OMF - Dominic Deluca, 20, acute myloid leukemia, (AML – a blood cancer), Forestdale, with Dr. Richard Stone, chief of staff, Program Director, Adult Leukemia, Dana-Farber 8-15-17

Dominic was diagnosed with acute myloid leukemia in July 2016. After working six days in one week and playing a pick-up basketball game, Dominic had a few “black out” moments and sudden serious fatigue. He went to a local health clinic, where doctors believed he had acquired tick-borne illness. After further testing, it was then determined that Dominic had leukemia. He chose Dana-Farber because his grandfather had come here for lung cancer treatment and had a positive experience. Dominic received four rounds of chemotherapy and three types of a targeted gene therapy via a clinical trial. He then received a bone marrow transplant in December 2016 from an unknown donor from Germany. Dominic’s body responded well, and coupled with gene therapy, he has been in remission since November 2016. As Dominic continues to get stronger, he hopes to return to his career at Mass Maritime in the spring, play sports again, and he has recently taking up boxing to stay active.

Dr. Stone received his MD in 1981 from Harvard Medical School, his internal medicine residency training at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and his hematology-oncology fellowship at Dana-Farber. He has performed numerous laboratory and clinical studies on acute leukemia and related disorders, and frequently participates in grand rounds worldwide.  He is currently the Director of the Adult Acute Leukemia Program at Dana-Farber, serves on the Medical Oncology Board of the American Board of Internal Medicine, and is vice chair of the Leukemia Core Committee for the national cooperative trials group Cancer and Leukemia Group B.


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I'll let me Dominic Deluca these twenty years of age and his doctor doctor Richard stone obviously from the Dana Farber it's great to meet both of you guys. Dominique what's going on with you what happened here. Back in July last year or. I went in so I want it's an emergency room because I count was meaning kind of lost in basketball's top like now. And I went there it's romantic tick disease. And so I went to the hospital that night bananas passionately tightly like. Alex Alex Alex and Lyme Disease often as it. I noticed column. And then they told the next day at the Kenya in the photos and defense at Rockingham which was pretty treatable now when I went to Britain when's the next day. And went at him for our reward Neitzel man. It was in now Amazon. Doesn't rate and I went to a couple standards payments to work you know and the like it was on them. We guns drugs that was. With occult. Reckless and now and down. I did I too like he knows with a banana plants and it means remission actually which. Happens in an instance of transplant now. So you went from playing hoops. Go in the that you got it might take him Lyme Disease which sucks in output UK easily view it. Hewlett maybe less to point four hours on last yeah at 7 o'clock in the morning and like the act and speak English Wellesley hospital came. Well you better. In that library. They now. That escalation. So would doctor stone tells a vote that medication that he is on now I think it is interest in Haiti stores all the time that medication didn't exist couple years back five years ago what exactly absolutely well these are a couple of medications that are really new to us and we're so happy ML which is devastating disease. Just in 2000 subdued we have several new treatments. One of which lives on that was called a foot three and governor that's an enzyme it's mutated or changed about production pace within elements we can inhibit it with a small over the hill. We can really help the patient and some excellent on the medicine that does that in the medicine that he just talked about the government remission. Is that a clocks just nodded and approved yet for ML but it works and the leukemia and that's a disease that's about us that came out of the lab at tin ore production with ties club. It helps cells to die in response to chemotherapy so. Two things in his care really were made possible researched that or it was just an openness to. Or what what is the treatment doing for you right now do you notice anything. Weaning the treatment you're taking right now the medication ticker right now right now now Dario and I mean. I have a Silicon Graphics host disease right now which is an annual immune system basically stem cell transplant and sometimes immune system like projection body a little bit. And so on on immune suppressants to suppress that would do other things. Socket in my hair back that's. It's not that David Gale that's nice for them to do so it was it was it. It is lock that the one drug that he was taking something else and a helping him go relatively and it wasn't wasn't planned right. It was it was type of sort of out of the box thinking that we can do with him Farber. We knew from specialized educational testing that we do that Dominic leukemia had what's called a 53 mutation. Which is as mr. Abbas and wicked bad mutation. But. Destruction that a collection combination with a low dose chemotherapy. We have some inkling from the lab development work we try to them really was really desperate situations as Dominic that we thought things. We tried this the government remission and he was able to have a trust what can you can have a transplant. Until little Kim is that there are certain supplement you take and that will hopefully. Keep that they for the rest of his life. Toledo Dominic as far as stealing it back. Or I've boxing record easily auction I am going to be in Vegas a couple weeks that confidence particularly. Big boxing on and usually you think McGregor came when. The fifth. That's a boxer that's about security like I agree with me with that keeps you active yeah I definitely helped that seems like you know. That's a neat you sort of the first step is it auction you know to me it seems that the first it was a big golf. Is that walk around not just jump in the ring it's on the luggage it was nice and highlight it just does it takes a mind of things you know on you on stuff yeah so it's like. I don't box working out in which he now sounds like put my mind to kind of makes it to the violence where. Let's it was great meeting you and hopefully everything will work out seem like an acute now than doctor thank you very much for spending some time yours well.