OMF - Dombrowski is crazy if he thinks clubhouse issues are over; Lou makes an endorsement for manager 10-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, October 12th

HOUR 1:It's Jets week and a battle for 1st place in the EAST, but it feels lame without Rex Ryan. Boston vs New York rivalry is growing with the Jets and Yankees improving. Yankees are getting better and their younger players have done more than the Sox' young players. Lou endorses Gabe Kapler for manager. Dombo is wrong if he thinks the clubhouse issues are over and the pressure is on him now. Christian believes regardless of talent, the Red Sox need a clubhouse leader.


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On you maybe. These award winning and moaning and 48. Great sports or use ES's cocaine clad terror so guiana when you sent it out what was your mobile basically explode. Any qualities that the benefits I'd personally believe how good he has alliance that get Peyton audience. Immediately either dorm below where we can't act people that thought there do we know the black. With clay and Lou and. Christian here he attended by. 69 jokes what's your favorite speed limit out there to Joe's chain wal. From its part us sort of like a Russian gymnasts. Martina never taught me you've played yourself. Our man this is really. Sports Radio WEEI. Race. I think he's you. You really start to repeat that day he doesn't it finally I was you need to hate me day and days what that was like what you would relate grammar school kid I was thinking and have a poster woman on his ball well like Linux and yeah. You know those sort of things for personal pledge that we should tone it down give them even going a little that's all. This means so little so little for playing so it's a little boy I'm uncomfortable in the audience were a constable involved I mean I did I ask them. I asked softball questions that quote you have a on your wall and said he said after the nobody. Let me weakness doesn't everyone else has made whatever toothpaste did you use. Do you have a Teddy bear were accurate a legitimate football. Here's what with the teachers don't teach you wears socks and you wealthy everybody regardless the page I think I think the answer was yes yes I was and vegetables and other black socks and a really we had press box at the beach again and football and yeah. Every did with the offensive line coach down in Miami did that would be football question now my trip through a little bit of the woman more more news coming out about that yet the we get tons of stuff to get the whole that whole project team it's just colleagues have you know maybe. As it barrels taken all all of all the attention away thugs use this just. Heat 1 o'clock game next week. It's the don't really know it's supposed to be jet week I thought the same with a record not yet week taught all of last year. Hit a competitive team. If you're out there today. Sansa put it this way and insanely you know if you had if Rex was still the coach his team Austrian to. You imagine what the the the post game press would have been last week of the three into a war on 09 that's the McGuire how's it would take and his producer. We brought it out your loan right Qaeda arranged. Yeah everything we discussed in New York nobody is this really just say this. Game that we keep talking about seems like the Red Sox Yankee rivalry is gonna have those some Elaine for the next call it what it for a while now right. The patriots they don't have a rival in the division and it jets are nowhere to dolphins listen it's not only did start at buffalo I guess may be. But they there is no divisional rival anymore hasn't been a rival in the public view with Cincinnati residents like these kids were good bye to him but an article Alison it is evil and the jets they had racks so at least there was some. And the games are somewhat close to go back when geno Smith was the starter they were close and and Rex Rex factor gave you hope. At least he gave some bulletin board material that others does not now when it was we were not that we were re Chela is next clay court the above. After a mobile Wi it but you had backed. Which was good but he wouldn't you OK I know I know they're the little you can base at eight. The patriots were like the older kid the bully and they put their hand on the jets head and they just let him swing away act like you know the bully move right and that's. That's what they are. Even a New York you can't find him choose for the yeah for the jets right now even though this three and into their more interest didn't beating up on the worst team in the National Football League it's it's been described. The New York Giants who have been more proud that we should team because a ball was enough. Closure is also it was I was don't. I don't I got a day I have I've had it right I agree I agree may I grabbed them and violently and then I imagine anybody my idol gives you manage to beat you and I can help us and Iowa is a team and always openly and fairly. Earlier city in Philly and bullets and those are relentless and I would advise federal budget there's. I think you would implode after the Steelers when they were just from from the inside out pass from the inside out and say that and that's that it would all be because it's. But you guys taken in the John Chancellor and let's get let's start to get tons of stuff together when you when there are 12 games you know ridiculous we have it was a bit epic falcons last three years in a row and I guess I didn't get like let's get in the some of the stuff relegated to the Yankees in the and the Red Sox robbery call you watched that game I'll say it on. So what's your lips it's a little took him two years ago. Last couple years we sit here and set up a yankees of the phones this little disorderly organization and start all over again it'll be five years before any of these kids. You know develop to the point where they comply. And we got the killer bees you know got to beat it would be there would be there and be there whenever. Look at these two teams and you look at Aaron judge him and you look at the DD grow glorious city. Who is everything wheat or whole. This interval guards would pay a guy who could really pick it short gold glove type of player and a guy who could hit. And some power and that's what DD can do if you look around that team right now only got hicks in Gary C inches behind the play you look at that team. We were. All hooked up but I'll let. But the difference now I'm again. Regulatory. I'm gonna give Lou credit on this and before these playoffs and again you know lose said watch out for the Yankees I don't know how far you thought they were deal. Could you didn't get too specific that you should watch out on the sides of Cleveland that was the last team you want to play. The second best team the American legal postseason. And it's one of the reasons why we keep hearing in. Politic L two days a runaway MVP I'd give it to judge. As the as the Yankees as judge when the Yankees went and he woke up in September music watch out nine on the policy so he's doing so well and hard and is that an Oscar and let's say it's a different team you know good gloriously Castro had just. It those guys this week and of that holiday get healthy judged Sanchez it's it's a scary. It's scary team to put that open up against a great you know. That is better than Khalifa yes Cleveland's got yet to guys they got like three or four primarily on the chances in the. The Yankees are for real this don't there's no doubt about it now I'll give you another one. They've got something going on here because that thing could have been imploded back in game two with Joseph Girardi. You know dumb stupid mistake in which he backed that and the next day fund he admitted to everybody I screwed up. And apparently had some type of juice and that in our clubhouse because those guys rebounded and then they win three in a row here so saved his ass and might have brought their team together. This go around there but if you compare them to the Red Sox right now we look at the Red Sox and the issues they have. That's a step back. I don't Jackie Bradley junior may be what we're seeing here is one month he's got many sacks for thread that's that is a real Bogart seized is limited. He seems to have physical ailments. On a continuous base business issues he's only got called Ferrell for not playing by any and he's not the power guy that we thought that he could possibly bay. And look at the Yankees and the Yankees and that's why you said this yesterday looked. These kids for the Red Sox. Have been able to do what what accounts in the postseason he's the Yankees this young Yankee lineup has faced for elimination games and while I'm all. No it's actual passions done should should you should be concerned too few Red Sox there. You know army duty. You had those three guys trailing a military access to chat me so while they sent Chatman and all these guys well he ended up moving Miller in a picnic excellent Frazier four right. They make a small little movement in and they trade away you know Adam Warren in the inning got sterling selling Castro. Who have very good second based on the middle there are strong up the middle was no question of any turnaround. And he traded Chatman end up not only award back but he get labor Taurus was expendable prospects that we got Fraser tore his number one number two prospect. Got worn back with a trade way to get one of them. Dick Castro and anywhere on the off season side Chatman and a member who they used to get glib or tourists so it's a big old what you should have pulled. With Ed Andrew Miller. You know trader Milford water Rodriguez yelled happy with a moderate Rigas at the time although now whatever you wanna say yeah happy with a shall not traded her ability to both of them. Cashman did this twice. Egged it straightaway to players for both guys that you read. White later didn't want it gave it gave Robertson that yes he began back so he he looked at players and looked at his needs. And this is something the Red Sox did not duke is about an opportunity to go again Andrew Miller back again. Even after they traded and got do you rod for so they could have gotten a starting pitcher for Miller. And then because that they were going nowhere that your and then got Miller back it up into the season and did this is the type stuff that the Yankees don't. The door and you're building something and guess what they got money in the offseason they can go. And Phil and as orderly and I forget it right and the nightmares not all know last night he beat Houston. Got a big Red Sox were good enough to it's always Houston's weaknesses and that's that open. The existing on baiting get to a I don't. Dick Dick could be used to joke I agree. Also you know we talk about wanting that was misinformed as from the Red Sox team is just. Never won anything they admit they don't know what it's like they don't know how to fight through something and what it's like to actually paid. The Yankees on the other hand playing game against Minnesota win that one down 02 comeback to win three in a row and that's. I don't know you know we don't as far as when you look back at you know was a look like when you're building something special he start like trying to see what's important. That we think the early careers at these young kids are facing Agassi and judge wasn't great in this series. Oh what they've already accomplished together as a team as a unit. During a multi vex analysts I've been doing of the yes I don't know you know what it takes the wind and it's just truth honesty. It's in a ball that's a cop we showed you eat donuts what we want why these guys walked into a high pressure. Elimination wildcard game. And and one. And were down 02 to the Cleveland Indians and came back and won. Like they've they've individually. If you know different times of fifth at stepped up. Collectively. They've already overcome an 02 deficit that's in the back of their mind moving forward you know for them in the future but that group. You know that there was special here in Boston 040. You know there was no coming back in all three we came back down O'Toole in Venus there's different times what they accomplished coming back from Cleveland. You know teachers Grand Slam government with every thought they were done. You start to build something sort of metal Watson Arial they got in it was to Kevin Millar don't let us win one. Because they knew they already done it if you've never done it you don't know if you can. It was racist group doesn't know they can I think they Yankee group already. Don't that they can't huge writer Donna a huge factor that they're young kids have really accomplished something now maybe to get people in Houston that make it different. They have already shown you they had to beat the Cy Young award winner last night does open the best pitcher in the American League in the last two months. And they had to beat them on in their ballpark. Okay and the did. These young kids have accomplished something whether such kids count. And you're glue this air you know thrown in a book it's getting excited because he did not get swept excuse me you'd get the markets we. You torsos and then what are and I guess that's that's that's at that paints a that the bigger sign of what's yeah heart and our case so what is it that a lot of people are tweeting you know. Look look at look at the Yankees look at there look at their bullpen up in a look at their. A look at the dugout look at the excitement yet they were down they were dally about their they came back they won last night so of course is going to be excitement and it looked. Little Red Sox when they game three. A cape a lot of excitement. In the dugout lots of people go crazy about the game high five in each other. But I'll say this. I'd just listen to those guys afterwards. These are wondering okay you go go back to that press conference yesterday. And rusty gives you nothing and at one point he says you know perils doing a great job and some scissors to a good job is so what is the what is the real issue. These don't like each other OK that's fine but there has to be a bigger issue whatever he was saying to these guys they want leading him. Because most coaches so give you some bull crap they show you some sort of and they give you evidence that up to why you can win. So whatever he did an Arab beaded evening may be just that either as the ball go get a guys maybe it was that simple your pros ego you're old enough to know what's this is important go get him. Or maybe he'd he'd try to say some do but nobody understood it because he's got a committed. Here's here's the difference Joseph Girardi screws up big time they not challenge him in game two. And after the game gets peppered with questions in this you know. Went right back at people the next day completely apologized looked at tapes and oh my god I screwed up it's on me. Even talked about it you know getting booed so I deserve it I understand what they're doing whatever. Here's what I heard last time and again zone when that question was asked the individual players well what about the Joseph Girardi in game two they we have his back. We get his back he came in he admitted to us it's my fault. I screwed up Chatman did you are Chatman did not want anybody to chat and reach weeded that out I think right off the island they'd hit it and probably like it and it might like and it would happen at that. Right closed door meetings data here wreck removal and he went out pitched great and he went out pitched great but they wore. The media could sit in the that was honesty Girardi was coming out to those guys and said listen it's on the. I screwed after the game four when it the American while he was a tears almost here he northeast Nigeria. So Adam oh how much this team picked him up you know how much you appreciate this team you know and it was just. I don't know I just I watched the post season and and again you might scenes in small and in nitpicking the samba. You see the excitement. You see the emotion you see these guys the young guys have been fun right NIC. We'll keep bet Robin a three run bomb from Josh Redick that would send them home the second inning. And I don't see any reaction and you wanna flat line Nokia that that's fine but he got a non emotional high five from Jackie in usable for guys meet in the top step with that just a nice job could catch. An image robbed Bregman at double that was scored another run with two outs and it was very cellar shall high five from Jackie couple guys minutes tops them. You know what I mean and I'd chests. You'd just wonder what the hell was emotionally what was inside of these guys I do think at a droughts sent the other data. They didn't feel the players didn't feel supported by the media all of the fans. Necklace back Alexander you know you guys all thought we get swept like this this group needs a serious wake up call. When it comes to the public perception and reality. Based in a serious wake up call and in need to have some fun and any to infuse and I think that comes with a manager. And we've gone over all the G managers whatever driller catalyst last night titlist all my guys. I I actually think it's about communication. I actually think it's somebody that can handle the media that can send a message that has left the field I want young guys. The Canadian game stuff. Not worried about experience in managing all the guys you don't eat the other I would name it these are Sina gate tackler Alex Cora L David Ross Mike lol. Those guys are Smart baseball players. Every single game they ever played and they managed along with the miniature. Okay every single game. It'll would bring in this guy and we get this guy yeah. Org appeared drunk with a championship that when we play the game for that long you manage every game ever played in with the manager. I have a veteran bench coach with you. But I think it is the eggs in dire need of of of somebody can communicate. Speak well that a media understand the media send that message to the players. About their own experiences in the city I think that's going to be part of more important announced they got to fix this roster but when it comes out that message that needs to be sent. I think it's funny Christian I noticed that the last couple days because Lewis on the south course for a while back yeah so he mentioned names awhile back okay. And the reason I I think Lou is onto something with Alex Cora not because I know an awful lot of flat out score. Other than I remember him playing and so I'm a little bit empty at the look is it you Hadley from a very yeah because. Because little. Why do we was with with Houston and that partner but. Blue had brought this up long time ago. Indicates about schoolers that we talks with the scout and he knows what the skeptics and how we think. As long as I had a direct line. Out to the next manager of the Boston wow but here's what's that is what you reside and I'm undecided and want him to be off and you know it's just my guess is everybody wants him CNET not out yet but that was a trench that he's trendsetter lewd. I saw everybody many of them has no idea what if they put a picture of outscored in front of them. They would not guess that would not. Joseph let's yeah like I got to lose. Tuesday night and got it look at your job and on the van wore it and now the key it's important now some people when make money here that says terrible war approach and say hey. I'd like this guy who you liked. So that way he stands me in the debt situation I like to do my best I don't. You know it's funny what do you. Which is why I've decided that I'm gonna cast my vote for gay Kaplan. That's 20 tango that's sort and that's generally a friend of senator Lou although it's bad well it's literally junk bonds hit some assembling a little. Palaces that you know one B two to they would have you article. But yeah it's too much tension aren't there perfectly suited candidate but I want you certainly get a for the body issued an all Pedro they got a big correct detergent that if that is shared off the sick and sorry Shelby suitable zealots apiece and tell you got to the other the other. Gives him too because you were. All over Alex Cora for the longest period I mean you know what's gonna happen now. You can get. People switching their allegiance right now could you would. You sold me on some of the things you said about core from his understanding of the game this was W set off the back and forth talking him. Now why would you go with gay couple over. I don't score because everybody else on cells. So you can send that you set the trend now and then you move over a move done that it might want to start now I've moved on and see if you of the pipeline at receiver everybody fall in much of a popular choice awards for Glover. So all middle hobbled there's so the the improbable silo in Boston map. Is started I started a gold fund me it's. Page to make Will Ferrell the Red Sox manager was trying to try and raise. One point six million dollars which is the average salary of an MLB manager in 2016. To replace barrels Ferrell is that Monica and less less than that so far articles on the ivories. They've raised ten dollars since these people have frustrated by one person. One of the I don't think it's not dead. We also are most British monarch is supposed to be funny it's a Floyd he's funny. He's funny but that's not exactly hang gliding accident couldn't idiots from one barrel to note that boy you got that message I sent you at John Ferrell. Ice I'll drop downs your speech this morning. Stirred up others that John Ferrell truck like like an electrician and you already John Barrow and our players know that. Already a court of Florida board he is a grinder just got me. Our stress disorder that he would get an idea gotta yeah yeah yeah. I would shown up yet of people here that absolutely hate the Yankees but I don't know how you can't look at but the Yankees have done. And two and we can't we all laughed I'm guilty of it like everybody else two years or last year. When the Red Sox winning the division. Yankees a 345 years away in a now Hal Steinbrenner says he doesn't wanna spend the more money. A big free agents good luck but he building that minor league system. Well guess what they've just passed in the fast line. It just past few right now on the fast lane. And they are a lot of love and they had shut angry very young players they're young corps has shown you that they know how to win. Seems and you're young core as you know pull their pants in in big say it is need real leadership and striped green and not not showing great emotion coming up when that money game is over the other day and I'm making excuses for a panel line is that we didn't we didn't feel the media where the fans were behind us if you want cheers in the in a crowd. The cheers don't start before you do something good. You have to go out there and perform and do something and then they will follow it starts right now the media. Forget about it they're never gonna be different OK we have an agenda we all that this is our gender and create topics to create controversy so are now yes you know. Forget about us ignore us ignore the noise that we throw out there. All right but don't is lucid yesterday. But price its stupidity of turning your back on the fans. Just on the court to perform you sit how much they love you if you want their win and win big games. There are few arrests right now she gave them a few little innings of teasing problems and relief. You'd love what they are priced in the post season. And then Dan Shaughnessy gives them couple opportunities to address it. Who you know it's almost a with Sino UU you don't like us you know I talk to us again that's fine as that's not a problem but how do you feel about the fans you know. Loving you walk off the mound. He's as great performance like he refused that the problems sit there and if there are fans of the fan of this team this is where does this they have to realize business needs to change. The fans don't wanna hear attacks because a guy that's like you know what I stood up for you I cheered for you. Andy you know what they've I don't really care what you do with actually anymore I don't really care how you feel about Devonshire relic or sports talk radio. I'd get it I understand his place sucks that the African cesspool. Okay. But don't crack down my throat I just it up and cheered for you. He at least just come out afterwards and say you know what had been a long year declared their support really meant a lot to me. You know and and these. Try to just give me an attempt to try to show that you appreciate your veins. I struck the media. There's forget about it yeah media sucks. But don't crept down the fans throw that's it it goes and try to understand that. This this whole narrative that day you know. Somebody become an air of defeats David Price. I dignitary to give him too I guess cooperate. RT I think that's that's a problem when I think it's a major. Offseason factor with the steam and with this new manager of the consent. And that by the way that's gonna have to be facilitated. By the by all the way to the top what John Henry what did what it was Brodsky what was price labeled the leader of the team. Well because the young told Leo yeah publicity as the really when we defeat McCain when he let me know himself not not not now what do you want to feels when he was it does now he ridicules. I expressly on plans. And and you've got all of these young players who were certain yourself according supporting. Price and also ridiculing hackers leaked that surprise us when that would have Bogart's in the bats in the end an image that and I don't know which one of them but. Anyone of those young kids. Are following in the footsteps of what Christ did on that airplane you have eight. I'll I'll need my yard we'll have a problem tonight and more power and he can and yes amicus. Who got a voice a case followers of loud boisterous cut obnoxious who on that team other than him. Is allowed Chris Ellis quiet it has it as a quiet demeanor and you look at comedy he looks like he's pissed off but he's not yelling and screaming anybody. I I can't think of your eye on that team. Not that allow us yeah apparently doesn't pay attention I mean it's just they're they're old they don't have MEU closed personality but I just call an attitude. Obvious problem it was obvious that he had the support of his team. That was obvious because they don't talk to but it nets a profit about it it was talked about. It was planned it happened it was you or remorse as a matter of fact he thinks he fixed it. Aren't as common limited ago when he talks saying she's not tolerate being settings he fits that. He went to his players his teammates since I got right in this that you would you did good for you I mean it was. Full support of David Price. Ownership didn't like it. Ownership apologized. Did to get a sectors than. Nobody in uniform I laughed yesterday when Dave Dombrowski said La uniform portion on the wheel that would be. That would be anyone in uniform. Explain that uniformed personnel out without being you know I see somebody that actually puts on beautiful firemen nursery right at the explained on polar. But the fact that it didn't happen. The manager did not apologize. And in by this whole thing would you want to do. Support that is actually Kamal publicly in in the lost that clubhouse now. As a player acts like an ass it's okay to reminder of days and yes. The right way to communicate the right way. And I yes I don't support you you're my player but I'm just telling you about in his game a long time that's not the way to handle it. And there are too many people that play that game along time that I agree with that's the way you handle it better for economic is anyone. Anyone that agreed with the way he handled it that's what's wrong with saying now to guide the right way but also called losing him. In the locker room she Dave Dombrowski is totally wrong and that he thinks it's over that story is over it was a legitimate question by Steve Barkley yesterday whether that was a factor. Because that was part of the makeup of this season. And I don't even believe Dave Dombrowski belief that when he says I'm on now we've moved on me you didn't move nobody moved. Nobody your crowd you're wondering why. The team might be unpopular. Out there among them the masses of Red Sox Nation as ardent a fan base issue Evan and any sport country. Guess what they're pissed still at that incident the point why because the Red Sox did not get control of the in the 2448. Hours after that. Lou you set it at the time. You solve that problem you bring everybody in new solved that problem we communicate we talk. And we walked out of this room. And it's over that's what it's over after you've just after you've got everybody on the same page right. To be able to move on but she can't have those young kids believing. Price did it man he's an EU can't do that. You can't have that unless the guys are great positive leader and is taking your someplace and I'm looking at the season. And try to compare to what seemed the Yankees right now and I know we all hate the Yankees it's fright and it is frightening right now. I let's get to a phone call 61777979. 37 and a shoe that really can. Ares I feel like you're suffering a heart attack and bringing him back on the fly to more of glee and increase on Sports Radio WEEI. Going back to the general David Price that's. What if any role that plays agency played manages. And who Everett in uniform personnel. What was it. I'm not getting an enemy specific effort both so. Uniformed personnel I don't know that anybody. Who that would be at this point. No idea. All the pressure is on him said all the pressures and yucky what do. Get a get a new manager. His victory total control it in the new manageable command here and will be a honeymoon period because he's got to get to know. Everybody and it originally often and you probably be somebody who Jung and vibrant one of Lou six choice of pago it coupon emotional power. Ranking yeah and every day that the power wielded every corner for those of a change up to happen everyday debit it and sell it veto power ranking was another one tomorrow urgent move more. You know. You rate in the mountains it's really. It's really on Dombrowski here in the season because there's some punches stuffed it has to be correct we know what it it's now you notice that target is off there'll. It's squarely and solely on Dombrowski. Because he can't blame the manager anymore you bring in your own guy. Now all the guys that you treated for our plane the young guys. Whether or not you recruit them or out of there are rapidly doesn't matter now they're in your system they're your guys now if you don't like it you can get rid of home. It's his team now but I like nobody to blame like it. So it. Because honestly like for a first timer on the years. You you you know who's making the calls who the heat is on. Mean how many times do we have to sit here during trades and free agent signings and wondering who made the call. I mean I felt like that was but that. Ten year span with this organization. Charity and to make this call running away and Irish to run this organization. Tom Warner wants despite revenue you know and ratings in NASA needed at this call the token made disclose too young result Larry. Let appeal made this call no actually now gonna blame me on NASA and ownership first splash him and it was just. For how long did you sit the of and all of that with the patriots bill makes the call Celtics did he makes the call. In ninety dollars when he's making a call we still wonder what's going on there to camp but still let's look cloudy but the beer the. You don't know who makes the call Dave Dombrowski. Makes all the cool so that's a good thing about a team that you want that responsibility. Absolutely. You Waqar YU wanna be able to run it. And give you enough rope to either succeed or hang yourself but that I've heard this last 24 hours they need somebody. Who's going to be strong enough to deal with with him priced at a group that to a point. But they have to clean up the David Price thing first because of the new manager and I'm coming in on one of these guys that were mentioned. Go to Dave price and sink clean slate would make. When we start game one we typically set is no way that and how much Corky cap or anybody else gonna sit there. And have to have a conversation with him I heard this heard. Prices it is going to be heard Ron Gary I don't know if it's up to the brows ski it's up to the ownership right now he's in to clean. Somehow a horrible like if I don't know yet yes but. I would say that needs to come from the players. A manager cannot be the only person who has since come on a player. It has that I regulations. And regularly and because that's what the players do they do good good locker rooms are regulated by the players inside there. They're cold their ethics their way of doing business that comes from that machine that jump from the players won't of those so I could be yes it needs to be fixed and but yes that well these to be rain. They need to ring bring that belt every single time somebody does something stupid moves and they are doing on that debt and beer but right now they don't. I'm just doesn't have a player that can show up at his house in the offseason and said let's get together no fly down let's listen I'm so I didn't. No they alright the situation in price reminds me of Portman in. Dobbs. Because we lose votes in the what I are on I think one because. Eight and four sip program director and Kirk many hands went insane so it's OK so what what fits better. Is it someone's gonna come in here instant but this is how we're gonna do. And you're gonna do my way or the highway need to notable. The person that to me don't work. Once it was recommended him to look at anybody above yeah and no word yet there are at all you need someone it's like you were an average player analogy you're in need someone to play with them and prices giving myself to work with him. You just some undersea remind him at times sure this is on the line and and and an old closet don't. Knowing I understand you position this just be careful recognize these moments with all these sort of things he's share their prices are Perkins. The gas and you know it's as well as I have my issues with many at at and I'm not putting David Price the minute hand in the same category not even close. Price is an easy six. He's an easy thing is sinker isn't a president again that we just did and is why don't they get out of his way out there at enterprise it was noisy for the I think primaries I thought expedite billion in situations where. Somehow. This guy became. You know the voice of reason this guy became OK what should we do what's asked the reports. Well Ocalan is it it shouldn't be that way so whenever there's Mike do you think there's always the bigger fish. There's always somebody bigger stronger. With more credibility. With a better history with a better reputation. And a bad better way of expressing himself yet if you think you know walked in and say this you're no longer doing this not yeah no that's not only are you don't want the I want to go to war you don't have liked that one. Happens how does that does that it it all because it all comes down to your roster we don't have that's what we are. We don't have a player in all it is all it is all is surrounded by the roster. And the personalities. In that room. Manager can only do so much now I don't care all the teams in basketball and football baseball teams it's always been. How they construct a roster because the manager of the coast and all you so much. They can't either every day I could sit there and it and hover over the players and make sure they say meeting and he everything right and do everything to get to sleep they want that has the complimented so. You picture yourself. And Anthony pleasant. That's Jeter they can't. And yeah I just can't get singled to right from the Al understand him and that's what he called David Price would hope you will air in its think David Price that's like this is the way it's gonna be we're now. And you had power. I grit this weight so I agree but I bring it works three player from the outside is gonna solve that problem. He's captured by the law but millions yeah. There and I'll just in some sense and a brilliant brilliant program director from Utah. Who's that he's gonna change things since I gonna I'm not I'm not talking about you don't sit there and sit and start barking at him and tell him what to do what you automatically know. You use a small. Hit and he you got to explain to him why this is the better idea he needs to be empowered. And has to be it he just. A Stabile deceit to know that you know the better way of quitting he's empowered right now on the wrong anyway 31 million dollars a year tell you how you don't want now and I'm proud of them and she. Has the opt out now he's got you Bible ball doesn't matter you uptown anyway. There he could be easily just is just as quickly as use of power to be the voice. He can be easily isolate William give him you know I felt that I don't it's free agency summit it's free agency appreciate generally and it's unique and Anthony pleasant night. When I came to hatred Italy pleasant never played. Never played for some reason bill thought it was a good idea to keep him around. And it was the same edited B Troy brown and AB Bruce unit at all these guys that were better players. That knew how to run a locker room. That were the correct voice that's at the right message he's and then you won't you direct to your question if you want it a long occur you you want the FD like he's running you want it. If you want it you know apple pine sanitary but you went d'antoni pleasant if you want a different music in a locker you went to. He was not the best player graduated barely even played OK but did you have a bad apple that was already control act locker room yes look into it doesn't happen overnight. OK I don't know this whole controlling the locker room that you need to bring in Anthony plus others put the there was tons of at this altitude I don't all of these high. I OR OK guys yeah. He's as you know as an excellent season for Maryland to dog whisperer or whatever yes whenever he has that whenever he gets a bad dog compared gripping as bad dogs just this ordinances on the leaders analogy. Every asset dumb and post your predecessor. And I thought I had. Sits on her you know quite what all the bad dog bad dog he breaks into the pack. Pack that is already established that has already trained and already knows what to do and and knows how to behave he brings that crappy dog into that pack and the crabby dad. Automatically give the lie. Yeah well I think he got a hit from both sides finished real simple you don't understand that the investors to price is don't crap on the fans. Period rapidly get the audience that don't sound in the stands as you got to attack their due for weight that I have a manager. That and that is banned here Annan has been in a market CTO came from Philly. You know I mean that's how clarity vote guard fire coming from you know Minnesota way ball off Smith come from Detroit where we thought that because they're going to be for shock. That's why I like the guys have been here. Ian made it to attack it area and you needed veteran presence has us talking about moving in you've got five starters and it's and Stephen Wright coming back in whatever six. But if you move a guy like what so all of you move. And you bring in. A veteran guy you know like a it in need because they had their they had Lackey and price Lester but you bring it to Jake Peavy. You bring in but Saber Reagan David Coleman had gotten it maybe isn't as good as it's as he robbed as a fifth starter. Can have more impact on your team out there every five days might not be great. But more impacted net law. I think they need to do that to begin with flu because they're there really isn't any any guts to that to that club house. I still don't think that's all she David Price problem. And much of the dog you know whispered does either I think what you need to do is they need to sit down with him right now they need to have that conversation before the manager gets in there. Then the manager needs to know exactly what prices all about a guarantee they'll tell and they'll give him a complete rundown of everything he's done during the course of the season some stuff we probably haven't even heard about. And then from that point on. Establish his own relationship with price with the knowledge of this is where this guy's capable of taking us this is advanced. Lot here or there but give us all but now my great. You know you you've got us in a dusty do you really want things to hatred yes. You really want to is that your is that your agenda here I don't care about the fans the fans. Yeah I got Astro I'm good how you are only funeral with him right now yes that question. You know estimate there. You know no microphone I don't think Padilla response I did he give Iraq's so don't give me exactly what they do from there you know I got my 31 million dollars they paid in other homeowner that's the that the fans media doesn't care about UK. And you get some repairing their what you wanna do that and to me it's up to you but the fans and that attitude of the change. So out outlook so it's it's seasonal lawn it's Nazis or girl. But here's isn't it here's the books that the Brothers shouting at that here's here's an old it's called beat the pack leader by Cesar Milan they ago. Man got a bunch of dogs America protected doggedly you're bringing this into Miami is out and you don't semis or Milan pricey and pack leader he's taken offense to resist the easy way do you guys don't need to talk about it and tossed it back the next few days ago. Think if you think I was gonna find 'cause it will just grab a we will get your reaction all of this coming up next 6177797. Teresa. Matthew Ford way remotely. Oreo. Working on some technical difficulties we just need managing does everything your mom and dad day definitely YouTube. I'll go watch Sports Radio. We yeah. I was hits the ball closer reaction. Talking about the comparison of the Yankees in the red side little bit frightening if you're Red Sox fan out there. And talking a little bit about fixing this in the offseason so that you can actually look at this team back. In a race next year this is Derek in Springfield hi Derek. Go to a bowl eligible with Omar right troll troll. Unless furniture and our talk about prepared prior situation there Christian and I our own inspector on the on the to order child. And you can't you can't take him too and he often in your outlook and let them down and have a launch in the conversation went on because it's not gonna record of one of you gotta catch David Price. And in action and you know he he has there's no powder to comprehend. When he's he's more here. Being in arm a clown and and you know we don't you know. I don't show it soaring venue you know this July there's this desert this guy's calling that child you're calling on the dog. Not and I'm calling he's or no he's not calling easily enough see now you're a liar he's a man. Called Madonna 217. Million dollar contract that the city it's often about that Cesar Milan uses for his dogs in his packs. If you change the word from dogs to humans. They would they would still be able to apply enough to guess they want his dad you lose and lose that analogy let Kurt many it was a much but no. There was a much better they get to work with us he's just talking theater is strategist Paul and Jesus and his opinion ticker. Needs some work with them as well right Q Kirk are those people at all says that it really dying to get their hands on Kerr yeah and that would have remember your Lewis as they were rude awakening Dell can relate I am I imagine remotely. You know were limited. That can happen to artistic I don't witnessed it firsthand yet Christina let's talk yeah it got it X isn't a shock or you're a good state. I'm glad my dad joy and a good hasty whatever you wanna do. And I have a question more for like yes it is all although Christian and fresh at. Least this. There. I'm wondering what you think of whether or not these issues were David Price wouldn't. It. Are there it definitely. Pitching leader you know like a charm westerners feel in the clock like no cause. Hedge on social and around or somebody like there. You can you would have you know apple will power over its place in a situation like. Yeah I think David Price walked in a situation on a team that was extremely vulnerable. Let's let's you know because that Chris Sale. Maybe he's that guy but year one. He had on your team. On our team here on David Price just left. And he. Red Sox locker room. And he took control of it. Rick it's like to our. Beta working in a backer after Ellis and a good deal whatever. But I don't think the you can bring anybody in them. Based on what you just said Lou go back to Christians thought there's nobody you can bring in right now months and they don't need. More of that good clubhouse presence but how do you bring a guy and this year and suddenly say we got to deal with you gotta you gotta help us with with price is going to be dealt with in this off season they've got to get to a swift Erica from ball. Gonna be the manager this it's going to be the manager and he can't be the manager that refuses to address the issue with him. And and and have his back. Or John Farrell but don't you think that the need the ownership. And the Dave Dombrowski need to a perception of John for a program and answer to that the all supposed to take it but shouldn't they deal with a right now the ownership and Dave Dombrowski. Have to deal with it before the manager gets to it and then the manager can deal with the at that point because it's easy for the manager descent into cattle or hear anything that happened in the past. You would start right here day one this is day one when us. I because you've got to do that you can't sit here if you're the new manager coming in with this team you can't sit there instead of saying analyzing David Price ringing sound you heard outcries. Here and that's what everybody that I would name as the guys have been here a plea here understand more you bring in. Brad Ausmus and always local was from Connecticut and north. Yeah from a assignment always low what are Ron Gardner and you should penetrated this conversation dear price what's his reaction. You don't know. You don't know what displaces like Ron. I'm Brad you don't know what this place is like I'm telling you this is what happened last year this is the way they acted this with the way these dishonest of you should see my Twitter. You knowledge you have no idea what this places like. You some hesitancy no actually I do. I know exactly how this places like because I was here. And I seen exactly what you're talking about and this is how we handle that is a group is how we handle individually. You bring somebody it's never played here. Well doesn't know where colosio whatever you wanna call it. The guys could just tell how would this is gonna feed that got false information or his interpretation of it's what you need somebody. Whether. Well its core leftist Alex Cora you're very garage sale or you're not you're trends that are Lehman lost so many people are on that show right now I don't know some like that it's going Gary Gary decent CNET. Whatever. It won't only if we are heard to browse and probably isn't a rusty said nothing yesterday but he did say a couple things one. He did talk about the importance of somebody coming in understands the marketplace he did bring out of yup and the other thing you brought up is it's probably aren't going to be somebody who's already here. So the fact that he was willing to give us nothing yesterday and gave us that you've got to believe that little bit to each one of. I think and how they gonna work for refer for Lou if if if Corey is the main course going to be the guy and embed Maualuga and then polygamy is Kennedy's seat and he's battled the motion convinced I don't want to ripple through. Who don't read the same time I'll lose a friend he was the first one to generally older that you really dig you really did take those steps is the aircraft are right at least that's honest competent area apparently don't watch but what he's gonna blow. Because little was on this before anybody else was this was minutes ago we talked about Alex score. I guess somewhere in the early part of the summer I remember him talking about that score. And he could relate to the players he's ultra all the stuff it last year OK yeah it used to it I apologize adding that far far enough back. But I know you talked about for a long time than everybody else jumps on the band way. And he moves he's gonna blow to zealot scores going to be to get ready don't don't right now on real Alex Willa is he going to be the guy that not he's almost too much about instincts and a little different. Here's a Johnny Gardner hello John. The one vote. Start with a poor choice to work together today but first of all Christian season Romero character racquet finished his career his bat and on the TV. Nine million doses of either maligned as soon as we think they got this season right and don't stop it I don't bill. These facts out and it take you must close the week it was the first name right when you're out talking about when Christians closer when I just now on we're happy that I didn't. Real Christian Christian Milan was John Burnett barrels a yard yes that's dogs. Run the show its blog its to bad seeds and how we get rid of Christian Milan and we got to bring some of the Yeltsin. So the question becomes who is. In and I agree Lou good it can't be done but it's very tricky thing and I mentioned the other day that disparity in money these days. From the players as opposed to the coaches and managers and I think that's. Like one of the top not to to be cracked. Just one thing they can't do John okay. They can't sit there is you won't find a new manager will find somebody who understands the marketplace and we're gonna bring in somebody who will be able to Barnes late because he's shown enough to somebody like David Price and hand over the roster and hand over David Price say nothing deal nothing leading up to the hiring of the managers say it out OK Alex guards Iran Iran here you go go deal with a ease the pain in the ass. You deal with a magenta Figueroa you'll need to get him to understand David Price to understand that is an ownership you're not going to allow what he did did today and secondly this is not acceptable behavior. And I'm just saying I don't disagree with that concept I'm just saying that this guy is much of a fill in the blank is I think you from way out here. What do you what do they do he says go. You know screw yourself. They did that don't have to deal with them the way they dealt with in this past year and then hope that maybe he ops out next year. That's that's all you can do you you Marty your sign of the long term deal you're signed an engagement guaranteed money. What John's question you just. He's controlling everything right now he's driving the bus. That's that's the issue with them but I don't think you can wait I've heard this last couple days and it manages going to be able put perot's Norman. We need to establish everything with price. And then the new manager that comes in can start from day one and if he starts pulling this stuff. He's got to show what you call consistency right Lou he's got to be consistent with price this is not a lot of can't. He can't fault the guy. For stuff that he heard from last year if he does that. We will price turn on. Players who turn out there and do this from him do I do do rob. You remember through to run on that he had a phone call I'm not gonna run round Robin Hood orderly province August Ira. Good commodity Jones. As far as that David Wright situation to be like let's just say he's in complete control of the whole situation. He had a 200 million dollar contract. Dombrowski treated for a beach in Detroit and sign in Boston ski. Don't double fusion cell and the list that manages six. And cricket cup we'd like to work you like that the US outlook appreciate quote from Brooklyn get a bit. If you want to do that like to place the ball up and out he's not gonna make more money on the open market he's not everybody on the local market. It on movements that here I don't know what. Do you think then prices and how to save a manager. No supervision and they got the brunt not to. That's the difference on the same positive it's not knighted or anything different game wiping Dave Dombrowski apologize to act. Not. Stephen. It is amazing because they're accusing happy with the way David Price handle it you're pleased. OK so yeah I noticed a C plus annual overly. Just things like that though they weren't happy with with a hoping that it. Since it's happened he's been really good so a lot of positive stuff about everybody is well. But the last thing you can do is think that you've solved the problem and is Dave Dombrowski said we moved on and then health. Arm David Price come out the next day and say hey if you heard records relating seeing over that I got he's saying nice things about us and you can't allow him to think the daddy did something wrong and yet he want right. Yeah I think is a did you tell your own yard chop you're empowering and even more and he need to turn him into the stray. You need to turn and into the house yes to yes let's not place with the idea. If I'm stressed I'm going to. I think that it does that does it out just that and though I'm done at it and taking it if you. He validating it bad behavior either negative or positive response. To our regrets about her back to her because I.