OMF - Fauria’s opinion on Brady's future is being treated as a report; Jayson Stark breaks down the math if Mookie returned 2-12-20

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Wednesday, February 12th
HOUR 4: Fauria said yesterday that the Patriots do not want Tom Brady, not even at $15 million a year. Is he saying this because the Pats do not believe they can win a Super Bowl with Brady? Tedy Bruschi says he knows for a fact that Tom Brady will explore free agency. Does this solidify that Brady is gone? Jayson Stark has done the math for an exercise if the Sox had decided to bring back Mookie Betts. The numbers are staggering… And in today’s “Last Call”: Marc James opens his show with a “sourced report” on the Red Sox + Snoop Dogg has finally apologized to Gayle King 2-12-20