OMF - Does Belichick owe players an explanation for sitting Butler in the Super Bowl?

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, March 14th

Hour 2 - The guys discuss whether or not Belichick owes his players and explanation for sitting Butler in the Super Bowl. Fauria thinks so, but Glenn asks why should he have to explain his decision. Glenn is amazed we haven’t heard more from players about the Butler situation.



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On you read he. Fort Wayne alimony and 48 puts it we may have some breaking news here bill. Well this is not gonna make somebody happy now it's not the any Amendola. Is staying in the AFC east had to dole wants more touches the doha. Why don't expected to sign with the Miami Dolphins. Okay okay okay yeah. Political and Hulu and Christian stiff and evidence that former patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler in tenth time the Tennessee Titans. Purse sources crying treason which you wanna get doing the patriot fans really has no bearing down on Ian Rapoport reporting that needs shoulder is signing with the giants. It's gone no other patriots have made a contract offer to free agent quarterback AJ McCarron who went conference called stars. At 815 Saturday eleventh Saturday thirteenth night at 817 look at that you went all the way hello all back. A lot but I want you are right now on Sports Radio WEEI it's and only one place for the kind. First he had put together this. Arguments to debate patrol and told them work and it really wasn't things not really about time I come down like like nationally relevant right now. He's talking about yeah its much Roland though. Of Poland. The jury got this all this information from euphoria. He's talking about Tom Brady that you know Tom Brady me not the least. About losing all of these players nobody wrote this piece was Danny Amendola. And Dion Lewis who we can now and Nate sold there to the mix of course he's not going to be pleased. But he picture this how many times you have countless. It is a countless. Cultivates his role Leo on there remains some brigadier he had no receiver asked and you couldn't ask and I remember determine their names Sacramento county there was one if Tom can't. As the league for eighteen years if anybody understands in place for the patriots under Bill Belichick being that he understands how this works it's time. The next season resort Tom realize that deal Lewis was gone. Then they sold that was probably gonna be gone and that Danny probably wasn't on the take a pay cut for the third straight year can't play. Any new Malcolm Butler was gone. Again this thing cats Tom Brady by surprise is he happy probably not. But he so it is yet really happy with the moves that made last year. Last year it probably happened in the unbeaten in great cooks lookup. Product. Pretty happy that he gave a bunch of different options were pretty happy when he was rubbing out the the not soon enough cold bears on the other night and they're pretty close the whole free agency reported anywhere got. So George Schultz writes fur what does that tell Yahoo! Sports. I'm sure yeah Jordy Nelson knew we was being released before it. And that he was already. Targeting the patriots as a potential suitors. These are you so patriots raiders. Ravens Seahawks we can always at the 49ers and everything right because the forty that is of interest that everybody because this. This may have our motto and it got bought some wild like it that's it existed the wide receiver of markets open in. It's in lock as we get three and 48. Alan Robinson who missed the entire year up. You get three and he threw him to resign and had a jet was willing to move on now without him because it's a pretty well actually out of it and B they don't want and I don't need to throw it it's not part of their team played all salary and an author thought of it. A one year deal or something right the Allen so and ending honestly like Danny Amendola. All million for two years they now have guaranteed so to Jordy Nelson and it again for patriot contract for four million the unit now out there so. Located down year last year at all but you can easily proceeded down year because the starting quarterback went down that debt is up 300 gave him for short money. You wouldn't think but his his age. You can question. You know physical. And and even Iran well last year but you're right you could look at the quarterback and say well I don't football film yet who was it's legit. That's a huge part of it was only going. It was yeah it was it was a Brett Connolly cap UCLA again got the start got better as the Euro on. But as excellent that's legitimate he's not gonna play the same way that not all there are often not all the receivers but believe me. No I study business low slot guys equipped stuff but like Erickson joining Nelson was. The tough brawl the backs shall draw on the sidelines Greg the deep drawl that Rodgers can do that this kid couldn't. So that you sit there saying you know in order to make me where I need a quarterback who can make who's willing. And can execute that tough throw. This kid can't. And that's what he's thrown underneath the wall these other guys so yeah I would definitely look at the fact that this is the reason why did I didn't have big number. It's comes down to the the patriots and I can overpay for this guy at that age because there's too much risk involved. And getting a guy at that age especially if he really has slowed down. Let's say you put a great quarterback accurate throw to these general guide and wasn't just ugly he's lost the step here. I mean it was hatred at times I think that's what they're probably duel with him I'll take it times. So what do you figure you'll get a bunch of you know older you know older vet thirty something year old is just kind try to Kyle like. You know it's trying to use one last chance to get that ring right guys that was gonna do. And we say that every alienated many years have we said that that's not what they do and I think they're spinning this thing. For word two year five year tenure game plan that's that's how they they operate and that's why they've been able to run it. Run the course of that for I don't like you know I've used I don't think they are you seize. Ended I dispelling this is going to be a really fun slash interesting. Offseason just because of all the bodies although. All the big time stars that they're going to leave I was just I you're gonna replace them and with all the issues they still need to fill holes right so Danny's help it was a big one. OK so we can with those lucky carried away with that with a good deal if they get Shelley Saturday night that's sexy. He's a regular taxi pick me an invasion under performer. But he was that a performer on a bad team yet is up's and down's right on a bad team so they look at him and they say where are coaching. You know we can straighten him out in our system he can be really good. That's current liberal senators. Are you know did they didn't they say that he was better in the 34 that he was in the fourth former and it's that's that's the goal right but I getting it to different at three years he was there at two different three different coordinators so. It's and he'll we what I'm going into utter. Kofia refiner not I think my that you will be OK I don't think it's I guess it's a good I'm mortified I think it's a player that. That Belichick has had great success getting in the past. A guy that's out of place with what he's doing with a another team are that you look at and say we bring him in. While ago will take it to the next level we we got something here. And and it wouldn't surprise me if you see a lot more of these type of guys. Coming in the next couple weeks when they see that left tackle and see a backup left tackle some well at Italy you went round draft pick for. We think about that deal rights to a they do they get Shelton and issues fifth. So again next to pick this year. Which give without the last couple drafts are at they probably said the need is the big draft for them so what did those who lost the third last next year right. You'll think bill knew he was gonna lose all these players on the compensation from the cubs went over the call those picks he's gonna get into their religion they they get one out as the tournament ruling Lewis is going to be a big Louis. Butler Butler is going to be a big meeting of salt deficit it's a formula but. You're right the highest rate tackle got a hot one among the highest pay quarters of football just left you pretty good big price and the young Lewis with average Romanian song to sing you can get. A couple of these bits to a three backs off the third next year for this TH ORI. Has all these guys leave and we it's these cats in a week and it's at least pitched back. I don't think I don't think anything's been shocking. To this point the Ellen Dolan only because. I don't think we were sure that somebody was gonna go out there be willing to give us what's Clinton waters apparently the I was surprised by that that that that's that's easy and 8000. He's just his reputation since the spot on if it does not even just like I want guys campaign I think it's everyone who sees him just knows that. He's just as is sounds of a personal decision on doesn't it and we can all understand what he's coming from but it doesn't make sense for the patriots but and it's how many times can statistic I'm. As a not taken a pay cut out I don't play of what a million to have bucks like. Not go to. Eight to have the other guaranteed somewhere she of the problem is with the New England Patriots focused he's been terrific and in playoffs and we know and in key situations but he also has to take some time. I'm off from time to time they have to manage how they use them what does he would doing. The seeds of the fourth receiver into the don't and I don't know third or fourth look at me look at religion is celebrated Dowell. The government's help okay so they're not paying this type of money two years and twelve million New England for us why it took for four that's like my took a pay cut you can look at the percentages as they are located makes sense given far Miami. I'm looking at it and say he can't take the time off. That he took off with the wind was not the best case there for is treat him the same as it ever easy to get every single rat that I think yeah problems if we go back to time when we're steelers' depth chart. As opposed and when he's a four year in a way when they sent out he's real soon. He's got Jewish slash still eat with Miami yes he's he's got to be a big group. Clark is the start their outfits she's a star is a big part of Iraq the way they give them more multi reps which you tell me we love him. But do you feel confident that he could occupy that role not I I I wouldn't I don't think his his sweet spot. Is right that range that 48 of these 2% he's a third down specialist. Easy match up nightmare and and you're not wire Danny on asking and apply Amos masters or if I'm missing out what you're gonna see your returns. Mean that is where I think he is best suited guys proven that he's OK with that that works for him. Overwork entity in it you're still got a neat. Week you'll be do we rather be playing every single game that you meet it reserve wraps. Or happy place and half the games and play every cigarette and happy to play edit that. Doesn't horizontally and it gets ninety passes no no nobody's gonna he's going to be he's gonna get a five he's going to be get a feel that he was here in New England won't have any probably won't be in the field about layoffs mainly because the dolphins the play of the majority Nelson yeah. So the first five games of the year you played with Aaron Rodgers. Eight point five catches 295 yards in six touchdowns. 325 catches the rest of the year. Some like that last nine games without 28 catches and a 192 yards and zero. Touchdowns you could say he died at the last two thirds of the season when Aaron Rodgers was. I mean five catches he's averaged five catches sixty yards and basically over touchdown a game. The out I would say they Aaron Rodgers was healthy. You probably would've saw 75 catches you would see twelve touchdowns it probably would he close to a thousand so we somebody to keep our eyes on but I really believe that athlete knowing what's gonna overpower him. Think one of these other teams will overpay him. And I think fans get excited about it because he's a name he somebody they recognize. No but the money stupid and even an aide in a position that. We didn't think that running backs are valued the deal should looking for him was like three years eighteen. Ten guaranteed. In game four and 23 into. But the other or was okay Dion Lewis leaves maybe Jerry McCain and we'll be nice look at the money cheap alternative. The due to something we say in print for four and thirty. Seven and a half average the only guarantee money OK so. Seven and a half million. So in terror McKinnon yeah and it just this article back to and also Michael Lewis broke down and and dole is percentage place back in 2014. 41% of the plays like fifteen 51%. When he 6223. Point eight. That was when you had Hogan was was there element was there and still making big plays that's when he started. Being that clutch guy he didn't have a lot of reps made him the ball caught it it was a huge play. And last year hole we got hurt again missed the budget games looming got hurt obviously went back up to 49 point 9%. A significant jump but it would have been a lot lower cute effusive in real low if those guys are still healthy so the pitchers played. Playing but he's a different player from Miami. Then he is with no wind. He has he's going to play a lot more he's got to be a more significant. Producer in Iraq offense that he was with the way New England could baby him. And you don't use him in key situations conceit is so good. In key situations and in the playoffs. Might indicate to them my guys get members him he's got it but he's got to take a more of a beating down or Miami let's get more money they're they're viewing it much differently than when. Nolan escorted out the the pain of trying to force them because every down guy there that's that thoughts at one point as is a waste of money it's not who we really well it seems I think wasting a lot of money in almost all say yeah I mean yeah you'll note a four years from now who actually you know spent the money the right way. I'll say is avert the rip the pages and didn't deal and on. To an unknown Danny Amendola cup last couple years they have he's been willing to do. As you look at the market right now wide receivers they gonna pay a sky six million dollars. And for what he gives you that's pretty good you know that's what this you'd be getting breaks from this guy because he's been willing to do it. And he's not willing to do it anymore the older he wants to get paid he did a tramp. So I mean we all agree that these players that are god. You know we're contributors here welcome Butler contributed related have a great season and still a contributor and it was we know what it's past its. Dion Lewis contributor here okay its older a contributor I mean we go to the anti ballistic. But this is really change how you look at at at the patriots made the beginning of the season they lost Julian Edelman for the entire season. And Whitney and out ended up. In the Super Bowl and lost crock of it before games yes and two games last year than the year before that Austria so. If we're talking about losing one of these players being a significant hit for the New England Patriots then. We're not paying attention of the fact that they lost at a little I would like more important than any of these guys and overall the year before more important than any of these yeah. And he still they won the Super Bowl and got to a Super Bowl and lost because one or two plays didn't work out for. And an ounce today with the year that I thought was really rough was retirement had Tompkins Dobson I don't know who that we're that it was those with the Dallas it was over the place where Brady Shaq really does is she's actually at all. Iraq. Isn't maybe I was sort of retire as well as in 06 was just bad the other thing is it O nine you're talking all these weird it was a weird vibe all those guys lab Richard transits the new guys I know this is the only drop was hurt. He wasn't back yet and it's of forgotten that tied it was X Leo undrafted kid. And the play in the first union against buffalo fell down on the first pass that he had heard the ring and they have cut them went to the jets result like that. No different situation you have better guys on back. The news throw Malcolm Mitchell and there shall have your year your commendable suited you with Burke held Kenny grant James light. Kenny Britt so you're just realistic wrong many Britons should listen it's not garbage yeah I think about it now. Time but that's the perfect situation Kenny Britt is a guy who's that talented player who really has not played up to his level quite yet. Look at it would kick the tires who gave me a million and a half the mob that makes cutesy would you condemn. Those type of players that New England as great successfully. And so why not go for it leaked again that's what the AJ McCarron things quite interest the thing that admitting it came up with this morning since thing in that. Is AJ McCarron now willing to to structure contract. In which the New England Patriots get relief early on where she could now be where Jimmy eagle rock below was going to be and that's the replace it for Tom. It's really illustrates this you could be the next drop to come to back up to operated deal signed some to some other team making the highest paid quarterback. In the NFL if you're necessarily at the end game you want but if you're McCarron actually looking at it right now saying he's. Rock below ended up getting the money and the contract. That I wanted. Basically the same predicament that the girl apple is it a look back I went in and played a couple of good games like Iran apple did it. And typical right apple gets traded away and now San Francisco gives them all the money I wanna do I wanna follow that same group. But where does he do if he goes to buffalo does anybody think he's gonna be really good in buffalo and previous does Tyrod Taylor. Yes yes he could be edited yet again and it an eight it is the hope to be even better than Darren Taylor yes. And Peerman pay that much so I think it's that's a win for them but it isn't interest in my with the wing. If they have interest in McCarron looking at him. As the Jimmy. The next umi to rappel. It's interesting in that how does McCarron look at who said one team could move them in and make him a starting next year that would be the Buffalo Bills the only right. So does he go. Thing he could compete so I don't you team bringing him in. Go to the Ellis of the giants released Eli are terribly releases Winston. I think those types of teams that mentality is more like the draft the kid. And give feel is that normal year but the cute push. You're always selling point is against the buffalo thing for AJ McCarron will lose the last quarterback that has been successful in buffalo they've had how many two dozen. Jim Kelly. The let's successful quarterback guy doesn't hear music out of here. Of that though it's Smart to do with the pronouncement without a doubt will cause he head of a broad fashion expert because I short spurt but then you would amount. So or you look at the snake and check out Tom Brady. I'll take the structure contract that Iran apple. Refused. And it may be IA get the opportunity to make the big bucks at the end of the contract fight more and act more of the patriots the loss of Nate shoulder. And what do you think you up panic are you concerned. Or do you figure. They'll figure this out the next couple weeks 6177797. Entries that. Christian rants about the hat socks b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hacked Christian story. Right now we returned to moral or wait Maloney and 48 watch Sports Radio W. I believe. Sort of known they've sold their wanted to stay at the wing that he wanted to do the best he can't continue to protect Tom Brady's blind side but there comes a point in time in every player's career. You get four years sixty or whatever it's gonna be that's as thirty Sasha and guaranteed it will for for that with Nate. You've got to go and get it for Danny Amendola. I've got injury pat had back injury have a history in my past I mean I don't know how much longer have to play had a great time in New England one last money grab it's OK everybody respects that. Study her skill enough ESPN. And he's absolutely correct when you look look at individual guys I have no problem. With Whitney soldiers doing. I can get that when he was doing what I want to win was not gonna value him the same way grudge him badly you know I would I would anybody get it go Friday. If you tell us frank and Denny on the dole has been great here and and we'll album and he says he's gone from a guy who people were were skeptical of when he first got here. To the point now where. Yeah he's been as clutch is as any receiver they've had since Troy Brohm navy you know he's been unbelievable but you get an opportunity right now. To go guarantee himself eight and a quarter million dollars. It's not going to do that. Does give them one point seven again because they have different value. Attached to what Danny Amendola brings to the table. It's as simple as that. Man that night and yeah I mean it's it's just the way it goes yup it's great time for bottles for all those guys really all of loan. Pitted at the right time Dion Lewis and the dole look impressive when you talk about we think about all the the percentage a lol was getting over the years. And it really was a dire situation even at their 2016. His rats were solo me he was barely 25% was even a 25. It is terrible on the plane he was he was a situation a player you know give you a culture plays every now and then you know hopefully we'll catch some sleep and and you know and and that that's basic. Lee it's all right so on ESPN was Stephen Payne and with Bruschi. They got into this whole thing with spell check because that seems to be a prevailing theme out there that players don't trust. Belichick Belichick's got work to do in the room so here these guys talking about it. As a player. You point out what other kind of things that bought that and I understand it with finances that's a gimme but it's almost as if you sound like. The play is to just shrug off. What they saw happen about them but then that's probable because it could be down next. Hold the fate Teddy that there are not guys inside that locker rule who believe Bill Belichick caught the possible bowl championship because of that decision I had. Feelings about this patriot organization even when I've played there when they got rid of lawyer Malloy I think it was ten days before we played the Buffalo Bills that I was saying you know what I'm more lord of high school Roosevelt I'd still live at Roseville California Abu load of them are more loyal to the Arizona wildcat because they upset me so much but you know what. We moved on after we got beat by buffalo 31 and nothing went into Philly beat Donovan McNabb and the Eagles and then you let it go. If you wanna be a professional if you wanna win championships you've got to put things behind you move on and and know that it's a business. Not surprise either that tees the notes. And Christian Jimmy touchdowns and I'll let you know I got a pretty good pretty your game boys attitude that's as an astute regional average is put in the past is you soon good game. And while he asked me. We ask you understand that race and the game so I should also catalyst that turned things around to do you've been you've been here before you tell me. Does Belichick really have to sit down. With the entire team off and explain why the ozone is now. Oh Butler beat you'll think about Larry come on don't tell policy almost everybody the whole team some sort of diagnosis so I need. Game two the decision especially if it's only the game plan because of its disciplinary. Reasons than any of the players now. They don't then I'm not gonna it's somehow visits are on the team. He doesn't want you to know that Boise it's something that went out and made Alaska I'm friendly with it down last number and if not I'm not. And I'm gonna pry into his visit to what we keep. And here it is the bill has to have a clearing of the air with the players sit them down first of all Belichick doesn't look at last year's team. As next year's team with the issues team Reich told new team did different personnel we are ready to deal with what happened last year. Why would sit down. With these guys this new team. And let's say at the eight you know at this spring camper and in the summer that. So that's OK gentlemen you've heard all odd about this Malcolm but the decision I just auto explain what the board here and I gonna explain what we were doing what our game plan was. It wasn't disciplinary reasons. Why would deal ever sit here and have to explain. His game plan which apparently failed why woody after it was. It's not wouldn't you be afraid you deal with the Seattle situation. We're late two years later this still bring up what how do we run the ball the one. Metallic which is chairman or others on the team don't you just as I mean I think he should. Because at the still trying to figure out what the hell happened in this game US as the Boston RS and each and every day you make a decision that we think affects our game that we just don't understand help me understand it's I can move on. And if not it's gonna eat at me. I don't know what is relationship is with with smoke forty or any of those guys. Arm and whatever I could maybe see him Lou. In your conversation right to ask and then in a conversation with one of those guys that's thing I do I don't think those players I. My guess is from what I've heard. Those players are kind of a little bit intimidated like this guy was over here and they don't bring it up to him please pleases you were intimidated. Police. I was the first interview you did when you're mentally I would I didn't want to waiting in the first question and it's in somebody now. But at a briefing a question about bail or give out face was but I gonna survive. I it as a right and watch the games. So I think so I don't know what his relationship so maybe would according maybe it's on Armitage captain may be what's it within it'll ever end and bring in those guys know. I thought I'd point they watched all week I think they know like that what they were on board what did or not. They probably know this is what the coaching staff was doing they we they wanted to do this they wanted to do that and that was the game plan I think they know why. I think you'd hear more about it Lou if that was the case what are we here with the Seattle players right after that game there were all pitching about it. We are political allow we're constantly it's very outspoken. But. Mean I know he's still that I don't think it takes a look at coach under I think it took him long and all they were bought two players where we're talking about it we go back in and look it up. But what are you hearing anything. About this the only thing we're hearing is that the players are backing Malcolm block Lawrence social media I would expect that. He's teammate they'd like the kid they're gonna say positive things but they were really pissed off they really thought what Belichick. And and what Matt Patricia did was so god awful. I think they would be leaking it out by now players would be huddling up to take power in an infield variant and Girardi and others and sit and say guys this was the dumbest thing I've ever been involved that I had no idea Belichick's great people want a boy was he. Not hearing any of that. Because you don't have that you don't have the same kind of locker room that Seattle. We get a coach had its Izzard says yeah we want you to voice your opinions but it those players that are coming back Knoll but that's not how it's run there. And they just like I'm gonna go to the media. And sit there and start talking about. You know what the hell happened to me they might do that in Seattle because that's a lot from the dabbled don't do that here voters are questioning bill. But I don't wanna know privately. QB you know one thing that amazes me. Because I know people say well you're the Belichick suck up I happen to think he's the greatest coach in NFL history and I think does he make mistakes absolutely. But I think overall. He's been a phenomenal coach and a phenomenal roster building of surprises me over the years. Is that mortgage because they all seem to have their own agenda. On their way out art pissing and moaning more about Bill Belichick is aware that evil in that bad. In the way that you knew you were unable to do to yourself. Or do certain things you had to do your job and you could. Why don't we are more people (%expletive) and moan about it. Why did you college yeah challenge after you got you got it you steel Jenny don't give me guy you know OK check driver. Give me a guy and that you remember bits and moaning. On the way out Adalius Thomas OK enough said. The union at 118 year whatever global wood and we hero what's his face Telus there was a second one let's walker none and and I know. I have no idea I've tutored. But yeah what do you say he was shot that was not on the tee and he gave us one more week that we talked knows dailies Tom Cole he talked about. Yeah yeah yeah yeah there is nobody you don't get a practice Cole what guests at you and mark he's cold. I either saw Tony nice to a guy there is wait a minute mark he's cold doesn't have to worry about Bill Belichick in his life anymore. And yet somebody else mentioned that he pitched about Belichick came. And I think I think why I don't think you seal act and I think it's bad form. When guys leave the team. And somehow try to blame the organization I would rob all the time I don't professionals who owns and on the all time do I think he I think it's. Definitely less. Less of these states. It is it just doesn't tonight even an epic in student what you guys do a guy leads a team and he starts blaming somebody else probably because it user I didn't do that. That makes you look back to the other time I agree it may be checked with united automatically shows a doctor Philip what this Alex Thomas. The day of the Cleveland Cavaliers will tell you is outside the scouts know. They know the coaches know they watch the film they do their armor they know whose fault it is they know it ate it if you're off op Ed puts a bad position. They know so it's not like you have to spite of the guys who do that I just it is so insecure that they they want people to know listen I'm appalled. Hi Paula you guys pay public hate her world hey it's gamble I didn't do anything out of being a good player out pretty good team beat these guys scrutiny. That's like well I thought when you look at least honest you know. I think you know kind of believe what's so. Israel and a coach I'm a lot of money does but recognized in Tennessee. I don't know. You you tell me Heidi you're already I don't and softball team and in Malcolm Butler signs and you have your first opportunity to sit down after the core pro you know whatever might be you know. Phone calls in abuse a mask what things and I'm asking the question. And the question is it does he inserted to I don't know. But aren't you amazed that we're not here anymore we do hear about it on the sports. And we hear about football guys don't all the time why don't we hearing yet with Belichick is losing a step back. But they are gonna put it no longer have any ties to belt and Isaac passed non doubled this one incident. So why earnest and neither would guys don't at ten years later your guys that were actually struck by like lawyer Malloy. Go back and read about Belichick and say great things. Talk about he throw him out of the team on the first week of the war what's certain. I understand but you need some of these guys might look at and say we you're having to put in a better position. The commitment on many Cleveland just gave me thank you bill. Look what I'm doing on Arizona Patricio Jones thank you bill with an extension I got from the Arizona in the years that I had. What might read bitching about it for me a better spot. I eat so be it I'm just amazed that we've heard nothing about the Malcolm Butler situation that players. Not even not enough nothing here's why because I think it's it's more. It's it's not business you know personal relationships it's scheme. That's what it is it can't walk or hit somebody why can't somebody take adopt somebody else. But that doesn't happen. Why can't one guy had a better week of practice this guy. It happens all the time I think that's all it wants to grow was better suited in their game plan to play that week. Now I have questions why in the fourth quarter you didn't command. But maybe he could only play those two outside quarter positions but he hit the discipline right. What we've heard about it by now if we're discipline we are you know we miss the plane going down there. And that apparently was pleased because he was sick has to be ballot. Must be allegiance or. Somebody would have this by now guys. It would have a what do these players would leak it out instead is the only way you can I don't think you've I don't think you can out of the players really know debacle and I don't think they know. Is it still members on this team we'll see what they don't with you enough about civil war also hearing looming decision to meet you really expect arm in home according old diesel. Appearances and have a Mike in front of them and accidents or what happened with Malcolm Boller. There's still members of the team nobody don't expect them to go out there and what admiral bill Wednesday that we still don't know I've problems with a we gotta address this before the season starts of the still members. But you amount of Butler says about it. My point is that none of these guys over the years of talk about any of the stuff. He never do they never leak it out they have to go while Pitt and actually set yet. In front of a microphone that can only get to one of these guys predicted that the gee Artie and current and every reporter and his count Ian Rapoport national you don't think all of those guys are digging in. To what happened with Malcolm Bubba that's why no it's not discipline. There was nothing he did wrong that take it Hashemi football and none of them can figure it out because Belichick had a totally different game play almost a. Are they still. It is just football reasons it's even more mind boggle maiden and maiden. May be and now that he's got his contract maybe now we find they think. The interest thing that they don't I'm just. Floored by it but you can go through lawyer Malloy and everything else over the years as is Bruschi was talking about it. This is how they'll check those business are we got more innocent more difficult especially now when you you think that there might beat. Some issues internally Brady and telecheck and crock. And nothing is getting out six month sentence of seven on seven on its recent experience clay and. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to more or away we're looking at 48 watch Sports Radio WEEI. We saw what happened. In the playoffs should we saw what happened in the Super Bowl I would not well what was it like 500 yards passing. It's not good laser gel but you need to call on Eric roll lifestyle diet the joneses the nickel. We get target those guys be themselves quarter tackle major problems major projects between now and opening day. It deepened with the postseason that's it was. It was just it's Charlie that's an issue that's utterly as Charlie counseling. And he's done this over the years you know and Belichick's not a big fan of of terms either he said taking shots at him a path. But. Shorts is actually it doesn't really. Hasn't really happened yeah I think it was in that scene is. Them you know finding a tackle out there and maybe it's one of these fifth sixth seventh round draft pick trades. Right may be neagle the trade for Vick and the lights of things that's been injured when it's a kid Ian pew out of New York to giants did he plates right tackle left tackle canceling a little bit it's an injury concerns Christians there. Christian is back and had to get on the phone withdrawal involvement in a few more tips. On a point of stories. You got to turn the microphone on first son thank you very much snuck. Women and somebody else that he had doped at Michigan job I'll tell you know I was Lou was making a point here not on the level of finishes point inspired a year ago. If it doesn't it the draft. You know. The guys prospect. And get its commitments yet at Notre Dame needs a projected that there when he picked when he first pick overall in that range. And these other guys that are first second routers you know Linda Veronica Oklahoma Isiah win how to cut Georgia's oldest. In in that range. We'll find that some veteran cheap alternative was been injured and put him at left tackle them they'll draft one of these kids with this first or second round pick out imagine. And Garcia back in the mix seeking gain some weight back and he can play and they'll try to piece of assaulting and I. I don't military is very unpredictable when it comes to the draft but if if he ever was going to be predictable this is he's got to get himself left. So who is general Wayne ESP year. I don't know and a lane generally we get adrenaline is that's registered a ten years covering the box she Scioscia aren't that Internet in Tampa. And she is tying the New England Patriots. And I just lost it in without outside Atlanta got from the Redskins Trent Murphy right well. And it makes sense because he's one of these guys that. That he missed all of last thing got a lot going on in so he missed 2017. Multiple injuries it towards these yellow and CEO additional offseason foot surgery. But the issue I actually missed the entire 2017. Season. Last April he was paying for gains for PDs. We hasn't served his four year right. You know uneasily but now he's basically Brandon Browner so you bring a new reasons. Cheap money. Out some potential outside linebacker plays the edge of a missed the first four games because of PDs. That is integrate an airplane pilots are often thought that it's and apply it Blair hardworking guy motor giant. You know chance more guy to two point stance three point stance that you get after the quarterback that's a player X yeah I would say I don't know who she is. Obviously she's on to something here I think that's a legitimate story. Because they can get him cheap. He's damaged goods that's the type of player the Bill Belichick profiles that's the type but you could bring in Brian Cushing and Murphy balls did you buy. They both liked it right on the. Saying yeah that'll the not I'm not allowed back into the wild trying to find an edge. Okay like against navigated to continually getting dad because he's trying to find that it's just. And make additional rattling in our city he gave. That's all rumors only rumors that's you know been reviewed the green didn't read the packaging. Been read the label is an intelligent power player to the same thing China. Get around the rule I would do whatever I could so that I can get up there and I don't think you would I would want to deny is that I've been there you wouldn't. It well in a million dollars in cash and and the shame really that comes with it is just. Had knowledge to me it was changed to talk about baseball this shame and for a series. Course there is no surely not what it's all authentic at a bus stop it bad there isn't wants to play until I'm told us the most people and even Reggie Shane Rostock. And about knows there's no among the players I don't think Shannon think all of us that all the players. Would like to do you know grabs me each age grab some steroids grabbed some PD's. Grab some green is whatever you want to rusty thome hundreds of Raleigh is already all of them if they got right. Do you think it's like it got everybody alone goes back here again again can't congress and cheese recipes he Wii's and ski every single day. And every day away can't contain himself yet it's like he gets look at movies. Us and you'll excuse me I'm. It's as I want you all a guy that wasn't even here for the last segment were you don't. We're gonna. Are you wouldn't want it. Did you have to worry about what's in its scope picker I can win at this point it was the sound whenever the looms sport if loan for example were to be suspended. Okay for doing something. It would ruin his career it would be a black market his entire career he would go to I'm Maureen his law that would be the first lot of support. You did or didn't get a about all of phase. Many lecturer at Murphy's got a PD he's gonna sit first four games. And he's a middle role player would have extremely tough time finding a job John Mara going to be lining up to pay do you think much shot Merriman missed the first four games for a suspension he made the Pro Bowl team and all of our advertising here. OK in my point did you make sure you think I'll Hayward is big Rodney Harrison is proud. Going towards you know PD's audio via priority that we you don't just talking about. I think he's probably not that he asked to explain that it's a disaster or notice that he's suing sorry night football do you know all of you but I don't know why not broadcast really remember a modest. Players sit there and so your whole career you do what's right. And you have you have an injury your your your panicky you wanna get back. And he cheats. Those that shameful it is it germ the little ball it is an entire month on mile out from that garnered just beacons he'll let the rest of us you don't think it's so different than the way I. An idol or outlook in the media it would play well up. I'm talking about I'm talking about Padilla walker hold up somebody that's the plague games and everything and anything like baseball game today and if if he if he did what now you're telling me Lou do we ever attempted. To take any sort of moral and harassing android but I was always that guy that might or might as well I don't you play better. And I really don't think so it got bailed me of animal. OK so I'm stronger they'd better you can maybe your car could still be playing right now Lou as he could still be playing guys figured that the guys get a pretty good that both guys and a ball though the exact same players mean a guy in double lives exact same players me. And a year later popping 2530 bombs and abatements so on that a person. It's nabbed you tell me there's no amongst other players that may be different that because. It's because you're trying to compare in the wild wild west days one that was going on in Major League Baseball. Difference in the NFL it wasn't as crazy as it was an in Major League Baseball was any testing or any rules that the blind testified aware that. What am I just think there was an zeal that's the 2004 there's not saying there's no shame in game content in FL. OK but the shame is that the fact he just got caught we all know that's a shame in taking it. But I think that that people look upon you differently because in the NFL the needle based on the deceive and arguments under closely. Iowa I don't think about Larry is now priority unit you're you're arguing with me over the fact that they wanted to address to I don't want a shame that one around the game went on arguing about if you got caught we started by talking about. A player. Who got suspended for four games and said it's not a real big deal in football it is somebody the patriots look like they're targeting. And a guy that they might have interest dead and it's perfect for them injuries and get the suspension so some team is gonna look at this we're gonna be little hesitant that's the type of play the patriots are go for. And I said it's not a big deal in football. It's not in baseball it's a big huge deal and now he's a shy away from. From now you're talking about right you're talking about light and overall if you're talking about the old you know what ephedrine and bodies to take that they banned. I don't care about that. They're monitored don't care but it's like if you wanna you wanna rescue go ahead I'm talking about the of the HUH stuff that guys try to mask. The idea the steroids guys try to take. Those hard hitting stage whatever drugs somebody's taking in order to physically get better that you and run faster and cheat the system. I don't want to antagonize him do it that you listen to point that football players are much bigger. The baseball players here I mean this is it a little bit I know I'm not into it and it because you just so close minded you don't care. And you're always Nicole's Oklahoma David and it never hit it out of the quitting the fifth and basically. I think I'll. I read a list. Oz should just because you're uncomfortable. Sake of confidence and that's you that you like to take a little bit of Britt did you read this and other. Cryptic little message out there by wrong longer than a year will get to that next.