OMF - For the first time this posteason, Celtics remind us of how young they really are 5-22-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Tuesday, May 22nd
HOUR 2 - The guys continue to discuss the absence of Tom Brady from OTAs. The Eastern Conference Finals continue to follow the script of home team victors. If the Celtics drop Game 5 tomorrow night, is the series really over?

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Fort Wayne and -- and forty trying to figure out what's going on with the breed situations he's going to be here when it counts I do think he deserves some criticism that's been here Tom Brady's going to be ready to play we spent years telling us that it was so important to go to all of these things he's going to be there when it matters you wind up winning Super Bowl because of all those little things a little meeting right Tom's careers most event about up to go to the film room and watched more fell a who's the one that is told us over the years how important is it used to be that patriot like it's no longer that I don't yet throwing a hundred per capita. And Lou interest and if the Celtics. Another virtuoso. Performance outlook toward the day today out of my body will go to my game every day until the vote checkered flag. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI yeah. Hi this is our being rescued by four night five Chrysler Jeep judge grant my dad. I find it interesting looking at the at the social media between a Twitter and and our little text line here the people pianist. If you say something negative about pre is getting Lou when I get a lot of shot. Marriage is what we got a frat pack posted for the for our program we're getting a lot of shadows and it's because. As they're pointing out Tom Brady is as one how many super balls and he's been others and he's done in this city that. So you tell me because. Of all of that he deserves zero criticism. When he defies. Something that he is pulled us all along lectured us. In telling us how important it is that you show up for the OTH. That it it pays off when you when you you played during the summer when you get to the the games in the regular C I would not an opposite of the start of training camp. It was it was to me it was always less about it was less about like what you keep it out of it you know and need them into the regular season it was more about. Just let everybody know what your commitment level ones but that's what it once to me because when I think about it right look back those years. But the younger guys take a lot of the wraps. You know you have one session here and there and use your run some routes but really towards the close you get like the less you do the older you'll you want alleged she'd. You can't use it more about make it about on the feels global discussions. Good read you would have with these guys would do for now it's it's it is important but to me the bigger issue was listen. That the Mets is that Brady was always able descent was you know what even though I'm more important and you have more money that you have accomplished more than you. I'm just an everyday guy just like you and here yeah. Yeah I'm here just like everybody else that ms. adds that to me is them is was the most important message. Easy with the guys he's that's he didn't have some separate Romney knows that doing this it's like that how you don't know a team. I agree but I also is developing chemistry was not part of that because if a relationship dogs assailants had to say Tom Brady was it OTA since like last year at city. Rating coax was you know not in camp because he was kind of deal with some contract issues and he showed up in camp. Not guarantee at some point of late while yeah you know. Whose heart is we work together OT gays you know early this relationship occurred because the each other solar sort of were behind a little beat here in camp to try to get on the same page in for an understand what we're doing what we need to do what I want ended do. Nothing gets into camp but maybe that relationship with Jordan Matthews of Kenny Britt. Or any these new guys they're not on the same page. It himself and mirrors the reasons why they're not the same page physique you you didn't show what you do in form that relationship and with these new wide receiver. You remember you have got initiate it's not unlike when I think about it when it comes to contract. So you tell me today you wanna send a message by. You don't really wanna push too hard you don't want to punch him right there knows she's wanted to kind of irony is I think this disease causes this disease does everything this is is probably gonna get so the pictures I don't know. Our guys are fall behind they're never never they're never gonna overcome they're never gonna recover to our map he's gonna know what to do so it's it's. Your chance that egg crafts bit about the check whatever Doug knew it was like we want more money we want two more years in the ads discussion. And it was just the patriots side is. Lord we get him two more years correct it's on you'll show while. He'll veto TC is always an OTC knows how important this time a year his heels of valuable this time isn't building relationships he'll be there he'll show walked no questions asked. Then all of a sudden it's. We Tom's not here yet Tom's not that you don't like these are serious about African deal bill. Go from Don Yee. Yes and I also believe that ultimately in the and crap wants to keep very happy crap believes that he's. That he's almost a dead in this Byron and I wake Eduardo and what Costco. Mean although we're not talking we're listen there's a realities of this and and it Drew Brees didn't re sign a two year deal with a bunch of money with it with an option. And basically giving you that template too high you address Brady. That's what you do DME forget about the age and forget about what if he's going to be one of the top three quarterbacks in the league too early to say that. If we don't know if Tom Brady is going to play for two years which she's under contract so you were right out and crap out already told you he was comfortable with that. Might of lied a little bit when he said the other side was comfortable consult with Lou I don't think the other side is comfortable with the deal right now but. How can they give him more money when they don't know. Whether he's going to play to his 45 I don't know about it I was a Obama that was very interest in the done he came out with Don you became out. And clarify. After we had watched the documentary and thought maybe Thomas going you do you remember that and done he came outside and on nothing has changed. Tom wants to play until his his mid forties right he's got a wife got over so there's not a lot got a web boards and I saw a contract issue. Why did done ye come out and correct something that Tom. Shed and his wife and his family and the in the documentary. The film maker said why did he have to come out and call right back because he wants two more years not. I don't think he'll get two years attitude I think we are talking about the draw situation what what would rocks contract look like. There was like three options disincentive laid it's eggs we don't know but he held elegant and NBA he's gonna end up being the highest paid. Tied idol and if he shows up everywhere eclipse and elders. There are some that are attainable there's some that arts and now when I look bettors is the ones that are attainable the crazy one that. Yet on temperature protected if he misses twelve games excuse not sponsor the patriots have been under way with want and don't want it anymore but Clark didn't want that he's got to deal with that because that's the best he's going to get. But crime didn't want to eat that effect he ridiculed did he ridiculousness here the whole idea about the kid you don't send the Layden a contract which he cheat. He talks only tell you have to find a way to build his base or because used all pro. GAAP. And now that is if there was alternatives it was just based on incentives. You know catches touchdowns receptions all those things yards but I think you would have lost. Two and a half million. Roughly. You know a less than he would have but simply because you made all Proehl. He made an extra couple million dollars there that remit reaches Max. Well controlled blows that he could have a good year and it could be somebody else who was a better correct. So he could have. In of the year would be the ideal the patriots sit there and say OK if you have your a Glock season you deserve to get paid Max dollar ten and a half. He could have a gras season. Travis tells you go for eighteen touchdowns and 12100 yards in BVL probably no control over that but do you think Brady's gonna take it instantly on track well know what he. Why are you as his ideas that the both these guys aren't camper right now. So it does seem particularly since the peak life threatening and a wife got her life at 24 OK so it says that why is that why I would select at driving under no big deal. They got a big deal with a because they feel it brought. Drugs jobs to be on the same page as quarterback which he has only if there was a new quarterback. In fox ball right now Brady was gone and it was a new quarterback coach that brought me to be their work with this Kid Rock does need to be there were Khatami on the same page. But Armenia is not there. Nobody. I think this is a big deal more about the small ball to raise the point. Courses and he's working with others right there are a lot of new players. We we saw the slash -- that documentary. That Brady was -- in the car about not being on the same page. With sticky post presence in pick exactly. That was that was the first game of the season that was Kansas City game wasn't into it takes some time Tom but math yourself to think it's a good relation I should know friends of religion True Religion you're damn right it's gonna take timetable right now. You're missing out on time but Tom was there right from the get go right from the beginning last April right he was there. Right for many he was there April and may he was there not here now. I think it's a factor crushed. I really do a nice about it and I'm not the Hamas and that it's a that's and that's what it's all about it is is it I think this is. Probably more complicated than anyone can really understand made all the different layers and different people that aren't all. And different issues you couple that with. You know the age and you know what he depreciation and everything else it's his business aspirations everything else you know it didn't listen what he wants so constable Bill Watson can't. I would say this is the biggest problem I have with this in an auction. Is I don't think there are enough people. That are willing to be critical of Tom Brady right and and I get and I understand that he's been the vast. In the business the best probably that's ever played the position. But he's doing something right now that is not a character he's doing something and it goes against something. They he already told us is one of the reasons why he's the greatest because he does show up at all of these he does treat himself like he's one of 53. Not number one he treats this Atkins and he deals with other players. In this. All treated the same way but now suddenly he wanted to be different. He's forty years old he wants it to be different but people aren't gonna that we're not gonna get yin and Yang when I could get people calling out. Arguing that point if any do we get people sit near lay off from Brady and see right. Well looking at the tax on lay upper eighties greater terrific he's wonderful we get. We understand is great we're not saying that we don't want Brady to be the quarterback is all like I like it if he can beat the quarterback it's 78. With this team. Just saying that in this instance. Of something going on here he wants some. Something is happening here PG and yet I'm trying to use his leverage a little bit he's doing something that is out of the Tom Brady ordinaries. Each correct you have eat again they leverage you think he deserves some criticism for this don't feel that. He's actually uses leverage. He's never gonna use it what will oversee right now is is it's convenient I guess in for everything that's going on but. The leverage he's never had more leverage to the last three years and wanted to expose no lawsuits that he's young quarterback who's actually already proven he can play. You know age is not being held against them because there is no replacement. He can easily tell them all the goals group he cape. It is like putting them at a tough situation. Like you really want which ticket I will play chicken Michael right now. Okay I'm gonna wait to June 3 or McCarthy in all market to be there I think this economic you know I'm madness that Terry I am gonna show all my dad I'm not I am gonna show up. A dedicated and the numbers are showing up at Gillette Stadium working out were then you know what Dave Campbell went. So hard on my way. Well when he didn't show up for phase one right but that there's that no big deal. It's conditioning. Use it worked out with those guys he growth though they'll train with this staff. The tree with Guerrero is no big deal but back then did you. Pinky is going to be different face three. These bad I had no idea I resented it I nearly they set their own footballs at seven a 7-Eleven eleven at work and don't believe you that you. The only time I thought it was going to be there was Manila and enjoy many yet yeah. And I'm not gonna I think first it it's gotta be killing him in some part it is like just being that he's not there. We're thinking like back on these enjoyable. Well this team was practicing you think is also a lot of skull. Just go to other field your football player I know you're married you just go play this is eating at you the kids are at school what are you doing. If you were gonna make a pie chart. There and I honestly okay and then he tried speaker percentages of what is the biggest catalyst on this yeah. Fan would be part of it. All I'm the contract is definitely part of it big but I would say the biggest piece of the pie. Would be ultimately bridges general irritation. And beat Roger re we call that went on Google that built we would whatever went on during the season and today and that's what I would that is how I was kind of in he's not Ayers because of bill. You call the bill the ability of big has had a lot to do with it yeah. It's not nothing. I would bet you anything that that bill and craft or talking about this even though bill won't talk about it with the media this is being talked about behind closed doors. They're trying to figure out how they deal with this right now. I've in because it is if it becomes a distraction for them back to the phone calls is filling in Manchester what's up village. Yet I will criticize you that you being a deep. On I'll let you go higher because people who could buy the lot. Bulletin we have the most photographed. When you Q you can't say it's fairly decent shot on Sunday. She and the Daily Mail being Iraq. Crop in the world promoting her book and Portuguese. Coach you bottle with that you are so it is to them move to any. And that is that the socialists. Back with Michael. Well yeah exactly just because he couldn't get his guru excited. My crew here with us it's just not he wears a blue room. You're right this auto assembly just fix that is so true it is. The roster stacked like that babies yes. Honestly I need with a stubborn down Devo babies whatever you wanna call it. For the first time that that's all that's it's so it was something different and people get realizing seeing some different than I had no load so hopefully you. But yeah it's just. Don't get chesterfield drug teacher asked the field built just to relax a little bit. With the two superstar and I visited blood bath and evidently deposition. Everybody lighten up. Yet it if Tom Brady I don't think I want the public and had no sort of think that it's about money. Correct I don't think Kelly's ever read it that's trying to console so who's gonna ask you like so beside the concert he can't keep it short actors on account of and it. But it shows and proves everybody that it was about money. He won't do it we don't apply he's got to play out the party's gonna laid out I'll. Part of feeling appreciated not all of typical most times it is about money. Now with MIA I think maybe as some other things involved. But the one way to feel appreciated. Is to show me the money. The back rubbed sometimes. Somebody just shot on work that's like an orca yeah. I'd like to get he only about seven launches here's Miller Framingham little bill under. One person out here believe trump or hasn't done this law. She's cheese he held out I mean you saw and the last monies that the team could get out I would Greta players around them. Now when she's got to let Kirk cousins. She illegal topple loop or use all quarterbacks can gobble. What he's going to be making this year and you should ask why wouldn't it should actual justice attitude not a good. Regular partner agent once as much as you've got to step up to play here well you know what I'm not ordered out front with blank order you know our virtual. No I did get very understandable when you see all the money everybody else is getting now. A lot of those deals retook less money. He did it to facilitate the team so that they can get additional players to help him. And then in the end he still got his money but I would agree with you he played the game with them but he should know when he played the game. That he wasn't going to be anywhere close to the highest paid quarterback in the lake. You elected to do it that way you can take it all for yourself and that's why we love about you. So you can't suddenly now turn it around and say now I want it all for me. And it's no longer about the team and expected people are gonna sit there and Georgia we applauded you for the that guy. Now I'm not gonna applaud you for being the opposite guy the guys that we couldn't stand that just want all the money for themselves. Well that's one thing to get people the award operate but we need to create double. I don't want to talk to Albert Scott I wish I don't want to call. Then I was Britney actually able to you know watched Jimmy draw or 27 million got a franchise them. You gotta pay him that anywhere I want that what more do you gonna period. Well that was a crazy thing we ran into last year when we were talking about people calling out. People were on the radios that they're going to got to keep grapple and you gotta keep both Brady and grapple. Angela to grapple once it's 44 million bucks for drop along. And then everybody several bridge making fourteen. He was not going to take fourteen million dollars when the backup quarterback was making ten million more than he. There was no noise that was gonna play out there did a deal will be done. I mean they don't rip up the to give and three years 7580 million labeling act like Drew Brees sure and a I think it'll get it done. I don't know why it's not done already. And I think a lot of us that Garcia was overrated rocks and pulled position. Over yet but I did grow just so different it's acts maybe it's easier yeah it is he's yeah I'm just saying that the gras starting done it's all just kind of legitimate candidate that they need a mean. Miguel had to deal we don't have given two more years she'd just given what they have right now. Those and a signing bonus and the other half goes to let women don't let bill passed at least fifteen Wednesdays at its worst the restaurant with the NFL equivalent. Of all star break is what deer is what during the sometimes like a couple of the week an app. We're like they're dead zone Mississippi Valley these are happy and movie everybody's times out of will be hearing Pierre got first dibs on that we are very good also for oil drilling I'm not find a little odd sort of an investment weakness that's how it was a week nobody messes. Would that I always a big hit a wanna be around the only army that baseball guy right now cannot bite my whole career I was of the all star game off. So I have all this IL that liberal tradition have always had those three days off all my entire life judges feel like it's just it's only me but what you gotta look at this a huge difference between wrong. And Brady here. And that. Glock it's going to be all incentive blatant suck these price not throw bug but that's the only way he's going to get it is based is going to be a lot higher because it. It was from last year. British steel has got a lot of risk and one. He's forty years old he could fall off the cliff do you somebody's lines from the very quickly filled truly he still opting to face a after two based on some of the the cryptic messages he's distributed. Decide next year screw it I'm out after they give them a gigantic bonus payment this year. That's the problem this risk in that in every deal for your way to structure that's why they moved right. Three years and 82 equally. Payments or year one of the year third year run option right and you don't guarantee to do it motor fuel mile but you can't I don't think give him a big huge polish up far. Thinking he's going to be around for four years to in the present contract in two more. And then find out that he leaves and a year and Huard. Certain there would always get money I'd 6177797937. Trusting reaction. To the Celtics in the two games in Cleveland suddenly bit a national. Take on it is their bombs they suck we'll get some of that and Brad Stevens look that good a coach will get all of that Pamela. Let's get back to hole and asked. That's what you think you have no balls I'll be the first one who metric tons I have Noble's studio walls it's unsure what we sit in the studio we're trying to Sports Radio. I just it's thick anti and. I'm just getting sick and tired of the Boston Celtics why I've seen enough. There all work right did they got exposed in game three and exposed in game or for what they work. They were the eighteenth ranked offense in the entire NBA and that was with Tyree Irving and high reason street call Cleveland now leads the series two attitude just put it that way because they leave this series because they are in control of this series they're going away in game five they're Gordon to win game six. It is all of. Ball and act FISA bill now like a local team he's got it all operates skip Bayless sounds like this is the first games ever watched in his life with he gave the offensive rating. We're well what about defense of me. Skid Row were the reality is that they're not the Celtics vs gamblers defense during the courses sees it as you said they were all of. Re put it this thing I would say like over rated. Did you think they're gonna beat the Golden State Warriors just to say. Is to be bit annual parade and while that's what's happening Lou. The everybody's moving the goalposts on a daily basis when it comes to the series me and I'll stick with what I said it's reasonable jokes out since I think 2007 say whether it. It's a simple series can figure out. And that is that you've got a bunch of young players who I think you've got four nominal upside. They're terrific at home. And on the road they just don't play the city I and I think that's not out of line. With great young players go back and look at Golden State in the early years with these young players they don't young players. Even though they're gonna be great stars to three yards years from now. That first couple years. They don't necessarily Dillard's. Insisting that Valentin. That I believe. Was under rated. Is now ovaries. You know I mean because the Arctic underrated because nobody thought that they would you know maybe get the Eastern Conference finals without Tyree Irving. And of course detailed brown thing against Philly was you know. Unit accused of playing anymore so I understand that or he played. That this it would have been better than cellular market Smart suit the beginning of months by you know he's an all they are mask and a postseason so. So everyone can change social Marcus Bachmann or before the before the playoffs starting amiss in the first round. Carrier serving was not going to be able to play at all there to post season. And Jalen brown you thought towards hamstring was gonna miss the rest of the post season it three days to conference finals. I'd say that's underage to recommend to give the chancellor candidate candidates I sit on the narrative changed. If you watch those forests first to gain as I figured out there alone there are also just remember him the first yoga that's what he got another response so the first two everybody was ripping George hale the national people JR Smith is useless. Jeff green is. Useless. I Jordan Clarkson why did they even have them on the team Larry Nance junior why did they even make that trait. That we went through all of that list. Now over the last two games what are we also in job George you know aggressions template while JR's make some big markets for the almighty god corporate only great at the offensive on his pop that's eight SO hare. We're basing it all on the new outlets say that is all this. We have I think the Celtics actually bit underrated. And I think the reasons why did that narrative changed in this series is because we felt like we over rated the caps. They after they won those first two games I said I don't think the cavs are very good. I I still don't think that's still the dishonest or better team like Cleveland cavalier I agree with him in I don't think the cabs I think they have a good enough team to win at all. So it was really more about that the cavs were actually or rated but the Celtics team. Without carrier ring to it needs to conference finals 22 verse LeBron you tell me that overrated. All the way that they have to get. This all ludicrous and they went seven games against Milwaukee and we all thought they were going seven games against Milwaukee. Notice the difference noticed the splits all in a way. Look at the numbers and by the way Al Horford in that same in that same group. Not a great player. He was average last night as he was playing around Al Betty anybody QB above average tomorrow. Abby will be raving about Al Horford when the game is over we've seen this and this movie over and over and over again and get people go from one. End of the spectrum to the other John democracy predicting after the first two weeks ago and went home. People ask John. Lucky if they went up freaking get against Golden State the personal things are going to be on the road Golden State's got a ticket to nothing lead in the series and that's a matter of. Can you can you when you're on the. That they that they the edge of elimination in game three. Can you fight back the best team in the lake I doubt it affect I'd say this about Cleveland Cleveland's gonna have trouble winning game against Golden State if Cleveland gets life. I can't understand out you know you sit there and Eagles seven against Milwaukee you handle Philadelphia in five and where everyone thought Ono Phillies gathered just run all over don't want who are ecstatic because they didn't think Jalen brown was part I'm not somebody like an eternity and a series thank you take the first two games and resounding fashion. Looking like a clean and has no heart no guts no mass. Illustrate this question up because I know people keep on throwing Al Horford into the equation we talked about this during the regular season why with the Celtics during the course of this regular season. Why would the Celtics. Pretty damn good. Why weren't for just two liveliness to players you're brown audition to thank you. Jason Tatum became as the number three pick in the draft pick it was a guy that was given you unbelievable. Production for you you. How much you hated him you know good in the carrier. All right but. Like you know he had the reasons why you had the year you head. And it was those two kids and development those two kids because Los Haywood everybody thought they would download and meet Deion was just over masses in nineteen Nokia believes that there hasn't would you expect. You know he's escape to turn twenty years old its first year in the league Jimmy's gonna show. Late Jalen brown he's gonna have his moments he's gonna have its gains restate the potential is there and there it is but the angle back or Iraqi OK so let's fast forward now and it didn't. Fast forward to the post season. Why the Celtics when he song because Jalen brown getting them off to a terrific start in the first quarter OK and Jason Tatum has been scored. And hole. He actually put some points up on the road but he makes a lot of mistakes and easily. Defense of liability a lot of these road games because he's just overmatched being on the road and why. Because he's twenty years old because the other kids 21. And it going on the road up against seasoned veterans including a guy who's what 33 years old and the greatest player was ever played and certainly the estimate and this is all predictable. Are overrated or underrated they aren't what they are there are teams that have a lot of really good young players. They're going to get a terrific player back pitched here who is a seasoned vet and 2526. In it carrier and a terrific player in Gordon Hayward and they may make some moves and Nazis and their upside. Your window here. It's probably the next 67. Eight years debt and the the other things they can you please listen guys are going back home dedicated cute but really Ali get to do you tell me. They might others. Kate can you not can you please I'll play Kyle Korver. George hale Nance junior and Tristan Thompson can be can we please to outplay those guys when you're not gonna outplay. It was on the project so I'm a Christian when you get it in people's business they they swing from from Orkut a chandelier and gone back and both ways Greg right so the Celtics. Tomorrow and I wouldn't be surprised at all to gloat when McCain by 1012 points fifteen point eight win came at the guard tomorrow night. We didn't make the same mistakes that it's over. Series is all how would you mind definitely wealthiest neighborhood that has got a winning answer I would ever I would just sit all my starters. Alex and mom I realized what what what why bother why bother why waste the energy you waste in your facility we're zooming out at a mall in there and and Larkin he'll be back soon put that in there and let him start. And just rest of this. I don't believe that the Celtics when they game tomorrow night that LeBron James. Who I think he's got an ego he kind of cares what people saying about this I think he's going down in flames. In game six which could be able last game he plays. It in for in a Cleveland ever cavalier uniform and I think that's gonna happen in game six well that video. You decent game seven Buick the Celtics in the camps like the Celtics because I think they can win at all. And the one thing I said that that that guy's made fun obviously cinecast. I said. Do you dignity give Connecticut a rugged look let me explain when I sent again because that does make fun of me when I said this at the beginning of the series it's a seven game series and I think the Celtics can win all of the home games. They earned this home court advantage. And it's us it's that they that they can do now they can win at all they can't all of this other stuff but they can win at home. And guess what they get four games at home and the other team gets what. Unless you are down. Is that when you get a tool one game elimination the one particular feature single handedly. Is LeBron James both winning eight of. Radio personality and radiate back at the ready for it and it's a matter what I have a way of doing you you don't have the best player ever to play so. It's that's always a matter right I would say that delta that resonated yeah notice because in an elimination game. Sending a you know a great team are great players one of the toughest things to do. Right because you know the coming out everything they have. So game seven here and a parquet you have to take down the greatest player you know in the world right now correct I still think they well. And LeBron can walk away from that game seven if he loses that puts up 44. Has fifteen rebounds as Paul says he gets it and that was my fault. It was all of role play what Georgia did you tonight I think what it what corporate give up and what did you argue the that I'd 6177797937. A phone number radio and Elena. Christian rants about the pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or away we're loaning euphoria but Sports Radio WEEI. This Celtics below the series last night. I would say they've moved series. It it remains to be seen but. Thought it's done is looking daunting for them I'll tell you that much I got her cavaliers win in the series is six games I'm not gonna go as fought to save a blue because I anticipated that they've removed these two games on the road game five is everything we all understand that as far as I'm concerned anyway. But I will tell you. Game I picked Cleveland win in six and that's really what I'm coming down to you want to classify that as they enable the series so be it. State and nation full of it right now because he went off of that after the first two games. I remember us talking about Stephen A set there and said you know I don't think Celtics get four games at home and I'm not sure. They can be beaten at all much of the cavaliers up to the death so why are we suddenly. Shifting so dramatically our opinion because the cavaliers did. What virtually every other team does in the end yes. And that's think pool serve on the two games that are. It on their law I would agree that new but when you think about game five. The Celtics win game five ending you know obviously. Still they edit they get a good shot of winning this thing right. But if they'd lose. It and is over that's a different story you can't loot and if LeBron James I'm looking at this way because I think he realizes. He's not get much in game five or game seven from the rest of his growth. He nosy and get it there at the Quicken Loans Arena he's not getting in Boston he's seen it far too often he CNN during the course of the season. A look at what they did nor he knows it. So he's looking at right now saying all we need to do. Is win one of these games in Boston and the whole series has shifted wondering whether it's five games of so I would I would tell you this. There's no question that Cleveland. Because of LeBron James being a great player years. Have a better chance of winning a road game than the Celtics do so except nobody on a team. To look at the two most important guys on the team Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. We're hardly one of them was partly in the rotation last year in the playoffs and the other one was in college. And you're expecting them to go on. Well you Utah and win against a LeBron James crazy well you tell me that that the pressure is finally getting to them. The circumstances. The course of events is finally starting to be too much for them to handle. Praise the dealer brown who's been who's not it was not been playing like a rookie and are no sorry a decent Tatum was not the plane hydrogen and browse up and play like a second year guy. And adjacent channel could be the rookie of the year. McDowell is went all the pressure starts amount. But I think they'll be good tomorrow night because. It's safe it's simplistic here unfortunately it's bad for the NBA but this the most simple formula in the world unless you're really really good. I'll give it your card really really good which the only team that can do this I think is Golden State and it's not a coincidence that the only team that's one of the road so far. Okay well in life you're really good buddies visitors yes it didn't in the conference finals. You can't to it it's just. This Celtics are good team they just don't have anybody and rustic Tyree obviously would give them that player they don't have a player that's gonna go out there and punch the other guy. It has got it out of the rally to hold bigger issues are talking about the issue for the NBA subject blazers go back the old way. Let's cruiser attitude about that way that was different business suits and you know that creates and you're forced. After winning game on the road rye catches cannot lay it out there just you know what it's like to go back home to close it out if they only did the final. And 232. So they didn't have the conference finals so we would still have the same prop conference fun as you did. Tutu won one you know I was very different issues that millions if the Celtics at say 232 in the book you know we're up three to come and all of its job last two games that'll go shot for Cleveland. Going to be to both games at home so you always gonna create kind of dilemma is that all the makings. Of if they were Houston or Cleveland. When that game got the late fourteen. Page baker lost that game by thirty dissent will see game five right. Because it was that close I mean if they don't push back and a couple different occasions. They lost that game by thirty easily. I think also a silver vessel that's your silver lining their personal civilized yeah he's fought back a couple of funny I saw a silver lining as well and I thought the two young kids that you rely on the most. Showed me something in the second half because they were not willing to do luge is central to telling given. I heard the biggest green Kaymer of a mall might Gorman though after the game. On NBC sports Boston and he got no redeeming value one of his game he thought that the they won't punch lists and they were just I'll play he thought it was more of Cleveland. Kind of just saying how we got this this team is. Is a pushover in the in the second half I saw some good stuff. In that second half. I really did but here's the other one it's very interest in self talk about over rate we've had this conversation many times before how good coach spreads the I think all three of us believe he's a really good coach I also think most of us believe that the players. A more important than the coach and you'd have some people believing in his down that if he had an an option of taking either LeBron James. Or Bret Stephens to be some people on this down basketball nerds who would sit in its own alternate Brad Stevens over I think the player over the coach every single time. So how was Brad Stevens gone for being this unbelievable coach were people willing to. Not only put in the same conversation with Gregg Popovich but may need them slightly I had a problem that. And now suddenly he's a Stephanie can't handle a file situations and I thought last night poorly managed markets Morse in in foul trouble last night. But guess what. Marcus Morris was the one that got himself in the foul trouble. So when we're talking about players doing good things. The same thing happens on the flip side were players just don't get the job done they do bad things and what do people do on the game's over they blame the coach for the example you gave unknown. NBC sports Boston the other night where they were blaming. Oh sure I was with Al game for. Beauty of four shots frighteningly Brack for not getting out he shot it's ludicrous but. Did Brad Stevens when the best coach in India yes it is and it's of the problem is when you start coming OK now let's rate the top five now now now now identity issues. In all because in the bottom line is he's one of the top top five coaches NBA maybe top three RQ what authority put him. But it's is that I don't I don't put that game less than a Brett Stephens. Not. All I think he was at when I say is one of the best coaches in the league. He is but we over raided. What his impact is on a game. The players had the biggest impact so we can sit there and you can tell Jason paid until he's blue in the face. What it's gonna be like when you're playing a big game on the road against a great player he can do the same thing every one of those players but guess what. When takeaway on the floor and they fall flat on their face and then what are you here at the hit of the game. The announces that they don't know what god Tyrone who had some adjustments here he really mess them up with the switches and all you kitten oh. For example legacy dory say someone writes those Seles of the ball with at the end of the first quarter with what kind of warning they're actually. No shot clock. In brats like lash out. And Jalen brown that's when he missed that don't screw it should hit the dump in all he could very easily said well that's a pretty good shot open lane just finished the down. Bret Stephens was living. He was pissed at June round for not holding for the last shot and allowing Cleveland come down I think LeBron missed at the buzzer but. When the and also went off in the first quarter he was that he ran right that you umbrella what the hell you do what I told you let shot. Yeah I saw a couple so it was it was a clear dog when it was a bad shot and four. So anything you don't a Sharma couple times. In Roger's face basically trying to explain to on the switch you can see it moving his hands or whatever so you talk to you blown effect is if the players don't do it. I'm sorry it say it's a players league but guess what nationally and he shows the TV shows and it's all about Brad Stevens. Here's where Brad Stevens had a problem in these playoffs they've lost. The seven road games and that stands out that I would look at and I would say. Something's missing because we do look at that that that just this isn't the the bottom of her that exist. Julie how Boston looks in Boston. And how they look won the role that is somewhat alarming. That is why because that that's more about the youth of this team than anything because the one win he did have been a road. Was Brad Stevens late in that game you remember barely him and he just. Parents. Brett brown pants them. Well it's it's more I think as well what the youth as well yeah I mean. It it it's and it's and it's an easy you know. I guess they did to identify especially so LeBron and in the cavs they win two in Toronto they win one in Indiana. Brandon. It's gold stage they've already won in Houston and discount you know breaking that mold. But I I just don't I have a hard time believing like that's just it is just keeps and it's so simplistic I and I and I understand that. Why can't they just kind of get it through there heads. That it is it is possible and why it's anyone in his 61 lead their 21 they're 23. And a day they went to duke and Kansas yet on what a moment just days. But it's different it's it and they Holman road business that much of an impact in baseball no announcements starting pitcher Jake bot. You can see guys you know lately in the NBA on the road you can see guys in baseball. With a gain speeds up on them. You know days they're being they're chasing balls out of the strikes on their old Malia aggressive. It's the guys you don't slow the game and they keep it at the same pace of regular season game guy like David Ortiz. You get the first pitch change up down you spit on it. The young kid comes out of his shoes and swings throw it and is never had an account because you can't be patient enough. Is it speeds up on in the NBA that's a road game. Does the crowds in your face the crowd scream at them so what I mean what was the nation disabled Doc Rivers. Extremely overrated. 0718 to one of the won the championship they all went six in the first two rounds of the playoffs is nothing. They couldn't win a road games is nothing new they took 2 in Detroit near Eastern Conference finals but the the Eastern Conference finals. To win a road game for that team and it was a veteran group right. This is nothing new it really is nothing new and and it's it's a problem I think the NBA has it really does and and by the way the officiating was horrendous last night they're calling stuff. They use it they don't let the game flow a little right but I I donate but I don't think either team got to bed not elegant and I think it would be they just. I 6177797937. Are on Campbell continued talking more about the Celtics and Noelle show today again for Tom Brady. Bill Belichick addressed that sort of.