OMF - ESPN's "First Take" gets political while trying to claim the opposite; More Celtics talk, 1-4-17

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Thursday, January 4th
HOUR 3 - Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith take shots at the Houston Astros for choosing to visit the White House following their World Series win. They also claim it's not a bi-partisan issue, in case anybody thought ESPN might be doing exactly that. President Trump will attend the CFB National Championship game. Back to Celtics talk. Fauria bitches some more about having to drive in to Brighton to do the show.

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Beats or Wayne alimony and 48 there's a bit of a possible that it did not want to video tribute tonight we wanted to. Pierce's numbers from her entire life when we make of that size plus Pierce's night. But life will do the video you made the whole NAFTA I'm sorry I say it's a video at night right we'll you don't get no video I don't know why they're so mad about it with. Lou and Lou and Christiane what's called bop yeah you've heard it before a bomb on Genesis bomb squad is everything is live in Boston. Thought eight to ten inches meteorologist are calling it a bomb cyclone is gonna be plows that have pushed this side and you're gonna drive down the road blizzard hit it with salt. And it's gonna go away rare weather phenomenon known as a bomb cycle on Thursday night in a bit of Bob out as we call it all these years giving them room all night why now on Sports Radio WEEI. Now moves in the eyes of the all clear was. Dale sit home right now having a very alive soup on my I am hot soup an innocent by that picture them meeting tomato soup with a nice. Piece of bread right there a piece of bribery at some point one fleet wide fuel supply houses totally over to Foxboro there's probably get his mail. You know going out driver so everybody showed up on time for practice strike for the patriots we go again so now it seems that way nobody is tweeting out you know that nobody going to needed no no no they Jetsons commonly. Personal credit from a pictures placed those changes right neo tell them. Yes so it bigger budget hotels around matters so would you just yet true to you this do you stay right there on grounds. Patel walked down if you commit. All there was no hotels no patriot plea humor in your house 510 minutes away role restated the end zone dailies and communism it's almost with their homepage the place was around. But it was he had they had because they hear all of the hotel Ben there's a question Brett I think it's the very beginning since the very beginning of it is but yet it is open it is built another when it's attached to our ports down that's an obvious I was in. What here since what sounds. Force force by the idea. Adalius Thomas I believe was human and I was today wasn't an hour along the whole thing was developed these people didn't understand this whole snow thing in the blizzard there was an even me uneasy state also on Genesis you know was just a straight up old school old inordinately luster if it's an always only. Residents and business for them to. Wouldn't let me in particular but it won't go to so here's today's. I mean those national so this traffic. Confusion over in the work. Actually alms cars as well I'm a mother nature. As you can control. When you can't run people over in the words in his room with them and yeah. I don't want people to think it was put out their like you know just initial you know reason that nobody know that's true. I love the case at all. This is the best this is the best the dog ate my homework and they'll. Built and I would have killed somebody on the road if I came to practice on time somebody would have died. If I show any IA's on time for revealing that bill used though Sais I usually eat and they during the bye week he would say listen. Don't call me. Sunday night telling me you can't make it back Monday don't do that doesn't count I'm telling you so there's a hurricane at there's a storm. A car find a way be ahead of it come home and I. It's. I don't know I don't care yeah exactly be professions your job. When the season's over you can children do we have a hell you would it's why he is just that it's an eighty year it that's always used to. Ice and how coaches are OK with that because somebody's always gets the always their flight always gets delayed something always happens. Whatever they don't leave enough time they don't wanna leave the party will leave the last minutes it'll give us or they missed their flight altogether all pay hey bill miss my flight. So whose fault is that anyways it's not built ball it's her fault so it goes John decrease these guys. I'm amazed they got other teams they just give these guys like so much leeway so much Romney comeback late slick guy in more than two gotten way. What muscles due to mother nature's call embezzlement and call more of Lewis. Called marvelous what it's called what marlin earlier that you paid the fine show opened two days three days an extension exactly. Not a problem but apparently bill made it big huge deal about this yesterday with players so the players were talking about a lot of conversation about it was all are talking yeah but they showed up. And everybody showed up at them voters find their place practice in the bubble. A boxing videos guys tickled blocking out August headcount I don't know that's up and it may be elected in mid day you find out its own so wasn't a product made. Heroic. And I'd be dumb if he's if he really drove it incident yesterday. And obviously. His first thought there wasn't an issue I drove up. So it starts and when an issue sort of that it cost of the human and other coaches interviewed still. For the court they had him on of those rays available bring it was yesterday and now I have my notice on their flying in to tell if you're going to be with them on Thursday. Oh Friday he's flying Wednesday. It's built an acquisition if you are professions bills master plan is gonna keep mall here because he's got to use the web started to pick up. After another get a two days ago actually the second because they're stuck. In the very interview on Thursday combat on front. See you under this Houston Astros ya ya I'd love to head injury and you're all about I'm not about politics at all I'm not and you are. Our I'm not into August. Now I'm not to play that's right I hate you hate the White House that your diet. Okay there their your gender or waste of time but it does president the president has more things that you wanna do away with a yes. In this White House might cause and do we it's funny like you see this just drives you crazy thought as I see the headline on for state god bless. United church. And has it's the other the that Houston Astros are going. To the White House they are bent underneath that it says what does this say about the asked if there was any experience it would. What does it say what does it say about the Astros they're going to the White House spirit that says they're going to the White House right so why we have that dad to dissect what dribbles a dual what does this mean about because you nationalist politics plays into everything it does now so if you are an anti try person you sit you go and you can't go to the White House. And if you're a it it's thing with Obama when he was in office and think people it depends on where your politics so our border Mexico and he had an edit in opinion of this eat and you won't be surprised. Actually maybe you well. But here's what it's. I wanna be very clear about this says nothing to do. We've bear on the political spectrum you fall left or right I say what I say because. What has gone on in this administration. Is abnormal. And must not be normalized the former national security advisor. Has already admitted to lying to the feds there's an investigation. Ongoing into the truck administration. And collusion with a hostile phone and how little bump that involve a power not national election. I mean this isn't and there's no what about isn't well this happened and what doesn't it has never happened don't I don't blossom drive home those men's tour to be implicated All the President's Men turned into prices didn't reference to. The evening's meeting when guys have really I like time I suppose I was one year old the last time anything nearly instance he's referred to the press greeted upon exit through the court administration. He's sorry it's got everything to do with politics he's giving you his political persuasion it's all about politics and that's why he peace. Whole White House visits I really do. So he's it's all about his political stance. To normalize what is going on right now has nothing to do with being a Republican or Democrat. Or who you're looking for politically you're asked to do with equal protection under the law and constitutionality. And being patriotic American citizen. You do not normalize this teenager with a White House visits period. OK it's all also sets its a joke he's embarrassed himself. Well aimed it it basically is what he said. At the end. Was that that they Houston Astros this is gonna haunt them for the rest. Best hockey Houston Astros because they don't politically agree with no no because you because in Houston Astros are greens ago. This is gonna all the Houston Astros forever forever show up wherever all you had to use an antidote to that won the World Series Stephen A right that he China and. The biggest reason why I think will knew that it's a mistake. For the Houston Astros to go. It's because we're talking about Major League Baseball a Major League baseball's history. Major League Baseball historically. Has always been the last to applaud Major League Baseball has been ball all I'll leave it prides itself while holding on to it tradition. To win the gains its way. They've been Debbie slow to change it to address things that need to be changed in this poll. The reality is if you're a Houston Astros do you want to be associated with that. Even that question what's considering the matter if we're talking about Major League Baseball. It's history of a sort of visa Q school here on uptake. So are talking about co race. A baseball agreement baseball slow moving in oh but. Was he pitching when the penguins went. October now. So it's NHL sister is disconnect that it is going to be with the Pittsburgh Penguins the rest of their franchise history was the pitcher when Clemson. Went to visit. The editors of the volunteers. Guys it's it's all know that's okay politic is a master Tricia now eloped with a little less yes it was not wanna be associated with. Guys diesels visited controversial president notice these the same people that when people did athletes did not want to go to the White House the Obama White House. They were ranting and raving and screaming about it on T. Right now they don't want to players go to the White House because they don't approve of the man who said he can like it's all about politics yet and l.'s only thing I did it in today's opinion on on trump. Which is that he's a racist. So now the Astros given the history of baseball don't want to go look like there approve of racist. Medicine has had a highlight today. I saw the out I think one has nothing to do aren't surprised he got AW deal with a red statement today woods went. And once one person. That you know what I'm golds they did go. It actually than they were invited and they said no and he he he also write off we have the right to do ice I think it just drives you crazy that these these players patriots were cut the B elevators that go right now the beef it's like they're they're there shamed. And two going to organization and ownership. The president of the team. Up you can't go to White House says you know this has changed you're not going yeah she won't get bigger shame for the British and for going. For stepping at that when you say when the headline is. Okay out of Houston Astros or go to the White House and won the World Series a good for you actually years. What does this say about the Houston Astros and their recent. But does the effect will be that you all are eating in normalizing an administration that shouldn't be normalized and if you put your own kind of personal. Value on. Honoring some tradition which by the way only goes back to the region White House then I would say you have chosen poorly. No he shouldn't hold they've chosen not to believe which you believe. You have a right to do that everybody has a right to do that. So I don't buy any of these White House ceremonies I think there are joke addictive. You know a photo op for for for the president so just seeing about but all the guess you could you could put if you eat. But we can't sit there pick and choose. That's what it's about it's amazing to me. And I know I would miss it I would miss it if I would miss it at all you know like how that no matter who was the president. Actually don't do it until he's out you know if it's kind of fun did you grow up. Outside of the New England area of eastern seaboard right OK you grow the Wesco go to south the White House is sold or do you. It's just it's a place you'll never ever get to especially you don't have the means so you get an opportunity. To decode the White House eagle on the front or did they do gold right and not do it anybody else you your own little one on one situation. You want to go oh. So that so that's the president goes up and ADV tells a bunch of stupid joke that somebody else writes for so we miss brown is a bunch of names right tackle chuckle chuckle laugh laugh laugh. Oh ha okay you take pictures on the White House you do whatever it is you do it literally last about an hour. Get on the plane at least for the betterment there was there was a lot of talk when the pats won because the relationship with trump with with Kraft would ballot check with Brady ended an election itself went. Again like in October it was October of Pittsburgh. It was funny because they went before right with Obama. I was reading an article Ehrlich Pittsburgh basically on their web site name ended their team's Twitter feed everything else is posting pictures of the trip to Obama. Initially it and publicize at all they like secretly went to these trucks. It's still wet but it's like seek to impose one single picture again so. The hole and I'm tired of people can eliminate as how it's not about policies but he gives the Johnson Marty backpack monologue about yet. How what is the most votes it's everything about it and Obama is all what did you. To me just they just there pictures of a very similar very easy. And are making it such additional wait a minute in its worst because then Stephen any throws the race card in their talking about baseball. Right I mean. What are we doing here it is playing their own agenda. I don't baseball player what do we should it go to the White House because of what a bunch all at white knuckle heads. Decide it was the way they want to conduct their business because all you'll just. I'm real owner or not we're not with a and I got to integrate baseball right because baseball players which I think more integrated than any sport. In any professional sport yet more nationalities. More colleges and allocated any other rational yes and my big hockey. Maybe amateur but still. I just drives me insane what does this say about east and ask for a lit. Does your does that they wanted to target chip and fifty dollars and and the problem is that people have was it's about the sport baseball. Those vessels next but the real well but hold on the big predicament are guys next regulation literally just set there. Is the problem baseball in long history in their arena is there a current global behavior. I just so big so baseball should be treated that way for ever. And he broke the color line it was a disgrace that they didn't do it earlier we get all of that. But now he did they're gonna leave that forever even though. The the the way people treated today in 2017. And the people with a baseball a much different users talked about the diversity in baseball wash. What are we talking about it so that's what I mean it was all about key elements politics and it's Stephen A had a stroke his agenda into. It's a stupid ass photo op of a team that won a championship. Sitting on the sophomore. With the president. That is all it's about. And again I would love it if they eliminated them. I don't wanna go waste of president's top model I'm out playing golf like this president plays every day and the last president play every other day to waste that time. But it may just hope our politics that's. Albeit a donut hole it was yes it was. It is in and you're just making it with your overdoing it it's not that complicated. Just like we all can compartmentalize our lives based on everything else that we got going on. And the athletes compartmentalize their lives when it comes to injuries and families and glad there. They think we're just going to the White House and not president and I do is they all I would like to go. I'm with you so you don't you don't you're gonna continue the practice of doing these two guys that wanna go girl the guys that don't wanna go. Condit circles that's all have a more intimate look at this right now that sent a chill happen eventually you know we'll see you along with. Trump remains president. But at some point and with him might end next year many image you know it's old and it will happen. Amid the next guy gets in there yeah I think if anything they're Eric back is now it's gonna mean more harm them to say it's stupid and so but the the problem I have with the quick elements don't. Is there should be a backlash here to Houston after the players children place to should be about why. Because they don't politically agree. With Max test the players. He stumbled a whole organization why did the owner Rick is an appropriate next. Understand that there were other people would go to these polls in November and vote in the other people vote differently the man still. And sort it out we need to speak think I know exactly like Max. Now. And I don't get it and again both these guys talking about it use your so right I was stunned group bolts everybody stone and we looked up and used in that what does this say. About the Houston Astros was just look at that statement he's he you know it's he has this is this is their political agenda witnesses say about the organization. The World Series yes it won the yes you have you have two different award for the guarantee when when they do it when they do away with this whole visit the White House. But of the the first team that wins and they just do away with the big guys and a team like I want to go to the White House. White House eleven of the access. That I'm going to have if I show up as the as a world champion. Given its end right there in gold of that room and that Ehrlich and visit like everybody else. But that can access weren't pretty and this memory of course and I hate the guy in office it's part of the gift. Basket you get for winning a championship you get the raid. You get that yet the rain yet you get that the late night TV shows you get the appearance fees that it White House. And that's usually hit. All on that one right then and there and then UK and he gets you get ready for the new season I don't know I I just doing away with the breakup evolve out of whatever hole doesn't. I think it's crazy so when guys didn't go to the White House okay win Barack Obama was sitting there it is in the White House. They were critical of those people get out of our go to the white striped it would go all over racial Tim Thomas could destroy our part we know that. Now suddenly we are going to reprimand. And destroy the teams that are claiming they want to go to the White House because you don't like to God's sitting. It and in Pennsylvania Avenue right now that this is loaded expeditiously autorads witnesses who what does that what does that say yes just. More and more importantly. Did not. Know Okajima were zoom. Which only says it's gotten them to do with politics and what was your position. When players didn't go when Barack Obama was in office I guarantee you. I know what they are. I 61777. On seven not 37. Right here and all and then once again it's only Hindu and Christian Fort Wayne Martin moaning and 48 on Sports Radio. I've back during that whole MF they huge was it outside. He'll still wasn't there hours five minutes we can stay in the house for us he just prep for the show they're on tour next conference call right now yeah in his nose in order. But it is a loose count can get another mistake that to deal with the the president here. The president is going to go to the championship college championship football game on Monday in Atlanta one. Well why why is it this is Alabama and Florida playing on its advantages that everyone's gonna love him OK yes. Is proud yes and that others people we deal with security. Where you gonna have guns. Oh yeah security card era there are in members though this is going to be a major security issues are already talking about it right now with the Atlanta police department. And US Secret Service to me. So when essentially doesn't go to army navy would Eagles at Georgia Taliban book. That took the duties of the army navy game he's he's missed both of them. The Eagles there. Alabama you know you're right play Alabama look there is kids so it's all politics so I'll just like it's just like backs is all safe zone. It was it was a USC. And odds Boston College I don't that'll never happen something points isn't an. Think he's got that game is too much involved with it was a parody. When Ohio though when Ohio did one of the Ohio State. All right you don't usage as me to do. We just know he's gonna do sit there is no way even though eaten you know it was whole thing but that does surprise me at all. And on and on about. Elegant look and here we ordered oil my veto much of imprisoned people down near Fallujah who's gonna root for. If you sit on Alabama's side of it but first avenue at Georgia on the line. Is popular pearl. I am a stickler when I actually want the guy to stay in Washington and get the jobs economies. Now on I thought the same way about the previous cast. Opposite you know we we don't we don't need yeah it's doing it again. Is that because football fields picnic. This is this. Way Obama easily White Sox and Henry it's like such as he did so what's the White Sox player is it going to cost a lot of other guys do you can't put a month field wanna do any of us. Alabama and Georgia. Alabama and it Landau. Yes what do you think what do you think Alabama is what in the Atlanta and what do you think we'll probably aren't you think Georgia where the unit of Georgia's top box. Way to downtown Atlanta do you think there was any power I think the percentage was of votes that he got in Atlanta. Chocolate city twenty point 8% in Alabama. Now it's in Atlanta so what's the game is in Atlanta went out is the last time ago so resign and go but I'm always remind. Over he's got to go out looking at it wants to go to C again. And before. And in that team that wins you'll have an invitation right after the game to that'll be a lot about that university resilience so he's doing there and judge he's thirty for Alabama the pompous birdies all on vick's statement. Is a Bill Belichick gag me besides mixing in a little you know good luck message and before the game go get a kid. Maybe that's what it is probably is an exit guide you right course is set makes him so he's gonna sit on the Alabama side. Definitely. Don't know Hilton the first half on once and I think about it again as are donating their play where he goes he expected to go to the meaning it's we started talking a lot about something so we'll get back into talking about it because it does episode that. A highly anticipated game last night between what you think of two best teams in the Eastern Conference felony the Toronto Raptors would. Probably argue that point they might have a right to argue that point did the team nobody is talking about. And yet all they do is keep on winning these games so maybe there's something going on right now. When that team but Italy it was it turned out to be accountable Bodiford did. And certainly if you're on the celtics' side of it is episode while I was pretty good as your domination yet dominate yesterday. Are much better team and even leanings then you think it through the night went on to David Bloom. They say they were thought Isaiah allure of dollar hole I Hayward. For the record they were very good and he's hurt so what's different but there is a little bit of a different there's one you know. Because they really don't have their team together right of the team that you're going to see. In the post season Cleveland's team it's gonna look dramatically different when you add Isiah Thomas and you saw the game and you did. The night before against Portland and even the second item back to back. If you saw them that was a much different. The what you saw MBA is just it's different than what you normally seek you know and in in NFL you don't take weeks off. Yeah you don't take off week one through six off. One through twelve and just sort of floats through you'd did he can't figure out teams don't do that. In the NBA veteran teams 100%. Absolutely do what it's been proven in the past. Not everybody's a Golden State and they just rolled through it but a lot of LeBron James is teams do exactly. That they'll specially. When what their second best player Isiah Thomas I still be better than Kevin Love. But in all around you have your argument all you want I thought advocate of a second best player is sitting on the sidelines waiting to get into playing form. Way of saying seventeen minutes department play and those 1718. What he's expected to be full strength in about a month. No guarantees not gonna get hurt but you got to expect he's gonna be back when he does it's a different team. You're a guy might come back in Hayward at the end of the year give equal fifteen minutes CB and I think that's a law. Should but if he does he he's kind of taking minutes away from guys that are already producing right now so much until we becomes put it. Yet it would become more of a full time player next. Well you've taken away from a brownie you're taking away from data loudly about the bench. Is it to 7% or so you take away from rouge here we've taken away from Zeller. OK don't. Argued its data away from the deep bench the defense is not playing in the policies and they're not playing in the playoffs OK so you're down eight players. And they Gordon Hayward is I agree I think he he certainly. Can help a little bit coming off the bench he's not gonna have an impact Isiah Thomas is going to have a major impact if he is LC. On the Cleveland Cavaliers he's going to open up the entire floor he's gonna change everything. And there are offensive minded team. And when they take LeBron off the floor they can't produce at the offensive end and we know there are terrible defense of team that's what they're screwed. Now suddenly realize they are out there you always have a score was capable of putting thirty plus points on the board. Out on the floor at all to have the same personnel shows up in the playoffs and those that do those two teams last night's other to better teams. But I'm guessing as it comes back I would guess as I have and it's the call me crazy. A legal limbo I'm guessing he comes back and who do you think would be the favorite. If I say it comes back and I say it is Isiah. All right let's say he's. He's the player we saw last year he comes back who's the favorite if you haven't nine gunfire and 8% of the people ask that question outside of Boston NC Cleveland right. Outside of Boston right. Is that reality world here. Not so much. I think they're better or use our last night. That you were you were dual going out almost and it's worthy of the degree chambers or out to your boy they looked at last night's game and exit polling we're gonna we're gonna win this thing what are we breath. Personally and it's a story early obviously you know when he gonna start believing in the Celtics team and it Cleveland's taken Eckstein serious patient take yours and you should believe in this team. But it's a different team believing taken serious and they can. They're better than business I mean. They're better team than they were last year. They they have closed the gap they will not step on the court of post season for the cavaliers and embarrassed as it did last year that will not happen it'll be a series that. You know if if everybody's healthy and just I'm saying actor Isaiah Thomas is healthy and Gordon Hayward. The limited RE EB doesn't come back I just think fleet will be the. Look at the witness if you look at that the postseason for the Celtics right now I think we're all listening today. They are better team than what we saw last year and obviously last year they had the injury to Isaiah Thomas so they were kind of a mess and all of that. So they get a 123. She got I'm a little bit they're gonna get one of you wanted to get probably going to be no one. So to get the number one seed. They went the first round probably with no difficulty whatsoever because by that time. The knicks will be the number eight seed forcing this will be wiped out and tired probably won't play in post season. So the second round. And the second round you get a Washington. Or you get eight Toronto or something like that and think that that's just going to be a brief. You don't walk through those that series against either one of those games. Well I don't think so but based on. What they've done just an if you look at it like it is here is it just keeps put of these stats about. The top teams that Boston has beaten. They beaten all the good team and I hope this yeah and our elderly people homeless you're secure top five team Williams to tease him in Oklahoma city car. Maybe since knowing that's any second goal. As a player like that means nothing. I don't say we see Cleveland in the situation last year they had issues and there's lots of question marks an attic yet figured out they want the best team in the east that it they were the inevitable once the it really matter or form. But still so until I see. Cleveland go through ruts stretch and the struggle that habit proceeds habit like bridge into the post season like OK we can you always think that you just flip the switch I don't limits on what I. Understand because it's. Yes it dead bit there's a very good team we know they're very good team but. When the Celtics won a regular season game people like snapped. When you when you try to sit there and say I was a good win but what does it really mean big picture and they get so pissed you. We get any other sport. I think those people that are so pissed sit there and say well I think you can't city comes in in the wind and they're gonna win because there'd be you. That doesn't mean anything. Two regular season game to beat your wife doesn't that mean you think if the Yankees would Red Sox beat the Yankees that means five you know what they just took two out of three in a post season. You know in July in a post season October that'd be the Yankees because it just to let us through that should mean something. It in hockey does it not not a regular season they're nice wins and it helps approach given nice team. But for the people to snap out when you say this about the Celtics that altitude went. But big picture what does that really mean. We're usually mean who better. To any sport I would even say that and and is as far as like professional sports actually it's. Oh he LeBron James says you know we don't know what our team's going to be like tiller teams out precisely is back he slowly coming back managing his minutes. But you can integrate players easily more easily into the basketball environment is only five guys to me just pick up basketball. The bass which I grabbed eleven guys it's an. And play and play it pick up a ball game do you agree on all of those you know to do. So it's easy it I think it would be easier for them figured out and they're tired at the halfway point by the time. Embassies he comes around this cast team could look. Unstoppable. Because you have two guys right now they can literally take the game over on the wrong LeBron can. And Isiah can't. And and that that is supporting cast there and play up to its level of their competition little late but look like it did yesterday or last night. Love DR Smith and the one god and he can't they can easily do without how on. That's the equities analyst and you're off the answer fine he's the delving don't agree with your third string record right now yeah its roots and yardage in article. The boy is like you know youth that that just look at his baseball like you know unit. Teams on a ten game road trip and you get the Yankees in three game series and Uga sale Uga price and you got Palmer and they got their 345 starters go against you. Now sees sweep. And it's like okay. But they didn't the other dutrow said arena. Vs sailed that they you know they didn't combat at all Tanaka vs well you know you just that it parole Sonny gray and it wasn't playoff matchups. It wasn't the same. Soul why would we look at July and that's a huge series it's a meter for the standings. But what does that really mean today's Celtics win a game and it's like that means everything to these people like. It's a nice win all wise all why we don't know what's gonna look like in the playoffs my effort is equal so why did they did that Christmas Day when they get beat they could be. He had only by the Washington Wizards. That's the team you're gonna have to face and it's a tough match up. For you. In the postseason. What was the regular season game and all its December Woodward on December of well. I expected a phone calls its original 777 on seven I present a government think nothing stops rumor loan you come out of Cooperstown. Feel like you don't want. They're cool comic dim hall of Famer well meaning the FCC. And they act like very happy veterans give support wait 48 and move. Marleau on Sports Radio comes. This is when the pressure of a storm system actually dropped 44 bill bars Anderson 24 hours. We're expecting this one to be twice as bad. Nearly fifty Miller Park that's like super storm sandy. The NASA Mars rover on the surface of Mars recorded a temperature of minus two look at the wind chills it's colder in Chicago that on the surface of Mars at minus fifteen. As well as Detroit and went. Talking about like what shutting down a city for 80 yes. Far off as will be in the hotel for the next few days. I actually know just usually never happens. With me I never usually get things wrong Florida but visited the Twitter world has just called me out and yes from did go to army navy. The first year it was present yes OK come down he Eagles lash you this year to go all the year so I classic you know it looked generally. So he was there for the entire you know you were gone. And this year. It is like others here are you sure. Yes there's it's the Twitter world will respond but I tell you could remember what happened a year ago right now with the problem was you a my apology okay. That was nice that you wouldn't. I was like you're gonna save me from him and wanna move on them and either way I don't know just look at the weather going meaning three to drive homeowners. I feel like there was I don't know I feel we should get how did they not only is dale leaving his house at 145. I think. He's doing a show from two to six he will be home before you you don't like guys that you were on the oil rigs and get into drag and they get paid a lot of money to work or did have a dangerous job. Right so we should get I should at least loose in your hotel hasn't had. We should get a little extra company you know for the for the for the effort for making them appear and then having to brave the storm drive home when don't want to be on the road any ego. We simply be votes that were to get those. Whatever else you're close yeah but you also I am asking every day have been out of work financial hardship you have who's a well goes I don't know it was a well done none of that. The every day Agilent sales that slot people are asking for the help I had about as a miserably. But it Paul's late the bully of the sales of what he's had the vote fails asleep at the could pull off. Yeah hopefully the sales people. Headphones while food drops. More food food if this had healthy time hazard pay definitely hazard I'm sure there's somebody that's an alliance DN sure yes perfect. Needed hazardous pages for your life pool hall of what did you feel back of his girlfriend went through. Wild against each try to do one of our lives and wanted to let you know you got to show I mean three weeks hit it and you'll be back with a girl for three weeks and anybody wanna bet on. No he is done no I don't know and these are not agencies are neutral and out to be off the wall the night TV the only possession is back at my house is I think it's an adult same way a little cold is the same way he talked Lou if you remember it is the exact same way he talked. The first time this is why you shouldn't dog. Why should have kept the dog. Otto and legal fight the dollar you when you're done that I got to bring a dog to how's that. Now candy addict yeah I noticed you can't have a lifestyle to have a dollar and yes if it does interact with the dog catches let go do whatever they disappear for years to come back and radio five. And a dog house budget this this is focus in on just being in the best version of yourself. Yeah well that's good that's good advice consultant and all things built relationships maybe it's me because I thought what the guns in the words so many as I've heard that comment so many guys that what you do in twenty team. It's one of the best version the into the I like. That is the lazy is desertion of of being the best provision class and other words I saw that my dad for the past couple minutes nosy better I see that on its program now it's time FaceBook Twitter at at eight. Hey you know here's some advice for twenty AT tackling twin eighteen. Toward the outside knows the orbit all the flop from the Phillies of people trying to failure like with. To speak at this version of peace. Have now come from. I'm confident did you folks not to Dallas and everybody that's unrealistic unless it's me I haven't got. I think I'm gonna be the best pay and. They beat the best you can give me all play and I saw that actually New Year's that you know on TV. They go around asking people Leo and yes that was a bunch of I don't think I'm an answer but we've ever done the best I can be best person I can be at your army the army slogan for years beating all the Caribbean did you. And did you watch any of CNN on new usually put smoke and we'd all want the ball it's already amassed it but the bottom masked and you do it hits a week and they were all. They were all wiped out. Yes. And it didn't need not just like we don't yet. Yeah I wait on that matter to people back in studio in Denver there I don't at Denver and Citroen will what do I saw that's a blog but I know we I know. It's just trying to keep his job it's just Smyrna we the past and then that it. Here's a download and is out I dropped out of his mind or whatever and yet it does she grew up or the other was worth of their body and I was sitting on Anderson Cooper during the election it was it was all our. Always was especially for me news out you know to be or will they suddenly do that it was it was that cadets. And generally as a Democrat. A Jenny Jenny Jenny McCarthy. But her base. What you have to have a little weird stuff it aid I don't know. Brilliant women decide they do an older we'll let women like she is not that she is not the best version of herself. But they fishy about birds or somebody else did she anyone do all that kind of work and actually look good. No no they don't do not ever and it looks like you know Iraq you know what's really never do twenty years later Melanie Griffith you've seen which looks you know have a little better like she's constantly surprised. The whole time and her and she was like there's no facial expressions whatsoever constantly surprised I vital and eyebrows up. Based pulled back as much as possible to do in this version of it do it. It's he took that I think should try to be better burden ourselves and that's that's a that's on the front of huge industry I don't know if you haven't seen my the surgery at big huge error Lou and it's it's it's but even a Michelle Pfeiffer you're you're right they don't look at that it's even worse years later download down and wrote it really looks eventually rule. The skins gotta go somewhere ranked. Knowledge pull off my over the cutoff. And go somewhere like you're like what you lost your way they out of the editor when you lost your way out. He eventually let you gotta have surgery that clip off like all that but that it had not at all it was more before like your belly right a little Mosul the more you candidate that you weren't b.'s rate. Probably was now lol don't work at all we'll run it goes you feeling really has heard there yourself but you're not yet. Now I got a governor that you had urged have you. And work out detail you what advice do you have all these like you know self help you will likely go to the lazy is it sort of Beisel people out there were struggling with themselves and weight issue family insecurity issues. We won't tell him you know what. I tell my grandma. Momma said some crazy for Obama program. What am I grandma my grant put out his name mama grandma momma used to say agency you know and you know honey. You'd be the best version yes. You were voted by this is from south islands that I. I'm pedals on the phone today and let's remember a lot of ago. And let their level of the south so I don't always going to be so it's it sounds like just to be the best version view is what sentence. William and as well it seems like yet she's been through she notes is truth to bend. Yeah president. However another hour I don't know scrap another. That dale takes over from Firefox.