OMF - Florida shooting story continues to unfold, 2-23-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, February 23rd

Hour 4 - The story of the Florida shooting continues to unfold and becomes more and more bizarre. The cop at the school, Scott Peterson, resigned and the sheriff said he should’ve “killed the killer.”



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All you ready. Beats Fort Wayne and moaning and forty okay would you act are. Best player right now my. More with gland Lou and Christian gonna make these changes once that's got to compromise there's good solid feelings are going to be hurt again. We want it just give everybody regrets that thick weight he'll try to get to put it chair back nearly every throw the ball off each of them all in that light for fielder's completely changed what we once knew it was a game of baseball keeps calling cricket. On Sports Radio WEEI. I've talked a lot the last day ourselves. About what happened down there in in Florida we'll get back to people wanna talk about it we'll get to a but I wanna see if we get an update here so here we are Lou Maloney yes won twelve on the front jury is. More the nothing nothing they don't Perkins and this isn't a college final score five in the top of the first and that's about the way it works. I'm storage makes no sense right now that you would have no announcement at all because it is Friday. If you don't do it during the game and you don't do it right after the game. You don't on Saturday Google press conference on Saturday bury it. On a Saturday or Sunday with your biggest offseason acquisition. Yeah but you know what the thing is what that is is not a bow and a statement or bury it put it that media immediately everything is done. I'm gonna it's gonna wait till Monday just because it's a new cycle to get this guy in the fields of it starts returning. You're having now. You could say that I wouldn't bury it out of it in this the situation to once again if it was December. In your head you know this signing and you would say yet to order announced that Friday noble press conference on Monday what's the rush. You can DC that for PR reasons but. If you can get it done tonight at seven he can do it tomorrow morning at 9 or 10 o'clock in the morning the object and yet the at what you need. It's for him to get on the field practicing every state spent the weekend because DR Weiss is an example of that restaurant and. I get them but the fact that they would have to do that. Tells me that there is absolutely something wrong here something they're looking into this is not a. Oh yeah I'm just taking our time which is the patient would now is an issue that they're dealing with right now could you don't put yourself in that predicament. Naw I would say that there's definitely. They found something. Now to what extent I don't think it's a and it's squash this deal or anything but no. Whether that wanna change that peddling which they won it just maybe look at something further. To get a better idea of exactly what it is up concerning it is long term. It is due diligence at this point that's August that before the first. Look at this deal it's real player friendly. The player can opt out of the year to the player can opt out of the year three maybe it's that might be something to Wear today let's let's get something back from mosques. Let's say. Now others go resting or at that final few years now a team option with the buyout is supposed to just you having all the power and its deal. It's boasts got Boris who is Darren has been there for the last two days says. Now when I can do that we're as we're pushed Jersey should be following JD Martins and rally bush stared at the pros footage. Jane while looting eulogize him and he's hiding out Santa bella he's got some. You know palatial place designer local Starbucks that's what he's learned Bert what and what is on the look out right now and the data and a tunnel look out right now. Exit point makes a mean Bradford probably doing the same thing probably work in the streets right now. Yeah when he's on the radio busy on the radio like every other power yet you're generating a long lines at Bristol was on again lose our seniors like this. Visit this is his time this season misses his brightness to your athletes vote. Mrs. in this our show he's the most what's really loves being here till 10 o'clock it -- that she's lied and avoiding he's a pledge right now some OG. If he's on all weekend to probably edit pretzel on all we edited for its report the news Wednesday and finally does sign he got to ask the first question this bizarre of all things really pretty bizarre it is it's in our your high horse for a second now. OK Ireland as expected a phone calls to people talk obviously about what's going on down there in Florida his Ryan of Boston hi Ryan. Yeah they're going guys so. As a combat veteran I kind of just wanna call and stick up for the guys who I've seen for the cup scene he's not. Because London or. I I I trained with a lot of guys that were super impressive during training. And then you get into a crisis and they freed their brain is just hard wired wired this guy Prague we didn't know. They're that would would be is reaction. To undertrained. He did the police department they don't screen properly and make sure they have. Make up get into these sort of situations. And this guy getting killed over perhaps we should be talking about how the police department to screen these guys. OK so wait so a whole lot showed me that that the part for me so if you're at a school your resource resource cop. But you're there for this specific reason not here to break up fights and you know you make sure you don't know junior's going to see your lawn. Are you don't know when teacher parking spot you're there are specifically. For that reason right there you may go. You know years and years and years and never see any thing the one day something like this happens that switcher there. Fair enough fair enough so perhaps like so. In the military so I'm. I've I've seen people threes and we were training for months before and they were cooled out whole time. And then they get into an actual situation and they freak so that I would undertrained. And not suited for caught the apartment that yard you're saying. You know what shortly what's what's under way out what's undertrained is the profile that I've read on him from the people know on down there he's been doing this. He's been that resource officer armed at Stoneman Douglas high since 2009. He is accused all funniest got news is gone through every normal. Com. Every normal testing program that the rest of the police officers. In that town have gone through since that 2009. Doctor all the training. What's that audit that program didn't weed out the back at that guy would do that that's our ours is. Some are impressive people read yes we do and we I'm not saying I don't I'll play is it possible anybody and it's not possible I mean. So and so whose fault is it Raikkonen I didn't really Iran is still calls it we blame Enron matter who you blame them. That the police department I don't believe that date if this same people that react to what you went eat these shooting them from the year. So they didn't screen properly. To find someone who their reaction as the year in crisis you know same thing with this guy they didn't screen partly defined that he is rain was gonna shut down. When he was in something of that magnitude like it's hard for all these people to pass judgment on this specific to get frustrating. Is that like I have been really bad situation. And I can understand where this dude coming from anti. And yes it must answer to that you you've seen guys freeze you feel about them when they froze in military. Blow. In the moment you can't you say they are trading our training wasn't right that you were traded what for him he's unity he should have been in that position. We try to tell the parents of the seventeen dad or the sixteen wounded that god sorry I didn't I agree don't properly come onion. Listen he was a cow. And I don't think they were shocked because if you look at it and I'm going back and looking as I was telling you about the timeline that does happen on the fourteenth. And here we are on the 21. Scott Israel goes on TV and says nothing happen bad in his department and then yesterday we find out that something really bad happen in his department. And I'm looking at the reports back in the sixteenth this is the school superintendent. Robert runs. Who was claiming that the staff and every one responded quickly. He said that there was a resource officer who was on the campus but he was on a different part of the campus. None of that was true. None of that was true so they were talking about it and didn't have an idea of where he was on the sixteenth. But they suddenly when they looked at the videotapes and it took them seven or eight days to look at the videotape they went. Old auto yeah unfortunately that used to promote the do your job but me he would do his job. It's just that you know in the context of our world would someone doesn't do their job the quarterback gets sacked. Right and being with this guy you don't do your job people lost lives. That's the nature of the job he adds 2000 while we respect them so much. 2014. Broward County crime commission named Scott Peterson the SR all of the year. For the park one district of the Broward Sheriff's Office. The awards said during this time deputy Peterson has proved to be reliable in handling issues with tact and judgment. Throughout 2014. Deputy Peterson conducted numerous investigations follow ups in tailing property crimes assaults and narcotic violations deputy Peterson. Also at. Acted in mentoring and counseling students. Is that there's a history here of this guy that doesn't show. Any of that. That this last call was talking about none of that. He froze on this occasion but there's no history here none whatsoever. Nick is insulting and it. I have. Just all about comments on so let loose a little while ago about making guns Heidi get. I just graduated from college and a quarter about 2 years ago in Central Florida. And I think it's a bit of a culture shock for her and you and in Massachusetts to it think about guns in the same way that. Someone from Florida would do. For example it ease of getting the gun there. They got this web site. Called arms list dot com which is essentially the Craigslist for guns. Then my buddy for example. Goes browsing on this web site TV gun that he wants encourages. Emailed that guy credit whose only god. And that the couple hours later leads of up at a Wal-Mart parking lot given 200 dollars cash in the judges in the gun and I think. That a lot of people Massachusetts. Wouldn't even think that there's something out there like that as being debated a culture shock. When we see it is difficult. Yet end but I I think something like that is what when they talk about like common sense gun regulations. I think that's something that should be banned I mean I'm all for your Second Amendment right. But I Hackett I don't think you should be able to do is go online to incredulous. Methods and guy and then you little Wal-Mart parking lot to 200 dollars next. Well not much I'm not sure you can do it exactly the way you you just listed but you're you're right there probably needs to be far more scrutiny when we're going overall. Whether somebody is capable. The there's a history here we at 39 incidence. With this Nicholas grooves so why didn't anybody go back and say you know it is this this owns guns you know. Matter of fact he is mother died he moved in with his best friend that his best friend's parents to commit. They also at that time forced him to put his guns in a safe in their house. These are another set of parents who were taken out it and they feel bad that is getting out I'll write. Any D'Amato. So there were two different systems if if you got this dossier on this guy and there's stuff that you're really concerned about. Then how is he still peddling a gun. And I notice that exists but that that so I did I lose a panel of scientists looked and a doll does exist and it's not as much like it Craig's list as it is. I don't know like there's a bunch of videos on there and products and some plate that there's and then begun still needs to be registered to you. So I mean that's you know he's illegal swapping comes in a parking lot of a walk Margaret. So if you know that the problem we're gonna have is that people are gonna politicized. The gun control debate OK and I know they're doing a big march on the 24 of march or whatever. I'm not sure it's gonna be easy to get rid of 300 million plus. Guns out there I'm I don't people can Australian look at it where they do it elsewhere and what it is not going to be an easy thing but if you're looking for quick fixes right now. Let's look at things that we can do right now that we can debate the gun control baby maybe have a stricter policy on who can get them who isn't especially with the mental health issues right now who knows whether a person is. Redick they're capable responsible enough. To have begun but the stuff we can do right now in in this case. You had an armed guard yes April. He's an opposite who could have saved many of those seventeen lives. Yeah and then him and we sit here and somebody's college. Feel bad for the you know because people know situations. I'm so I'd go go micro quake ruptured but why Mike's New Hampshire this is no sense online. And I like in New Hampshire. I am I without there. I don't know what that other veteran says. Believe this meaning he's appalled for the incompetence that night sheriff's department. They're jumping up and down the and yet it is all the blame up lecture and all of failure Libya. Like he said have been. Over special forces unit tackled the you're a popular area. We first went to Iraq. A pilot on the border. Iraq refused to go forward. And until you've been shot at net positions caller how would that put them. Well I mean I don't know if I was a fan out of his little holes I mean why do you think like it might it hit at the sheriff. Is tell you that these segments each and away and it'd be a videotape of him going in the opposite direct don't have money it this year is television going wrong is doesn't what do you think issuance. It will eliminate let me ask a question. When they say that the guys. Great in handle situation well. To me that means he swallow it and slow to react. Yeah and passer. You know those of buzzwords. It done city superior car. Quick thinking on his feet it's that he could mean that in the artwork he's not a great. Seems like he's more communications guy you know he's. That's when it seems like to me he's there. You don't put off byes before it happens you know communicate with a student social my father we determined hill like if we're gonna. Do this if we're going to aren't these schools and in this case we think school now. That was on many schools are not formed right you do not at police officers they do not have metal detectors you know guarding against this stuff. If we're gonna take this seriously and we're looking at a case and in Portland where they. Had this already set up and it failed because the guy refused to do his job. How we determine who these people that we hire to do the show. Well let me ask a question. I don't know what is got a history is what I just alters history is Harold it he's won awards. He's had a history. But it won awards or parent or our Oklahoma. I'm about Nancy determined that because a lot of a Russia does a lot of communities. In which. The police force Rabin at that both the whole career never never be put in those situations before or you find somebody that has been put in that situation. That is reacted properly and you take him off the street in you put him in the school because at least as history. That that's my point exactly. Why would you take your talk car aggressive. You know combating crime. Implement a school at a school room babysit her. You know you take your least productive cock that you're not going to be some mystery in you put on there. That. We're gonna change their concert don't you think. I'm chart. It changed their concept that might have it's nauseam that you find somebody that's. President elect not today not at my school but what do say that there are towns. That that his very rarely ever engaged don't think so you'll ever know. This is one of those parents split when you what shall we want to look at the news very low its primary very little violent crime. They really didn't expect if that happened they took their most passive a couple of weeks productive. And they put in a situation where he could stay there. It be equal I don't think we know you take police forces that out of inner cities. And you tell me you mean Sudbury police department I mean you know that I think they're out there. Haven't shootings on the streets and they know that which cop who's in can handle situations like that knew that they know that and in Wellesley. You know right. I mean I think the chief of the department knows who his best process. In a guide it's not that that's on. Agree totally agree well then why I said he heard that it's a pleasure not gonna take your best cost off the street and put him and a school we don't know and what nine times I would say what are the odds of something happening of all the schools the United States. I may know it it it's happened but you don't hitters better shot. Off the street off the tail and the Roma to a school I. I wish I could give you a rundown this guy where we're giving you the awards and stuff that he's done in the past there's not enough information on the scout he started and own nine could've been that he was slightly injured or edit. A medical issue or whatever so they took them off the regular. That this guy. As dot all of these things in the past he's shown some heroism and in this case he was probably look at it's that I'm close to retirement. This some not in this. All shooting on all of you and I and they think I know I'm I don't wanna I don't want a bottle rocket easily equities might be but I didn't I can't bail amount of that. To me he was eight coward. If we're gonna sit here and applaud the first responders as being great saving lives putting their life. On the line we have to look at this guy he was need to go what is the life on the line to save other individuals. Into his job. That's of me is a coward like back pitiful calls we'll do that next. Back to Fort Wayne remotely. Or. We're working on some technical difficulties we just need managing just everything your moms and dads definitely use tonight. We are slug Sports Radio. Boy an afterthought a lot of sports. Earlier in the program more recently we've talked a little bit about what's going on down enough and far from Florida because of the stories continuing. To unfolds. And it gets more frightening and the more. You learned about it we learned of 54 year old Scott Peterson last night. That apparently he was the guy that was not only is they are. On site was there before. Crews got there was armed by the way and his job was to protect the children. Within the school and instead. He was hiding outside behind some concrete block. As our cruise was inside nineteen year old Nicholas cruise. Was shooting opening up a storm of about a 14060. Shots. Taking out seventeen and injuring sixteen more this more to what you've probably heard this got Israel the sheriff last night. Also say that two other deputies. Have been placed under suspension. Because apparently. Now there's some missing information. On this Nicholas Kreutz. Previous investigations. That they had done on nick who screws this nineteen year old that apparently. People did not know about. And the story is getting even more bizarre now. In that Scott Peterson apparently also had a run in with Nicholas crews prior to the shooting. The Washington Post is now reporting that he's mentioned in 2016. Social services agency investigation. In recruits. The Florida department of children and family report states that Peterson was approached by investigators and refused to share any information with them. Regarding an incident that took place with cruise according to the Washington Post. The sheriff's office revealed it in 2016. It received third hand information. From those some of cruises neighbor that cruise plan to shoot up the school. A jeopardy contacted the caller. Found he had nice and the BB gun and sent the information to the school resource officer who was not identified in the records. But now appears to be Scott Peterson. It is not clear if he investigated further. So we're finding out now that Scott Peterson. Knew about the screws. It sounds to me like he knew that he had plans to tear up the school shoot up the school. And it was Peterson who was there of the David Nicholas crew showed up last Wednesday. To shoot up the school any hid outside win in the opposite the rant so he kind of it sounds that like in the Washington Post report. You know about this kid when he saw the did he know what the kid was doing he knew what the kids in general was not what the purpose and it cost her being there it is even worse. All right just keeps getting worse I don't I mean do you blame the sheriff I mean I guess and you know it always goes to the guy who's in charge. But again this mother protecting this guy is running at six cops protected and that's why you'll probably never see him again that's why he resigned. Right I mean this is why it's got to go and hiding and I would be careful on me based on the back glass or he's gonna get. I work for a word for his own safety just because of everything that's gone on. You did this you can't sugarcoat this welterweight but you can't you can't make this into a good story you can't give me a silver lining with this situation. It doesn't exist. This is just an unbelievable and in and I'm reading stuff here on on Peterson he's been. Recognized numerous times by the city of Portland over the years First Act in judgment award this award after award and stuff he's done stuff he's been involved in. And yet now we find out that he and two properties now we're well aware of this Nicholas curves. So he might have got it that dance and oh my god here's this crazy Nicholas cruise I was dealing with a two years out I noticed planted on a freshman to sophomore bunt but now I've been here but what if you know. If you know it's Nicholas cruise you know the kid you know you're dealing with you've got you know. You've got to file folder on this kid. You're not going in they are doing something about it. I meet him his opponent down the parents down to you should dealing with it's not like you don't know that there are five or six kids you know what you're dealing without. Yeah you can't ignore these types of reports. You know if there is a red flag on this guy you to see you simply can't ignore you hearing. That you said that that the guys just called in about a kid at school you're hearing things that Goran locally for you. Glenn and you can't hear these sort of things than just overlook them ignore them. That was apparent I'm freaking out right now and have been for the last couple weeks in my own town as you were when you're town and we had somebody call us up and say they're dealing with a right now. I think we're all dealing with that this is our lights going going going for her you know into the future here this is what we're dealing with. But man. This one is so frightening. That they have a lot. Of the infrastructure in place to prevent. You actually know that's that's what it's therefore that's sort of therefore and it unit. This season look into it you make notes are being. What he we ordered it I can't I can't act can't you can't shoot code you can't make this into. It you had this system set up right to release minimized the damage a that's correct at the worst cases doesn't minimize it. The seventy we don't you let me ask Superman but you can't think every last person may get currently but when you realize something's going on you you. Doug you can keep going and does schedule are. A lesser OK live with. Yeah I'm I'm looking at the the there's a bunch of stuff now on the Internet on the Scott Peterson and his history it in the police department or in the sheriff's office sheriff's department. There's nothing to show that there was anything there. In the past that we shaky Matt effective anything to show issue. This was a police officer who is it got me a pretty heralded. Career and what the hell happened here in this case. All the different guys that want guys talking about you know. This guy who knows what is it that active duty on the street Christine just talked about your dad. Yeah we looked at is gonna once once in never shot it all and you take away the city intercity. Okay what made you see that more. In these towns across this country. I mean. What it meant that my twenty years. That's it that's an officer was engaged in it and it gunfire you know shooting somebody whatever certain towns right so how can you possibly know and and exit its it was top. You know I know this guy's got one of the best cups they have. Based on what kind of history that's probably not that much history for some of these guys. Any judge that. Good question here's. Abby in Woburn antibody. Hello Bobby you'll likely go ahead. Yeah. Does so we you touched on earlier I think that's what the guys they get Sus suspect say hey you know I'm I got 33 years on the force. I don't know and that's the other thing. You know how many shooters were there are about gotcha. Yeah nor how many shooters are Nate racket going to shout he was close to retirement. Export now ready to act chargers coming up against a possible. You brought gonna retire the other thing is. They're reading this you'll probably. Did not want to say anything at that town meeting is basically because. Two day after you don't want insider right most are hi glad people got killed. You know what it amounts that your police officer was too scared to go in. They waited a week for links to. I mean those are just might take our. Data back to sleep pilot thought nothing was ever gonna happen and I gotta I had a nice so easy deal breaker at some fights all right of some paperwork on maybe some. Some kids like speaker has some issues but ultimately don't ever gonna come it's like one of those situation at all it'll never happen to me. But it it'll ever happen to me it'll never happen to me it did. And again you. Yeah in fact he never accordingly bet that there's no you don't get to it he did a whole lot he did it do his job that's really all there is time. I think products because. Wait and I'd like your six months away from retirement on the corner get shot. I mean that's the other thing too hard you go to a school which it in this acute shooting it's hard to this seven day. At the only kid with a gun and. I tell me take you back a couple years does not get cases now. That this guy's been involved in thirty years on the police force school resource officer for 25 years on using his own. Words now from his own eight actually this was Eddie bored me. He said 1 Sunday morning. He was out washing his car his cell phone went off it was the school board alarm system. That was attached apparently had a connection to his cellphone alerting him to an alarm in the building's cafeteria. Remember now it's a Sunday. Right it is this is quote. And right there are new because I've been at that school for many years I knew right when I heard the cafeteria. You know when you get the hairs on your back of your neck going up. I said that never goes off. Peterson told the school board. Quote so I ran into my trailer. I grabbed my fight Iran and my ID and my shorts and my speakers I ran over to the cafeteria. As I got to the cafeteria sure enough there were four males inside the cafeteria they saw me peeking through the glass they obviously fled. I chased them I'm getting older but they chased that might identify who I was. And as ironic as it may seem they ran right towards my trailer. So they ran past jump over the fence I jumped over the fence I apprehended two of them threw them on the back kept going got the other two. He goes on to say he told aboard that another chilling incident that occurred while he was doing another thing and he goes into another situation. Where there were multiple people involved. So he can't use it Suze I didn't win because I thought that might have been three or four shooters were two cases where heat. Went and recited to the school board what happened in which he went in to save the day. In which he had no idea what he was gonna watch him do. And he walked into a situation one of where there were four males another one with three may have not knowing whether they were armed. It's BS dad's. Yeah Arsenault our 30 it is worse but you'll you'll have to admit I mean you walk in June 24 kids and he departs. And they've broken to have fun is that graffiti you know I mean that differs in that hearing gunfire. Well maybe maybe not that it needs so they might have had guns you don't know the guy but yet. That there's there was nobody else ended but the four males but they might have been all that doesn't help hasten its passive individual does not. Just trust one more segment to go your voice. Your run in the mid day with the Bo van and a sport away where Loney and 48 months Sports Radio guy. But here I know enough one finds failed several Scott Peterson hasn't stopped. It sounds like he's either. You know one of those bravado guys that they're gets up there now sells the school board rated this again. There are a bunch of different stories he's told before school boards. Is another world women was screaming and that was a guy that firearm. And he grabbed his firearm and put shorts on and sneakers again and he attacked the mini Cottam over jumped over a bank in a column. I mean one story after another this guy is either a total BS artist right but she may be making all of the stuff find out. But he concludes this is unbelievable. He does say this was a recent. Conversation he had with somebody I'm almost in my way out of thirty years in but I have other police offices that they've made homes here. They're part of the year that community were all here for the same goal to protect our kids and to protect our property. Maybe he and. I don't know that it didn't work as it has given if you sit people at dig in Alex at these hours you're reading people. I just digging and it's just get worse yeah really his for a. So now you you get on the planet you get on the the the wreck tracks that private jet that private jet get a run all. No no no no no come in it's been a couple days of weekend spirit you vote is very little each of the fan obviously the men's and in addition nice paradise is that we can get away are the things. We can get away so we'll see you tonight and they'll move on. So normally you would tell you why did you have to leave the that the beaches to head back for the JD Martinez press conference tomorrow past and I. Every ball out of line just like you go well the I think that is the majors still not in the right not not a peep nobody nobody any rumor I don't we wanted to what are all day. And nothing that he's been leaked you would think. You know somebody on the east in baseball gods of the national baseball guys we had some sort of information. Why ultimately that's what looked Raymond rightly. Or side. Pete aids is giving them a foot massage overseeing the bill and noticed that police on this and he's not a company this is not at the story. So but somebody's got to come up with something here Amedisys bridge street race. And it was anatomy admit that I guess that the actual press conference who really cares like what's he gonna say I am allowed to be here I'm glad we're proud that's awesome. But the delay is becoming the story now but delay why delay why it takes so long. There's something wrong with you need to customs are always boring pulled of the Jersey gas mile. To some baby shake some hands whenever you have a this. Story gets us into you see the week you know Red Sox announced press conference tomorrow at ten ya -- them which today at a case done. Yeah item that you more at fault and it is a change in the contract a deal to be the story if anything. We'll look at this happens more often and the only difference is that he walked in Tuesday. Indicate so everybody had video of him walking gap and I don't happen right away which record which normally they might have flown him in the offseason to Boston but nobody caught and nobody knew where he was he considered private jet or whatever and you do the physical you do whatever you have to go back and forth with Scott boards for two or three days and and funny the story leaks out right. In this case everybody saw him he's hanging around and yet he's not out of the heat it just seems. It it seems crazy and it's odd but you know it's it's this something that of course on revenue of. Polls we're at the horse I. I like my corner and I've only model don't I don't know if there's an old guy. Guys got some experience it that's related to get some experience and you'll. You know young guys like he usually gets a little. She feels old bicycle Alamo well it'll be held economic crisis it's still living on the edge. Look I'm assuming it's known by kids to announce when he got you want them god there's not a lot going on as you can is now being in bucks. There's so many stories together real. Well and it's a trade deadlines month yes you can pick deals brain about what their Bruins are gonna do Celtics are back in action tonight if they get off to a rough start your line. That's not a good and everybody. Take this season trader at but he bill for next George all right. It in there are all right you may you may get medical some kind of food yeah. Get a lot of violence gone big Martina and got nothing that Martinez. Now he's terrified about Martina and we'll find out who gave you more information Luke gave you more information today than anybody else's given and that is that instead wise it's got worse is to insert has shown some concern now Boris Boris and show some kids are. Well yeah and more plus asking questions of all the people that global concern but highest in the dark is well I think it is here with you know the -- I do you think that was Lou Maloney that gave you that output the president how about fortunes sending him out of Fort Myers I didn't get a good job when you're that led backlit the first going to northeastern though as well as a realist in the company's spending time all oh yeah. We're not we're not enough high implement opportunities at this apps accounts. There's a beloved island of we don't the back door and hide net. We're guerrillas unilaterally. So let's say you're sure that that Erik you for a man with the we we're guns at them and then we went with I'm 450 yeah by 45 PM I'm gonna get my you know wanted to find a great -- he's not Catholic and offensive attack him as he sticks around for an extended. I don't know how did you street eight hours yes that's a stupid death is vanity. Out of the other eugenics tunnel yet I don't know you know it's the stuff like I sit here and talk to you I'd like people I would hate to do you notice that I'm physically fine. At 155 years out completely getting to know that I'm. Okay I'm not the people and I guess I hope he picked it wants it barely knock some wolf that while on the way out there and embarrassing. I'd lol have a safe flight back Willis and want good. All of it but until the Monday. 10 AM have a great weekend if there were.