OMF - Getting to the bottom of Trenni's issues with the show; Lou slams MLB 3-22-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, March 22nd

HOUR 3 - Regular K&C listeners have probably heard Kirk say that Trenni Kusnierek has some issues with the OMFers. Well, the latest episode of Kirk's Enough About Me podcast features Trenni as a guest and we finally get an answer on if any of that is true. Plus, Lou is not happy about MLB is doing to minor league players.


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These forward Wayne alimony and forty and that level of Thomas could you go to the Tom DeLay. Qatar open and most quarterbacks. Players only our team he would but do you buy outrage. Got all the cars. It all in the far in all of the apple would smoked bacon crisp shared. Charted a share of the credit what a relentless. Not bad with the gland Lou and Christian there is some sentiment well within the Celtics organ as they already here that suggests that. Let's see what happens with the second opinion but that possibly not this is far from that now without the alarm but possibly. This could put his season in the shepherd. Second opinion always freaks me out both of them the aptly does exactly trust people and his guys knew we just know the doctors and the doctor says to him you can play through it. And he looks at him is like or dislike you told Isaiah. On Sports Radio WEEI. So when you say you don't wanna sound the former you're really sounding deal more yet to do my thing. I don't wanna sound alarming to people panicked and freaked out not want anybody to freak out over this. Well I don't know that's. Every now. That I sense that that low low rated we're talking about him now please finish should be don't you shouldn't be we talked about them. First down the program we'll get back to a carrier and the Celtics a little bit later on in the shall we went through the NFL rule changes which made no sense. And it's gonna confuse people even more to bring it back. Closer to a home enough and yeah that's yeah well these we had a cargo be over our shoulder here due to podcast which Freddie they were in a strong all around our time. Obama restated for Kirk says. And moon are no rules. And attack. Would say like an hour fifteen minutes again at least our for our harshest yet so they were doing it in the whole thing and of course he's been. Mentioning that these. Then of communication with her she left the show you on good morning to the show turnovers and look for the Olympics. Yeah but the beauty and wanna come back to the shelves in time off and he said in the communication he had with her I could play a little bit Kirk right now this is what Kirk. Integrating instant like few weeks good thank you. That is natural to blame for a lot of things god knows but training hopping on the show it was not a mommy and that is incurred upon me to meet it. About relax relax. In the eyes of the general oil thing that's true maybe that's she's Matt. Blank straight left column so let's deal he says it's no weighs in his fault. Pretty clear and it's our follow the general while all our fault Sony church if you're treaty and you love on the show don't be mad at Kerr be mad obvious weak force throughout every comfort you pretty much what he said. OK so does that mean the people that hate. Freddy actually like this I'd I'm not a few and it. So they sat down they did the podcast and hopefully Kirk got to the church today. To find out exactly why she is no longer doing their program at all. Correct. And you still anyone's still harbor anger toward the mid range at Harvard angered me to show you shouldn't. All over that now yeah that's saying yes yet I don't mean whatever I don't I don't hold grudges. Migrants holder admitting it was dominating it was just like opportunistic but whatever do we need to do. I'm a believer and I think she's such a. I think she's only doing what we we wait a minute when he referred to it as that thing yeah. My believer it's not a person. I think that an animal it's a bat thing ten airlines an entertainer began in late. Really she understood that it was just a radio thing but it. I don't feel that she's open reaches amount Vietnam McGwire homered and tear Kendall I have extended cut here are you still anyone's still harbor anger toward the mid Asia. Harbored anger towards the mid days she shouldn't. Over that now yeah that's saying bad things you can I don't mean whatever I don't I don't hold grudges. Migrants holder admitting it was dominant any games just like opportunistic but whatever do we need Dale Senior year sole reason for leaving it is. And I really has nothing to do owes nothing. It's nothing else I wouldn't rule I mean I them this morning. And just. I advisories. I he is but it. Would go and then he backed us back above us. OK so weak so so that the I would I would agree she said it was a dumb thing under the it was a dumb thing we project royal Archie called us. We put Jim royal on and she wanted to talk about training in a position in the Chinese take. On a topic that a lot of I don't either but that's what it wants so it was not a dumb thing on our part because. I think the audience wanted to hear something like that can cause some friction and that's what these shows about opportunistic dramas yes I would agree would you get to know these are traumas that. It a couple of radios there the we should be doing. So Clinton bit with. But she never really gave any accident that she never given its Apollo is so why should stop doing this it is what it is that there is all the earlier in the podcast it was her anxiety stress of dealing about blockage or can we hear this coach Kirk in Jerry she says it was actually install. I'm Erik Cole he asked definitely not me. Last week correct she was asked that directly was Kirk Moore Parker won more Jerry Moore me is it because of the Kirk and Callahan. Shell yet to curtain and Gerry Callahan. All the pressure all that now I will say and mean my anxiety it's just not cause it's such high like it's right connector so much going on them more due to your Jerry. I'll definitely. I have absolutely. Yeah I am and what you've got to figure that's why assets. Wow. So why should we hold different story from what currents and a week. Go look on his all on. Doctrine followed all the the afternoon and yeah we should tulips and he has are on it she's a unit into the afternoon guys don't you its current. He gets all book but why in the general oil that's from the mid that's she's Matt. I think I do you feel better. Everything and I and I hold any grudges ranked well no grudges number I don't say that if we're if we're not reason why she didn't wanna come on that's it wouldn't it wouldn't. You know Dick okay well. That's it's her decision and listens to weakens but I never understood it. Because the idea for you what's the morning but heard here you're butted heads more than over politics that's my point yes more. The anxiety thing and apparently backpack doesn't create notice and I just moments yanks can debate she can debate her reciprocate Jerry rather politics and loaf that's. Stressful would stress poses a cart that puts you uncomfortable radio including one that's all noticing uncomfortable regular tea he wasn't him that was me to do it with a guy that called in no water no honest about not going to got you here it is urged his parents' funeral. And I think that's kind of uncomfortable to listen to just debate. In a far left far right and we can have a discussion like got to sit there and bring up. Weird uncomfortable things what I wanted to take a bullet but a good radio won't make you because you've got to work you work their own time. Once a week that's. So is cyclical what's worse is it someone who's disappointed in you or someone who's angry with you. Right so if if you have a if somebody says you know I'm just relieved to support that's always where sincerity opportunistic took advantage of the situation in and around affected by or you know I rather somebody be angry with me. I feel there on that cut that I heard definitely she was disappointed with the letter down but we just we didn't we didn't support her religion. Lawn there that I'm saying yes yeah I mean what an honor and from my card holder and getting it was dominant in it was just like opportunist and economic stimulus was first of all the aren't done it was real Smart opportunistic and we yes absolutely it was guilty to start. But how was it any different from any other radio that we do where people call up and repulsive people. I mean. She's not playing the gender protection role here because that doesn't come and apply and you tell them. This isn't general. So. I'm not planning game yes we did it. She called us we were on the air. We knew when she called us who she was well we put on it it made all the sense in the world to create good radio good contest yeah we have at the time and I think it was like a big deal is it we and because it kept and we intelligent way it was gonna sell its arsenal Ellison get suspended. I want another company. All that's right right because it was a stuff go on behind the scenes who was that that was a every is that each you know just the discussion. That day which could help himself did bring. Those back that if so I had over there still time but. It's good news she she does not have it out and posted its not on the outskirts sold or reason for the evening news and nothing owes nothing. Q nothing. To do with you know a control you have curt you you say Dresser out. So so no no curtain Callahan. But it filling time it relieves us citizens around this time Strasser John or run from our topics tackled Israel obliterated that lets us around and having this topic up because I'm not sure that one of her co host here with ten hours of of Energizer drink is he's capable of doing at the you noticed. That might many its key talks exactly like Kuerten and him on that warning for an excellent. He's turning in to. And he sounds. Tone but torrent of words of sadly I was settlement night. He's like it totally different. And talking about topics of the subject matter is you know the subject matter is much every stocking like real sports and it in in the morning with him this morning they ridicule. Sports yeah yeah. It is did you. Yeah I thought I heard you got it up he brought it up and make. It therefore in a meeting and I'm cynical some viewers here and I could tell who's who settle down we would it take to. Now and I just I don't call good and bad today as well we all or a Florida and I'm sorry Paula it's an idea. And Sharif to ever I agree with you we just inside anywhere excellent question doctor we find some blowing now and and the time we leave the airway Rotterdam is. There he goes on with these guys and he gets bullied in committee and radio. Which works for me to him you know works great for but it doesn't work. From rock. Program went on to say that much does his own show at nine as good job I think he's all of talks about the subject at around inch or a dozen baseball post game pre and post those introduce you know baseball subjects. An acre to an excellent to blow like how much does in the with the doing. That is in believing. Talking sports at zero to more fully knows he's viewed I think it to her survival but it does show if this effort human being. With different abilities and and and knowledge in whatever to do what he does best. Not try to do worker made it thinks is best. What is the company being shared on their bouncing them all over the place state and you're right. You go to the morning show until you have a totally different role when you have when you on the afternoon shall we be on the afternoon shall probably tomorrow whenever. And then they put him on the show which is only 34 times a week so you're asking him to be a totally. Different person right because they're totally different shows in. Although they're totally different show totally different doesn't matter if that same person. Well now he's abusive person but he's he's like a sponge. I say that hooked it and you very loving entity. I figure out the morons you know whatever you need to deal like that that would show you're wrong now. Not just the character with this group prepared to protect editing which is the that would try to do here just be yourself. You guys that it it's any good maybe that isn't so he and he amount. And Turkey a really good friends tried to tell you press the friends meant everything and described them last week as his best friends of it to Curtis said he was in the top ten I think something right that. But so my might be trying divide and make sure he stays in that top slot and one slack so we talks like them up but Christian processor this morning he said. Tony is the same owned. The same war look her camp X. On her dad blazes Italy does an excellent is definitely one resourceful we pocket but it's the hot it's all right I heard on bio. Okay actor who was an effect on grab sound. And this will show. A legal immigrants now. The a finally acknowledges he doesn't even know your news. Or disappoint you want to support it I said that they swell at the I think I wasn't sure when it also OK okay. I think I'd. Which I know where the word at all four hour show me. Full our property and Christian why be prepared for the Asia which you don't need to go part of my soldier we have in addition to we have anything more from the podcast. And as I now that is up right now. That's right that's a lot of that would enable you to read an agency navel gazing mostly obviously in itself with the Toronto Hammond I believe she did don't have that's right he's won one and it was brought. We didn't ask for and you say how terrible I got these urgent and got a breach over its well I I got a huge effect. I. I literally that I. Bonds I don't know it all again because you're all you won't wanted to correct I didn't ask for. The producer of the program in early you know you want to understand what is important vital. In the yeah make that call that decision to be able to accept that doesn't go against what he said dale. Will be that produces role as the at a time when he's asked. I don't call it anything other than what they talk to two out of three and disappointed I don't know what little thing attached to the cost of the questions that I just. To let everybody good Christian bundle with our I don't know if this Indian and have sort of neglected area and apron. Some guys aren't happy about luckily here urgently that's OK so did a lot of scooted into an hour out and get a handle also look we're better than where excellence and finally. That's not doing that we have all that stuff on that. I I alternate all the right I don't know how we get a lot of stuff from falling and rivers is there a lot of stuff Greek bonds hit a break right now idea a lot of stuff with thrown on to play your brother all right we'll take a break. You'll you'll organize and the other room okay and come back with a little radio. Christian rants about the pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter hack Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or wait Maloney and 48 plus Sports Radio WEEI. You remember this is people's. I heard yesterday started shows all of its on the show yesterday did classic or they're going over the game with Oklahoma City ninety product. Or two and all the people out there depicted this TP go along rubber powder for pleasure. And a pick say next Dick Durbin back. I'd love in the upper twenties give your favorite one memory plenty of remove the conversation city for thirty seconds. Totally lied about a totally blind mated up. Claim to the public that tourney was out because of us. And now we get to the truth today no doubt about it Turkey gets is now we know right in a pod cast he gets us to the truth script is. I'm Matt Johnson settled runner who so. Chuck. Show no quibbling over to forget that we got the trio found. You wanna hear you. Now have a later this I've got right now you wanna get the good side of strange little adjustments I think it's a guys are going to eat out for it yet and I without money here right now that I'll wait till 441 here at an average island wanna hear that. I have to say I was disappointed you with a streak of mine mine mine guesses my guess is given that you did. And down. Match. OK Ireland Ireland that this is clearly he has NBC speaking after they asked this. Is acting like hacked again. They asked the girls to separate errors is like and how it was like and now wasn't as well would you you can rein in the wake up one day human athletes to. Don't know I don't know I don't know how would like social media corps is no part of you I know you'd done this is not much like us you know all the honest. I really it didn't make me think it's why you why. He ties the whole meeting movement army is about. The fact that listen I Diebler and jump on an expert on anything. They are the whole thing is we want to hold people accountable rates. If you do something on you should be punished for. Mike was punished for acting Israeli difference but if he'd not been punished or if like. We knew all the rumors about it and you heard that things were still going on probably. Okay well. He's punished he served as seeded is I don't know what was the punishment was you know when it comes down to and they don't see the facilities guys that their that are unpunished. It's fine. Tzipi guy great guy yeah behind C I don't buy any this budget but I can't mess up and and change and become a better person now but. You know I got to get Judah they can put his which Franken makers say some really stupid and and I apologize and you become a better person because I think it's simple reason that you credit was predator I mean at the U because it's you might have any illustrates that it threatens. I think ways which Freddie it was very simple she's ecstatic to be working for NBC. Doing the Olympics they asked her she just admitted that they asked particular. If she says now. Cheek presents conflict between her and the management people and NBC. Are they likely to use or the next time and she was not willing because they're for political stand. Or you don't. That she was not willing to do what we needed to do because we need to clean up to Rico's you know image out there with the people. So but that's the one issue why half. With Charlie I guess you don't for the paycheck that's fair in now I know she doesn't have a family which is still as a wife and she has bills to. And I get that. But skip playing the game both ways you can't sit there. And say that we need to take personable first principle must always be positioned first in everything we do and it's that there it's like but they need to take that your. I don't know and I mean I guess you you don't you don't like her reason why. I don't I'm not sure about that no I don't buy it donation if you don't buy that you obviously don't by the fact that she's now hold a grudge against I believe there's there's still a little bit grudge re going on right there without. Sure where was this involved a man that does not on this is the whole thing in as expected the whole thing I don't think she had a problem with the Jim wells has no question about it. It part of it too with. And there. What I don't get is so he's got to America. I don't really NBC sports bars that not wanting to admit that a cut through. Is a big part. Of the other stuff. He's got to admit all that little thing. That it bother me one bit upon yet either so but I'm just you know immediately that. And pardon me. Mean you know it's a whole all that ought to start yes I think that's victims of that foreign and that they did it edited it to salute them and got to a or go to Boston and Detroit still saying. She did because she she's new at and at NBC working on the Olympics she wants to do more. I'm excited I had you. At the face of NBC Olympics good luck tonight Mike and your first ever opening sooner. So when they asked him to do it she doesn't. 2000. Okay throw principle out the window because his paycheck coming in and I don't fault him for most people would do that. I don't know I exited to jas I could care less either way and it is so like so she did it big deal like my tree goes been doing sports. For a long time and it's like it this is gonna drag him down everywhere he goes yeah eventually like OK it's it's it's. Aristide never sandy nice on my tree come. Dotson was I noticed was that this was this is an episode that outlines of this I know that's like you three as the new yellow belly and I think he's got a little bit of history but here's trick is there is that each in its Carol Mann now. And they're all disorderly throwing a page with it and does that count as Procter and what do you what they are endless stupid by NBC uses every that was the amount that we just saw at the limit. Yet that that was developed and I was like yeah you're making you're making it obvious now up to me and I was like why even asking them to do it might bring it up. A did you need all the women do you gonna get more viewership like I heard in my trees in Baghdad accountant Alison he is it. Our attorney Chris Harris had no he's a good guys excited formed an attorney. And the price of my. Of odd that we need to get some of them for a the only one I have about a blue is for more impressions done of them and yeah like I hear this amount we don't have the back and I don't know I get why they wanted to early stages all right MF reg united in the best impression I boom presumed Kirch is does he dashed that should be a good impression that should be a bracket Kirk's employees weighs less relevant who has the best. And right different there was another. I just turn out to come between ten and tournaments over next weekend Volvo order of its too late now toward the at some point. Write that up again this appointed. Answers are right does it. Yeah but the but the but the much to reap nothing was clearly a set up by NBC they knew that this is going around. Okay people are into the lead to movement right now and then when they knew that they were fearful that their main anchor. The face of the the Olympics for them on TV. Might be coming under some scrutiny to. I may be here. He's also are you have to be nearly listened when they go to and say how great he's wonderful junkies I wish you wouldn't and chuck Howard and elevators stuck and elevated with them for a for it to him yeah. The strike you that at kids aren't internist after an. My only totally different. My guy apparently miles an hour jobs. Yeah RB discussion he has now. Whether there's a breath. Yeah Foley he's the beat Roger in recent weeks into the churn and announced it was supposed to be elegant and if our next when it comes less. Hi Christian I appreciate your idea and just give a budget well I have every yeah. Yeah he comes up with a iTunes and you've you've. You know they don't by the way and then you pooh pooh it on yeah now we die telling us is that it down I've heard of any idea that never hagel artistry and completes you'll find it un projects you bury them team that was racially I mentioned earlier today about the book the much stuff because I was break first and he's not the same day he's looked a lot of that right now and I was afraid he was coming up but I just hours of but I didn't total credit for that Willis talking about it before this right there you go it was a welcome market remember your mettle you get credit for something I think the this deals conference call to you what else. The womb. Nasty I am on Wednesday or Thursday thanking me before and you know one week away from the start of the baseball season does anybody know that what labour realist on any of other what else it's far into whether it's by the way they're opening up in Tampa and Miami we have a layer what's the big deal in the before Jason master does not own today in the Boston Herald. These questions. Need answers. As a Red Sox spring training winds down. Associates who writes that Bradford Red Sox roster decisions giving interest in. The tourists. They president and now one of them look at all of is always the 24 fifth guy on the roster I was never interest so the decision between all our aero. It's not all you know is not very interesting to relievers that fifth sixth seventh spot it's not very interesting now these are pressing question no cling on multiple originally it was he could be bad nights that's pressing if I'm doing this was here why you got him. Nothing pressing to get the next week. It's just senators say I disagree with you I think you need in the old days when baseball was and discussed the three and 65 days a year. Dad because he's discussing how to to make the team yes I don't know orchestrated it well or don't it's sad yes yes I remember ever those conversations I lights out. I want assessed that the U I did I take steps now stand. We can't discuss some of the gusting up Pedro grandma passed away for the third straight record and committees was admitting I was Manning's critics underground magazines I'd easily. Physique grandmothers to India even what I can't and I Varnado and at that piece sounds like. If you go question the question it's elementary sides know Steve what do they do with links why there yet lets you listen if you. Morocco to a DeVon more rare round and round. There's wind winds gusted literally put the voices. Because the public side held a glimpse of doing this we have wrote him. I. What does much to do and beyond my special what the deal with the rock all. What is the deal so it feels when witnessing what's I don't care what what is the deal I don't know what went generated duties and senator news news news and it and he said it what you don't religion legislators senator wrote yet. It's not public Jackie playing it's the vote not having Judy Martinez played a big part of a ball parks was not gonna play right at Fenway. If you go to Yankee Stadium and you gonna rest Jackie. In a you said Jacki for whatever reason against the lefty. There's this zero if you TD Martinez DH and now it's like to on the told me couldn't play outfield more and he's not. The most obvious thing please he plays a lot of those guys you heard aged DH in hopes so everything change. Data. Miami in the stuff to me that the the key stuff for the season. As David Price and figure this out. He seems to be healthy right now is going to figure this out is he going to go out there and went 181920. I am optimistic about David Price this year and I think he's got a price is some goofy stupid things and get ready for maybe even point. Some stupid goofy things. I think he's gonna be good this year they need him to be good top of the Alexander Bogart's is he gonna give you some power were sending like little. Into the lineup does that now make it easier for somebody like Zander Bogart who apparently is attempting to swing at first. You can have exactly bella. The only question is in how I did a better look at your own blood the pressing question. Did you that's the real one might questions about it and I brought called Dennis rare. I don't care. The bodies of only Blake's wife are luckiest one week left the play. Yes and he's gonna make the team. And never play second ever and Holtz got an option left rights advocates and down and just say in I don't know there's get a plaque. Italy third base to get devers a day off once in a blue moon will Pedroia comes back you know does that Nunez does that. That's why arts what did you catch every what six day here regularly catch somebody. It in and mean it that it went well okay maybe does or two into played left field all the bad intense heat. Or get a JD Martinez plated usually get most Atlanta the first. It's just I don't drain your week the play at what they've got to keep got to keep McKay became I'll give you don't ever gonna play at a given animals seized by the end of the week. Will Alex Cora make a difference that's that your body Christopher Casper from that moment that instead of that article December to. November has his sights and what have we been talking about that but elsewhere since the day he got the point is is more inexperienced. We go Arizona same thing. Inexperience are they going to be able to stand in new and joked about that liberty and ultimately have to the party even hurt our notion that more people with Chris he's on a different times. Gas is present a different time so he wrote this political score make a difference does everything in the lines and saying that ever. Well yeah but it definitely interesting points. Or three months. The board to do it now read about it is this is right around the corner it's gonna start and now it questioning the beat. You know we make a difference I don't get it well when you get how many more wins. You do it don't matter who wins over replacement they do that has you written bluntly the tension between bill and DelHomme passed. I don't know that cryptic on eating out Rollins counseling its drug gonna retire at tumors are now you have a Alex Guerrero hit a week and you know big Gisele write a book. And did you did you see that Brady was uncle manner. Yeah her rhythm and didn't you used to do this all the time you read an article about putting a load up a good points at least three weeks later on this and usually adamant. We just get this out of the way speaking of baseball didn't grow up Major League Baseball. The owners and everybody in the front office to which you're doing. It's a shame too because here it is not a heard about it whatever. So there's a spending bill that's gonna be passed in congress at the end of the week and they slid a little thing about Minor League Baseball. That because Bentley baseball players actually been starting to come up with pop up with cases about suing Major League Baseball because they get paid less. Then what he called minimum wage. Andy do women and they haven't they haven't changed it they get paid less than minimum pay less than minimum wage yes they do. So what happened was that to fight this for years so this is new spending bill that congress can pass this week and they slid in. In this market Major League Baseball got that whatever the congress and he slid this little thing and to make sure war that minor league baseball players never. Or stress they are exempt from the fair labor standard act. Basically just means that late. There's no minimum wage for you screw you. So minor league baseball players will never be able to fight this again that pace you'd be passed by congress to the gonna continue to make. A thousand dollars a month and a ball. 5000 dollar salary legal mineral I think is between two or 2500 AAA. OK so that's five months out AAA make 121000 dollars. Twenty years ago and Billy for me was twenty dollars a day. It's now 25 dollars a day company years later they pay these guys nothing like the Amish usually Leslie teens are the ones that spend the money it spends nothing. On these kids what they generate double A making 7000. Dollars a year and they want inimical spring trip and they don't get paid. Think bill 25 dollars a day meal money. They get their hotel. Awesome they make nothing that second half and missing congress seventh I don't wanna spend more money. Turn to diseases say they they make 7000 a year double life. Double A makes 7000 a year that's at the mid and 7500 pounds so let's do this so they end up working to attack another NEC it together to be any free food to begin to tell us something like unknown candidate to trade him or anything like that it when he hit the ball or whatever they get per Diem is exact part of our home. Yeah though and that's that ensuing actually baseball we don't get on the west of baseball's like I had kept putting an opening to what they're doing. Isn't spending bill in congress and it just hiding it in there. It just sliding and in. I can that this thing it's like it's ridiculous I'm reading that text from the house amendment to the senate amendment to HR 1625. And showing the context of and it's this huge thing whatever they're passing on pages that is Tibet a small little blip is actually statement. Major League Baseball. That it they're exempt screw you. Any employees exempt any point play that badly baseball's opposite pursuant to a contract that provides a weekly salary services. Performed during little league championship season at a rate that is. Not less than a weekly salary equal to the minute I mean it's amazing gig they gonna pass this this week. It permanently screwed minor leaguers these kits can be done and AAA. Making. 121000. Dollars a year. So it's just so they are going to see your name and all they're going to be exempt. From the minimum hourly minimum wage law everybody gets right to minimum wage that's that's an accurate shot a league baseball's color so. A win hearts and wait wait staff is exempt from it. Because they're also tipped the right so they can get paid them to fifty an hour wouldn't avail the reader is right now because these guys start. Well. Now Major League baseball's probably saying we we supplied them with some food what have you said that counterpoint to ask you showed some breakfast all of us. Is that it's point five dollar today. How many I was I heard that they're that there is still 25 dollars a day meal money on the road. On the road. I've played twenty years ago it was twenty dollars so hot for 25 dollars a day if you want a guy to have the proper. Nourishment you wanna have him properly. And with proteins and vegetables and how did you feel that how do that. And 25 dolls that you know we don't go make sure you'll all of us would. That's going to black it's happened in this. It is that I've met a guy that's yeah they don't want to racially they had an edited. Voted out of the draft as well you don't mean so what you still can make it on everybody's been still make seven million in the first pick right but you'll ballot bill Brooks was draft tonight for moderates are skewed a 900 grand basically convinced not to go to college. Now you can only give him like two. OK so that's still a lot of money but not everybody is is you know making millions and millions of dollars I mean you might make. A lot of money maybe get forty great if you're drafted that whatever around. But an eagle you make 5000 dollars you make thousand dollars a month for five months I don't see how we got a fine I don't I don't deserve to godly salaries unless you guys are in it in one apartment when I was like if college the first year I signed was 1993. We went to Fort Lauderdale. We gained 850 dollars a month. Now a Fort Lauderdale not exactly some crappy little town we have like six guys are five guys elected two bedrooms. Because I couldn't afford college we could afford every 815 and Lauderdale but it was probably true grit. To articulate 600 brought home a month. But whether. Forty Euro always try your out of our house Jason's made a forty years old. Think he's got a little bit more money spending money in the amount of money at these minor league parks now making its a business that's all parts they're building out. Okay they're doing pretty well and in my early teens don't pay the Major League teams paid a salary. It's about time they step up and actually stat may be paying these kids rather than going to congress to make sure war they never have to. Yet to me that that is just that is it's it's it's it's insane the fact. That this is even allowed to go also at that at the worst case scenario you can't just equal it out to get minimal wage so it did you get another and if you're talking about you get 4000 dollars right. Based on guys do it in the first round equity 4000 dollars he database he would have to hit twenty million they would of the five the 121000 dollars a year to live off of a new base typical back live with your parents and so Lucy is a real battle of the folks I saw. It for 121000 dollars it Whitney in her fifty bucks a month. Today to promote a bomb at a thousand bucks in my room I was there with the Dublin made 1412100. Dollars a month and at the Tripoli made 15100 month for five months. Appears to laugh at how much of British forewarned it. But what do they think 7000 dollars here how much added it to the big leagues. And he hits and then they're like yeah money you're spoiled. Kid paying the last four years of my life I was making 5000 dollars in a year. He gonna disagree about much what do you make it now. To take a break we'll be right back to clamp. Christian base is important way Maloney and Fauria talk Sports Radio WE. I'm than. Racket ball for the Houston. Worst brackets of Ottawa what is it says from lose employer NBC sports boss now. Best sports kids movie cool space jam these sand lot of those repaired a year. That is rare bad news bears Mighty Ducks. No not as bad as the bad news bears in the you've risen it is now. That is the unit sales and on the mound of sand lot yes. Another one yeah we seen 12025. Enough you know there's another that was going around on earlier in the week at last week's incident that was what is the most re watchable movie. Draw also Warsaw that John's. Every time it's on dude it's a walk ripple effect that move the old school will we know he doesn't want to the most watched the most soaps know Shawshank redemption no good fellas no casino potential rocky caddie shack likely. Our shot opportunity we I don't wanna hear from you again today. That he's no well I'm failing all you know it I don't loud they are my thoughts and I think ballpark. I think all blocked by Iraqis he obviously it's just that you haven't seen what it's hard rounder is there's little rock and obviously it's going to be just Lugo quotas Iraqi you can say good buzz job Austria yes Jon Huntsman and Adidas bought shot at redemption. Much better why did you do this product it's a better movie but I'm just seem like jaws for some reason so it sucks Meehan says that this Tour de France system that though is it a situation where you've got the remote control this thing on TV and you go up and around the room and you suddenly see rocky where rocky too right. 45 minutes or an hour god father you what. Or is it sitting down and re watching need to I don't know you guys are just because I want him where it is joining us is giving adolescent launched job that the department of yeah it would yeah it's when you look at through when you see is seen eagle I was gonna watch this one scene departed and then it's over. Sides yeah I was afraid I hate watching a movie the same movie over and over Lothian Shawshank redemption is got to be nervous and it's just every does every single don't movie though that's questioned whereas I know you are you running out of your ten hours energy here started to question we're asking is the whole movie star or import. Of note here click at growing about a Saturday afternoon and you just click and through and it's you know you see a scene from casino anyway you know it. And then you know it you don't wanna go off the couch each others' commercials. You couldn't Citic through the commercials even though you could go on I'd easily on demand watch the entire thing so you sit through the commercial that's way currency that's what kind of joint direction. Shot at redemption is almost mills played on a on a loop. Routers has been on a lot to watch that like crazy is that you wait for the CNET yeah and you wait for him to lose all the money I mean. It meets I would say. And Sasha and. If you fellows got. Into for the sole long so long we'll put don't always. Do you think your conceals an order then we're not talking about watching the entire monitored without an attack. After. Doing it actually does is stupid you and I noticed a lot of nicely and my movement noticed every movie that it's all the will be appalled to see. A seriously bad old UW's they lost equity to take up by the slow. I don't know. I was like well I've it is not it's autism is a bigger commitment boys it was a bit and I recently I was long got a 1003 is often what Priscilla Stewart look at go to our senior now five times the last three weeks substantive when they. Thank the last three weeks seem days ago meeting and like that to sit there and yes that affect a DVR to. Last time it was on. Just because I realized how much like its open memorable let's put back on again it really is a good movie. Really is there. Excellent put and and it would put it in the classic category movies read watch pretty damn good. I've watched more of this movie that I did of any of the Olympics the Winter Olympics so yeah I'd probably an Olympic update well not committed. It's probably five and a half hours. Into it's a miracle and I would say I didn't I did not agree Saddam wants five and a half hours of the literally they are so totally different generation world counselor. Paul said fight club. So the first thing and do you guys. See my club on TV a lot milk nobody should he be renders him a lot of routers movie goes bust and I can't waited rattles what does that mean Houston we got on anything to future. As. So that's on TV I say Shawshank as the number one thing that's the normal trashing it felt like those are very aren't always that ice Alexis woods scene in the tournament but much has obviously guys and women would feel the same way the Nevada and manipulate it no more I don't want to know portion I don't want to. And put ice I didn't notice you also this view is I just think autocratic cinemanow what is the secret points. Gates appointed Barkley could thorough and that you pass goodfellas and casino on an eagle and especially BC to guide. We got a secret you know ultimately like a book you know I don't like you know Huntsman Utah has no legal right under an open because you why. It's gonna love the fact usually don't watch that with her. And like and at some point on you know you got you I like they holding hands in bed ridden with dementia that remember a damn thing there you know. You know. I don't know. The Marines as you have that tree at the Lejeune not knowing what I know the one. And it might want to while grotesque and incomprehensible to you saves lives. And there are pointed at our Allan. I don't believe me on that story what do you Wally on now I know what you want I got that all of our Toy Story you know let us. You know it worked on that I've sat down and watched the blocks a notebook because it's not because like that I had. Possibly capitalism. Too but because. I thought boy if you know it's it's like you get brownie points right people usually do when you hear you look I don't watch it just watching it though when it's we've got. Old kernel colonel our ultimately on the bottom of the notebook and dumber than you could never be government I don't. Looked totally illegal and to go I want somebody to kill somebody you know an hour. Our it caused a slap shot. I don't know I've silence on John W and it'll at least there's a micro. Semi pro spreading you. You know will be great but I want every throw hardly a little Brothers war the world clunkers it's awful terrible hole hula why is every. Although we are all on the ever since it is not real you can't watch that movie and body and anything and move. It's awful isn't over active. Every time I always I just Scientology's guys net movies like you know he's the hero he's a hero I'll say that he is brother's old school classics quotable quotable movies you'll bring will be getting used to I'd like to put substantial asteroids. How do we I have no idea and if you did I. Do this products of the does that matter and I saw this it was a Washington. That's restart uses athletic honor rotted out definitely he he started impersonation he was the crucial badly I had this fall I'm done badly shall recipes. The notebook can legislate this event the experiment is the ten hour energy drink don't. And use eyes and then you suck it doesn't work. And your leg is still shaking the stagnant like I bet you that right that we did today was best. We watchable movie that's the best thing we did it all day that was the best segment you've got a energize you guys that you quoted a few good men Jennifer imovie and an OK I am open I really didn't like Michael Augusta discussion David can actually just feel bad for baseball. I was taking a break we are out oh are crying you got another hour of energy that was going on here being charged with a crying.