OMF - Dustin Pedroia's injury situation needs to be taken seriously this time around; Sam Kennedy joins the show - 7-12-2018

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Thursday, July 12th
Hour 3. Glenn and Lou wonder why the Red Sox appeared to rush Dustin Pedroia back and how the team must now take their time with his rehab. Red Sox President and CEO Sam Kennedy joins the guys to talk all things baseball. 

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Are you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and 42 to play. Rather watches them patriots came to hundred no question no question as you kinda ride straight starts at eleven strikeouts or more this is a must watch must listen this is better than break your brain washed out and I'm talking and I'm going to be sit down with good beat you with some live tweet and some tweeting last night drunk his can be with Glenn flew in Christian what is fair in what is unfair when it comes to Dave price. Like David Rice made a mistake fourth home run given up behind trying to pick up CEO got. Go home runs broke. Now will be all for David Price. Piling on a price has been excessive don't like it that's better on Sports Radio WEEI. Your whole you know they. Played during parts of view it's. A little. Then I started this program. No that's the society. Definitely tell this deal. You know. And things like that happens setback. I bet your whole. Nolan Christian for he's off for the week that's Dustin Pedroia. And dumped. It into the story's been kind of put in the background mainly because that 165 games. And even know Nunez was a kind of a the Turk retreated to second base there for a while Brock colds and pretty. Dependable whatever the spindle yeah no outcry have only gotten any Pedroia and any dirt they keep on winning these games. But this is got to the point now and they're finally sending him back home I noticed he was at the game last night. In the dugout last night so I guess today he's headed off to Arizona via. Is he gonna play again on. I don't know. What I did find interest things lot of talk you know we talk about them to come back too soon out of liked to have seen him play. Be able to play approve that he could play nine innings back to back. Anyone gimmick if he does that AAA and rehab the U argument day or two and then activate a five. That never got to that point. So if you look at say that they did they don't want the never admit though that bowed back too soon directed to sit there and balances like no no because what he was doing in Florida. He was played to get ready for his rehab start they say it was a high volume to cellular crede came out of that okay right. But what I hear. OK so Pedroia talking about right so apparently yesterday talked about it says Pedroia. And his surgeon at the Red Sox medical staff agree. That is neat must fully heal. Before he returns to the field. That makes sense correct yes OK you were at that that was not the case earlier is due here Pedroia talking about. Talking about this he says so at times as day today at. They. Like. I've played during parts of the field. They thought I can play. During parts of he'll actually pick I could play while I was feeling. And now it seems like it's an admission that that was that was wrong move because Pedroia insurgent read such medical staff all agreed that Disney must fully heal. Before he returns to the field. Why why do we do that the first place. I think it's great fun to have him back July 12 may be on the mat may 25 but get it back in July committed back at the all star break. What and so now he's got to be fully healed before returns if you will backed NFL if you play heal while playing I got strange to me. Yeah I get the feeling listening to Alex core in his interview with the guys in the afternoon yesterday. Did court cut it gives the indication he was gonna combatant this year I didn't get that feeling with Pedroia. He says he's going to play again but he really is not. Giving you that it's going to be this year when they say in court talked about. Getting them out of town right now the Droid a look at it and say you gotta worry about price she got to worry about say you gotta worry about these other guys. I'm wondering if Pedroia is a little pissed here at the that they did push him along a little bit is that a possibility here. And Ricky can't it can't believe it because we know him I mean he's he's set a date Michael quite. A month before it's admits when I remember it came at the may 25 and you talked about in here you know Heathrow remotely when he set a deadline. Nam aerial combat you feel that you fail you know it and that's we've said it before it's well we hate deadlines. So did he say yeah I said may 25 game and come back meet 25. The kit because we know him. Do you really think he was single guys you know what I don't biggest impact in the field yet but not a 100% we think you said screw it let's do this. I'm ready to gulf are what ultimately I don't sales so the whole collective discussion. Of it's good enough let's play. It'll heal a lot like play. This is where you got to grab a kid like that just say no no no no all the stats that say no no no don't know what he'll. The balance always in media week comes back we wanna go full board and we don't we don't want to have to sit him when he comes back he's played. And it just seemed like they got away from that so let's get whatever we cannot of them and we'll settle for a while so be it. And now it's so like now we're not gonna do that now and make sure he's a 100% healthy and he's fully yield before he steps on the field. Personally it's again or not 100% healed. You know as well as a percentage ops and come back with an injury like this. It should make sure is a 100% the combat to try to heal while you play. Can't work that you know you wonder if she'll ever be anywhere close to the player that that we saw in the early part of his career right to sit here and because and rob. Probably was crying this morning as he was talking about this but the what do you say about Dustin Pedroia. She was on track early on rookie year MVP. You could look at him early on in his career and say he's on track for that Cooperstown place right it was bad it was that good. And then the injuries started popping up. Is that most of his problems really come back to the fact that. He just gives a 120%. Every single play every single thing he does and it. He plays at such a a high level in the months and the players should play at a high level but he just took it. That the state of absurdity. The this is the price he's paid yet. It's discussion Leo no Marjorie the same thing as far as first 567 years right now in this discussion of remember it did having trying to have this doctor Carolyn. You don't have to go balls the wall down line every single out back now a Pulitzer law I don't agree with that but you know there's a difference strangle 100% each and every time. And then go and eighty. Just don't don't give me fifty you don't mean that Ron I don't job run but you know gonna go under percent Europe one hopper to short. You know and eat your route a way to run. Not only just curl off going to run but also wall each and every game he always did she was. Economic which is the way he plays the position second place the joy is and they crouching position if there's always that balance you know that bounce on every single pitch I mean. I'll illicit he he played gaming plated a high level I'm just wondering what's it for years left in his field. If you have rightly so if oh her boy maybe I don't as a font look but yeah there's gonna be very difficult I think for him to come back and play at a high. Well apple really release after the M what do you do you have to really start thinking. At that position before actually into this year three more at those 1513. Twelfth. And me about it then that last year olds wrote twelve million bucks that's. The drop in and yeah ideas which you wonder. One if we're gonna see him this year as a senate cut core kind of gave that impression he doesn't give that impression. OC not I would say look from mid August you know he's not a rehab my mid August thinking TV September that you know early mid August. I he's back in Boston a month later he's gonna go to rehab assignment I'm gonna activated September 1 and August Huey get out of them. Did we know defensively still pride Bennett who got up and we'll show you feel. But earlier on in the season if it happened early in the season like this from let's say it was continuing over from last year. You can do some of that how do you do it late in the season if he can't go look into it every day you can't if you don't feel. That he's dependable to the point where you can put him out there every single day. As you're fighting to win the division you're fighting to get play opposition and then into the playoff hunt that's typical one quarter. Stuff for him doing. I coming up next we'll give away a pair of Red Sox tickets and Kennedy will join as we all want to get to it and all that more radio annoy enough. Didn't show. Am I WEEI. I bet there. In math. I know Christian this week he's off on on vacation trip Lou and I don't think it's days swells so. Through efforts again at some time off with my tail off yeah I was on vacation written to sit here and in what the president of the Boston Red Sox joins us live right now Sam how are you. Out to a great. Doing good hey Ed we're trying to debate as to these games actually count these wins because we're trying to figure this out. They'll. Was there are there all Major League gave it all counts. Yeah those who can't understand the American League you every single and it's gonna matter as we go down the road here to where our children pejorative. It'll give me don't ever had done at a busy busy yeah. With people on Twitter that people around here say everything counts ya wanna know facilities in TDs home run doesn't count against Baltimore they all count. And on and it's not easy need these wins to get first place he'll play and it's stupid one game while cart path. Yeah we had not a place we want Libya I think we're realistic. A 112. Point paid is probably the not totally. We'll keep technology is just huge credit to. Al Gore. They can browse he would. Team they mr. I have a great job of young city team out there and pregnant and that kind altitude is remarkable and we're really trying to. Talked a lot about the popularity of the team popularity of the game going back and forth you sub Shaughnessy piece the other day about it. And you and I have talked about this before about milky bats and one will keep pets is not a bigger celebrity install our. In this town that was an interesting thing these guys did the other night with NASA and obviously you would doing it to try to promote people to vote. For independent candy for the yeah for the final all star picked. And Rocco was on the air and suddenly we're seeing another side. Of players so whatever. Why is it an elephant this conversation in the past Sam players sometimes do not like. To do a lot of these interviews. Why is it that the Red Sox understanding now that they need more marketing of their players we need to see what their players are public needs to at. Find out more about the individual. Why aren't they more accessible why wouldn't you put players on. A picture does not pitching on obtain broadcast at night on NASA. Well we wish I agree with you it is the market really. Would break pakistanis and then want to get these guys. Even more than they partied too we. You're here so every year you get different personalities. Different types of guys who maybe more outgoing or more. Interest. Promotion outside of that on the heels play so yeah different personalities. In the neck with this particular group and logos from. Can't around him a little bit interacting with guys from the club about this inquiry who guys who are all in the together and they are very good flight there are focused on. Wins and losses like it and it. Read group of guys you guys Jackie's standard Mulcahy. Andy Brock awful and so we are doing. Well we can't get them out there either Kerrey engaged in social media attention now. Definitely. A different generation that's. 04 and also evident in 2013. With social media wasn't as prevalent I can only imagine another social media posts that we can't. From some of the clubs that we get here. But. If so that we really want us to more and any case and I think he can do our reports and there are predictions and argue that. Tablet to beat her source story line that you need to have it in the personality that he. Played out over the course of the year and let players themselves. This bit of camaraderie here on this group that is actual I think that's gonna continue to come out as the season goes on. You know I think about those of indignity to talk about I think Beck the only idiots right so what it was all 407. Now picked it up guys every night lately I wanna do you know Malawi probably never really get that had set off of them right so but at what I'm wondering is has. Has the message changed from the organization saying spring training we'll talk to these players and how to deal with the media does it create. A defensive. Atmosphere. When these guys address that you don't see a personality she's somebody ready to almost not fight the B defensive. I don't think it's that the message he. Certainly hasn't change we strongly. Merger. It interactive. Media all season long and the acceptable I just think it personalities and the time management change. Year and year out just some guys who're. More culpable doing it and others at that that definitely changes he's he's I'd like to think that this issue. Group of guys. Lot of fun together a long time. To the minor relief to know each other really well particularly close. It is day of creole so he atmosphere down there that clubhouse they have each other that. I don't maybe a little hesitant to sort of put yourself out there. The entire team I don't know that for sure. But I I had that a little bit just give them how tight group it is counteract clubhouse and Al scores. A fantastic job of you can believe that could be a spokesperson for her for this group doesn't roll yeah he's he's great. Great job. Sure I don't think it's part of the nature of the game and that probably goes back years ago in that. You know you hit a home run and and people say I act like you've been there before. And I don't think fans today wanna see that I think they wanna see the celebration I think they wanna see that of employer does something well. And it's a freak at home game I want to see monkey that's going around was based that's what the book the films that. I just think that's the nature of what's going on today I think the NBA dean's without the NBA has become. You know very body language thing you know they really show that this is enjoyable we're doing great things. I don't get the feeling that baseball is almost like two businesslike. Yeah I think it's also a different product you have to think about those two wave. Laid out you've got six months to 162. Game 185. Days and whatever is. It's it's incredible. You hear about and call and talk radio hosts out but it got in you know pace ultimately these the other words and it's and see you can come back and you look at data. You do you recognize that the Red Sox over a six month period are drawing about two point 82 point nine million cans and if you. Ad out all of the other. Attendance over the course of the year it's less than two million including the patriots Celtics brought revolutions so. We have a team. Of inventory if you will came to if it is. Lawn happier long undertaking. And are mandated by and I think TP when you see a guy doing real emotion. Gone in a special moment that he Chris Sale. Last IE you know the EU is one of those things where he. I can think straight out there I turned a double play at you know a reference to it but it's. Just can't product and the NBA in the NFL and in and hockey for that matter so. We're very comfortable with where we are to recognize of course any port any industry. You have to look at rules changes. Current product and is irrelevant and basically they call it certainly doing. We are. Perhaps we're in the typical bottle here in New England because our stance toward our interest in the team this year. The data shows. Is that extraordinary and we're very very grateful for this is that. The best baseball market country Red Sox fans have been there for all season long through. Our first aid type games and we think will be without is as we go to distraction. Movement in pointing that out with some regularity over the last couple days. I don't hear in their retarded so little facts did get their way there arguing with Finley and the ratings that the far right out there are 36% in Maine demo 18% in the young kids so. Obviously people are watching the young people are watching I get it you know but I the one question I had about with view is. You're you're unit had sales of the market this club you want people let this club commode supported. Do you sometimes shake your head when you hear or see comments from David Price. No I. Typical or is he you know so some are too. Outside fully and I think in you know you're an empire and where. You can't. You have to the accessible accountable if you park the person myself included issues. And we paid the price we. We don't competitor is you know talent he has sweet CNET. And Barack go very far without so obviously huge part of this team. And then we. Fordham what their forehand. And I think what he's trying to do is is focused attention on the team. And I don't know if again. Strong winning the it doesn't always lend itself to great fodder for her talk radio or newspaper columnist. Because that didn't the radio business. Tell. Us now on the radio. Not a hundred Greek story lines where controversy year. Discussed under debate went went to tackle well so we recognize. That in China. Goldwater did. Here in ticket prices and. Are you got our business down pat the right and we do and the negativity does have a tendency to to sell even though. We do much better when the readings of the team are doing much better I will give you that the content itself. Is a lot easier when the team is is negative and so from that standpoint understanding how we operate. Has anybody been able to get to David Price to get an honest and I look at that Shaughnessy interview he gets stamped. And China she asked from the question it seems like you heated here. Do you hate Boston his answer is I've never said of hated Boston. Our had a problem with the fans they turns and on the media and trends and on Shaughnessy which is fun because you know the fans can't stand shots you get that. That's a perception that report on me screw you guys in the media that's what that is it was a golden opportunity. For him to sit there even if you want to admit that maybe he's not pitching up to his own standards. I love the town of the city and other you know you can't give a lifelong resident where you left this for awhile on the came back but did you understand that the city is like. Are you guys spending time with him sit near even if it's a bunch of BS and David they've just column you'll love the city. Are you working on trying to clean that up at all. You have David great relationship with front office and the achievement and he. It is for himself and performed for itself and so are alleviated that because there's there's there's no I'd tender tribute to try. Apple player who were here I can as CEO at this time. Sure that your organization has all the resources that they need that's taken route scheme run in the baseball. Side of things whether that John ethical rule the road operations try to change helped Cora. And it's in the club on the field I feel accountable to all 330 people that work here and how wanna be here to support. I'm telling you. You to pay the price is okay. Huge part of our organization. We're supportive of him we have his back. And and it's important that we continue to do that as we move forward and you know in terms. Article by DH honestly there or anybody else I also. Had. And what you're going to drive eyeballs and listener shift course and we try to create story lines it's like Italy that respect that. But I'm gonna focus. I'll make sure that this organization has everything may be. You know successful possible because I wanna go out we wanna win four World Series here we are incredibly. Focused on that Jon had any pop Warner intercept. Your ownership are as focused. Ever I'm pretty another World Series championship home that goal that sent. And that's that's my. A severe right on both accounts one you do need David Price due to win this thing and and the second thing is that you probably gain nothing by taking any shots and a the only question I was asking about that is you wanna stay in the market exceptionally well you also know it's much different than San Diego where you'd -- and you know it's different in Tampa and whether you were articulating that. So the players who might be going through a period right now where there is some friction out there were things are not going well with the game and he's getting some heat he doesn't pitch well tonight. He's in L scores up there on the third or fourth inning of that pull him out today. You know what the crowd reactions going today. Ahead in the desperate baseball play because we've got their hands on the most media attention and coverage and we don't know won't sign up for it and and that we embrace and we do our best is to support players everywhere iPods. Sid the deadline is now into the month we talked to gave few weeks back in Sydney obviously they're out there's looking right now to improve the club these would you be willing to. Although you know respectable at the threshold we will put. They'd be willing to and I'm just curious he York. Your role of it was may yet be an every day would be gap when we got the admit any input because I'm curious is it. You do you get involved in any that is if financial side with a ownership is it is it dealing with the system Miley sister who given up that stuff what will be your role. Yeah well the great thing. About working with. Forty year general manager. President of baseball operations. Kelly gave to Brodsky. Is he's one of the best communicators. That I'll work is that. So you know word daily communication and not several types of days regarding. What's going on and not only anfield. What can troubles off the field we. Couple hundred feet maybe less from each other so we're we're constantly. Talking and texting and and they gave that game for so long as the article reads. About his work ethic can helped police force. He is and it's it's all true so yeah he he and keep it and he keeps me and pajamas compost it. Two litre. Throughout each and every day in terms of things that are developing and moving and Bible Aniston Aniston well overall budget that he. They sure today he's got the resources they actually to get doubled we we wanna get done and he's allowed to partner. Now once again have. Committed. Certain resources to us to do what what we think is best for the content need to eat him beyond. And so there's there's you know you look at agree he and a 549. And we're looking at very critically saying how can we improve how we get better. And so. Case I have those conversations. Obviously you one that evaluates judges the player personnel side of it but given the implications for the overall France that on the vault them way and it's great work. Each year in the loop and it's just us talking I was listening it's a Brit. A. Well I think he you know and look at the this successes that we. In the post season here. You it took you out of that 25. He you know doing a spectacular community gets into the post season or actually in the postseason. I play you know he's he's been relatively smaller moves can be huge hit tactful. But what else is that we. We focus a lot around here are seventy years this is pitching and pitching in particular especially when you get the postseason and so I would. Pride as he being slow work some magic on that front. That last year. He may do it again we'll see if it's uninteresting market because a lot of trade talks started earlier this year stupid that practice definitely. Need to have party you identified themselves as sellers so you could see things happen little bit earlier perhaps this year it's hard to. A we need a big deal for our own selfish purposes or candidate. Demos good talking about are gonna want. Feel ashamed Kennedy president of the Red Sox brought you by town fair tire Cumberland forms. The official coffee of the Red Sox radio network will give away pertinent since the Red Sox coming up next. Keep up with the show on Twitter. Oh man on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Let's get you back to morals or wait for a low in 48 right now plus Sports Radio WEE. All little distracting her Buffalo Wild Wings street the boys today from lines I was it. But he guts and hustle and there are delicious. CNET in term producer and they bring free meals what I am gay and make it happen who has can thank me later you'll thank you agree people awful walling right now. By the way for a six over his intern producer OK he's been on what three days some vacation next week. Artwork is a nation of the biggest and I thought I had a lot of the whole legal analyst vacation with this heartland are up. So at least it would that be seen on I was gonna but not don't want don't want to show these guys that work Columbia law is now it's in on the occasions although the war happening with you guys last year and a half about it I was old enough and they are the picture. Are you reviewing the original usually that you plan on the coattails of follow up she looked just gave you some real good. Fatherly advice that's a man George Bush right you just gave it to you and you just read over the head you'll more interest did. It and say we're but the last year and have you guys been recognized he did a great advice I would skip the vacation actually I would be any you do when did you. That's Kelly sic me you know Leahy utility guy look at the play that much somebody goes down it's a lot of the magical you know a little banged up a few coated. But really give you chance to play our rights. And it's arrest them in the last few games would really heart Cleveland bench can precincts. What do you. Dublin actually now you don't now so right back on you've got a great and I got to not think why am I I. Usually serves a stake each in England just that's. But you just took over new show you stated this is the stuff to do you know but you stay here. And you still pass on I'm coming in and and work doing the show knowing that. This can be the golden opportunity for. Who's gonna have shown actually so I think we have some amalgamation. And ends with you right away I was going to be great Lucy Damon isn't there. Trust me in and will bust his balls next week that he will take over your job that still. Right here you want an analyst with them sure Graham Lucy and Alex. Oh Alec yeah sure. So yes sounds like another awesome autumn on occasion. They total up making it an out of body near perfect worked for you like a mini golf and on Tuesday. Answer me that it will be added to the oval June yet. Mini golf on Tuesday when male action over the gut a defective phone calls here I yours Ralph in New Jersey hello Ralph. Hey son Luke thanks to Michael shear. One won't touch on the doctrine which I think you know. OK I think that the reps are we need to wait and it's a good idea that he's having errors I'll look. Because we don't want a question back as we rushed them backs. May 26. His first game back. In these terrible yet 91 batting average. That is gonna get back into a rhythm of it right economic Altman back even then in late August because. You wanna play him every single they warn you you're gonna sit somebody down and you're gonna get a lot of the good the timing and rhythm. He can't play every day I don't believe he can play every day that's why I questioned whether he's gonna come back this year. Yeah we really don't you are right now could honor roll he's obviously an asset offensively. But. Let them get addressed and we can only bring him back when he is ready leader in the east and could arm and learning. As. It for the playoffs. That you want. Older guy who can carry yet don't let veterans prior presidents. They're told the growth. I have always gets deeper yeah Democrat I look alike hold my hero whose libertarian. That's left it doesn't look at opposite literally gets over him. Beautiful if I'm Ralph thank you but don't go initiated and we have an Angel will like MLB does in nasal when they're voting for the well to do that illegal I wonder cigar only lost one vote. Cool. Cool well what animated and it's because. But we assembled the stick so you don't stand right so adamant that he's not he's not vote for and vote for you vote for Spain and now. We're going carriage. A bottling refunding yeah there's variances in we're talking about this earlier this was really a squirrel moment we all under earlier in the hour. We were talking about of the parties. That Cowherd was giving. To a Magic Johnson what a great job seekers recruiter and apparently in the game today and we put together this lakers team you think he's done so far. Is he's convinced LeBron to go there but I don't think he had to convince LeBron. Everything you you read these days from the Asia and others. So should you bra category from the get go terrific and it hasn't been able to get Paul George Wear them. And you said the answer why wouldn't Paul George wanna go play with abroad he hasn't been able to work out quite Leonard deal to this data doesn't get anybody else out there. And sell Jerry West in this peace that the Jack McCallum does. I'm Jerry West all due refuses quote open respectable lakers who handled everything well. But as these things go LeBron was not 812 free agent signing. The brawn wanted to come to LA he wanted to come to the lakers period. He is a family he's thinking about he has a hole actually true homes here. He has a solid thirteen year old Ronnie junior. We wants to keep in one school on Los Angeles he will be a celebrity out here sure but it's a place where once a little while. He can't get lost by himself you can't do that everywhere I agree it goes back to the hole. LA welcoming its stars illegal their height asks what he's actually right. He's usually in the praise and a great recruiter match John if you superstar wants the company city. How hard is that. Easy in India in Corsica okay. But he Kevin Durant was tough so typical state. Law committed in a champ Michael Vick can come true are not actually. DeMarcus Cousins he called them yet in the NBA it's. It to be great recruiter he's got to hope that it I want to come to your city for some reason what effect if all were hearing about. That LeBron is not even looking at this as the ideal spot to win that he's already identified as not that wind here and who knows if he wins in two or three or four years. That it's much different. When he's going to Miami he was going specifically because I don't wanna go my entire career beat Charles Barkley and never won a championship he wanted to which can be attributed. They went back to Cleveland because it was going back home and he knew he could go back home and give Cleveland something that they've never had that's a championship. Now. It's family. It's business he's already now producing like three or four. Of these TV show is producing he's a big producer right now for CNBC. Shows on business. He's still he's doing shows on business where he goes out. And they lend people money. To go and start start businesses to grow businesses. He's doing at that apparently more of these movies that he's involved in right now hours of so he broadening out his career. That's the only issue you have with Calgary. That's what Karrie wants that. He wants to be more than just a great basketball player he wants to be the multifaceted guy. They can do all of these different things to be to the local Red Sox up there yes sir rough out devers and attended Yale. A left shoulder. Inflammation. Her shoulder like before five games ago remembers black hole home funny animal play. Yeah seriously in a home maybe that's probably what was has been banged up Cory gets justice has been banged up lately so it Lin's been recalled from AAA. I don't know how you know. How serious this thing is there's ups does right shoulder has thrown children as does Rachel it's just keep his left hand hitter is a front shoulders to support his hands. Both the back shoulder hitting it the other shoulder fielding so pleased to calm down situation and be honest with the utes. Are retroactive erect records you don't think yesterday. So it's you know but. On a bad thing. The CI along itself because I don't mind if this kid a little bit of vote little two week breather going the all star break and give them fresh again. So long grind his first few do you think it makes it a lot easier we are talking about sale and where you pitch him does that now make it a little bit easier if you go into this all star break and maintain industry and Afghan cushion Christians face time here. He's one facetime and he's on vacation. We're busting his balls by by not only he's first thing in the morning. Wise you always have to hope it. That's a black youth based on radar just go sit by the pool which you probably don't want to for the shark and your vacation relax it. Like I did there were like afterward. And based on the settlement with the hoses. My newly Ramiro. I swear to god I've heard from or more on vacation that I do when he's actually hear what are absolutely. It's an unbelievable talent and Hanley. See you should probably. Lots isn't mine perish in the box is not mine okay tell the cops the block is not my annoyed about that clock. All right you flawed guy is on me and Chris are you yeah. Yeah a little bit box I'll what's in the box. It's in the box. I would take it right within another hour ago check and see what 41.