OMF - Do Celtics fans now want the best player available at #3 or Jimmy Butler? 6-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, June 19th
HOUR 2 - Glenn, Lou and Christian lay out the scenarios involving Josh Jackson, Lonzo Ball, Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, and anyone else who might be a part of the Celtics when the dust settles heading into the 2017-18 season. 

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48. The other answer. It works better at soccer player and staffed. So that says he has a girlfriend that's just a semblance. With Glenn Lou in Christian all those boy Kobe who played ten years professionally just made me a grant that he had stalled. Or David Ortiz on poppy rocket Knauss. For the little bit of that that's outside for ball poppy rocket and that's it for his stride. Fun and games now on Sports Radio WEEI. It was nice up and get the wrong girl. Holidays. Totally that's a lot worse though when they actually identified the girlfriend as the wife and I are. Yet in that whole level poppy rocket that sounds like you David Ortiz got into the sex toy business pocket rocket and that's the popular. Look at their president bigger than pocket rocket O I think there might be an but a pocket rocket the whole new line of toys often rat hold did go to the rattle off throw him. His curly curly from the city of Chicago. Hello Carl. It was caught my bags and I know a lot of NBA little movement going out so I'm your hunch here and let copy it right on Jimmy Butler says we need to get rid of them. Fine let's go to what you wanna do what you want. Well I would like some draft picks in the future and correct you do and home write this down and do they got them future. Our eight. What they've got to beat her condition pick our oldest. Yeah so there will certainly a couple of longer. And then. Anything else but there are. I'm Gerald Green do agree I don't fields dotted hey. You know we're gonna thrown blend or away and throw him and also general freaking good enough and I'm. Carl what it. All your online not Gerald Green article playoff games. Let's look. Cheryl Green Teresa. It's zero grits aren't one of those Chicago game has been stuck on the Chicago is they're down 020 yeah you're right to and then in the third game started that third game and their downs amateur. Does that mean you negotiate with some of these guys and I don't. Lots of demands here's here's a guy like you don't failings in New York next step here on the young what's. And then there. Unplugged that we went out on their side and looked on the horn with you guys are. So I bet it has to ensure equal quote let out of this morning in a ball three heed the worst week. We get our third pick overtake Indiana what I can upload though we did all George over the Cleveland. We get Kevin Love from. Cleveland to Boston in and we happened to another player to Cleveland maybe Avery Bradley your Jae Crowder you know that they indeed player not oddities I execute. Paterson urged orbited the little bit bigger and better power wards but. If it bit me also you know during the our people were able to still find all of the deeper you Tucker came word I had a little bit. You wanna give up number three Avery Bradley for Kevin Love. I won't let the players optional but at Buford Bradley could be Jake crowd or some other players that go to Cleveland religions don't get called George that it kind of it's. We petitioner and I forget about the player. That you wanna do number three for Kevin Love. Correct. Items. And the need the prepare and. What are what are they gave an adult thing to say I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I like him yeah and I agree but I know it's like. Is that we're going to. I mean and now tonight mostly corporate lover or similar ability can look at shoot better and rebound better actually do a lot better so can we somehow swap those guys out. Down to that's going to be part of the problem might get the same problem when you're thinking about Anthony Davis. Anderson and it okay if we could redo this thing now we need Anthony Davis we hear of Horford right then we can gamma now build the wings. Beat classical although all of all the talk about what a great you know screen setter is a great passer is and I you know I we did figure was that during we thought it hit his limit. He hit his ceiling because swap out. You wouldn't get Kevin left with the number three pick no and a 'cause I don't wanna do that I don't think he's good enough. Tim not the biggest fan of Kevin Love. To public money team you do number three prevalent. They gave 21 round to number one picks overall in the draft a want to it was a dud. It's still the number one pick overall on trial that he was m.'s in his first year you got what he was going to be you is their first look who's a top ten player top ten player in Minnesota. She required a guy that was average and what point in fifteen when he was there. Ended after watching him in Cleveland. You want it now I think what you're doing what three or four years older yeah. But but he's under a pretty good deal because he's under an old. Max Castro as the ball philosophy you want to trade three to get a player to win now if I don't want to draft the player. And I want to see what they can build and maybe they can continue to be the number two seed which did gonna be. And whether they're gonna be the two seed in the second best team in the east whether they date they don't sign are dim salt and they just. Draft players I know what I've got with Kevin laughs I got no idea what I've got just action yarn and all of the younger guys he could he bomb. Yeah he's loom do yourself a favor look at the last few you know 58 years or ten years out. And look at the first round of the draft and see how many guys you sit there and say okay he's working to dairy queen now these are uninsured accounts appeared in an insurance salesman. This despite constant Danny. This custom homes of analysts believe makes mistakes they. You know it was just just like just like unless you have the LeBron James or call candidate believes and how we think Benson it was a stretch. The bench Simmons who's basically doing the same thing that we were we're talking about Marco bolt didn't make determinant. The best player in the draft huge your team should make the turn it. That should be a debate you you should be the reason why they're winning those games even though there have better players. But just like the NBA's change laws bars. As far as how teams move around and how they actually play the game. The same way it's also she's what you look at the draft so they promise to draft a look at all the players that are on there and as far as like what how old they are. Good luck finding a guy who's a junior. Every on this bill there's a guy and there's 22 yard wolfpack old. Widely way to lose 22. Is so wrong with we'll look at a guy who's 22 the same way a lot of people look at a guy who didn't who didn't win any games as a college player. It is big always 22 if you look he would have been out of the time was twenty usually nobody kill off. I know everything about Kevin Love because of simple. I've seen him play at the highest level okay. So I've seen his flaws of also seen the pluses what he can bring to the table we talk about these kids in this is what I think we all do. We fall in love with the name on the board. We've never seen these kids playing more than a game here or game they're we have no clue. For example Josh Jackson and owner Tom Curran the other night he's raven. I should mention. The two kids got disciplinary issues to the point where he was suspended. By his own team pays on coach and a game. They heat you know and apparently kicked him some girl's car. He's an anger management classes right now that is required as part of him Joseph retorted none of those concerns there's. Just about philosophy forget about the names and seen him play enough that's really fallen in love you know I had. Danny Ainge watch these guys play and tell me the best players legal given. You passed on one is ending fault was worth it you thought the guy at three unit three and four in this draft you think either one of images can be as good as faults. See draft down you move forward to draft pick move for more assets to make moves down the road. He draft that player is you try to develop the guy that's that's just a philosophy that's all. This isn't about led to I think Jackson to be great player teams can be great player now I'd. I don't know nobody knows. Pilot the thing that Danny's got a pretty good idea I'd show your that the Indian and we trust god because I'm not saying that I'm saying I don't like I'm just learning that there's gonna get more data only thing I don't like about this. There was one through five instead though why why he let Philadelphia throw win. The protection of one is beyond me. I don't understand that a 101 through five protect and then OK then you sit there and we'll see what the sacramental thing to be allowed Philly to protect the Sacramento OPEC. That if niches falls through then yeah I look at it I just don't know he got enough. But the philosophy wise I've been pretty consistent I want in the draft the player it's on the best available free agent U the two seed. Push it forward and maybe find a way you are a couple years art. That's fair but I think you're the Indiana we trash can because I'm sitting there telling you this too much risk in trying to do that. If it's it's it's not an exact science it is far from an exact science and you're dealing with kids. 1819. Years you've had no idea what's in the ahead what's in their heart what happens when they suddenly your handed over all of this money what do you get out and here's what I'd rather do the take guys that have already seen Jimmy Butler seen enough. Courtney would have seen enough of (%expletive) enough of Camelot I know applauses I know the minuses I know what they can bring to the table and then I don't I have to look. Relied less on Danny changed because we all know what those players are playing at this level against other NBA stars. And the other things that you have what is it 71. Round draft picks in the next three years. You're not gonna use all of them. No matter what you do you read you're either gonna look Amare regular trade him away for Sony also you know he isn't happy can't use second pick seven. First round basketball players in the next three years second happen. It's you know that you know those are just. Trading pieces Christian all you have to do is look at the draft last 810 years. And you gonna find huge you know great stars in a week we could worship here right now we're talking about one vs three. Could possibly being that whoever gets drafted number six I don't know Major Garrett fox turns out to be the next step and we don't know. We don't know but here but I don't know I know Jimmy Butler and others some flaws and much in the wrong. We know what these players are we know what he would do as we know what he is at this level with this lifestyle. With having all of the money. We get it we have out much better clearer picture on these players. That's what I wanna do let's go to John Boston hello John. Hi guys Jerricho look Leo and as well and they a couple of very quick points. I should lose. On this and this is why it's simple math he sort of won in that three. You talk about top Arctic potentially I don't know it's gonna conduct that the case. Great deal. It's taken a third pick in the future enact it and it. And they accused there it's far better than Jalen brown. 68. Guys mention potentially. Gonna be put on. I don't think you'd agree resolutely in Russia. Suppose this is any of them are better and Jane brown. Our other reports out there are people felt like him around being the eighth pick in the Shuster so what do these guys with these religious and football. I okay well we we do this all the time we do it football do we not see the draft. Often these guys are wrong. A lot of the wrong wrong you know harder now to judge what and what these guys are gonna turn to do than any other time and his unit would do when we're looking we're going into an art museum looking at art we have no idea of one picture of the next detainee to than explaining was an eagle oh my god. Beautiful things Dell's that it wouldn't think that we know we have local the NBA players that are playing already used this system. At this level with the same type of comparable talent we kept a much better book on the don't quit yes and in general Sanchez got the act he now has. They flexibility. To go in get those players for the first time they've got money they've got assets they've got. All of this stuff. And they can go back and re sign Isiah Thomas after they do all of this and go well above the cap it's the perfect situation for them. Right back to video phone calls it 61777. Night seven any threesome. Think the way and that's part of your daily routine. It used to clean news batting practice ground balls which time he goes stretch how you put your stricken socks on you wanna call it superstition. I call it routine blood Sports Radio W week. At this six point 77797. 93 chef will get to listen baseball stuff coming up. In the next hour not a great outing last night by David Price that's okay. I mean certainly looked like he was gonna leave the game with a blister and everything else five into as a better yeah Austin America and all that we'll get to it. Peterson Jamaica Plain what's up Peter. Terry on our computer our cultural and that's what I call I think most people don't understand draft. You went in and hold on Peter you also said. They were gonna draft Josh Jackson with the number one. There are so good and again came back and said do you if you're gonna if they want just acts as a possibility that they'll trade down right. We did have a conversation leader okay we'll vote. Okay. I think most people understand graphic the bigger return. Apart but what analysts and ancient would in the bottom of next year or at six. At that agreement guarantees that are by director and in the unpredictable warrant a very well. It what editor happened pretty that it. And they get like this haven't reached her. And they got next year later Sacramento. Which Sacramento probably will stay up. So I think. I think Danny and yet the gamble a little bit if you want to reached a level. Of Cleveland in the old days so I bet not a bad rap they're. It's kind of an equitable. But it or protect the Celtics because. The and it looked at a number one or a really small. So they did it well first pick in in nineteen. Or type aren't. But that picked him. That in along with Brooke. So I think bully in the future. I really hope they this paper. He'd like that keep the player. But I I wouldn't be stars on global. Com. Altitudes. That's great. History he's probity strap it regretted you'll do it stayed there were 500 and Hillary Clinton soon led by the way. Well good decisions about Santa outfit to a mile delay of the what's the big deal on C listening city. Lakers got a shot at it number one next year. It the the best deal for the for the Celtics might be that Sacramento pick two years from now. So what's to say that the and we don't know if there's any protections and at the alien in this one you don't know when you're dealing with these these kids in these draft pick. Is it possible that two years from now they get the Sacramento pick its number one in the draft. And that's one of those LeBron and you know type doubters is that possible course it is our it is possible when people when people talk about. You know what Danny Ainge puts his legacy on the line by passing on mark no fault of the stretches that not so much can happen. Resist our look at it Jordan they look at they look at other players who owns one overall we're glad that I could not picked Jordan number one overall war. If faults turns into Westbrook cut every year. You don't think that gets a false statement Sarunas suppose using that draft pick puts the Celtics in a position with a when the NBA championship team for years. The US I've talked about this was baseball you're given up I drop it. And you end up getting a player that put you over the top and you win the whole thing that you sit and say hey it's part of doing business and that's Virginia. If there. Because you're talking about our two great kids at a high school kids out of college. Idea. Or crapshoot baseball. Not not when drafting nineteen suggesting eighteen rockets now I know but baseball Oakland you draft eighteen or kids were playing with aluminum bats facing kids down at premium high school. That it beat the egg throwing the above 85 to get don't know hitters are referred much it's much different for drafting 23 minerals. In in in basketball that I'm with him there's a huge difference there. Can activate the fact that you don't know either way you don't know do you know either way I don't know if I compared sportsman if you want to loan he's been in the hope it pocket and it felt pumped for. Some cold numbers. Your scheme driving around Google truck what's up Steve. Hi guys I'm actually saw it differently did you take me a lot. And appalling that I'm on your side will I don't understand one thing one whit only a small Georgia town. I. But anyways. Yeah legal validity. Of the museum leads the draft. I'll wait and and upload Ali. A lot of fun people will also be Simpson's. OK so if you're telling me that. All the picture our culture and essentially cabbage is saying he won't trade him. One question you want to get established players should do it's can you can slice of it after the ball flight I know somewhat biased local waters so. But it will let people just don't get future results to reinstall hey don't go our rock have you ever I don't know this year. That's absolutely how much you want to treat anybody. Which had little chance dictates something I don't mean to act I I still remember. Try to build it will be hawks legitimately so you can't look a little. Outlook plays called for it to you guys make it sound like you who want what is he like there's an old compound called liquid. I don't know I don't I nobody has nobody shall we behave I don't understand why you can't comprehensive risk. What we're sitting here talking about five. This scenery and get yourself a favorite you'll Google's search go over first round draft picks in the NBA. Over the last eight years you give yourself some time down to the last couple years. And you'll see as you go to Melissa doesn't. We're not when we do that when we're talking about trades we're not doing that we know exactly which Jimmy Butler is what he brings to the table positives negatives so no. I'm not saying that there isn't a great. Player. Or players. In this year's first round draft what I'm saying is we don't know which ones they are. When we're dealing with established NBA players we know exactly what they are all their pluses all of their minds as to me. It's an easier and safer way to count and the other point and I'm bringing happiness. In the way the NBA works right now. Terrific you're going to draft Martell Fultz and it becomes a star five years from now he says you don't want. Don't play it in Portland. Wanna play somewhere play in Los Angeles wanna play for the Celtics on da so you spent all time. Building this kid up building his brand up and he suddenly gets to the free agency and he says I'm gonna go form my own super team. I gravitate guys who. That the war mercenaries who want bringing him right now over short period of time they all have player options so they all opt out. And you just changeup. Can you just can't you can't keep doing necklace you can't no you can't absolutely that's the league now. Number and you at some point you have to come from the draft you can't block the free agency and signed five mercenaries. You eat you can't do it happens unfortunately you need your cohort in revenue dropped one trader I have Avery Bradley from the draft I have neighbors gone. Let's get to New York. Because the sun is over I've Jalen brown have just started a college of the turn of the extra Butler. Address some of these we know that did you make my train of events wrap you have kids you're friends again all of these these great teams and an old abroad made his own out of Miami. They'll summit common great superstar they drafted you wanna go play with. If you are was given these players up. The two chase these guys and you're never gonna have that one player that you wanna go play of the trend right now is look at the the recent teams here if you don't. Winning Cleveland even though. You've got not only the number one pick and maybe the best player of the decade in the draft but you get some players. Wrapped around and then guess what he goes picks up and goes to Miami even though it's his hometown. Then when it doesn't work and go back he went ahead. I don't know but I do wanna wait a minute because in Cleveland you tell me they surround LeBron with. Did that young quart there's Breaux of LeBron with. There's some brown who who who went with what's what I am the first time when he left Cleveland OW one of the young talent we have well he was the young don't they could say look what would they drafted around a little will bring to the point is he left pulled. Anyway somewhere else and then anything around and then when it didn't work when when even when garbage around when it expired in Miami when it expire they didn't have any more money. Look at that in Cleveland that's why he went to Miami because there are horrible on it now that input anybody around him were kept wide angle backed. Cleveland because the draft of a great young stud and carrier ring. And they thought you know what Wiggins we can move him for Kevin Love we can build the superstar team and they would do winning championships if they did building it bigger superstar team on gold state to the draft do you remember it was a very bad timing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everybody keeps on assuming that the LeBron thing was that LeBron simply signed back in Cleveland. It actually. The the deal with Miami was originally a tray because they get first round draft picks so Cleveland ended up. Building through LeBron and his original move. They got Wiggins and Bennett and players that could bring him back but once it expired Miami. He got his ass up and he left and he went to Clinton and we're now seeing yet. In what during a storm to do that do and it just think this trend is gonna stop the suddenly guys are gonna say welcome. This is not right. Now but I tell you think it's it's delegates. The only difference is that they're able to do it but the mentality of the base a battle players has not changed. In it and last thirty years. It's just your ability to move to give up and move in now that that more guys adorned it's just acceptable. A few old school system allows you to do and so did years ago I'd also like salt Ole Ole school NBA fans look at the way these current players act in the way they treat their business they don't like it. They ought to stay with your team they want Paul George stayed out there and go down this year. If it for great it's gonna be because we were bad it's gonna be because of beatle they don't care who want them to stay and ride it out just. Did you going to do this and you gonna you would've brought Horford and last year at the money you brought that you wouldn't of done. You would have sat there and said let's do what Milwaukee's deal lets you drop him a year and is I think we'll what is it slowly and financially. What is possible you have a dream scenario. It Paul George and Al Horford. Idea Tom's and it and Gordon Hayward on the same team. We QG eight financially couldn't even work. And for how long you you can actually get bigger because that to me it's OK so here's your dream scenario how do you fit on one big package. Actually to legitimately make the numbers work I believe you can do the deal that I mentioned early which is why. In which you going deal for Jimmy Butler right now you have to give up a law. So you're giving up the third pick but the third pick really. Is five point six million it's committed year cap so if I don't make you feel OK and you draft a player you're gonna carry five point says an agent so Bradley. Eight point eight million Crowder six point eight million that brings up to fifteen point six. Zeller has a deal in which it's not guaranteed it's eight million dollars. So you can ship him as part of the deal that does not guarantee that just they could count on and actually not have to deal with a but you gotta find a way of doing eighteen point seven million because you're still nip and tuck right now. In getting a Max contract. Room see every minute what you're wanted to wayward and you wanna do Butler it's really tight I think it's the eyes Selig you figured out Bradley a crown on my okay. 'cause tea rosier take the place of Bradley's LaMarcus mark and ET LA crowd and that's where Jim browser and get more playing time. So those bodies don't bother me some don't do any of us feel and some people did this last year and remember it apparently was a stumbling block. In the deal for Republican Chicago once crowned with anybody to feel that crowd straightaway now especially if you end up with Bob are you end up with they would. He really doesn't get a lot of play you can edit the SEC could fit Butler. Thomas. On Hayward and Horford all that those four guys forget about the mood out there goes what's gonna have four Max contract guys at the end of the season beginning of the season. Even if you can do for him it's if you have to play some games but so crucial graph we're really proud organization so so did he doesn't think that much I. I don't think of that number three pick in the draft so Chicago's don't want something big to be able to sell ludicrous. Crowd and they apparently like hinge in Chicago and nobody here is going to be upset about it I think Avery Bradley to be some push back people will be upset but let's remember. He's going into the last year. Of these steel. And what does it cost them nine million dollars. You're gonna have to re sign him next year along with resigning Isiah Thomas I don't bigoted. Every sign Avery Bradley you know you have a do you have as we know and I think you're losing one year of Avery Bradley. Very good rally get traded or Jae Crowder nobody does it realize that party scene outside attorney got you know it brown he's gonna get. And we look at this team the improve investor come at the went somewhere or wings score so Arlene was going to be a so you're one of those guys. I six wants a sub seven on 7937. You know what's gonna drive everybody crazy the Anthony Davis while gas on an opening and I. It set out here has not happened Elaine we gambling tangling for this when he started this mess he did win here do what is right and just sort out last week isn't. Now everybody's jumping. Would get into a camera that we've returned to more affordably Merck moaning and Fauria you. Forget it she you have the audience and beat. Fitness and Sports Radio W we. I think there and we'll win them. What gets closer to get to during today's program including her latest with. Columns jeopardy because somebody has said success with the story yes it is a legitimate one today. And and I'll be the first to feel about take out there he's had zero chance of getting yourself. Yeah they're. Did Sarah and you can't afford that somebody says realized that we had a that it don't exactly think that you can file I throw the towel. And it's about does same percentage that the Boston Celtics have of acquiring Anthony Davis here in the in the offseason. And yet IE I'm afraid of how much time we're gonna spend. On the story because it's a great three. Point. So you. Lost we lost funds would be careful and speak. Most of this honor oh. It was only 200 dollars or doesn't bother them knowledge is the first just want to go out how to down. Don't know. He had diabetes. It really Russia. Now. I couldn't tell you anything he was UV in net after that of the anyone even listen to our show although he was in was it like saint elsewhere. Usually like a regular TV show really want to oh yeah. Yeah he had regular engagement you know yes okay. Times every two weeks the whole model recently after he said religious serve and protect so also owes anybody an issue. Wanna go and take the the language they hear go with the Anthony Hill great player I would love to have. It can we best not given a lift the U that's. To put things that that are not gonna happen Kathy Davis isn't one of them you spent at the end is all about getting stars. Knew it. Found a star and all the way they really want young stars that he's got both those things. They just got DeMarcus Cousins OK they're trying to seed they can make that work out what is one more year you have to give hope it doesn't work out cousins. 'cause this is gone and Davis stays right. Yet the announced in people all of this is that this is the first step to get. You know. Number one overall is worth more than number three correct we don't know what the future pick is good and half the Brazilian unit traded Wayne say it all the look who we have next year. Well that could be eight yep okay if that's if that's if it's eight next year we don't get it up. Would negate Sacramento's the year after and we don't even know all of those things announce it that's protected while people think and that's protected in some way. That is what you have and futures completely unknown. That's the thing you know that was know was number one this year and he just gave it up for three that's a healthy get a three day. Yeah Abbott doesn't give you evidence then it's all about Anthony Davidson does just the opposite. But you could hear. You're gonna hear it all week and people are going to be screaming yeah actually and the only reason they're gonna say it is because Boston is the only team you can look at the leak in the league right now. That has those assets if he wants wants to start all over again but he's brought up why. If it but Boston's the only team has the assets so because of that. We're gonna have fake news and spent a lot of time talking about the possibility it is of Anthony Davis coming to the book that. A lot of different name there if they if we're the starters play in the name game Peralta had a Greek freak. They're building this they just go go go by the way all cause you know they didn't like strike gold with him through the so let's see if we do it again because like he's gonna strike twice for the same spot. That's why ignore is that they're gone what are we gonna give away this guy they hope. That one of these younger guys with them no we have more graphics now we could see we get me maybe that maybe it's strike gold again. That's happening. You know it's like it's like if we were ten years ago Brady is the best quarterback in the league. But the team is not necessarily winning enough games and so you deal more from these draft picks that maybe Garretson Vegas speedy wide receiver to get run let me get a really good. That's what makes sense because. You're right you what are you gonna do go get outside Boston gives you five. First round draft picks whats this say that any one of based on the percentages out there is gonna come close to being what you've got in Anthony Davis. Well they got percentages got to be the timing though right I mean you know -- Anthony Davis is is pulling a Paul George or vanity davis' two years out yield the unit assigned to you don't think you want to be in New Orleans than units are put them out there is one year into five years well that's nonsense by his timing you know and you get the markets cousins you'll only see them play together for full year. And you're not ready to move on from. Yeah I think they'll trading by the trading deadline. Marcus 'cause it's it's as last year right is on the margins he doesn't yell as your regular thing. Yes they wanna play the two of them and see what they've got next year the general managers on the hot seat for his job. I would bet you by the all star break you'll know what that team is and that's when you will peel away. The markets cast is bogus and all the time and it's a get ready for but it makes no sense makes no sense for the warm accents from Boston. Just makes no sense for the war Nadia are you wish him down on the cape I can't. They have gone I don't. I I agree with you Glen in the sense that like last year. I will wait until an outlet we didn't get number one pick whatever number three. And we get the number one pick this year we traded for a couple of them at the tree is expected to make any debt. I think at least. What they would pay an earlier we got out and in return even our local four what oh. Hello. 000. It was so big of a sounder you know went where the room smells afterwards move far exercise like been awarded. You can use it you'll give you wouldn't give up you would give up the first round pick. For all prefer not thrown. Up the works Okafor Bartlett I wrote it we get number three. Okafor we got a number of we traded at one point three and that's all we did. I get future you know you got what might be a number one number two number three pick. Sacramento two years from now could be that topic saarc go look at their future. But we were waiting. Foot dumb wives and people must. Particularly good and it took years and now we get them what Sacramento we look at you that but if Danny looks at the says that number one pick is not. He's not better than number three then why wouldn't you dropped to three and get an additional gift. Also a gift we have a special with you got those effects or directory that's why don't probably I'd just sort of I don't think you'd. Should have allowed Philly to protect epic next year in a way that they did. Thought that's a legitimate at this that is I'm fine with that switch and moving back if he feels like Fultz is that guy and he thinks these other guys would be just as good. Then you acquire some future assets but I want to draft the player wants you he's like let me ask you this do you think the Danny did due diligence and called virtually every single team for that morning rethinking just call for. Do joked okay. So that's the case that's the best deal we be stupid can they take a lesser deal specially as some people pointed out. When it's a team in your own division though I don't think anybody follows divisions that we filed. No but in the area if it's this is some. Days and a purpose situation if he's got all the gold. He's got all the assets so if somebody wants to rebuild in the wants they call him he doesn't have to call anybody. Analysts are now okay we're Ortiz our mentality. This guy's pretty good you have exactly what I'm looking for me that's that's the best part about this you need a big one call. If Philly once they're gonna call you who think who he think start a whole conversation view was. He was being he's calling a Philly Philly call and then you're probably right. You probably if you're looking sit right back home you have put everybody wants to kick back on if you sit in implicit your filly look at. You've got pretty much what you want Unita golf. Yeah that even though they Klein and Simmons is going to be their political analysts that data and Internet marketer and if they wanted to go to that that that. As they spirited dog who would you who would you rather be. Right now Boston or Philly. Boston three years from now to three years from now. I mean the same movie I don't know what philly's gonna do 34 years from what I know we are right now we look at Bosnia zany your Horford in you and everybody else. Where you get Philly need to I'm with its arts are rich you expected there this cements come back and be able you'll see an alma possibly full. I'm taking Boston has an order of and I know what the flexibility I know what you will tell you have isn't good enough. Boston correct about it might be in the next 23 years. It might be an excuse for years I. I've got at least I've got bona fide towel I know what Isiah thomas'. And it just turning nineteen years of age was gonna replace Isiah Thomas and the Celtics square and on moment Danny Ainge found a guy. Who can give you thirty a night. And is that did the best score in the fourth quarter in the week the highest efficiency rating in the fourth quarter despite the fact that he's only 5958. I benefited. Siena many say that is not a time Barbara good Philadelphia at all you know I've gone and everybody said that's for years ago about Philly and six years ago no exotic at all. Years ago though this is what's really owns a reasonable for some of the accident that there are always known those that do has been an enormous number one years. I I know but they knew like okay what you got to get in beat good ego and know well okay cool Okafor idea bunch of bigs you still ways away from it. Now it's will be different night a couple of big he gets him into one point at times a little hard it's easily accomplished through a mobile and forward I would rather have Philly. Thank you crazy. Make an effort people's you have your Bosnia as I tell you what you are building something you've got a better argument if you're talking about involves water. Better next an email want to be better name no one hears gimme Milwaukee and you've got an RT four years from now you know Minnesota. Maybe you've got a lot of years and still better forget about was better for five years and Celtics are fairly. Sometimes because you move these players around every two years and eventually five years from now. You don't NB believe. The go to Los Angeles beat the senate for the year than you know the starting team out there with or. Figured all Georgia native if faults is that as a player people think he can be in Simmons a player who think he can beat him with and may be on a dream this is part of that discussion. And and be stays healthy I mean. Human it's in a lot of Natalie. 'cause I know build what's bill insomnia maybe Goldstein it was billed the five years ago I know would have got with Boston plus when I saw what you've got some good enough. Was what you have not gotten enough this past year you write it wasn't. What's the say it's not going to be good enough two years ago three years from now for just a heavyweight a long time for Philadelphia and I really do unless you go get a major. Star who's 28 and is in the peak right now. You gonna be wait no we all at all until players like this yes you can go out and you could sign education for easily been donors for years don't know like this Michael Carter Williams was going to be the guy good they're great rookie season. Where is he now. Bounced around to may have been horrible for years last year because there is they have actually saw some talent as you might data draft decade new iPad and all of these that no apparent thought music great used to score points in an awful Philly team. It's different this year it was different last year with a beat it's different Woolsey we don't bury this I don't know what's going to be taken in the state health food it's all. While that's a problem because if you look at Philadelphia and this had difficulty keeping these big guys healthy. So but Phillies go until this if you wanna argue Milwaukee you wanna argue Milwaukee. You've got a legitimate debate him I thought you know their their higher up on when you if you're looking at the at the graph right now. Milwaukee's Tyrod they have players that are ready to. And get themselves up into that NBA superstar spot I'm not sure things had been different and really the last couple years. It's 56 years ago no whenever separate so that builds no nope they're awful every single year you think they'll last year old golfers and tennis and little biographer suspect it's have been a little bit different matter moral for a little bit different government. So that I know and three guys that the seats as his that's his Jacksonville. Should really of these special. And a dancer and really throw it actually is a bad deal in the open now especially as I said you take your lucky then we have them and I. Again that it's an art there we take a call Bob and a full well well. Hey I I LA area that that blocks there I'd rather be blocked right now because. I don't right now I ought LP are. I am indeed. He's got Bill Walton at least he could not get a stadium or. The war deities. At least get a zones usually speaks about spirit taking a breath and just rambled on and on that that disease yes yes injury prone. And and interrogate. Technology they have not been able to keep him on the court. I I like they're move that could Celtics made and act. Meet you Ed opened up many options or they can get a good player right now or they can build for the future. I like the Mo. Okay terrific thanks. Let's go to Brian he's up a New Hampshire is O'Brien. Hello Brian. I just wanted to call and talk about the trade and now highlight that. Even though it's a little bit of a Campbell if everything were worked out perfectly. You can't rule out the possibility of a Celtic having the number one pick from Brooklyn eighteen. And then what they number two were very and I think it's obviously early to project on high school prospects are for next year's draft. But I think guys like Michael Porter. And beyond grade eight just an early projection. Actually could end up being what we really caught transformative player whether that into account in India Kevin Durant. And I think that those guys actually in the early going will project out. To be even better are in the top and they strapped including all sure. Canada and yeah because you don't have animal picked anymore snowy look for the next year how next year's draft even better than this year's draft and last year's trip you've been in the one before that they're trying to sell the to picks in this region to keep pushing a sport. As does a great move because last year's draft next year's draft the so much better than the Shuster. And then you know what when they don't get number one they don't get number two and get full file that's gonna be fine because you know what next year's draft 2019. In the ravaged sixers we keep doing extra effort to the sixers handle their business sections give you can't keep getting number one draft we'll give you an example of that Evan Turner was drafted by the Philadelphia 76 is everything is gonna be great players drafted as the second. Pick overall in the draft. How does that work out of Philadelphia oh that's right. He went to the Boston Celtics developed into a player as well I'm sure interactive bench and they got some bad kids under two million dollar guys that Eric Wedge. Elsewhere that your example I don't think Phillies in good shape right now I think I think that it's at six years ago if you're building solely by the dressed in your example of Golden State it's an outline. You just don't have teens did to the Oklahoma City. On Oklahoma bottom Arnie championships that the you'll want to see. On my faulty genes African idiot and your trees weighed hardened marine have to. You that you think it do you think it did he had should hold on a surging market yet they could they'd know they cut enough go back and look at that they can do. They could govern a Kendrick Perkins use that amnesty clause whatever was regained it via Kevin Durant Russell Westbrook and James are reliving the leaf. I don't know course not on disease as a yeah and he's unpredictable and so we keep on here. I think he's going to be predictable this week we shall sit back to your phone calls we'll get into some Red Sox coming up the next hour.