OMF - Fauria sez: Key Patriots personnel will be GONE; Green-teamers have to wait a little longer for the return of IT 1-2-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, January 2nd

HOUR 4 - The studio still smells of body lotion yet we continue to power through. The hot stove has been ablaze for teams like the Yankees and Angels. But here in Boston? Somebody is fiddling with the heat and his name is Scott Boras. All signs are pointing to Isaiah Thomas not playing in Boston tomorrow night. On top of it, IT has requested no video tributes or feel good moments. And Christian is convinced that the numerous NFL head coaching vacancies will be filled by current New England staffers.


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Fort Wayne and bony and 48 there is a tremendous amount of people talking over. One another was listening in particular to OMF lose started fighting with Maloney unknown and and Glenn jumps in I heard all this cacophony and then went jumps in I wanted to know what Christians response to -- was an inland jumps him as such bull crap right there with gland Lou and Christian told our team sucks. I'm retiring and excuse. Monologue look and sound like what right now elements again. On Sports Radio WEEI. Just through the fights with Maloney I'd get out of the way I'm just waiting for him to fight with Korea held the stats. Will say. It's an interesting story president Isiah Thomas who's going to when he comes to thank you did. I's gonna be here tomorrow nice is no bill. The warning or those video things I wanna know drew you numb. Not gonna even play that he want that's why don't he know he wants to really be pissed off I think he just want this so there it's psychological warfare we're talking about yeah yeah if you've seen any of the stuff that he's saying or any of those videos. He is really motivating himself right now the stick it to be any change the rest of the season may be applicable to championship with a with Cleveland. But part of it is I just he is the he's the girlfriend that get cut out of the equation right this is not the time to stated any change. It's the regular season I think what they went night game be dealing a major motivation by but that's not really. Where the weather and blue where the motivate Romney's place. Celtics PR apparently at this report give the PR and it Isiah Thomas requested not to have one tomorrow and and acidity of doing it a future game right. The next time they place February 11 here at the garden all your stuff which is the retirement. Jersey for Paul Pierce you don't wanna take away from that. I do agonizing personal. Let's face so he gets what you'll always gets a look I is that it does analysts' eyes that wants to takes off it really so it's a quick tribute we've seen before right out of sorts it's in between timeouts its first quarter users enter your first or first quarter yet first timeout quick little thing whatever he gets applause lucky yelling screaming when he gets announced that fit well. And it's been us vs them. Accidents those tic try to get the video yes parent via doctor I think Gary wash press on this. This is and Jae Crowder has also experienced it cheer for opposing team's players before. That has progressed into common prosperity exit IE Gordon Hayward. I feel like they should do the same for me because they give them a lot hope they give me a little Chia. Does take prouder deserve. I need to do yeah turner gets harder for everybody gives everybody analytic yeah I don't see a little guy I want to putative hero among us. Yeah. I can sleep do you have to sit there on her ever again. Please I mean they didn't win anything at all but since you what you now in what what what lasting legacies. That's I think that's got so I think Cleveland is Smart not to play Isiah in this game tomorrow night. So he's ready he's been sitting on the bench by the fact he was in uniform the other night when I watched their game. He was in uniform on the bench which is amazing he wasn't street clothes as he was an active. So they're gonna play tonight we don't limit his minutes in the game against Portland. And even lowly and let them Willet is I think back for that game as well. So then you knock on a plane and back to back situations it's too early to do that in this camping is. You don't want you you're gonna have to integrate him into what you're doing that's going to take weeks. He's a Boston tomorrow and he's gonna try to do everything himself you just know that. So that's not a good game if you're the Cleveland Cavaliers to throw Isiah Thomas. 99 exactly he's just he's gonna protect them from South America to do but again at this is not. This is not the one that's really gonna matter this is not the one Isiah thomas' look good for you wanna knock them out playoffs. Best record in yea everybody's loving the rookies and look you'll love love and the young guys. And all you get to stick it to we want you wanna be thinking of the fourth when it matters. Really that's that's really the only way honey stick it to him otherwise yeah knocked out. That's the only way you do with the right way and it okay you're the reason. And have a good chance to do that Jeremy might be you know by the time you get to. April. You figured that he's going to be pretty much part an integrated into what they're doing right now. And I have a shot there's no question you got to do you got Isaiah now to add to the scoring it takes away from your defense of liabilities with LeBron they're pretty good shape. And for the Celtics just not the buildup though that I think. You know the ESP Antonio SpinRite yes they've been building a substance. And yeah we a lot of Isiah. Pictures yes sideline to sideline there's a new one camera dedicated to Isiah Thomas and just his expressions and his emotions. But he obviously don't put a video. Throughput of video for Crowder and very little cheer. But either figure by say is on the bench first time return to guard at the Celtics fans rules start some kind of IT champ yeah I think yeah yeah absolutely yeah. He is one of video but I think the fans are still based on respect the guy what he did and there is no reason not to. They can still get his it'll get a video. Yeah I think it makes for great second half of the season and into the playoffs drama. When you've got to say out here you've got cut every Irving here. It's it's great to tunes could meet in and the playoff series B Johnson's sleep the whole the whole security Crowder and Kelly when whoever if that's all. Jamal video to give Avery Bradley would diminish in everybody the rig it's very disappointed like the video of Avery Bradley story while we were gone. Idea I saw that. And it happened apparently while he was a member of the Boston so during the playoffs and is that yes. You know apparently he he paid off woman. Who was accusing him of what exactly was it wasn't. Sexual harassment. No it was not a sexual harassment it was beyond that. So is it was a sexual assault. In essence says she passed out drinking while the two were in Cleveland during the time Bradley was the Celtics. Some two miles it's Atlanta sleeping shoes ranks now. That's what she's climbing and it was a huge payoff to the eight. Squandered its automotive. He's. And see that. In the first reaction you have is where you see somebody give up that much money don't you had trouble sitting there saying I'm never happen. She just may only bigger embarrassment isn't worth the fight. Maybe it's just cheaper to thereon and that are going through let's say it's your innocent as you fight to the death. Too is that you ask yes of your innocent and you charger for all your attorney's fees and you yes you you save your name. That's. So. I don't know what I'd but I don't you know the subject to break cells were concerned was it wrapping presents and you know getting out of dodge and you know figure out why dean left it left to show. I was about eight or Bradley. Viewed John skipper in what order was doing and everything else. No fight is going on break and come back and also know the lakers suck again. Seven straight in the second worst record in the league Lopez was our etiquette sucked too much for the kid number one pick. And each of the two to five all I have a sweet spot now is it still doesn't. They could end up being the worst teams still market the number one day out regularly odds are in most cases you don't get the number one pick well. We need you don't eat it whit if you had the worst record doesn't. That metaphor if you look at the numbers over the year I'll take my chances OK I'd rather not be the lower secondly I'd rather be that third as a manager about the tip. I wrote in the third could dropping to fifth club that's well sector could drop you all of us would suck. Sweet spot I would say I would say to an and you hope for three or four in the seems to be a pity a pretty deep draft. But there's no quest they got problems and they're having team meetings in the Ross screaming at each. Other and roll pissed off at Wimbledon unhappy with his role coming off the bench and as he said he got Lopez hurt and now you got ball Burton thermos. You haven't heard anything from the van and while. Boys over in with the Elizabeth wanna give it to me ironically. Two boys get all the players and getting a lot of playing time over the apparently developed and started changing now because initially they are going to start Arizona started to get a lot of play that. He worked it worked out it worked so who out of so out of all the coaches right now so do you what do you what do you things more likely to happen. All three. GM offers chord deep in court for the path all of them. By all argon. Or. I would say you're looking at Eddie Daniels is gone I think if you're looking at a list right now. The most probable to go is what Lucent the adjustment Kim's look is the most probable ago. I think all gone they may LB don't you think is cereals aren't you acting nick is gone I pulled off packages are idled after sir I was other opportunities. For some free city does it seemed to be aggressive. In seeking out those other route. So again meet Josh is gonna pick whatever he wants you want a veteran guy and locked in Stafford. But you want to draft this old guy in new Yorker Arizona this you wanna young ginger biscuits nominees he can do whatever he wants. So I think he'll pick and I think I think he's going to think Patricia fifth at Detroit job is offered he should leave. We should go. To I think they're both especially if it's Detroit specially when Bob Quinn there as you've got a relationship with the person. Help out money to get that right and in and that's and that's it make the money get the opportunity. And you can always go back home you can you can just generals and release all these coaches become a coach you can always go back to be an opposite corners are deep of course is all about every home there usually delivered on every sideline and of every team in the league you see ex head coaches that Backus court -- little advance Joseph policy guy it's so he's so he was out he was out and then Elway had a change Horton said he wanted to sleep on it. And slept on it and he welcomes it started out like a dead weight any out yeah NN woke up and said. Can I ask it that he's going to be fired midway through the season next. On. No it always afraid I'm Sergio should fire himself. Because he's really that was a team if you look at an arm that was a team that should have had a shelf life. Now granted Peyton Manning was up there in age got to find sub quarterback but that's part of the game via. Seattle. Should Seattle had the the Seahawks. Had a longer run here. Hartford for this thing will think one that runs are one when they win the super bloody we all those guys were drafted as well as a candidate that's run its course also show those guys that the when the civil. It started before they won that super just may have just say right the year before you went to let the NFC title of the year before we're gonna see your defense wasted defense I think it was a pretty good Ron theory and senator or one bad call away from winning back to backs of the problem is that's a normal run by five years. Good run yes we're looking at yeah as a normal running what do you appeared here what do you what do you what do you think that the shelf life a new coaches anyways and that is like if that is a full. Five your. They don't care. Are you ready in a second but she's still you would go. We don't talk about Jos again has like OK so I think the raiders would be really good opportunity form but you don't wanna mess that organization you are messed with men and you don't mess with ownership. It also I'm working you go there actually gonna allow you to develop and grow your team that'll put up assault you don't once a miscue of the. Boy I mean look it in Patricia. You take that head coaching job you make your money and if it doesn't work in three years your defensive coordinator again. Was got Schwartz jets wore this everybody with John yeah I mean they use recycled same guys are as defensive coordinator is great again so I it's just don't like Arabic. I wouldn't I would coaching I would guy that was the deepens corner for the giants from the one of the beat the featured team would be go to Saint Louis. House these animals that no OK let me get used to recycle and and eventually for good or you'll get another opportunity to call. So I got like a what's next the wealth do you have left to cop. Fifty from a patrician. You know if you look at the personnel on the front seven if you're another general manager another order out here coupled with the patriots say oh my god. They ended up in the top five version number six. In points against defensively they don't they do that well. Front so he do every two perfect season he should go because it. I think people always look at it. Just like a mcdaniels a look at Brady I think produced that global clout Patricia the always look at Belichick rights is defense. The spell of sixty ultimate answers you could say Brady it is but it's still I feel like he's. Separate himself a little bit more even always got Tom Brady. I just think Patricia defensively defence accord with the patriots and it always just look at this bill is in defense of mine so it's just. Patricia eagle making money go to Detroit you guys. I think they're all gone I think this looks a lot like Scott Pioli. Charlie Weis Romeo Crennel where they all left it Rome Rio went to where buffalo Narnia the browns. Charlie went to Notre Dame and Scott. Went to Kansas City so they had this week where they actually since they're not playing this weekend they can do interviews correct yes so you can't do it if you were. Team is playing a wild card game this weekend right. Yes so they have an app adjustable loan and extra enough these guys actually don't the defensive back coach Florence is is on the list all right router owners trying to floors on the life of he's so you're you're sitting on some aperture show in May be nick Stephens reporting that master you navigate that suitcase so. You stay there and you you earn your stripes just like all the other guys before and noticed ripples moving up the Letterman quickly yes okay so linebacker coach Gary Stevens of Gordon and now he's interviewing for eight Hillary able to elicit for tighter come. Yet lower on one. Don't know where it fun and I'm not an about it and if he lotion. I read it down slow motion is so just I six months of 7797. And three sevenths so. Chris excuse or waiting for a moment and for EA Sports Radio got. I don't first thing back. Back after vacations so we get on a zillion different things look you'll get for some action in the hot stove department that it would help Bob nightingale in USA today. Says the. They got the deal is unknown. Nights. It's the question of who what's the market. Who's gonna who's gonna give you more. Arizona they gonna go back there who's going to be more. Five years 12560. Or option while five million dollar buyout or five years 130 get it done sea and fall months. Political and Scott Boras was talking about 220. Million dollar was it to happen. Back Dennis I'm gonna have to ask this was 200. Usually dollar John Carlos anything we wanted 200 he would ask for 240. No 130. Five and 130 within that close of fifty or sixty of bio that's that's a worst ever get about where's the rest of the market for this care division is so it's just a Red Sox. Yes nobody else nine of the top ten free agents have outside Santangelo in 19. Give it all with let's go how long does it take Scott told everybody up. Of the problem this is that the the 200 million dollars Dili gut for Prince Fielder by the way got to from your guide them browse to him you gotta January 25. He pitchers are 200 1000000 January 19. Like this is unfortunately what we've come to end of January 2 weeks of fall camp. That's what we wanna do baseball bat he brought up an interesting point I believe it was off to here we do from the best work. And you we had mentioned that they should put any kind. Spain I don't know how you execute our are on offseason I like free agency period like a sixty day period or did they window. At least it would create some excitement some of those little and enjoy it I can't control everything that NBA offseason is like. In whole grain in the NFL would freeze he signs that gets everybody talking about the sport. Right because of all the movement and a great players are moving everywhere. Baseball is just put everybody to sleep. But I don't know I you can write you to listen I'm all for December 20 there was going to be signed by OK but the night of December 119 guess what happens. But what you gonna force people to sign this. This he got five more hours you got to do one more hour fifteen minutes you gotta sign it a whole lot what do you don't then what audio I don't know how you execute it. But they really should put an end to this. Did the World Series over them on the first. Nine of the ten top free agents haven't signed yet we too much into sports is it really take down. Hired I think that is what is it I would definitely do I would be surprised they diesels do something like that you can have agility controlling everything controlling the market. Controlling the tempo. Welcome the winner meetings. Not donating here Enron has got to get some sign it makes no sense. I guarantee you feared a big client of Boris the World Series always is sick back it's gonna be a law. Don't think elect a month in the winter meetings will start talking now will the will start the conversation and in early December. Enjoy your holidays we'll talk again in January. And in within two or three weeks I'll be signed a it and it's up to players in college that's golf all one Judy Martinez final at the market is up. So stick has gone okay Tony's gone okay Yu Darvish is out there re that is out there. What do we what are they doing hawks are still out there all these guys are still out there. Final at the market is get the best price and let's suck and so. Ready it's not a bad idea to set up a market where you have and they do it now where there's a an exclusive. Renegotiation period we you can renegotiate which apparently okay so you go through that two week period a winner of ten days what do Validus. And they you extend may be a forty day period after that. In which you can deal with type A free agents the Taipei free agent so the guys are gonna go down to the end anyway right to assign everybody in a forty day period. But they should do that for the better of the game it would. It would have been alive again how to put a deadline Nokia forty whatever your four days to do okay what type of free agents it's easy what if I don't sign of I don't like the deal. Video board saying waited out I get two guys over 200 million dollars the last week of January. Wait I'll hook you achievements Christians said you can't. Well how when agent. To take the game hostage like that the worst of marketing the NBA got tremendous flipped the television ratings this year but part of that. It's because it was more just in the offseason it was well publicized. And people got emotional about what it was hot the minute your season is over people like art how we gonna get better. And you put people to sleep for two months. Okay yeah I mean it's radius of excitement now the next couple weeks some of these guys off the board Buffett to once you put your fan bases asleep. No one's talking about baseball it's over with. Or as the NBA they Dave Dave Randi offseason. NFL. It's the week has the weekend of the season three or install it is they are stuck in Red Sox Iran what they don't all work no we were for a re for for this for a hot minute when it was a when it was all about race and only to realize what she came up our guys have the talent after the business deal forget about Hewlett. We started labeling act those guys this before Christmas this guy is ruining baseball with Jeff five of the nine top guys that's a problem. Aegis ultimately I just sit there just dot I'll tell you one memory I agree there needs to be some sort of yet to be able to force the issue like you catches stall install install. It is completely monopolize. It's everybody's time and money that they can do it honey and you can would you look good look on him and he got now you have a window Ecuadoran authorities over Ortiz I don't I don't I don't I don't. When Morris is is it is that the deal with the salary that's not know that I don't see any NFL why would the patriots Wafer Gilmour went out nowadays agent Wii remote. Because. I don't for the most part like he was you gonna get. A thirteen or fourteen or fifteen night. This I guess in baseball's only so many teams that can afford these guys is it because of the salary cap Armas teams can pay. So such a big discrepancy in what teams' payrolls are worth the elites aren't going to they'll spend the same amount so in baseball Exeter say well. Now we've got an offer from the Padres or screw the Padres. We waited out to the Yankees to involve the Red Sox get involved in the cardinals get involved with weight he with those teams do first. Whereas in the NFL delegates not screw the browns. They cannot be just as much money is the patriots so you go for the most money whereas baseball at just not the case I think the capital limitations change everything. And you're right you've got big market teams and small market teams in baseball. And if your skull abortions that are going okay got a deal from small market team all I can do that is uses leverage right now but I want to one of the big teams and I'm gonna wait till date up to browse to panics right and he doesn't have the bad available and he needs ged more. So it in on the top free agents and other sports with a salary cap. Pick it all off for the same amount of money. No the 'cause it's all what there are a lot of you know it's certain structures in baseball it's the weather how you wart. So would wait it out make this guy panic is he's got more money than this team. So according to Bob nightingale of the USA today five year contract is on the table right now for JD Martinez by your Boston Red Sox. Scott Boras could sit around for the next five or six weeks that no hurry. But let's not pretend that pitchers and catchers report you're always a pitcher catcher he can reported few days are going to show where. No reason to panic no reason to do what he's in right now it's crazy by the way interest thing the enough we were talking about Isiah Thomas and he does not want them to have a video. This is Chancy mean anything make the trip. From Cleveland to Boston where that's likely maybe that's. So what do you know video feed from a trip like there's some hints out there in Cleveland. Many the child act Catherine maybe I thought that maybe I had a ham handed I don't know maybe it is said to him do you wanna don't narco man is if you know. You know you're gonna get to see all the people that you really like that dividend nobody's gonna be all over your and it's easy to be all over you could you not out on the floor. You don't have any game to play if you have a game he can get your game mode. You can ignore everybody right now but it just sitting on the sidelines and every time out you're just standing on April. I have an idea of products and job. So maybe they've left it in his hands whether he wants to go. Or not I'm so let me be part of his motivation for saying no. Video I would go almost segment here. On air and online via FaceBook Twitter and he should grab more of or wade were loading and 48 right now. Sports Radio WEEI. And one thing we were all right about. 2007. Don't know what makes the playoffs when much so I don't know right about one the Atlanta Falcons would not to. Column alienated they dells they actively. Actively. Veterans of earlier today sixty. Succeed where it did go make the policy they did make you -- I'd be there roaming wrong still buffalo wrong wrong they're wrong lower risk for blood earlier today said there's no such thing as back and play the rest of the bill I'm deficit with trumpets is nothing is on the side you hiding him a couple of the guys that are. That's correct. Skullcap and it did not look I would think no game. And there are a lot of people out there that thought he was gonna look would think it. How are actually said all the teams that aborted them the right decision yet. All of our name is looking back at announcing and we should wish I was going to green today Houston. She used in NAFTA after Sharon Watson was Minnesota. You think you think all of cabinet would have been the difference maker that team similar skills that. And they lost defense don't know Vick also wants a similar no money because you think go back and look how many touchdowns I don't know. How many touchdown pass who knows Watson had. Late hit almost like twelve there's like some crazy not a touchdown passes they shall appear comedy was starting. He color camera never looked records show more of these wild card teams that are playing in the AFC. Which one of them has an opportunity or. Numerous teams have an opportunity to go to the Super Bowl the first weekend games yet. I'm innocent of any of shifting Jacksonville in Kansas City Kamal of this weekend and I think. Among the capacity the one with so Tennessee and buffalo you're ruling out absolutely is yes it just out I think Jack was a month a month sold on. On Kansas City could they get to the AFC championship game they cut I just don't think they get one. Now I think your biggest threat. Really if things go the way they being going to as a rare Kansas City Star off really strong and they had that little stretch the middle they couldn't they can beat anybody. Are you to the point where they're like art animal Holmes is gonna start over Alex Smith started looks like a long list are Americans. They weren't you know were played very generic point I'm mad there's some reps because he will be sorry next year but not I think it's. Bit. The biggest threat. I'll say it probably and apparently Kansas City could for the second time I'm home again you gradually beat him in that game you're nowhere really imminent yet no air there in that game. Alex Smith and I still think Pittsburgh is. It's burned that that one right there that's that's AC shifted bio. And Jacksonville went to a period where portals was playing well than not playing so well their up and down defensively they they. I offer you some some obstacles idealistic. So you got and you've got my allergy shot I used it and push falcons. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone who represents fiercely and with it. Arms anyway if Philly off the board go take him off the board. That's that's Carson did they can't scored more Willie defense and a bigger problem. As yet but I'm sitting there going public Minnesota's own game. Grief because it is funny hotels and restaurants and I think everything when I don't but I would agree with you look at all the teams in FC the sixteens that the one team that. Least chance would be Philadelphia. And I would be surprised if any other teams got there. I want William looked so bad. And lastly here's thing is he could be yeah he does have one of our three weeks situation absolutely crazy. And don't really throw the ball they don't he'd just gone I'm just gonna say that he does not throw the ball much anymore. Different yeah I don't know at the NFC. Is it is what it is but I would it would be kind of neat right that'll be this ever happened as a home team. Now ever host the Super Bowl never happened. All right well. Then the new all of these great. It would be great if they keep holes that and we want to from a far. So you don't want the patriots to win number I don't wanna go to Minnesota I think especially assuming dilution and I do not you don't want this is everything I assume all is a reward the way you I don't it's a reward not only for the people who cover the T shirt you're gonna wait you're gonna root. They got people on that other show that root against the New England Patriots that's for Jamaica. Now I'm rooting against the Super Bowl as a whole. The location. I believe we all band together catch all its artistry is little indication of the you know it is seen it OK listen. It's is viewing this admirable cause I think the last few years you've also root them against them goal in the Houston. And Arizona you have a lot of the digital to go to you don't feel like going anywhere because I don't need somebody to run an envelope so if I'm gonna go. I wanna go some place where there's at least the chance of some semblance of a bit I would say they wouldn't let people are out. On Thursday lunch now. Good which doesn't know what we should probably divisional boss were close second would guilty it's gone on there what's up they'll tell us how are you happy new year thank you happiness my graduate student graduates I saw a Twitter. We're just aren't as Tweeter congratulations in order got a new deal yeah. What that meant that idiot media critic was a continent you it's almost a year that was currently you're writing the book also I need of the hour. Don't know Michael he's done OOK I I'm still gets jacked my line was handwriting yes why is. The Bruins it's Carl Edward G handle you know life. And I got an elaborate on the Sanaa and around politics fumble in the pocket I can learn something from this book or is it like history of the brutal industry what is it. I can't say with a one dollar on the growth comes out next November nuns but. And eating yesterday on the greatest days of India or would they proof read it admissible get back our editing yeah I mean all last originally booked any chance you'd left and why it's I'm on a fifteen in my fifteenth chapter on the outlook for 21 with some direct or close enough. Closer look at I got some great night and some great chapter in its president and loving you fifty chapters and closed the book. Nobody has the attention Zion nuclear both sixty mile an that they're like one page chapter thing. Should be short candor scale well I got that data in your constituents to thirty we'll talk about coaching candidates around the NFL and where it via the patriots offensive and defensive coordinator Linda Bill Belichick will join us real five. Matthew Slater joins us about what's hurting so they're all gone all the coaches are gone for mr. Every coach on no note all the corners like any GM got four floors all six overs in Athens and you know it's critical systems and it's it's an inside scoop on some it's a book tonight if related but that's typical. April but it. After all the coaches gone baby gone. By the way congratulations on Europe that he superb ratings well yeah I still I was gone when elect came down but I was very happy at that very appreciated him right where I'm here now those guys that got. We're back here tomorrow ample. Mean.