guys having fun. So it's kind of interesting that she says that at the end but if you go back into a pick with you didn't regain. And they were showing the Denver game and that was episode four or five I forget which one it was. But he was talking about how much fun it was and these guys are really got it together I think we're gonna run the table or really far I haven't fund now he's talking about the stock. I think or reading far too much into it it's something that he said at the time that was picked up by the filmmaker. And it's been thrown out there so if you're days after the Super Bowl. In Europe probably. I'm just feel that downs that was just sad and thrown in by the filmmaker of that fellow citizens don't think Tom said Luke who finally is it yoga and it. Well I think the filmmaker probably citizenry great rating and Tom Tom wanted to put together great documentary I only Tom is trying to send anybody in message. I don't think that's what this is about I think he's trying to sell his product he's trying to that that the the the documentary guy came to him and said. We're gonna present you in the best light and that's what he wants to do it it it more as I gathered in that area. I think I think it was a clear message. There yet that he beat me into going back to goes back to wicker sham article that we all felt like. There might be some truth in there are some things that aren't true. And I do think the appreciation haven't fun thing just like we are same thing about gras this year. They really have much fun to shoot tough year for him I think the same exacting the Brady is if not he would have edited acting out. The conversation that Gisele talking about him being appreciation fund that's all I think you would have also ended differently if you want it to do what the filmmaking he had full control that day. Can we do this can we go back and look at the Tom Karen piece about crop is I've heard this from numerous people now. Who have claimed as you just stated that he wasn't having fun if I remember correctly in the current pace. Concept that he was not having fun back in August. And that was an issue with them and they grow up late Iran said he was having fun during the course of the series for a so now we're taking a quote that he had in August things we're not good in August saw was going on probably fortune over the Guerrero and whether he can use Guerrero or not vs the trainers. And in some issue going on and he was not happy not having fun but later on I was. Remember reading this to current said. That when he talked only to want during the course of the season he said he was having an awful lot of fun so that's what I say we're picking and choosing. It's things that guy say at certain times I don't think it's giving us a broad picture of all of this stuff I don't think Tom Brady. Is gonna suddenly change his mind and walk away next year the year after that it's going to take. A major injury is something for him to walk away from the game or for him defiantly fall off that cliff. I think when he walks away. It's going to be friction between he and Ian bill and it's not gonna end well. May not get the whole story but I think when he walks away is that that's it you know I'm done I just I don't wanna deal with it. Billed as a wanna deal would mean right now Ottawa to deal with this and I'm walking away. That's electricity here's why I could build here's why don't think that's going to be the case and I'm not saying that there isn't tension from time to time between the coach and quarterback. Because I'm sure their wrist. He made his decision this past year. To move on from Jimmy to rappel. Who Bill Belichick might have favorite having around here because he looked at it and said I can extend his run a few years if Jimmy Iraq policy. They had to have the conversation. Crash certainly had a conversation with Brady and how long you gonna be around. As we got to make a move we got to do something. And they made the move to deal Jimmie to rappel out of your something don't want it so now we stuck with Brady whether he wants to or not. Why would you suddenly look at Eaton usually try to drive. No I think he wanted grapple I think I've I've told you that a bird for people. Around him that he loved a problem on the other guy that he loves Brady and hope he wants to throw Brady out yet but now we stock Brady. So if he wants to be successful going forward. He's got to embrace this brief thing. And just suddenly played the like the spoiled kid I didn't get what I want and that's what I think a lot of people portraying it. That to me is not Bill Belichick on the spoiled kid now I can get what I want somebody Brady on that on the (%expletive) all over Brady and make Brady's life difficult. Well it pretty walks away. You have grapple backing them up so what do you do well. That doesn't make much sense committee bill Smart. I'd 6177797937. Right here on wall. Back to Mora to jocks I like working with Josh is you can. A little bit and number we go on Sports Radio WEEI. It's not that bad right now as a source is terrible it's terrible things. It's out there. You were a good place where his studio. There homogenous that we don't show that we're seeing highlights on TV of of transformers blowing up in trees blowing up and itself indicate there was foul yet. I lost power just goal off an uncle that veco and its commission probably aren't getting a judge should leave now and then let's just play for real admiral. Literally just put flow I'll get the hell out of here they aren't they. Between right now we can pretty much doing what yeah yeah. Nobody's nobody's really there's a lot of the military or roads or just people out there listening to an island like here's I mean if I would like impossible ghost I would hope we like to hear from the plow guys. I actually talked cycles on thinking that does yeah I think they don't actually get to talk to my guys Sabena. Okay who make sure. Guys of the notes is named pets and being so we are allowed back into the house the camera back around 3:34 o'clock maybe she puts all the way to the girls. A way that they had some like yeah now the garage that's it if yeah with your chair. Who. Shares my condolences to him and it's amazing how little things to distract us all the little things do you think he's escrow. I just Fargo and tomorrow we'd certainly be good little things that a little things you brought the Botox from Britney. You know they read into it oh yeah. Sure and then the response right now people like firing back where they Shane of their very offended that it was a lot of money in lifestyle can do this guide tweeted out a pitcher. It was ridiculous he looks the same as he did his rookie year. It's a that and all that women and the had a cleft in his not used to use little pudgy face he's been doubtful when you skin looks the same Tony one is does when it's forty. If you evidence if you idealism if you're one of those Botox people and you put pictures up in your office don't you. Do that though would you take a picture of somebody Tony and somebody of forty is able to practice because he inject him with Byron Nelson responded to a I don't know the sequence of report final that was sarcasm coming from him because of just so used to it now that's a good point. To defense of brilliant so used right you'd be tweets Twitter SARS a lot of hope he's being sarcastic and because she maybe you'll also whenever it was I. Is any good levels like before and after pictures you know Selig we lost people like me do the before picture. They're like all like the oral song could over the shoulders O'Connor ruled over the backs bowed up and the other of their pasty white mayor Harold they're chest and it airs all messy. The after picture they are hand is Hal Baird are standing straight with great posture that's been my hair cut their hand. And they're and they're happy as I feared there's no beer yeah it's like transformation. There's edited some you candy salon he shaved it I got a haircut and of course he lost some way but he did it pan that because it also Lleyton got 88 bail out. Paired not done. You just an absolute no worse than I do I do love I. I do think that. Tom looked different from the early episodes of Tom vs time so maybe we're just seeing something that doesn't exit naive as ABC. There may be it's the filmmaker. Wanted to Mary to myself you might she's got going on sure. They've both Syria and we don't have anything against her nanny is probably charge of it probably did hired the best whatever personally do it needs is hired him as part of a close look at it this way if Tom Brady spends all of this time and effort in researching all of this stuff. To make his body younger. Why wouldn't he try to make the exterior younger as well yeah. I did for him. Is not to look like he's forty he doesn't want people to look at him as if he's forty years of so why would he do stuff like their Botox chapter in TB twelve math I don't think so no. I don't thanks. I don't think. That's. Now I am looking to. Already kind of seated if I mean if you are you going through words obviously just assuming this disabled list I'd. Article right. Is that Jose hypothetical if you want to explain to me that again and that's how delusional aggressive I think you're don't you're afraid they all say something negative. Pretending to engage. Or. Is I used to live without that you know three desperate and where he and yes sir great replacement athletes it was you know plane you know in all music you'll explain his team to work. What team we're talking about you know I did was say hypothetically that you shouldn't say that also I just stinky everything in life should be type of that you don't possibly drives me nuts like that you purely the people who do gates. What's personal. I'm looking at this isn't so much based on the public not only out alleged I think he's I don't mean I consider it straddles I'd say is I just there's nobody gets more. I think they have yet another night all to weed out these pictures of you back to Colorado Brazilian changed a bit and I gotta admit a ball as one pictured you. In uniform in your pitcher Liu Tai Colorado. Did you look like Cam Newton. Iran and other question do you just like in new nets and I'm not a lie about it if you look like him and close US look like you actually are sixty different things you know you are yes I am that's out documentary. I can't do and I think they know exactly like here and here based. Players don't do. What do you do it earlier in college you're taking your year your mug shots mug shot. You try to make your debt look bigger get smaller and I'm sure it's monitored eighteen to seventeen. And you put your head back like this got so you so looks like you object neck might run. And he's he's looks exactly like him doesn't notes or it's just so I just looked like great looks exactly like them you wouldn't alien act against the economy and I don't have a little out of you don't Anna Marie EU. On an Oakland when you have a I don't even accurate and act like them that they don't do a little is finally shooters -- Brady was worth much in the evening a mock turtleneck yes I did notice any program on that yet since that you keep on knocking the dial pretty doesn't you know I don't Brady wouldn't you have it I'm telling you mark journalist and Botox Botox it's totally different. At. A guy you can. Do all of this when. When it when you when he has the added do you think that it's false advertisement. Flatly if your. You can get all eyes. Are getting. It says they. Yeah it. Funny. Not. Funny. About it in the market the previous. I guess adults yet. I would would you wanna I forget when and some sort of you know now if you have available anywhere they want a little over an hour ahead of them and it's not due to keep me at this great thing I don't like outbreak you know I credit whatsoever. Entity and they'd break right okay had no idea what you know what we're outraged around more. People describe it usually major headaches and story time. Which I'm Elena glory due to several guys on tells you all the stories I was terrible stories of how awful this story I got more stars anybody to tell us a look at modcast right now. Yeah is this where you guys got late on a road. Never well. And little to our house doesn't have power was edited.