OMF - Fauria has issues with the new Aaron Hernandez documentary 1-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, January 12th

HOUR 4 - Fauria was interviewed for James Patterson's new Aaron Hernandez documentary but has some issues with the film as a whole. He believes it places too much blame for Hernandez's behavior on CTE. The weather will be weird during the Patriots game and the case for Brady as the greatest of all time is discussed. 


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When he. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and 48 what the ground to get up reports Vick. I never heard on the table before on the ground made an offer in the draft was percent Carter there are so I don't really thought behind IM EGE is yeah Ali I was offered this well he had the chance to off. And you did a lot of people around Cleveland now the singer was in Forbes. They. Really well I don't know if they're reporting but I don't want to trade off was. And it was for a second and third with clay and Lou and Christian if I were representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say do the agent on the other side I'm an Irish guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be gentle now. Sports Radio WEEI. I final hour here on AM Friday all 3 of Pacific the patriots to win this football game Christian and I like it in a lopsided battle. Meanwhile lose thinks this will be a little bit tighter. Closer to the to the point spread that we will be concerned on Monday with the offense. And if that's the case will be concerned with Tom Brady are concerned with the weather forecast so we're talking about the beginning of the day it's like sixty degrees early wee hours of the morning. And then it's gonna start creeping up this pretty quickly rikers. They're saying the wind chill factor. By the time we get to like 11 o'clock could be nine degrees or law. 57 to nine yes. I mean so in and think about it with people driving football's gonna be kept inside. Wool. Eldorado Mary good block all the reps that good goal responsible for its relaxed and was it last year two years of it left the ball is out of an towel and let it feed you freeze the football's would have a different PSI levels would at nine. Keep it simple kick off their they're saying 25 degrees with the wind chill of sixty. Okay no precipitation model but the rain will end and at about 9 AM 10 AM in the morning. That's with a range cornea so you don't wake up in the morning all of duty it's going to be sixty degree great and it's going to be raining out now most oh all right John it's going right now at. And a so. Hillary gets. So that if the crappy is whether the plane. Is what what would you it's Warman. Now is that that it's like not cold look for to be snow. And you know it's not you know officers not former leftist and enjoy it it's that we're dead. Dead that freezing cold to snow windy rains situation that's the west. That's the last that's the worst football is going to be dry. To be called is now. Let us ask especially all down to ground ball out of the granny get all soaking wet and you get up Anders waned in the U region balked at Seattle's long sleeves on they get away then you get. On Wednesday Tomlinson and on Monday and it's not right it's no games are fun. You know in the rain could be where it is what it is that will you get when both feels a little older when that nine. He just you don't never touch the big a few miserable this what you gonna feel especially when earlier in the day. You know when you drive and over are going to the it to the stadium. It's an ambulance at the exhibit for football and then it's gonna drop forty degrees in the course of the day to be fifty degrees in guy's gonna walk out there winter coats and hats gloves and our. And exploiting but time is game it's carnival I was worried about some of the fans doing that yet today the fans off yeah I would here's the other one I would worry about Lou they get looped up on a Saturday night game figuring me. Something had to go to work it's not a big deal and they get loomed up and then they have to drive home. In 12 AM when shall ten degrees. One F. Through the windshield 97. Degrees gonna keep on getting colder. Hasty they're drinking early be careful on the roads. Viewers and. Yeah that is and Alexei leg so what's what's the other reason why the patriots are not the page via the titans could beat. The patriots would be crappy game conditions that lead to turnovers but not like you know user error bush it is a very long round win while old extra who has not trying to grab it blows the riot. It is need to got bigger and better with it be better prepared for that game the patriots. So and I did also date under the bridge when you knock on greatly out of law that they had in there are little tool chest last week against the chiefs. All that's used it you're not gonna get these low key crazy plays but they got like Mario ad that's not gonna happen. And that's it there and hope for it wait for they'll be down the angle possible do the whole pat talk at halftime when a guy's real what happened last week may wheat weeding give nobody give an. But he'd beat the steep hill and I'm sure you're gonna have to roll well a Darrelle Revis out there playing. You know. The defense that we played last week you know just allowing some to download. Aren't you go on a call that defense and went about it like you know we talk all these bad signings. You know are the bills you know some of the calls he's made. But boy was he right on that 11 year twelve and a half million just because he want to meet you get someone here right. Goes jets another mega deal like a second mega deal was played two years if a student council via mean all along you played. He's basically I don't Lee Miller wants things done on things are there any and talk about you know dodging a bullet. All it's so funny thing is some you know way. Just some teams just ages overpay to get sucked into the hold just you know blood in the water mentality. And the overpayment they just don't see it. And bill I mean you could you maybe that's that was the situation that he was thinking about what Brady only get ahead of it before it gets away from me a prep for he comes drop below. Oh by the way I was wrong. Was wrong number eight T he heat he sees out running you you can't catch him. Now and if you wondered tube it's you know dodged a bullet Smart and everybody else or just got lucky the players didn't accept the bit it off for you Revis. They did right in and you dig a little better or your own breed isn't it about nine million dollars short of what the jets guarantee system of point point five million guaranteed. Get off offer Wes Welker contract right he just took Denver. Dominion is there everybody they're Smart they're but he also that just lucky the players and accept their offer to stand. But is there ever been a guy. In football that was more involved in more interest in the in the financial aspect of it as opposed to the football well Darrelle Revis even better attic yes he's great dad. You know Charlie John Gilbert is his uncle he kind of school Blum told them this is what you need to do this is I'll it did it plays out you gotta get every dollar. Because when he got the deal with the jets. That all of the money is going to be kept for every year. How how go directly to the count how many times how many times in the teacher's been screwed in some contractual issue. Like you know overpaying for somebody Daly is Tom's always comes to mind yes but unmet free agent signings guilt or could be that guy. Depending you'll see what happens but how. And all the signings and all the moves in the deals that they've done they usually don't exclude. And you it's figured out looking at them on it lost that deal. Because you know what they do they don't show up at the party and suddenly say while she sought in the court but don't do they think they don't want it they say they did over the guilt or don't want to mean doing it they decide to write papers they previously. Science show you're right that's a guy that they can get born with because if you're looking Gilmore performance this year. That's 64 million dollars he's been a high sweeps week I think we've he talked about making excuses for Tom Brady I think there have been times the issue of said he are made excuses. For for Stephon Gilmore. Aaron I mean I guess I just felt like he would be making his presence on that side who dispute more intimidating. Like a Richard Sherman right edited again and maybe that's not fair to him to compare him to that guy. But just like when you sit there and if you're at you're an offense and you look to the right knows there's Malcolm Butler looked to have left there's there's Gilmore Anderson are going us. Part of that is the fact that though quickly they jumped on the amount of money they gave them you just looked at him as well that's out of the feel this is fine. Done baucus throw shut them down. I mean at some of the top corners that you would normally Richard chairman shuts it down acute of Minnesota roads shuts it down. The great corners in their prime and this by the by the amount of money they gave up quickly did he just thought that was gonna be yet. He's been better lately I guess you know better it was early a year that's for sure but. So I got battlefield. And I something's gonna let god something's gonna play. Malcolm Butler in the offseason I don't think it'll be the New England Patriots certainly somebody's going to him a lot more of that and you know what excuse still used to look at disabled but didn't have a great year because he hasn't had a great view that a lot of criticism of him during the course of the season. But you know what they'll site the site to France seven. It's a team that can't apply any pressure on a quarterback you know how much additional work is how much additional time. That a quarter past the state with a receiver because does not pressure on the quarterback Greg. Don't I thought it. But it means yes yes a team will say that they're dots doesn't do anything there but you could argue the point patriots ever really they really ever football team that. But it's under pressure on quarterbacks nobody I think there's there's more to pressure test years I had no little wanted our coverage sacks but I'm just for the most part it's. You know contain molding quarterbacks and if your crappy which most of Omar that's forced and try to see England on the field and put drives together without the weekend so. Their defense never really attacks I think it's week to week two I think is the way they change game plans I mean. Wouldn't it be more. Sitting this week. To play a little bit more based defense you talk about Harris some playing time about who now they're gonna work their personnel but if you are worried about Henry. Running the football that your biggest concern I got to believe that your biggest and Garrett with Tennessee to play more based. Not at play with a lot of extra DBs in the celebration worried about their passing game. You're worried about now tight end where but the tide and maybe you could match somebody. On the you can match what are your safeties on the tightest job don't worry about John gets to tell exactly but go back to be that the team not Butler. I mean I'm have been huge welcome boat affair and always have been a one and to keep my wanted and sent my wand and give Gilmore that contract to keep premiered but I can honestly say at the this year. He hasn't earned. That big paid you know here in New England now that he was hoping that the patriots idol but would you. Agree eulogies I would agree with you we let us that he earned he earned this contract last off season this year. Not going to blame self or whatever I don't know but it just. It wasn't the same guy we saw. As have been. He's better than what you've got to data most see Jonathan Jones and and others but. Firfer big huge money out there now any Ossetia now I think they'll look elsewhere. Right to look elsewhere they'll find somebody else that look at men and and actually. Don't know they'll find somebody else so I think he's one of the guys that's going to be that's going to be guns onus. So when that. We're not worried about unfortunately we're not worried about Saturday night's the game now. God you gets done on an illusion is you don't is also million Texas talk about conference that a bad Aaron Hernandez. It was a problem is good point translates to avoid a fan but we didn't realize I didn't realize all of the things I OK Agassi human and and the main meeting room thought. We went over anything out of some. But are people they've added. Back trying to know nobody's gonna merge John that anybody got any better and you want is a killer but not that night but in the regular. If it all out literally not literally kill no shoot now OK I think it was. You know what I'm census I would say that's Rebecca what was leading on record of leading you to might issued had. So James Paterson issued that you read I have an issue of millions incident this one is this is one of OK guys the current issue so. Teams Paterson you heard him. James Patterson is as is like a writer rates to their books and stuff. It's a parakeet or writer you know sort of around his book the attractiveness. You're he writes he's right side puts the rights of paper from you write stories but you know air and added third avenues 48 hours specimen we talk literally as. We came here in Meehan. Curtain Callahan wise is the budget is only interviewed me is about you know this is about. I guess the general. I guess perception of the NFL. And what it does so because you don't turn and it cannot say he has all these brain issues and I'm not earners but as doctors and their day he had he had the worst case of seats heated ever seen. For somebody that young or somebody that young. So big goal this ET heated over YE mired may have been killer. And you remember our good friend doctor than it Amal who writes we do to tell the truth I couldn't detect. And here's what he says and this is what drives me insane as what he says yeah. What he says what in Hernandez he says. He wasn't an evil man know he wasn't he was a sick man. Referring to the fact that he identified with CT football players and that's why he is I guess is murdering ways. Should be almost excuse. Because he was sick because they believe that they'll do you believe that that day he became a murderer. I wanna be scar face Alpa chino. Tell me what you think about me that whole thing gains the man to. Outage because yet TT I think is no evidence that you can pinpoint. His violent habits on CT you know you could say that. Those who have CT he ever attend any of being more violent but you can't tell me that there was a a vote a certain point it is all life. We're suddenly he turned it became all of their all and it was CTV it had nothing to do with the way he was brought up gained. Usually a yeah watered down. Out of that forget about it let's just get out of dad dying dying go to Florida on goal and it's hitting me now tonight as it applies to I careless. Statement I understand it but I think his agenda but I can tell in the studio with that doctors coming from and this is the research he's done pushed it was a Japanese Olympic guys that if you know killed themselves or beaten up their wives and and you know become very violent. And he's connected it to this. So it looks as if this is an extreme case this man yeah allegedly might have killed three people so it's made extreme case but I I consider the doctor actually believes that. But here's the problem that Lou the problem with that is we have murders every single day in America. It if we do CTE test on most of these people I would guess since they didn't play the game of football and maybe haven't been involved in violence before in their life. They probably show that they do not CT eat but they've committed murder struck committed crimes so. I there's a connection yes but he's certainly doing it because he wants the city and they say. Sit with anything and this is what happened. You can you can you can. List. So when you more reason why he turned into a killer. Rhett other than CT. Yeah there are results were lying and I am sure all you just you know what he was a study thought it was he'd like to be like you like that. That perception that he giving you like the power position he thought it was may be sol Starr is to me time goodfellas I would still wants those movies I don't know it just. I'm sure god is it that's not the reasons why I inhaler I overreact visits then and I've been through the family the people who died helical Nagin and give me excuse nerds insensitive yes but you can see where you know he might like a certain lifestyle live a certain life wanna become a thug and then. What looked. Pushed him over the ledge you know as far as being a murderer the difference between having a lifestyle being a murderer and his doctors in this in this is what pushed him over the lynch. It works for the doctor you always need a plays his history in reserve if it plays to his case and it could be contributing factor absolutely. But you can't pinpoint the point in this guy's life. When suddenly. Eight he became violent because the CTE we've heard stories about him when he was younger enjoys reporting related a lot of politics really embarrassing to think about it Alex you gonna tell the. And we volleys people that always football's fall. It was football's phone and you are right you people. Act sick. No he was evil to his core but he killed because he thought it was cool they thought it was he was the tough guy because he. Not excellent slam where black and black Audi. I coming up next we're gonna get to the phone calls it 6177797937. And also coming up next. We're gonna give away that autographed football. King and told you legally can't tell you who's autograph is on the football. Other than I can tell yet he's number is number twelve he placed on the New England Patriots that column a goat and he's married to this very attractive. Model and it. Other than that. I can't tell you will what is that you could win it next. Once again. These Glynn blue and Christie important way Murr ammonium Fauria aren't sports. But an amazing piece of sportsmen who has. Greatest player greatest quarterback ever play in the national football county. I probably gonna win himself a little playoff game coming up tomorrow night rumors that he can't do regular season MVP. Could he win once again back to back Super Bowl. Last quarterback to do that would be. What was it is that. On the twelfth saying god is an unbelievable item thanks to doctors Matthew looked rusty. And Robert Leonard V or doctors of Rob Ninkovich at 1800. Get here. We have an unbelievable piece of sports memorabilia autographed by the greatest of all time he'd done ninth caller right now. Did next caller right now at 617931. Zero and ID 37 spot a couple of line if you if you if you if you are changing right now and by the way he didn't sheep you are right now. You need to call the contest line 6179310937. True it's unbelievable. Life. Wanted to come and who knows how many more you resigning as you may be drifting off to Zambia last one jab at this. Yeah like Mike you Greece where an article out there as far as Brady and you're the greatest of all time and look at some of the NFL at the playoff record shields yet. And into green 63 touchdown passes in the post season Joseph Montana second with 45 at which he. We're division of maudlin and more mortal thought dart board more plot gesture and more game to save post season yards over 9000 Manning second with 7300. 25 playoff wins Montana sixteen he seconds pretty good. I mean everything completions. And interstates that I got 200 more completions in the second place guy and it's just incidences can keep oh. That directors and I are gonna be stuff. Top ever we Taka. Now the members have made to be broken they understand he's fallen off the collateral. People are Urquhart who are talking about is he does he get some records and quantity the worst part about it book about it is. Consulting team they can be a little shaky the often Jew and I think the offense is gonna quit but the offense clicks. And if I'm correct in your correct it is going to be applaud the patriots gonna win it easily. Does that really mean that everything has been sold and everything is hunky dory could this not be a lot more of C simply not good enough very good. Take a minute Gillette Stadium and they'd like things you need. Which is you need to be able to defend a the past they can't do what will only kid to a from two positions with a patriots excel the tight end position and a running back. Get actionable on the back you know a lot of a lots been made of you know just real teams talking smack him. You know I saw an article this morning actually of all the times team's heads talked smack. About the patriots directly or indirectly. You know jokingly seriously. And all and what those look at the ending was for those games like what happened those games and every single time. The patriots just beat the crap out of weapons whatever team was talking smack and when I look at all the things all the all the quotes it was always. It was always something silly. That was blown out of proportion inside the locker room courts I'd Freddie Mitchell went always comes to mind that was substantive best friend for a solicitor of Philadelphia which is only did she comet. Right is he referring to or do you sit back and look what Mike Mike Mitchell did. Or the fact that they're gonna whenever they dealt with adversity what at what has happened the next week and the. First thing is really not bid adversity that nobody dies in the nobody sick if there's not one Reich easier incident like there's not oppose them where you sit there don't Bryant and deliberate they don't have. So this though before or that the culture plays those things up the read. You know that level of puzzle that's the Super Bowl parade what are already planning this sort of sort it. We look ahead of the issues the body then we left off at that allows people tweeted out and hamburgers and on wow I haven't read what he did so pissed and all of the party got more now we're a bit of Franklin avenue they're gonna stop at a museum what. No wait now I'll watch. But don't labels like doing it. OK but tell me that we're not gonna bid they're one of the story lines of this game tomorrow night. Is not going to be attention on Tom Brady Tom Brady's taking a lot of a heat this past week all the stuff that internally is going over the teams to me that's not gonna be something people are going to be watching. No question and that's why allies going to be on him yep you know and he said you know imagine if he went out because out. And placed weighted against Houston. Only questions. Did last year there was not a very good defense Tom Deluca Benedict who became beckoning and Pittsburgh no big deal. You do that this year in his new more stores next yet it's gonna be the ankle wouldn't say the Achilles the ankle all those known on a finger no no let's talk what entries this disease done. Ought to know ultimately don't admit it. If someplace that we didn't he is used in you don't think matched elements come on Monday that incident I hold back you know the cliff while Max government's gonna at the stick back to his little shtick I don't. I thought it but I gotta. Put up big others jump on but I think it. But I think based on his career. With all of the stuff this week and the press conference yesterday and the fact that he is so it showed barely showed me he thought mileage is that it's going to be focused you'll so if he doesn't play well on this game tomorrow night people are gonna say you know what it is is the Achilles it's it's there's something wrong this article I think it's going to be. You know Tom Brady. In years past when he was challenged you know when there was controversy you always saw the best of Tom Brady following but now. He can't reach back to his get soft you know can't find it. Dawn and not the same guy anymore is in all Tom Brady would it the American lit up Tennessee went up and down the field. But not this one this 140 yet and I'd just say that if it is it is that it it does it big yarder. And a big story line here is nobody thinks that Tennessee can win this game it's not a really big story line and all this but do you believe in Tennessee story line is Tom Brady. As always the story line now but even more so with a stuffed it's built up. If if he was the one to people of if it had developed this plot in which he's the one sure they're forced Jimmy Carl. I think we're British meta rights wrote a whole article that Tom Brady gonna unleash holy hell. But gay unholy hell on the Tennessee Titans because this is what Tom does when he. When there's something in his life and his distraction was the plate gate what do you mean gee and you naymick. And if he doesn't have a good game you don't think people need to do gambling injury now that they're gonna sit there and say that you know normally all Tom Brady the greatest of all time but this isn't. The normal time ever I want you try to figure that's why all the result of a lot. But when you're talking about a ills they talk about all these usually injuries breaking you don't you know Peyton Manning fell off the cliff why did you fall off the cliff 'cause he was injured. This is Bobby started breaking down. Why would they do the same thing would break because one expects a pair since there's there's zero question comparison to when there. They'll like Tommy. Gives president elect elect Payton and had him every excuse in the book and give Tom Brady an injury excuse. Oh it's because it was a Q at least that's why is is well and given me excuses. As to say he's done. Absolutely especially when when. Manning had much similar year. I don't know what year was fourteen there was a fourteen million and was having MVP type season got the quad injury and came back in just sought. And then came back next year promotes the entire year got hurt as a big time of your. Possible on one hand and he came in and won the two playoff games. And then went and actually won yesterday was he was shell of himself Demi I just came back illiteracy are running into your parents or running the football and he was managing the game. One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time simply managing. The game that's what do you still go to a couple of these phone calls here's nick got a cellphone I nick. 88. I don't know you got. That kind of if you think it's there and well many many many years. Most people are often patriot fans we're glad. No I I listen you guys all the time. They would Paris and about the pass for a week. Five weeks in the season. Solid numbers of guard dogs and more deceptions last touchdown this that the other thing I'd ever great game against Tennessee. No problem at all. Pittsburgh. In risky and I agree arrow prom this year X. Or better not that it commissioners retiring initiatives. That the of their work on zone he's got potentially more game don't we can't. I tell you what you you wanna you wanna talk about the crowd here turning on to number in. They would turn on John Brady V the end of this year received you know what I just Gisele in my taco sold. And we're down. Especially if they block it what they saw Joseph bill before you check out all of our all out as best I really hope he could not get away with that no. Three give way today would be yes. This year's world well the day well. I got there. Or Alter the nature deepens tomorrow. You should probably expect and you accord expired market area. You probably don't let them in the server all. Unfortunately despite Russell Wilson I mean that they are. More dual threat quarterback. To move in the pocket game. Even if you put pressure on its own so there obviously going to be terrible. I mean the doctor Henry you've got all the box. Birds and. And coaching point in my own ego bottom until I thought I want somebody gave as far as it's really easy to identify when they're gonna run when they're gonna pass. Isolates and he really broke depth report late. If he's a yard head and he's gonna run always buys gonna pass some of those a year identifiers your citizens are always that's a real and see that you see and I got a break him. I tell you what Pittsburgh will absolutely put a spy and border presents the only thing they have to Wear brown and the only thing they have to worry about right. Gets the first down play breaks down he runs despite all of what it's four yards of Pittsburgh is pretty much looking at her game the way the patriots are looking. You know this game tomorrow I don't know what we just were amazed during the that the break your Teddy Bruschi was breaking down the Jacksonville Pittsburgh game and again. ESPN is using film. Though Mike Mitchell to Mike Mitchell stuff yeah like this is gonna be a factor in the game because the Jacksonville jet was our stuff this is bulletin board material because he. Ignore damages talked about the patriot even though we know the quote was from December and I'm still blocked by Dan bishop has. You still blocked me for just. Ashton and confirm when this report lies. And Epson dot cut off. Thanks a lot of silica Kircus not like me not now still that still can reeker the Turks are we don't want more segment to go against experienced clay and. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You order a way now back to more we're way we're loading and Fauria watch Sports Radio WEEI. I'm so we already gave our predictions of the patriots game all of us like the patriots lose thinks it's going to be closer than Chris what is our thirteenth night so. The other games you like Pittsburgh then I actually like. Yeah I actual expert yet like all the top seeds you did I think again it's the kind of feels like to upsets. Even though Minnesota's favorite still feel that most people think new war is gonna win that game ballot Minnesota like Phillip and most people like Atlanta and on the game against Philadelphia but controls number that though Lombardi gave us was a little alarming I don't know because I feel the same way you war. I think people really. Looking past Philadelphia I think Philadelphia defensively is really good they offer a lot of problems for Atlanta but were parties of this because the patriots have a lot at stake. If you get to the Super Bowl. It's going to be back to back Super Bowl wonders the last thing to do with the New England Patriots is not done often in the league so it's a big huge deal do you wanna make do it against the Atlanta. To be able to stuff them all other storyline and that's the best story line I think the thought product hole. Home team how well now that's the miracle yes it it goes Eagles rematch with Matt Ryan. And it goes a new orleans' Drew Brees I would agree on the part of as far as the drama and in the talked leading up to a suitable. If the NFC finals is that this championship game original verse Atlanta. Thank you for doing some interest in online deals and how. And his house and I was reading tweet last night and guys have when Marie journalism school. We were taught that we couldn't print the word let's could be set by the president with the Pope. So I'm figure now I think it is fair game whatever you wanna say now you enjoy whatever you want it says in Panama and none more. I mean I was listening to CNN last night and it was like a race to see who could say at the most often. Well they were all doing it left unable to figure the FCC does nothing they gonna do about it is always do what is it we're quoting. But Washington Post from the president and so good news letter written Christian. Really I'll just don't let armed now you I figured you know you're you're the man I'll fall you know if you if you to have success for the Al of and I'll be capital act. Who just going to give it to me right now yeah yeah as a model it now they'll do at the Safeway and like we used to say HE double life I said all that stuff. Should poll. That's you know there gulf of any be ready. So while we're gonna move Michael given up a little bit he's going to be 240 today if he's got a plane to catch. We're gonna talk with the Christian Fauria at Nashville. To post match out of whites don't Derrick Mason. Does tend to. Another station and Nash just got past that guys that guy's gonna join us via uploaded its cynicism and I called. But the difference if it's because you don't -- yeah we -- just a -- actually made our final I saw that it -- now planet I don't know I don't and it's not only did not play the got to stop trying to -- doing that I don't know I'm behind the Stanley Iraq three or four weeks yesterday on the partnership yesterday. And they kind of same positive things about who they want ridiculing him like a little do they always our next president letter which countries and for after your TV tomorrow minister again. Yes I really don't after the game Allen created durables and showed you know the pregame show and I'm here today with mark and keep what you do and watch we'll look round. Triple Crown I hope it's not won by bush have a great weekend everybody out there having greatly enjoy the game. Monday patriots Monday we will live in Foxboro at 10 AM speed it up.