OMF - Former Patriot Tedy Bruschi joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Three time Super Bowl champion and former Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian for the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Teddy risque. Are you look for our work or our own over. We do when we're doing well lately you look in full every four hours days you tell me I'll Wear it or lower fare well I've actually. Thought I would do quote talking to Christian here. Yes and right now. Heard the world yeah there are other guys that Teddy so. You're going to be you know going to be a casino every week greatly every Wednesday where I guess so yeah dad is well. Center yes so and this one guy don't give her husband's plan or waste of people on the Laguna we joked okay so we did a great this is Louis Maloney we call them Lou. Okay AKA yeah he's a baseball player so you don't I know it's a step down but they'll threaten the best of them right. Upload over there I don't let other real well so. On the the other side or expected to and so I'll be excited about this question he faces that you don't already know. It's going to be awesome every Wednesday Teddy Bruschi is a unit Jones from the show and we haven't told Fauria at the truth were actually looking for somebody who could really and I sports. And and so that's why we reached up to you Teddy we didn't talent so this will keep middle. So so chip the football and you'll wolf we'll talk about what we're doing over here at at Fenway Park. You know the ins and out you know all the particular juvenile Brady you know Belichick you won't craft. When you heard all of the stuff in the off season. Would you look at this that you be concerned about this team because now they're back they were in camp. And things seemed to be settling down argue concern. A lot of it's not blue rub off the field the concern that it yet it's okay if there. Even those caucuses in keeping them there are certain times of the year whether. Players are very emotional. There are prepared emotional the end of the season and they're very emotional arc or the current contract situation and more all of that. Throughout the course you know easier this. You know with. Com and his. Sure gronkowski had his picture in the culture. A lot of things you were not Allah and the way with a lot of talk about us inside. It was oh well you know oh they sure. Talk about what's next the next stage in the practice or anything like that and that's our mentality simple or distraction. This particular little bit personal yes remember. Although although I hit at least one partner agencies that need to note that comments about your organization because I'll just awful that their friends come ago that. As time goes you understand better part of the business. It's part goes. Understand that it's been a thirteen fourteen year linebacker. And they restaurant there percent overall pick out her comments. So I think common article that a little bit quicker route although I article that a little bit as Jerod covenant that. I think there's one thing that happened I think truthfully. There. It or predict they couldn't particularly and especially coach Belichick yet or three year old player win the MVP. A forty year old player is still playing great football still look great and now it lasts into this season. Surged in the Super Bowl played really well in that so that. This is true. In today's NFL that just because of clay here is getting while in age as the quarterback position the history circuit Gerald. It was the players especially complicate your other bodies he got conclude a long time and so with that. We look at positions it has been clear cut than the competition in the city where cars would herald a change. You know it's so Malcolm Butler situation one more time OK because we had a bull because we are all on the of the day we had bill on the of the day. And Lou asked a question about open door policies. And you know you know players come to talk to about certain things in a situation like Malcolm Butler. You know two guys come and talk to you afterward I know of anyone has an open door policy can walk in and often. Offices that you. So if that was if that was your you when you were playing in that situation happen with you that you didn't know what happened he didn't know why he played. Would you go in there and ask him hey what happened why did not complain. I'd I'd put that this hippie. If you where if they don't lie because. I mean clear success of her players they're off to save that note that you were copping out the it could even Malcolm was kidding that's where how it was cold to go during the game. So seeing that throughout the week as a player acolytes actually feel with it became clear words. So if it's somebody else as being in their blog getting they're getting good quality. You would have a six looking at bay. It's just went so being pulled by the coaches I'll think that the players already do a lot of old school of incidents. You know Teddy do we toggle that drama you know in the offseason vote. Was there really any doubt in your mind that once camp opened in bill's talking football at arms thrown the ball around. That these two wouldn't come together and that just this is there a happy place trend that you professionals topic in that you knew what to get back in the field. It looked all that trouble go way wouldn't it. Without you. Our Google I and all than to be whiskey offseason program and how. Com has decided either where he had opportunities to grow with the receivers that she just decided to keep it to them mandatory. Sort that he was going to be yet. That they changed that hadn't sort of raise my eyebrows about what was scored all people won't keep reported. Look at mandatory age he reported it strange war on time. Because of he's got good Q where it. They're different stages of players who lives where there. Sometimes you want that you want a lawsuit if you ever had a that's if you want it out on the with a laudatory. Function the better towards yes I was OK with it somewhat strange or start coach out there they're ultra confident that this was. It's widget below. Teddy the patriots have just released Kenny Britt. Looking at the receiver depth chart does this team have to go out that a receiver. I don't know how much couldn't record to do in the first place. I think they've got. In oak. Group that corporate receiver is now. It's difficult it's just so typical of how many kinds of you seeing their report secret Italy. Of all the way to the end John consider court order they come over rated Soeharto bird this system because you can't just play or Turkish. You ought to bring their rioted at just one but a couple of positions are or are. It got to be very difficult for the entire offensive scheme to work around that. I think that they're gonna be a lot very I didn't faced very running back that you played a lot of the sly little backside of that field. So opportunity. It's going to be a fairy insisting monster that England patriots because. And text or come on the terror. That's very loopy. Usually if there's any unit on one side. It he says it's getting used to their struggle a little bit. Is it always chill on the offense for a 2530. Points to gain whatever they beat them scoring points. If you also is still getting student personnel they have kids also hit Easter brunch or is having and slow it. Owens in the eastern. They've got two out of three units that are still figuring out who they are. Once it's a temporary extension that she can put its chief quality and so it is there it just in terms of the record it in September. Yes I think that I think the offense has could start slower than than years past but when I look at it deepens side. I don't lottery you know they got some they got some guys right now especially on the edge like young guys like rivers and Claiborne flowers and wise junior. And he throwing this this young rookie that everybody loves Bentley. I actually think the defense to surprise surprise some people edit to have this one Aspen where they can actually get after the quarterback without Dorian a bunch of blitzes especially on the edges. Yeah I agree I say hi how are very important in Houston. Cockpit dark they went out over there over a third straight chair until it about four years he would carry forward. Or that defense to beat air to be available sixty because. I just think he's that court on the edge what can you off of all did you treat that a lot of other players report card. He helped each defense of the available the other night here that after that and the fact that comfort functions. It is who are the big blue a couple of weeks about it this ought to local this first they get severance tax so we'll see how they go over the course of the month of September where. And even on the opposite side while the market or they were. Come again the strength that you ought to establish some thought it would I think it had sought additional government. But are there that our practices as a lot of questions go into the earth it is here. So Teddy obviously the first couple weeks of pre season a lot of people talk about the helmet rule. And I think a lot of ex players that Christian others are looking at what they've looked at as good. Tackles safe tackles are being called penalties now what he's been your take the first couple weeks and can these guys get it right once the season stocks mean refereed. Directories or go to make mistakes are just like it made mistakes that are being. Good kids that have been calls you know perplexed so until they're back call but I understand what they're trying to dispute. He called that they're good calls where somewhat in the lead he was ahead for several since its that was initiated contact with the heads those good calls. Why should they have to be continued to be called because. I think if you think that you featured patient I think he was of so. Packer receiver or whoever word how sincere that insurance that Apple's self. And you won't. That would be with formal. That's what has to stop. Or kick it over all of the side you hit in the preceding which I think is because it it would change will back a few years ago about. He's just so shocking down on the field past five yards or so late and so if we can they called because original emphasize something. A lot is she done better. What's the regular season starts but I do understand what you have to go short if you buy chicken head out of our equations. You think September's going to be awhile month for the patriots can be while for the league watch and that rule. Listen it's gonna be awesome having you on every Wednesday were really looking forward to it you know what we're doing today were over here at Fenway port. We're trying to resolve an awful lot of money obviously for cancer research. And you know the Jimmy Fund you know with this thing is all about. I do activity and what they've it was fantastic. Or they're losing directly affected by cancer all of our other my father passed link to cancer. And also my outlook that Auburn because the department will hear is well. It is prevalent my family and releasing any type of different teaching is what makes it true such amazing they expect inspirational story. I'll come back. Coming back from cancer and we hit your life is what we're all about they give people lot of attention but I am a product out there. If you're Tedy Bruschi phantom why wouldn't you be we need you to pick up the phone at 8777381234. And help out the cause here as we try to which is a kick cancers you know it's funny I still. And so what Teddy. Teddy would 1002 years before after every game that he knows strike everybody they still do on the team now. At the end of the game like it's a Teddy comes in third IQ but it W how we feel about brief break Erica Ivo IQ regulators want two touchdowns a year or so that a lot right that it. So it's like you know let's do this or because I don't I don't know where is it may be that these out loud so we're gonna go how how we feel about you know donating money. Took it to be fun too we wanna reach your 2008 did you guys that's all I did. We. And hit I every. Live and let the public out. OK I read that get into. And I. Everybody a great job they felt all right we'll do we got. We gotta get that three million dollar that we know that allowed to have somewhat doubt that drought that number I don't what you call a good public feel about donating money to fight. All. At. Oh. All of well. I. Yeah that's the season and it's September the fifth risky will be he regular every Wednesday in Owen were really looking forward to it. Thanks for colon it to be able to act in a couple weeks but. You. Got it.