OMF - Duron Harmon talks Thanksgiving, unifying NFL players, Black Friday shopping

Friday, November 24th

Patriots safety Duron Harmon joins Trenni and John as the three discuss the upcoming match up against the Dolphins as well as Harmon's Black Friday shopping wish list.


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I love Al anon this Friday morning patriots game day on Sunday afternoon of course it is not. Or way Fauria and Lonnie today it is sunny and time mossy filling in for those guys there enjoying a long holiday weekend. No holiday weekend for the New England Patriots. Mostly point six Miami Dolphins Sunday afternoon kickoff is at 1 o'clock at Gillette Stadium box for joining us now. Is mr. Ron Hart are covered dish Reinhardt is brought to you by Dartmouth building supply and your local Andersen windows dealers and buy booze so wines spirits and Sam Adams winter water. Drug basics of how those things yeah. Thank you we'll be great publicist. It was deadlocked a big food lots of lots of red wine which is always important as well and just some relaxing. Did you guys really get too relaxed much as you prepare for like on paper drawn you know four and six Miami Dolphins team seems like Honda should be another cake walk in the AFC east but. Imagine you guys lick it and and and see a bigger challenge than most of us. Here we were to move their Booth like future leader chain might coming. Trying to win their division rival. Note. Hopeful and more than a true leader of look Eric. And give us Lou since 2000. As you know certain human. Is apparently. Law that we have other people. Who have the most out of noted that it should and essential for them so. You would go and working hard yesterday. In here a little bit of as guerrilla. Iran what kind of challenge to the dolphins close you guys these games are always tough they're always hired five games. You know we saw Kenny stills of the big play last week what do what do you look at this challenges when you face them. Our. I'd let alone clothed them and they're very character you move on the part of receivers. Marketers can do. Here is tornadoes here there are there as you know. And sure there are clear because the trees from Kirkland used in the phenomenal player another you know to your elbow. He can turn. The vote is included one of those community as our as our new. Being being oh strong receivers. He. You were ordered. Oh. He got hurt is you know other wanna play. We know certain. This often isn't can be. During my unconscionable. Usually burn. There. They're very close to navigation of the great. We're close. Lenovo and they're they're preferable. Good that is whether this is important. What is it like to prepare for a team when they've got three really good wide receivers and instills Adams and my injury but you're not quite sure who might start. At quarterback on Sunday it most likely will be Matt Moore but there is a chance that Jay Cutler could be cleared and play how do you handle that situation. Look good you have heard a little bit more urban as well quoted. Are different. They're called live view of the differently. Leverage and recorded. Sector in this series so close phenomenal you'll learn English hit the ball that and in thinkpad notebook you could have been really do that what America's. Struggle what are America and carbon neutral he will that was due. Oh. Are we want to switch gears a little bit and I you know are her precedent was leading again this morning about the NFL I know. You have been very eloquent in speaking about the kneeling thing in this is an even about that anymore. When he's trying to use football acting something we can agree that is really. Sports unite us and he's trying to use it to divide us how his players do you deal with that. Oh boo opening you can do construction of people who. To put it under their floor you know part of I mean if you go back and forth turner period. Something other than balloon. I don't. A military person must pardon slocum. Ignored because no within a solution is slower and as we're being unified to bring. Everybody in the country together you the truth cheered. Who were working and he can't regardless of this started probably. Sure that it or NFL won't be the and have a look at during his nearly. They've been together in his beard grew positive about our country. Drug even though the attacks haven't obviously been personally directed towards you whether it's our president or anyone else who has expressed. This pleasure with the kneeling in any sort of protest this season or last season. At a personal level what is it like. For you to read things like this and and see the reaction that some people have had to use EUU in guys like. Devin according trying to shed light on and something that's very important to you. I hope more importantly chosen addiction. And you know completely lose I truly. Think. Be at that secretary of chairman of the search are you lord how you treat people argued Buchanan. All you can are reduced to continue to court for the current. Current war pupil or. I know we can come together. The greater order. It was result. Over the well covered her sorority you're. Shouldn't come and go to everybody do you choose the right way everybody can shoot good numbers and have a look at where citizens. I travel Levy on a light notes. If there is one thing you could buy and Black Friday sending that you would stand in line for. What would it be. Obama. I'm really. Large. That and as long as it's yeah. It will probably have to be Lou the commute. Videos. I I believe. That they're really good video. So would be really eager to clear policies. That all occurred about. I thought you might say here click here is to create we thought you might say Brady Jersey. Of our regular voter at a picnic. They get from his locker idol like let's get back to practice to Ron thanks so much for digs it out on top of that quote little girl and her ability ETU. I that was to Ron Hartman his conversation was brought to you by Dartmouth building supplying your local Anderson wondered window to windows dealer and buy them some lines here at that Sam Adams winter lager.