OMF - The emergence of Celtics youth movement makes a blockbuster offseason trade seem unlikely; Herald's Steve Bulpett joins the show 5-15-18

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Tuesday, May 15th
HOUR 3 - The Celtics seem to have everything going for them. They stand to take a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals and could (through a slim percentage) end up with a top pick in the draft after tonight. So remember when there was talk about trading off the kids for a Kawhi Leonard or a Paul George or even an Anthony Davis? After the playoffs, that has all changed. Also, Steve Bulpett joins the show to discuss an article he wrote focused on the Horford detractors.

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All of you red heat. The Fort Wayne harmonious and forty came back with his four seam fastball right there in the middle that you two seem action there are switching over to. Left side houses which cater to. Left side and he also made a brilliant catch it right to recover the five tool player we call that a statue of liberty take. Big yard sale whoever scores the most runs is gonna win the ballgame with. Ku and mu and Christian I feel sorry for LeBron James tonight his teammates are saying legendary. That's a lot and you realize what they're up against you a little concerned that this little brighter day use bigger and worse you've got them or put them gumbo or become a pretty donated products not know you're a big. What you want your arms and I like you're paid back flip you're always my ticket already you're too. Every bar these children and now. They're trying to jump on the bandwagon right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Another ride over for you never really. Then I get another idea from this video we've been helping them out so much here today and I feel obligated to give them a little bit more road of the tip. A podcast Jonny Gomes podcast all you do it enough that Johnny do any heavy lift. All you do is you take like the best twelve. Fifteen. Great lines and he had from the night before you enter them all together you get like you know on the quick little twelve minutes fifteen that ran out of gas. In between one you know sales meeting to another sales rating is not our president who much is too much what do you mean. There's just added that EDS too much material. Too much seat reviewed need to Erica some sort of like hell on earth do you think could be a problem with it is terminology if for example he was doing a complete. 162 game schedule or maybe he was doing just all of the robot in real life don't use it to recite the mets' spring because I don't give it to. So far he's coming up with a lot of you. Original when all of this the last night there was. You know the statue of liberty was a new one. The grind and shots what changes are on schedule limited it's a national football player recorder back to back eggs was round easily walk out of the corner like he knows other sports entity he. But I had to use it yeah every game he would actually say you know who last month. It Wheeler and about this innocent he's gonna take you taught this course cats so it would be like the first month you'd get a buck 62. It would be like you know baseball 101. And then you know and Iran may. Memorial Day or so we'll graduate the next course and we'll get into a few more details and who's gonna take Q the listener throw it. But I used to step by step is is one ST a few months to molecular hit rock. And just assume that you guys are ready for it assumed that you would know what hit it is without explaining that is when the guy runs and there's this home in body and cause too much. And they hit and I should right. Comment hi. Who'll play. Is this your right this was killed Steve lines now it's you can read some lines like it's a skill and it had a camera on his minutes and nobody hears and cable lines are like O'Brien's face down on the bottom box that is certainly would only axis update you know barks or but it -- so you have lions and a blocks to the right so we can hear his expression watches eyes roll on these lines and we have O'Brien is laughing his ass out he's got a he's sitting right next to. How can you keep a straight face if you're Dave O'Brien. When he's releasing these crazy things yet to see it's they are right that world and all the different people he's working with and how easier it is when you went zone so because that's his kind of that's just his personality. Kitty and in their hitting with runners one position he thinks he is is the brightest guy in the room when any revenue locks it he thinks he believes that he is the the smartest guy when it comes the base ball outs is Tony hall and me because you know either because nobody knows it's one unit. It's like pay him. Pare pare Jonny Gomes would Denny Matthews or died from cancer. Put those guys in a bull you get older and one O'Brien how ironic what are contradictions. I don't fall. I woke people left field wheeled into an agreement monster and drop. That becomes the livery with this terminology got to play by play guy and you got let's call that an amateur and never come. I have had Denny Matthews are published a little like Donnie go double steal a little bit too mean Stan one doctors one steal. To god she didn't there are terribly helpful here that should be and it's ash. Fly hardships. She is on a public so here we go back and switch hitter. Solely when he hitch from the right shy again. Mutation known as the relief from the nephew now. You're gonna look at these actions are Irish to an eternity and our former senator Lugar and that's a good and I'll added several hundred citizen alert issued her little dog. It's hello parish here comes guy. That was he special cash Dutch government and the job you do it. I don't necessarily think that this is Broxton come into the game they want it listen wait don't I didn't research probably candidate and that's not at all I think it's very competitive advantage at all they're keeping Jonny Gomes and as it was done and I we love the breakdown yeah we have a lot of BRR. Information shows our research shows. That there's a lot of they can't think right so you need to be that I what's the what he was the globe partner you know who's at. When they're trying to get Arafat to be beautiful Peter puck Peter Peter de most of the voter popular block in my carry out. Similar happened during the game. Eric better. We'll just during the game. The most embarrassing thing to gain thirty it was an up or what network was a bulls think the networks a networking Canada knowing it was out you don't you do not so it's still my iTunes right as you know and god and doing it trying to sell these homes and they grizzly country they were in an opening night done in Nashville and Atlanta as they elect had teams down there maybe they did this Dallas Stars Vegas yeah it is the end NB CNBC. Oh yeah and kind of got it right hockey Canada's CBC CNBC here and we just ridiculed crap on the greater hockey town offered apple graduate are making you imagine what can Islamabad off. It's fun doesn't it storms studios now Morgan posted back to the a phone calls and then one of our guys. Here in the in the building has decided to go all in and suddenly things that. The Celtics are the illegals want to get my heart is what are yeah that'll work that well. That any of us wanna own Obama or Clinton gets to claim. Curses at Halifax what's up Chris. Well first of all contrary to in 1970 unique basketball alleged Allen's blinding it is one of the freaked out about ballplayers all let's just as fast. Secondly. I don't think he understood just how insane it is for the 21 year old and a twenty year old kid this being in this month. Has essentially rendered acquire Leonard trade from practice from a practical point you at any point of view. Possibly our new. And from a PR point of view that the into the final instant on tool. I mean I just don't I don't know why people care trade for one of those kids. He had to get that question with a right now based on the contract and Howell. Affordable those guys are for the next 34 years let's say let's Anthony Davis we're talking may be a difference and that's what happens and you have two point 9% chance. Moved into second or third pick tonight correct yes. An electric I can't get a located basketball team in the history. I would agree does that have and that's before tip off ominously that they win that the what you do what does he get the second a third now a sudden you know the east and home. See how much you can kind of hear the Sacramento Kings haven't stopped next here and the truck gonna solve all red ocean and that and that cannot. Of the Connecticut. Shore yeah absolutely great. And show them so there will be annoyed yet another issue that some guys write itself. Looking you do with that you know in Downey you know packaging you know brown and indeed it maybe it's rose year you know on to say I. The crowd into it and they are what the NBA is right now they're guys can defend for positions who can shoot the ferry. All of the league is so the idea of trading one of those guys when he can spend the next few years building because a lot terror. As he want to compete for the title line you can use the bird rights on those two guys. We will put ownership Larry said that when they have a chance championship are there there are more than willing to go to London. Won't pick ax U Campbell yeah. Yeah I'm not sure of the squad hunting make anymore sense it and in that. You are ready have some questions about him what the hell happened this past year. So this some questions there he's coming up on a deal he wants to be a Max contract guy you've got you've already got. Qaeda really you've got to be concerned with that he had next year at a maximum contract now eight Anthony Davis all bets are off because to me. If you deal one of these guys you get Anthony Davis you still keeping one of all I think both Jalen brown. And Jason Tatum are both going to be phenomenal players now suddenly it it gives you something where you can beat Colmes. And at the borrowers on the I'm not all in the quiet what are no doubt about it doesn't mean you have wing guys Davis is different. Davis is completely different in my mind I mean the only changes the matchup with grilled steak there is a job changes everything. And it changes everything consuming or Oregon probably give up four but it just he's a guy that you really think about coli had no promise the most is no I don't want Clive for the style of that effort tradable Browner pit I get that. I'm with you. But Davis is different you can make an argument that Jim Brown. Will be quiet Leonard or something very similar within two years three years front. You can do that because he can defend what he certainly had any doubt about these guys in one of the few of their late in the post season. Right as a meeting about Isiah Thomas accomplished an awful lot of people still let whatever legacy he does in the postseason. And Andy always the did his thing last year tale. And then it turns into five and it was year five due to all listeners do and wrote in Jupiter thirty plus on the road game and Tatum looks comfortable road as well at times so. That that has there so to change your opinion. Or at least move for you you more confident in your opinion that you know you wanna stay with these two guys yeah I agree. Every step of the way you believe in a more and more it's different than to have because Anthony Davis or I would agree because the one fear you have right now. Is you're going to have to go up against that Golden State or your team the question is US entity Davis YouTube you change that you add coli Leonard and so it's wing player for wing player and you see Woodward got we added that he Davis you had a big. Now whether he goes to Horford who probably would give a poll from whatever but you at UN in. Talk to a different level you have a big they can play small and is a much better player than drew mongering. He can do more than write that very moment Davis. Joseph Holland beat any other big guys the best there is so but I've thought about going up against Golden State that it is this team is right now. In that conversation. In that group of four or five teams may be that you're talking about over the next 345 years. Is a championship contender the team you have to be concerned about its Golden State. Because they're loaded and none of them there are going anywhere. They have no fear of losing any of these players all we have to do and they'll be able ad in the supplement players guys that are aging players who want to win a championship that would give you 121617. Minutes they all those guys right now. So this the perfect fit to have a long run. How do you knock them off right now you matchup pretty wells Lou was saying earlier because of the mismatches and what you've got length you've got to athletic bodies they complained to the three to four. But if you get Anthony Davis. Suddenly and they catch that changes the weights this thing differently. A staple that Boston Herald has written a speak peace to those who doubt Al Horford to value or missing the point in the religion of basketball. He is the test that determines entry into the hall of people who know what the hell's going on a apparently does not think that Lou Maloney. Is is one of those people out yourself even though politically the world. I don't know here's the thing he doesn't dozens of this is re cycle article a copy of these obesity guess I don't know on next week I don't know adaptable Kamal pointed. And there. And they're really good. So it's not we'll have a little. Each year over Al Horford average a born on 6177797937. Steve bull but next. Now back to mow and half with Glenn Christian host Celtics fans can't get it. Some people out there loony guy that does not only knows we're not asking about batting average isn't as we know right I was thinking about this long. Good for you we'll meet on Sports Radio. Al Horford could talk a Boston today certainly silencing. Some of his critics hate on him that he at all. Yeah Kyle gave me a very nice at all. Was the MVP says this tweet. That came from Celtics fan we're not asking about batting averages and others who know write about their it was about that for you room Moroni thank god is not only knows. It was a humiliating. And run notice any nation on. Al Horford didn't just lose position on this they really out because I was the one. A year ago was debating him saying that L not a player he's not capable. Of give you those 2.4 point nights in the twelve rebounds he does a little things he's the facilitating he's a big man who can pass he's like a point forward gotta gotta gotta. And Lewis point was none of them and now he's got to he's he's got to be better than candy better than at the pain and that type of money. And it turns out lately. How is that guy. He's the guy that is elevated his game I heard eight Sharaud Blakely yesterday's say. I talked to Al today and I asked him how he is elevated his game now into the score and taking shots in his answer. Was while I have to because. Irene is out. It's been around for a while now. And didn't you save fuel and save when carriers out who wears alma we were element of ignites and so because a player. I think that Lou won he's got to the right and somebody from somebody was debating blue on this a year ago. You missing his point I think bullpen is as well because I think he's he's. Really needling you it's going to be in this BS on you various alignment opening things acquiring the predictions in the city. It was it was said that poll the other day like who's she's more criticism in this town in it was David Price Tuukka Rask and Al Horford. I netted in the same league like the do you really think that there are a lot of critics on Al Horford gain did you really think in this city now people are critical of Al Horford and ending. It's seriously though first of all Celtics fans are not critical of any anybody players did their base they're loyal base Bruins fans do after the it if they don't if they if they feel took a rest is in the way of them winning a series. They're gonna dump all over to caress and we know the price situation gonna getting on a clash gearan. You know saying stupid idiotic things but I'm reading bullpen here I listen to. And read the running commentary which read. Would a read on a waiting read it. That's good where you can ask him he's gonna come on and in a couple minutes then listen to a win have you ever read. Is everything I've ever read was told me emanating. While that's a never anyone that emails a Christian and I ceremony that's I've never read a single article. Actually saying that he is capable of doing more and even though he does all the little things. There are these the only team more aggressive and in show law and score some play fair be more aggressive. A car wreck that bull pat writes I have heard the believers and the detractors. Laurels you so you can ask him because I think there's I think there was a detractors I would I'd I know that the tractor. And I've spoken to countless people who make their living in this game and after all of that I just don't understand why this is an issue. With all due respect those who believe Al Horford is not an elite player worth his Max contract just. Beep beep beep beep don't beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. If you could say without it would be for years and we were bigger effect. Don't let the perfect amount of BP meets loved it actually Rosie founded this could do without on how to should I do it's okay or not you just me. Don't get it better not visit to Yankee thank you for the criticism forget about the belief at this keyboard. To hold either of these positions which you when the opposing side. Of the brightest people in the NBA we can only use the Celtics are in the Eastern Conference finals with a one nothing lead. Or for its fingerprints are all all operate even the ability of the younger players to perform this well. And he talks about his contract and he says he's worked at most basketball. People. CB on the numbers when it comes to Horford. It looked everywhere not just talking anger and we're not just talking about the testimonials. But come when any coaches asked about money most imply we look. You know we got to look beyond the number right. So why U praise he scored 24. I can argue this point as I know your position and so. It's just a rhetorical question as the man himself we're book loves sailing you'll be on the numbers okay he's 24 and everybody lights up like I told I told you I told you let's let's look the other them listen to this the most tepid. Accolade you'll get is that player X is very dangerous. No coaches bring up Horford on prompted an even a private conversations but the numbers on his individual stat sheet will never match those on his contract are. And that will be enough. For the detracted and are now they can lose is because he goes into the comparison to Bill Russell wilt Chamberlain's greatest degree and that's a different game and it's mr. admits now would alternate category. Who went with me if Russell and Chamberlain drive right okay I don't know signifies that the winner goes I know what he didn't college and we can live on that college days all we want lot of guys live on college you know I don't consider Tim Tebow great NFL player deal. Look now in college now. We are saying caught trying to block well it was too widely dog Tim Tebow the Wii was in college should be double college with. The reality is he hasn't won a championship yet yet and he's a winning player and stay you know he may swing please put. I'm glad you bone and muscles can't and so that's what what are the what are Horford detractors missing any quotes Steve inflamed consistency. Comes to work it works partly a question someone and he's still what he's supposed to is that local basically like me okay heroes is drink there's definitely can you just you know keeping silent can be consistent. That's that's a thirty million dollar a year guy. OK let's find out a long time inscribed to the Boston Herald covering your Boston Celtics eagles' way way back. A staple Steven how are you today. What are. For now I oh world government exclusive you say that about eight and nine million dollars from now. So we we've read of a good part of your your piece here and I'll start off with a question that Lou had menu Luken. Can kind of go at it. But what people are you talking about other than our guy Lou Maloney here. That had been the main dude for actors than nonbelievers. In an Al Horford is I think most people have been kind of supportive. Of Al Horford. A better but the people are lying in indeed the other there's an outlook for war that goes on after every loss. And that they're winning now you out here and stuff but I. Nerds you know and the fact that he's coming up. A really great gig in hearing. Today but. You know they lose they lose tonight. And it'll be honest you know that's what uncle. Steve out rescue it easy getting. I mean praise rightfully so what's it affords MVP this post season for this team's been actually outstanding. And one of the reasons why is getting so much praise is it not because of what he's doing offensively. To go along with the little things that he brings every single night defense all the other stuff but isn't really about the twenty point efforts that he's put forth now. Oh yeah do you look that's you go. That's been a criticism look is that something I've brought up. And in the fast in Toledo last year this year it's like you know looking for your shot war but that that's terrible mistake they belly because. If he's looking Kershaw. And going out and getting his numbers. Do guys like. Jalen brown and GT eight and develop properly are big are they getting good shots itself or putting his head down and going to market. And getting his staff. I mean I I think one of the reasons this team is where it is right now is because. Corporate editors you know so educated part of his own game. Or other people. What an agreeable back that the original birth of the average out comment and it really started last year and a team that was desperate search for consistent second score. And that guy was Avery Bradley for the most part who missed the month and after and year. And where it started was for the month that Avery Bradley was out the month of February Al averaged 107. And that's where it started to defeat easy and just continue to do this you know with with guys out as you go into. Be more aggressive he's going to be consistent seconds more than he needs to be an Alice told that he can't be a 2010 guy and I'm asking too much I understand the game. And now we sort of showing that you know this note that we Irving and he sees being more aggressive even with jailing Tatum rose year still scored markets Morse. So he's actually doing. Exactly. What I was wanting him to do in an absence of a second score before so I don't these Sony can go. I just wanna wait why that's been able to do in the past when needed. If you don't want intend guy if he became the big numbers guy. Then I don't entertainment sector he is now. Yeah but I bowl he's he's now in spot. Know pretty much every eighteen and nine all playoffs which basically means you scored what twenty points plus in six games so far this post season and connect to me is. No he's averaging eighteen to put up twenty unite the occasional wild but for the most part your neck when he range routes what he's been he's doing it. And it's fifteen right now that he's a poignant turn gutter like that. Gonna win an NBA championship and make it to the finals. Why didn't make it to the finals because he's one intend. Secret peace right now. So did the thing that was a win a million homeland. Stressing your dismissing Horford you're doing the same thing speed you're you're dismissing him entirely. The thing is that you'll you'll eroded during the course of the year. Because this team has been very very good defensively but there have been nights that they have difficulty. Score and you Imus making it sound right now is el Al Horford is part of the the the management of the team while his job is to bring a long. Vick the kids slowly. He wasn't taking shots. Right now he's aggressively taking shots out there that we're nineteen mistaken 678. Shots in the course of the game. When you are writing that this team needed scorers they needed to put points up any Sony can. I'd I'd always like L should be more assertive with the ball are always. But. You know when you look we take a step back you know I think they're. I think the way he's done it is to wait and the coach wants to do it and immediately if you or your own thing. And go away from what you're being asked to do then there. Problem. I think I do think that. The eagle when he good night. You'll be people out there and and you know. It's they gave the people following on Twitter or the people that are responding or I'm getting tagged or whatnot. But it plate. Well yeah he's good but he's not work X amount of dollars. One. You brought into it you delegates are dazzling Charles Barkley national guys who's in who's who hadn't had some comments about Al Horford. But I almost feel like the only thing that the one thing that bugs everybody it's why they built built change third aired they'll move the goal polls go excuse everything away. Is that they just don't like the name average out. Idiots like this big sign of disrespect. That everybody else I guess the guys are people in the know have to somehow defend. I yeah I don't know yeah I don't get it. Love me and my points out it is if we call an average out as a joke when he is average when he isn't. You know playing. You at a higher level because he needs to. Is that what's his blogs everybody. I'm not sure what everybody beyond what bugs to bug you the impression that does that bug you or does it bug you. Is apt to see if we call Al Horford average Al doesn't bug you. Are you guys would not just that it's just they just don't all of you. Let go this doesn't know. Are you guys under the impression this column about your show. A lot of it yes. I that don't know whether racial on Twitter that you haven't been able and understanding am unable or say I don't try those are you talking about Twitter because it easily said we you'd listen and you read. You would you say listen. You've added it will you're stuck explore on Twitter as well yeah but I don't feel leak you know I don't feel. I just all this they would getting out of hand at all. This guy is that it then. I I don't let slide show OK well let's look at this and sequencing you can rate you once there but when selling point for you might like oracle and Arnold you know. Nice about it. Listen he's is there's no question he's earned his money ever openly admitted it's just that you know you talk doubled you talk about games here in only play game we played we we talk about neatly 56 in a row. He always gets his stretches where you know maybe there's six points four rebounds in oh and I'm like he wasn't good last night and it's like oh you don't stay in the game. Purist in the little things the Mike while. You know an in the money comes up this I don't I don't fault in that particular money all for Danny Ainge offering a money but I'd you have to admit it that's. I wanna yeah I'm not again I am sure you but it you you. You think he's worth the money. I think he's showing right now that he's worth the money yes and I think he was because you bought him money and hopes he didn't ever direct I get all that epithets they but I always bring up the whole thing that I like Marcus my love markets month. And I think he's a great player but do I wanna give markets if I am not that Smart to make it seventeen million a year to look at him differently yes I do I think I should. But even that's a compliment necessarily that we talked about is he worth the money he's worth the money because he opened up the doors. For free agency for Danny Ainge as you know used as I say you've been. Around for a wartime Xavier mcdannold Dominique Wilkens for the guys they were bringing an end they couldn't get free agents to come to this down. And play for the Steve so he opened up the door he open up the door for other things to happen it was abdominal fat. But if you're looking at the 2830 million dollars and comparing it to what he brings on the quart every night I'm not sure that's equal value is. Well I I didn't take it if you if you didn't have Al Horford. You'd you'd spend a lot trying to get one and the fact is that what this market value. In a situation where you on what this wasn't. Portland bidding on against itself for Evan Turner. This was it that's what the market was and if you took off without this team right now I think Indians should be a trouble I agree even you know the end and even if you priority. End Gordon Hayward. Yeah he equaled or I just think people or. Asserted defense that we didn't sector and it doesn't know what you're around long enough you know that. Numbers don't always show the number you know a guy that just goes out the rebounds. And we hit man you know give many offensive boards. And don't stat around construed here you know. But here's the issue I have stayed right now this lineup boy but here's the issue I have would lose the position because Lou and I would debate this last year and I eight. Like you were saying what about the little things what about this he's a great passing Ben Bernanke does this deal goes up organic. That that's all well and good and the people at the time that were defenders southern and I think they're by a majority and defend this guy has he seems to be really nice guy a leader and people like him. That they were sitting there trying to accentuate the little things now suddenly when you really needed them. Chris Ivory Irving is down and you need to score points and now he's given your twenty what he has to he's he's giving you that. Suddenly those people saints I told he was great place. Whoa whoa wait a minute what about all the little things all Lou was saying his wife candy do. Vote the the big thing. Well it sounds that you use at times feel the same way you know let you like I think it does the more aggressive but we talk about. He'd just the kid just look at the numbers look at everything else he does right now he's being praised because not just the little things she's being praised because the numbers he's putting up offensive numbers. Which is which is silly because tonight if there's cavaliers are tricked into arms and your interest and toes and ankle problem. Al Horford might not have a good probably won't have. The seem kind of offensive numbers. But that doesn't mean that. If he won't go outside and dragged Kristin Thompson with them that the that the driving lanes will be more open for guys like Jalen brown adjacent Asian. Yeah LL make gold. Two for seven tonight but have a bigger effect on the game and eat it it's everything in politics everything his. News you know relative to space at all you know I'll or get space and Kevin McHale. With a better basketball player because. Larry Bird act beat the hard close guarded closer which meant that Kevin had an extra accepted operation in the low post. Because Larry Mahan wasn't gonna double down on him or he did was I wasn't going to be quickly so everything Carol you know. I'm stuck it together so yeah do you help a glut never you know. A 9 point game this evening. And brought to go offer either so this could loose and but not necessarily all or parts well although you look at the box score and say yeah there's the difference right. Quality await new game. Is I think what did you got history today good stuff we'll talk it on a road. And Steve bullpen of the Boston Herald and the funny thing is when you hear him emotional. I think he agrees with you and and and since there are not a realist and that's what it does get. And somewhere I don't. Voters say is that you do you do watch the game he mused that he just look at the score I mean obviously tryst Toms is on him yet he's going to do exactly what Steve said. Right and and might open the lanes and you watch that's fine but. You do watch the games and of the other nights when you know you look at the matchup and say OK which are stumped zones devil loves and now is that going to be the moment in the game for that five minute stretch that you see Al offered take it to Kevin Love and if he doesn't even say OK what happened there that. So I mean you and you watch too much to gain people accuse you of not doing it but that's that's I don't care what the difference but I am saying don't. Crazy guy. By saying you're just looking at the numbers. He doesn't eat you can't put one in the reports of twenties say I showed you. Yeah I think you the cattle and salute the longest everything right and you're talking about it and I think a lot of you really don't understand your reacted to people on Twitter or and bloggers. I mean you can't argue worked up and don't bloggers did that you don't I don't I don't know talking about people on Twitter and that's my points public of the people that matter of saint letter watching. So really that's what they thought I hear it read like this is read here on Twitter than. There has been to has been a a and increased. Amount of articles written defending him. Praising him where there are jobs. There are nine there are now because strategies I. I haven't seen anything that he goes like that legal experts and it really does have well you know what he was doing those little things he was he was sacrificing. His phone number for the betterment of the team twelve. That you felt you tell which he trusted somebody tell me OK you can only give me nine. We know here's a big it's it's the NBA championship but you can't. Give me these excuses like why you know he he sat by through subtly alters tops and out there are more lanes are not all. Final is gorgeous about the yes wedge by the mismatch writes it could still go through you. Can tickers Thompson at the three point line should open up the lane and I'm comes out if he doesn't c'mon you can shoot the three he does the mocking Obama as. There's always an era of me like what no matter what. I can choose. There's that there's an excuse for him not doing what you won I'd stick to break we'll get back to the phone call 6177797937. Right here and Owen on. Online via FaceBook Twitter and it's more of port wing loading and 48. Sports Radio W. LeBron owns Brad Stevens he owns Boston's. Jason Tatum OK very good player for the Boston Celtics we have a picture of Jason Tatum. As a little boy with LeBron James getting his autograph yes. Getting his autograph. The bronze offseason concerns are dynasty greatest of all time legacy. What stars can I connect with the change the galaxy of the NBA Boston's offseason concerns. Do we find somebody that can guard LeBron. It isn't easy watching these games and all turns. He's only gonna you know he's doing he's living he's he's living his life and what he. He can't do that and I regret and yet street cred exactly and I'm sitting here telling you that we learned anything from game one series is far from over. And you know and you haven't learned anything yet but for credit blood coming in and that a and criticizing Jason Tatum because of the picture. They need a little kid at one time it's all the great players Gilbert also great. Athletes ahead were little kids at one time out of indoor tennis role any become the age of professional and really be critical of devers is it to moments of Cologne the when he some news over talking about he brazenly as a kid he loved Bartow Colonia is young in the big leagues in goals fifty. The big deal with scares me is rough field average might look like Bartolo column on a stark -- fight through body tightening Campanella. She would get some reaction with Steve pulpits. The bullpen that. After reading this piece. I don't think he actually thinks that way we're with a detracts is reading come up with an even here's rage in Providence erect. Hey eight. Hour why you. Would. Yeah. And aid Null. And in our nick Bennett Webb all. That. Do you. Think you'd. I was there would view as either. Yeah I'm not sure what detractors are though I can't I still on the Twitter on sort of sort of people that are calling Al Horford niece and aunt is getting pissed off is that we're talking about what are we. I think unfortunately none of these guys that do talk whether it's like you know prowess of Gilroy do I think if you had a conversation of the the probably understand what the hell you're talking about. You know they probably would eventually agree with you. But they just say they'd rather not interest caller but he idiots when gal goals for 24 points. In saying ha ha you're wrong when they don't even realize what the arguments. Yeah I'll let you. Write about right and I wanted to be out and outlaw. I am an ugly and outgunned and out OE. Eight he worked. 00 my god. There's no way I know it. And are. Not being the kind of guy that you. Had to brag about what we got the all I immediately thought it would include a young boy. Old grad told the road you're so well. You need to be looked at it you're gonna run going to be more. Act quote there are certain bank. When cyclone that hit it whatever effect whatever it. Whatever or. Pat. Isn't paid that the thing is that this whole act that way they think. Until we got ugly ugly thing at the instance of it's just a final. And pulled back on it did and I entered another combined bullpen line. That L is just being subservient and he's doing it in the coach wants him to do which means not score because I remembered during the course of the season. When the team was not doing so well boy that would write pieces about the defense is still out there but this team has trouble scoring they need to score. Will polish capable. And you start this last year with a Avery Bradley dominated scoring that was is capable on the roster of go. Yeah they're taking more shots and give you want that's the answer is. Al more than I got to pass. He got a packages of Nassau or look that's that's not who years. Which pledges below what you have an average guy who's out there like that you're okay with its attempts in Suton and and eight. Ten and I liked that average that the glorified role player that's on that and who does little things well that a little slope you're better player in the league long enough. That's. A tepid but you should do that why did he witness Tony award. Well I again thank you know when you're looking forward when carrier ring is down there's more shots and now he takes over quality golf Avery Bradley goes down last year where was he he disappeared congregation and their times during the season you know what guys go down and you're like okay well this will be gain more at the you would think that. They're down a couple players Al be more aggressive and he's not and its facilities ever going to do now he is in the post season was great last post seasons that before. So now this is this is. Only wanted. That's a whole host should not play out the water allotments if noted that yeah what I'm getting now is all I want but they still think that you've been at. If you're in it but I visited Iraq at its progress has brought your little world and insisting they brought. Out some rock. I act simple but article it says more people pat themselves on the back for some reason elbow but it better associated where. Basketball intelligence if you if you complement outlook or regardless of how the game goes on what happened. That certainly is that you know more about basketball that. Justice is everybody's gonna do whatever they can't get beat. On that side even though I've been meaning that it did they wanna be on the Smart side no matter what. You just nailed it gets did you know circle gets a square attempted an ever outfield every single athlete rock every single athlete this town. When he goes through bad stretches we talk about. Even if it's on brie. We talked about it right now we don't I mean god forbid you from that pass anybody has a bad game in a playoff game we talked about it. We'll see what they're saying we're. You can have one bad game and yeah Tampa Bay called the people's IRA had problems sadly. You try to do that played all right we're back and outlook but is it. You you are you trying to talk poorly about well we civil liberties have been a game yeah they do and when they do. We talked about it usual Lee. Usually we do guys very protected no ma'am he seems to be a wonderful guy and maybe that's part of it that he hasn't had any light is usually vote. And he's been he's been a but he's been a different player but he does actually he's been a different player than they Al Horford that they were protecting during the course of the season. When he used on the little things and I don't think that. Because he needs to do when you don't have the big players. The little things are not going to help you. Because you get no big players to cash in on what are setting up as the little things. So he needed to suddenly be one of the big players and he's become that but you talk about the blog is and whatever the other day. Celtics have got to win the first two games of the series you do not want them. You you wanna hold on to tell home court it is ultra important for this young team. Two when these first two games and investors some accident and you talk about them that the jurors in the world. Swing back and the other night. Only a room you got to understand that the team that was the first game of these series usually wins the series eighty east 3% of the series of whatever. My point. This this Patrick Gilmore I really feel pretty satisfied that the Celtics because they're one dean long. And that ought to tell you even though you're playing in a series would maybe one of the two greatest or three greatest players Alter that it's OK just to win game. Needless to my Patrick. Do you feel comfortable in your Boston Celtics because you're throwing out the 83%. Of teams that win game one win the series the usually higher seeds we get that the usually the better team and they are playing at home we noble. Road numbers. You tell me that any Celtic fan feels comfortable right now. That you can lose this game tonight. And you're still gonna feel comfortable tomorrow would you call the short list of the show that you gonna feel that this team still gonna is gonna be declared an elaborate you hear that Clinton rages on by your crew. Raising not a good credit bureau and I I don't think it's already lose the Syria and evade a fatal they would lose a scheme to I don't think it's so I don't really nicely and it isn't it a lot and I think Aussie to go to Cleveland sneak anybody gonna feel good about it. No you are not like LeBron James takes that first game any kind of surveys and tries to go everything he's callous greed of the picture. The Celtics but they don't use an observer in game two they like to take a break. They take a break they want to get there really wanna. But I don't even like that's that you had before right Clinton Celtics is afraid shop press two and all 37 it's irrelevant but I don't think there's I understand users can be very both of the distance no I think all is going back and seeing. Yeah what the Celtics did knees still Russell's mind at ease has put in Iraq is not watering holes I got to do with this team only candidate that would be cool. It. Hey you know they talk Barack part of an exam but I didn't actually accurate. Yeah John Paul. It just. Should be passive little guy. I 617779793. Similar to another owl well.