OMF - Emily DeLiddo, breast cancer, 40, Boston with Dr. Beth Overmoyer, Director, Inflammatory Breast Cancer Program, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, Dana-Farber 8-22-18

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Wednesday, August 22nd
Emily was diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer in April 2016. She had a swollen right breast and inverted nipple, off and on redness, and soreness varying in intensity.

Unlike traditional breast cancers, inflammatory breast cancer does not present with a lump but rather with the symptoms Emily was experiencing.

She was living in Miami at the time of her diagnosis but came to Dana-Farber for treatment with Dr. Beth Overmoyer. Emily grew up in Massachusetts and her dad was a pharmacist at Dana-Farber.

Emily underwent chemotherapy for 5 months, a mastectomy, and radiation culminating just before Christmas 2016.

Her family was essential during treatment. She lived with her brother in Central Mass throughout her treatment and her family was by her side every step of the way.

Emily's friends from around the country and the world flew in to spend time with her, sent "insanely special" care packages along with daily messages and calls.

Traveling has always been an important part of Emily's life, she lived abroad for the first time when she was 16 and constantly flew for work and to visit friends.

Dr. Overmoyer approved a quick, 3-day trip in between her two chemotherapy regimens to the Bahamas with her close friends. The trip filled her with more energy to carry her through the end of her treatment, which was rough.

Emily works as a literacy consultant. She travels around the world to support schools implementing reading and writing instruction (K-8).

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Let me introduce you to that Emily don't lead oh. From Boston doctor Beth. Over Moya. Director. The inflammatory breast cancer program. I hear Dana Farber it's great to meet both of you thank you for stopping by and we've we appreciated. In one Q explain your situation is unfamiliar with the breast cancer but inflammatory breast cancer I'm not gorgeous phone. Familiar look at things. Hi. Brantley came back for New Year's Eve trip. Got bronchitis very quickly but it was going away in that I got to bilaterally ear infection and wasn't going away in around that time my right breast was acting strangely it looked strangely solar. I had heard that cancer doesn't hurt their lumps though. Didn't think too much about it but it went back to urging parents sent him my little strange day in and not feeling well. She said that's how little weird you know again again what year did you plan. The closest to my opinion Miami at the time with his appointment it was a month out of did that you travel in between. Got shingles in between and well. And then the day at restrain him. The day of that appointment. With actually playing at Middle East did you work that evening in an hour for the appointment my days. There office called canceled. And rule and it died and they posting your PC he gets their primary care physicians thing day. I decided to get on the plane and let him answer a couple of days or couple weeks of work in Saudi and anyway. Got worse. Five days later. Was hurt us dollars and I was a lot of pain and out of all my angels in the world one of my best friends at a conference in California. When my best friend's fathers in parliament position in the one city in Saudi Arabia. And he got me in their breast cancer generally and three hours. Treatment shattering end and they were very kind and lovely he did a bunch of tests but did die us. All of that information got sent back to the doctor my family and connected with me. Over text messages he's reading my apology machine Elvis not. Looking at them scans mammograms and I then had to make a decision that it would eager to hear that is either. Missed I guess which is a very common. Illness. Condition for breastfeeding women I was not breastfeeding at the time Hong. Kong an end. You have to make that decision on its not connect. I was actually heading to violent present at a conference and was not necessarily. To come all the way back so I went to end and on the way there stopped in Jordan. Nine. Rapists and god then late on the beach in Thailand for a couple weeks took some photos of my body and but back to Miami landed at 6 o'clock at night. The next day before I knew who died last. Within 24 hours I what is. In connection with time doctor Meyer in two and headed to Dana Farber. My doctor did surgeon in non Miami with contact. He EU. Actually it's from here. The Austin city with a tough he's that it that it an effort that far there's no no to. Questions about it says oh Dana Farber and sitting in the closet we'll learn my friend's mother's apartment. Two days after my diagnosis. Talking to take nurse and partner in making plans and they set everything for me to come. They really cared for Beth. With a big part of that as part of me. So duck let me ask you because inflammatory breast cancer we know you feel alone write these sort of things you can feel that our common. How common is that so inflammatory breast cancer is actually quite rare it's about three to 5% of all breast cancers are hell are inflammatory diet states that. If the symptoms are like mask like this it's like an infection. No mass necessarily depressed is enlarged it's read it's it's painful. The nipple can become inverted so it looks like an infected breast. And again as gently say cancer isn't supposed to hurt the inflammatory breast cancer can hurt. And so if you notice a change like this you really need to bring it to your health care provider and the problem is with young women like gambling they think it's an infection. And so they treat with antibiotics and that at least the diagnosis. But this disease you know has a very high chance of presenting with metastatic involvement. Advanced disease 25% of the time it's already spread at this time of diagnosis and you can't find it early on a mammogram. It's not early detection. It's already advanced at the time of diagnosis. So now. So economic times it's usually spent a lot of time I guess not ignoring the symptoms because you knew something wasn't right. You shall traveling big trips right right yeah I mean you're all over the place and does that it's I guess was that. Did that delaying. Of the recovery or the chances of recovering did throughout the percent. As he has so it's a quick question. This type of malignancy actually is. Delayed up to six months in young women that on an average it takes about four months between that time the symptoms occur and that time of diagnosis. The thing is is it that disease either. Presents with metastatic disease or it just presents as a locally advanced breast cancer involving left notes in the entire breast. Normally this is not something that gets delayed for a year and that's what would really adversely impact on. Because it's it gets worse so that women can't ignore it. That it doesn't normally take about four to six months before currency attention of the doctor. It's worsened young women because they realize they feel that young women don't get breast cancer and actually they get this type of aggressive breast cancer have never heard of this before so you don't Gregg now. Great terrific through rhetoric picked still traveling. I am just in temperature to Beijing all. All you want a good don't know I just wanted to pillow for over. The host pillows. Take the post thank you very much the center by that your news stories we're glad that it's all working out green dot. Great work thank you very much they appreciate your doing marching here.