OMF - Excitement over huge show announcement; Glenn’s life has come full circle, 7-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 1 - Glenn and Christian are ready to move to their new time slot in the afternoon and they get Lou on the phone from his vacation to weigh in on it. Christian points out Glenn’s life has come full circle now that he is moving back to afternoons.

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Fort Wayne and pony and Fauria at the big news it is that mid day show. Glenn progression. And moved them. Are moving to the afternoon in the afternoon show scale and rich are moving to the morning's today after all amounts of criticizing his can't chose around. We've decided to follow suit tomorrow. Thank you with Glenn doing Christian these guys do you have fun. They have great chemistry I think they do they get along pretty well but they have their flights and I think Christian and Lou upon them and it's people like in the chronicle this year on Sports Radio WEEI. Resistance. Ligament time machine back I don't really think you're sitting at the press we like him interviewing you and you still play. Not not not them gave up playing you know play the page often don't know not tell you don't need that Metallica. Believe he's talking about that machine you know well not that isn't what. Which surprisingly. Give me just. So what does this show Huntley and it what a lot of silly problem when you showed so little sparkle all species could -- I have given us and you'll already you basically throw in the towel in -- over the long night it was a it was good quality long is based on my case yeah I did you pulled can't tell you stories whenever we're all we are rat's ass you don't want to I don't view that I don't say so whatever so I. I was so there is left out I got only 1 AM use in New York yesterday if you remember we did the show separately today were were back in the studio guys look great today. Using some spelling tired right now you look at it. When it objectively reflect. Yeah. It does that. Make up a and ever. So you went to Europe retired agent showed up at the last minute as always in we'll give you do one of these guys that attempted to work in your craft. And if you've got a great jets worked for you moving to have a bigger shift more people are going to be listening. But I noticed today it was like from now. Yeah and now a guy calling you gonna wash down like five minutes after college. And wealth started Ayman. Image no limit to go in on Monday and articles have a a thousand. Yet today we have to talk about old news I'd get by OK I thought I mean nobody on the change possibly you'll be all. So we mocked you've received umi part of you know it. Q trees today. At six articles just fine but people talk about this the worst time of the year. For sports and talking sport and Rachel we talk about now. The best time here and we are the this is the best. Play all of these woods didn't like it I decided I know. Time place. It. And yeah. Elude easy call easy easy it is about whatever Luke the baseball expert takes the week after Indy baseball all star game. When it's the only thing that's so all started he did not listen to the guys in the in the morning while while skirt east Iowa three years it was a very strange to me that curtains like that took a he's got a badges and trusted. I don't vows listening to an authority in the coming when becoming. Eventually came but best pointed out to me on Twitter today remember in this thing was Rio. He'd be so badly. Last year during the Super Bowl he took a commercial flight please glorifying on Jack. A private jet with unbelievable. Scared rabbit and Callahan and a term you are an out of court Williams got under private jet. So ST did. But he was nice boy saying all these wonderful things about this. Okay it all means it in Iraq are now that I didn't throw up there with the bureau gated. Judah does he lied backed up like. Red or severe routes and I've seen people like that uses I don't take 45 to 30 in the morning. I know the funny stuff. The funny stuff is as all of the backs or all the stuff I'm learning now. About two is the conversations you've had with other people because you know I completely worthy of your. Like we have this type all that. Which it was it was brought back to we do have a good wolf we we have people on the it is now written notice in the past when you guys ran over me and just you know just wrote on the road are we impacting on the back. If you love it was a test as well as the lone wolf so I can't may have a apps are now you know wolf but so you don't have a period with the the rookies when they command an initiation period in my case it was overeat or our ability it was OK you're looking under a giant is. Reynolds he hazy days of positive thought so that that. It's complete now the circle is complete here we go you're back. Where you started. And the big well again the big no show again that was makes cents an accident and so I never listened to the big O show it and if I've won Ohio where he hasn't had no idea who's doing exactly what you guys are syndicates. Bobby your head I got an up and now I know taillight no I did not listen to little who listens. Not acting nod and I think CDs but backwards in the nose and dries yeah that's exactly our it's music just music of any other sport. We can't afford that people listening to music and in this cycle is complete. You are murderer. Or met her and words. The potential cabinet and you to. And was you know those guys in the morning on August the thirteenth. We are going to flip flop. With the guys in the afternoon and OMF is going to afternoon drive to the six. And then those guys are rich keep and Dale Arnold Dale's had great success in midday they are going to go back. Into that intimate that so wit it's been great the three of us we've got phenomenal ratings here in in mid day. As they say our workers our work is okay I'll work as to where movement that sell it you think. We think. Do you think it is over you China to exit strategies underneath. He had its production and now back since it as is always bizarre when an amber you guys to do dual or triple what all the I'll tell. I give you sponsored a guy that's I have to do next so liquid form big game. You know big move yet there were about to take on competition night thought he jacked up. You know so I'm Mike I'm employed colors all day long. Or. The other one that a plane on a regular basis and I got to give this one to buy. Is this sort of turned Arizona. Not all. Maybe there's some Steve Miller Band to play for Glenn what Steve military's don't Phillip and and okay oh it was a little little Jefferson and the I. The brunt of that emanates thrown out the window the first. Coach expenses coming and I got you have to you have to tell that's. I'd miss the beginning of that story at a time you'll actually sneaking literally stock the it was not what I did the cross and viewers sitting right here you are sitting right here in this in this chair right here documented across yeah I mean I remember I remember I didn't of the unity normally try to be funny now and look at the diamond like to go to shine box as exactly what I did you treat your arrives back you're like you know take advantage of all these ways and I was like they're nobody cares. Say right now a day care anyway is such an hour and a half I have to act. If you want I record milieu at all. And I know you Mets I think amateur once I don't know it and it's bullets and Diego and we had never K hiking and lip thing you know you guys are there. And I brought my son was at the time limit he'd learn that you're going to be Clifford back Jim and I are like valued Odyssey in the guise of the emails which are OK with. And I think you're the Osce in and Patrick. That was a several week it did you do believe that doesn't want the best interviews nobody ever had you know I don't think it was I never said that it was in the top 1000 I think at 15100 something like that. First of all you have the terrible memory OK okay I'm eyesight may very little impact that your life is. We did have conversations before we didn't we did what did we talk we do it smelled pot yeah we're talking charity event it's all totally out I would be scared and nothing else I don't do audio on the radio spectrum and radio artists that comes out about Canada had a tabloid friendly are only frankly our all of your travel everywhere monkey suit. They got you a month. Listen we are. I say one thing about this. The three of us have developed. The chemistry and and we love and hate each other which is. What you need and radio I think you need to have that love hate relationship. And we've all been together and all of this and I think this is why. A lot of it works in radio you have to have people who are working with you that you can you can height you can you can sit there and you can. You know beat up and then when you go to break. This so much respect that you sit there and you'll laugh and grass off at each other and I think. Those of the radio shows that that work and we have formed a little wolfpack start my site a few times but I keep on get. Back into never turn your wolf pack you guys threw me out that was you went out and out in your non known and unknown out of your data back honorable marketed as a medic good times bad times you stick will gather for us but that was all that. So you. I've spent a lot of time talking even in New York. And a lot of this finally came to fruition. Last night. So we have not talked. To loom reload now it's funny I was mentally you talk now just tell you I just said before the protested this is weird. 'cause it's a three and show we can and here we sit with those guys this morning. In the next thing you know there's no loop. And it's just the two of us and I'm doing that show his big announcement show's been very successful show was now moving to a different bigger audience. In afternoon drive. And is no Lou here to celebrate. So imagery favorite on open up the pot and their call open a pot. That went well. When he opens on smoking boom Kundun pathetic old fool if you doubt it's hard. Ally bats are hot. And so I called Lou article column right now. And here he's on vacation he's going to be viewed as a minority. Weakness that calling right. What happens is that then he went out management told us last night he was also then they told me you the last one bluntly if you're the last one to a great. Just because you wanted to couldn't you. And as I. And now shots you have that just think it's a gently because I had more going on in my life that you did so I was able to just always my that I. Today one of the earth and if not dead is not of police product don't act like you've got to be so out of traditional mechanical chemical when he our Coleman right now. Commuted to get a month to resume. We are dot we'd proudly we have long animal handler Lucy. So I don't know we had to call you because it was only fair Christian. We calling on you tonight. Guys what are we doing. And now is looking errors. I'd like to look at what the government also. I don't jot it down and join this week in check arsenic we're 02. I only got there's no shortage. Yeah we want anyway. We wanted to get your reaction obviously with big announcement on. I always going to be there a huge and doctors now that the it's gonna help them it it will put on weight of the talks so. Well we'll get to that let the clock sports you know and take a unit that's where this is a good day you're gonna have a great weekend so it phenomenal week. So person and I were talking right up until like I don't know midnight last night and then the management told us that you were all set itself. I wanna get your reaction is people have heard our reaction about going to two to six starting in August the thirteenth I wanna get your reaction to the sex in the afternoon. Which by the way he was he visible to this with the old show starting on August 13 which. Oh. We. He tomorrow we may want to move on to the six and now are modern team. Is serious right now. Would surprise me as well so are you serious. That is what it is cypress I got a call it I don't silly little that we get our guests include its includes non lawyer. We can talk about it. What do you do. Well I don't. On beginner choice Christian and I signed last night yeah dude you they told us. About the effect April which you would already signed Christian was the last one the last war standing down. And they told us it about. 8 o'clock that you worry. Yet know. All. These talk. You guys talk it don't work well in my contract doesn't negotiate a deal so that I. No they told us that you would. Did the deal you're gonna so we did tell him where he's calling games and with us valuable minutes and it just so they are have very close with your name. I don't the I guess a little. We'll let us. When. Payment can promo. Clip and due from or not the one that when you and I talked about that the new promo that's. Got Lou's name. Yet. Another argument second but yeah it was T find it it'll unless you know on the. Each channel by the way though. That and I called blue so I'm really show me a talk about valuable all of a sudden there is just company has difficult and killing them with a three of us to get us on the same page in a signed contract with the right shift and was debacle. To handle the tribunal. I don't know I. Do we have been his since his little promo the sizzle. August 13. You choice in May. Jalen. I'll you know save a woman's voice for delicately in a big burly man whose voice for these guys and I'm just saying they will use the voice stood out to start aren't just I picked up on production that's. A reason. It's like one of the big one of those things like sesame. Sesame Street commercial or one of those segments in one of these things don't belong to movements boys that doesn't belong. But gimmicky or it doesn't belong with battered by the regime just go Lothian Cho just exploded we re so I. He played yeah. When you go to when you all vacation just so you know go with them in a positive attitude and in good mindset not like yeah okay what the hell's going to guess you don't leave during important times. As we don't we see we're Smart I just stuck around I had to go to New York I did that whole thing in which was a nightmare by the way. And all parties. Would you have keys to get new cars what more frequent and very excited to get back guys like boys males like I like I know I didn't leave on the train because I drove home but. But also the leaders I honestly have no idea where any you can do it. Account my. How. My hair in the week a month it was back on got Lou and check in with Joey you good. I ball that looked at talked mayday call that an area where my group bucket dispute. I'm getting. Sick or weightlifting yeah like you like rocky felker upper leg up eat out all grew up. All you can create your gonna evolve all of inspirational speeches right when moment down every. You got to like read a Brady's back then you know ground level and he was grounded. No this is those goggle like it it crow back. Down it did they give you crown. Last time I went to Burger King crowns a paper job that's what I have watched the. They're all hell breaks loose and have announced. They'll go to U. Not on Twitter user ludicrous and you gonna stay in communication with your agent stuff like that you know when you go away on vacation you just can't drop everything. As this mess up your schedule at all and what did you go to the things you're doing and you got injured and got he got NBC sports wants the U good. Question. I'm just happy that I can do any more traffic going inside and taking two and a half hours again and wait wait you leave. It. Is it but it's close. There's a black so you don't let me go hang out like five minutes maybe they'll be different week you don't hang out with anybody you are out of here quicker here anybody and a new but here's the thing here's a you don't realize you shall solely. I'm here early. I can hear her I actually get here on time because you can hear at 950. And start yelling screaming and telling everybody what to do and then when the shows are you bitch and complain. At that nothing's done. Because you told you tell everybody to his bushel stars. And while that's true and what do you report I don't look down window exciting. There's been a slip or was let me woody totality you'll get all the. Now we're gonna have had some issues when NASA missions what do you think we do it well while. Make it up in the morning Kirk will be able to huddle up we dale right. Yet to get it to a Crockett. Outlook 2 o'clock dot. But by the way they were questioning what the Alex core interview because Alex will now go to our show on Wednesday and what's it gonna be like look gonna suck up to. Seventy and. Said that you do with bill I know we will then they go right to not make you pay a one. Not only important Christian that it bought it would be not good he would like it wasn't like Butler. There for show women doing a show that's true that August 13 our show let's let's get to and a hey but they do you have a nickname for outscored you guys have like the old guys like you know easily how Ole thing each other like you know who practical jokes and stuff like that has no nickname little inside nickname you know you column I'd give us and maybe I'll call. That's my partners CI commuted jerk because he's your buddy. And I could it be bad cop good cop thing you know all the back and forth the yard Turkey's affable Barak you 000. And I told him coach. I call him coach and I thought I'd go home our column bill. Which William come face you're vacationing with the Nazi policy does that weaken their lives aren't. Just don't want it now. And there was no. I'll let him go so we can enjoy his vacation gradually got Lou and we just for the rest of my life review. Released over. Until we have trading outlook we got to go we got a guy like. That's one thing that we will be in Connolly we won't be in common I think with a lot of things with the the show that we're gonna compete against Felger amassed but the one thing we will be. It common look no battles with cancer in British once news breaking news. I'm bright had a choice not a. Peace is breaking news order wait loaning it forty. Brought you by Julian Phillips auto glass on Sports Radio WEEI. Company has changed their mind him moving a 68. At night. Monday through Fridays don't work Monday through Friday traffic will be easy specially going well. I here's the breaking news the Boston Celtics. Have come to an agreement is done with the markets Smart. Four years 52. Million bucks a parent for years 52. Million so we've sold and out. And it's it's Yahoo! that's donuts it's cute so Yahoo! has pretty. It sure hands who so moving into a new would gig apparently he's done so 44 years four years 82 million dollars it's perfect because. What what what they're doing over there is that's really. The market value form some veterinarians it's not six point four million and it's not eighteen or twenty which he thought he was going to get out. He's better for this team going forward. Because he's going to make the same amount of money if he goes and open free agency next year. He's probably gonna get it with a bad team has a good teams can look at it and say we don't have that type of money we under the cap to be able fit and die. Who is terrific at one thing he's very it was a role player. Com and the I don't here's the other thing it does for a minute and I mention this all along with Marcus Moore from day one we talked about it. You wanna get players in that sweet spot of 1112. Million dollars. When you don't have. A Max contract guy to trade away and you need to get a guy next year the year after what's a guy like Anthony Davis. You got a contract like this that you conclude that adds up to the total of a maximum contract god so you actually have the flexibility to go and make a deal. This is Smart by. Well again I think if if you're marked as Smart as a win win for you obviously yeah. He wanted more but who doesn't. Mean he obviously overvalued himself in and that's five minutes they all do eventually end up coming back to where you should be. I think you could sit there you can really. You know player ass off. Knowing that you know you write or you should beat it doesn't shoot. He's he's an impact player. But in the end it. You know he's not he's not transcending the sport. But on championship teams you need market Smart I'd Amal I'm a believer in this more than anything. You know those guys that with those mid range contracts I guess in the in the pros that's you know you're the highest paid guy in the NBA you're mid range guy. You know your role player you know you're scrap or you know you're god as do all the dirty work your leader. You know your influencing the younger players you're carrying the message from the from the coach and they drafted Judy develops and so this is perfect as well should be an early as his birthday he'll be he'll be OP. They'll be multiple. Times or you cynical you know that's the reason why they won that's the way to the reason Bobby when we. Jenna and if he went to a a really bad team he would not get you never ever heard it and be that track so he'd be okay he get his money. And I'm not sure he get a lot more money than he's getting here. I really don't believes that some teams gonna pay 1822. Gonna Marcus marked only NBA com I don't know you don't I think his first he's Bruce Bowen. These he's Tony Allen he's a guy that on a championship team. Dick and defended numerous positions that is invaluable. But if you're Brooklyn your Sacramento. Euro back into the clippers or those mediocre to bad teams just don't even for what the score enough. And he doesn't put any day any I need anybody in the feels he's done that he's announced a marquee guy that marketing and advertising and they'll probably never at a high dew commercial. Solving now but but that's fine but it and that purpose but you know solitude security system that's what I would term for fire or security system I would hire. He'd he does is secure do you get an apartment in Athens now have some fun and I don't know you you wait to. He really give a rats when mcwilliams at Texas when you were useless for your our tax I don't value review when he's right I. I wasn't all hated driver I don't know it just all around the all we're doing that show by the way before we departed the mid day. This is no way we're trying to add out afternoon drive we are going to do one day. Four hours was four he announces it by him dale yes. And I want you to sit here and sweat ball club across unfortunately you act like your job of the audience are over that you are obvious so hard via the you know impressively but Jerry York I don't you don't press any button or actually what digital you went back to Eric I'll order job here. It's the difference and doing anything. You could and couldn't you. Couldn't do. If your job with my eyes close I will be dealt with you wanna do it and popular right now. Do I am a Natalie what we tease that says are similar to the 1 o'clock horrible last out is I want you to Wear down yeah 30 that's. I don't make it has a problem at 1 o'clock to actually one hour with four that one well acted that we're both gonna be he should. I'm already checked out. Supported you're asking me so it's not that I'm tired from traveling and working like it is militia midnight aspect is the fact that I am just. Bobby occasion this tomorrow on a plane so you're gunfire along. I'll I'll be there to sweep it back lead tomorrow be back on Friday we don't model. Who's don't access uttered racking my Spanish 5050 on the bag to be some Spanish. Businessman do you views of Spanish side old lost. All the apps right. So there yet are you are seeing what I Rosetta Stone that's yup I noticed on as his great they'd be sadly you doing on a computer you can actually do work just keep on your phone. Go through all the lessons on her phone. Obviously I think I'm model in progress okay formal announcement took it more. Everybody leave it. My motive though so here's our Lola is the where a molested or that you're here we'll look for diplomacy. Did you get to the open the the line. We're Kennedy isn't the kind of hear what kind of two key to the user is what you hear where you when you missed. For me. This is going to be is Eleanor let me see you. What's. So what are you you know more than two weeks ago when we correlate them and its intent it. My dad find out what you need to get that tequila that you like top shelf don't don't you all Rodriguez would cups you. I don't know I don't drink lots and I'm gonna drink I don't wanna feel like crap the next day some good stuff yeah it you don't have a dip along with a warm with a Mormon actually. You know I am. They wanted to do for us and I am a key player who I am I admit that I am all multiple neck artery. Ralph brotherhood. To manufacture. And brotherhood right. Of combat from combo and I'm remembering a a really nice ball to you this place called the key town. Much. Like we'll go to law lets call this like LA yeah. It's articulate out its why they did it let's not only on autos downs. No ways it is I done wrong every every war and adds. I get my world particular office. Waldo Waldo Wald is filtered different types of tequila from all over the world in different times in jail whatever it was out of you name it they got it. I bring back. A decide bad ass bodily you we will all know the I don't want to. The warm the worst critic wrote Audubon you know it you know what you really want bonding moment or you don't want. I'm a member repeat. And they put ball Mormon or drowned the warm. And I wanna stand up for the war okay stupid when you drink but when I went 1000 square bottom all humanness that OK when I went national champs about openers bottle. I won the national championship. When I was a freshman. And open it up and we actually poured out. And the warm. It was it was probably it tastes like bath water it was the worst Hewlett history of the world that some bad tequila with the Mormon in the problems not to warn could you can get rid of the warmth. It's all. And soft and warm it's those guys seek the lord what you really guys I don't mean they beat him. Part of that hole apparently you know ritual. So you're a vacation I'm back here I'm tomorrow. I know I'm I'm I'm accurate actually so slow night. And then Houston Dynamo Friday an animal off for little time there before we make the move so world taking. The next few weeks we're going to be all taking a lot of time off got a bit out of the way. You can and we got to work on India on the issue to them. What's more consideration we haven't showed a professional work on the show but I'm default 1 o'clock today. 1 o'clock takeover you're gonna take oh yeah it's going to be one hour or group none of you here. You know you're going I don't know benefit and are out and I'm leaving early now we're doing this together like that that played the role of today and all you can do as impression that's what and you can be mean that's you see me. Now he didn't you can be I don't know how to sell oil is still going to keep I keep usually when you and I hope you won't have an opinion policy and yeah I'll tell Og yeah everybody look at do you know about it right I. That's true. Yeah. I its own opinion as those of the market says marked it good deal. Will yield to deal real good judge gave it to me here's some back stories about the contract negotiations with you wouldn't talk to Jerry and Kirk. I feel like a little dirt dirt dirt century you know another notch now I'm not I I know for a fact my conversations it with them they were were fairly minimal. We've all sorts of times I have also. You know there for you your friends are doing dialogue conversations and looted except we didn't talk to global astute and I don't but he's also he's got his Jersey do you agree reaching. I've got to get to Europe your phone calls and we'll talk about all sorts of stuff we got to get it to the espy's last night oh my god. Danica Patrick all. Although we gotta get into that last night. And we'll talk a little bit about them obligated to this whole markets more than what it means for the Celtics and the whole undertaking in Toronto reading some of the stuff appears. If you don't match well and Joseph when he did he eagle on the air. The fans and had a nice yet have a Diddy I believe you did hold candles duties will give you that story if you missed it. Are eight and now our sister station because we're in the same company. But the the stuff that they're being. They're being sued by a former. A salesperson. A female sales accounted act. And this is our believable. As we said and they were saying at this morning it's not during our company's watch what our company asked did you win there right now. And Joseph Nina went on the air after all of this stuff popped out last by all of the tabloids in New York so we'll see what the defense and losing and losing just we got a picture articulate he checked that out here tale format but Twitter page link TV trip advisor you know oh really oh yeah so articulate them Zeljko walking until like one of those little western towns and villages you know you see the dazzled dressed up like cowboys. Now. None another think one guy here he basically they just keep opening miles in the you'd pay and you like YT see why guys that they are snobs. I mean it's my hair color slides. Now now yeah tequila down on you now I keep on all like yeah well you know our snobbish now you'll you'll receive. You people are morally down to earth no rowdy. Good old boy type stuff is even harder to monitor slower. About 100. Temperature from armoire and your there right now I don't know if you are acutely aware of the early you don't you're non salt of the earth yes because you're one. Death match the warms K that's Smart fight we take a break we'll open up the phone lines it 6177797937. Radio. No 10 and the half. We return no more of Fort Wayne Murr Loney and forty on Sports Radio WEEI. Doing your estimation if the patriots win this football game does that cement the legacy of bill to check in Brady as the best ever. If you watched it quarterback. Yes of course like all gulf I I feel separately separately separately as the best all time quarterback and vegetable plot code correct. I certainly think Belichick's in the conversation I still got about guys like a body you know but it gets it done actual idea what it did back in that area to you don't chuckles got to be discussed there. We what you did with Pittsburgh. You know Bill Walsh say it it's gotta be back compensation but. You know look at what's Belichick got a very very short list. I would say top five quotes of all time. And I would say Brady top five quarterback wolf hello Heidi it's very ought to say the absolute best because it is different here result. Sports. Of me job well. Wolves. That's nobody you know he does make days they changed the shifts around here and there. They won of history and it went through. Which it and she'll have their arsenals now that it. Our ship them. Honestly we've been I don't know you don't have that I'm Adam you've already. Already our show is better. Won him an ire not the same room leader Amy you're that serious I thought I was gonna be a disaster was. Not a disaster and I wanted to resorts. And meet him it was a great production that show. Did you see as to what he gets himself or you know how I coverage reporters yesterday producing. It's my own seat on your a she's currently on an integrated and Kurt. Yeah no I mean compared to the first couple days. And amp amp amp amp and have minded. I'd sell. That's Joba Dino and he was on of those guys he does a mid day and it is a big huge deal now. In new York and if something happens at the fan in new York and everybody is talking about it in in the business. Apparently justly and was run like a frat house I'm reading from mount the New York Post that the post in the news are all over the stuff. Yeah drinking by employees started as early as an AM. And executives condone and buying prostitutes. For Ed clients. That idea things and I don't well in outselling while an advertiser. That's if you notice it's basically just like recruiting on what you think so yeah if we're particularly a favorite sports you know probably saying that whatever you need to do to get guys. So there's been a shocking lawsuit that was filed yesterday by a forty year old former CBS radio ad exact. Her name is Warren Lockwood. She worked at the fans from 2006 went on till July of last year she plans to stations executives. Tolerated a hostile work environment. That subjected her to sexual harassment. On various occasions. WFAN host Joseph opening you know pressured her into having a threesome lawsuit filed in Brooklyn state court claims. Benito quote whispered in lock woods here about having three Sims with him. And his wife. And prostitutes. Not force. I didn't get it I don't demands on my out and after agree I. Kind of but you know showed Lockwood a nude photo of his wife with a prostitute. And proposition Lockwood to join him his wife and a prostitute in sexual intercourse according to the complied. But Dina was also accused in the 39 page suit of ranking women in the office movements and Ohno on the basis of deluxe. No matter in my life. Issued did you didn't win and then he did it would knee he talked about and what he has a one you put yourself as like and not known yet five to deal with the yeah. Just don't there are relevant these outright I you can turn things that your your if you get away from yeah yeah. And carrying on affair with a female subordinate for roughly two years. Lockwood claims that her career. Was stop short circuited after she rebuffed but he knows advance that she found it on higher ground I don't understand why is he really good looking. It's a good allegedly as a Lou he did emigrated when you say but you know good looking dude you can understand what ladies and yet I think it would yeah yeah it was as dealers like at six looks like oral at a I don't think that it is the sense that. I'm sad to see him a little nook on that evening meal on. And in their lives and why aren't all they're sorry you're right he's a seven on the twelfth. Edwards breaking news gallery. So. He ends got this major and it's not our company you know people gonna jump on. And it but our company's taken over for CBS right in a what is. It's that company that you used to all this that was our second William Jewell was going on. And giving us. Man I'd heard his stories are different things I would call brush. Wise they dominated. Army push you to your weight and balance a a this is unbelievable story. Really it's always so I have never seen anything like this don't rate I would say I'm so you're saying you've never seen anything like this in read this is the norm. In radio not on the I don't know about radio prostitutes as of oh come up and his. A as I everybody's. What a scene of some guy didn't go while I mean we can come up with a few people here but it's probably spent the few times drop in some. In dead presidents for sucks but we're saying is. I don't for yeah. No my point is ad revenue to get somebody to bond package of average. Amount with prospect I've ever seen. I have no idea if it's true or not I had no clue whatsoever but my point is I got my point is aren't you're not surprised that you know this is the way. Business handled now by weather now big I think about it categorically denied it right they've they've just denied it in that this. I really have to quit so we expected that he was going to be on today because we. Know our zone is now so we called down this morning. And asked if he was going to beyond today because all of us wanted to hear what he was going to sign my guess is they were gonna gloss over they were gonna ignored say absolutely nothing. And I don't think he can do that in this day and age with stuff and I think in the old days. It if it was in the newspaper. Only a certain percentage of your audience is reading the paper. And they probably don't get the paper until the cycle is kind of almost faded on that story today with social media and the immediacy of these devices here. You know people get it right away people respond to our right away I don't think you can shy away from you c'mon you got to say something I didn't know it all our. But we got nothing right he's apparently off today. We don't know if he's on vacation or is because they told us that the Fannie was going to be on. And then apparently minor dollars and case yet sound like you who's gonna be on and then mysteriously plunges off the smartest. You maybe you know how quickly you can make a decision solely go on attended probably at nine for the signal an eagle on 950 once somebody calls it no no no we're gonna bullet now do something else to loosen policy that it's. This is based on what I think has happened back in the seventies. We can say no no licences and resell claimed. She's filing a lawsuit from firm recently worked on like in a wild wild west type stuff in my you know back when like you know men were married and you do anything you want to act when tequila error there was you here rented it veins of all the employees. This is all recent stuff this is the last few years that's what this thing. Last few years. And events were CBS radio executives hosted clients the liquor bill would run as high as 4000 dollars according to the complaint. Double was allowed under company players I think no one was surprised him okay a thousand. And luckily I governance so what sort of respond ammonium boon for staff on the clock out so much as Chris tolerant. I'm annoyed it never don't like it when there's from a money on. But no all so all that stuff I mean. That's that's the norm isn't that kind of expected spending money diversity you know. You know it's a known finally also it's everybody does unless you are talking about you know talking about you know seventeen year old kids and grown men. You know so I could care less what they do I prosecuted with the want that you can't do. Start you know groping. And intimidating. In shame being you know you know co workers are people underneath you. For sexual favors. That's you can't do sounds a little embarrassing for a Joba Nino here. If he was working the prostitutes with his wife he brought his wife into the situation. But pictures deported back to pictures to work yet who who gives a short shot mr. BY show the truth it's a short straw I think. How did notice. That I like Vista isn't the level playing field my wife is like a really hot. And she does not want to get wet yet the whole thing about the whole threesome swapping thing and he's going to be left out. It's just got an alert in what he thought and even straight over to leave an. So it's a mother she still apparently a luxury suite at the Portland center in Brooklyn so it was a luxury suite probably for one like him that's gamers something like that brawl broke out. Between a former male at exact. Waqar had brought as a guest in two coverage CBS radio employees over the relative talent. Of the boxer's all of you know what it wants it was. It was an event before the economy McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Bout and tyra. Yeah. Well that is bizarre they're probably Toronto. And Hillary is quite a fight then somebody's like polluted and they just can't not make any of us there's no questions one uncle so. You know that's what's going with in our company has the deal that that crap so -- a way to wake argument recently Italian friends sets a little process. That's going to be he says there's an Iraq. Act. Abstract pigs and cult or Q what are curricula thing if you are you to be a MarketWatch story in the coming up in the next hour. The reason that I believe. That all of that hoopla over Jimmie to Rob Lowe is vastly overrated. He is on his weighed down oh yeah and once again let me out of me while we plant to build I'll check Belichick got rid of him. At the right time we'll get to that coming up the next hour we got to get it into this market Smart what it means to the Celtics in this whole wide Leonard and brought on this things don't crazy. Keep up with the show on Twitter back away man on WEEI. Before during and after this year 00. Let's get you back to morals or wait remotely in 48 right now much Sports Radio. I. Tehran OMF Dexter ward four year deal 52 million dollars for markets Smart. Happy Walters as his real name is happy. Happy Walters worked it out would be any change and sounds like the deal is done. Four years 52 terrific deal for markets money no this wasn't his intention is the same guy by the way. Did in the way out of it that last game that game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals. Told Jackie MacMillan 124 inning. Get on the board of course of course I don't salad and a activity and it didn't suit this is this is. I mean you are you surprised though. I don't know let him go in and known no other team is gonna overpaid from the earliest an early you know goings of this. You know the dealings of his contract. The only team that I heard that was trying to put an offer sheet together with Sacramento amateur that was true. What and that's my point the only team I've heard weather was true or not was sacrament usually there's rumors galore like this and I'll sort through does. I take it back I think it would teams that were interested in mark is Smart. But they weren't willing to give him enough money. Where Boston couldn't match and that would have been a bad thing for Marcus Moore he took one of those deals so let's take it to Sacramento deal and it was three years. And thirty million visibly better on the one and six point four that would have been stupid deal would've fired happy at that point because Boston simply would have matched it. And that was the leverage that Danny Ainge had over Marcus Moore all along. He's so no nobody thought and I have sat out reached dad is Asia. Was upset but wouldn't you be upset if you sit there watching all of these other guys on. And you think you are a lot better than what you core according to. I it thinks they're better. And so he was thinking he was better. Not realizing that the teams a look at and it's and that's pretty go out there and can need be. Defend low brawn and women abroad instead of getting forty again against those who get 32 or 33. On the other hand how many points is seen on a school. For six the three for fourteen or whatever he's gonna take those those those crazy threes so she doesn't make sense. For a team that it's not that good is he can't produce enough offense for team can produce an awful lot of office. And can defend. And heat is the best that the defenders you can put him on the best scoring guy on the other team and shot that guy down or certainly. Control what that guy does against you he is perfect guy and you usually end this earlier. The one other thing about him that I love that I think you need a championship team. Is he's physical he's got balls and so when something happens out there on the court instead of being the peacemaker he's getting into somebody's face. And you need a guy like that you need guys that you don't frighten us you know a few we're gonna get right back in your fan you can't make you don't want. And yes I I you need. Not a soul alive and that's why does the other team did the market was Smart will have a long career he will it it'll go way beyond the Celtics because other GM's other coaches. Who played against Marcus Smart. And respect him and know how valuable he is at and at the right price obviously have to go we need they're gonna start saying we need a market Smart tight. President atmospheric thing we need it Marcus mark title look at that's the one thing were missing right now as the guy. Who's willing to get its hands dirty that's willing to throw also in there and ended the younger guys are you know what this is the wonderful the play. It was gonna have a lot of experience and you senator earlier. It's a great deal in my opinion one OK it's it's a good contract league I think both sides won both sides that walkway they say you know let. We both compromise I think everybody's happy with the situation. It's not too expensive to Bible where the Celtics can't trade him at a later date. I trading Contra because it's not like there's twenty million dollar crazy deal would know what's gonna take it. And any big big big way of him that's ultimately that's what they did it. This guy's gonna be is a difference maker they believe and and they developed him and they know that they can win that Marcus Moore is gonna help them win big games. So he used yet there's an old. Right and here's the other thing too that we'll beat the Celtics are doing. Just about everything right. And I'll get to the quiet limiting the second but the dude just about everything. Right here and I'm trying to fine. Things that you can pick them apart and it's very difficult to do right now and it doesn't mean they're gonna don't win the championship this year and next year or the year after but they're put themselves any position. Where they're gonna have a nice long window and a lot of opportunity. To be able to win one or two or who knows how many. But they could have been saddled with a situation and I think they were willing to do it. But it was not ideal for them to get him locked up in a one year qualifying offer six point four million. So think about this during the course of the year next year I think he would play his ass off I think that's his mentality. But if not him. I try to take more shots out there. I may be getting out of Brad Stevens offense a little bit not because I wanna screw the team or mess up my guys because he's a good teammate from. Everything I've heard. He's trying to increase these value in the open market because he's an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year with sort of these are routed it to me but he. He's gonna look at it that way Europe the next athlete you you look at that and strode out to you that. You always thought he could do that number well look my point is but really I think all of them but it eventually used to their allotted now is hurting because I'm missing. But my point so I mean yeah yeah you know I got to take shots we also optimism because. You know it can also hurt your ballot don't follow Jesus eat any forces the issue any shoot that shot that he you know that ill advised and he's missing he's actually put the team in the worst situation right. But I think he could have done that and I don't think he would be hurting the team but I think we would be sitting here talking about it what complete busy doing. He's doing what's best for mark is Smart he's trying to improve his his value they don't have to worry about that now. End end date. Something somebody got. To maybe it may be happy Walters he got to somebody gets dormant said this is your market value going Foley is a look at the so screwed up that the six point four. I didn't have free agency prominent restricted free agency next year can be a lot more money out there next here but his agent trying to get tomb said there will be a lot more money but you know was going to get that money. I like collide Leonard gonna get that money. You know other guys that the big players that are free agents who were not somebody got to him and said sure we'll have all you know gossip. And money on the other teams what they're willing to put it related to that but that's you know season nobody's restricted free agent next year he would have been an unrestricted free agent but I said this last week when we were talking about it two weeks ago I don't think the market was going to change for him much. As an unrestricted free agent next year. This yeah what has this is a great deal for the Celtics I think it's the perfect deal for markets mark he's gonna get the same amount of money. That you would have gotten in an open free agency is an unrestricted free agent here's the difference he's going to play for a winner yet and he's got to contribute up and maybe be big difference in the team winning chant. Yeah and I agree on that you you you would basically. Realize and come to grips with what markets Smart ones like he had reached his ceiling. He wasn't gonna improve a shot even though that's what everyone kept talking about Eric Avery Bradley improved a shot Cano Marcus mark each ride. He kept working out but it is not getting any better. So because of it okay all right well now we know what he has. I think it takes some time to obviously figure out exactly what players who years and year three year or at that point you've pretty much should know. How they deal with injury how they view with coaching adversity. How they got in Iraq with their teammates. I mean is it is a bit negative influence or a positive influence. They've they've had they have enough information now. Okay nice cynical you'll Heidi you contribute on the court. Can you know what he does okay now and there you will out right there. He's not gonna get become better shooters and that's a stop hoping for and if your agent and you're you're trying to talk advantage stop asking for money. For of a guy that shoots you know that averages of seventeen point tonight I made him. So so it's I think everybody's happy yeah I mean I know exactly. What's your role he can beat that Bruce Bowen now he he can be part of the cast and an important piece that could be the difference. But he's not a bowl of what they do it's a perfect situation for both the player and and the team I really didn't really believe that. I did hear something yesterday in a might be the dumbest most asinine thing. I have heard when it comes to the Celtics we will get to that in the reason that I M start to bail. A Jimmy drop low life is is going awry for that your audiences and I'm telling you. I am telling you this right now we'll get to a coming up in the next hour. Bella check another brilliant move by bill got rid of them at the right and that's what does that look back at this point. I'm surprised he got a high second round draft pick this don't want announced here in a budget to grapple. I thought it would be a third or fourth other teams did not do their homework we'll get to all of that and one hour with Fauria coming up one.