OMF - Do Red Sox managers ever get treated well on their way out; Is there a conspiracy to get Goodell out of the league 10-23-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, October 23rd

HOUR 3 - Lou really needs to learn how to text properly and not bug people about to participate in the World Series. Drunks wander into the Sunday pregame broadcast. We allow Christian to get a College Football Minute in. And is there a conspiracy to get Goodell out of his commish spot? And what could the POTUS have to do with it?


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All of you read me. Beats or waiting or moaning and 48. Okay. Don't come back requires that. Tonight we're doing well with glee in booing Christie I'm I'm I'm. Hello hello from the White House is needed Willie had just point a minimal normally would tonight yeah. In city ships come bass. When equivalent to a question either I. We'll learn on the doctor. Boston good. Now right now on Sports Radio WEEI okay. Don't worry about what's happening in harper over their chairs and you know world because poll shows are coming again I first heard about the whole Smart thing to send a living my daily life here in the beautiful visually you know won his first. Reports that it's cliche it's EC movies all the time actors. Every time they wanna talk about the Boston accent the first thing this thing is pack the cat I have against those who would ask that we don't do data that can apply I don't know I just cannot do you know what if you're if you outside of a Boston outside of New England. He think that we're all about. You know Boston baked beans. Yes he's just not this stuff yeah on the spot and the whole. It since you've been your town do you count how many will monitor restaurant all the red beans in Boston offense. What airline is that you can Amy ditto might on the street they think nobody's you tonight right yeah they get about 88. All of that and now the reality you're assailed LAL of beautiful people out there we have the gates. You know I mean not so funny that Ali yeah. There are those. Yeah I don't know it's a cliche stuff that's why the continue to talk about the football game. And Joseph the question out you more impressed with what the New England Patriots did yesterday. Or you just kind the last thing that the Atlanta Falcons a complete mess. And it's more of what they couldn't do that it was with the patriots that we gotta get some of topics this is a bunch of stuff out there. Alex score Lou had this back in May or June. He said Alex Cora would be the perfect manager for the Boston writes this perfect. And then when we all went around the table here of who was going to be the next manager. Of the Red Sox he passed on what we gave. Bully critics who doesn't wind did you sit penalty and up this morning technically most the first time I beat the baseball shows like in some options. It the first time I'd mention is when Alex get hired in Houston I think it might have been last year in my in my have been. That may be as you know did you mention numerous times because you know I love for John last offseason right now let's get hired I think Denny Houston that guy yeah have been perfectly here as always next year. So here's something we learned this weekend first of all we knew this before. Lou knows Alex core. And then there's you know the oil plunged early do an oral what they played the game second thing we know is that. Angry Lou churns in June Lucent little in the way did you never know what's gonna happen is trying to better Lou angry Lou vendors as exclusive -- gonna help loosen blue well we tackle some parallels for short we get called. And if so this weekend here you sit there are you ready to watch the year. It's what you already that's a little birthday party palace my son's old grizzly birthday or on the recalls what drove up to distinguish its music means. Is lucid Lou I'm drunk drinking problem and it wasn't a couple of the couple and I had a buddy good down on the area that wanted to. The moments when supermodel velocity right so we Obama to force like just texted him get the judge Maria if you like I texted him. And and it's just it's made first contact their first contact with the winds wouldn't blow it might buddies is gonna have is not just it was a British dangers ordered some. Chinese sushi from meetings. Grab a 630 and get your ass over. So I just sat there wait a few minutes similar so it gave you need to get back Jason known Roy looked down to the problem was that right before sent a text in my body. I sent another text outscored that said taking drafts good luck in the series. The guys have done this or not but it when that happens sometimes you send a text that are wrong person to lessen the exit. Alex Cora that basically says expect some sushi and Chinese domains. Which have a six pack and get dress over here. They realize this and Dallas. Serious body said a kind of busy out in LA but thanks I appreciate. So I edits the whole thing with them with a trophy and I ordered our I invited him over the house to watch football with sushi and get it somewhere. Six they need hearings expects to hear right when you found out that he was busy what this and the same takes the floor and I like did. And he got back to be called me left me a voicemail. OK we have yet to be doing. A couple of bucks a pop up please put your whole life. It went up and. Odd how does so let us know what is so I love you guys don't so unless I might look like none ever to have you didn't hear that he's had some. Glee instantly it is truth is to you the truth. He does he know that it's gonna. Undoubtedly and badly. Or should it once and and the heating them he's gonna be fired like everybody however some yes that's the way of what Matt did need a manager that left. Any good way didn't take any one guide it says you know what we did a retired or did it got what's not run out of town anyone got a wasn't run out of town. All of everything for it Koenig did here. You know but still as rough for him obviously yet but these cells of people but they've got a lot of side because the story that broke out of the different coma people look Brenda go to. Alex what do you want to say that Grady Little is so like I yelled rookie manager they'll be some mistakes throughout the year. There's no question about it but I think it would be. Normal baseball debate. You know and maybe they'll be this guy meeting get up soon enough for or. But hey Ron whatever pinch run to accept my award elected the managing of of the game and reeling now. If I just think that he's I am happier because they think that he will deal with this locker room. Eddie completely different level that would John Ferrell told this locker room communicating with a player bilingual to get the most out of his guys being on the same page. Sympathize in them but still being stern enough the kind of on the you know the way they got to act I just think it would be of a much better fit but. I don't you don't but you do know he's it's gonna and that rate that's just it always I end of that though I was close with everybody always does it for some reopening it I know I know caught a -- coaches and managers. I hear it's different with a baseball manager owners in this town yet until I think it it's late. Once there's blood in the water I mean it is it is every man for himself and they just attacked voted to demand his golf IL. Sosa did Red Sox fans and many times think they know more than the country that's all I can really it its. But that doesn't happen bell check it doesn't happen with the a lot of the other coach nobody does know what I don't. I wanna go back to the the bilingual thing that you have that you brought up thought it was interesting here in the reaction of old score in the last couple ways I actually was listening to we've resolved with. With Barkley and you brought up. Roemer I think brought the point. That they hired a minority because the Red Sox understand. That that's what they had to do right now and their addictive now talking about the Adam Jones and everything else and chipping away at home. Al actual Alex Cora rains. Eight in important skill set to the changing that core. Core or brings eight core. As you please horror are correct or service names one hour. That's. What I saw there are other good folks at like it's their core they're gonna do not so. But the the bilingual part of it is the important thing. It is something that he brings to the table that some of the other applicants didn't have. And when you have it when you have to deal with entrepreneurs and everything else. That's a huge thing that he brings to the table the fact that he can deal with both Latin players and M the other guys on the on on the team it's. It's not about. Hiring a minority it's hiring a guy that brings an additional skill set that all that's important for a bra less this what is. Who is he influenced by the UK because he's never managed to. Before right little clues don't footnotes because you look at I'm trying to think OK so he's basically a coordinator basic baseball or baseball version. But I got its second week man up and coordinated deepened the corner and those guys are usually what they do and how they run their team. And it it won the become as a who they're influenced by like does that make you tragedy bill would be note Charlie Weis tried to be bill. You'd go down malign. So who it's who would he be import like what other managers he can be based on his real life experience. And so listens plea from a lot of different guys on the news here with T go for years you know and who you wins phones by in a year you in a dugout you're influenced by you know Sean Casey Gabe Kaplan Kevin Millar you know you're influenced by Curt Schilling. You know Pedro Martinez you know just being around that. You know in seeing it I think it. Coming from Houston with that young core that they have. You know being able to work with those young players young man zone when a ball with a young younger players Latin players and coming year and that's important part of his job is dealing with the youth and his team he'll have some veterans to deal with. It was get the experience with with Dustin Pedroia became an as a rookie. You know we've seen Hanley Ramirez is a guy that he's gonna have to deal. But he handled many mayors illegal bat I think actually Bradford has the right out of pocket yeah do with Michael talking about some stories about. Alex and influence he had on Manny yes you know and and being near Dina communicators got to listen you gotta get to feel we need you don't win. Now he's gonna deal with Hanley Ramirez is if he has an as a player the most important piece. Will be David Price. I mean is that some people feel more important than others but still that's going to be important part. All of this locker room. Is getting price on page with what every message you want to send him but the your organization has to be part of you can't expect outscored command here. And clean that he wasn't here last year follow scorer coming in the first thing I'd do is they should that would David Price. And I say we start from here they want I don't wanna hear either Indianapolis don't care about any of us they want the organization on the other hand. Is the one that has to do something about it the right to the important part of the conversation with David Price as we mentioned before so it was wrong garden Ohio Brad Ausmus. They sit down he had a good relationship of Austin's apparently in Detroit. They sit down talk about David the struggles he had the last year two in Boston. And they talked and talked about dealing with the media annual price responses yet a Brad yet McCarty you don't know this city. You don't know what it's like you don't know these these people do this this media does this and Alex courses like a case that but I do have been there I was here for 45 years four years what five years maybe. It got I don't know. I don't know what it was like I know what there will likely with many I know what they were late with this guy and that guy in this guy so that part of the conversation I think he's. Big day to walk into the minefield he can help do that but don't you believe that the organization. Has to do something they still have never cleaned up and John Carroll didn't help. They never cleaned up the F situation on the point now never cleaned up what effect if any thing press felt more in power. He came out and admitted publicly yes Becker actually changed the way broadcast sergeant wood and it's hastily gotten so isolated you know I think the organization has to let it of him no and you know what I'll if I'm the organization. I'm not gonna worry about it I'm looking to tread lightly you don't want. Does that off I want him to pick up that option next year look. So why I might deal within that. A little harsher I might bring him and I might sit him down even with the ownership I liked him some of that before horror has to deal with all of I can but you're right I think cork and didn't can handle some of that because he's been at this site got to deal would immediately show you that's fine. Did the clean up last year's mass. Where you gonna get the same price the judge Philip there's always that this disconnect with John and maybe there was some pitches that obviously you know got a David Price but it disconnect which young offensive side of the team. Yelled just the position players you know that's right think Alex and come in I idol. It I think it's turning to let you know the young manager. Okay that kind of relate to the players who feel great like you know all of the go walk all over among now now it's up to you. I mean you know you'd you can sympathize with them you're just off the field of more recently than some elect John Farrell around garner some of these older guys. But you can have that relationship as long as you get that message across that like you know I'm with you understand what you go to but I'm still the boss by the way. You don't mean isolate it can be I got a relationship with Dustin Pedroia but yeah you know the rookie coming in 2007. You're the old the play right now. Who's physically isn't the same guy anymore lady can't do the same things so. He has the respect from the joint missile like he's gonna walk all over that's relative to come in and below stern with some of these guys are gonna take you will be able to him until we have. That this was interest and Dave Dombrowski had a quote. In the of the press release in which he talked about core. Working with analytics and how good he won this is what. Now we also know that Houston uses of more than any other team in the league to the point where they got rid of much discovery in the middle of the season he figures out more computers we got a computer and here you know. And real laughed about the sole computer stuff if you're remember here with Boston a few years ago to rescue consent. He's all school we think there's gonna be less of that stuff on their home seemed to be a little bit of friction between the analytics guys and the old school baseball guys. War as he featuring that. This part of the press release my guess I'm just gonna giving guest John Henry lost the analytic you're dead pig on it and Dombrowski is trying to make sure he's satisfied. I think is with Alex is that he's part of an organization that dole and analytics more than anybody that is you should point out to get rid of scouts get rid of bodies and put in computers. But it doesn't mean he's seagate tackler. Is beginning analytics an addict yeah I know that he believes in all these these dissect the U you know all you know the people in an Obama. I don't know relatives. But I think he showed the he'll be able to work with it you know he works an organization that does so economic. To me it's always a boat using both mr. nice it's a fine line of the mix I agree analytics and people and I think that's very comes in the play. I just don't quote throwing in them sit there go on as I'm reading it going this is for John Boehner and that because that's probably the thing that John Henry loved. As he knows what Houston does and how they work with numbers and stats and stuff like that it's. More so than it you delete and he's gonna that's what I want. It's also there are all trying to piece each other room of the and that concerns me a little elect the balance though you know now the balance of if you GM doesn't believe in analytics. You know lol you did GM believes in and you know you have somebody kind of balance that to have another voice you wanna play in the middle. You know I just don't think you wanna rely on on stats about the U wanna ignore them. Citi's current focus of resolution due to invite them over yesterday for the pan out as a Brazilian beer obviously weren't paying attention over the weekend because I know you had plans to go to you know stadium to see what's Adam's got a torn world is Jeff I know. But how long does he know it's it's going to be a short window before you turn on to a future and Rivera the closer Bucs host course and make some mistakes you know and we'll we'll discuss them. But I'd just done and he's gonna make as many. As many as far as dealing with this that the people you know any other think July I'm still curious on what to browse to Clinton doing this year. We talked that got to stay home and in. Keiko every single day wrote her. Let him manager for the sky and let him build his team to Texan let him build doubts that some of the sixth practice of you know we're gonna know exactly has gone that if lettuce finish team breathe a little bit on the road don't go on every single road trip doping in the locker room 24/7. Whether it's your home whether it's on the road. You know let let him develop this team kind of coming together. Rather than having your boss walking through the locker room 24 cents or even more so shooter the first weeks on the job for months on the job even more so I think that but you can still be there from afar. You know you can still you know whether it's gotta get your marrow you know the assistant GM or some of these other guys that they can go on trips in gold with some things it's only. You you can't watch a game from home. And still be able to communicate the next morning or like an hour or so after the game Jim called the K what's happened here what happened there. I don't even care just you or be a net in the coaches office after the game that's fine but just. You know what's so why he'll. Just it is just creates a different vibe only thinkable playing 162. And walking around I exact remember when did indicate to walk around that locker room. Once in awhile he popped in many did the card game would stop them you go to talk what's up in you sort of syndrome of the company I just want to say hi shake your hand. NATO yet good good good to when he leaves you leaves a lot and let's hope he can really be yourself and. She don't want better I don't know void because you've brought this up on a couple of occasions. I'm not seeing a lot of this written I agree with you I think it departments even a bigger problem. Forgot it's just starting the job and guess what I don't think it's gonna go away you know why because the brusque he's under tremendous pressure right now it's on him. Farrow was the fall guy now it's on him I would get to the phone calls we'll talk more about this at six point 777 back 7937. OMF it's patriots Monday. Relied done here to line. Now back to the guys who do use small ball school small ball one big ball I don't care what big balls aren't I want balls off the wall I want balls in the stands out one extra base hits or wait we're loading and 48 listen don't get me wrong I think you steal bases. You can you can run but they got big ball on Sports Radio WEB. I welcome back to the show. It's four hours before today. Taken over the shoulder again but no way you guys are back in it. When he'd never that you don't you guys leave you don't find out. You forget how to you forget how to use the equipment and I'm doing that because you don't ought to turn on your has its own you don't know how to turn on your might. You don't audit me except to call the little things what did you do I know you're up unless you are markedly less all right I'll currently. What's it like a match yet at around 3:30 in the morning but how many cigars has. There's there's a lot of cigar smoke in there I'd give the windows open last night there were a lot of drugs. There are a lot of drugs to people that there were popping up daylight gap. My key said a guy that showed up and I don't know why the keys like he's kind of naive. He looked down in the in the limited in the shadow Zoellick painted he's got American flags debris they want a moderate no shirt on as art was just it was not the greatest instinct as part no you know we think can still thinks like people are nice in the world you know everybody get everybody's gonna. Be nice this guy look like in your yoga. The Omaha yet turnaround was that radio. Look at the paint job although he's now been slated to get that mr. get a picture that we have as well were sound rating stands alone as the bad radio folks at but we is that guys that they don't let go coordinates are. We played better to go back to the doorway thwarted because go back I get the right like this job on this patriot and it has great holiday I want to take what it's literally the front couple hours. Yeah well yeah. Well it about this ritual there wells I'm. I want okay. Drives and the viewers thank you so but his other good but they let him in the usual. Seek the thing is I would tell you this just looking at but looking at Keith they should have the door locked at all times at security they're vulnerable at Coptic you know you can you know you can take you wanna read it or not they don't even higher what. I like to know what company they'll make you got no bread and offer bred daughter both are allowed to take a little area of the there's so I was sitting there. I have been rarely master blast really the door open not even unlocked or you know the cigar smoke it out all that big Greek and they're like hey do literally there's no sort of estrogen and nestled orexigen and it goes and takes him down and he's probably hoping that someone comes into this trespassing beat Dallas here's what here's tomorrow we get all the time probably nights there's a moment get all the time we always get a legit 13145. In the morning. Couple come over to listen and watch it like this they got enormous toy though and don't have metal that. They can't find their car all announcer how do you how isn't a joke and ask you find it yeah that's just my yeah. Still aren't till the opposite way we had one last night the phone was dead they showed up about 145. They needed and over drive back to their hotel. And but the phone was dead. So we charged up their phone more wasn't good some and oh yeah we. We know what I've actually gone out and Axel asset mad about pregame show. It's a great columnists. That I have a great asset who would you heard estimates the shall suffer because I can what do you do as I can pick. The patriots to win on the on the CBS pregame show him and I can take the patriots to lose. On WEE guys. Pregame show some it's a win win situation and eventually going to be right but only real action was at that ritual that stupid as dance you do that you tweet Obama's record doing. The happy dance club and the house floor I don't do that for gold for the police bullets that. Yeah there have been a good thing you know well anyway you wake western Kentucky yeah it was a good did. I don't know I don't remember one but it was a good game they wanna Boston College minute oh yeah that's why it's one minute I'm I don't I sort don't want it I don't want one minute I don't know about that it was a little too big went back to back slight margins are still excellent meeting after beating Louisville has just stated suspect saw we onboard now you're back and they always beat. Virginia's 6230. Virginia is such elegance for what we have usually uses about a third out yeah you sure there's exceptional. They're six and again that's what it is here to see no affect that but know enough no shoes and actually care who thinks that Jackie O well I was leaving find it. What if I BC blog and any future in stats aren't you research guys from Saturday data to get up. Actually was pretty good game I watch actually Virginia's at a Goodyear brought me the decent enough that it not been anything big when we talk about little. I went at 140 plus points and become big. Started recruiting trail gone every recruits and well it is that the best was that the game is over and coaches to almost like I told to. Does start Sutton thank god for her. They division secure data out of the water and talked often doesn't look you know. Sixty minutes and gone back there aren't that were her hands over my connection back to football that's okay back to a baseball but never would know we'll do will will do to both when we get back to I think what you house again and for outside right now. How again you're right I probably I was again ever I don't if it's gonna and it's gonna it's got to be something about. Somebody to do with. You know first timer you note you know. Mean easel doesn't know what he's doing a photo I don't think it's an area I I don't I don't know that way at all ice I think he's gonna have a honeymoon. I course I think what this does and I think. Because he's coming in after Farrell you're gonna start hearing the stories. About Sarah's lack of communications and onboard resolute earlier under the silence from one of the violence he's gone and notes a lot I think it. I think you'll have positive what does this say about what do they start them off for his first year. Well originally wanted more easily total little desperately need yeah that's old movie easy volley down. Don't know laurel and asked about Iran that it's going to be a positive thing. During her for a core core it's gonna be it you know the pressure of anything it's gonna be on Dombrowski yes. It's gonna because now you've hippie got a manager that's good to a first step is done easier step is probably done. Now what you can do that now nobody can just bring back the same team you've got to get a power about it you know that's and you've got to don't know Malcom stunning him. But a convincing and gets fan I'm convinced convention they're gonna give up a boatload again. And I'm convinced that if they are doomed to be excited and to watch him. But I look at it and say down ovitz a best for the organization. I don't know I think I think Judy Martinez is is not far off he's not that if you excitement to a street usually in future years older than he has put his expertise that to me he got a came into his own at the end. And he's a good hitter. I don't get to give up somebody don't wanna give up weathered devers weather's been to Andy you know I mean teases you you deal for Stanton Mindy what you give up you give up everything you've got laughed upon numbers and traditions and in Arizona though didn't they postpone numbers yea did I mean it's our 3030 odd issue and those are keeping their zones omen whatever he's 3035 just all the shots or she should that's even more frightening when you look at the Red Sox and lack of home runs. In juiced up. They are right now that's just a baseball has been UQ you don't go from the numbers we got the last couple years. And zoom up to this one and we know that. May put it they don't want it don't use the Red Sox through the route so I minarets Russert are using that to clean ball just gets a fluke I there are some people right to some of that some of the guys are ready. All of those last year they all had career years and this year they didn't look at the Yankees the Yankees only careers this year or next year they might not stop it. Look at what you've got look at your personnel. You do not have dependable. Power hitters on the Red Sox right now and the ball was Joost you've got to look at that you've got to get a power hitter and. Well I think it's time in Detroit to browse through when it got from our from Houston and indignity to slip and call the claim him off waivers for politics since you show in Detroit is sucked and so we saw up close and personal and I just a US JD you don't have to get rid of devers Europe or Ben attendee old groom or these other guys. So you add JD Martinez yeah I've done is done of these you still have all those assets if you want. Do you have any of other guys the big league level there's Jackie Bradley if you start talking about moving him maybe now if you bring in a galaxy deal or whatever might be in and you know was Bogart's although it's one more year from standard but still you have other options that. Still trade away assets if you want and water Rodriguez he's a guy he'll report shallow he's a guy here we Ramirez he's a guy. Please sign that freeagent and then you know different ways of growing team free agency and trades and that you do both. I must say that you're not you don't write about this from a baseball point if you. But you know what's going to happen you know there going to be other talk other factors all of this. And the team needs to get some cash shaken they need to get a front page okay great stint with Jennifer is the neighbors judge right under our noses no gun drawn a lot of drama. The judge did for the Yankees this past year I just feel like if that's the case you've got. Two or three years and then you citizen now what are we. Mean back back at square one where are we prospects come out of that the draft that OK and it Tripoli ready to go double A no OK maybe sales gone. They sit not so they've prices gone as well Bill Parcells gone as contracts up Palmer has gone his contract you know me to start up book he's a free agent. I mean you make a deal for Stanton would get left the. In addition but Lou they get nobody in the organization you can look at and say that's a national. You don't have a pitching get it without straightaway at getting numbers might be the best you've got when it comes to power I don't know what he's gonna. But what he's gonna eventually they are I think four for Stanton I think what he brings to the table Mort you've seen the Red Sox do this in the past you've talked about Christian with Bob. You know lead they'd love to depend accustomed that was a big part of it is if you looked at him as a player. Just a pure baseball player. He he he became what exactly what he was before. But Vicky deteriorating because he was so flood couldn't feel that was something he used to be a political hit singles and be really good defense of third baseman but I think the lore. The panda character stands character. Well I'd bigger it's bigger than me you know what it is. BR out score is gonna get a B I Vizio long honeymoon Nancy because he's he's one of us yes but now it's your point it's strictly. Dave Dombrowski now it's everything it's his fault no matter what Ed because everybody else. That was here that I had some sort of power or or some job that was critical is gone. Right I mean what a bench coaches are so who's who's gonna be is anybody from this that the only the only only guy that's gonna. They saw it day in the veins you'll be on the staff with his daughter about butter I don't know. I don't know there was some talk me about centro comes along with some of the utility guy probably for years and money on big leagues. Played against them and all but I don't know home while as far as where he is now as far as coaching goes by but dale of NG is the bullpen coach. And today wanna play would do elevated debate peace because this guy I mean. He was a guy that will we are players news just you know bullpen catcher that time would break down swings. Would breakdown mechanics of pitchers he sees the game everywhere this guy did not want to lose I know Arizona I'm sure old look and put money staff. No it's good to have him back I haven't. We're gonna get your phone calls it 6177797937. Both the Alex Cora move over the weekend by the Red Sox and obviously the patriots a conspiracy to last night we gonna get to the conspiracy theories plus. There's a little bit more evidence going him riding with the the big lug over year. When it comes to carry Irving and whether he can deal always samba book for sure appealed to get all of that on today's or not. Back to Fort Wayne Ramon Ian Fauria before I telefono oh percentage and got called about prescription right now and it. Everywhere I go over six plus I don't. And I'd love all your daughter. This boards rebuked. We EI. Actions are going to be dizzy feet. Not on our stand for the flag in a way did a lot. Our fans feel that you sure that you won't plus. Jerry Jones is not backing down on this he's been open about it we got a problem. And you guys taken a knee is a problem forced. So we're gonna do the little conspiracy theory of the world gonna get up on the grassy Knoll one of muck would understand that rough. Music address you know maybe. If Minnesota. So we're not doing that tests. We're about to announce the all ball I know Lou and I would be an Obama but vote and throw it all wrong and opposite direction you announced you would not be newly anointed. Citizens of that you are out of the country they go born so you don't have any conspiracy theory on all of this just the commissioners there holding back now on giving to commissioner is new extension. Claudia got a buddy they thought it convinced them he's got while I don't any hole playoff and if they're holding off on them. The president's not letting up he did Lewis to tell the soft you retreated again this morning he's all over the stuff. So nobody seems to be back and I just heard Jerry Jones yeah guys ticket yesterday fuel bumped from and I gave us your morning right lump them so that was. That in itself might spears and gates' soul. As we solid shot that you know the report is one of the exact so one of the owners whatever was said that the victim. Is it going away the protests and it's becoming an issue and was sounds like the issue in the fact that Roger Goodell is not giving an extension. Okay sold the owners obviously a problem with what's going on with this as we all know the players I think they had what a certain number oh to point two origami people Neil this week. Source saw this tweet this morning you know Donald trumps inns and of course two dozen NFL players continue to Neil during national air and showing total disrespect for our flag and country. No leadership in the NFL and we've heard that from him before over and over again right no leadership. NFL not able to do this disrespect the country and in just do with a story about how the extensions. It's held up because of this issue it made me think. That Donald Trump is trying to get it dealt fire and that may be called this boy Robert Kraft. That maybe is he oh boy Tommy Brady you know disrespected by the commissioner Roger Goodell and and the entire time with the no leadership in NFL was just throwing it out there. Just to have it out there any owners mines. You've got a problem don't bring this guy back to Donald Trump is trying to craft and Brady a favor and get. Roger Goodell I thought I do mine not even that yes yes I think it was like like they don't backed channel. Like like Robert crowd is cheering when I'm president yes I'll fly on me yeah it's kind of like I pacers have supported me armored US solid young no leadership those guys you have well known they were talking about the things troubles talk about during his campaign did not ready loan. The other crap was talking to a big Jindal about it I talk about what he did early signs tweets about leadership problem yeah well no leadership I think that's ultimately urology conspiracy but. Think I can happen only I don't know I believe I did that. Our feckless and anything's a possibility here's why don't why. Because. I'd just truck does everything for trust fund and and what he's doing right now is he's riding the flag because the protesters are taking unique. He's looking at his base and he said he might base like that. Raised the flag they like to put a hand over their heart every time the National Anthem as they are employing the my based on what to solidify mud based. It's gonna help in the mid term elections certainly gonna help me in 20/20. I think he's doing it all for himself and recent I don't think it's it a Brigitte craft connection. I think Brady is always Dick that this guy right now he didn't show up at the White House that became a big issue now about. Has he mentioned Tom Brady you know once since the White House didn't mention him okay at all certain. And assume he just until quitting was the MVP of that Super Bowl. He doesn't take advantage of this alleged say go way back and Montreal with Thomas and truck can help we're gonna show our. Relationship you know it's not obvious that I get to delve fired yes likened unit reminding the owners that you have no leader in there. And he should not give him an extension. You can thank you and we'll talk yes venues on his way I'm trying to get at the back of the minds of voters the youth leadership. Brosseau it's just a coincidence that that hit his status is being held up yet just all just don't buy like the form we go with a done deal back then the there's equal Elliott thing happened to Jerry Jones thing happened you're telling me there's no connection at all there. No I I think I don't know I don't know that that Larry. Hello we are just meant that we we close the fan I agree with my conspiracy theory but I figures maybe he'll certainly take your market a look at. Here's my guess is that this is indeed actually mattered this over the weekend so in other words you've you've always existing source. I don't I heard somewhere else I heard somebody else say it but I was in New York City so let me so what but he does enjoy its creative hook right into the crowd is let's Lebanon's. What do you think about the fact that DeMaurice Smith. And Colin cap an eight on in cahoots. That he Maurice Smith and think the is actually. Funneling information to count happening and they're back channel and talking about this being the best way for the at a. Well players overall to actually finally have power over the owners in the past. The players have always tried to figure out how they could somehow leverage what they do against the owners. It doesn't exist. Now the owners sorry now the players and the Maurice Smith know that they can actually affect the owner's bottom line they can affect their pocketbook. They can they can stop people from watching they can do I'll just let protesting really bad. All this we're holding but it doesn't matter who wrote it doesn't matter who wrote it so you so people are recent. College capital of them are actually. Their their partners in August 2 touchdown the worrying yes no not take him down. But to power the NFL PA to wonder when the new CD comes out they can sit there and say that you are what you get hopefully ticket where protest you. You don't do this we know how we can affect. The NFL we can affect ratings we can affect sponsorship we do all that was a poll is out there so let's take any good work as we'd like dislike you. I like this one's good work this week you play it and I think you are all the southeast. Well anything's a possibility I mean all of the stuff is possible got to play dirty or did you Q now you if you NFL PA. The is that they want to play hardball you you don't wanna give you want you don't want a division I wanna do that okay he wants going to strike when they do come back. Eventually we know how to affect the team. No I think what. You're saying it in these they use it properly yes well in and said that big deal right they do have some power here. If they use it properly I mean if they come back and say it it will. Wool wilmots all the players on the same page. If you give us this but I will we all fear that they're like. Didn't give up like eighteen games that they gonna give up future earnings of contracts just to have the right Neal let I didn't it's gonna backfire. And they still don't know what to ask. The fact is that they actually at the actually have. Like silver bullet the NFL PA in the players now I think have a silver bullets. That fit that the one thing that they know look at it and nothing else for striking doesn't work regional players are gonna do it these these don't have the balls to do it don't have that. They don't they can't beat its. They're they're they're lighters in shorts right so there you go there's my conspiracy theory there's lose conspiracy they're now what's one do you think is most likely. Our George leave or not a template from Sanderson sorry Lou I apologize I have the right. That's just really like trump is taken out revenge and trying to get Fidel fire now. Well I think they pick trump probably can't stand. Goodell because he wants to be that we know you need the maybe he he thinks he's doing and she's been wishy washy with a staff plus he's got the ear right now. He's talking to Jerry Jones and the craft he's he knows what viewers as they don't you know what we all know with the owners are sent notices that they got a lesson. PC world we got to play it cool. They got to play this game achieves this is killing us business wise we're gonna cost us the bottom line is gonna get. That's what they're saying. So he's taking. Their side of that the older side of it is also just after Goodell. Won't step on the players right now because that's what he would do that's what trying to I think they're both they're both possible both of them. What they've done I think graphic rap probably Donald Trump. You know feels it probably doesn't doesn't like Roger Goodell now that it's not like Philly and there was she wasn't what I always do every send tweets about the at the me always and every single tweet there's no leadership in the NFL right. So what who who who deleted in a pro what he'd probably thrust Goodell is doing what he hates the most and that individual players play the PC game needs my PC game market and he doesn't like that he wants him about the ball and say it like it is supply business that idea anthem is something that would. Keep you know his extension from happening. It was a singular talk about what's gonna take down Roger Goodell. You know would deflate gate you know all different hearings at different bounty gates and always at a things in who they are nice to have complete power it to those in the National Anthem. Is the thing as the owners why because it affects their pocket is looking at ratings is an amazing that's his job he's such a surprise his job is to make their money OK and if he suddenly if this turns. And the networks are bitching behind closed doors saying hey we got a real problem here our advertisers canceling. Now he's got a business problem yeah I'd say they don't all time you talked about. It's gonna take down Roger details and Baylor said that Colin capita kneeling is gonna take down Roger Goodell. All indirectly aware that the domino effect what what do I nobody has been a main topic what waited and what did we say through deflected it's affecting business. So affecting FL is that right so this is affecting NFL does this it's all about affecting the pocketbook the owners and if you do that. Then yeah I'm gonna have a problem with with him is commissioner if I'm one of those owners and that's what's happening it's. It's affecting a word hurts the most in the and in the pocketbook. But their own sayings of what the owners look at it this is where Rogers screwed up. Commissioner Roger screwed this thing up like president trump says pucks through this thing up because yes by not making a rule. Vertical down hard enough hindered if he did like the NBA Wickham said both the reaction be if he came out and put Roland you have to stand in respect nationally at the how that route reaction be from from the country. From you from that you know people that we know well I know people said that's the minority hurt them a but I know people said the NBA already had a rule in place and so therefore was a lot easier for Adam silver to be able to stand by it. But what destruction did you have a the National Anthem with the NBA you know. The destruction duet with the National Anthem singer the other night in Brooklyn right. That's what he had a prop she took me at the end of the song so but you haven't had a with the players at the end so if if not one of those owners say they don't hand Roger. Delta is simply a show storm right now he's the same issue a formal bullet. He's got what seven generally they had a royalty got to be on the field I was getting didn't go in the field and nothing happened on Lewinsky scandal and a predominantly. African American. A person help NBA right. So why isn't you don't whatever show was doing that's what I would say I'm wise idea old roll right you know like what changed the world com Roger Toussaint to change tomorrow. I just they teach that child thing. I I think it there's so much trouble I think the I Annan as he's playing just two days is Clinton's base well I mean that I know and his bases is a Jerry jones' bassist Robert Kraft. But all tied together this base is not is beyond that it's it's Americans out here who. Oh who bullied and patriotism and and strongly believe. I'd desperately would meet with these guys these players who don't are we get to the phone calls coming up next at 617777937. Delegates at this guy's your story. Although regular some pretty wild.