OMF - Eight year old football team kneels for National Anthem, is eight too young? 9-20-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, September 20th

A youth football team grabbed headlines as the coach and entire team knelt for the National Anthem. The guys discuss the story as well as how the coach and the parents factor into everything.


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On you ready. These Fort Wayne. And Tony and forty and I know what they'll do bullpen pretty good have been able to knock that fits well man the most here I'm yeah its. I think Obama go. Out. That was entirely inappropriate now the other winners force a deal for a black and him battling all I don't like baseball or hockey unfavorable. With Lou and Lou and Christian they were reading between the lines are Scopes and that is he this is what this mean I think bigotry is that things solves all used to believe. Not sure that you're always on average and look at leader will now on Sports Radio WEEI. If I was involved in sports the way I am I don't think don't sit there and plopped myself on the couch and watch. The red zone all day I'll watch my team Alan dumped it they've undergone I didn't wanna go to test in our candidates I charge you a lot more for a it's about fantasies of anticipation the receivers run goal from the what you expected. What where where were who has struggled with a heat we're trying to do animals right now friends and family proud OK are we as a political problem because generally you wanna go home because I know Lou you've got very leverages. We're trying to deal with the issues we're real world real proud of that issue and all of you every car ball. I shouted out of the not a technical issues and look what happened in the middle of a conversation and a villainous even rock and one's in Iraq to try to feel the phone you are having it comes in line now with her decline now when he's doing he's involved. I'll it was all right it's all the stuff I'll try. Talking all my head I know who likes they have they lose to lose I know that analysts polo blue hello little stocks you buy. If anybody's critical of you for bringing them stuff that goes wrong one year on year. I think. There it's the students and bring it costs just tell us that. He's that we got problems coupled markets and new. I gonna have to interrupt you just go to. If so this. The fix this guy is just. It's a nice night when their baseball games on and nobody's in the studio while they they command while war on the air this isn't like. It's all. To answer why why do you take Steven in the middle Lucent it's thank you. I I told you when you're here I'm one is Patrick rock. I didn't think we need to block right now this guy's electric heat radio gold he told us that you will have yet to take it right now I gave him the option vacation like why screens that right now we have steep rock and final were nowhere did I say hey I don't care what Hussein right now united deep in the rocketed on the area right now. Now trust isn't marked only stop in and you would lose that he said that and Gibson says. And I. We you know a little confusion in the studio and yet somebody here that take. And influence Obama loses senator Alice zydeco hasn't gone or units and I'll bitch about look what I've done please email me aren't you know. I'm on you know what I do play similarly don't you. It volume at no invented down pat yeah alternate word invented at the naval. You and Mike analysts were there as you get trying to deal he tried to him angry lose that might Ariza goes or what they don't draw card is the moon greens as all hell broke to a business and this thing we realized. I can we move on to remove SE OK a move that nothing unhappiness lawyer football are you going anyway we're only on people speak and wants. I do you do and it's very obnoxious odd because he doesn't all while I have I've disease you know publicity you would reach of our view I think of that says that that's a really bad thing to say to somebody who has of their would you should you should be. You should instantly you know hole like water torture all that stuff that they do to a terrorist to get information out of them will be you should be the guy. I forget about L waterboarding you know pictures or wait. Just talk about him going and as soon as they say something and they're about to give you the answer he keep talking over the. And Christian was it like two seconds ago this is you mocking him. And he just wanted to get his public while they fix the stuff that night let's advertising had to get it in and that another person nation of. And I think she thinks that you think it quickly fixed up. With that sounds nice night when there's been oh yeah. I don't hunt times are you gonna happen shall bet on our would you want it was wonderful. Is that why you vulnerable when you sell the features that don't we look at the did the principle that. They are going to be pretty good. The classic that's good president I can help my country. And that and that would work instead of waterboarding. On this Easter society and so are you blocking the dogs they're my little eyes flickering on our hallway and that in whatever you know and I hope this guy's outs isolated act I really didn't do liberal I. Judy wade you guys heard about this eight year old age and under football team. That is decided to to follow. The active of calacanis. That's the influence of parents because there is an eight year old kid that has any clue why he is kneeling during the anthem that it's every single parent. Telling your kid to do so some believe right and eight year old don't listen this. What do you see an issue with an eight year old tackle football player nearly during our country's National Anthem and happened yesterday with the team from the hope Kia. I caught up with the coach to find out the story that's a story on new for you tonight by. All 25 if you go Hokies quarterback club football members to give you during the playing of the bashing under. It happened in Belleville little levels field go to Orlando Gooden and upload interview with me today to explain why. One K and you are seeing around. It is our understanding. And I I say hit assassinated during don't want it gone. Coach does is player responded because black people are getting killed and nobody's going to jail. Let it teasing each. Certain today. And I have an. Gooden who played football the zoo says the kids knew about the Jason starkly not guilty decision so we spoke to them about that and other situations and our country. Did he explained why former NFL quarterback Colin capital started immediately Ternium them. Text. That we can do. It lowers costs oh what was it. When the at the start of the co Q third graders immediately took it anywhere they were stating their backs were away from the flag but not on purpose according to good. That's is that Pakistan. As parents it's got its coach holder it's it's it's got all the parents agree. Every single parent agrees with this I don't care what the coach says that my kids on that team we have a different discussion those coach since it would Allen wants you we haven't had a parent discussion my son's seven years old B eight a month. He plays flag football season the score if he kneels they're National Anthem. It's not only because the coach tells him to. And because the father does. And the coach and influence of but the everyone's on board. Because there you're the co calls this a conversation you have with the parents before you do vote OK here's I'm thinking about you'll wanna keep everybody informed. It may be a little touchy subject or some but I'm I'm I'm throwing out because this is what I would like to do the players brought to my attention. Kazaa a view. And I heard about this and this happened with out my and without my knowledge of it without my OK okay for my seven or eight year old. Don't we we have. Issues yeah. According according to the pitchers to the same thing according to the coach all the parents on the team supported. His decision. To take him in the northern and he said he's covered under the First Amendment here to peacefully protest and assemble. Some bad press. That's what does it. Really all the parents it does seem that the main key in this is our is the parents parents the parents agree to it. And and there are obviously you know filed with the coaches description of it and his his message and are on board. Now Zidane beta worst school president probably white team it is a mixed team as me. A quote from Africa the African American. He coaches black it's hard to tell with the players to execute well on this Red Sox front office picture. If they have helmets on target to that's you to continue kind of gasoline listeners there's reasons why he got looming but I'm just like there's music there's there's valid reasons why Belleville normally bush doing that if they wanna do it okay fine people doing professional level Goldman of doing it again. But there's also the flip side. So maybe one of what if one of the parents is like a bat. It was just like my son will never disrespect the flag and that's what you do you know being so that wouldn't happen correct so it's just the okay that it's apparent thing parents allowing that to happen because there's some parents out there might sit there and look at it as. Offensive fear of the American flag and I and so we all Null what both sides are all this are all about but that doesn't get done. Almost a pair to rumble this is all orchestrated because I could understand it if he had one or two kids is let's face it kids kind of they follow what approached him OK they day. They if a pro does something in the celebration in the end zone you see kids don't get the next Saturday and being weak game right from a pop Warner game that's which you say. In this case I can understand of war two kids were doing it. But the entire team. That that means it's all orchestrated by the coach and probably yes by the parents of the coaches told us the truth that the parents all one along with that we get a lot of heat though. Right now on FaceBook and apparently the coach's wife. A post a FaceBook post by the coach's wife was meant. Was some backlash that is a lot to keep going on right now it's become again it's gonna become a big huge. National historic but let's just the front migrated in the middle of that with just quick demographic it's 60% African or African American 40% white now. But you can't tell what did what the kids. I'm just by the population but I I it's about the team. That's the developed called village since that as of 2000 that was the census there. Yet it I think that's totally irrelevant since were I don't think I don't I don't think there's and I don't think there's even a story here. There's a story line is we want because it's it's the parents. To me it would have been another occasion saying it's the parents we haven't heard from all the carriage. Who's right there might be apparent who stands up and that led him you know and we have somebody in our family that's in the military and and and I don't like that we haven't heard any of that yet I think that's why. This story is going viral right now and will be a big deal the problem I have with it is. You you're dealing with eight and under these kids do not know what they're standing for coach can sit there and say all he wants this is the coach is positioned. That's what he's doing he's. Get it with any bitterness eight of its players big kids came to him on the you know what. A night and I think that's that that's true no because we've got we've sought out cases like this that not involving eighteen but kids in school. Kids in school where all or are teachers telling this doing something about it student going back to the parent apparently pissed about it teacher ounces of how many hair features before that and their. And we are issued when you're fifteen when he sixteen and fourteen year old line you see in things you read things at 78 years old. When a kid goes and says this is this is why we're doing it because black kids get killed those joining about it. Did he looked at up online. At seven. You you ain't so you're saying that he could it not possible so maybe there may be but I would say I want to raise any homeless Mason. Mason's aides that if you don't know about those that are going to be eight. Antonio Cromartie or her hair is coming your dad yeah. Oh my Jonny Gomes and I was. Eight the debate among tired seven days and agent has gotten a point where he's he's a he he has access to all this information he's watching GB he's he's obsessed with old Beckham junior he's into the arts and that. It's so easy for these kids did to get an idea all they gave. Is the one snippet that we get on a ESPN or CBS or whatever it is. Now it is that that sound byte doesn't tell the whole story that's all they hear well are all about computers and yet because or are being oppressed. And I like old open computer so you got an article fallen. And Eddie what's oppressed. Well retirees on. Package didn't killed and don't do anything about. Hussein eventually I think it's. It's parents and Beverly majority election regardless of where does lead to ten year old Stockton but the difference between tropic Clinton and Mike this is just the me version at a small little version of their parents. Neither one bullpen held it. Pocket that's when I got an arousal and like I feel like yes it is the parents were also. Wrinkling your kids a little bit older and ready earned her second lap now you know they get more information at a younger age your first city kids. Yeah it eight years old okay but big loser or didn't I just let a good oxygen and as well he had an iPhone. They have an iPad yet an Xbox got everything he's got the remote control car you tell me they don't consume more information. Now than they did some war but there and they are not and that would also say that they're getting that information. Yes but it H eight they are unable to process all of that I agree that they're unable to process and they don't know what went on. In in Saint Louis they they don't these kids don't the coaches sitting there pretty much. Telling them he's giving them. His position out of we don't know the parents may be going along with us in the parents may be say the exact same thing but I think it age eight. Arm for the kids to go to the neat turn their back by the way on the flag. I'm not sure that's the right thing at age eight could but I don't think it's right this is this is probably this is that this is the coach immediate parents. Really. They're the ones that don't and it's not it really know pathetic. A year ago from. Can you got that's I don't know on a short get a pinnacle of all over again. We are now done on originally pneumonia go to phone a can let's get its imagery can hi Tim. Doing guide him. Our. Art. All of the countries that out if you got. All of the country their coaches would you're out late. And start with prayers are out an album convert conversed with apparent heart is basically that. We accept that our father our throat quiet church on the way to lock up wonderful. I'm sure the parent involved as the fact you. No doubt caught up. On the outside through he sounded he has. If you call out what the merits and look on a conversation. They're young children protected particularly. In knows how about what's going on. You guys are misinformed. That little 78 year old are hearing about these issues. Where where his form that we all agree that it came from the parents to Ross that's that's the point here. That's exactly what we're saying. Coach K are you. It's society today as they pertain to the African American director of the man. And what it was poorly. Absolute. So about the outcome and that's it probably know quite a bit about whose parents. Threw it exactly work out that American and I we're both Evan and well black and and the coaches that it's us against that console and that is no different from the pop Warner if you're gonna go off again today in the coaches can make them. And they're not happening and they're not talk to the current person and that equipment. I don't know how much of that out. How much of that goes on these days because there are a lot of parents are guaranteed that's okay Jose Padilla asked crap load apparent protest and after the prayer before game capsule but it it's just right you can even go appearance that account team put a Christmas tree and a senator brown anymore. You know remain he can't do those usually geez clueless it's cool how you can't have a Christmas tree in school so. You're telling me that if somebody won a prayer before. And I have a prayer before pop one of the people would complain to holiday tree load any holiday tree 6177797937. Right back to the phone calls or no that. Nothing stops rumor loaning you come out of Cooperstown then you like you know what. Full comic Jim hall of Famer well meaning the FCC. And I are very happy that its board wait 48 and moved. And our loan on Sports Radio WEEI. And that was talking about me on a football team of aides and under that's eight years of age and under in the old bill. Illinois. That all took a knee during the National Anthem ahead of their Sunday game they turned their back. So the fly again their coach apparently was the one that and orchestrated the whole thing he claims that the parents were all in on it as well. And though that's what we're talking about right now back to the phone calls we go here's Shannon Cochran icing. They haven't known as the so the parents are all in on that in the future. Why do it then what the problem I think it's a great. Civics lesson that they get the better kindergarten they've been told they have to stand for that you know let's Allegiant and let allegiance to a flag. He did know why did okay on to say do. My problem with that is the fair the parents are using their eight year old kids as political ponds and they don't know what the hell they're doing the family's attorney used their kids to get the political message out there. OPEC all what's the difference between that and the school system than and the government using to get the pledge allegiance to a flag I have no idea whether pledging allegiance to that. Rich Internet to question our. Okay and and that's fine if not eat do you know that conversations being had able questioning authority years that we're doing. It does admit I'm a you'll probably I do. I got a battle for balance I know I see I think his that is. It's some bit that goes into a whole another discussion about how you raise your kid is spanking OK you know would you put him that whole thing ignored the question how you raise your kids. So it's at birth of their own personal coach had nothing to do with the scissors in his place. But it the parents are in on it there's really just have to step away and be like Nelson. It's not your issue anymore. All the parents are in and or are on the same page and they're on board with the coach's message then you you really have no business. Having an opinion considered kids and that's what they wanted to do. I don't believe a coach from the coaches this was the kids don't. He's claiming it's the kids still he said that my kids brought it to his attention grace of and a decision be it the kid came up to him and said you know. You know they were talking about what was going on in in saint Louis the coach should do you know why they're doing it indicates that because black people are getting killed. And nobody is going to jail. Let's kind of vote on broad answer yes and brought fans that's what I thought he gets her parents say yes. And and again it doesn't sound to me like the coach. Was going to try to be more specific. About it he was gonna let it go. But I'm not sure I'd buy that the kids wanted to do this I think to coach. And and made it apparent to an extent orchestrated it this is Jonathan brought the next step here and OM FA Jonathan. In the morning Tibet to I don't good. Eight at this list and American men though I'll let. Aren't married a little bit harder to achieve that's what about Lou respectively. It to me the lightest touch home court archived it at American kid became it became like in recent lack of electric and. I. Don't have a license to kill them. Literally he's not it would uncertain said it'd have a license to kill the police officer has elected to kill your kid. Yes and I'll bet that they are all right into a foregone the subject was able to an incompetent and aren't you did the opinion walker Scott key in. I'll go away for life are. Reachable goal insulin do you think do you think all cops if you gonna give me a percentage what percentage of cops are dirty. Just dirty cops. As tedious as bad cops are not it doesn't matter how it does the does it matter if it's already it what it. OK but the slowed it doesn't matter the last one is too many. But OK you are real okay so he doesn't have an opportunity to grow up as a child. Right now is an eight year old seven year old kid has got to be afraid to come. Mitigate it will give it to connect directly. To an apartment or dark. I woke up children are fragmented and that that is that is not the whole story. Now indeed they actually what. Can create a top rules look shoots and let people. How do you avoid the fake gun at a cop to implement this Hillary could tell a guy that was not part. Want to party with only alone at least the LeBron. I'm on Tom's excellent. It would Larry say about it. If John I think it. It's nothing can ask you this question I don't know how old you kids are do you teach your kids in and tell your kids that police officers who committed to the community. Many of them court trying to protect people in your community. Do you tell them that they have a licensed to manage issue chip is that would you tell a. What a BP in Iraq without China on Iran. Within the Republic of China on on the court and the annual record in that manner and you become a bloody camera. I mean it would let artwork it you won't admit it you can't look at the little more conviction. OK so it's like you don't tell you don't tell your kid to point what is likely to eight point nonfiction threats that are you a toys and a false fact. It doesn't mean that I had that they should be arresting more people because the body cameras are on me whether David and they were right. All let our government at that time I was once they see I never thought I was gonna as the only means on the panel and you're at currently we were there. Probably my fault I should accommodate you patent it I get little adapter. A bit how you want me to. Michael asked awesome hopefully Michael does the crops you know you should tell your kid cop comes up you don't he asks that's what I tell my kids. That should tell educated. Don't you tell your kid that Johnson's you're you sound like you Hillary recorded opportunities and we're like a life that's that seem like the first thing you said. I think that's a little strange I gotta tell you act like really. And how your your wife and that's why stop your plight is probably different than mine I'm not debating that or arguing that point but I think if we start teaching kids. At age eight that cops are evil. Many of these cops is Christians that are coming into very difficult neighborhoods communities. Where they're all sorts of of crime. Drug issues that tried to protect the people who live in the community inflict teaching them that at a young age to the point where they're turning their back on the flag right now in the approach of state. We really gating here. I wouldn't give it barely wanted to. Let you look at the cult on the call went out. And waved me in bite you when they will Akbar or I'll welcome. And I went to prep I can actually connect crate and caught in a party out in my life I've net and can't talk can't eat it at who can cost eight. Streaming at music you know what happened not the government. And it should let them as people have let it had a legend about what happened in the gun all they care about less. Now that's not necessarily happen halftime on campus. On campus now that they deal would drunk college kids all the time we talk here growth and business yeah somewhere. That's a different Africans corporate environment. I think the campus of our I didn't campus is different because usually campus police these are all want it hit us Intel. I think these guys as is up like UNH right in middle of its share of K and bunch of kids will get away. What concerns me the most and this is where we we get lost and that's why. We have to find a way of getting more dialogue it's great to have you don't PSAs about stuff and everything else but him. And lest we start having dialogue like I kind of understand what is position but he obviously is translating. That. On to his hit how we solve the problem if he can't hit age eight. Is is talk. But the police are bad they're evil and all you mean nick you need to make sure you report everyday because after the fact we're gonna be able again. And you're not looking at that police officer is somebody who's coming in and trying to calm down a situation. In some very difficult. Maybe regulate those or we got a problem tells the story. Just like Michael Bennett told the story I was CBS this morning like that. And he tells the story and he leaves out some of the most important facts of the story. To create edit and narrative that isn't true right so what the Hancock yes yes he was that public and it. But you're leaving the fact that he ran for the problems I would just didn't pay part of the story. No no no I was bottomed out of the Scottish shot dead while. The Michael Brown situation you know people were shocked when they finally got the the evidence on that forensic evidence or whatever people didn't want to believe it. And these certain in many cases the caps are going to be very difficult neighborhoods and they are going into those neighborhoods to our people. Who happen to be African American OK is this all sorts of crimes like this crime as well in a lot of these white neighborhoods pick part of that is economic. It really it's basically it's all that's what it's based I sex once 777937. Right you know enough. Christian rants about them pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return to more of or way Maloney and Fauria fox Sports Radio WEEI. All 25 if you go Hokies quarterback club football members to get me during the playing of the National Anthem coach says his player responded. Because black people are getting killed and nobody's going to jail. Ticket each. Certain today. So how are we gonna solve the problem is if what we're doing is we're teaching eight Urals in his last fall through some of that out there's twelve that. The that constitute that distrust of and I'm not surprised. How we do us all how it because. And that's why you have these. You immunity relation. You know campaigns. With cops. And certain communities certain neighborhoods. Right to try to build the trust that the cops go to the the schools. You know there there when the bus arrives there in the digitally walker on the community. I'd drop seen it like it's obvious community outreach program tried and tried to affect the neighborhoods that were so distrustful. Of what was going on you what the cops you know and and the youth really. So and I don't know what works and not have no clue at some kid that was part of some youth. You know outreach program with cops when he was like ten. By that time he was 25 what did you think of cops by a bullet what was the outcome afterward after app they spent all the money in the time of the energy. Was there some kind of like come to Jesus like oh god. My parents were wrong what I saw on TV was wrong they are good guys. I had no idea annoyed at work and I back to the phone calls this is Tom in Worcester he jumped. They guys and you don't get to respect the playlist was on the floor fight these kids. And a regional presentation of facts may parents. Armadillos or I have the courage. To defy the coaching the teammates watched. I've done. And that as well and that's why that's why they all went in one direction because it was. Heavily influenced very Euro okay and our younger it was all influenced by the coach and the coach claims. The parents were involved as well all right we can only go on his word here. But it was orchestrated there's no question about it those kids didn't realize. You know it is not we lost we lost my mom and my grandfather medical conference. And yet we don't teach our children watch out. Doc is gonna take your questions they get to absent was with a situation. Nobody's perfect organization local people are a 100% Brooke there's always going to be a bad apple which topped 8 o'clock rush. Roger and Roger. But hey good afternoon to. I have little thing that I can qualify. To allow me to talk on this matter one I was in elementary school teacher and 39 years. Second third fourth and fifth and it's great second I'm an African American male. The fact that those kids did that. May not have come. Exclusively from the parents we have bulletin board at school current event. You're currently allowed to talk about things that are undermining teacher who doesn't. Adequate future. So there's there could have been a fill in the information that's number 101. Maybe somebody. Spiritual and hold our second hole won't second look disputing that does not information bulletin boards. But could it possibly deed is inaccurate information on the as bulletin sports. Okay because the teachers the teachers who may be biased or the ones that are providing that information to when he Ural. That link between members who can't go well Putin's social movement and I would say that this could in court approved who advocate it. Remember the kids who uses children mark. In Birmingham Alabama 1960s. Great. You're just remember that an end and just sort of an apple currently with the hoses on them in the dark look I'm I'm not equal. We've moved to hell is gonna say hit. Roger got. Kids within the Muslim movement. Are are sometimes president and they're maybe more informed and we think they are. There eight years on certain there are getting everybody and their parents rush their second grade or second great tomorrow right. They're great but I'm still I'm I'm still saying. That. Spirit that consciousness it may be inaccurate but it is. It is you know an and we are bombarded with so much information. It is hard for me you'll could. I understand it but aren't you got to admit like OK let's just say in my son's in second grade in a gay and and his teachers talking about dealing for the at them. He comes almost as damned and a clear them no you're not. And and didn't give to parents. That at a girl. But one of my goals. All of iso hold on that's gonna ask you as a schoolteacher. In and teaching elementary in teaching second grand. Host Lou also this when this is all influence of the parents all there. Just at that age kids at that went zero are aware of what they're with their parents say. To learn what what they need to learn in school. Is not simple. And it would really work and that and and though if they translate some of the action. As a little actually about things and and you know now. Well remember there is some transferred there. There are some of them you don't want you don't hurt anybody to talk things out to a lot of that in school so if you're Abu came moments that. Anyway the cockpit now that would be conversation. That you could have written column about note. And movement and access to that did that. Like one of articles and visits schoolteacher was to change. The mean time conversation. Between parent to a two car. In Iraq I don't care what you will be on your kids to know what to believe and why you believe. I don't get that at that age I'm not sure I buy it. That's why we knew we you're going to these schools and you you. They have elections in its goals and they do it elementary kids vote which is ludicrous but they do it. The kids using evo with whatever their parents of voting at home because that's. What they hear this is all coming. From the parents and the prop might have within is listen up I think you should teach the kids. Everything in both sides and what is really going on. But we teach the kids that age eight and under. That it's respectful to turn your back on the on the fly and to take a knee and the National Anthem. As long as they're well aware of why they're doing. What that means that they don't know some people believe it I understand that respect that's why the parents express it to your eight year old. So hunt with the old think you can view. But I'm just sick is there is a difference he can this guy to talk about how he's you know fourth or fifth grade teacher and there's a huge difference and he knows this and everybody else knows this and that anybody that's hot second great. A big difference is between second third and thought process of an eight year old to a nine year old or third to fourth or second to fourth circuit the fifth wedding day every single view was enraged these kids today. We're talking about second grade when my son is right now eight years old right mostly kids and Klaas kids aged him down while we just announced Donnie Yen is turning it a little bit but. I I just don't think this is all parent influence of the key moments at some that I agree with altitude thing now and doing that and this is why. The apparent influence has to be season Holyoke escaped. Does Steve. Stephen polio. Old but on the spewed a new normal on the market Connecticut hello mark. And I don't. I'm actually I heard process or are etiquette or. A guy. Parker which is not at Hartford you know what I what our board and that's the process where they are at your center. The U questions asked. Of the world or ever since Asia. It showed how little Hickey yeah sure how. How they choose who they want to record that there are how did you hear people talk bad about the people that. Growing up in my parents I was deeply respected and yet another studio where the center. But. I don't understand it quite happy universe. Without it I. So what does your Mac or all the I's actual allotment. To understand that doctors are they're offered help to offer assisted. How do you think all of them got it back like how did the doctor you know. Shall we want you to react to market or other devastated after that I would put all. He lived in light trucks at a place. Your people you know rattle. They're not yet he oral Eric. People in the world that got you got results that. Well I'll also say that down some guys are just are good at their job there there's some guys out there that become police officers for one reason rather. They they shouldn't be police they should be field officers they should be in patrol. They should be they should be able to be put those situations don't psych evaluations yet to go through the pop. And it but some guys get through the psyche about. They get through it eight big date someone doesn't see that churches that you may be your little knots or or maybe did this packed situation you're probably not cut out for. Yeah they go through the process they go through the academy next you know LeBron patrol. And what I understand why some people don't don't trust him because it it's about living experience right. Lot of people to have experienced certain things that they do look at is ridiculous I. I understand that but it's sad to think that you we ars that one caller loose you know what do you tell your son. When it comes to policing is just turn on your phone and recorded. That's you know that's. Rather just saying you know what to do whatever he tells you get old with and move on what will you know whatever. A couple though wanna get pulled over speeding okay thank you rice registration ego. Here's tick have a nice day. You know just do whatever they tell you but instead it's turn on a quarter. Altria. Many instances were finding out that there were valid reasons that we said. Two to pull somebody off also valid reasons why people appears that the police officers like Christian said those of bad police officers. And it they get caught doing some stuff that for no apparent reason. And yet the nation gets punished they should go to jail they should do every. So don't get up and don't you think a a true. Color racist whatever it don't you think that a guy that really hates people of color. Don't you think he could slip through the cracks and he can hide it. Don't think they heat could really get throw at night and then it kind of go through all the stages and and then next you know he's he's in he's on the inside. Are you really cannot say you'll want you what are somebody's racist or not like what is there amongst his white friends right now it's a the round is black president bucks at saint. So why I don't know he's always all the lights like that might. I can manage it doesn't low pulpit registered. A serious. Dan York percent. And lying to us through. You're little and that's with I don't know whatever you don't make up well fortunately all of college all of college admission Turkey for my daughter's doing right now yeah I mean we're all these. Guy on so that's the question I have is are we going to see more kids is this now going to be eight Trent. We've gone through with with the the NFL that affect other with that fewer of them than I expected I'd that would have a lot more this past weekend passed it weakens we haven't. We have an eight year old football team eight year old kids. That affect eight and under and they all taken knee and turned their backs on the fly during the week we get more than. I'm surprised you will it weeding gate morbid but at a high school level. High school level like you know Winston appearances parents. Are school kids when they are influenced by parents but still they are things they're teachers see it. Note this year is collecting as you know 88 year old tech great that's that's impacted by it and Agassi won an embassy in high school level I expect actually to see it more eyes glow of its one hop music art out of place a place bishop the on this Friday and that is total poppy. Boom don't try and you know startle some move. I got overloaded barely coming out of north Arab world it's Friday I was just try to shoot Obama speak of diversity. Let it be much and Elena. Also in or series of daughter to what's the spread competence given you got some college clubs in DC. Topic and given you can't figure out who obesity is a group plans in which you guys those of us were about 37 point there's kids and polio case. I. Basically I caught like god I love the shell. All you guys a little. Everybody I wanna status yeah this is absolutely. Disturbing. Were talking about children. Children that a lot and play. Children that go they go to school. Day it's patient not be subject. But this matter I myself totally disagree what the entire. Disrespecting the flag. I you can you can do what you wanna do but do not disrespect when you live on that people that opt in this country the people that this country. When you stand now let me ask you what what is sort of there's somebody feels that David this respected by this country. What disrespecting. Black. I'd much represented countries of the popular to be in this expected. By the country. I. What. A busy UT any concede that so I don't there's a lot of people out there and again this is that the the discussion is in kneeling for it's using eight year old is Pons to give your political views but what I'm saying is. You don't understand how some people feel disrespected. By what's going on in the country and you you know insane you can even see the outside and. No I I do see decided I'd just think disrespect the flag not the way to go out. Yeah and and that's how does it feel that what he's done a lot of people feel that way the archives I don't know which one but he usually does so I decided that well what what. The flag does it gives you the right in this country to actually do what people who do. And that is protest and now I'm with him I don't like and I think there are a lot of issues in this country. And those the issues should be talked about this should be dialogue about them. I'm not sure you necessarily don't I don't think you gain any. By having a bunch of eight U roles and two to think that we're gonna believe that the rural kids made up their mind. That indium gonna turn our back. The only reason they're doing it. Is they want a copy. A professional athlete because they've seen it happen with a professional athlete because we know that they copy. You know pro athletes all the time. Usually what celebrations in using a great place that they. I've got another hour to go to be covered will join us is while talking some football some patriots football as well in the final powerful enough.