OMF - Former 49ers CEO would bring Vaseline to Jimmy Garoppolo meeting 1-12-17

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, January 12th

HOUR 1 - Carmen Policy, the former CEO of the 49ers, told a Tennessee radio station if he were the 49ers he "would bring a large jar of Vaseline" to Jimmy Garoppolo contract meetings and say "please be gentle with me," as the team has less leverage now that Garoppolo is playing so well. The guys also discuss the market for Garoppolo and Ian Rapoport's interview on K&C. 


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These award winning and moaning and forty if I were representing the team I think what I would do. Is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of factually and I would say to the agent on the other side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle with cool and Lou and Christian underground to get a would pick. I never heard on the table for when the ground made an offer a draft was percent are here and there are so I don't really thought. Hindsight yeah me either say you know what offered this well you have to check off. And you get to a lot of people around Cleveland now the saying it was a frogs day. Actor really well I don't know if they're reporting but I know what the trade off wise and it was first second and third now. On Sports Radio WEEI. It will come up with a opinions and they're based on the little changes that are thrown out you know fact doors. Some of those fact goods and not necessarily. Accurate and could even Rapoport beyond the something. That the reason the Bill Belichick didn't deal with the Cleveland. Of branches because Cleveland Browns were thrown in the same package they were throwing from a camera. Right which was a second and if it to. That those two guys who parable AJ McCarron had quality reps when Andy Dalton went down in and and to grapple it six corners. But it's a it's easy for it's east meets day. Because we're obviously on the inside and we conceded and you can project a little bit easier. It obviously the league was looking at it as here's a quarterback. That is only played in six quarters and regardless of what system he's played in we are not treating him like he's the second coming. Isn't this just another guy but I want people look at quarterbacks. And Jerry senator earlier. That you know they they they prop the back of quarterbacks in New England a little bit more than that and the other corner but AJ McCarron who plays in Cincinnati. With their management their head coach in the starting quarterback yeah. If you're at your backup quarterback. Who has the better chance of being better long term guy that backs up Tom Brady of the guy that backs up Andy Dalton. The guy that's being coach to mentor also by by Bill Belichick of the guy be a mentor urban Marvin Lewis. You learn more you're gonna take in more from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady we think almost thought Tom Brady's job to coach this period. So you'll never guess there's a give them ideally they begin quarterbacks here. More credibility even though the less talented but other quarterbacks are on the road it's one of those quarterbacks have done well. Problem castle and a remarkable. Career is back castles still league by the way he's still believe back of course that's that's my. What do what do you tell me when he's known as widely did you think he's going to be prayer back up. Or is big audio guy already starting quarterback for 56 years into eighteenth kaposi's. I never thought that I judge should be cut out there. This Ian Rapoport this morning just upsets I'd a piece he saw that the. If you get any better you let me the book and I'd let you know but. Eventually I'll give him the benefit of the doubt but I think eventually got to compete with him. But he saw there a web base. We believe this in Rappaport store okay because we spent wait too long believing the other side depth. That the Cleveland was great offer everything okay somehow believing in Rappaport story because it's to me he's tied and he's I checked the yes you know and he's NFL's network's version of shaft. If if it is true when I'm playing and as you wrap reports stories true. Changes so many things. Doesn't it doesn't change its policy everything but. Pretty damn close to everything. And and it to me it makes a little bit more sense I would love to think that. Bill Belichick isn't very compassionate human being who wants to make sure that every one of his players who apparently weren't good enough. In the depth chart to play on his team get an opportunity to have a wonderful terrific career make tons of money out there the flip side of that is. Bill's not operated that way throughout his entire career also operated in a way that he's gonna have Bill Belichick he's gonna help the New England Patriots moon and so it does kinda give you a view of it's a little bit more so because because in the wake Belichick operate well why would it take a second. And tell you light changes everything in my mind because all of this right now it was about Jimmy go problem. Why did you call one team why did you loading get a second round pick Whiting U shop him. We are on the premise that Cleveland was gonna offer first round pick that Jimmy grapples value was first round picks. If property and wrap what's reported is true and it back in the draft leaving only offered a second and third the market might be set. You might have an indication of what Jimmy drop below its. We never was never confirmed you know like you offer first people Sadr City where he screwed up was leading trade with the draft he could've got a first two gonna got to feature set UniCredit. Colonial Rappaport. You've got to got a second and a third at the draft. They all been duped. His value wasn't that high he is a second and a third that's that's the value for Jimmy drop below and if that is true it changes so much why do you call one team. He knows she is interested if I can get a second that there at the draft you off me a high second out. That's value. Because eight games into the season what it knows allows the third round pick. That's value he actually got what Jimmy was worth continuing is only what the second the third the draft so second round pick. Isn't we can't believe the only got a second second round pick was the value for Jimmy drop below. Hitting the first round pick was it was built up on the fact that the shift and came out said he wouldn't trade him for 41 round. Well maybe he was not offered a single first round that I Don I don't know that was about a delicate and I'm Elena that was built probably. I'm picky don't chest he probably got from bill that would deal trying to do don't ask. Market value with the decay but it took so Christian. If the trade deadline immediate for the draft would you offer for Jimmy grapple was a second round pick any third. Eight weeks later blog thoughts camp order it was months later at the date trade deadline after having an encampment eight games. The value went from a second or third to draft like to still get a high second and that's. That's the multi seen my thing was sounds about right see you might think about the first round picks selection was if you're a team like Cleveland or San Francisco. And you have these quarterbacks are come at a college with three years' experience all college system experience. Instead of taking that quarterback who you have no idea what he's capable of doing you know freaking clue. I say take that first round pick traded to the patriots and take Jimmy drop below. You already have an idea what he's capable of doing he's already been in the system three years he's had. He's had starting experience. Yes he has been tutored underneath Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. That's value committee curse that is they know. Brainer OK project that it's an excellent point and and it's hard to argue it except that that's not how NFL teams operate in it has everything to do with financial. Because there's that when they change the system. You know after the Oakland Raiders got screwed that the the the drafting of their quarterback. They changed the system. It's not nearly the risk to draft a quarterback at the top of the draft it doesn't screw yep for five or six years down the road so it's a better financial deal. To get a guy who you can tie it up for five years. Not is not as much of a financial burden on you mostly getting a guy who's played six. What does it all we're leaving port. Got hurt you know your yeah. Usually you have to give him 24 million dollars but I'm not looking down I'm not looking and added they are not publicity novice he might thing is it's about. About you know about the car coming around the bus coming around right you never know what they've been good player on that bus. Got the bus stop and wait for good player and add a senior an element but public for the next door he's president now I don't see on that one we went from an excellent. This was about opportunity in my opinion was which and that is this and that opportunity. Was worked a number and a first round pick just based on what I saw what I think we ought kind of understood which which we've all been proven right. You know we has played a full year okay edit different situations team that was taking that got a little energy is up like that's the five games. I think that's where they. The book you'll do you believe that maybe the best offered the draft might have been a second of our guests now yeah I do I know first round. Yeah. Tonight that the mark are we talked but I so if you if you if you believe edit the draft. For the season even started the highest bid was a second or third. It now makes sense to me if that's the case why he would only call one team because you'll only give me the high second. Cabinets that marketing get much better than act because the draft now is only offering second and a third announced the deadline and give you know so they says you know what fun this is the market. Would it's fair. You gave me that high second which could be 3334. Now we know what it is but still at it now. If it's true makes a lot more sense. Residents feeling from the rooftops how can you knock it more can't get more because he could barely get a little bit more the draft. And I'll add a little too that we did hear a little rumor from a birdie out there that. Bill was leery of dealing with the front office of the of the Cleveland Browns right. If that's the case think about that the second or third round draft pick that was going to go. To get AJ McCarron. Got all messed up why are fat because the browns couldn't handle it. Think couldn't cultural than normal procedure so if your check edited it you're dealing the last thing and it's a trade deadline. The last team you wanna deal with as the Cleveland Browns is that this thing gets screwed up and you gonna gain from a second. Is a third round draft pick. If you get screwed us Jimmy or Apple's back here. And you've got a major mess on your hands because he know would you try to deal him away. Right T tonight united Yemen would done he. And he's pissed off you've got your sombre I'll I I don't know I don't know of Rob Lowe and would be pitched to be found out that. Bill was shopping. You if you got back here we go that its own part it's a police say it's amazing you get rid of me but a bulletin major distraction if he's back here now. When they tried to deal you know try to do make favorite and try to get you somewhere. They got so we would sell. That's I certainly would understand why you think you want to be traded. Exit absolutely spot I wanna know the rough shot it at some point I'm not saying that that would be an issue it would be an issue. In that bill would go into a situation. Where are the people on the other end you're incompetent they can't do the work they screwed it up when they tried to get themselves a quarterback suppose something screws up again analyzed that your yeah hours. I agree good Ian Rapoport the sudden I said the other day when this report can medically for. What about you know we we did disgusted as if that report was true that Cleveland and offered a fourth pick overall in would you do 1000 pages actually would benefit the fourth pick overall. AB deleted a what was going to be at the time but Sasha brown leaking out that what he would have given up to get problem I don't buy that that. It's easy to do that. You try to plant at least a fan base that picture idiot excess. I think your organization is a bunch of idiots running around that don't know what they're doing some nice and you tell your fans hey. I noted it won't give up a fourth overall pick for Jimmy drop low they were able to take my call it's not my fault. It's bear as somebody how do you say easy it's easy to say. That brought people in charge out and fired for a lot of reasons and I'm sure not doing this was was one of the reasons. They never offered first round pick. The patriots never considered it to disagree with it considered high water. I would actually probably would have but the browns also was not even one and that the patriots even consider consider could've offered Hersh is working cluster. Seated to that's my biggest my biggest issue because change the how many teams how many guys or how many teams really. Or kicking themselves for passing on Brady. Or for not being able to see you for choosing the wrong guy now what they called the Brady 606 quarterbacks drafted ahead of him. So my thing was like you you have an opportunity you see it. So you're convinced that your guy that overpay for him. And then let it won't be critical and that three years down line they will say my dad always got for Jimmy always give effort who was first round pick. Act three years ago on this guys here ten years I think it's the same thing for AJ McCarron same type of situation so. Because Schiavo. Exempting begun check. All our and that's my issue you need to have occurred to your convictions you need to say regardless of what other people are saying ice in the guy that's all I thought. The grip the easiest route. For for a team to give up a bunch. Would be for Jocelyn Daniels from aperture should be in that building its end of outs were on the big there they're based on the desk is today. He's worked a number one pick guys. And that there are financial and out figured out we need to get him in the build. I'm just a must think there's a there's a team out there that's sectors that. Disease Yost while. Easily I can easily see how you could be snake bit and be gunshot because of past guys. And Agassi ended in Denver Broncos were willing to pay also. Denver Broncos are willing to pay brought us why. What you say that inhaling nationally and more the sure thing for stuff I don't think people look to grapple at the shore thing. I don't they looked it was totally steep lately any any looked good but easy short thing in your knowledge of those organizations out there that's that is that we should gate problem. And isn't on par would be no because I can I can draft coach Wright I can draft the kid out of college and is some egos involved. I can turn him in to drop below and in its less risk right don't you worry but I got my INS that loved this guy sit out. That eliminates a three or 45 teams with the Eagles at the Big Dig anybody out of college bacon meat is so you know assumed I had gotten the award but I can do it. So now those teams take a table for drop and eventually just look around and yeah what is the market economy teams are really interested to have that might have been he's our guy because that you might sit there and say. Arizona should go after the new got it goes in is is not. Suddenly said oh my god and an actual audio generator. Moments of awful important to spot possible and I'm gonna make me a great human. Crap the patriots look like trash just don't buy that. And here's how I think if things go wrong OK just from my own. Researches and film study in history of guys that are in college watching this I watched them since college. Right so I'll take Dwayne Allen as the as an example when he when he when he was at Clemson he was great. I won a MacKey award at some some success in India but he was always turn was up and down the brunt of the touted so that the reps or split. And he only eating get a 100% of the captaincy get 40% of the opportunities. I was sure that he was going to be a difference maker in this office. I am amazed. That today the heat can't figure it out like obviously so. I think the same way about him to drop him activists elected assembly budget to drop below. So and that's what any GM though that that's just that's with any GM you can sit there look at a guy. And projected to be a certain way. And he didn't in the building and get him in your office light on his. You know what for to forget about I love you and I love your football knowledge and I think you're you know the Stanley's ideas in early data you know nothing about where you know nothing about tight ends you remember last year his argument Marty Bennett is is good that is grown vet proceeds from. I remember that way. Wait I thought they act today. It he was in this system since he was he rookie he would have been jumped out at the conflict does not stop that's as actors usually does acknowledge he's dropped away from tonight. Because it's sad that they're running in my reversed stickler quarterbacks out of prison on that's very Anglo Abdullah. I'm not gonna help you make they don't register as sharp that's. I don't know exactly how and I baseline period they did all of those feet but not usually here's the other night I going to be honestly Shockey but I Christians right. Thank you he did say the is that if you drafted. By the patriots yes he's argued well I don't think fake I find this site a couple of getting him out from there. So. But a lot of what a lot of. What does happen. In the way that people have set up the narrative and all of this it's based on the five games where he's excelled out there in San Francisco. As excel because he's won those games down the numbers are not great six touchdowns five interceptions but I think we all know that he's played. Well enough to take a team that's not a good and they've won all five of these if that's changed everything. What you have to do is yet to go back in the time machine before that. And look at the fact that he played two games or a game and I have. He got hurt if another team I'm looking into saying what a lot of people were sick he plays like Tony Romo or Aetna Tony Romo we got. All the time you wanna go there. And and and give up a first round draft pick for a guy we worried on the second place that you get and he's gonna go out there and get hurt because of the way he plays to get. That's how you have to look at a great upside let's questions. A lot of questions about it. People are doing the looking at five successful games he had to say yeah this cup that's part of all right Reza. I just feel hold Jimmy grapple trade at that hold. The dilemma and people that can't wrap their heads around which I agree nobody really can. It changes is the first and you come back to is they screwed up by not dealing emit its their draft in getting. First round picks in multiple picks I think we agree that. But why not if the high the best offer was a second and a third for a Dallas second round pick from San friend don't need to call anybody else and you could work it. And you could try to get a future out of gas for future stuff but if you knew that the market was the second the third back in the draft. Six months later. Hi second that's good value so we just overestimated maybe what the market was in nobody really knows what the market is on it just gets to trailers in and can't believe they got that much for the guy or dating to surprising get more for the guy who really knows when he was willing to offer for a certain player or any sport. It's what you see what's out there. Surf Rappaport is right and none of us know whether he's right or wrong business if he's right. That gives you at least one missing piece and the problem is everybody's trying to formulate an opinion on what they think about all of this. And yet none of us have the facts it's difficult to do could you just throwing you know crap against the war right now the umbrella or so. Makes more sense to me. Then Cleveland management. Leaking to you know their local media guy. What they were willing to give up to make them look good afterwards they have an agenda because they're fair basting they're bunch of idiots they have an agenda sure that a lot of people around Cleveland now that is saying it was a first. I sense that the what motive when agenda would Ian Rapoport have to shoot down reports out of Cleveland that might come from management to make them look better. Can you needed that figures such browse to the date they screwed up in so many different ways now that he's grown up. The opportunity during the draft you get a cornerback. They screwed up the opportunity with agent error and the biggest part of its commitment screwed up. And there was and now and how easy is it for them to to call some reporter in Cleveland say hello oh by the way. To see now this is the back story this is the story know what he's talking about we did try to do this and that and nobody wanted to so we tried to do it. And socially not our fault it. As accurate as they've had their own. We brought this up yesterday and this is another one that's kind of interest in two and that there are some people are there. That really believe that you could have brought back old greedy and rappel next year and at that point we were bringing out was. Grapples probably going to be 23 to 44 million dollars so it's round it out at 24 million board. British making fourteen. But he's charged 22 against her cap is gonna want more than fourteen million dollars Britney does not want to be the starting quarterback. Which we or closure backup quarterback making. Million dollars more ice on the back of course that's right he's not political that same nature you're gonna have to appease the aging because of the way you play. So Britain would have to get a lift and now you're talking fifteen million dollars on your cap. At the quarterback position. Miguel Benson who does the the patriots cap the unofficial patriots kept company released but the stuff he knows this stuff. Inside out he's running grow in Britain and a great piece here. And it all breaks down the fact that yeah like anything else happens crap. You could bring back both of those guys if you wanna do here's the next question. But would you be able to field a competitive. Because you're gonna get hurt in so many other positions where you're gonna be that playing some are yours because you don't want it. You've used it all up on the quarterback position he goes onto say. Is he easy breaks almost under plenty opportunities to do both their by opening up millions of cap space. Which should allow the patriots to once again build a Super Bowl contender. While this is primarily in 2018. Is entire piece here patriots salary cap preview. This article will also demonstrate the impossibility. Of building 82018. Super Bowl contender. With a tag Jimmy drop below and then he tags that by saying sorry then fallen. This informed opinion is not nonsense who. Throw it out there but when you go it's true. It's it's a lot of the tips too much detail the talk about on the radio there really is 3COM read it it's worth it to great reality. Based beat the right now they're thirteen million cap space. You know in what you have to do to Dick drop below their and I know I've had this discussion before the cap scrapped back. And the other team's praises and be the jets and Denver were aware they are now. So it's easy eagle and get a guy like a Revis. And be able to manipulate the cap. And have a 67 million dollar cap pit known it is back loaded and you can get out of it everything else but. Jimmy grapple those 23 million dollar franchise tag is no way of manipulating that. That's a hard number that's cash. That's a cap in you there's no signing bonus to get that cap number down eight. It's 23 and he's not gonna be willing to do anything to reduce it by giving him a long term contract does he wants to and you can restructure Tom. You know Mimi seeking cap you could franchise tag dropped below you could restructure Tom. But that's only pushing it full hits it was 51% late to it it's a huge structure to get the cap number down next year or the year after even. Year three if he's gone Jimmy grapple as a starting quarterback he's going to be radio be carrying a point five million dollar cap of what you need to pay the piper on the cap. Eventually for one year somewhere you keep pushing along I I don't think you can manipulate that kind of a number. I think to be really really hard to think you could. If you're the rest of this roster. What you have to do toward the high 23 million dollars. So if we re address this now because we're all possible. As to why Jimmy to rubble was treated at the trading them for only a second look at if Ian Rapoport is correct. That that is really the best thing they could get on the board would be second round draft if he's correct. And if Miguel is correct in that if you bring Jimmie to rappel keep until the rest of the year. And you. Haggan with a franchise tag that it is going to demonstrate that it's impossible. To build a Super Bowl contender in 2018. And the third one is it bill looked at the situation and said. We're gonna do no better matte of fact we might do worse. When we get to this offseason if we had him. Because how long can we keep that had gone. We're gonna have to wait until wood raft to do that and there are opportunities that might slip through on us. That we're not gonna be able to get more than what we're getting right now we could possibly get less because of what. Lou was saying the eagle all of these general manager guy. I I can take this guy you know college player and a division tumbled one good did two program I did take him to make him a stock if you dealing with that as well. Then what Bill Belichick did make some sense. Does it oh yeah I mean. Did you and your record we don't get that out because we outside it was going to be something you know outrageous and Aaron and he was average based on what I thought he was worth. Again it goes down two if the people in the in the building say the Cleveland Browns whoever. If they knew what he would really was worth what the outcome would actually be I think it would overpaid could pain. Accomplice sedated as second and third call or second effort overpay will be a person a second person affair person a third and a special teams players whoever. To me that was worth it. In my you know. And in an off all season in training camp in eight games. That would you lose lost the third round pick. If if you had him for all that time McCain somehow. Internet age is he is so the value about is which surprises along to surprise me out of that you should that more. I am base based on my own operation but is he is the champion is due to grapple champion. We don't know local and nobody know closely is the easy high end starter in the NFL. Yes he is only Israel now is the fifth business for 49 months a year if your high in starters in the NFL. That's and that's how you can't say that he's Hines our outlook and ultimately you have your opinion. Okay mine I think is high I think what it's all said and done he'll be a top ten caught it broke for. Okay I'm not I'm not I'm not I'm not just but you're asking somebody to give value of forum after six quarters of football in which he got hurt in that such as euros projecting anyways and that's that's that's that's what this gal that's what you that's probably you're you're taking rest. It's a gamble with let's that's like a huge addition players know it's to give a thought overall that its market well all right if it is right as the stock. Who do you go to to every to he was a stock you know twenty years ago apple. Apple okay great okay fine she early now you can't buy and Allen were it was only those close to being out of business they would they were gone means testing could go Wednesday the portal with that don't tell it wanted to England what else yeah. It was. I put gas let me put this but I don't get a good yeah the play doesn't advance the bet money I guess I didn't address Monday night debate occurred to try to do the best example was when intercom comes DO. And says president what is great ideal than you would collide at that say well I would say no I would I would say you know what. I think I need a bigger sample I need another few years immediately go on bad apparently cursing at Kodak Kurt Kurt getting paid by but it isn't I tell you leave early and he's leaving. Is not bad he's good at them back I don't know why that is the interest loan losses now is that regular walking down in India. You're very the only laws if everybody at our club you could lead or a certain amount you wanted to have uncles stitches are. Absolutely you know I also wanna get thrown out what are your from the former president and CEO of the Simpsons before the since the 49ers. What a year on policy Galileo a common policy because he spoke about who begin follow that advice to the current management to stand for and how to deal with this I tell negotiations with Jimmy droplet that I think is hysterical of oils and jellies and we'll amazulu alleys and. 56777979. B 372. Hold my plan. Well Christ these skis or wave burn Loney and Fauria on Sports Radio W. Despite or representing the team I think what I would do is entered the room and I would bring a large. Jar of them actually do the agent on the other side I'm a nice guy I really wanted to do the right thing please be genitals. Wall but karma policy. Yeah that's I would bring him back well that's actually a long time respected football guy. Making comments well. Well you realize that the it would have been I almost feel like it would have been better. For them for the San Cisco foreigners to keep the price down all the advantages while Jim rumpled grapple with the disease raises value serve peas you know it is it is the circuit he's really good don't play anymore. This piece yesterday. It was an where they were listing the top free agents. In the offseason now number one analyst. Jimmy grapple. Ahead of Kirk cousins who was number two. Yeah I can see there's a lot more here's the thing there's a lot more in tree. With yes no problem just because you don't you know Kirk cousins ceiling is now now you know what it is. Good quarterback case to win some games bloody chance or not it depends what a battalion of around with a deep into caps on so forth but Rob Lowe. It's just this there is a seal the ceiling is the roof thank you Michael to the ceiling isn't always paid nobody on them better you always pay more for the gap and you want it that way that you want that old Lola and be honest because this guy and I what does that could be you know. I would bring a large. You are actually hit it on the other. And one guy I really wanted to do the right thing. Please be gentle that skeptics impedes getting a little longer than but the truck I'm proud. If there columns for. Look at how everything worked so Virginia EG right that god will guide to come to campus apartment parliament realize he's a studded watch tickle we percent go to Indianapolis. What's image and get his chance he goes out there to his credit five and only keeps a Christian when that. That bit that the whistle blew when that final game. Of the final game of the season catching he said in his locker he got to address he showered and his engagement about twenty minutes just smiling such a goal you know what the season's over it's it is a chance that I Jimmy drop below with six and a half quarters under my belt. To be the highest paid quarterback in football. Issued he sort of Isiah Thomas line and I just want to bring extra and just and it did everything they want in then found you aren't there are no words I say go to that highest paid quarterback is the last one it's got. So mean Kirk cousins is sadness and turn a crappy team around us not to this it was Cold War that could send you to the night before. With Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis thank you wonder what the night before it's like about what's coming up in Minneapolis. Give you know him. Christian does not wanna go don't I don't know what Monica big huge gains to be really risen. The night before that big huge game with the date bet he's spent in Minneapolis. Here's your code word today it's banned. BA indie band. A you need to text it to this number 7288172881. For your chance to win messaging data rates may apply for rules. Dot com and one randomly selected nationwide interest. When the trip to Minneapolis for the night before but way way noted I don't like your family health needs Nvidia can't what I can't say you can't say. You could say super. Bull all OK okay follow through ball but you can't let you name like that you could say the biggest game of the season when you wanna. Ratings are flying here admit that I didn't and and and guess what we had contests and giveaways galore do great stuff. Not crap this is great stuff floating objects we LA bench today to a doctor Robert Langer. In. 130 today is that right. 130. This afternoon we are going to give away an autographed football. And I am telling you right now can't tell you what is this is one of those legal things where I cannot say it would it. You want this autograph football. You want to zero this is not some some stiff. This is not some guy that you know you. And has no value is this not autograph football. Has in no person that I'm an autograph and only autograph as baseballs and dozens of football or. Can't tell suited as a foot is okay we can watch a little while I'm quite sure I actually argued is good defense. Thought no. Susan authored the player can I made it definitely got our. That can get by you guys are gonna say that connected a better assess the question Petit and play and the Atlanta Foxborough yes is he does a starter. Yes let's you receive passes. He had no he had he had he had the answer would be on the pole on a lot shouldn't shouldn't. Give you more rebellious flute player yet so he's someone who throws the ball. Wounds. He throws it on regular bay could. Is he in charge of the offense and he's not a coach. No results idea is he is tied and you are always tell me or insurance via conference call me the most about the other. So he's pretty good looking. And you know what's in the eyes of the big hole and good defender and some people think I think you're good look and other people thought I don't know what I'm Xena obviously a little politics is as easy Mary. Adamant in his marriage is on his life pretty. This courses like supermodel pretty Victoria's Secret model already. I don't wanna get over it and I don't want to get it to her profession but I would say yes is he searching for the meaning of life. Isn't everybody looked okay. Is and while I know the other guy who's I don't want someone thirty I don't you autograph this all this snag this is an autograph football. That you'll wanna. You'll want at your man K okay and at 80 get a little acrylic case this wouldn't think we'll look like bull crazy things I know who it is now and I don't have one of those walls. I do not have assigned you don't have in his victory I don't know that I had done that they don't want this year's US and Europe on Tuesday noted. Carefully ladies are losing first when the first marriage is both I. Will tell you that severe right up there and individually our phone calls is Brian at a car Bryant. O'Brien there call could see that article as a ready today and all prying. Lucy's on Lucy says they handle the calls the elusive what's the problem already you wouldn't know. You'll polio who will fight here and there is there such a thing going on there all right now I'd call first call me if I deliver a married couple already first call are not ready. Lucy who's gonna be read it. You know. On elite oh really yeah it's not you know. Already. I suppose we need. Let's start right and it card and hello Brian. I. I. You know. Let me just say personal audit I love your show and I listen every day lesson. They keep you guys agree I think you're amazing and one. Let life. Then let me jump in here. Our door handle those Dino. He knows on c'mon you walked out last week. Anyway. You guys have to get out to build telecheck situation in this way and clear. It. Are expecting. College. John Carroll university. And we aired across the aid. Nick series college on Carol John Carroll University to lose we're sure aren't here University of Hawaii. Now. Last Ohio. You know terrorism I went to high school Whitney consider whether weight got in trouble for cheating. Who Ottawa beat kid's name he's 200. At a apparently cast. We're not. Sure this program rating. When he hooked up with the teacher because they're comfortable and as teachers in this horse is good luck out there and wow solid at the simple. I saw it so your point as you poignancy that degrees of separation a huge trade Jimmy you're called on it does it take you what our NAFTA get it up writes I'm trying to. It can condense it food so what you're saying is he's not gonna trade Jimmy grapple. To Cleveland disease appear poll. The can cereal and Josh McDaniels will go there they will have a quarterback they will build a winner and it will be competition for him in the idiocy correct. And but the distance further I'd be worried about and then I didn't mean to Iannetta material because. It's Julian with its. Awhile. Honestly it's the goal line do you really want all Ohio players in the neighboring Vrabel were. Lemons and lord I was pretty well. It's. Reasonable this very. I don't know but the on the island are I don't know about the Ohio part of it but the fact that other bailout deal like project and say if I traded to Cleveland. And then Josh suddenly than it was getting affinity for Ohio wants to Golan to Syria wants to go there then it's a problem for me. I think it's more likely that the bill necessarily dropping. Somebody off to degrade a spot in the in the world I wanna cheered taking care I don't care about me. You really think bill sitting I don't care about me care about it's army I wanna make Jimmy whenever. It never you know with the people I bet you that's who goes are willing to take the gasoline gap yeah I'm telling it like it but I agree that that that goes with the Iraq reports because to me if the second third the draft he didn't just drop officer for an gut value he got a second round pick. From the stack. That I second. So that whole conversation weekly one one bill goes to crap they listen I'm treating drop below. And the crest of the woods yet form of the second he go what that fit because he already knew that was pretty much what accomplice that's with a market. Your date isn't it yeah. Right that's an average. If they don't suspect I expected in the days so I don't get. Here's what I don't get right because we all know like the pages and get their message out. And there it there's a lot of heat about the drop below trade in the value would buy your got a second everything else wouldn't. Somebody of a drop a dime though local media and say you know I don't ever was bitching about a second big you do realize that beckon the draft that we are best off we could've got was a second or third. So second isn't that far off eight games into the season maybe they wouldn't they wouldn't leak any of that out to anybody maybe they did to Ian Rappaport mean. Maybe. A possible but I out of thought that would have changed discussion will be change in our I think it changed slightly when he got a second. Dustin Penner it does. There's no question as you PG because we all know something is missing in all of this and so were all kind of homing in on the emotion that. No why because people it's the soap opera it's guys threatening to leave walk out take hero it's so far from the people love that aren't. Audience loves that so people applying it to the emotion settle pop craft. Put a mandate told Bill Belichick you've got to deal grapple like he's going to army's going to show you gotta do this deal so everybody false forward. And suddenly you've used those facts or what you take those facts to formulate your opinion in your version of what you think happened. Its composure got the facts wrong. Suppose is Ian Rapoport said today what he was going to give you a first round draft virginity to our apple. The best you gonna get was a second by the white debuted in the same way they viewed McCarron who they normally and get the second and third accept it couldn't put together the paperwork. Couldn't put together the bay. That you original basing on beliefs of of what they gave up and Whitney screwed up in we're also based on will get it was before Jimmie took the field that the Stanford. Right now rallied appearances six I don't know search wasn't it got hurt you you know it's acute. Yeah I mean they're they're getting a guy that played six quarters ago hurt Jimmy g.'s value and in play for the first got here we're urged Jimmy g.'s value gone if you look at the market. From after playing six quarters it was actually five and a half. And he'd got hurt as opposed to what his value was now that he's dealt with the San Francisco a pretty portraying. And he's won five games in Lebanon would damned good guys gone up a little bit that right now you look at his plate he's worked the first round draft. But two teams look at him at that juncture. At two point six quarters getting hurt and look at him and saying now and by the way. You're you're gonna have to. Egged him. You only get him for one season in the US that had him for up to 24 million dollars maybe you don't weren't enough maybe if you're a bad team. You can't learn enough about him in one year. So everything changes when you kind of throw these facts and it's like Miguel peace breaking down the salary cap for next year. So the people that are route they're saying that it could have both had both Brady and grapple here next year even though it would stretched their cap. They can do their right to tell you the truth. And that's just the cap scrap you could do puck. Based on the talent or lack thereof at certain positions co QBA championship contender in 2018. According to Gail impossible. Back to the phone calls and we're gonna get into the game as well anybody want talk about things. Jury it doesn't and it's good to get a print it. And again Graham one yeah I mean all of your production numbers you'll want another opinion. Most of somebody else Matt Chatham again she laughs yeah Avandia keep up with the show on Twitter back away and that on WEEI. Before during and after. After the show. Let's get you back to morals or wait for a low in 48 right now O clock Sports Radio WEEI. Yes it is my understanding search term deal on the talk I think because he's human. And it's do you regret for what they ever give us. Spot that was yes if that that lets out a great. I don't know after the documentary will get so that later on in the mid life crisis it is booked solid really and a decision defend them or more reacting to that comes from Ian Rapoport. You think there's a GM in the world. Who wants a deal to be win win. When wind to deal there. Are there are people there are people win the feel that they'd they'd want something right whether they have or not the assumption is. The glee as they did you win I compromised compromised Iraq good business I had I noticed. Yeah I think they do but but if all the business unit at Howard do business with you and in the future. There's a screwed you on the give you all the information about the B you know Melissa well. At least one of win the DOD INS in their trades out there that that truly looked like a win win. You know late both sides got what they want but I guarantee you that both those GM sit back and still. Believe that they want. Might look like that to you when you. But you know if the rusty has a deal of serial Belichick to a deal. Big get what they want to date they feel like they've won. I don't negotiate that want to feel like it's a win win their web. Like it's a sit there you know you think Brooklyn I think Brooklyn was happy with their deal they may wood Danny Ainge. That's not the what does it done sir we don't know I don't now what I did try to play to win win. I'll get an opportunity to win a few more games at. Fill some seats with KJ. That's crap talk about the that that's at the time broke the appellate they want it got what they want it they're gonna make a run they think they can make Iraq visitors feel like I let you think what you pay ignite a deal though innately that smoke after we realize it's one. You know they got smoked afterwards but you think they say you know what. Let's this and Danny we're gonna do a deal we get absolutely destroyed it's gonna be awesome we're gonna give you. Everything would get nothing in return as great as I wanna lose this deal. And I and I tell you what we did talk a little bit about the shifted in the NEH me smoked him even more. In this latest deal that he did in which he gave the number one pick traded to Philadelphia mark hill faults. Pool I think internally his medical people were telling him there's problems physically that this can still walk back out on the court. He's still shooting the ball the same for you can way to try to get around these ailments with the shoulder in his knee and everything else. The any gets Tatum who continues to get better and better and better he concedes superstar written all over this can end. The lakers suck right on it and let them get the never took its. Ultra dom. The nets may be the right time within one to a pentagon within maybe 89 and right for the cavaliers here. Unbelievable. But I don't they may say that you know and it's the right thing to say you don't want to Aristide and general manager vehemently argued yeah. But you won't win you don't sit there when they say well it's a win win and stop it it's a win for you. The other guys lost the largest and you wanna deal with them in the future and give and take your phone calls you tells all when I went. By talking about win on the. I mean the patriots Wimbledon and Centre Zia so here's a peso Hulu is already let nobody nobody's nobody's taken his answers nobody else. So I sit there and and I look at the IC the Washington Post. And the loss in post because no one thinks that the titans to win period right at its gonna take a an act of god mother nature's get to come and destroy everybody. In order from the Tennessee title right went. The Washington Post says. Five reasons the titans can upset the patriots I'm stop laughing at about oh gore I'm impressed that Andy came up with five I think about will want to know we're. No okay and then not a bomber the first on his the bowl cornerback. Which we talked about how we lose that ended things or not. See I would say okay we keep it as I know quarterbacks as quarterbacks Tyrod right. And urging the candidates through the first four weeks we all agree that amid this team finished fifth in points allowed in the NFL. Fifth. After four weeks they were what 31 I think maybe they're bottom of their I think they started last statement last. And they went up against these three quarterbacks to happen to be mobile quarterbacks but I was it bam it always does defense was just. A mess nobody knew where they are going communication was a disgrace. Running means so inundated did you bring up Tyrod Taylor who they just freaking destroyed. I say they do we say mobile quarterback we figured we automatically think of a quarterback that runs out of the pocket that wanna play breaks down he's able to scramble. And he gets positive yards. Because this is Bassam and everybody else and he's willing to Ron when things break down. But to me average down more lives as a read zone option quarterback McCormick that will. Bold run designed runs with the ball in his hands remarks Mario is runs the third most. Reid's own options number one guys Cam Newton is he didn't well this guy you know this is what is your problem right you you designed runs. Where you force the defense and defense of safeties to come up and make a decision and make a play. Right and I get to quarterback army to take a back. American overplayed because there are deriding the detail back down and inside zone play order why overplay because I think he's gonna pitch in particular run it to me that's. Part of the equation and nobody talks about. So I don't you think they're working on the off course you can't you can't avoid the stats when you say when you look at the percentage. The amount of time that they run the ball out of the Reid's own date they ride the tailback down and the Corvette reads the defense of and if the defense and inches. On the back that he takes he gets his butt out this this is it. Actually we're you know we bring up a valid Rob Ninkovich Wright who doesn't. Don't light up any stat sheet. But in the attic who talk early and does look at that Kansas City game. And then a defensive ends just enormously thermal read option but to be here today Henry you can tackle a minute. It barrier to keep that you you don't have been either. You know setting the edge have a guy like Ninkovich to understand what his role is that what. Harrison comes and boy you really only has Leland really have one responsibility. Here it is okay here's your responsibility. If they get into their their fraud and they you see that it's to read zone option. Or oral. I got to cornerback biases are I got tailback don't care what I don't care what they guide sometimes the defense and we'll have to slow play he'll take both. It's rare. And I don't think they have enough athletic guys to do that's of James Harrison has a responsibility of taking both the back. And riding this side with the quarterback he'll probably get outflanked by Marcus Mario because he is due back at the edge then. That quarterback has to get off his block. The safety has to get up as locked the inside linebacker that is great he has to get to the edge in order and so he can make a tackle the free safety to strong safety. And and that's where they cute they exert. There are too few things that the titans can do well enough to to win the game the question I have is. Can they stay competitive in in this case and to do that you're gonna have to run Henry an awful like you're gonna have to have great success. Patriots might have some answers for that we start by James Harrison. If you you know you getting a branch back you're getting then no you're getting some people back here. I'm just not sure that they can score enough points and escape so number two was red zone improvement. Got to the familiar parity edge was number three. Jon G and John Robinson. Is your GM any worked here with the New England Patriots. Does that add a huge. Image quality you have Josh Klein Jerry Levin Brian but he left in 2013. Kia which as you know about this for I agree. Much different role has not any more than anybody else and he knows how their what their flaws I think I think this familiar parity stone vastly who's been here since 2013. Brent Brady. We had him in wasn't effective it was it was you know adamant element. Pink croc was drafted. And the good Ryan thing and I agree that Logan Ryan might go a little bit about some stuff to do it. But you don't think that this coaching staff also remembers some of the problems that Logan Ryan had some of the tendencies he's as a for wash right. It's an artist that girl Ali. There like an old James Harrison of the patrons now as it involves secrets please now I think I had to have the fewest number sides back to you by now that was number four. Other than Henry who's listed 247. Pound him he's a big bruiser. One of the biggest backs in the NFL I'd be more concerned. With a guy like bloody and bill next week and I would be about Derek yeah. Would you and in his style of running the that pause he stopped frame and then the next thing you don't living in those taking off. Going and it totally different direction. This is visible you know where he was is at all times I a miss him he's too thin Bluetooth 200% of the Palestinian dust off of it there Harris David Harris. He might play the JB he might play this we're going Snyder cat's meow back reluctantly made her this week David vs second down in Baghdad that latest. And number five is the narratives. The worst one as detailed by ESPN's blockbuster last week. Mike becoming apart from the inside. Torn by ancient ego and breed these personal health girl. They've had to handle the distraction. You know what. It's a good point because the patriots usually fall apart with distraction yet distractions usually eat overeat them intensively so that if over the you're right oh has risen down. Of this their visit the star is what is he in initial data from new book dealing yes. His story NET tweeted out is as angry Tom Brady in the patriots are about to unleash unholy hell. Tomorrow night he gets it that it would really be a piston everything L. And then of course we the other one the other story was Belichick go to the giants or Matt Patricia Cohen of the giants that's not gonna. And you don't think that the the players will come out and give less of an effort because of that. I've got to give our two cents there's there's one person's you'll five ways and I don't think we're buying any one of them but the titans can win this game that anybody in the studio thinks they can either. And we'll break it down give you our reasons and you are reasons that 6177797937. And that they say. At 130 we're giving away an autographed football that you want trust me you want this.