OMF - The future of the Boston Herald; Examining the noise that surrounds Alex Guerrero

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, December 27th

HOUR 3 - The regular season is almost through yet the speculation on Alex Guerrero will not rest. Also, Chris Villani discusses his time with the Boston Herald.


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Beats Fort Wayne and bony and 48. That's. No wonder if it. At that he's getting label with the gland Hulu and Christian disposable income is in people to want to admit that it was to roll. I know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can and as the show went on Q what about you on the week on finishes show without heartsick for what Evan he's 77 iPad in my right. Nor I can I can do this and we can finish this all the people. Out. Today this is still baffling to me come back if you wanna come back from. Yes and there needs them. What beat when the star goes on the that needs to go out on Sports Radio WEEI. Johnny Cochran Bradford who in this garden goes god it needs these guys. Who made. Were these people are definitely. John and it's only bad things about Johnson lost any of these people liar bloodied relic with you crystallize and into rally evident. NBC Boston sports dot com sports stars whenever. That place. Now he's formally known as cius and doing formerly of the Boston Herald. Yeah we are tickets man we work. In Bradford is an area that Rihanna and obviously we certainly audible yeah go for so you left there I did it in that coincided directly with the the timing work out that way yes. I'd been guilty in other operating way I get anxious and a job for more than two years and I'm one of those guys who adjective an employer nova. Yes Erica leading. So regardless of it but died after only 22 and a half years and illicitly one of these things right and just basically can make my own schedule commitment I want. Maybe it's one of those every single day going to work situations. Where. After a couple of years a new challenge to try something they are so so. Great. We we don't care too much about you do you think The Herald about what what yes what was your sense from all the PP your bet that there and I they Harold is going to survive. I really do an about things that work there I believe that this city needs to survive anybody any liberal listening. Who thinks that it's good that The Herald is going ways and I don't agree yeah a great political pages of the paper picking the paper. Yeah now what you need to. Especially in this state. Where there is any deep blue tint. On Beacon Hill. In in City Hall in Boston I think you need that check either pushed back I think you add like tabloids in general they're feisty they're reverent. The fund so I I'd like that as well I think there's counseling his reaction. Feisty irreverent fun. When he drove that on tender eighty Sports Radio WB that's. It was via the VIB showed how we are there guys text or bad they went to a from the N efforts to be so and now I I think Harold will. Will survive will come out of this obviously I'm rooting for it and am rooting mostly for the people gonna use from that I've worked as it can come out of the shell of itself. I don't show I don't know and I fire really don't the target a point bankruptcy papers we did a good week Decker we did all the bankruptcy papers and we looked out and I really wanted to bore you like to get into the details of the bankruptcy by. You know right now it's gonna go to bankruptcy there's going to be they hope the competitive auction with multiple bidders that one right now and gave house's others that we don't know who they are that apparently expressed interest kicking the tires. And UCL a comes out and and you've been on the sat with with media sales there are times when it works out really well and you come out of it saying. While six months down the line this person or this entity to this in a different direction and it's really working and its thriving successful. The issue is the key house has promised. They will lay off about 6070 people look at what is our 34 or five like you write her out of 170 years like that or 240 women will idea why it's morial that back and no idea everything by half for in the newsroom by how far everybody else back end sales. Beat disparaging things like that. So you don't know who's gonna come through it and who's not. But I guess in one less persons were about a job tonight on top so they haven't done that replaced or not I now. I couldn't find you. That is there now I was completely expendable in every way you come harder than it was it a legitimate. As far as only corps base of the newspaper. I was pulling court papers. Yeah I mean I think the uncertainty of the timing or on holidays is not ideal to try to find people in the Indian surrogate bankruptcy I don't I don't have gone. Labor is not going anywhere near the there's a misconception that they you know they're closing the doors and last one out shop lights now he gave out even buying it wants to keep it going that's what they do. They don't buy newspapers to shutter and they buy newspapers to. Try to make them profitable and make money and they own a lot of newspapers here. In New England from the approach showed telegram to the Quincy patriot ledger the Brockton enterprise Cape Cod Times the metro west daily news. So and a lack community papers too so that's not going anywhere old her look like a year who's gonna work there I didn't know. The pension issue here when he filed because well that's one element as anybody who's followed this note noted that there's one employee had been there thirty years in the longer collect a pension right. That's the way it happens child's not guaranteed. Now it's one of the things are going to be fighting foreign bankruptcy court. So who. Whose son who are you leave that with organ for the employee in his seat and the the union employees happy lawyer. Who is a retain your member name but a woman who was retained and she's got a lot of experience in this and she's going to be. Arguing from that perspectives and you've had the chance to somebody recouping. None whatsoever and you look you could work of the Arab thirty years your pensions are gone because it's that Alter my understanding is backing. And finally I yes absolutely. Absolute critical that you need to sit sends somebody to the destitution that work being destitute in I don't know I don't know what's can aptly said Emery for the bath hammering the paper Emery for the people who work there. And I am hoping they come out of the situation is is possible for that and but also with he said for the city and for the area I think the The Herald zepa art of conversation in the discourse terrible of them grow and look or what we do sports mean a fantastic does a better. And it's always good sports writers they have beat writers columnists routes. I was complementary to Ben bowl and been critical of him pass them on one story but he did a good job I think with the outs where stuff that was something I was going off about. Yesterday and the fact that they're people out there like it's a non story. Absolutely it's the storm got things rule in the patriots. But it's a story. If you wanna go six months from now on in the fall apart between Belichick and Brady. And people thought and and national right right something you think that's gonna happen I don't I don't open it I think it's important to understand. The relationship of the greatest coach a great quarterback able to feed my dynamics with somebody that Brady's dropping the sort of bold now it. There's there's two different conversations there's isn't a story should be talked about at all that is the by. I think then drawing that conclusion to some sort of glee and it's just. Did them a lot of people are trying to conclusion well that's that's our cards taking an and I come back to. Let's say they are mad at each let's say series they divide between. So why double it and they are not so they are mad at each other in the past they've been upset over personnel issues every Deion Branch of Wes Welker over things that have popped out that's on now people wanna know but now. What what I'll one alternative is Richard grappled on. What alternative does either one the happy that they understand they even if there are issues in this in this marriage so to speak. I understand that the the union of these two together has the opportunity party won more than any else and they can continue to do that. What a sixth and Super Bowl put unprecedented. Levels that will likely probably never be equaled a hundred years from now. The name Brady in bella check could be synonymous with more winning to the NFL has ever seen. I don't think they're going to let whatever squabble if there is one get doesn't totally different subject your your your belief your speculative speculative belief. About what will be outcome is very different. Then the importance. In the need and the desire to have an understanding of what is the real behind the scenes relationship. Between the greatest quarterback in the greatest coach who will never had to accomplish and matched again and I think maybe this is the proper people are complaining that it. It's. The story can matter without you believing you as the patriots in believing that this will get in the way of your beloved Tommy and bill. Maybe maybe it never got on the off chance that does happen. Think if it's even more important. Report you into thinking that I have distort. Don't let Thomas built so good that the that are gonna happen but also part. On the little chance that it's a bad read about every refueled at explaining that store so it's two different subjects and gets. Maybe you simple minded and out there. Dole are you looking at me when you said. You've got the classic at intellectuals are at that the are you equating it to chicken and beer. Because that's story when he came out I immediately felt like that's dirty came out of felt like it Red Sox fans are blind sided by what and how with happening I think I guess that's a general suggestion of a story. That. We only knew something. After the fact and I don't think the way it should work use. Stories only matter after the I don't think critical reporting or. Hi this team's information people talk about you kick and when they're going out of town. It's actually better reporting you find out about what's going on while they're in town. Once we get it if it turns out to be DM but it it. The top of the ticket it's the greatest coach Chris quarterback all these things you talk about this I don't care about the relationship I think I think if this were. A major issue or any kind of is significant issue. Outs were wouldn't still be in Gillette Stadium. Any I'm still a good idea based on the opposite Gillette Stadium on that you're treating Tom Brady and and giving him and his overly electoral late loaded water and everything else that he finds he is still there find significant if there wasn't significant. Then he wouldn't have had any access revoked he would have anything change. It goes in both direct if I was sick and up the Bill Belichick made a decision to get this guy out of there something's going. You hole wrote the story. I certainly respect Bobble. People who might not let the vastly believe that best buddy story of him. But there was merit to that not it was a yeah for the out east Bob Olerud and it's good majority air by the way is also bottle yes. Well and then let's go back to a man of the hour John lost John Tomas who first had the fact that they were there was beer. Being drank a rookie of the names. But and I actually sat in a meeting once and AP FC Associated Press sports editors meeting hall of spoke about the story. It's just kind of media only and and he'd be gave proper credit I'm sure has gone places hole had the big story absolutely but the first guy who was on the was shocked to mosques please conference. For all you jumped about the haters out there John yeah I remember the you sound a double shifting gears right Lackey. Now here that that was my coworker Joseph Hagerty know haggard later the next year that was that turn out to be non story because it was not significant that. My my my thought is that in this house or thing will turn out to be announced. It's this or or not they think riveting story not a significant. That the story is significant that the backs are significant. Whether or not immediately increases. A destroyed relationship. Proposal thing happens to the reducing it in the and the impact. Of this story of this relevant situation. Won't be but Israel. If there's no impact is that relevant. We'll then that you would never report today until it happens. Right until you're saying never is it that they didn't report I was not allowed to happen it didn't report on and so. After Alex Guerrero was removed I mean it's really an edit point really being ahead of the story would have been saying hey there's something brewing here we had. Brady and pellet check over Alex Guerrero and it may come to a head it seemed like there was an issue and what was probably more so my guess would be with patriots training staff. Then. There was a compromise situation that was reached whereby a square stays in Foxborough. He keeps his office to treat Brady still can treat whoever wants when they'd never player wants to the wanna watch Overton TB twelve which is right there. Any thoughts go to games than pretty tough why not. I would until let you know if the guys love this treatment so much and it's working from why would why would bill put in place with so many questions attached in this. I just it. It bothers me that that people would treat this dismissive leak and attack the media for doing a good job. That's all the ones with good reporting it doesn't say that they're screwed it doesn't say that. If the end of the dynasty because this but it gives you a window into the inner workings. Of the most beloved quarterback the beloved coach. In his straight right in these are Hugh it's like we're talking about. A relationship between the last guy on the roster I write anything Brady become that the social for what members of Brady is different than. Others. At the capture of other superstar athlete but. A bum out there. And I am in the historic of that and I go I don't want to hear this I really question. Of course a lot of thanks. Why why why would that you wanna know what's going. I'd wanna know but I also want the story contextualize that mean news was not unless it's. Now I mean it says the story said the restriction in Foxboro with the help does that mean it's caused friction clock. Don't know it doesn't say that there's friction between Brady and Belichick it's as the situation is cuts Pritchard in Foxboro and then comma. Where Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and built a dynasty Audi out over the past eighteen years comma sources that never said there was friction between coach and quarterback. It just that there's friction in Foxboro how that neat pulpit start at it feels like hey go pull the thing yeah. Story was. Confirming a lot of what it already been rumored and and what they talked about in the morning show for like three weeks prior to that Guerrero his role. Then said that the situation is constant friction. And then it was back bill about past quotes they. Brady into or Belichick has given on the subject let's grab a caller 617779793. Cent increase in Connecticut wants. You mean. Records are army he told he wins he's. Just because you say it's relevant doesn't make route you consider relevant party time and it's it doesn't mean. Nobody cares so the reasons why that's why. Are are out of it what number one arbor is the most scrutinized what history of sports everything the guy does. All the good stuff gets overlooked any controversy gets blown up this team survived. Spy gate the lake gate Aaron Hernandez killing people. I mean I can go on none of that real Detroit. Since. Chris this is exactly the point is getting is that this story. Can exist in should exist outside of that saying they're screwed. It's not destroy the team. This story just because you want to. Story. Her story there's a series of facts about the most scrutinized quarterback in history that was presented to you and gives you a window into what's going on behind the scenes. Well yeah no I don't know you don't have facts you just speculating. You know facts. Don't let your. I think Bob or me that I'm guilty bottlers facts you think bubble is a bad reporter who do does not know what he's document situation. Or will work very sources. Salt so any un named source or stored there. I don't police a dollar so that doesn't mean they're not that's. It well. It's certainly agree disagree he had been Diaz of you can go in circles that point I. I guess maybe we're a four party company or just a question of parsing words. That something that's talked about yes. I recognized and everything else that's trying to bring down. Patriots at that as an hate and he's not going to his the end of the day I just don't because going to matter I don't think it's gonna matter I really hate that freezing because they I think you're. Here you're feeding the flames are those who would say that this story should not have been reported. It matters whether the impact is the destruction of the relationship I'll probably not but the but the story matters. If you if you just if a story about the greatest quarterback in the greatest coach of all time. Something deep tailing the workings of our machines patriots on the way to six Super Bowl if what appear to sit and why are we doing this at all what's the point of the sport and why we here. I don't not a lot of people ascent and you really didn't want why are you you want to win the effect genital courtroom packed and yes they do occasionally if it amid some good stories. Yeah and Elaine said at ages I don't think at the end of the day bats but that's different habitat for all I wanna know you got the story okay the stories out there now let's contextualize it now let's see what it. And the story didn't do that represented a series back there is no broader context about what the impact has been in Foxborough other than to say there is friction. And that's what I was looking for what does that mean friction. The team's twelve and three. Brady probably win the MVP. How old how much friction can there possibly be at this point act that's the part that I was looking for that was not there when you say context you're looking for. You're looking for it to ultimately lead to something and I don't I don't think there was truly context means here. It explained everybody's role and situation I don't picket oversold. In past. I think it just laid out what's going on and without actually get really as far as future impact at all. He can but he can't predict the Q what is it but it looked. It's good news important when you eat it in proper context what does this mean here's how to act also what does this mean. We don't know. We don't know we have no I don't that's the part of a story that was what we know our players were what did you fleeing from a guy an optical down the street to do what we know the Bill Belichick doesn't like this guy that Tom Brady. If you. We can't can't hold you through everything and predict the future. Yet there's a bit of an inference that goes on here and and simply ground work laid for the future this is what's going up maybe it's not a. Are at 617779793. Several get more your phone calls coming out relics in the house he's very frustrated he's not respecting his elders today. As one of his elders it's personally offending me crystal light with you as well here till 2 o'clock Sports Radio W the Google and Hulu and Christian. Or Sports Radio telling you. Fifty establishment thought that he did everything this guy when I thought there. There's a reason that guys no longer in the in the locker room with anybody else besides Brady the reasoning selling can cautioned water mark don't bury your head in the sand art art or. You know. Still I'm not sure he's a doctor but I'm skeptical. That a healthy skepticism. One good day techsters says he's probably apart tells us. X that's. Jump right back to these phone call us your like lease a car accident think I haven't bloody huge rally by the way Sports Radio to release that next hello Lisa. Pat's parents or police are in a doctor Lee. Aren't so that it is Tom Brady ballots correctly the American. And I'm and I'm everybody actually goes. I EXP. Into our map for our identity. Pass and it worked. Which are greedy. Aren't they let it it would. You know I think that's what are. We have millions at all. Do you know picture is so little but only and it worked are greedy. Aren't I am around the I Berkeley is separate get involved in ballots are cute little what you got out. As our new green I don't want it rocked in my later and the other people that actually. Professionals. Weird is currently. Because I like that and that's all it is an out at a at a calm down and beat it that's how I feel. Sounds pretty reasonable to make it. And and I think that's the end of it and that's the next I think that's going to be the end probably. That the that that doesn't mean and it should be discussed. That's where you and I think to differ potentially Chris a much or deferred effort will what do. Please at least it was us. She's a doctor she did he just like reasonable rational call we you. Yep and Emily gave him better to the common lines as drought is a wind bag he gave. A yeah I don't touched. There's a problem is it an artist who come out and say that. Belichick just not like Guerrero. It actually got from the story no worse outspoken and I just acting you just made up and went into the story. Of the special team privileges restoring a measure tradition of the team's medical training operation according to several people familiar with the patriots internal operations. One night. Only I that is loans and that's what it kicked off the team plane took him out of the sidelines and in that nobody else can go to besides quarterback you're right date and there's an inference there I influential. Good chuckle there could be an urged restraint the big debate there. I mean I like it doesn't mean it literally sending. And again you can you can tell it or should I could not know that all media types works and the rest is just. A placebo you can figure that out I mean if people think it works it works but you know better actually checked again and you know large percentage of its network and worked. Tape I didn't see it clearly both those things were influential speculation let me ask you do you think that Bill Belichick likes elsewhere. I had no idea. I think you can ask Jimmy or John. What what would you of course you won't. From what we know from from the facts that are out there from a good reporter Bob Orr in the globe. What would you say what would you what Richard gets you jerk informed speculation. I would say that it should check its quarterback you don't play every night. That's why slowly increase quarterback share. Exactly structure like Zetterberg need to do to Carter pleasures in like they do it because. If you look at the tip of your job and paid at least. Over would you do it like it go to your posture and you'll a year so I think people are sure. 8 AM to compromise that issue your story. Or controversy. And hey it's not it's gonna break up their relationship between Matt Brady don't check. It's just. Something that happened to this as well. You see the separation between a story and something. That is gonna break the relationship this idea that. It can be a story without breaking up the relationship if every story you'll only threshold for writing the story is that breaks up a relationship or are reading much any. Knowledge or to question this story in neatly written like and it. Mention John still conclude that you know like shelter that Belichick doesn't like the guy Egypt and not playing. I don't know that any doctor any doubt established list. I just read she Reggie over the story want to. Didn't really say anything. Except Eric again this typical with a lot of the globe stories should put down. You know these things don't send that eagle people who. Picture on its fiery issues that happened really isn't. While Blake and some people think that some people on odd people out from the united in front of the anonymous sources say. Spectacle I am today and any issue with that anonymous sources give as Watergate and you need it. That's how that the cornerstone of journalism what do you like it or not for various reasons sometimes people are protecting their jobs their livelihoods their families. From. Reparations from. From some Rupert harsh repercussions are not reparations repercussions. That something that is is a cornerstone of journalists particularly get people to talk to you sometimes they have to do so on wait a name I can tell you today. When anonymous sources are used. The reporter knows who the sources. Editors know who shortly multiple people know who these people law. They just can't name them publicly for various reasons people are I think wait too quick and the general point to dismiss stories that are built on anonymous sources. Then I guess he would have dismissed water right thank you know mark felt was when that story was coming. This is the this is symptomatic of the troubling. Assault on the media that's being led from the very top of the country right now and it trickles down to everything. And we see it everywhere even in sports media people are simply. Let's trusting I do think can you tell me if you great that sports and politics are arts more similar in their reporting. Then maybe. Either one would be with the news reporting and street crime reports on what happens yet. The insular world of it. You're seeing more short stories in politics this is what a source close to Donald trumps that whatever this is what a source close to Bill Belichick said. People will lose jobs these jobs are highly coveted the only so many of them. And it if you really that simple is that nobody feels they can speak freely. If I guess that there were something that that they felt so morally convicted of that they had to go on the record with you to look at it again it's sports or we don't reckless cited. I don't think anyone is gonna feel that you know on the lose my job with the patriots. Every telling the true every single tweet yesterday about James Harrison was James Harrison in for work out per source. At all anonymous sort of idol that I'm guessing and does nobody had a problem. And it kept secret of the team repaired easily could come of age and an ending it's it's just a matter of following. The silly protocol that's what I don't understand why Asian could just command thing. Yeah he's working now and it's some of this some of the sourcing its very silly. To me to some degree but I can't it's way it's always been done and that's socket change in sports reporting I keep trying to equate it to other things. I trust while more. Of multiple sources cited two excellent reporter. No matter what you think the gloves politics. At the and he should dismiss the group report problem a sports court that's hearsay. We get Tommy carriage coming up about ten minutes Dick Moore your phone calls 6177797937. Other hour to go until after each edit. Before the pinstripe bowl the pre pins your role and you know and we got Bakken remark. Buck and Reamer India. You know it's not coming back now I don't think that I excel are it's another hour to take up to you bucket Roemer and it's a college football this afternoon exports are UWB yeah.