OMF - Dion Lewis joins the long list of athletes who want to be "appreciated;" is that a bunch of BS? 3-16-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, March 16th

HOUR 2 - Glenn thought that Dion Lewis took a shot at New England by saying he wasn't wanted. Do pro athletes really want appreciation, or is it all about the money? OMF wonder if Bill Belichick's coaching methods have become outdated?


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Are you ready. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty might do pulls into just. I was a big if not that's exciting. I do schools and is in that bracket you know little little Elisabeth that I'm of a problem with the coup and Lou and Christian planet players feel like. But they don't get respected enough and they feel miserable about what's going on a lot of it does tie around Alex Guerrero again. Do I just so we're just as possible then a local golf because it just I think it shows an auto respond to a fourteen of home pretty sure they want Lawson though. The question about some below 52. No like I say it was before his desire closer decision might never questioned thing Bill Belichick. Make you decision guys could either. Sandwich for eighteen years now all once it's like you can slide it over from a one more time. Through that. Sandwiched muddy. On Sports Radio WEEI. I bet Sarah OM every gruesome probably an hour witnesses for and less on just rejected another one may now be over your shoulder. So continue at least you know pays per partial attention the program can we asked for the Oscars they said lately is that one of those days I love working with you. Connected to city for the next two hours what do you talk let me do all the war and how to swastika he calls it more criticism but he does it how is that it's home it's. We know we always after the show I sat. I mean you name it the Carlyle Sonoma store in the bathroom when Zoe yet as we go your race is so exactly so you mentioned these sources and you mentioned Dion Lewis yes. Not Butler talks on Dion Lewis talked. Now those that can only host the cry wolf he cried the whole time he colonel we got to look at the Euro look at it as. When you know you heard I know you really sensitive now after the meeting that. Yeah I mean that was in his car. It's a pride of why during a football I was cries I don't know just get a big huge contract and a lot of money number you it seemed like he was cried because he thought he was under appreciated nobody appreciated him and he is on like he was cry no identity. Normal manner that I sent a big plots that they don't have OK I just treated on context you must ask ourselves what anyone play. Glad I notice on the way. Play it this was you guessed it 650 meter descended the lowest crying oppressor not appreciated by pacts. Good stuff you don't think that's part. No I don't think and listen to get up considerably stoppage could be business up and not appreciated by pacts that's we're looking for Blankfein. Well he's listened to let let's let's listen to this personal little bit ambulance on us open. Let me. I'm just just talking to whom the known just felt comfortable. I don't wanna be picked it up so comfortable footwear for one it. And this would just awful hair so. So him off a place he feels comfortable placing feels wanted so you. It did your little Psycho analysis of Bill Belichick on the podium with the injury to Brady and you came to the conclusion that he was being quarreled atomic. Restrict an atomic. And you're telling me. That this cry of the almost this again when would he said he wants to feel comfortably wants to feel wanted and want to be. If they feel comfortable folk well fold when it. She's talking about. As a free agent. Analysts eagle it's tyra Mathewson right now. Or go somewhere in the lawless yeah you don't call you don't think that's old slap the don't know pictures didn't feel comfortable didn't feel locked in on a did that the sound that we runner or use already. He's already crying agreed talked about his journey in how appreciative he was. You know to get this contract and now he grew up as a kid he brought his family that's announced that crack. Current weather wanted me so that Islam that's Lewis says 1 person I am today. Now where we're just listed as a slam and is just in doubt real life. Disease and it just fifteen I'll never be bitter for meg and chance for anybody who was you know. They've often that pain when he sees some of those so it is just time period and just keep just keep pushing what are academy to situation right. There's a deep rooted issues with him isn't you know go nobody ever wanted me. Nobody ever wanted me. Is so mean to work or going way back allergy Libya loses personal life as far as he was he's had a million women parents now in his life I don't know that it was it did his parents lately this is our job market and I get I don't know what type. How could put it the reason that that people shied away from him is he was constantly injured. He had major injury problems dating back to college. Now. I don't know what he's talking about or not wanted by the patriots put away the money he's getting a few seemed that the contract this a great deal is that. Eleven million guaranteed yeah. Well dealer in embroidery got to hear ya gonna go to many parents yet and I thought about it I. I thought he was terrific I really I'd love to hear I thought he was a in a major factor. That the seven games he played two years ago the offense had last year all right pedal a whole other level that they could play out and we start this year. But he then we already heard that he was pissing and moaning what did Jardine somebody wrote it. The other day that he was pissing and moaning he wasn't playing at the beginning of the season yes I happily he wasn't playing at the beginning of the season. Because Belichick you can say whatever you want that he uses abuses spindle and mutilate players. But what he was then what is he was looking at I need this guy how much can I get out of the sky during the course of the season. And probably came to the conclusion based on the kids' history a look at it sixteen games up but if I can get. Ten games out of twelve ended the biggest gains during the course of the season is about all these running backs this would be perfect for us. So they managed him through the season. Two to get the most out of the emotions that fair to say. Yeah just thought I thought they weren't using that all because you don't they were dealing him away. Oh I heard I don't know I thought it was if there was one got ready to prove himself unfortunately it was the it was yellow that's always in there I mean news is that nobody wanted to belong to go back a look at so be aware of their wanted me so. That's that's that's for people who just want you to be healthy exactly I think it's deeper and deeper issues and I get it. But justice three years in three years here he's only been finished one year where he played and every single game that's a problem so I mean I hit the fact. That they were really trying to see if he could you know make it. And they played and I'll appreciate they treated him like yet to start all over again and a guy like him. Probably sick. Of continually starting all over again. Proving it all over again it's part of our execution love me now you should be used to be on my side and he should give me the benefit of the doubt now I'm your guy. I got hurt I hurt my knee I don't like what happened to tough. Football players guys like it when I'm your day gave far there's lots of guys insulin to me is only the us is now that's good to me is late. Like this one. I mean just just just my life just just the way I grew up on women parents pushed me I really being looked up to and so and his title which matches. It's emotional. Why you left. But I'm not well yeah you know why you left him making that night and am I wrong math prize. Not a laughing is sensitive I am not relax and you know not yeah. We're so busy schedules earlier this at all yeah. And you ought to pay more to it that you presumably it'll be a grown man see into the Ry cars and OK in front of a bunch of people like. That to me I like that and it goes out among all last. And the show's been a lot of bond that was an arm trying while now coming to work every day because. Good to great thing that in these in what is obviously CC after he. And he doesn't feel wanted by film item 300 and every inning guys some nets and I went out there don't. Have him be emotional is obviously this is I don't know the life he had dated growing up you know I have no clue but he's finally didn't phase get eleven million guaranteed. You don't so I think he's emotionally that I part of my journey. I get that he's been heard an awful lot and it's probably a killer for him being on the sidelines rehabbing constantly he spent more time rehabbing that he actually has playing throughout his entire career. College and pro I can't all of that I get the emotions of it or whatever. But that's slapped the patriots. It's it's. Shot across the bow yeah definitely a good up until a direct hit a good so we go to a team where is he being the primary back. It doesn't feel comfortable now he's not don't want it. Going to be real. It's not going to be primary back now he'll have a similar role like he had and what 2015. A lot of the result of that it's gonna feel comfortable and feel ultimately that has changed and the money hasn't lol. It's it's good lesson that needed this year to slash her hair tonic Kari -- in saying that carries the starting running back so as investors on that ended the third so that's some of the problem I have with this is he's not analyzing the data is money so right now you just it's fun because money I'm happy for. He got his money. And what he's doing is he sick they're getting all emotional and he's saying he wants to feel a place where is comfortable worries wanted and I guarantee you 8910 games into the season. He's going to. Probably think the same thing. Jose is looking back as contractors say OK well how much scared he went my free agent in two years. Because about them not being used here. You know maybe an attorney gets usually have but are now just get paid and for these guys a lot of them to come up bacon that big money but just let this is seriously though I mean. What is there other any free agents and there is a press conference when they get that in new team that are gonna under the words I just wide choose here. Largest sum was does that just want to be wanted to rule. Were team wants me. Pick it up so comfortable a full well fold when it I just think about our battled any and they are losing it breaks down it seemed mostly all what I don't have to tell you let your wind should of laughter senator. Offensive guys guys. Has its own but this is what it's all about. It's all about he's had a rough time he hasn't made big money through the through the years and we sort of come front he's got. Our. Schedule is Doug keeps them lived on for you know I never. And I bomb he's he's finally making money. And you almost would love to hear one of these athletes sit down before one of these microphones. And say. I'm finally get paid thank god I'm finally get paid it is about the money. Because at a level they say it's about the money. What mommy feelings about being wanted to sloppy if comfortable now. It's a pile of money so you don't want the honesty straight. Tell us about the money I applaud the first guy that gets to the podium set is about the money you know it's about what Clark right now. About the money. About you he created a. His normal work again. Sure appreciate it hot spot. I might see you guys tell me you'll have it in your mind this is what athletes do when you guys are ex athletes who know about you wanted to Bobby and appreciate outrage about the economy its US athletes try to tell you what the athletes feeling you like this. So all of it yeah. You're alive they'll be your appetite I guess you're right yeah. Odd ball eleven bray and I was gonna does this all. Got a good guys are playing great he's about the money right now yes. I think he looks around I idiots and I appreciated and I'm not well. It's appreciated what you write him a little card executives wanted you to know Belichick rights cards to everybody handwritten notes on what I wanted should prompt Iran the bradys and again handwritten note if you even think about it that we hear an athlete you think he would candies. About money you think you want fool about marlin flowers and stuff just Tellme tell until I played Little League team and hides a lot of little drills into his own it and it's a variety of the region. Money guy efforts on the money not always you know what everybody wants to make more money not always you know. Yes a birthday he showed back up to work with us what he too hot dogs and you think Q. And thank you for having him back and we wish like he's finally going to be appreciate with the people he loved about it couldn't you couldn't you couldn't stop like hugging me like just to make enough. Number felons or the Jamaican and appears Jerry in a car. The morning gentlemen how are you. So you know a couple things I may. They talk about wanted to be back straight and then the what do you want to do and how they do that they equate it would contract. Contract money. Terms and conditions money money money. Translating really bad but it might they get them because you're absolutely right what I want to. To the podium. And dealt tomorrow at the well why not why you have to be yet because the red candy what I think I was work. Under. Jerry we do for living. The military must is looming next professional journal and rash or you please do for his profession. I am a complete. I you have in your dog walker you have anybody underneath the work that you. And I. He's walking dogs your low low ball so you don't you wanna like. Or or even minutes team. Only god did everything I don't know next. Equating. Should I would be respected guy I want people. Don't disrespect the MR trends. Needing it and money money money money. Great so that is the limit Monique look at the only on the other form god that rocked the Connecticut slot. A mic hole is the only one that I have an issue that. An admission and I'm not a professional athlete well and I and I can't translate my spirit and they that well but. I'm not mistaken. Didn't make a good idea because eight install will stick that would unfortunate and we wanna be compassionate and out there. But it was not all injury injured but in the same time but I want to keep amending injury what. Most you've heard. A dog dogs the walking right now I want to knock them ignite and does not artwork and as he was a lot of dollars and you know she's learning I was I'm only you know I. Unfortunately unlike you we didn't have that body where you could play football and he's at various face to own model areas do TV OK I'm just curious he's got to do midnight labor you're right we don't know. I'll stand you can email and people out there once what did you hit at that doesn't wants. It'll be like I don't. I think it had to do that I here's Karen down on the case by Karen. You can't know you. Good I won't say it I think you're missing at a critical point Tom Brady Bill Belichick issue and I think they have to do with the fact what. Mean Brady to. Entire 100% key true that the leaking and hand and you never saw her work until well check. And that artistic and emotional told. As well as you're dealing with the potential. Black that is not a witch you know we're actually she well they are all weighing on his mind are you going to that's how. And so you know I think he's been very thick curtain because you Patrick Kennedy and you know and look at electric power play. You know you don't want I think that the the situation with the slate Kate who might be legit. And I don't think I would I've price feel the same way is brake heat he did what you've got for the thing at the podium and in any decent gaullist jump. Let that like religion. Yeah I really took a month but I want you carry that for. You and you just for awhile and then. They'll. I want you carry it you're you're very proud of the fact that he. He had multiple trips to New York which Turco you know a tremendous toll on him and you know what else yeah. I would not be surprised though if a bigger part of all of this he's not necessarily respect. Or pat on the back yes it is Dick Clark wants more money because he sees what all these other guys again. Denying that money is one way of showing appreciation. But if you also refuted in a clubhouse never was good guaranteed dollars and be doing baseball everyone's got their money. You know you'll think that a manager's job is to stroke guys' egos some enforcing a stroke more than others. But yet duel everyone. Every gallon at some point some other other you have to. I don't think that's a real part of being appreciated as well. And a guy that calls up there runs his own company has never employers does understand that you can go to any company right now if you got a boss. You're all making your money sure you'd like to get a raise all by the way if he's not gonna give me erase any at least happy and it's free yeah. Actor do we favor as you play professional sports you so much different. Than normal labor you don't have some boss coming in. So all you have to do was watch the hard knocks episodes. Of watching other coaches do you marvel was screaming swearing in as does the leaping out every work. In an insurance office Lou if I'm so they're selling insurance or selling medical sales like yeah for you does on the side. Boss is not coming initially. Let. Us. They don't scream at you. In football they do now it's the nature of the game and you'll know that you how many times you do it on a football field. Or heard anything like that in here on May be new ground but Libyan. Nobody got other places you would love and that's why Albert Beardsley you know quote about an Aqua blue what he was talking about last night about how that philosophy doesn't work. I would say it or does he mean that philosophy how we actually coaches and how we rides guys are how we try to get the most out of them bounce that ball and have a bug or is it. Or is the philosophy that. Guy should appreciate the opportunity that they have here. Right and that they're taking less or their role players and accepting their role that is given to them. Mean attitude to me I think you'll lose guys that way more than he was the other way if the developers things never gonna stop. But the attitude that we're all getting screwed that whole attitude I've band of Brothers. I know you're used in eighty they boarded even signs here right all the guys Jeremy hill who's on a visit here. Other guys that are currently on the roster in your group working to whip up the stuff we should be paid more that cold morning. The whole mentality I think is is something that. He made maybe he's onto its kills them they're gonna in the Super Bowl streak the last slow and as you know life's little and I know and I really need them. But I will say. It can turn in a heartbeat. They get lit it can literally turn a heart beat one guy has an issue that bring the wrong guy I'm I'd only bring the wrong guy and actually you know it. Out of control and yet you are dealing with humans except Brady was a robot. Mom it. Just doesn't but here's where the bird Peru and I've heard of talk about this the last couple days and I'm kind of surprised because he's around the game. Okay he's credible guy who's around the game. What surprises me about his commentators. The DC mayor basically say and that that Belichick's got to change his ways it's been too difficult the way that that they you know he beats up on these guys. That's the team that that's the way it it happens. All of these guys do it even I mean we're hearing Pete Carol. All the players a backlash and certainly Richard Sherman is and I think we're more guys go out of here you're gonna hear the same thing. It's different than an insurance company or where other people. And LB take crap from some guy had bits bitches and bitches and bitches and politics is one little that a boy in you know like at least he recognized what I'm doing. That's all it is but I don't hear him if you guys demand money is my money. I'm fine with a burst of I think it's a crap contract don't treat me like crap on top of if you if I am playing for the money whatever and I think I deserve more. Not a picky crap as well. That's all the patent back you'd think it doesn't matter I I say it does I think that's managing people. And I think at some point if it's not happening enough. And it's obviously not for Tom Brady. That is obvious at this point the man feels under appreciated. Is no doubt in my mind that he does well. Based on our on what I'd like I'd like Tom Brady Q to address that though it would be nice if we could hear you mature as it is not only for every little Medicare or whatever happened to carry it there are a lot of other priorities he put a FaceBook whipping together. Well reaction that is actually I like that that's what I don't like about any of this world being cryptic. Are all doing it the social media and we do with documentaries. We're human beings Toms we're human and it's a doubt yes I'd go about it we should I think they should talk about public yes. And it seems just let you know if he tells me I love it so much I just I'm going to work at it and sure appreciate and have fun. Your wife would probably say the same thing about you here you know I'd appreciate it right if I told about it. Only by older yet while accurate are they gonna she didn't make that I'm not I'm not saying she can't. I'm not saying should but I have. I keep on your employers today to date only adjustable production. In making good mileage figures that ought to learn I think that's part of nothing they just an zero to do know I think he's out of distractions not now I think that's part of making in the filmmaker. Our org are trying to make some aren't here now but I your players are constantly saying now. That so much easier Belichick has softened up. That EST I Richard Branson that lust and MTV. That he thinks that dole softened up they watched movies and you know sit down and and and do motivational stuff together and do. You know he never had it used to help her yeah it's what does that. I think. Arab your your younger you know all made an early early days that that one you resign now I don't that I guess that you think he's gotten softer. That builds on the author of the game has gotten salt there's parts of router routes he is just that the Sudanese. Your scheduling and are talking to Matt Patricia. Years gone amid this whole chain of seagate change doesn't want you. What do you do with all the time like they have the hardest time they have in camp is figure out how to fill it. Because there's so much time has its daytime camp practices into all this stuff. So yeah you neither of you need to figure out ways to keep guys' interest or get back to the phone calls it 61777. 7937. Right here and all and a. On there. I have FaceBook Twitter and it's just grab more of or wade we're loading in 48 bright house Sports Radio WEEI. I don't know if if if duke coach exactly the same way. He coached us I think he's saying some now what these guys and easy he's stuck he doesn't these guys now have a three point she got contest you know during. Campbell whatever go to the movies and Boland. Stuff would have never happened with those night is football got me to the focusing though. And now you have there cater to a different type of player different type of attitude because I used to work as hard as they are. Ali somebody remembers when they were actually play and the New England. You all know me as well as you obviously don't know we had Bill Russell had a little field trip. Bill Russell came and talked to those who broke down to Providence looked as though whole IMAX thing in the casino Bill Russell talk about doing. You know a defense of drills in the middle of the street Texas street signs like that like up and down a flight miles from a mile and motivated you I was like I am inside and out. But he's right about. I do think that the my exit of players. Is different based on you know. How they're treated as far as you know social media what they expect. Saw song but ultimately all the alt the world coach in these guys the same way I have been to one. One one coaching one practice at any of these colleges that I visited. Where the coaches elect directors are reformed he's fundamentally weak now they they they push on. But you know Troy is right as far as I think it's more vague it's it's a timing issue there's so much free time. At. But there are quick aside shifty just tweeted this thing on I think he's got all wrong and what he says former special teams stand out a thinking means former quarterback Jonathan data mostly. I've reached an agreement the Texans to you six point 25 no later on he says but he's also shown ability to play cornerback s.'s face the highest paid special teams player in NFL Adam. He's not a special team bus as a corner that's better than Malcolm Butler only got he got wrong he said he also has shown the ability to play quarterback. Except in the super boy yes. But it won't be eleven San they had just got to supply all our quarterback. Achievable corner for six point 25 the team played I wonder. It is I'm going to be most interest offers a bad. Play the woman winds of one of those India Adrian know what you raskin reporting network is Smart is undergoing surgery or politics but for some strange reason thinks that is a possibility of he could come back in the post season. So leave it for what it is I mean bush is pretty good stuff put them. Ball will leave at that time I've chosen months or six weeks and it's a pain issue I think the pain tolerance and it's found a ligament. It's one of those things where did you notice what that first we can we get back about it about the end of April and you don't want to let Massa won a players read players went you know I'm trying to think are you planning player now. Now in remain amount in the radio world maybe 11 point we we were going public now knows that we will not Hussein no. Yeah just again like I walk out it's you Lou. Poll. The non I would like to say I saw you you slept just as quickly as I did you have smaller lay eggs shortly. So eating into the doors currently night when I left what do you lead screw you then you want. Of quotas when I was right behind you you'll hear enough is enough. Here's this emanated hello Tim. And it's gone up to. I'd like to note that the all of that guys get too sensitive because of the way that Belichick coaches because. You know aside from the plan required to play everything down if you might you might get a 150. Five yards rushing if you're the only one week in and actually you're not in the game plan at all. Look I thought that it sent the current Belichick said are not meet the players it's all about the players the players make everything go. The credit out there generally all of them as single people out directly. And emulate white race could even. Start getting sent the ballot because he knows that ended his career and and it's it's almost over and and that would make anyone that it is sensitive when. You know what you had to single out what you EG. But give me a break guys this. I know it's about the money and it wouldn't happen here like I am good enough the playoffs seem like Malcolm Butler and that you don't but if that was too. Well all kinds of what's going on how much are not good enough. But with him with bill at all. Yeah and the whole thing with a deal Lewis to just these look at his entire career I'm not from the funneled that the guy is actually. A really nice guy. Honest guy hardworking guy seasonally. He's been something. Discredited number we won't show landed five years of generally. Two years affiliated three of the last three years with with doing and his prior to his first four years only a 149 carries. Is last year to about timing or no real and all the guys older. Butler Lewis at a 180 carries and let's not forget about receptions and targeted like that. We had the most what do fifty as far as targets when he put the pats and thousands shorten your does hurt Madden with that what that you would look like the. Designers particularly if he's a good player he's he's he's not dependable because and it's not he's involved physically he can't handle. Does the contact of the sports or relative to. So it was something about the emotional him like you know he has everything here is battled injuries I get every single year get battled injuries again though this beta it was ever gonna come. Any finally vote like one year together you know wealthy got paid and that's where the most you wanna make fun of it don't well I'm like why do I get that. If if let's say that the friars drop down though by twelve in in the course of the game you can break down crying and you can renounce everything I guess maybe it's it's a motion on seventeen which agents could have been in no long mental then for. Yes why is any guide this quote it is this year. I understand you're prior. Ian Binnie. Well I'm a little disappointed. Isn't that your like Iraq's Saddam mediate never talked to prior. To us is he used. Here's a team that. Beat two number one seeds they'd be bigger twice within a basket of beaten Villanova another student. And what do they do. They get rewarded by making an attempt saying it was an accident and I've not all I want items seven to race. Well and money to pick you Dijjer ten. Except your lot in life and going and what everybody's sort of right wing argument doesn't it they don't give you get a NM. They can what Al linseed. No because she if they detect Pakistan now yeah well but he. Then I got to play North Carolina we learned don't actually have worse problems and Jeanne dorms mind and that's what happened last year Edwards. It's an endemic here before they went today to play statement right. I was put out I was I was I was is that that it was too but they got they they got to prevent a hockey tournament when they brought the Miami Ohio the province. Toward agreement. That's definitely I don't know I don't ready yeah. It's when. It's. That the CAA I think on fox. Me mobile phone lines load them up 61777. Seven he's Aaron Brooks. That's due to eat pork noise favorite radio show voters like John could tell that to a home they go to spew lies and all of this thing but with what normally that's often enough. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I'm pretty sure everyone wants to know. The question about so below 52. No like I say it was before as is our coaching decision and might never questioned thing. Did Bill Belichick. Make you decision. Like I say. Made a statement yesterday and said he'd. Based. Boy you pitiful little I'm a rookie and you know that turned out right and you know. Toms is David grateful and thankful for the opportunity and the pacers gave me. What you're saying did you fireworks for the patriots. Taped this actually put a statement out there. I think talent is an accountant but it's close to the three quarter of gothic era. Made a statement yesterday that said he'd. Best of and it is they built thing. Oh it's too late it's still. Speak in you know. Pat talk. I insists it goes with you takes awhile for that filtered to be removed like could barely see we will see what he really thinks we got a request you know talk to him. I did it in ago. I don't. I'm pretty optimistic that our guys I do I'll at all on the he's taken the high road so it sounds to me like Dario found just like that even if we talked to on the did it doesn't sound to me like he's going to take any shots. At New England he's decided he's going to take I don't really let down the truth in what is on the trip to bottle this I don't know if somebody came up with a theory I had 34 weeks ago in the Jimmy Stewart operated two minutes right handed out or Israel has its story developing a theory altered develop these credit the first time thing that it was like -- story so what's the millions announcement in developing negative about it I'm just transcribe their shop boots and all that he's closely that we tried to submarine that your show he was producing now do you listen steal and a pair uses you for researcher is don't show the yeah and so just just you should be happy about I'm we're the other good the only ones and then I thought we revealed that went through sensitivity training he's been here you know current talent this morning I didn't you know talking about you know as a culture retreated and confused. Seems like he's an itemized. They only made things like they have Aaron was hired he's hired a private practice and doing what it. To do what we doing what is surely investigating personally gonna find out what to find out if all these people are Kirk. If so. It's either excellent surprising but I doubt he had more time I see it. A bit let's yeah if it wasn't gonna do it I'll ask him to also investigate Maloney investments and how they Ivorian basically got a turtleneck I'll. February Glendora Montero like who's been really silent for a long period of time employee he really sounds old and start talking like this he has no understanding how this works these are people who just. You know the debate judges and you'll write this while you're out there. It's going. So I post in two minutes later got replies. Okay yeah I heard that you violence although we do right now to reply to us and does it apply to the third set to go Grant Hill. Elected you know Jimmy Stewart retreat from marriage did you do you treat your Boyd Jimmie and let him know that those olden has been in and done been so good so it is yours I'd alluded to our district president needs to do with the information if you go what you find out that it's Kirk many units or any -- well. Okay yesterday who produces the afternoon show he mentions name. You know I'll ask for a Randy doesn't do you know castle is auto Nevada and so he mentioned anti assault first an alcoholic yeah. Yes any guy guzzlers like 180 pounds so he did mention him yesterday. We're gonna do you gonna spent the money personal and private and 41 with satisfaction the so the money when you need it's changed on your wife get the private investigators even. So you know a son but seagate now who created you with a thousand bucks don't want to hurt and are out asset involves a lot of my guess is out at the that's a divorce won't it. You're not yet another field is just really understand out of the quotes him. Oh all right Jim how you. Outlook and other the lowest of the city not out there for the money yeah. Like Larry Larry. Yes our second time hours it will get deep will bloody its and so they get the floor of my life very definitely we know you are dish out and guide them. I kind. My question insecure white order I'll come back a lot of reps and yeah heart of hearts you like your nickname that well yes you have that outlook are. Your bid yes yes and you can't win and now all Republicans but since I last at bat this guy then. Right there after my family had more affluent along with it I got. That this apology. That that was the two shows all if ludicrous I don't know exactly serious. Would support him. It got a little we got I might stop but I think about the open and that you're going to be living that we get all community. Not wanted here for the month. It would be kind of cool this I would I bought a money home to that somebody did that a couple of years ago and I turned and I along that there wasn't as we can find little ones aren't a lot and somebody said. You know they paid me they have. And I love that scene at least your being honest because that's really what it's all about. Indiana that's in that lifestyle. Family and where they wanna be done isn't part of of that lets face it anybody who's listening to us right now. If somebody offered you a 2550%. 100%. 300%. Race. You'd have to relocate. This why you do it. It depends macaroni I'll come Madonna who's somebody ask you this really where Arizona where that where we look where we goma okay to want quite an elbow area give it well. To work in the Cincinnati Reds organization a lot such unfair not 100%. Cincinnati I think maybe less if that's different Chileans really like spaghetti with tomatoes us to go to San Diego. Yeah. I wouldn't talk just whether it was is a big asset and in negotiation. That we're gonna go sunny days beach weather me. When all got Latin you got to admit it now we get people call saw. And it constantly talking about players need to take you know home discounts and without talking 25%. Now you're home discount can't tell that president. In the NFL you run you run. We love the Iranian adult taken pay cuts and everybody is happy for him to go get paid. Absolutely because he'd been here Guinea is god himself the rings he's got the recognition. He can always come back now when they do all of the reunion. You know out in the field when he's retired. And yet. He has eight point 25 guaranteed money if you are here to visit family for the future with that's what is done with your take it you'd love to see an athlete do that I do. A case what if if that was David prices opening. Press conference I would like it. It's being honest in August are now but then one thing. Think became yellow but she came here because he loves the audio but that's currently can't be the only reason I came here for the money because it and it's Hillary's by the fans don't like him. But they all come for the income because you wanted to communicate it because we over paid back 3040 million dollars why they don't wanna be here to get the hell out Whitewater thing Nate Silver is moved. You think it's because he doesn't like cast do you think it's because he's not getting the proper medical care for some just the opposite sides there's. He's getting one anyway matching offers apparently for use in Cleveland is are you going to be in New York so the money he's making right now his family his kids. That is grandchildren won't ever have to worry ever again if he takes care of that money. That's what they're doing in once. Else I understand they make that the cities of baseball thing because of any of these guys if if in the Ramirez said that. Policy in Austin and David Price given descendant of would we would we appreciate that comment you'd want like it but you don't want Pablo took it. Because San Francisco was well we get the money but there was a what caused the difference between what I think and what I know and what he actually says when he actually says that you like Jesus. I mean you think you know why these guys took it. And then I'm pretty sure argue but when they say. That's a problem. I promise to defend bases like she don't wanna be here you don't wanna play here. You'll be part of his place directive for the money good enough we don't perform now I am really gonna crack down your throat. I don't know if I wants them efficacy that is exactly what Theo Louis. Aren't you guys know it's usually about the money but sing 95%. It's about the money discourse okay so why not Tseng. Because you can go Lloyd you do also we're here in the politically correct world right now where we're gonna lie radio you don't think you know what they say I love David Price try to this year. You know what he came up with this year a new wrinkle to try to get things like he going Yates. It's the peace. Lagos area and he theme came through Smart. It is a little holes that you Ronald whether it is nothing wrong with playing a game he's going to giddy at the plate games on the are criticized for playing a game. But they what he came on ceremony for the money what you are blamed Boston I don't care about Boston but what addition who cares I mean for the money. We've got a good team I guess we have a good team but I don't really care ami for the money is only one guy people have their say you know what. It for you disregards there's only one guy who does not about the money and and he knew he deserves all of our respect. Because it's not about the money and that's percent. Chris still could've been a pain in the ass in Chicago if you wanted to he could have made a big huge stake I am vastly underpaid by the way he is vastly underpaid like no player UN ever seen before correct. Yes barely get jets so it does say is are now we just traded becomes the Boston. The people he can play again. He could he could have these cryptic little tweaks he could play the game I'm gonna. Quit. It's our case would love and if they you know he's a free agent he resigns here isn't. C'mon seaside because he likes the team you love the city he loved playing in Boston of the fan base that was great he just came back with a you know what. None of that stuff matters originally came back if if you paid me ordered but the city what the fan base I don't care if you like it really but you guys. It recently doesn't have to say he doesn't care what I'm beyond that but he doesn't have to lie and sit there and make stuff up like suddenly David Price realized that after he's been here for awhile that suddenly hates the Yankees. Wants the guys that their stated hey you know what the fans want from there. It while that would give me the anxious if a president can't Moffett when you hate the Yankees skewed chant yankees suck and now a lot. And I mean. They're being disingenuous. It is about the money increase failed could've played that game he could then they don't respect me I don't get the respect I don't get laughed. He could've done I know he's somewhere where I'm love being comfortable is gonna vote for stuff he was treated under contract he has no sane. Caucus don't say he's got a contract he signed it there. He's sounding good faith he had no problem signing that contract he could've done a free agent most people realize simple all the abilities while we're all don't Obama's most. People realized that football different baseball. Most ideal but most. But both differently you know that. It record contracts up left and right you get cut you do you gain extensions. You re doing everything based Toyota and they did that formed last year. Casilla at four million dollar based last year and what they Disney came to onset we're gonna give you incentives right now because they wanted to get him on the mean they were fearful because he and his family decided he was gonna take some time off. Because he was on a 100% not knocking that he's got to control and protect his own body that's that's basically what makes him money. But didn't like that so they gave them an incentive to show a good attendance clause where you get incentive and what does he do want to share. Now he's up to what 8000008. And a half million us as a base but he wants more money because he sees other guys getting more money the last guy to sign. Is going to be the highest paid guy out there. I Kirk cousins and you can look at the guys are deciding right. And then guess what the next guy that signs will get more money than Kirk cousins you know big Aaron Rodgers numbers going up but all the Kirk cousins number out of the water should well. Like 6177797937. Gergen he's he's already from the game. It was ever there also it is going to be embarrassing work on the phone so next.