OMF - Former Red Sox Pedro Martinez joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Pedro Martinez joins Glenn, Lou, and Christian for the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Some form. Of money for the show. They throw. Joseph Martinez. You nobody paid extra call it no you know what this days really all about Jimmy Fund radio telephone been apart for many years and and you've always been gracious with your time as well thanks to join us. Well it's a pleasure it mobile phone and it and all that today's special day old. Everybody to get on the floor on an extra money. On are not a lot of kids. And a lot of people that really need help being home we're all about that and and and and yet specifically. Among about that so. Join me and continue to parade of donating money to so called real good people that really need it. The perfect person is seen everybody glad to get that don't have person I've been looking for your time machine people. My favorite if they they don't understand how important this is not mine the other options as saying that if you look watching Pedro that's exactly basis yet call in right now yes I like that yes. I the idea as it relates school. So much everybody got the book on the pilot really gotten to do the community where it. And community sharing. You know having a better understanding about. You know what to school and in the community and especially in Boston. That are being able to introduce McCain to commute into work without out fired. And indeed it did you meet on I remember meeting although he would before gains and and you know special moments with some of acute debt. Really overcame confident although things and and the hot India but do you meet them before gains going to first pitch. I'm full of experiences. When he got the about it and that. Believe me it is really important that we continue to abuse support that. It people that don't know I don't like that too confident. So I really I really understand achieving all of those on the lead them. Which at all. Get together like bolt on the solely. You know to try to open and and Reese surge shouldn't. And figured something out to get veto all of these these pieces. We take away some somewhat popular. We started last night Pedro with the the little kids some of them wore on what those during the day a little bit tired they've been going through treatment they walk out on the field last night. It was unbelievable. There'll you know their eyes light up when they see the players it was like they are much as Santa Claus is out there on the field last night that's sort of like. It is really amazing to see other kids. Really don't even think about what led they're going through what they keep the players. One thing that really cut my patient. Eat. I hope we year date view when they step on the on the on the ground in Fenway Park. And and when they possibly crap when they get to the plate or who played a game that I know a lot of them watch it on TV and all that but. To experience. A bit stepping on the on the on the ground and and the stepping on the ground. And emptying the players thought glow how big we've looking from the book. Sometimes can be a great experience and and I know but what though it is really special. But some of the kids. That you know unfortunately. Don't make it sometimes probably eight. That bit experience ever but for some of the kids that abide that. They have a light. Entirely to tell the story about when they affecting Fenway Park met. You know their favorite players but some like that it it's really amazing it is that special pre. You know be a thinking about this time a year right now to remember talking to union that with the Red Sox are doing right now in this. This autobiographies putter correctly it was more like you know the work is done. And now it's time dot now it's more about the mental part of it that is this. That time a year for a few weeks at the prep work in the offseason the prep work in spring training that training in the regular season to get you ready for now. And now it's time to go and really it's more about the mental approach for you that all right. Yes it. Be it at that moment it slipped your mind need to become. That the preparation put your body yet and yet conditions basically. Don't really mean much because you're not gonna get in better shape and you all are and you're gonna get it you're not gonna getting worse shape that you law. You get by maintaining what you in the trying to stay healthy and actually. If you could. They've a little bit of bullets quoted over again output DN the piece of it even better but if that of the season. On that you have a little bit of march in like that they've read I've finally have a little bit of margin to the action they can do read BQ could. Back in my days have been that much the state glad to be you know Brett Butler veto or take a little bit of a breather. But now that ripped out the luxury to actually kind of breathe a little bit but not really take. You know any chances. That besides your mind needs to pick. You physical body get these states they need to really maintain what they and continue to state walker. Dot that the main purpose is state ought to take one game at a time continue to play 88 people and continue to be. What multiple of the time we say and the steady player it is the most important player and and Mateen you don't have to go to march. You have to play a team you'll you'll want you'll want to really take everything all alone on your children if you wanna play a team you lot they consistent. And be it Eddie that's got to do and don't look at the numbers don't look anything that could distract you. If they won game at the time and look forward to the policies and goals eleven that you need to yet. Page are we always appreciate you call in and Jimmy Fund radio telethon day so I thank you know we'll talk more baseball down the road I'm sure which thanks for calling and we appreciate it. Well thank you guys know. Get my old colonial ability air and that I hope you all and hopefully get people did would jump in and continues donate. Well that you fought in the data park. And open you get a lot of yellow book generals people open without. Thank you very directly. If you're a fan of they don't like I guess at 8777381234.