OMF - Donte Stallworth joins the show; Michael Lombardi previews the Dolphis; Tomase defends the BBWAA

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Friday, November 24th

Former Patriots wide receiver Donte Stallworth calls in to discuss some quotes he had in an article on the president. Michael Lombardi also checks in for his weekly hit as we discuss the upcoming Pats/Dolphins game. And we discuss the semifinalists for the NFL Hall of Fame.


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Each Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 it was the highlight of your vacation let's he had listened to trainee was Marjorie Jim knows it's going well we have some clips of approximately. After the accident and actually some board games of my neighbors board games with you in April was down seven wonders. In the union America's burning people with Glenn Lou and Christian are pretty got our pediatric. We're saying yeah might do that like it. Yes map ever about a impressed I park path and grab an abject and that. It's time. This. On Sports Radio WEEI. I have received written. You gave up on one and one was enough. That was good and I and Hathaway in that area yeah yeah I definitely saw one is she I think she fictional he went to the university Wisconsin I think just from Mike small Wisconsin town I read that princess you know. Not no I did not difference in college. Did not move to some beautiful place in Europe or at the clinic castle you ended up in this cesspool. Fossum pilot scraped. The RA joining us now on the line for. Is what Donte' Stallworth and were pretty mr. sellers on the show because he was quoted in an article in the Toronto star columnist rock star about. Recent comments by our commander in chief one president Donald Trump. About African American athletes. Dante thanks for joining us Japanese Thanksgiving. I'd be able. Actually it would unleash all all day and concede they'd be all week. And an acceptable I do I literally just about an hour. That sounds. Alice so when you woke up I mean you know pick your poison when you woke up Wednesday morning when you woke up this morning made when you saw president trumps response yesterday to me Washington Post columnist. About his you know dog whistle comments regarding African American athletes every time he sees something like that Donte' what goes through your mind. If I think it's in part for course we get any date was. So much information. And so many different things from the time that's a good luck and reaper. For the president and CE. As then. Outlook for for a what we have been experiencing with. In our country and I guess you can say you know it it ink have been moving on which seems to be at at light speed where. You have you have pops. In America in 2007. And walking the streak of Charlottesville Virginia and other places. Typically shamans in Virginia. Screens will not reclaim. And streaming out there Nazi slogans that the not C machine word came. And I'm I'm not saying that that this child well. By. I don't I don't think anyone can look at look at all these situations and not come to the logical conclusion bad. That the president has emboldened. These. White supremacists white Nationalists and if you didn't. You don't you don't see these things capital. You know and in the last came if you knew you you're gonna create it not prominently at the date. Dante you hear people argue well the president himself is in a white supremacist he he may you know say things that they agree with. I would ask you was there a difference if you pander to your group does it matter whether you tack. Weekly one or not. Now. Of course. We've been we didn't play. Her yeah. They certainly I I really don't understand light. Wired wired Tocqueville is I'm a ball or at least BJP which you can't you can't start to. Umps are current current limit. Trees regardless of loose from because then anybody anybody. Can be targeted and we've seen it happen throughout history but it. When we use when you have these when you have these little rope. Actually our we will not let people call them they are walking down the streets screaming engines will not replace that sixty million people eight. Just by actions in Italian actually Japanese military. Six and oddly people actually die on site map and acted iBook to 200 people die. Change right now this is being emboldened because the president will convene. He won't condemn white acrylic welcomed them white Nationalists and all have these incumbent chair retreat. It isn't it to the house and it. After the shot you'll. Fiasco on championed it took. House and the senate who know. Could come soon age. Two unanimously passed a resolution to reject. White supremacy that was later. Signed by the President Bush. That was abide by it we all know that you know Democrats or Republicans. And certainly about bulk of there's there's not anything that they are bipartisan toward it. It took it to the house in the Ausmus and to come keen. Actually a unanimous resolution to reject white supremacy it took four. On the exposure. Of the truck administration particularly in Justice Department. Where maybe cool online forum groups were combating. White supremacy and this change shortly. Shortly before the solemn slow all of the Soviet period or comics they're very good direct. Connections everywhere if the president doesn't come out and convince these people and they're gonna go like oh well it's it's cool the president had to convince David to quote here. And insane like trump developer and bring America back for a limited yelled at me. Trump in his in his home in his own words say that. During during his campaign he said that he would like he can beat the hell out of protest memories admirable and remembered the Google and when they will be carried out searchers would that have. It happened during the civil rights air like so all of whistling a lot of these me and listen it's typical also won a life term since. On record and charge split. But listen we we have to look at facts and people were something that works are you saying Williams couldn't. Actually cup back there from about about truck. Pulling. Funds from groups that are directly combat in white supremacists that day like I don't. It's not just. People all of you know that are focusing on protecting it missed that one of the back of some. On shot. At a couple of the counter protesters and and that and that was not a big deal but it's a big deal and we are excited. Intro to explore a lot of these things that are going on. On every day or so and and members be they from members of the community. Which means that the work is that actually should not an issue where in. You know what and when when these white supremacists in markings are marching in the street should control more than 48 hours to condemn it. It took him more than 48 out to condemn him in the band. After ghostly that would with a scripted speech. And we know that includes. Scoop each number one because it was like reading it but also number two he came back right away like immediately after he in this speech and that was that was where the hole there are people on both sides quote came from shall we know what he thinks he's speaking off the was he speaking on the streets. In. You really the land and have a bottle over you know there there's a direct correlation with. Trust action and then and actually that bad epidemic in this country it's unfortunate. That it takes you know four or. For the deaf. Miss ever higher. Ought to unify account actually wrong but it that being an only child yeah truck. Trump said that in terms had nothing. About that guy but he but he convinced. NFL players he'd been Gmail ilk. He can be and state Terri cannot wanted to go to the White House. And in so listen. People say well if you like this and why why would he have three. You know the UCLA players and it's the one that. I'm one that is and unfortunately in jail OK let that let people are thinking number three. On. That block action are yet to jobless number three. Diplomacy between China. And in the US right now back to us and that's a political. Capital for himself to do that no deal and listen we're working with North Korea it would do so machines would also mean different things that that China that that was belly that would favor him and and there are. There's some argument where. Where I am like trump wasn't immensely responsible for the but of course he was secretly or even to credit or we didn't but what an American flag on their on their own hands he took credit for that little war before and currently equal credit for that so. It was secret list and I. He's here he's currently I made proud citizen. Of this nation but I am not going to sit back years and that matter it's currently in that matter critics. That matter it's secretary of state that matter should the Justice Department. That matter that is national security by a matter who it is. I've been kidnapped sit back personally and allow these things to not go to Google wants it because. We we see what's happened throughout history when people. Calmly. Allow for this type of hatred engagement off to a faster and it's faster than expected back in effect until. It's blown over in the next game and saw the culmination of that. Unions are so we we can't you can't be ready to speak on this circuit in direct action there at night and said. Chase swear. They're actually just released earlier this year. A numbers that number of documents. That would be currently trumps discrimination against black where trucks. Explicitly stated that there is no big treat blacks though. And yes it's and then charge Nolan wants to be inaugurations and listen I know we don't have time double. Away introduced and I pocono. On almost number a number of times on idol hopeful for very long time and didn't realize it. Immigrant like me your everybody you're keeping your cool like that is good look at that I've never I would never like immediately when I never liked. Did anything tomb to me one. It didn't particularly. Because they gave I had been inside voices in my case where I didn't wanna be around you guys didn't want some. Arm like he'd be in the same room or explain pressure building of a gay person in that kind of a good person so I started out in front of this. And and actually on that Colston. On a couple of a couple of gay people and realize why he's he's. Like there's. And and then I'm the sort of weird that right now like to injure or. Number one because you know. You don't wanna be around gay guys that if for no other reasons that a northern England and you've seen. And it was arc from even some relations original I can't sit up here by the rights of and fight for equality for. Of people of color or four win in four or whomever is. Not having. Like equal equal rights or think that nature and tension or even around the world I can't fight of the children and human being involved in front sit here and being by accident and now Libyan big toward gay man and I an error in her community come to a conclusion let's ignore orders to. And I say. Dante and let me just a judge here really quickly. And we don't have much time but I I do want as your talking this isn't just an issue here is an issue in Poland it's an issue in Hungary cynicism and our an issue England of drags it. Hal in your opinion as an African American man and a former athlete who's seeing what your door at your door who. Your colleagues are dealing with. What's the best way to get this message across of what you what you guys are dealing way. That makes people who buy now understand better understands. Our. In and it doesn't it doesn't matter on the global interest it's true it's true it's true. And I think that we should be. Are we should be articulate in our argument I think that we need to make sure that column every word means understanding. Of where we're coming from and again you know we we have a hard time. He's an agreement the civil war was about slavery and if you look at what that people who are involved in the states they succeeded and even vice president of the confederacy this course almost each. Explicitly stated reason from the session on what because they wanted to and maintain these institutions are so we can even had an honest conversation about that. You know and it's going to be difficult role but again we can't we can't sit back in the and allowed him. Two try to conquered the narrative of truth because we do that. And then you know at loosening you know black becomes light up becomes down that becomes right. And we need to continue to speak out on on the true and we need to mobilize strategize. Diverse group of of Christians Jews Muslims black white gay straight. That matter we we all need to we all need to get together. And it's in the game you call in. In peaceful protest and we need to continue that because. That album also lets me get who it was wind was an on camera to solve dog's. Being sick on little children he saw people being beaten streaks on end and until that happened there was there was no knowledge or at least know nationwide not that these things work curry so. Obviously I'm not actually torque. I'm from back happened again trusted come to the realization. Of what went on entry in Canada. And violent and yeah the way we're headed unite not have to on sports. Yeah and and and you know what and a thing like exit I've I've always tried to who try to describe to. To better understand that you could know it and and two Chris Richard and again we can't beat. You can't be deterred from because. We've seen throughout history what happens when people give them give up fighting. Against against their against their government for. You know worker like. It's not just here in America it's in the math and other ways of nationalism. On bet that that's happening around the world in the conditions and actually in the world. It nobody is. Nationalism is a.s can be very scary because it's it's there and candy very exit ads out it's masking something else I Donta we've got to racing action response sports again we have got someone who's been on the line for like I have -- and I talked sports arts sports -- -- -- gonna do that but we appreciate Colin and -- great stuff probably traded -- a -- to -- -- tennis star article later quoted in and -- I needed I -- practicing and don't exotic. They saw our former white teacher wide receiver now he's and they got to cover have go figure yeah. Yes great great talker accurate and it team even that time I mean she's clearly so passionate about now I mean an exciting first it has to be frustrating to. Still be fighting for something that maybe his parents fought for or in his may be his grandparents aunts uncles and to still feel like that. Fight. How dining it's crazy. You know I'm so yeah it's I can't I came in begin to well I can actually begin to imagine because. Woman yeah. I can't I'm elated and it's great for me. But any day to me when he was talking about all you know in an explaining all the things. All of the evidence that their days. That there is some racial bias buying or is that the right term I know wanna be careful of calling anyone elegant white supremacist or racist as a as a very charged words that. Racial biases. The hand of our president and I think you know Donte' pointed out article you pointed out earlier today he'd certainly don't see presidents from taking Steve Kurt task. Our Jeff Van Gundy. Stan cursory NIC stand stand and may Najaf to. Air pocket passer Gregg Popovich are or more locally Tom Brady Tom Brady skip the White House staff curry got called out for saying you might skip the lighthouse. Tom Brady heard nothing about actually doing it you know so. And he just sits there is a double standard there is a clear double standard and unfortunately I treated up an article on just happened to look at what some people commented on it and somebody so this is intellectually lazy even for you. And though of the it's like no matter what evidence is provided no matter the stories that are told that matter they agreed insist people have it just amazes me that so many people. Refuse to acknowledge. Or listen to what someone else is wondering and not seeing maybe even subconsciously. There's the part they play. It's frustrating and it has to be very impressed me did you could sense the frustration adoptees toys yeah. Now we're also we'd probably just set up the doctors to our challenge for the morning guys some guys think as well he is one of those answers I was an even I was thinking. Kirk's definitely going to go out and you were out. I see that he's in a crisis on assignment fair enough. Another terrorist attack by jets to today one in England's shooting at a subway and a mosque in Egypt was. A lot hundreds of people were killed so. The world is a great place. Yeah well we're all gonna die tomorrow but if we make it to make it's it's. But today we're gonna talk to sports that's rates those have you been hankering or your lifestyle how I artists hopeful Leo I'll. Might lump Marty. Yes Michael Marty joins us next attacks patriots dull and that's next I'm training to Osce gone in for I want you back to all. Faster lower the number he's making a month and I know you have them. Just things that I do not as the numbers yeah. Sports Radio WEEI. What's up this 1230 time black. Friday in year out about it shopping getting some good deals nadir home watch some college football. We're just enjoying his day off. That was me feeling sad and I don't have the chaos now you are far from day I don't write that the brits today. Taken those hits right over to TV at don't want any hits on my. All right let's talk to sports who promised you it would talk sports and that is what we're gonna do right now Michael Marty joins us in our conversation with Mike is sponsored by Tom tire implant. Lansky insurance and nor folk power equipment. Mike thanks for joining us know all messed today you're stuck with Chinese tenacity how is your big. Album art or can't complain that delicious food and great left overs that I just ate all over the last three breaks so. Currently treat football game and it got camaraderie yeah rules trilogy here right today hasn't made Deans and accounts. Mike so they pitcher is having four and six Miami Dolphins coming out this weekend. Any reason you do you look at this gaming go this could trip up the patriots are dealer getting go no. I'm using a Dan Shaughnessy is a hearing on dissent it's netcam. Well I think a couple factors you know double your rivalry between two teams Miami so the good job of competing against the patriots will there be at home more mostly abbey but. You know they know the system they understand that I'm sure that this game could be. It's sixty minute football we always kind of I with the games after her manager and coach cold Arctic will be a struggle but eventually it. The debt in the count the patriots will take over and win this game and they should win this game because the team that they can move all Miami has struggled all year. Yet they have so we'll struggled to move the ball they've got three really good. I trio of really good receivers how do you see. This secondary. Stacking up against guys like Jarvis Landry and harder harder tonight I'll earn pennies cells. Or vulgar for you know party got a handle that he's probably really kind of makes this thing go complaint here in the copy all these players they trouble all of your impeccably. And actually look at all aggregate all the all go all the publicity but he averages of the current architect. He's really good football this fancy their battle water. With the ball that he is an actual explosive receipt that got to do a good job on him he's been so seat are still another law ball player. But really Miami's problems offensively start to their proper line and not enable the quarterback sit up and able to consistently one blocked. And that enabled ever get control latitude their full all the skill they have on the river. Certainly it would play because they don't have the ability to make plays because of the fact that they are flawed. Like if your Bill Belichick and the patriots how concerned are used that Ndamukong Suh was gonna do something dirty I mean we know Tom Brady the importance of hands of the teams in the league. Does that concern you at all in the past. I think look you gotta pick a game this do I think he got to go no huddle you got to make him after what you Wear. Tired but so what you do what you get on the golf ball side changes that count. I think we're shoot low gain an advantage Smart player even though it does something that time he had the Smart player. If he's able we does that count and you gotta do good job slot. Protection to a bigotry doesn't take over the game and that really sorting the couple we gain. And make it have to work and look this team defensively hasn't played very well that several Oakland. 45 to Carolina and thirty obviously the last of the game for the Tampa Buccaneers teams don't score a lot of points so. Yet there was play a certain style of temple this game and then once you tire them out you can become more effective control the ball and that starts and and so. If your you know Marcus cannon ornate so older and am assuming those are that you guys and I doubt it. Thank you can't and so I think he's via. Sojourn it's older one other tackles the patriots tackles. How do you contain endowment conceal his air just as much of a fear that he does something dirty and hurts when your offensive lineman as there is that he does have that Tom Brady. Why are they would you Brady. Really good at this certainly you know what sit about radiate it trickled also quickly any people read these inspections all she. To defeat for products that go operated and that on the right play considered it ought. To tackle will be able to handle their weight. Whether ranch. Whether it's the first trial Patrick Harris will be able parable about our speed see inside guys in the will be checked character center yet support. And check Mason played really well all season. And you know they have to handle the inside and Pamela peek at pocket herb and allowed Brady to step up political most power Russia Joseph truly shuttle got a great job as well so. Other electoral sabre the pictures that that they have to change the count they have accord with some careful they've got a lump them all that and use all the weapons. They did last week. In Mexico City against the dollar cap structure of the back they neutralized and by the way they played and how they changed but you can't do one thing all the armed group auction back. Do you have to double team a guy like Suze Stiller is he not that dominant anymore in my unity not have yeah. Although he's down there I mean it would double in pass protection through without a true double Adidas letter to him. So basically everybody's blocking a Tampa man and that you got a base without a creature in the Portugal where. They were on the way and they want Rangel blocks they love to be able to attack lately well resolved strictly doing now. You can walk out and then what you have to be able to do with what he's tired he struck a little ball down electrical bill so Paramount particular shots. And then see it quarters for Miami which are not quite all cease and Miami. Has given up a lot of passing yards or not that effective when they do it opposing quarterbacks. Have had except for all the all the equity gets to the Opel under. I mean the schemes have been able all the all accurately an average over seven yards per attempt. So that the game where it will come out of taxable football system. The dolphins or at three interceptions all season the patriots have to cut the ball back in the game away. Mike a bigger question Soria hall of fame. Finalists are coming up is Randy Moss a hall of Famer do you. I mean look red mosque as the ultimate halt their armies or Tuesday or Iraq all those guys to play every Tuesday your great play it. You're worried about I don't pick it up the game and it's hard to do what you try to double he can do it and I think Randy is one of the greatest players. There's never played the game at wide receiver and has that helped him get on the first ballot I'm not sure wall watching the same here. Who else from that class that's been nominated do you think gets and. Why they sell other free obvious ones are remote Shelley. And at Redding walked other carollo are polished and house so guys that got all twelve on the outside of cricket teams in our backyard. Some of the receivers that were at all same appeal down here would double or so although she. So our other fields in the year boxes to a guy if you worry about our book reading that I mentioned the cell. I'll be the guy ever got a cute well buried on the ground great left tackle pass protect. And they're very little obviously you want a suitable to our ports are related to a hole trickle were offered to 2000 to let that eat a governor and let Barbara Lewis. All right Mike Lombardi good stuff as always. Enjoy your Friday after Thanksgiving watching Obama got her father. About art art pigs might. I skirt. I think mark since I had an old Twitter thing came out that's it cannon had was staying with not playing but this week that's so yeah so agreements and they're not charged but I thought that he was didn't release like vegetables are out yet this gas. I know where I screwed that up I am I wasn't man explaining my arms -- re read correct each other at school. You know what about Terrel Owens and I. Gays and biscuits are too I think more in that the baseball hall fame thing just gets more attention to voting process for it but he's of those guys that. People kind of in light right if I was shocked that stealth issue die music of a showman. And even though Randy Moss was also show moment there's something different about the way Owings did it always made it always so much ad out himself how sharp these stuff. And I think that hurts him which is unfortunate. You know well this is this is one of my pet peeves though. The baseball and I'm going to be a BB WA defender then chimed in and of so based all of aim. There is so much in expelled in practically line over its flawed process these voters wide they have the right to vote this and that. And they see you know 500 and something voters for the hall of fame. Football and and by the way and war most of us are accountable week you know publicize our ballots we defend them whatever. Football is this combine olive like fifty people I'd you couldn't even name final round board is one of them. I'd buy you you could name like five hall of fame voters for football it's the secretive process is controlled by a very small number of people. And there's no real like explanation or primaries and for why some guys are some guys aren't. And yet baseball as the one that gets pummeled year after year after year far. Stupidity or lack of transparency or this or that at least you know at least we try. I mean you're not a lot about II hybrid dog and a lead in saying. That's sort of par for the course when you compare baseball to football season Dara steroids as were exactly where I was going to go out looking unanimous her seat. Let's. I realize that not it's a lot of high profile football players have been caught using PDs. Yeah I wanna how they avoided this must not use them that must be what it is but the fact that there was see harsh. An outcry over the lack of testing in the era of Mark McGwire and dairy bonds and Sammy Sosa. And now you're looking at these players who are bigger stronger. Pastor. Playing a longer than they've ever played before and there's never any it's all of the adjustments to really gripped south there's just no. They're you know these guys it's seeing that new new training weighs in. And even if they did it's fine if they do which I don't necessarily disagree with but you can't have a double standard you can't say it's no big. Deal that they use in football and it is a big deal they use in baseball baseball's supposed to be this pure sport yet where is football does it matter what is dirty about it you'll love it regardless you know let you know I industrialised baseball is women in TV and football is the man who could pull the strings. Look what we're operating out energy gap perfect announced by the way TERRELL OWENS. Sat gates. Second all time in NFL receiving yards. Yeah I mean you could are now granted Jerry Rice a 7000. Yards ahead of a B 7000 yards ahead of everyone else when you bring you get to the trial Owens and the reigning bosses of the world. Tooth and fiber TERRELL OWENS Randy Moss Isaac Bruce and Larry FitzGerald if you go to number six which is Tony Gonzales. All five of those guys are you between 151000 just 127 yards as Tony Gonzales have to Terrell Owens who's got 59. So how Sarah says twenty to write any yes clearly is the best of the best yeah you never lived it up. Just seeing receivers against Jerry Rice everyone's gonna come up short and no one will be take stabilizing doubts agreement Barea take any receiver you can think of there's no one's gonna measure up to Jerry and I for starters in the hall of fame. Another one like who's a better receiver Marques Harris. Over virtually any receiver ever seen my. Yeah I enjoy. Yes similar to Tim brown and I doubt he does that tell you always guys that are in the hope that are in the hall of fame and Terrell Owens has yet and Randy must might not be there it's lunacy. I mean I suppose you could argue if you were going to come up when an argument in his it would be well. The game is different now there's not there's not a if there's any troop complement of our running game day the NFL has become cell past Heidi that of course these numbers have ballooned because there. But still you've got now you can also argue they're going 345. Wide some times. And I still. Reese he has 151000 receiving yards. Yeah and and I would even argue that a lot of the changes that benefited receivers have come about in the last ten years like cents. That mosque season in New England that those seven season he was already agree you know when he came really what 98. So I mean he'd he'd already played so late at night to get SE RD played for ten years by timing got here. So I'm use stinking football fans keep baseball. So ray. The U. Isn't it can't be just it's ironic turning when he gets in Idaho and Datsyuk out there and does is dance whatever because. We know about him and the person that he is and just the wave that. Oh yeah it's are bargains to write us a letter about him on behalf compartments and. Thank you for doing that in this be really really promising a lot out of him not to make comparisons. Aren't really a fifteen minutes up to initial Chris Lonnie is enjoying one until five we will wrap up this edition of trendy to Ozzie in for Kirk Callahan and on math. These are hard workers next on. Flying via FaceBook Twitter and it's more of or way we're loading in 48. Sports Radio WEEI. I've decided that a good thing. That's Monday there. Some have been that deep down. But Brad Barack style wise for Iraq's Saddam had nothing to have it was a great show. I don't assume at this holding things up with something else that. We have four hours of all sports march and it's not see everybody knows it's all we do all sports we'll do mostly sports rod got a loud and die yet. Last lap of the subjects you talk about the what did you think about they're street can be induced what it is showing us the act that Brad Stevens had the best line about it is that it was always a little bit of memorized. Thank you can't be down double digits tents. Bryce you know six out of eight games or what isn't it and expect to keep winning it was great to watch and it's just tremendously entertaining. But if you take a step back you can say. You've couldn't lose Gordon Hayward. And not have it impact you at some point in the season and it is going to impact and there are obviously. There are one of the better teams in the east they could make the finals I'm not sold on the a LeBron. Isiah Thomas. Kevin Love cavaliers deciding to care I am not at all sold on the idea that answered Don I mean that team could still stomp you. In June or may whenever when when things matter. So I saw I look at now. They need help on the bench you know you got Marcus march in 26% I know Knowles gallon everybody does great things. Is to bring am glad that he's nice and then when he 6% at a US tossup shooting yet UC need to get scorn for any good free parachuted a series in the high seventies that's how I drive the lane and affect foul and go to the free throw line stop stalking op three now I now and then you have terrorists the year shooting like 33%. And that's where your feeling the Heyward thing because if you had. Jason Tatum or something as he could be anchoring your second unit as crazy as that sounds or nineteen year but not unique in scoring. In crunch time you know he's one of the guys are relying on he really. You don't have a lot of scoring your carrier Jalen brown the fact the airline did AT brown and Jason Tatum. To carry so much of the scoring load that scares me a little bit because as you know they're gonna go through some sort of young person's lawn yes exactly I mean they're gonna hit that law especially a you know Tatum all played what 29 games last year college he's going to be. I right that month. Did you start and if I did you see the Bryan rob piece that he did earlier this be for Boston sports journal where he talked about. In it's really sort of an under reported story that stuck out to me is as another you know Knox and Brad Stevens felt. Just the ways and managing the minutes of his starters he has sometime and I think sometimes when he goes to his bench and that's where this team gets in a hole. You know keep six hi re Tatum. Brown and pork free system all the same timing he rolls out you know Marcus Morris. Yet rare rosier Smart type of lineup yet and then your team falls behind but what I think I think weight Smart is what he's doing is making sure. That may be out wall isn't so Burrell. Ford did for Jalen brown and for Jason dean and in particular are also for carrier and he's only 25 but you don't want him out there. You know 3839. Minutes now and then he's got tired lay eggs and home. Then he's had in ages throughout his career united that knee in the playoffs and all that kind of stuff. In so yeah you definitely need to you don't wanna overdue with him and you'll see that he gets that long break. At the end of the third quarter of the start of the fourth quarter you know virtually every game says Stevens is managing it but you don't have a lot of horses that eight point four million. It injured player except in the they have they used to I am not use that yet and I think it's probably Smart because right now there's not a lot to choose from by. As you get near trade deadline whenever some guy's gonna become available so maybe there's a way to bolster the bench there but it's pretty clear they need another score. That's sad they're fun team to watch I mean it's it's. It's what we wanted the Red Sox to viewed milky debts and Bogart's about attendee wondered like. We wanna watch and exciting young team that's what the Celtics actually either actually delivering on Matt. In every time Jalen brown makes a three in the corner or Art Tatum goes coast to coast are trees seen him do twice against Atlanta or Dallas. Atlanta I can get and I'm glad I did it again against Dallas or similar you know these rim rattling dunks how can you not be. I just didn't it was a remarkably ducks dunks from chastened to take you guys know Tang Wei told me he can't be so I'm anxious and so siren around. Clearly adjacent to did you see what we did detain went out and say we are wary of putting together one might missed on the end. Ten way of viewing your crazy brain that sometimes insists. It's increasing the yeah I think Gary's gonna have to eat crow not that he cares now it is the care he cares about less stuff than I do we care about. There. Are crystal wanting. Afternoon guys how we go and I'm Black Friday happy Black Friday you get up this morning Dalai Lama aren't on the way I am that I. However I really get a lot of sleep last night beat in his I was staying at home after and home for the holiday. And my mother decided that she's gonna get 1 freaking am to go old. I don't know wherever whatever was having a door busters sale somewhere in the greater Milford Bellingham. Area. So when she came home at 430 I heard the door open downstairs and cannot get back this. So I feel like I'm paying the price for Black Friday shopping hopefully at least some of the things that were purchased or Christmas presents for mis ask don't say I don't enact my way 85 inch TV or something but I've got all the pain and none of the joy way of saving. You lions so about Noah. No our hours and be part is again not fueled the alongside a lot of Celtics patriots NFL I was like you guys are a little bit where you were. I can get into India's games yesterday zero interest the giants and the reds when you just didn't do your job Chris Downey what kind of sports anchor writings while I start seeing the idea that we're supposed to be sitting in front of the the television with a notebook like what you're lastly top job on that second seven when the Redskins ran a slant I really thought that that was the time to kind of they can go deep. And that does not happen first game as interest and I watched that and actually I only want how much does the lines at least a furious comeback to battle the vikings are still lost their bodies it was decent and frankly by the second quarter of the Redskins and cowboys combination of tryptophan red wine. It was somewhat akin to and the woman Gerri drugs that she could play with their toy collection I think I was kind of science so now I'm at the wrong reference there guess for you. But. Yeah that had taken over and I know. No consciousness whatsoever until. I heard that back in the Black Friday shopping and my mother coming home at 4 o'clock 4 o'clock am redeemed beautiful. Well hopefully you'll be slap happy and extra entertaining yes we are more entertaining than usual. I discussed a lot in any heart Comanche a next from ones of five men after that Roemer and bucks happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone and go bust some doors. I come up Tatum can't dunk. How can I get don't like he misses more dunks. He had stepped back on the rim he did he go he's better I'll let alone those dunks. Not so I'm not not. The patriots play yesterday.