OMF - Duron Harmon talks Pats/Phins; Tomase doesn't really watch football but he knows who will win the Super Bowl

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, November 24th

OMF - Pats' safety Duron Harmon joins us fresh off the Thanksgiving break. Unlike most red blooded Americans, John Tomase chose not watch that much football this Thanksgiving. Despite all this, John knows for sure who will win the Super Bowl this year. And is Ndamukong Suh still a problem? 


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All of you read me. Or weigh in ceremony and forty K troops right now on Sports Radio WEEI. I love Al anon this Friday morning patriots game day on Sunday afternoon of course it is not. Or way Fauria and Maloney today it is sunny and time mossy filling in for those guys there enjoying a long holiday weekend. No holiday weekend for the New England Patriots. Mostly point six Miami Dolphins Sunday afternoon kickoff is at 1 o'clock at Gillette Stadium box for joining us now. Is mr. Ron Hart are covered dish Reinhardt is brought to you by Dartmouth building supply and your local Andersen windows dealers and buy booze so wines spirits and Sam Adams winter lager. Drug basics of how those things yeah. Great you're. Will be great publicist. It was deadlocked a big food lots of lots of red wine which is always important as well and just some relaxing. Did you guys really get to relax much as you prepare for like on paper der on you know four and six Miami Dolphins team seems like Honda should be another cake walk in the AFC east but. I would imagine you guys look at and then and see a bigger challenge than most of us. Here we were pollute the blue like surely bigger chain might companies. Triangular one in the division rival. You know. Quote more than a true leader of look Eric. And give up Lou there was. As you know they're human. Apparently. Law that we have other people. Look the most let them know that you appreciate so and essential for the also. It was a good and working hard yesterday. And you're a little bit of. Iran what kind of challenge to the dolphins close to you guys these games are always tough they're always hired five games. You know we saw Kenny stills of the big play last week what do what do you look at this challenges when you face. Two the men they're very character you control the bird. And receivers. My future in through. Here twenty care there are there should you know. And sure there are clear because the tree that was used in the phenomenal where another log on the air to your elbow. He can turn. The ball is included northern boost community as well as far. The big game uncle. Or loose either. He. You were ordered. Well well he got hurt is you know other wanna play. We know certain. If opens it and KB. Admirer of our country struggles. Usually burn. There. They're very close aggregation of the great. We're close. Lenovo that there are preferable. Good but it wasn't that does important work. What is it like to prepare for a team when they've got three really good wide receiver is instills. Adams and my injury but you're not quite sure. Who might start. At quarterback on Sunday it most likely will be Matt Moore but there is a chance that Jay Cutler could be cleared and play how do you handle that situation. Look good you have heard your little bit more urban as well quoted such. Are different. The critical led a little differently. Live and recorded. Record this series so. Is phenomenal Crooklyn. And when they hit the ball that. In the Arab world you'd have to really do that what America's. Struggle what are America and carbon neutral he will that was news. Are we want to switch gears a little bit and I you know are her precedent was leading again this morning about the NFL I know. You have been very eloquent in speaking about the kneeling thing in this isn't even about that anymore. Well when he's trying to use football acting something we can agree that is really. Sports unite us and he's trying to use it to divide us how his players do you deal with that. I wouldn't boo opening you can do construction of people who. The cleared or you know part of I mean beautiful metaphor of charter. Amid a boom boom then and compelled. A military person must. Who ignored because no within a Covert toward we're being unified to bring. Every bargain countries gather to view the truth cheered. Who were searching is he from the get this of this other absolutely. Sure that you that's so won't be the and Evelyn hooker thing that they're here. They'd be together in this bridge crew plausible. Our country. Drug even though the attacks haven't obviously been personally directed towards you whether it's our president or anyone else who has expressed. Displeasure with the kneeling in any sort of protest this season our last season. At a personal level what is it like. For you to read things like this and and see the reaction that some people have had to use EU EU and guys like. Devin according trying to shed light on and something that's very important to you. Coach. More importantly chosen in connection. They you know completely lose I actually. Think. Be. Secretary of Chandler and Patrick are you book. Are you treat people argued they. All you can are reduced to continue straight for the current. Very warm your heart. I know we can come together. This greater order. It was result. Over the recovered from surgery here. Some common goal of everybody beats you the right way everybody who has numbers and have that sort of citizens. I'd probably on a light notes. If there is one thing you could I am Black Friday summit that you would stand in line for. What I would agree. I'm really. The large. That and in laws so. It will probably have to be through these commute. Videos. I I believe. That they're really good video. So would he really eager to clear result is that all occurred about a. I thought you might say in particular is who we thought you might say Brady Jersey. Articulate or whatever and they get from his locker idol it's let's get back to rags to Ron being so much digs out talking about bill Glover will go to our ability. CHU are right now mr. Ron Hartman his conversation was brought to you by Dartmouth building supplying your local Anderson wondered window at two windows dealer and buy -- in lines here at the Sam Adams winter water. I. Candid he wasn't I wasn't afraid to answer their questions about. You know the tweak. Sunnis and dealing we should be able to have this expresses them as people as human beings and it was nice to hear that. You know because the patriots are very. Very very focused on keeping guys only tied muffled by understand and I respect that you know that's part of what's made them great but something like this. Transcends any like an hour on the Miami were only focused on Miami now this is about what it's like to be people. In this country right now and and he is he is said we are standing up for people no voice you know that's what he said when he assigned about yelling in my he had chosen to me earlier in the year. So it's nice that you can have an actual conversation and a money human level about this because this is affecting all of. Yeah and the reason why I wanted to ask that question about even though he hasn't been targeted. I president Stromberg you know assuming if he you know on social media people have said things to him. About his choice to meal but sometimes I feel like we don't look at these guys as people do not think about how your words affect them or what. What they're going through and what their life off the field in life on the field I'm sure all of last scenes. Not quite utopian but near perfect right you make all this money you're young you are playing a game for a live they may and you're you're you're. If you're living had a dream that lots of little boy using some little girls had when they were young and claim pop Warner or in high school. Football that many don't get to live out into achieved by the end of the day when they take those pads off and they take a uniform off. And they just go drive home or they go to a restaurant or they go on vacation. Some of the experiences they have. Are are not. At all when she would expect for someone who is making millions of dollars driving nice cars they're just treated like. Any. Other black person yet entire air ever having this conversation with a Ortiz. To a lesser extent unless slightly different moment Nomar but it's the same kind of thing where it's like. We are people on the person just like you I'm no different than you yeah I have a job that people know who I am but. I'm not different than you are and and it's it's exactly like you said to Ron Harmon is a black man in America he may be a football player. But when he's just out walking about people I'm sure most people don't recognize Toronto arm and now they may say go back guy looks athletic I wonder if he plays football or something like that but it's not like. He walks around and is treated like eighteen when he does not have his pads on and that is a reality for him and lots of black people. And I think that's what they're that's what they're standing up for that's why they're kneeling that's why they're bringing attention to this. It is because even in 2017. You know the issues that you face as an African American and an adjustment in black and brown people. And people of color the issues that they face are not what you write face or Jerry York Kirk it's just it's different and I don't care how much money you have I don't care how much. Six asks you have either and it doesn't need to speed sports you can be in television it can be in life can be in finance. You know if your out of the bubble of that institution. Where people know who you are and know your seniority know your your importance in that institution when you're taken away from that in some. You are still what ever their perception is of back for sure and and what's so demoralizing about where we're at right now is how we're moving backwards site. We just came off eight years of a black president. And it feels like. It is in the had been entirely on done in one year and you have whether it's crackdowns on immigration which is there you couldn't get it could not be. More less American less of what it is about to be an American. To be to be anti immigrant we are a nation of immigrants in our anti immigrant. You have. The way where you know with Jeff Sessions is as attorney general the way where handle laying. Incarceration. And the way we're treating crime in the way we're trying to go back to late. Three strikes and you're out mis failed policies and then on top of that you have a president who is constantly as we've already discussed. Using his pulpit to further these. Images you know these sinners I stereotypes inner cities is how hall's black people should be grateful like all of this stuff and he has. His own history whether is is apartments in the seventies are whining death for the central part five even after they'd been exonerated. Or birth there is them or just go down the list of all the things that he's done. Including. All of this NFL stuff and all of our ball stuff. It's just it's demoralizing. To be feeling like we are backsliding. Not just the way it feels like we're going back to the fifties and that's. Horrible. I do I read we do reference it tweets. That president trump put out regarding the NFL he says something on Wednesday morning. Talking about his disappointment. That the NFL is considering keeping teams in the locker rooms that there is in the quote on quote I don't think it's a distraction but they quote unquote distraction of ice kneeling or choosing to. Exercise their right to protest during the am done. And now this morning it is ballots. Five hours ago I was about 6 o'clock 6:30 this morning. Donald Trump treated can you believe that the disrespect for our country our flag our anthem continues without penalty to the players the commissioner has lost control of the hemorrhaging lead. Players are the boss exclamation point. There's no way he spelled. And I think he did actually have a out of court may be. And as it is out of Kurt seems to not beyond and I could Iran and anchored in it's it's it's cattle and he had to H isn't there. Hammer managing. Us he does today yes Sunday prefer that. It's just it's it's disappointing. It's disappointing and again I execs certainty drying these parallels back to how we. At a sexual harassment and with women you know when. When Donald Trump. Belittle his accusers the you know the thirteen women who have boss come out and said that they had been ia inappropriately kiss to devise a scrap the IT liars that. Yanked if right yes district thirteen liar yet by Donald Trump. Then again where diminishing the stories of women when he comes out and says about where I'm more well if he tells me the accusations are broad. Again it's a he's perpetuating a stereotype of women are liars there not to be believed they do things because their emotional they see things because they needed ten chain. It's not that they truly had been a victim it's. And the way to eighty speaks often about when the in his own daughter. On the way he talks about you know how good looking she is or how if she wasn't her own his own daughter she way he would. Have sexual relations with terrorists. It's just incredible that Edison that of the president of the United States that's a new normal. But again it is normalizing. The sexually based chain of winning it is normalizing. V victim you know. The perceived victimization of women are treated something last week in some is that you're always trying to play the victim. Artists can't called in when I was out with when I was I was robbed Brad tonight I asked why in YouTube actually hate me and I really hates you you really hates you just as agrees that by political opinions. I had said you know Robin asked. We've talked about how I was sort of interrupting Kirk's thing. And I listened back I probably did talk over to magic think that the TV voice and I had to go over like oh this is if I was. To alive so I would may carry that Seattle those of us listening couldn't tell what was happening site and it needed a marriage okay so rob had a different opinion and he said he and wanna be to stop talking and I get it I said a man since sometimes I'll be honest. I so let's talk more made it and I shouldn't because they're still apart my brain that site. He have to prove your worth you have to show that you know which is talking about you have to show that you're not afraid to speak out. Because I item minority in this century you know either aren't hosting a show two other women. Aunts and Tim called and that I don't understand why you always play the victim but I'm not saying I'm a victim of that I'm just it's at explaining my experience. And it's like every time a woman or a minority. Opens their mouth to say hey I don't like being treated like this it's like a snowflake. Dick down yet and. Shut out this all boils down to the same two words shut out. Shut up black guys who think you know it you do shut up women who think that your voice should be heard shut up shut out shout out. I don't wanna hear because it makes me uncomfortable and makes me have to look in the Mir. And evaluate the way I treat people I talk about people yeah. But but but but a. Sprawling arrogance streaming is rated X might not because of her ease in setup as an Israeli right. If we heard discussing. Why carrier ring is so bad yet this act. Yet he's he sees he thinks this sucks no matter what says everything that he's not a part of sucks. By. Art so all we got some phone calls on this which is great we'd love to talk to you we have one mine opened 6177797937. All sports talk WEEI here in Boston already when it is a six month added. 7797937. Give us a call take your calls we get back. More important. Very. Actually. Think. And be an editor Gerri. At are you lord of our future he YouTube thing. All you can are reduced to continue to pray for the current. Very warm your heart. I know we could come together. It's greater order. Two over the and certainly use sort of comical action. Everybody be issued the right way everybody shoot good numbers and have a certain class citizens. Good to set it better myself to Ron Hartman who joined us the top of the 11 o'clock RT. Let the dolphins and also talk about the fact that president trump once again tweeting this morning about NFL players. Saying that Roger to Dallas lost control of the league that they ratings are hemorrhaging. I'd passes and has very very very little to do with the anthem. Issue because one I don't seed and boasts broadcast no longer on air the anthems they don't seed anyway yet. You know he's thanking god for Marcia play its games the game a way to keep this thing go right now because otherwise it'd sort of once again and an egg was put on the back. You know I think in the back of people's mind having people say it wasn't. Was him prominent had an idiot and it just so happens these things tend to bubble up. When something bad is going on X inflict you know or the Russian thing the noose tightening a little but it. That's when he tends to lash out or minuses it's base of the war. What you think in two guys are all ages is to smoke and mirrors the diversionary and that's real answer. I'm also all of our ball deep and act like he's a clown like this you know I mean and now I'd usually just assured destruction. Speaking in the NFL the watch any of the games last night. Hope for. I flipped on you know I don't watch but I. It's not let us as an owner must hunting and I did not watch either the first two games at all in fact I even know the middle name was the note. The lions play chargers cowboys charges cowboys to not want 12. I did suit charters one. I for slipping around I happened to flip the Redskins game mine when it was tender and in the fourth quarter. And the Redskins had fourth and one from like inside the forty so is borderline field goal borderline go for it. They send out the punt team it clearly had a fake punt Kolb wasn't that look was wrong or whatever they call timeout. They call timeout they go back they send the offense back. Field huddle up the play clock is running. With four seconds left in the play card is after a timeout. Kirk cousins realizes. And you can't call two timeouts in a row so he Russia's everyone's on the line there still in the huddle four seconds left. No way to get that boss delay game they have to punt and in that moment in the Redskins are a half decent at her and it. Probably a playoff team. In that moment seed this is why the patriots are better than everybody else. Like these guys that never happens ran a terrible play called a timeout. Went back on the field didn't notice the play clock running and got called for delay of game out of a timeout. And had a Bundy still in the game because the giants art is terrible. But regardless this is why the patriots are better than everybody else. You can be when a suitable amendments yes I do I do I mean I wouldn't have said that even a week one when they lost to Casey wrote a column saying. We can say all we want that this is dead you know patriots had done there's no coming back from this there's they all do is always coming back they always do. It really is remarkable it is are Marcus those first four weeks and we didn't master on harm in this because we want to talk about trump but how much better their defensive. Alan that was in my head tonight and asking them and I got his assets from train yet. Trump traders. He admitted it is remarkable how are no matter. No matter what personnel they have out there I mean you lose Donta hightower and you think OK this these are blows that they can't sustain Malcolm brown sat out there it's much he's injured. I say McClellan is not exactly a world beater but at least to provide you some depth he can't come back because of concussions. And it's like. Does he doesn't it doesn't matter doesn't sound bad no I didn't miss a local. You stunk for most of the year but suddenly you're good you know land and Robert suddenly you are dead. The secondary is figure stuff out and Trey flowers and Dietrich wiser to another it's just it's. It's astounding back year after year after year after year receive the same thing with the sometimes they start out dominant and just brawl the whole way. But more times than not. There're issues of the first four to six weeks of the season and then they are fixed and that's it are and are you concerned at all about playing the dolphins to the next yet. Prefer one name only Ndamukong Suh because that guy. You deserve TJ he's RD said that he wants to spend as much of the game as possible on top of Tom Brady are replied it. And we've seen him was it two years ago easy Harvey Weinstein and seriously where he rolled up the back of Brady's leg you know like code and that's it for Brady. Think about the game were key goal Alonso was a Baltimore. Yes Ricky eagle Alonso took ballots. Joseph Flacco gas with the elbow and then a little bit later in Donna consume got into with somebody shot him push him like I just. That's a worries me about these two games through the next three against the dolphins. Is the fact that they're just Terry especially downing conceal that mean I watched him for a long time you know in the NFC north their gas and C north. Playing against the Packers and he misses with the lions you know and Aaron Rodgers began on the ground and he'd take his. Cleat and smashes hander taken out offensive lineman in the Nazi's I mean it's just exists. I don't have like I still won't lead in how he's. Egg you talk about you you've talked about guys that shouldn't be in a league guys it should be suspended you got the presidency Emil Marshawn Lynch is should be suspended should never play another game. Here for explains detainee Donna consumers act how does this guy that he's an easy that good of a player has even that good a player as of late. And his antics. Making worthy yes I mean he's gonna end up like Richie and tied NATO or one of these guys who's just like forced out of police eventually for just being too antisocial you know because of he's gonna yeah he's he's there's no other way to describe but yet and those and so. Two games in three weeks against that guy if on the patriots I'm looking for reasons to get Brady out of that game and I and I argued about this with rob Bradford the other night. Generally I'm not in favor of well let's let's ease off from Brady we gotta get you know if they're get a big lead the third quarter data model there it's like that is not how the patriots operate that's never how they've operated. That's not how Brady is ever operate and understand if he's got an Achilles thing if he's actually hurt. Okay five may be one of back off a little bit but. We've Ndamukong Suh in the picture I would not rude but I would not object to getting him out there a little early. You know I I I'm with you a 100% but I don't think aunts and I don't think there's any chance that attacked. Now it's not in there is an innocent upped it now already Natalie. But let's just let's just say for urgency that you you do taken on you for Brian Hoyer. I'm glad we're listening it was a Brian Hoyer here yeah I know you got nothing he traded away two numbers that Jimmy apple so now they teased I. Yeah I mean listen Brady is survived in the league seventeen years whatever it is the one major injury I now pay and that is I feel like it's a ticking time bomb dad's disease forties so he's not Kennedy's not gonna react as well if he gets and Kate's. He's not gonna handle it as well as he would say there's. Let's go to tied easy things that we am just rat we're active Thanksgiving Harris. Well I'm not gonna say inaccurate and giving her right because there is more of Thanksgiving and we'll all. But you married or anybody favors again on the radio on the in my yeah I watched none of them spoke ought not happy yet. A little lions why I want analyzed by the response sent pastor. But hey time to the page is just not I'm not tied to the pitchers yesterday. To the patriots play yesterday. Okay did did any NSE Danny AFC team that is important to the patriots. The Richards feature play yesterday. Today you didn't play yesterday that we asked him maybe even feel like while we might see a team in the Super Bowl play yesterday. And thirteen people. And Sports Radio. Now we haven't really talked not bad to name so yeah and and young girl I ever thought to respect our. Even even OK either we talked edict from start to finish today we talked nothing about sports. You tell me we wouldn't give a rat's ass if we talked about. Lie vikings. How voice chargers. Or Redskins. Giant I just gave you weren't really that would I would like where you want. Our conversation revolved around so. Any of that I did not answer a question it's Yasser question would any other sports conversation in Austin. Revolver on any of the six teams play has. Yet. While you're the only one time have agreed by Friday forty. Like Hamas and I mean like. Spur you I can do whatever the bleep I wanna my Alley you're Westchester they smelt. Have you seen the show on showtime now I've heard about it it's a Boston they did it's it's eight aids was filmed in South Boston takes place in south Boston's eyes Smeltz. Stands for single mom I'd lake to you. Fuller Fuller outlet. So it's all about. She and I'm blanking it's Frankie shock. That I had the name yet in in the show it's really I liked it it's good. I think it's really it's it's funny it's a little dark it's a little quirky Rosie O'Donnell as her mom. And it just showed us. Eight shows a sign of being a single parent some of the things that you go through a deal went in. You know you have a lot of money trying to make ends meet I really we. Crushed through three episodes about it is Korea I can't wait and attacks on nights I've heard good things but it's and it and it ended an obvious and you in the Boston best part about it I think it was entirely. Filmed in Boston. There's even has seen an episode three where. I get to modulate it she goes to meet someone and I think their emirate like and I finally our watch an edge is that we're thinking. Hardly what would have a cafes like apartment no I think it's a market basket. And 99.9. Percent sure there is he's a fairly pivotal scene in the end of it's episode three it takes place in a market basket. Which is so great at its New England for you what all this great about it and we get onto legendary TV show but. They don't try to. Due crap beat Boston accent you know they are trying to Boston it up so much that it's like this contrived stereo you guys distracting. A someone who lives in Sal the you know I I really like that he's too often like even with ray Donovan and I and I again watched a lot every Donovan. I a lot of people's complaints about it is that again it's just these like. Old steer old tired stereotypes of what a Boston persons like. You and it doesn't reflect well all the time this is autumn. Big pet peeves movies do this today you know the departed did this it's that it's a great movie. C had a Vieira armies a character who's a lawyer yet and she's educated and she's from here. And it's like you can be from here and be educated in the Hoosier accident that happens I had a wicked Boston accent as a kid and it just sort of went away in out. And so it comes out once in awhile but for her they had to like every twelve words. She would be saying a sentence and should be unite you know. Well I don't understand he mean he got in its class. And came again. Yes okay there's one word she remembered it was fun to do Boston gag their analysts say time and say it passed in which is like that doesn't mean nobody says that doesn't make cents. Really to. I'm just looking at the classless right now too like I twin girls curly hair. DC and the first episode. Let's just say yes yes now we'll be asking. I'm I'm looking at the idea I indeed be. Playing the part of Larry is by and and Alexandre reaper. Coincidence interest it is interesting. That did you say they have little girls because you know what I'm thinking actually another area it's one it's a cute part probably edited that out I. In between I'd twin girls so there's splitting it between dreamers love children. So I've heard that if wary it's so post did the at girl. So additionally about this this is a most of it shows about a single mom yet living in south the injury is a big bass she loved basketball on pitch to private schools I forget which when she says she went to build a cab. The thing. But it she's hugely bird fans who she named her child Larry. That maybe it's. Daisies creator are all going to be an old single mom refused bird hello everyone oh boy in eastern hour. Currently editing a quick break we'll see your phone calls don't Wear it and forgot about you have a lot in opens excellence Evans Evans and a 979837. More on that check outs milk. Attorney too mossy and for on math next. We return to more of Fort Wayne admirable and Fauria who. Forget it shot you have to try to get some of these. And this what college Sports Radio WEEI. It's not. Now it's ready to not see us twice is weekend rob Bradford checked it out entirely working together and Saturday at an gathered today tin roof. That is called the trendy going above and beyond as usual I'd like so athletes who have. That also filled in for Jerry tang went on curve as there three times this week. And this is my now have four appearances. Or you're going to be shoved down the road of our listeners. Like a liberal ham sandwich related to her mediation John. So about a lot of hours me and my man you know that it isn't it that our board gave us thinking about it. So does this all. Is gonna join us at 1205. And Michael Barr is gonna dress the twelve days jam packed final hour of treading mossy don't get mad at me Erica guess having. I'm worried that when it's the phones I wanna talk to Steve in Dorchester says they set a double standard. Good morning. Are saying you don't feel it. All that's I mean not so we can't play that much has your you've seen a live breathe in and talk. I am and I'm amazed. Lotion you know taking. Arnold heard you on the radio more than once for some reason. When you go where the currently Kelly in the morning you wanna proceed assault on the Irish. I heard you talking about when literally gone to Europe when it broke the issue of those actions target when tiger was sending him back. A lot of guys you wanted to proceed. Are also an audience of senior that. Right right that doesn't make ad with all due respect Steve that sentence makes. Zero cents premium YG a. I mean you'll probably you'll pride of the culture that morning in descriptions of milking this shows a woman jars those. And everything else. You'll you'll Wear all product. So that means I can't say we can't have some scientists. So actually I I can remember this matter I cash east Abby vividly remember having to see those pictures. I remember and Mike comment on it wise I don't know why anyone would want to send those pictures. I don't we don't wanna see anyone's penis and I would never wanna cents when it pictured my vagina so that it distorts. Little bit more than if you go back it was a little bit more of America. And I got really it's Steve not that it would it just isn't enough SEC's let me ask you and did I suggest that other women should send pictures like that that that should be in her pocket and how is it doubles and Taylor who cares if she talks about it yeah. And I don't listen as they can't what's the double standard. You're you're talking about how you try section I have so actually circumcised I'm sure. So I incidentally I am not I'm not allowed to it I'm not I don't have that passion you wanted to out of regarding why don't why we don't quite why Steve why sixteenth. I'm trying to ask you a question you wanna be a part of this conversation. Nancy question you say wanna do one of big guys do you assume that women don't have conversations like that that's a bit of a sexist hate. While it might be sections but at my age. I would say it probably instructions but I would say if you want respect. They're in a woman doesn't speak out. I knew coming Steve goes through your stuff. He is Lauren does a city that pain and a woman doesn't speak again this is this is what I'm trying to point out now if Kirk talks about master beating sorry that you just can't hurt. Jerry talked about sex on a balcony with is. That a you should to a conversation you have. There. Start actually. I was talked about our mean actual Turkey is I'm fourteen and it's not out that's barrier that. So oh what should talk like that now. Okay REI basically deadly sweet sweet talks you through that knew I knew he would step in it sooner or later you get mad at a guy he just come out east. Says sexist and actually I really cannot I candidate says it's tests. He insists. It's tiring I am tired. Flight. I heard. Some fantastic phone calls on and off the inevitable I actually I met a number of times I am. Like during breaks you know watch two of its water use the restroom and I hear Rangel. Now how it's not what they're saying. No let me explain his CEO. How many what's the percentage what's the percentage of calls taken vs hung up on the docket attention ought to we we've taken far more calls than than people that. I don't wanna go on the habit issue Allen and Walt might just you know like there's a lot of people on Twitter saying as the worst in history. So let me ask you ransom is really crappy apartment yeah I I I you know what it. No matter what kind of history and Macon sonic and mr. no such thing as bad publicity non. This is her post outlining its wildly entertaining day where we are merging melding KNC and Elena. And so sums gonna get lost in the translation I can't get on my knees every day. See Ryan Ryan Ryan that's not see that's that's that's I don't need that tax Kelsey afternoon. Cable is the end of that sentence. I don't know how exactly I act on a Mac at that autopsy that is not okay is seeking their words out of context. Now it now. Do you know we are gonna have we also split the race operates so to speak out between KNC and Owen asked in the 12 o'clock hour. And that's coming up and how slow this morning as I told of five we're gonna talk to former patriots wide receiver Donte' Stallworth. Who is quoted in an article in the start of trying to Stark's column. About Donald Trump's recent. Comments regarding African Americans is the name of our ball and and FL players. Never gonna get back to sports has done westerly says we should talk more sports we're gonna do that bill don't you worry your pretty little head. We're gonna talk to Michael Barney about what it all council sexist rainbow warrior in an idol and a personal evil people out there and and for people who think that we're not talking sports today at 12:45. I am going to read from silent spring until we agree that it's notable that the. But until it over the final hour of treading devising inter island.