OMF - Duron Harmon is excited to have Martellus Bennett back in the locker room, 11-10-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, November 10th

Duron Harmon joins the show to talk about what the team will have to do to beat the Broncos. Duron also talks about how he is feeling after the bye week. He even talks about how a long extended road trip can help the team grow. 


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I've back here and a whole MF it's time for us to talk to derive Harmon it's all for occupy Falmouth lumber and your local Andersen windows dealer and buy casket flight and question Adams winter laughter I don't we don't today. Her essay gilded time I'll see you get back to work again so I take it the body feels brand new right it's like it's opening day again right. Forward we've Braden who lived there with. A our partners Barley. Though it is crucial ordered him good movie it's. You know this or actual movie he's your buddy of bird from all the he would rather than their ability for the previous remark. Yes so the Denver Broncos have always been that analysts they just nemesis to the teachers but they've usually one of those teams that don't don't fear the patriots are not intimidated by you guys. They've been struggling on their own right especially coming off the side of the football. Now brought Gosling got some last year and you seeing him again is that like a positive view of the back yard kind of know you're gonna get from him. Alitalia. This started oh look there where oh include Barack error returned. And the wolf poor William grew out of our new years or so many loose. What the bar code in the pleasant news search and so you know this eleven. That. But in the 2000 change. You can only take if you lose for her to school or so let's make sure that we from. In the big salute you if something that we you're not shovel of the this year. It's. What is to about Denver begins going down there because he is a team you have struck me if you've youth of today even a good team recently that obstacle in Roland to a two but. Do you buy into that hole elevation thing out there and having trouble breathing. Hopefully. And so the difference. I mean you can ever that'd be an excuse earth they played each and every week. All of that can love their flu that is. Sort of look good on another planet where Barloon and the particularly are taking away from being able to focus he's very court. Girl of your lovely quote there could play hard. We've I mean. Like this. Of the game also there. I so we know devers got a really good defense and so it's gonna limit how many points your offense can put up on the board to good news is you've got Julia. Quarterback it's pretty secure with the ball doesn't charted over an awful lot but if you look at how Denver loses right now to run. They lose because there are offense. Forces turnovers how important is it for your defense. Due to pick detectable couple times during the course of the game. Suppose it is crucial urban. Turnovers hurt crucial part during the remaining. Eight users achieve energy. If you near term corn gluten and when did it. An obsession with turnovers so we heard closer. And we haven't figured well look scenes of because of who their article about the shoes you have as. And the downward among other. All the ball we have the students do so we know that deliberately. Gore couldn't hit the ball that taught them our profession. So looks like mark tells Ben it's going to be back in the locker room. How excited are you about that is that it what what does that what does that mean for you guys. Lou that they just because Marty doesn't really really the first how he is you're a really good of football player but the personality principle well. I'll light the Newton doing that he has a lot at reserve Christian excellence and Hillary is that he so it. That. Garden. Gotten better great cooler. Well it was there. Zimbalist politically. And we leave America guard news he's. I can't look his record and appeared to load the door Miller. And you know here escalated. Into there will we wanted to or flirt so low we shouldn't expect any any good. So you have to pack a lot of stuff for the strip right as you gonna be out there for awhile. He. Those who have flooded vote. Maybe she you know harder places that are. There's. The norm here. Thank god football players not constantly they're not just accused of the road trips this is a come from a baseball player now you go pick some nice restaurants it's a team dinners been equal all couple times and I'll work unit that. But. Pick a few spots. It definitely that significant of you know on it was and he could have the opportunity you know to grow the game lead over the use this opportunity. As family. And their allies in the as you know we achieve the public advocate particular. And who wouldn't. Learn more about it. It is. There were. So yeah a married. I am very very weird uncle Martin Rucker harder drugs. They include business and we'll forget that wrote the chances against the got a lot of these. Eight apple aren't out. You know so also. The wrong we have rob the rich company and he's gonna spent some time with us like you know and after this break. Any Rob Ninkovich stories we you can give us so we can surprise them with something somebody said that he did that would embarrass her. Did vote to. Kabul but. The problem violent cities. He obviously their they're loud and large. We'll a lot of excellent that their ability of the tablet is. Doesn't sound like great story here. Hello my ass about I don't know Andy well. Thanks as consistent as is harbor some of the Daryn. We're prepared to let them because everybody. Is looking less important to me rather create a few others out there. There was as the old testament the new testament how different testaments like Canada where all the bad stuff happened. Are part of modern and more that as the doubles stories. All all of their August. If all or. I listened heavy good chuckle talking here a couple weeks and I are terrible events sealant and astronaut Norman.