OMF - Fauria's pick for smelliest city in the US; Did Crowder intentionally hurt Hayward? 10-19-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, October 19th

HOUR 2: Doctors always seem to say it’s a successful surgery. Some people think that Crowder may have intentionally hurt Hayward. Blakely asks Crowder about it after the game; Felger and Blakely talked about it again last night  Caller compares Fauria to Evan Drellich Marcus Smart's introduction vs Eminem's intro
Detroit’s new arena is EMPTY. Fauria says it’s the smelliest city in USA


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Fort Wayne and pony and 48 or wait compares his potential you know going past carrier Irving is the number one guy and his team that's. I think he's gonna have must understand he's gonna be your number one he always on quick routes you make it a great point quickly and Lou and Christian I enjoyed the mid day guys by the way I know the Bible into his short American give another show more credit than we didn't know I know we didn't assemble it knocked the dude in what was I doing for a hates my guts like it did yesterday believing the jealousy grieving over the air which is fine. Comment on math and orbit Malone before in my guys are the best sports big issue in this investment to issue a single thing else you think they do a great chip and made big show for me right now is working mid they got into the good job they've clearly found a rhythm we think they do a great chance at the Glen was saying it too wasn't it was a busy taking phone calls from 96 year old. To sort through a tube is a tip that those guys tough talking baseball. On Sports Radio WEEI. Plus some for its own step up to the podium general manager Lou surgery because of good. Now not that's all I've ever woken up from a surgery and and the doctor if there's you know and we. We really mess and can you say that terrible right now that dammit. I'll listen. Go back under. You know they ran right back available right on your neatly you know like do not operate bounce it did happen I would think it would happen Hanley Ramirez and it would be useful. Because he told the doctor at his right shoulder hurt them when really Bristol often right that was edited and whenever I mean we screwed up and we we left practice there. I'm Dave Weaver we we actually lost to workable meant to bring you back to life its successful there's a wild can't find a scalpel and yeah it's hounded by the way and I watch is missing. It was myself I don't know if you don't need starts ringing let me actually have a library. My wife calls up the scripts a street successful. Surgery. Until Bethea phone calls people on Iowa a talk about this this is Robin main road remained. They'll they'll pull you are not too bad actually Michael it's our pleasure. I just said he you point to wanted to make arm so likely carry an elite level player and he has more impact let's say on an outcome of the game IT. And if this year goes bad which wouldn't trade him because he's a big time player and he's clutch and key we could have put a widget shot at it I don't actually. I don't think anybody started my trading on them I'm not sure he has that we're starting a movement that's how again and again. I don't think people understanding down twice you're saying what I'm seeing what loose thanks so maybe we I don't get it. They're ms. I'm the bat boy do it that he's not a his great play fair play. This has to do with handling. The situations that is coming his way situation just changed dramatically for him he came into SH well are where they thought they were going to be able to compete in the eastern conference for the tickets and that to the to the the big dance. And they were going to do it would chill guys so that you really can't over play one guy because you always have another guy that can make big shots in the fourth quarter. Nobody's in the count every Irvin can't do that. But the unit thing they had lashed you're going forth. Is nobody else was defended on the floor in the fourth quarter. The double teams the triple coverage that you're seeing. Right now carry Erving in that game last night and instantly the defense changed. From one game from the first into the second game by an opponent as they watched a video. Is what you saw on Isaiah Thomas in the fourth quarter last year. As it would give up the ball to somebody else and get the ball back in a different position. Without having two guys draped all over. That's what this guy's got to do it is on this guy he's got to be great if they're going to win. Anywhere close to fifty games right who's the who's the Celtics version of relic. The Celtics version. Is that what you mean is under irritate a gap who's the Celtics version. A drug it's not everybody at Comcast and anybody that's working at Comcast currently I don't think there are generally not fast gal Celtics green is not difficult at. You know. Hey Andrea that interest rates at its best trait that he does anybody he's not he's out Donald reporters being ordered out I don't handle someone who would like. And maybe it's just different covering you know maybe just there's different personalities covering the Red Sox and it's a different you know it's just different overall. But wit the Celtics who's there to relic. Who's gonna poke the bear who's gonna neagle one of the players because that's the gathered and ability to. I didn't it wasn't due to average down markets Smart ones RI estimates now she is very. You know but I still think that. Isaiah lashed the eight. We all know how I feel vote Jae Crowder I think he's over rated I think we have over rated him as a player I think he's but I think he's a good player. Okay and it I think Avery Bradley was a very good player because a defensive side maybe some inconsistencies scoring but having those two on the court. In the fourth quarter. Just as an option more point just understanding the offense making decisions weathered you know what just within a gain. Understanding the game the knowledge of it. You've lost a lot. In those guys were specially with Hayward that you don't feel that this year because we Tatum and brown out there. Maybe there's ceilings are better there I think 4345 years they both those guys going to be better than those two players. But right now. I feel like Larry's going to be kind of out there an island in the fourth quarter with a bunch of kids running around their heads cut off. You know it I get an average out hopefully out there kind of a being out there Ahmadinejad guy and I'm not denying any of that slip say so I think that did this team goes. Where those young players golf Larry first. Clue as young players develop which you know what in the fourth quarter last year go back and look at those games. It wasn't necessarily any of those other guys. It was Isiah Thomas who had figured out. How to get around the mustache Republicans those guys moving the ball as well and getting Isiah open shots and and setting in identifying defense and setting screens to get Isaiah some open shots. Not all the time he created his own shot I'll give you that. But it was it was the team the offensive ball movement that got Isiah shots as well with a good kids who don't understand act. It is gonna make it harder on. Only one game so I'm only taken one game Tyree Irving did not do that had nothing to do with anybody else out on the floor last night they took him off the ball which they obviously you're going to have to do a lot more of because they're gonna need offense from him when he went off the ball and they got the ball too won't you noted that little. He stood. He did the same thing you didn't Cleveland he's playing their profits isolation offense because he knows the most active greatest player in the world. We can eventually get the ball doing get about the case outwit you guys defended him in that thrives on him. Never expected Bret Stephens. Trying to. Dealing with a superstar but gave that is different and Isaiah is is created one because different background this kid diary. You know first pick overall great young player no question about it dealing with a superstar getting him to by Ian. To what the offense it is. So dead that very terrible Brad Stevens having to ninth on the play but so Bret Stephens. Having to get that message across to a superstar player that we don't hold the ball in the fourth quarter this is an isolation will be at times. But that's not what our offense is and you know what else you know what else is gonna come up. Here's nothing's gonna come out that the first time he gets the flu. Or he gets that cold. Always gets like a hamstring issue and he misses the game. Always misses a bunch of games it. For reasons we don't know maybe he should maybe should it won't matter. Because Isaiah Thomas pleat through everything. Isiah Thomas wouldn't allow himself to miss a game. That he's gonna be compared that also his availability. Is that personal availability to play games overcoming. His health issues right like I in my elbows bugging me a little bit I you know idea personal day. Reconnaissance plane terrific heap. It. Fractured all chanting that answer last night when you can beat you jump all of he fractured James it was. So. TE in what I saw and what you brought up would you run today is he showed frustration. With the first cancer. I did this right now that's it that's a little bit of frustration very subtle and small it's not that bad knees he never got this but he and the same it's comic. Cairo is a story here should choose. Seven tour. If I get among voters about widget to your point I just that great they're out agree with you because it's easy. It even goes a stupid question to deal with the stupid question is that an issue in tonight. I didn't have a didn't fall for maintenance question a fourth or probably better. Right. Yeah and it and do you think you'll do you don't wanna say it could senate you want I don't to stupid if you don't you don't think that was you know as you issue that young taking it looked at that knights are oh my god I've got two guys and sometimes three guys he drive and it's they would they never left him last night. He had constant coverage out there on the floor even when he did not have. A possession of the basketball he's looking at tackle Mike is this what I'm I'm I'm dealing with right now would yet. That's which you dealing with that's what Isiah Thomas. Dealt with in the fourth quarter of games all last year no matter whether you wait Crowder Bradley they weren't defending those guys. They were all over Isaiah Thomas he's gonna have to find a way. And got to deal with those of carried Herbert also are right now accuracy isn't all star he's not he will he make off our team this year yes I'll make I'll start of course he would because you'll score a lot of points. I have to school pennies and he's well and it's and it's also popularity contests he's he's still has that the residual effect from last year of your reform. Yes he'll be an all star Tony Andy in Maine and eight. Yes I don't. And you know you. It's. More like electoral issue since this because she says that you are that I have solved with the US and outs. Hong. And two greens are real actually and to unite. Abroad. And Rick well actually actually dominated me. And we don't know for not that got me as far as fitness and economical even though show little or possibly. We're local word from sort of being off the roster last night you know I wouldn't want to show that he says. You know four million dollar veteran police and the users what your thought that legal actors from. He's he's a player from twenty years ago when the link. The waiting game is presently played right now he can't play it. Ninety. You think or wait that is just to swallow where does this start so well bought into where he's a throwback. He's he's a throwback he's a throwback to the to the old game. And you already have a throwback player who I think actually can do a little bit more for you in in veins are some of the stuff he can do but. He's throwback player. Where are we. Listening to the orange are relatively do you guys we think we I mean obviously learn as starting to emerge solid promise kingdom's. Keep it in nineteen years old he has obviously promise. Where do you think we go. Moving forward I mean do we reach out somewhere you leave I don't. We go out of a free agent of that are internal bringing young kids hey listen this record is this is how. I think so. But I I do I think that you know he was done for the year used Eddie point four exception. Not the use the whole damn thing. But you walked in you start looking is our topic teams to try to find that guy beckoned. But can help the development of Jason Tatum takes some of the burden off of them 36 minutes again last night. Say this kid I think would get better if we gave him. You know eighteen to twenty point minutes tonight especially early on and it's see what he may be earns more playing time but. There they lacked depth at that position with the loss of Hayward who wouldn't. You lose a guy like that you don't know playing on put a lot of depth behind Gordon Hayward he just signs great players don't play all time. When you lose a player like that I think you do have to go find some kind of a veteran to give you a few minutes to help develop Jason Tim buy tickets and heat off them. Yeah no question I you were talking earlier about the killer journalist we have covering the Boston Celtics. May be we do they get to it next to. Christian rants about them pat Sox decency is courtesy of Twitter had Christian Fauria. Right now we return to more of or way Maloney and 48 but Sports Radio WEEI. I for some reason we have a guest of the shift today because I. Thought it was just ask them. But there are people who have talked about it last 24 hours feel good being one from a saw him on the on TV talking about it. That Crowder. Supply on the Hayward where he would got hurt was a dirty play. That crowd was trying to take out Hayward. And then just I'm I'm stunned at this. Stumped at this but eight Sharaud Blakely. Who'll would never done it if Crowder were wearing a Boston celtics' uniforms suddenly was in this tough guy. And he was interviewing Crowder casinos and obviously and thyme leaves here. And he asked them about it after the game you won't be able to see they the the the expression. The visual expression on crowd is FaceBook to expression. Is that mine met me. Keep trying to pull this damn cute yoga yes you know it's okay he fully Christian I'm like we'd use agreement be intimate showed up again all these doctors had to do not. I understand you've gone we make mistakes from the voters we make mistakes made UB five I know you're good human being and don't let anybody tell you differently independent Christian event. So it so yes but you can see the expression on crowd you won't be able hero here. But I would like you're talking about so issue right Blakely is. Trying to get around asking him whether he did this on purpose. What's the key tee not. Folks see something different and it was handed it looked like these isn't one of those plays but. Because it's going in terms of Boston. You are playing time will be initially. It was sounds that are. I'm seeing how do you make sure that people keep it in perspective that it was a basketball player having wasn't anything more than just how often vessels. Army you know how well they just didn't come nobody and I mean. He can now funny. It's a Monday it was time look down so I was losing. Love if you do it's. Licences took place and I knockout it's. So good because of players like any sort of engine. It's out of my had a good morning. So let me ask you both both little miss you both. If Heyward had never got hurt on that plane would anybody ever questioned whether it was a dirty play. No move to the fact they Crowder got pissed last year. When the crowd apparently was cheering on Hayward at the garden we know we get past obviously pleaded not all of this so now we're going to look back at things that were said. Back and forth and we're gonna fast forward and say he took out here. Or because some people if it was any other player in Hayward if Jae Crowder wasn't involved. It would never be just right who's just LeBron. And and pick someone else doing lead. He would never think of both weighed down and out we always had a fist bump and runs I don't there but I but because it's. Jae Crowder of some people that might think it I would agree with a artistic and I went up and it. Happens all time I don't I don't I don't see you all right and it specialists should play last night with everything he's ever same why he did the exact same like he lost. A ticket to pull at a backdoor Alley you can't catch up and when you try to catch back up you'll end up body heat them up at it and actually what went. You don't crowd it was sort. He was trying to get its hands on the ball spun around to duplicate 360 girl dapper so and it and it it was going to be pissed off by stupid questions you don't even wanna be associated with that and so so so so cry. Take routers are you going to help you talked about there. Why do we put that out there why you weeding. Trying to assume. That I would somehow I harbor some sort of animosity toward the Celtics so. I'll do my best to rule in their season and take out their best player as soon. No Nike clothes I'm amazed that Jake property and snatch him by the neck I have little doubt that he wanted to use our special he's passionate look like he wanted to do that I'm sure they have some type of relationship is they were. He was here. But this is something that I hate to say but. Do you think he Sharaud Blakely would ever asked that question. You have Crowder was still a member of the Boston Celtics and some relief literacy he's had he's had to relic wannabe. Well I think he's on playing on the other team right now of course so we can really happy anyway and ask the tough reluctantly got another time but it does sound in his own right. But it didn't need things to beckon and needed in that in questions and say yeah did you do it on purpose. Yeah but you got it was solid I know my life I don't know on the Minnesota. You know a lot of people might be and we would get the first question when jays at what do you. Hockey analyst and chief do you not. Folks you see something different than it was handed it looked like these isn't one of those plays club because. Going in terms of Boston youth and you are playing time only initiate until afterwards. Do something. Mean either because he looks he says it feels like it's just one of those ladies and was that he knows left Boston run you right now ideologues in those days you're gonna be met your credit history between you and Gordon Hayward last year and Indian unit sale some people might think it's intentional don't do something. This is Jake credited on purpose take credit plays hard plays hard every night plays physical. And was he not a little bit more pumped up game one going up against abortion or the specimen. You would expect a public talk a lot of trash just one reason why gonna average out beyond. Absolutely it's so hot right that's a great example average fell quiet average L was a little bit more animated than we normally your regular video code into the south it's voted on purpose that's why ousted his face. But not exit. Carter was just probably talking trash. With the every three yet again at 13 at every shot you know whatever and operatives looking almost that their bench at times. And he's talking trash you know he should talk to so racial or exonerated and sure it's on last night and NBC it's a sports Boston. This is before the game right now is almost Felger felt or obviously is taken the position one. He's the ultimate contrarian let's go out there dirty play Europe and scope of it you know. Front and and you go with it and then it kind of strange show you Sharaud plays around with us that. Or try and I don't think anybody. I'm responsible. Are you hearing that from anyone. Mind should I or. It's. Learn my. Man how the hell was that disturbing. Eight was that disturbing thought trying to make this in this some like since conspiracy like apple always take it to blow up. There was contact. Underneath the basket. During a basketball game so let's try to throw at you a video guide you he was playing deep and didn't want to happen so. He was trying to play basketball. Play defense so what so. North contact. All. The more important when I need the Pentagon panel ordered off. I didn't create. So so. I don't know if we haven't played Sharaud. Went on after that and he mentioned the fact that they had some words on the way out of the building simple way for him price for us but like drought like. Like travel like. You know it's a professional thing it was between the Indiana based on and adjusting and him exactly. You don't think him. Use diet and at least probably wanted to wring your neck and they won't you know what you said with the way you plastic. Wish generated sound like he was that the city could land said was that intentional. Connecticut you crowd after the tubular and becoming a mile do we think it's intentional. But instead it was and it just looks like a basketball play it looked like he was kind of on his side. Right he didn't look that is very confrontational at all. But he claimed. And a Shrek who later Ron talked about how. He did have words. Which crowd I'll leave it like dad or something like that he played that game he wasn't gonna give you any of the details but he wanted to let you know that it did. I needed butter got I was in the battlefield earth yeah I was deepest trenches on the Oslo yeah I have with a couple of he got the battlefield to responses welcome job. Just I just think it it it really is a a sucked up Celtic attitude when you're when you look at that in your wrong guy. You know paces doing the exact same thing last unlucky Norton veins because that's what you do it's it's a physical game you know it is a contact sport. This really limited overs deals like Ollie actually when he's I tell you gain on council knows you know a lot of nine billion lever to break an ankle really. For it. Okay yeah I right now. Yes he did so that's why somebody like it when you. I was security was during the Celtics uniform he used to do this additional easy physical guy that's what you loved it and bought the white. Get ready with it with Erin paints of its ask what are they yeah it's physical play and he sort of it wasn't for Tammy Benny epic. But it's the contact from LeBron James. I who goes up to try to defend it is he knocked his upper body back in forces in the kind of fallen and ankle so but it was a LeBron James he's going to try to defend and Ali which happens on nightly. Basis I don't think Jay just sort of spun out of it was the content from LeBron that caused this it's an old question are there isn't it Haywood was paid. Is because he had beaten crock okay credit fell asleep crime was looking out of the way he feels. And that's how that played work you go back door because humans looking outside and you sneak inside. He had to catch up crowded catchup but you're absolutely correct the contact really was made by the brunt and we let it is upper body and because they fell back and you know that. Organize a and. Does he think they've ran that play and he ran that play at Butler. Yeah rant but you Tata death so he can't run it it's just if the salukis six race Eddie he's got great reach. Our great length. That's you wanna play for that a player like that you're right that's a patented play that they're wrong castle presumably so. So it's he's lucky. He was I love it it it amazed me that the people making such a bit got to be kidding you really think. That crowd the crowd probably was a little bit more in depth of that game based on having the opposite corner. So what he's callers. Which would you want it number one I'd like to enhance. Maybe with his reaction after the players on. Why who did watch it be that you think good in this impede admit it right there are I've I've heard people say that wise out it mattered. He's probably talk a lot of trash last night correct plane Celtics again for the first time. Six shots and look at the bench and he's probably at their truck and a lot of trash. Sure that they have you ever in lieu of cull pepper. It would promote late directive. But on saying is that because he's talking trash and up is he thought it was intentional admitted it didn't even like each other when when they were on the same team Peter did you think it was intentional. And Jae Crowder well why the Polynesian mother taught them on and off. When it's some of what you hear so you think it's seeking agree with them. Would you say IP OK okay but about people over here where it all if you wanna be a consultant or guns from the. Now there's a to probably win total and we don't already know yeah I heard somebody say now we know this but this day and age of hot takes everybody is going to say something stupid I means everything which Korea are enough people that's their opinion right. Because of that it's going to. I. Yeah. Isn't this isn't. Nobody really thinks he was trying to do a purpose was he gonna play play that that a heart that that that that particular. Yes of course he has. On August agrees with Lou let's go to him to Charlie and a card Charlie Marca. They guy that he is clearly are more skilled talented athletic. All longer than last year and what of the big key that they that they luck at that lacking. Let's just. Can't stream content would get picky and oh yeah he put on this team and we're only now. He's not going to be the same idea that he was lacking in so so to. Because if you don't ever let it play for the Celtics. And you put it around this right now in swat and the congress. All I know where all I know is I watched an entire season with him last year in which other guys couldn't score if he didn't score in the fourth quarter of data loss. He scored when those guys on the floor. So it's not like he had other guys that were scoring in the fourth quarter last year Charlie he was the only guy who could score the fourth court and he did time and time out so I disagree with you I'm not sure I think ivory Irving is a better all around here. But I'm not sure that hybrid Irvin can now take the role would Isiah had last year I'm not sure he can pull that off. I couldn't do unpleasant what do you do with this year and an. I think that's crazy he did last year. And it's it's public Bradley was scoring in the fourth quarter and year before that India for our club wasn't scoring in the fourth quarter scoring in the fourth quarter Al. On that team last year and their goal they've worked. Got to stand there and not score in the fourth cool. Listen I'm telling you if I totally honest teens she would not be out. The decrease that you be more eyes yeah he's going thirty for a pretty well did he have more a media always had a green light. Now you're really gonna have. I don't it's not a tough time I'd your partner obviously because they did you think the line of the team is different but. I think as they would still be great fourth quarter because it's comfort. It's confidence you know it's it's it wears Kyra read it's it's no so he's trying to figure out. We eat with Gordon Hayward we say it is going to be a trial period with a trying to figure things out crying tonight who's going to Hayward I think that job becomes that much more difficult. Will not say in the Khyber Irving can't do this and it would be stupid to sit here and condemn and after two games and say it's impossible he came. What I'm saying is if this team is going to be decent or good. He's gonna have to would doubt that role of Isiah Thomas did last year that he does a balk of the score they're going to defend it they're gonna put two and three guys on. If he deals the ball up the way if Isiah Thomas dealt the ball up last year to mark the Smart order Avery Bradley they didn't make the shot a fourth quarter read. He had to get the ball back and score. Highly Irving is going to have to do that with no Gordon anyway he's gonna have to adopt that role we're gonna find out whether he can go to. But don't you agree if they don't win anywhere close to fifty games he will have to would doubt that role. What guys have to be better than it was last night scale give that to you but I I still believe. That if this team is really gonna win fifty. Then it's gonna be because of of Jalen brown and you because paid and they give you unbelievable years for young players. I don't I don't think he can do this on his own. I really I don't know store the premise that Jalen brown is better. That's go on the premise that Jason Tait and usually pretty good. First year right out of the gate Holloway been Simmons had that first night as well last night for for Philadelphia. His first game. Soul is so maybe the genre players may be may be that they're adapting a lot quicker so lets you get all of that. Still think you need kind we are great to have big games already you're asking Jalen brown to do so much defensively first two games he goes up against LeBron. And then as Tommy electrical degree degree okay. So any gets in foul trouble. Why because he's gonna confiscate the. Yes I respect what I said flashy with Isaiah. You know if this team is going to get to east conference finals of this team is going to do win the Eastern Conference it's not to be because of Isaiah. It's gonna be because of you know Avery Bradley was solely because of Jae Crowder is going to be because of Al Horford like bigger again the guy like Isiah guy like Harry getting give you what they are a nightly basis but those other guys don't step up. And forget about. Crack 6177797937. Coming up in the next hour. All the team that you were hoping you were going to get during the summer out there at Fenway Park. They're still playing baseball and mayoral likable. And you hate it will get to that coming up in the next hour experienced the land. 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Short way now back to more Fort Wayne remotely and Fauria blood Sports Radio WEEI. We're paying jobs. I. They 2000. Chris John. Hero. So that was Marcus Martin. So mark is Smart. Leader the leader of the crew writes that he was the first one doses guess editors Gordon Hayward they were from the hospital room. But he wasn't the only motive and opportunity to have and it'll intro not to a new arena but you see Eminem. Eminem had the same opportunity. So Detroit opens up their new stated that it is time there in downtown Detroit in like 3839. Yeah I didn't suburbs out of the suburbs. That's where they belongs right aren't you tired. They're sharing your read it it's a little Caesars. So Eminem yet Eminem sounds Eminem is gonna addicted to the crowd going and get them pumped up get ready for a great season. Well he did yeah. But of course yeah almost forty do. Aren't they did not pity that your city that it didn't like they did yeah. Yeah out. Twelve feet missed his. Nobody there is a man and understand. Nobody. On a background the crowd does know and increase in sound when he says let's go. Aren't they yeah I pity that your city back that the that it might have. I. I don't feel Harold about what he's bullish. Yes he was so there's nobody there are convinced. It. Good onto their style in the seats and I know like any normal. I you know Miami become late elderly it games place. Icahn has LA's athletic come laid also it's the opening of a new arena thirteen relate to. It. Of that growing greet him. Can that can I say that's the breakdown by actual going down there just prior art here is great lap Robby went to downtown Detroit I agree to. So that's what we will play through. It's the smelly mist. Nasty is down town I've ever seen in my style light through now talking of a suburban street in New Orleans and that's I noticed that downtown. But as far as his overall to stanch. It's ridiculous. The get a car and are asking one like this security guards are Greek anarchists. Don't Greeks. So polluted couldn't get any ID now like acts gloves in Greek town casino repair record is oh yeah and Houston. So is everything white and blue most of the trouble noticeably casino resort ambitions supplemental loan amount of a lot of white and blue Turkoglu soon blue. Let's Carolina Rhode Island what's up Brian wrote. Ryan era. Called an excellent job so outstanding call. And everything yeah. It said to him already fired. He was great review right is going to be an interception drop a man as you don't get a little tired you are well let's say curry is a human do you have faith in this home and you use iron eight I absolutely agree you have faith Kirk is look at some good call highly tot of there. And how high on the bar where four point eight. He would try to meet you at the four point one night and let's go with him at a time again here's Ryan in a rod Allen hello Brian. She also. Felt I got lucky you know OK did take a classic just look I. Yes I'll let you know I voted I guess I was surprised what a model president cubs anyways screen and we put that up on the air again. And that still is yeah and then. She. Yes it was the Dow right part of bigger you doubt it but I don't see how well he wanted to Kamal when and I saw what he's gonna talk about it that was an interest in Puerto. He is Primerica is gonna bring up the point to Gordon Hayward is a closer. And our category or Hayward is gonna get older I get injured so easy and obviously have an option and we will answer is yet to closers. The two guys and they have to be good either way without those guys Augusta. Racing a local it's funny because movement going and open and we sectors that people knew why does he couldn't be on this team here. But to say was a forgotten forgotten guy he was gonna be the difference. And I'll send die read Isaiah is there much of a difference maybe not short term and long term you wanna invest longer retiree but Gordon Hayward. Was the difference Gordon Hayward was the guided that he's been looking at the try to bring in here and add you know that all star that score. Any of you have been here. Excellent so yeah assist Lucas you've been and trying to be rational about all of this and I think it's fair it's only two games Christian obviously going up to deepen and Willie Arctic. And he's hoping that it's gonna it's gonna he's going to be right of I want an actual overall astronaut and actually it's not a stoplight hopefully now I realize OK opinion he may be right about it. People so game protective. Right now by carrier at all things any courses there is cited an assignment treated for an so they went Gideon got all excited. And they're afraid to even like to slash caller we had before Ryan and Ireland never picked up. He was sold. Protective of not going back and giving Isiah credit for the fourth quarter last year went nowhere close to 53 games and without Isaiah Thomas's fourth quarter. Look at it was not Bradley in the fourth quarter was not Crowder it was not the average now. But yet it was I have to admit though I mean between Isiah Avery and Jae Crowder called it played again. Three you don't at yours to her audience to understand it always saying to him but that team bought into a system. That team but at the offense being new everybody's role the new late in the game they they they knew this group doesn't. They don't even at Hayward was healthy. They still don't know it you'd earlier was surprised reviewed games like this games that you're able to win games the year tied with 23 or more four minutes to going game. An extremely loose by sex because it's gonna take a while for this team to learn how to finish okay give. You normally do I can feel like the acting sock. Until Isiah Thomas became a full time player out there because I gotta tell you remember. I thought he was at an energy bunny off the bench that's what I thought was I thought it was a six point. Any fool me he turned out to be a legitimate star in that league and a legitimate game changer in the fourth quarter. When he suddenly developed into that that's when they started winning so this is the far greater than Avery Bradley far greater than Jay credit if he doesn't averaged sixteen points a game this year I expect you were up somewhere between 151718. Points from he's gonna make up what you got with the with Bradley right. That Morris comes in and gives you would crowd looking give you. It's still comes down to if this team is going to win games this year unfortunately. Because of the loss of Gordon Hayward. Hi Larry Irving has going to have to be a beast. He's going to have to give you what Isiah Thomas did Lester it's gonna have to take over games in the fourth quarter because that's how you want. Yeah yeah yeah and that's they will lashed with wicked witch when. I he's the 100 spread thin with the audience the Nobel Barnes and I don't fat boy you gonna go up all you can tell he's under his breath Abbott never believed that have a record let's go to Cuba to. Dakota territory it. Yeah you know before I get the the whole curry take I'm in love with the UW's and break it by the way glad miss TV. Over them I was there hasn't really the dollar sign a correct I I talked eagle there after gains in the summer and since you aren't you arts to roots that. Go to Niagara of their games and some and unique. Yeah. I'm playing baseball. Too so anyways but so we missed a ten way and that's another call for you can't wait now it was hey take China. Come up with south which is total B cap. Some classics on most of it only defendant and his defense I don't even know what the hell is the I don't know it was done on you don't know what you let the Clark and why they're calling and saying all right all of your grip out of another try to break I have my I don't I don't know Dakota. Decode please enter Jeter RAZR is your real name tackle let's find out what is your name is Steve always ready on who's got a message got an acute illness go ahead. Yet so so. You know you guys wanna pick apart on a guy that's played two games in a Celtic uniform after. But serious injury to one of the okay. You guys need to relax and get off the guys out. Aren't you saying you guys. Apart horrible path we we go down together we do what's right as we got Christian says I says Dakota. Well not little little I didn't edged you and I can when he splashed and used tape played at. Should wait is that really language that you guys. On the long it'll start a code Santiago that we'll now call. On. It's listen you really feel like that's such a crazy case. That based on based on it can't be called up Coca have you not seen that he kind of paid it to call up. I thought I had my ass and I. Know why you do put some emphasis on more shots sellable on the food you're doing it like a foreign language. That I just. These guys agree with me. They all agreed to me to a to an extent Dakota it's possible slowdown normally when he's in hot guy we'll tell you this decoder would normally agree with you too because he understands the mood. Fans in Boston. He's that's would wander over what are your zone that you need from him not enough to suck it up another when it went doesn't have what you what he's what he's done is he's fallen in love with driving your that you beat the same guy. That four months into it if this team sucks and looks like you're going to win forty games instead of winning 53 games you'll be the first technical term archive Dakota's at first. All I would have loved what I repeat. Ford became so take a hasn't played with LeBron James wearing play with LeBron James and actually score. Again. Our Christian. Yes we just can't get. Bacchus I honestly believe. The stuff that's coming out of your multiple vote Tyreke is and what you truly believe and I think it. Your YouTube thing that you know let that I'm sorry can help you. I can't help I can help you because it yes yes yes yes yes you know I've listen you sound like you know right now I'm. I widely WEEI. It's a government. Welcome back with a bit more about this week we got it. We gotta get into this is this is federal budget this is this is killing me. And I'm sure it's killing a lot of Red Sox fan I know I don't all of simulate these guys I watched this last and it's absolutely killing me we get to it coming up next the team you love to hate. Is damn good and you won as a mouse and likable we'll get to more viewer phone calls it 61777. Seven 37.