OMF - The Falcons still look mentally broken; Are we seeing a fake 4-2; Crazy amount of intrigue surrounding NBA season 10-17-17

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Tuesday, October 17th

HOUR 1 - The Patriots and Falcons are getting set for a rematch of last year's Super Bowl Sunday night. The Falcons have had some big struggles against lesser teams. Does it look like they've moved on mentally? The Celtics get set to start their season in Cleveland tonight. Are they are a true contender in the NBA? 


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On him when he. Beach Fort Wayne alimony and 48 well coming up on the visa halftime report. Curt Terry colleague Michael and Tony look. On graphic for the final two bullet points girl yourself San Diego and you get what's the other cornerback named that and it new mom calling don't appeal wherever that. And with cooling and blue and Christians and site owner from your do you think carrying in a row in similar but good we all believe it's via bit calling kept making big white balls you hit the right fist on the left that's what's what is it Robert Bolt the NFL players can never get in around you people saw and I know that's never really you people. A perilous moment Celtics moment the Red Sox moment so we'll start with the prophetic now right now about it. On Sports Radio WEEI. Hello holes. Well this afternoon as racists here if I have total respect these injuries discrete verbatim. Big they've had ever been out there you go here's these. That's why I would just I never really isn't an OT what is like wooden ball screen and never and never read the trendy word for word because I don't I don't trust against some of the senate process. 'cause I don't use that wrong. Dressings the views and what have you yeah. This here that they hear what you got going on his. Have you I mean you are working with you today aren't you take that Russia before you often. It's an LLC if you notice I notice well I noted. It's national. Where my mocked early days it is a model that a lot total make it officially arrives in older seven down. That does any of my son's birthday Al their car. And I am so happy Burton and you know it's up like points and it is going to be one of marked turnaround that's now I would hardly do that we'll get this still. Ended April. Mattingly yes yes yes yes yes we get new colors during the summer of these new marks well there's always done that a wife loses only salute to colors in the commitment. We'll come. I it is bad journalism and I'll wait a little fat 46 degrees right now off a volatile weather right yeah it is a weather center with size is nice because they have good birthday blitzes I don't. It will mark and below it yes I'll burn that they have. Our current and that is a remark to begin finally it is cute to please go out there and you've got a pair of shorts on again it's pretty nice day it's neat closet when with the with the high temperature was high temperature about it doesn't matter what I feel like six I series DA. It's not windy it's not raining it's a beautiful fall day and I'm not work a lot right now we're Charlotte and watch our committees. Morning is that the first reminder too by the way let the flaky ever gonna go away in my mind would jump in my car all my tires need to be checked I'll call hey let's. I feel like air pressure retires recessed reset my mom there it is ideal gas don't you remember it was a great talking point for all the Brady. Got it deflate gave a go up forever. For ever make you ought to all orders not to be called in the first edge up my car and I I don't feel as law I will think of ideal guest Larry here it is. Yeah with I don't know we'll be ideal desolate conditions the only bloom so yes it's cold out there it's the start of Mallorca. Turn only sees it and of course it is the start you can down what are the he's weren't lassie is pulling things when I was classes and he's pulling the copy. Let my formal they're dip from top to bottom like when I had the Basel like well look I. Yeah. Oh yeah. Because sometimes at the I had a magic mountain kind of online remains. Like if I if I looked down. I hit one version of a look up it's blurry some just trying to figure out the rightly little needle. Progression so what did you see reminder of the glory part what did you see there aren't effort we updates and I thought as it looks like that I looked down I just happens in the article that I thought I wrote. I mean wrote we think I saw headlights what is patriots won but it wasn't satisfied and everybody saw. No doubt that and today's not not now but look no movement as well as satisfying on Monday when I was satisfied shoe. So arms yet just happens yeah I was but the data for articles now. LA. Target GAAP. I thought he deleted because we discussed like last night. We discussed it Sunday instrument is all afternoon five minutes on date night in and it all day in my day. And now it's Tuesday its opening night. The Celtics which are probably talk aha I'm satisfied that wins like that five minutes of the show for show the Casper right to your view I just to your right now we can you do that a stamp on what. I accidentally pull the the sand under it hasn't been that when Israelis and implement a debt to the U a little cute little I think upon what you think against for showing a little bit of patience and he could have written as the guest today but he wondered why. Do you think well do you think they act in the game's over. And listen to everybody's talking about and he has the he has a couple of ideas oblivion is here the rush's idea board Reagan Micah in Baghdad you'll notice he handled out here at about what you think OK I heard what is it that's a gothic objected. You know it. Wait and wait. Until it more hours I'm not really sure which way the wind was. On Thursday at me and let's this is some reason I'm even so we started the program today by Stan you know the winners win and England really were wasn't really satisfying was a great we started to show it is exportable items that you goof balls loses a repeat from yes I know there are no guys and they'll all in this about a billion dollars that Sunday I wasn't sentenced. That's strange. I'm coming all the hot take off can you talk about week that's kind I don't. There has there's the horrors being here guys running all over the field out the offense is taking shots down field. Boy gets or would you almost concussion hold Renault back we'll ordered comfort in general lighten wouldn't thousands anguish last night we're gold over that theory then exactly how to break it down you know last month. When did this take place in always is right away it always is let's take a Friday thing wouldn't. There was a fight so we are trying to get the bottom of a shortcut in the mind of one Gary and good luck all of it all Augusta lost forever. I sort of got it drives around in his car with the dog and any actually here is with the dark sentinel and the enzymes and giving it might. It's an ally is so little dog in his ears burqa. Straight but don't all take today if you gonna come out of the heartache vs what everybody else in yesterday's that the insect. Everybody sit there's and they're not satisfied. About it. I'm happy that under the boil water. What a game yet if that is three article guys don't listen up but every episode on the road artist when it especially against the company's I'm satisfied that the W now it's never easy in New York. This is how it worked and it and I. Heard on I heard bill some bill had his conference call yesterday and any doctor dale holly Keefe. And I almost feel like he is listening tour she'll also asked. Somebody's listening to the shows because. Because we were talking about how they there behind him and the notes unsatisfying. And he ended up again that's a clip or is talking about how long it's indefensible. I don't know what I don't know what's going to be at the end. And I think we have a long way to go I think we're making progress but that are room where six weeks ago. I don't think we're where we need to be or wanna date. So hopefully we can continue to gain ground on the island and it quickly. So not wants to be right. We all know they're not anywhere near where they do on stretching him because he's voted for the right now. Well look I noticed that I thought I certainly at WI Joseph and I would end on him yeah. Goods are released often. A my thing was like yeah but they are nice people back to last year and the team different yes. And the in the in the entire Lee is all the teams are struggling all the teams are trying to find it. But if you go back to last year last year even with on and maybe it's it's because they were they were supposed to win those first four games. It may because what Brady suspension did Nocioni you would drop only into finishing the first four games 31. And then Brady comes back and they just get stronger I think oh. But equity and losing one more game to Denver moved so you knew you felt good about the tee you knew that regardless of who they're playing against. They are gonna have a shot and their defense although it gave up a bunch of big plays there's nobody running 34 consecutive weeks and they did elect to school or. So yeah okay at five and again it's not a big they do. They're they're working on getting better but they're nowhere near where they work last year at this. But people are afraid to jump all over because we've seen this act before. All right and yet when you watch this it doesn't look pretty decent there you watch it again on Sunday with the jets and I think. A lot of people thought they were gonna turn it around against that awful jets team. And you can come moist leggings and the same thing but you know he's gonna beat up on him right now because you're you're hesitant about. I wonder why. A white people like you look at they always fix it any of the snow has fixed that lost by Kansas City. The little changes aren't because now you're forward to you're sick there's six and all. You know way and you really three games and not there's too because they beat you all these that they'd they'd lose they don't look. But they don't walk through the regular season it and had their pick ups and I think that has more to do that the rest of the east and you can look at it right now and they all these teams can look at themselves and say okay. None of us to figure out. Well the patriots a bit of an undefeated that team is flawed they haven't figured out let's week. We get an opportunity to figure this thing out fast and kind of make a run. This is really nobody out there right so is this a legitimate criticism now of Bill Belichick let's look at all of the offseason moves. The players he brought in here are some that have already been jettisoned out that we saw like the New York just this weekend. And and tell me if we get a few good. About the off season acquisition you're talking about the soft here this morning Kirsten you watched. The Jacoby percent. Right now acoustic Iceland's Lou but I'll take on the altar was that your plan I don't know Luis on the same and only our annual said it was apparently you that's I'm sorry altitude wanted to discredit Jasper Nolan and wonderful 48 hours on discredited. So okay include brought to point out Trojan point by little accident. Not a baseball only to have to buy longer impressed. So traded him away if you got this Philip to we're set with what has he done suffrage and has this weekend announcement and what does he really done. I think when he wouldn't trade away quarterback in this league given the importance of the position. Knowing he's now he's gonna sit back because. I would say percent is the Shawn Watson lighting it up pretty pretty good considering his stuff play well yeah year in the league and shown he can play is obviously free games in the NFL right that's when salience welcome TVs out there at Indy. You know it and he's competing he's playing he's not a total you know and you look at is able to get to you know filled door sacked. Who once a game Brady throws it deep to you know in the next six. And it's like you look at some of these molds and Agassi called geely doing this thing in New York. Any sort of wonder like could you've gotten more. Article OB percent who is a quarterback. You know from Indianapolis a quarter back needed to straightaway at the linemen armored defensive end linebacker. A quarterback and a team that needed a. But even at the time if you look endorse or don't get the first employee grabbed but that's what if any supply is out of we will read it but you we don't know. I would say at this point time. I mean there's just too many other playmakers and he is losing first round pick they got from Arizona for challenge announced the linemen he's got a lead exactly what has been exited and trying to address a skeptical that they got an important myopic brotherhood you know I didn't usually a it was a horrible sex. Accused of throwing through I feel like they just get rid of pursuit of obstacle we percentage running in this guy take the vacuum is a first round pick but you know what I guess what three years in the league Kirsten. You'll give your boss you're not good. That you have the first round label is off future trade him for first round pick you trade and freight cost who has improving to play in the league yet. So I think that's a legitimate criticism right now Belichick the general manager is the moves today in the offseason we got on seven terrific season done in Philadelphia the five and want. But it only played one game right. He's been he's been hurt and I look if you look at the running attack here and there are some questions about the running attack here so that's legitimate or not. You wanna look at and say well it's a complicated system here in New England on both sides of the ball and it's going to take time for those guys to figure it out maybe that's part of certainly it certainly seems that we would Gilmore right. But these guys that are going elsewhere seem to but able to turn around very quickly Michael presumably don't. Nobody did not play well and happy for but you know I just what if you can't run all year long and we're gonna look back at this and saying. They can definitely get reports from west money. Plus money wasn't like Europe want ordered more more. He he had his psyche you mean when I think back of a pair of without even looking at like gain blogs and how we performed. He was money from inside you know the goal is no question about it ninth eighteen touchdown. And he had like his gamer to it seemed like you know whether it was everybody had games against Indianapolis or one game he went nuts whether that. I wouldn't say they that you ran the ball great last year with him him the ball off and a lot of attention dissing him. The quarterback position it's a negative yardage I don't think yeah like they're negative genitalia negative yardage plays in and Belichick Qaeda conspiracy and first down and out you'll connect. A second really long. So but you can't argue the point that. He's playing well right now Philadelphia in five and one he's a factor at all. And this team right now can't closeout games we talk about closing out games how do you closeout games when you've got the lead that is run the football. You moved to jinx the cumulative time tick off. Unable to do that all year long so it's early and on the outskirts of the pain like America's we've we've seen this team fix its act before. But some signs there we look at some of the off season acquisitions and you said you know if they really help lives. So what's someone's bill that has a conference call when he gets count salty about the question about where the team is and you know where they speed afford to. Where he sounds like this tell me what you think. So it incomprehensible. To me but and I. They get can't figure out. But incomprehensible. To me I see how anybody could think that it seen it practice for some moms and partly. Nineteen regular season and postseason games man had. Triple digit practices. Five months later after not playing the game after having a fraction. That type experience. Could be anywhere close to level of execution they were five months before after all things it was I mean it's impossible. Okay yeah but I'm not unlike I'm not looking at this TC had they need to be like the team that won the Super Bowl and I think we may need to be elected team that was six weeks yeah. That's that's what I'm look at I'm trying to look at our roster look at look at how this office is what what this offense is doing what this defense is doing. And say okay how we compare. So it's it's it's worse than it was last year it's more citi's. Nobody ever compare them. After nineteen games what they look like consumable the post season it is trying to compare to what it is right now but it didn't. Completely root retooled his roster and others may be some important pieces in that locker room that are gone you know I. I don't know how important a guy like Chris Long lived air line Rob Ninkovich all feared two ball shootout I don't know what kind of role with those guys played and his team that no longer here. But Logan Ryan's another one a secondary but I don't mix I don't know if sonic an entirely different roster who was it to see gotta start this thing all over again today. So if Ninkovich was a factor wouldn't he be here by now. It's obviously that the bill. As is not bring in Rudnick now I don't they thought he. And all but certainly well thought what four weeks ago. Rob Ninkovich is get called Rob Ninkovich I don't know back big guys talked about it on NBC the sports that he talked about it right talked about him. It's not like he wanted to go back. Bill did not make that call he could mean. Call but he did occasion like I know a lot of love and adore. Do you make it. More Hadi. Will be using Ninkovich would turn to now. Well it depends it's it's a what do you want me to do is he in shape me him wanting to do in his in his body tell me him and he was working out yet but he was he was in the beginning but it right now. There's a threat that was not it there's a difference between working now in training they'll use it was training at a different level I remember used the same could be sitting before before the season started and ended just kind of ended. So I don't know that eagle on that it's almost like you'll you know that that that victory lap like their retirement victory lap. And you start doing that the show's start to beat you become an analyst yeah you don't wanna wake up in the morning anymore stop training. Either differently training or for actually playing a bunch of forking out. You're not your heart rate I don't care Robert waiter pushing offered chestnut won big you know football specific exercises. He going to get muscle rather than you leave or he's the executive worked out I think he did not hit a steam room to sort out for levity leave. I thought we thought he was going to be one of the solutions. To the issues they were having you just brought up get a clubhouse a locker room presence. And you would think they can pitch would be one of those positive guys if you gonna bring back. I just don't think they'd they'd look at him as the answer because I think he would have been back. I think is that it is you know when honestly you afford to. You afford to you thought that you hung the moon it was like everybody's happy. You're almost to the midway point this season the only source Weiss. Nobody its oldest and other about it there is there is a sense of just OK to spoil. They visited the area as spoiled becoming worse and I don't think positive. So you're for this pictures teams played six games. You could say one of them they went out there and played well. All from different didn't it from beginning and yes it playbook yet how many times did you see as we will usually sit here on Monday and and talk about how the patriots won. Bought it in on his defense got to get better and that's the general more times than not the conversation Monday morning is this team has won. Quickly had been doing all year basically you know you'd but usually sit there say okay this. They went out there and I didn't think they jumped on 1617 a three day reported on anyone this game 37 attendance was a laugher. But they have these days I think there are capable sprinkling in that type of effort right now it seems like every single Monday we're having those this was a win but this was ugly. And they've lost two times in six games in mr. scenic to a three to blow up a three blow up a couple of and winds to maybe a loss. Right every single week nothing's been different it's been the same exact script. And a funny thing though as you look Atlanta team they're gonna play in Sunday night seam problems happening with the Atlanta it isn't real good. They're coming off of these Super Bowl loss Bertuzzi went Inman real good ones and afford to put them in real good out of it a bad loss last week. Week in week four wasn't much better right. So they've had two of them figured out and I got a question for and we got back. We you know Atlanta beat Atlanta I'll Dominique and I got a question for it. And an Atlantic question Atlanta. Falcons related Petri question yeah because I've heard a lot of different theories about this Atlanta falcon team and question okay. We're gonna get to work tonight's NBA. Opener the Boston Celtics in Cleveland the much anticipated game. That apparently LeBron James is questionable for pleased the perfect situation for the bra on the ankle hurts he's going to play he's got a polite and that if he doesn't play well. It was the ankle that was a problem we'll get and all of that as well. 6177797937. Mood about that immoral to jocks I like working with jocks as you can. You can play with a little bit and bingo on sports radio and. I you've waited for it. Five minutes while advises us through it because you wanted to hear this revolution that was a revelation the question. Was of course the question. Is is regarding the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan you know this is their personality. Just be imploding tight because some he would say. That loss. Sunday to the dolphins were that a seventeen point lead at halftime and did score another point the entire second half had a bunch of issues. Some people say OK that's a third done that's just who they are they're gonna get smoked when he completed patriots on Sunday night or. Does it actually help them does it actually motivate them to that to give them more purposes and more would you say. I think actually helps our well let me ask you this especially when you watch because I think if you watch the patriots week in week out you know you can't look at that defense and say. I I can't put you tell me I can put twenty. Points on them yeah I think they're separate though I think Atlanta's kept Iran issues is so they had a lead against buffalo at home the week before and blew that. So two weeks in a row playing home games they have had leads in the game right and they have blown the game I lost example of an animal. So they can fix the problem I think they've got their own issues and blow it maybe I know that you look at Matt Ryan Malone six interceptions six interceptions in the last three games. And that's a huge part of prominence he keeps he can't keep it in the in the right hand that's a. Very talented team but we we've seen this before I mean I don't regulate Seattle's is very talented team than we find out Sherman's popping off there's still pissed and run the ball Marshawn Lynch and that is. It's good to me I still look at Atlanta is a very talented team what's still think. Could find their way into the postseason. Because it seems like you know. Songs they stay healthy until it's almost a war of attrition here in the NFC and we re look at some of the teams out there I think they make and I think it's a psychologically damaged football team. Yeah that's my point so is this that is just another blow to the psyche yesterday soldiers mentally weak yes and he can't handle adversity yes that they come and outfit out the I don't wanna leave. Outs you know it can't let that let them entirely dependent. I don't want to sit at the beginning of the than economic the the plans on how to make the playoffs and if you if you did you ever have a game. In which you can wakeup. The New England Patriots this is an on Sunday night. We all thought it was last week it's the jets certainly did a bad team this is the game that you wake him. Well you certainly teams don't you know a daily tablet this Atlanta team and other damaged and it just an awful loss at home your role in a Gillette. And you put the game together and you don't let them come back and you walk out of there with a W nation afford to just be knowingly knowingly its Tutsi whichever way this game rolls. And help in these games are always so even even to the offseason we saw late Gatorade commercials with Matt Ryan. Where they their light shown everybody working out and run AM this is what it means to get shape as what it means to be tough and it is our you do this and and and then it ended with him and and with Matt Ryan with the loss like how. He's focused on next series not gonna let that define him that losing that Super Bowl. Saw it as it's you would think you would think debt and they've been looking at this game with a big giant and read later letters like this is. The game we want so that's where they screwed up the last two weeks at home yet at any rate they are losing on purpose and listen if there if there's if they're psychologically. Damaged right now. Then if there's any toughness in that team you're gonna see it on Sunday night after all they're going to hear all week now is 48328. Patrol according to analysts are painful but nothing Shane and Josh you've lost your 77. He brought to Miami. And don't. Sunday Zachary talk about the quarterback six touchdowns expects the men's room. Six interest yet in reality it's your only six touchdowns your five games into it. In the east at six touchdowns. Running backs and catch to bought back fields got Julio Jones you know he never gets touchdowns. It at the big tight end you know Hooper and you've texts and whom you've got weapons and he's got six touchdowns SO. So back to the original point that okay so. Why why why freak out why worried all these teams have issues which have falcons have issues have their own internal mental issues. So do they just figured out one week in this one week because it's the patriots yeah I think there does come there's there is a more of war. A lot more focused for too easily play against the patriots you always get their best shot. The patriots but it never gets somebody's late week is the tenth. They always get the bash up because the patriots aren't that. That figure up on the mountain. And there they had their set the tone and everybody wants to beat down it is it's like a feather in the cap so they play their best they practice their best or coaches say it's the world champions is your planning it's a great quarterback. That the greatest coach great all this stuff so they they they give your best game always they never get a break. And the patriots are gonna hear it all week don't get off to a slow start remember what happened. In the in the Super Bowl don't get off to a slow start how much of this and the problems they're having in the problems that that Ryan is happening. Has to do the fact that Kyle Shanahan is not there Steve saarc keys a lot. Is there as the offensive court I don't. He's ever been an offensive coordinator before racing speed SARS he's been what do you see as the head coaching legacy elements of the meetings that coaching college I don't believe he was an offensive won it in the pros right. Nothing and nobody yet but yeah I wonder if any was. Opposite corner from one came with against Perella and doesn't know I know I'm in the big prizes I cannot be in the NFL now. So he's a college head coach that is now being offensive coordinator. Beginning of the season he talked about being on the sidelines and guess what Dan Quinn who is a defense of god and bill. Made his day out in a Seattle without defense the Seahawks defense. So he's leaving it all to the offensive coordinator but he sends our keynesian. Up to the coaches pulled that's where is calling the game not solid like even though there are. Quotes from so our keys him when he was talking about I'd like to be down they're talking the players on the sidelines yet that's what exactly can go to eat corn there's some corners like being in the in the Booth in the box and some like being on the ground. And that's that's counter terrorist keeper first being on the field wire reinforcing us and. Notion that the son Jett and that was his personal year's offensive coordinator for Lara. One year stint that last year to get sixteen yeah yet he was an excuse if Washington yet he also I put in F Odom Hussein is sick so he shows up in Atlanta where Matt Ryan's always Betty good quarterback and offense is talented get some young guys there. And Eagles are 41 year. Any time money and BP tech quarterback was the best year of his career. And any leaves and and he can't get the ball out like they were before the doors unlocked did you remember the old they're easy thing to do remember the old days Louise talk about about breeding with different coordinate and remember those those days. I'm wanna stick everything I want for cycled through some of the stuff for eight touchdowns last year at 756 and six right now offense. Hasn't clicked at all the last two weeks now the first three weeks and he did beat Green Bay at home that was a big win. Well as the Detroit net and there was somebody else that put a thirty game but just the last two weeks buffalo Miami. Office as he collects. Yeah I'll be surprised financial Polonia go to this full blown quarterback with MVP he leaves and as mcsame just like it has in previous years yesterday they asked bill this year should look. If you change play callers theirs they're going to be some differences but fundamentally I think their offenses similar to what it was. Well in a lot of things that they did a year ago they do conceptually now formations and appealed different look might be little different. Certainly a lot of carry over the author also. Quality differences too. Yes yeah I think it's a huge difference I mean it's yet one guy that. Their earnings this has been pretty much the same author of why would you change it was Matt Ryan comfort Daniel got a coach that you have that you have a good relationship you know good rapport with the Tennessee being sustained way and maybe it happened quickly just by accident next Keeneland. But these are working grades may got a new guy who's who's trying. Not really upset the apple cart trying to keep things as much as apostles or he's really not calm the game like he would really call it because he's trying to make sure he keeps everybody happy. So yeah I think that's it's it's an obvious sign that and I'm sure they're probably CNN Atlanta to treat. This high powered offense in the last two weeks that scored seventeen points and seventeen points. Oh yeah play you know in the Pixar is a pretty devastating at a lower back and now you're driving down the field and last year when that game. You know Matt Wright doesn't go in sept not hide the ball was tipped and pulled out of the guys partnership caught and knocked it down but it. That's just one of those games that they win last year Matt Ryan throws a touchdown eagle on their sit near four and one coming in a new wing militia that music. Six picked sixth touchdown it is it's it's a very talented offense that you should be very concerned with is your defense hasn't looked very good. But it just is yet to sort of clicked right now but a lot of teams. Until the phones would go here's Larry and a cell phone what's up Larry. Hey guys alliance. Christian I wanted to ask it you know I like the product football at you guys do I'm all you know about all the players are not just reds on once in all games everywhere. Let you know what. Actually in guys wide open all the fuel on all these games. He did get action because the defense is and I didn't know it was a it is owned Sox all their agent man worked on in all it is just a patriot that looked terrible against the past I mean it's it's everywhere in the NFL right now. Following that there there have the same problems that everybody else he would needle drop a defense for to fail. I you know and then it communication becomes the issue everybody has a spot so the guys going wide open it's because somebody left his area. That's pretty much yet. Eight but all these people interest avenues of communication problem I don't sort of I don't want that then I'd been these coordinated coming up what. More creative place. To get guys wide open I just I don't think I don't think that's going everywhere I don't. Think it's any different than it's been any other year and yet for immunity is that issue is is the fact that it's happening at repeatedly for this team. The pictures teams who usually don't give up those big plays. Now Brad breaks through the off on the line he you know breaks a tackle he gives you a thirty yards that's one thing he earned it. You try to stop you had the right he does but he ran through you because he's getting paid also but haven't got wide. Ass open and where there's literally nobody ramp for like twenty yards and that is a serious issue. Why are my guess that I'm seeing it everywhere on every team but and you think that that's our best zone team are better at managing. Cut do we even know Dallas won 62 half yes safeties to straight down actually he's. Of course but don't they play four more zone and they played well I think that they it's sometimes they need to. Mean just based on Leno there that are but you saw was it Alaska and played Tampa with a lot of man. And I played too so I mean I would I call him a main team no I wouldn't need to be may have played what you need to be a man. Man up on somebody on the line of scrimmage. I think what you have that right if you have yes it would be it would be great if you had your two quarters this year there you have less guys and listen everybody else we can do something else of them. Are you I'm hour about the news the only network Dotson who thought I thought they did now let's at least two or magic days or should I still don't feel more plays do more takes Julio Jones and at least. For the most part. Yeah I still think I was not there I think they still have the talent they still the playmakers and what you've seen from Butler lately. You'll be back the last time we saw Gilmore he's great against Mike Evans. And a variety of Texas and Detroit brown talk analyzing at some point you have to be replace minutemen. Went to third for you don't have big game you have to be able to play man to man enough to be soft zone everything else is good quarterback may rip apart everything else though. I I still think the talent is there. And losing Gilmore this past week. Obviously wasn't great with them in there but the last time we saw was against Tampa looked better and Eric role getting back healthy will help. I just I just believe in talent and play makers if you still think the secondary hasn't while there's no excuse that the secondary should be playing with a plan. Because the person probably here's Jody down Buzzards Bay Jody. That. I. Went at it in that the air and that they act of the end and you'd be yet. And the pre Iraq I'll be out on that and when they look at the players. And they look at that we can kill. Like that they eat and what they're up to you about the fifteenth and what it will bring to it. And what it they'll be rolling out that you hear it all potential or. And everybody brings that they but that act and bring it out yet. And with other argument. Are you can't and don't play. Whatever and why. It will lack although EU. Aid do you cannot. You can. I usually use Xbox on my analysis and the team. I did I use explores don't want it to us an anomaly suns' game yesterday unexposed less lives are American did you only after a few adjustments and Xbox game passed and wants alt when it does your latest the latest simulation game like we would like Atlanta Falcons. Secrets who started at corner who got to draw between Heathrow solidly Allen missiles were slightly again next problems seen just about seven cents a gallon. He's been treated a little cute they could all go to the arts sure we sent aren't sure if we are we allowed her death and probably look at it right now and. Very at this hearing over under on Ricky case sports. Dovonte Campbell I guess apparently linebacker for the falcons' second year player. Fourth round pick. Out of vote Minnesota last year of strong current he was so you are talking he is revered news talking about how quote I feel like I'm match up well against the is that Philip a matchup well against anybody. Has talked about matching up with rod going to house June to hopefully he keeps talking about great a matchup. 64 to 34. This guy acts of laundry Campbell always get the size matches as well art that's us that's a start that's why it took them and their mother club. Yeah it's the it's done to come out there and actually say that leading up I think that you know this it's just dealt I think that they re one the thing that a lot of these guys added they've never played against number there are seeing him in person. I do real hard dose dose of reality hits you when you actually physically seeing him across from you. And then you go holy crap as a large man and then you see him and you have to chase of the fallen and you realize how fast years. And oh by the way he does catch it you go looking now at their attempt to tackle him and it's like okay where's my help. What why they didn't panic many of them drawing down. The reality is that he's such a tough cover he's so unbelievably strong and fast and Smart yes I said he is football I just an obvious yes they did in he's if he's dying to play against the falcons this mess in your mouth right. You're a mile thing I'll say that's good matchup for me to stop. Just down I am work I don't all week long look at film figure it out over there by half so. I heard that don't open up her that I've read that's the phone calls coming up next the six point 77797937. We'll get into the Celtics their opener should be a good one tonight Cleveland. Act ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every day keep up with the show on Twitter I OMF. EI let's get you back to morrow poured wing rebellion forty game right now watch Sports Radio WEP. A bacteria always mentally to get us would join us at the eleventh or wounded in some of the Celtics hype of the NBA quite. We'll get into all of a couple of minutes or might it ease long meadow hello Mike. Guy Dario. That like a lot of talk about the patriot but I I'd love the Celtics I'd love to see what they're going to be this year and I think they're going to be very very. Yeah well I I I just like you're paid I think they're better than they were last year and we'll see how it works out but. I know I missed and some that would that we are in and Spain at the Patriots defense is getting better. Didn't they just sent an NFL record by giving up some six. 300 yard passing games in a row. While that they're getting better as far as other point they're getting better as far as points allowed. That's not a given only six or lead but it was like he was at seventeen and Sunday in the fourteen before that so that's averaging 26 overtones so better so but there was the B to start the season. I think the jets probably got it better be offenses I think. They've got to be ranked somewhere in the bottom five in the NFL that correct. It's pretty bad they're not Corey quite understood it was so much you don't think it might hold on you don't think this that everything you said we we understand would watch the six games like to. The defense has really been shaky I. Usually it's gonna get better. Well it it usually does with Belichick I agree but I'm just look at it it being any game out now the the that the one quarterback that without this week I don't know why it was output. We spoke art so replacement was much better. I. All I understand hat but I'm saying. I know that you wouldn't we're talking about white it is right so why keep these these didn't do we we thought it was going to be better in this I've. It might like I look at the personal look at look at it we just had a few minutes ago look at personnel in the secondary talent person right look at the personal the second. Are granted some of them you know you've got that. Gilmore is now are trying to figure that that the most he played like 90% of the albums this past week I don't place. So you tell me looking at their personnel you don't feel that that secondary between now and the end of the season. Is going to get out there. It probably will put into the second period the ones that people park about being big expense of intimacy. I'm just trying to. Patriots defense I don't think anybody said you gonna be wanna know this about yes no I just secondary yes yes and that's one of the reasons why I think full can't be fair with myself. I feel like they will get better. Because I I just believe in talent and I think in the secondary they have them. And and and may have been exposed. And a lot of it was running around confusion miscommunication. Maybe it doesn't get better I don't know will say. But I just think I think it will. I think eventually of Gilmore and Gil Butler and UB compete with those guys and role in the safeties and I think you gonna see a much better secondary at some point. I hope you're right because some of the better offensive teams we're gonna chase is coming. Up behind this were going forward and if they keep playing in the way they are. I think that it did you know they have to score thirty plus we gave away at least that's my opinion. Now if they don't get a lot better and they don't score 3536. Points a game to write that we're not a decent Europeans isn't talking about this team going on. Two to Brigham and better things. That's what this I think this game is a great one. On Sunday night it's a great test it. He obviously gonna get emotional for the skin you're gonna get psyched up even remember what happened back in February it's a high powered offense. I mean this I think this might be the perfect should see highs are often but it should not. It should be. I as a medalist two weeks that's for certain. So we just unleashes an episode there's some picks out there are some turnovers and maybe he's been given the football away that it does he just stop and also not think that is part of their defense is now forcing turnovers and all best running back you've seen. And yet correct yeah a collection of them yes. Between best you know but if Freeman you know and Coleman Communists a damn good receivers you talk about you know special restaurant exit right. He's now featured lawyers they they've they've got a more. All right so the NBA season is beginning tonight the Boston Celtics aren't center stage now. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers anybody believe that the browns I'm gonna is gonna play the course yet John McQueen gets excited about it. It is it's perfect noon it's perfect city doesn't play well. He's got the Eaton did if it Celtics are up. 1518. Points with three minutes ago nick pulled out of the game you'll limp off the court. And we elected him is this ankle and I just but the Paul Pierce that we cherish it and CNA. And a typical like LeBron James fashion so he didn't say this but he is his boy JR Smith said this one. He was asked whether or not LeBron James would play. He yelled go hey if you don't just. Will be you know we're opening night. As you look at. Seclusion. She. That was due to choose that they use those. You know most of. My domain don't make a better place today Mason turns into today yes he's got a flag football game this Friday correct some of the game so let's start using it dragged a mixture you remind him hey listen on LeBron James never missed a game opening game lastly he's brought unicorn got a glass and a missed the game is eight. Early on he said they're confident we heard the first times that it two weeks ago if you don't you don't even remembering allegiance to is exactly. Yet when equipment oh well so it's about this with the NBA arena where watching and over shall discuss ESPN is just blowing out 24 cent and it is all a lot for me and they haven't actually since this is the great opportunity for them to get some Saturday so so we have. Have right now in Vegas okay. The biggest favorite to win a championship of any professional sports league. In the history of Vegas that. Golden State is be the biggest favorite to win aberrant enters our sport we have a situation. Where you've got seven all stars were traded in the off season Charles Barkley has already come out and said he's gonna have to fake it out for seven months. To try to convince people that it's not going to be Golden State in replicas. Everybody you look at the spread and prediction is this is pitching Golden State in Cleveland to play any NBA finals and if you ever seen. More interest in the NBA right now now we line I mean I have decided there while it's still. I don't want there's good drama. We with all the guys moving it's going to be you know they gonna show. You know Paul George gold backed Indiana you know they all all these guys all the players that have moving around. That it's good drama people are interested. So one city's excited they got the player the other cities pissed that they lost the player rights you have both here on opening night tonight. So that's out there that's what you needed is different nobody is different didn't give Isiah Thomas and giving them a video. Well Kevin Garnett. Or Paul Pierce and when they left. This is given video array only given. I believe. Until now did anybody get everybody it's a video Lou luggage on radio the radio Lieberman and I I don't remember that I don't know. That tactic against I'm just equity loans. Electric comes a video Tyree who. Now I think it's been demanding a trade not let her sitting shredding us moved to an end but maybe that's why they're doing. To mock him as a test right out of the gate for him to play in this game get it out of the system. And have to deal with all the negativity OK he's gonna hear it nonstop every time he touches the ball the secret thing I think for him how does he deal with that. Does he. It's easy get to give up does he start trying to do too much out there I think is a real good test program. Viewpoint the odds are quicker as the read this article has had the bulls team back in nineteen since 78. I mean rather than seven Andy when he wants every two wins. That following year you were minus 125 favorite to win championship that was one of the highest. The issue of lawyers or minus 240 her a shot almost double fallen almost double what the seventy to win Jordan Chicago Bulls. Welfare by an odd couple. The next is the cavaliers their 41 and third. Celtics. And so the guy I think the lettuce sold us a lot Golden State that casual you know. We know gold states gonna let you out if it's not Cleveland will be Boston's gonna give me at least the chance to be unique. In the end you look at why would you put the other three in the Western Conference up on the board when you've got Golden State to prohibit all sixteen to one Houston Oklahoma City in spurts so. When you OK here's the thing so that that was it I don't know what year was it was a when Kevin Durant the year for you left when he news and Oklahoma. Mean they all worked out there opt out on on Golden State the amount and the other 31. And allowed him come back and win and the same thing happen to Golden State when they were up on Cleveland they allow them to come back and win and so. I mean. Possible it's not like. If it in Kenderick should but you are up with Kevin Durant and then it lost all I've played her weight that I know I'm not trying to make a try again around way. How it's even like so Heidi stage in the season. So why even bother with the season this Asian work this season's going to be cool no I agree the but it started telling me these are our friends to drop a dirty to me I'm Marty Golden State's deep so what are you what you focus on the second in the theater around the. There are 5% Ali in the stinky info at this way if you look at it from a selfish point of okay you truly believed the Celtics are at worst. The number 2 team in the Eastern Conference I think if if Washington overtakes them Toronto overtakes them and you. You're gonna start getting a little concerned about the Celtics team but you get the warriors in the cloud by themselves. Then you've got the rockets before under. The spurs the cavaliers. Probably in that next level. And then you've got the Celtics to the question is the Celtics still one step with the wizards and the raptors. Or the Celtics ready to take that step up where they jump up with the spurs on the cabs and OKC and you are so intelligent and yes. And so you're in what the Celtics and they have. Four guys returning from last year's one. All these new faces. So and you just us to assume that a shift in its work itself Al. It's going to be fine I'm I'm not assuming it's interesting because we're gross back went on. Across the street yesterday and he was asked question whether they were content. And he said no. And I think he's right so excellent championship contender or how can you be if the goal it because how the Golden State Warriors article they wars where they're built now. They're the only contender right so they all get all out of the show him the Celtics be a real good team yeah they jump up and agree with the rockets in the thunder and kept they could do that. But does anybody believe that it's this year the Celtics are capable of going through these teams. To go and went to see what did you think to be this trinity went a gigantic upset but does the Eastern Conference championship. Look like do they get house and that in the left out so they was it our best in us losing in five. But that's his game was like 135102. And was eating close. And it didn't really go to CNN have a real shares even if it's six you know it's just games. Show that you're there you know I mean it's not below lots central. You know they would Toronto. Toronto Washington run probably in Milwaukee. Until those teams since epic data showed that clearly better than them. That's what I expect it's almost like those three teams can stay where they are the Milwaukee got so different separate Toronto Washington and a group. You know the Milwaukee's kind of get a little bit better but the Celtics got to show that. They are much they're better than Toronto Washington and they got a shot to compete with Cleveland that's where I think. Realistically Iraq it's up to say contender I wouldn't admire Maureen what he says it would not contenders. Because unless you think you can beat Golden State. And you should consider yourself a content. Art and I don't think I don't see how you can look at it right now and I think that you can beat Cleveland. Now maybe three quarters into the season we're looking at this the much much different. That the Milwaukee think it's an interest in one. Because if you've got to have a great player I sent to be able to go and and compete at a high level limit in a conference championship. It's great free takes it to the next level it pretty damn good last year there already and you could look at him as a top five player by the end of the season. He could be an MVP candidate and if he has the Milwaukee is really improved right now Milwaukee who will will skate what do they win. Last year Milwaukee won 42 games last year that's what I gotta I gotta believe that Milwaukee is gonna be flirting with fifty. Hey it's it's as much as Danny's gone out and chronic carrier ring and Hayward I think improve the calendars roster. Doesn't like this success not just this year because you benefit even if they take that next league this year is still be you know young guys in the post season. But really the steps that. Jalen brown. And Tatum could possibly make that's got to see the difference as the future of this organization that's fighting that's the K it's suitable Irina carries also went and heightened it was great. But it's the unknown of brown and Tatum. That can actually make you contender next year. She identity thing to watch this year can Jalen brown. If you if you earned awards right now you're gonna trade away cousins by the trading deadline right did you not going anywhere and you're gonna try to win build up around Anthony Davis. I think you nailed it pellets in its Jalen brown can take it to the next level. Because he has he has the ability. I believe in the skill set to be a star earnestly Tatum is going to be one of those guys that and ride out of the gates gonna start tonight he's a guy that. I think we'll have 2219 health for the next. It probably your typical rookie he'll have his ups and downs that we go to stretches where is getting some playing time another stretches will have to back off. Question for him in his and they claim he's been terrific in practice defensively. Is can keep them on the floor for because his defense is good enough by I think you nailed it. For tiger Irving the question is can he make everybody else better low and make those kids that. As we know he's a great talent we know we can put apple on one can make those guys that. I won't get to more or this and open up the fault lies with what you expect. From the Celtics this year Willie McGinest joins us coming up at 1136177797. And Teresa.