OMF - Getting ready to interview Bill Belichick and we think Christian may be intimidated

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Friday, August 10th
Hour #2 - a lot is about to change for the OMF boys including our weekly interviews... Alex Cora and Bill Belichick are coming soon... will Lou ask Cora the hard questions?  Will Christian be scared in the presence of Bill Belichick?  We discuss it.

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Are you ready. Fort Wayne and moaning and forty Ralph showed a little fight today and resign Carl brown what Ralph Webster Ross who is the. I'm do you tend to get more out of the valuations from the games with a practices. We've got a rare things that all accounts are thankful broke. Fish Smithson out of Kansas we have already get enough that anything is given to him by his instant grandmother fight it hasn't it ratifies the public that's good. Terminology for a first down. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. It's been grandmother. I six point 77797. Three settlers get to your phone calls. Stephen Miami hello Steve. And hi hi guys. Could see who you. Not too bad I just want to Colin thank you guys are which Christians. You work the other day ago. Hopefully you're not having too many experts. I just want to thank you guys like they do. Reads so we're around current period has been a pleasure all these years to. Listen to you to hear that red wings. And get educated about what's going on. And I'm going to miss you guys in the afternoon I wish you the best of luck you want to. Just thank you sort. Great shows and on and all that and just ask you a quick question you think the patriots made a mistake by going after. That could consider Bryant. The unit mistaking. Decker I think you need both of or could they had picketed his Bryant they wanted to right now good night. Well you'll ever rosters 190 right now you have about thirty roster spots if you want the six guys and find exactly. You do whatever you want to give you a little tip Steve since you're you're working in those hours what you could do is you can catch us on the line with. You know the audio and on demand it's always under the and you can listen listen in any time you just get a little bit later this go on the water. All of aren't. Are you are on WEEI dot com what does that now debris that radioed I don't eat at UH TTP. All stop stop the HTT snubbed crap she's confused. Alan we think the guys might you know my friends as a digital into marveled that the digital media tomorrow. Simple as that just go to WTI dot cat you'll find radio dot count WB. I look forward to return yards. Yeah. Thank you have accurate appreciate what is a friend says is that. Command that went into the Monty said he found it reveals one big thing since then there is gonna do. He he's gonna live broadcast room. After games it's bonds that. Tell people in his bid works them action we did it all off. The fifth for the I don't know about you guys is there's no appeal to the SoundBite I just don't understand and you know what a difference that's affiliated. Make the lineup better yes I do. The problem. I would be concerned about this and he's doing it after game whatever is my guess is you don't have a producer. Living in your house with you right to actually be able to do an after game will. He's going to have to do all of this technological stuff by himself. Got his driver the guy who's Julio. And the driver is now going to be is digital and it's time to get down to some sports. So what does he do this thank off the air ticket Neitzel doesn't have any saying he's RT repeal hosts apparently if you live broadcasts like reaction. Is it's a little thing on your and shooting lately we refuse to have that before it's acute. If after a Red Sox game you can go so where's he live reaction from me. What you want that live reaction would be for your radio show yeah. I wanted the next at a what you doing something like that that's stupid when you give up its fun. Right that sort values they are cute way to listen to his show the next days the only reaction to introduce the Yankees lose and bi straight whatever he hears about linings on about with us ID developed this app pull my song. He developed and he's if he's crushing the other guys these these these lose anything just. Against them chocolate meth win. Mr. Hart caught once. This that is app though I hate to say it ended there will be a lot of people who jumping on the set because it'll be unintentional. Like a dollar and yet it's been Buick monthly subscription no it's yes yes it's is it really subscription ought not to. You can't complain and it is only a complaint. It. Isn't it jumped part of this can't we get into can be gives way to free subscription to the com. All you should do so it is about doing anything like that you know gosh I don't know enough stuff and a big disappointments for a while steak and it's just called it filtered by a political analysts is for a conditional yes it but as we bounce rumor that worked out well good luck. Reluctant like. But the problem as you know what will happen is that somebody who just latch onto it in that clubhouse guy will be tweeting out everything off of the app. Because you paid for the subscription justly as. Some content music fan yet he's going to be for these two over areas of the panel's vote difference that's the good look at it like. Chris you're about Nash and I I hope he's doing well. Worried about about a public you know thoughts of it raises your level of concern to grow we can't talk about it though. And it gives them a three dimensional threat are yet. Not too rich well. If he gets suspended. Then I guess it's a two dimensional Wednesday. I just opened for the past and don't use the open for the and so we can do so I told you earlier that I did switch over to the Red Sox game last night you did. I go on Twitter and then it suddenly I see we're looking back taxes and go for the cycle weather but probably the whole idea of the cycle is. It's a fun thing to watch split. It's not necessarily. Anything that's really productive for example. Pokey bits and say a single double triple home run home run again in the ninth inning and he celebrating it getting all excited. We have one RBIs in the game last yeah actually he he walked two in Russia that's that's a bit of. And I'm not listen not going to be in the united downplaying any any cycle. I don't picket downplayed a no hitter I'm not but it perfect games just because there's some random folks that have done in the past. It's a film that's what it is now I know but it's still. A cool part of the game it's still entertaining it's when a guy like truly steals home. Not the first and third crap I'm talking about Ellsbury with Eddie years ago. What somebody does that that still exciting that it did did it matter negated arid north they want decades of lost that game who cares to do win. So the accomplishment. Is still something it's pretty cold walk it's called a sickly with a no hitter sitting with a perfect game. Inside the park homers and X inside the pocket and and using what it is really mean when the game went on though usually it means the Satterfield a trick or eat or yet T ball game are already obvious that Ryan coastal protection behind him everything offshore so what's fonts and I did I tuned analyst Mike Lewis switched over to NASA. Because I wanted to watch it only because. You're right it's a curiosity factor eats its. But it's great accomplishment you know doing it's a random thing I would much rather of him in four home runs of the game I think I don't what Nike and they lost a game last. My take away it was sort of mixed emotion but I understood. Understood this teen. As Vince is so good right there winning so much. The fact that went in the ninth inning and we'll keep bets hits the home run to complete the cycle. That he can celebrate. You know losing the baseball died in enterprise you know he can look at that dug out a point and laugh and pompous since the runner on base is celebrated cycle. Even though they still do lose that baseball game. Is that a big situation on a big load different let's just say it hasn't been a good year for them. Let's just say this sort of the edit their second place behind the Yankees. I think you would seem to be a difference for in reaction maybe today a caller to. It makes it there it's a I didn't like rookies reaction to react to a cycle. And a personal accomplishment while his team was losing. I think that would have been. The reaction hee-seop this team wasn't playing well I think it played so well that most people just like you know what I don't I don't care if this is every ball to more than just to to a threw in Toronto who cares. And we don't enjoy that let him celebrate that's fine. I think that's fair reaction. If the game meant something and it got going into the game last week it and nine and a half game leads have now. Hate is an eight yeah okay eight so. But going into the game last night. They've been winning so many games. Nobody's get a get worked up that they lost. One game of the three game series in Toronto. So I didn't have a problem with him celebrating at all but your right if it's close. A situation with the Yankees the game beyond two games began the Yankees about one game the Yankees. If he's reacting like that probably said there's a what's it about viewers about the thing. You would have a different era you have different emotion I think towards. Just that that the Q what do you know you'd just. You're sectors I don't really like him. Celebrating it losing a baseball. But it doesn't I still think it's cool accomplishment. Even though the June Hewitt is at risk random right. It's rare for me this that don't know that doesn't mean it best hitter pitcher in baseball the perfect game does mean your hall of Famer hit a cycle is immediately MVP. But in case for him but it doesn't necessarily mean anything in the big picture. That doesn't mean. You can't enjoy it doesn't mean you can't watch in statistic that's pretty cool. Amidst articles that same core group that's like that's not enjoy watching this team play the still bitch about what can happen too much from. The GU you don't joy in your life you can't just sit there and watch something in Julia. Pretty clueless. Except that what it would have been a bigger accomplishment. Is if he went. Two for four and had five RBIs and again off that last film it was a report grand slams three run shot one game back and announce that a government ICK okay so we're sitting here spending time and I admitted that last night I switched over to the Red Sox game. Because I wanted to see him accomplish this. It is a random thing it's not necessarily that productive so he was four for four last night before you walk right with a walked. So and but he of one RBIs and they lose the game by directory of looking like so to me that's that that's. At least a few at a starting pitcher. That struggled with you rather have struggled against the Yankees. Or the blue chips. Objects and which supports I want to see his numbers are against Toronto is awful against her I summits and Ghana's put sell off to starts in Euro Maggette was awful the complete game one hitter against the Yankees I don't know what that do smoke it. But in in Rick what sells four starts against the blue jays issues got a 915 ERA. Twenty year runs in nineteen and two thirds. Is what he starts against everybody else to get three create. So he he kicked it to its boot why I had no idea. Did and you know what honestly sometimes that's this just happens. That it might be a pitcher which we saw with sale then I think after a couple of months you don't score restaurant now becomes mental. You know they need another another guy like Matt Barnes two years ago oh last year he goes on the Rota for some reason after a couple of months of realizing I'm not pitching well on the road. Now it becomes bent the has now you start it's August and elect its four month pat him now I go to Rhode Island comfortable. Now stressed out I'm excited dharma polar ball free. You know it becomes. An issue. Oh ports so I don't know is it becoming an issue against the blue chips on them and that it's just a blue jays got the Yankees couldn't the Astros or Cleveland organization started out I don't think Toronto's gonna make it to the I don't think they are either. But I could not having bought you four starts 915 and Erin at throwing a complete game one hitter against the Yankees. Insane got to beat in his head it's only it's the only way of looking at every it is hit it everything I mean. Here Leo usually I would bet that it was really the crushing blows to lose to Richard cormorant that it did the bomb just forced him right down the middle watch more of but the night. Yeah foresee right down the middle. If he's he's sick or die in this forsee was elevated up try to get cash to chase you know up in his own more power. You really see foresee down the middle digit to ship was sinking to. Location was off walking the first two minutes of the game after being a tuneup and there was a second and walked the next lead off hitter it's just. He had no control whatsoever has I'm not worried about Brad Miller. With its a thing against one team on the outward about you worried about camera. I'm not a word amounted I want to figure out that you will figure out. And our I think agency that's up for the meiji yes yes routed out. He's right when you watch Kimbrough it's it's lefty slider down and it curveball down and in fastball autograph. Now it might be a transition for disease to the pits different sides of the plate. Don't write his fastball away her ball down and away. You know so he he may need it might take some time to be comfortable on a heater minorities only heater in a lefty or that backdoor breaking ball left the all dumb Carrie see how how he reacts to it in sort of changing up when he's been so comfortable doing for years because there's no question it. But they hit that they're the colors the heat zones is talking about as a hitter. A minute heat so as we just saw pictures of guys throw 7% this is 65% in this area are paid attention. And I think with general I think he's cute and I but I do I do believe that if there is a reason and I think they've figured it out it doesn't bother me the rest of the bullpen. I would say I'm a little bit concerned with what you get two good teams in the post season. He's got no British you don't know there's other guys are good that's right you've seen it from Campbell you know he's going clutch that you I don't know those other guys go to. They might beat but that did nothing in the past immediately if Koji came back and a bullpen and I better off Ricky coach you ER yeah. Yeah it was a 107. But have answers I've seen him be good that a new watch and see if it's the same guy or not but. Just don't track record with those guys for me to feel comfortable but people get worried about Kimbrel I think it's because. We need something to look and Pitt chat with the state. That they have been too good. That's the problem too good here's Marcus I'll see what's up mark. It likely won't. Arms that triple that that's like the last night I knew he was great earning people are on Twitter last night was David nobody three. But there within a normal year he's got a problem. That doesn't like when Devin Booker scored seventy locked tight end to the Celtics. Nearly one. The strange to have like 72 points and they lost in the crowd was actually routing form to keep scoring right. In the mid teens don't gridlock right and asking and it looked like nineteen to get you eat and become a guy currently. We yet. I said that's the difference though mark is that you can write it off because normally if this war close race won't end here celebrating by the Yankees. As this will be a problem mark. Exactly at the apartment window and evocative when it's fourteen wins pushing knicks. In the bench is going crazy he's in need on sports and we do not want to would certainly point to point loss. Exe on I didn't mind that because they were so bad. You have to say that it was championships and the Red Sox for the Baltimore Orioles and their 45 games out of first place in whatever help they all of that so you had a moment like that that you celebrate. I'm talking about a team that you know if they weren't if they wore a disappointment if they work eight gains by the Yankees if it is they were eight games above 505 games above 500. And that happens you might have a different opinion but it doesn't matter they're so good to have that it just enjoy myself Wilkie god bless those beautiful. I'd. 61777. On 7937. If you missed. Kirk met him this morning. Revealing what he experienced over the last week we will play that coming up in the next now I. In the 12 o'clock we get back to your phone calls coming up next experience. Lend 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away now back to more or waiver looming euphoria watch Sports Radio WEEI. I vote. How much was the running game effective in the second half you know you decide to stick with it. And it you know chew up some clock on that especially this report. Or is trying to move won't get some first downs and good hits and its production offensively. And in the first. There and do. Subtle and well. After my question to go Monday. The loser. Yeah and we lose 2 o'clock irregular to yourself that when they're known that you're actually loosens and it was working guys on was Christians it's. If I vote. If and vote. I can't I coach. She loves you now host chewing up the clock when your actually trailing in the game but that seemed to because they are sort of accentuating the passing game can seem to be in sync. Nothing was absolutely wonderful book. Who knows what they're trying out in its up this game. I don't. Can you really ask a question about the specifics. Within the pre season you're Jamaican accent what altitude wears and you wonder for coach sometimes looks a priest he's a football game since a four run the ball effectively it's just keep doing it. To make the game go by quicker. We get this game over quicker because I just wanted to add him no injuries. To versioning get them can you talk about Ralph Webb yeah. Clinton and more out of the valuations from the canes with a practices and the teams kind of tests. After the operation. We a rare thing so there at all. Legitimate question by attorney Karen he wanted nothing to know. And I'm not I'm not telling him. The general public the idea of practice as you do with the other tapes that. He doesn't on the air and Julia the other day did it got the joint practice and his positives in. Take a bow in doing not doing this tournament is a real do we new angle or pace. Mostly due to it's a huge advantage but analysts say that but if we don't do it it's a begin action works well first he does not want to give you the impression. That he is leaning in any direction with anything. That's what he does purposely. And that's what he did right we attacked and did some yes your vote the report of robberies back actually yes bill I know Tom hasn't played this first overseas in the past but just curious what went to decision. You know where for the starting in the company's rights. So what went into the into the decision for Tom not to take any past that some place somewhere. So. But it. That's that's his go to sort of lower your resting about a specific player we're not gonna and I'm gonna give you. All of the players on the Census Bureau that's on players. As America west and I want to talk about this Qatar with the guys in the team. Which Qatar because the players or deflect but dental gonna talk here today. Soft or does it to be Tapia prevent. Others Brady with hundreds of bill I don't know what's going on there and is the globe thing. We've taken out of of pre is well with the whole piece of TB twelve or or. They're the charity I just I I think this is is just mental. I think this is and is look at looked at this and said you know I'm going to be the obstruction I'm gonna be the guy who's going to. Gonna ask the the the other side the other questions. The more power till the block are back to the phone calls we go to prison camp what's up Jim. All boys willow I don't play good to have all our yeah. Great contestant on radio announcing friend's house housing such a terrific terrific thank you I appreciate that. Well I want to you know just Asia or into K before I ask you must park that he did you just. Maligned predecessor who I'm not a stand out or having an out and doing it from a no. Now are asking him forum at what I said was. He's got this up that he claims is going to. Invent did new digital technology. There's nothing else. All right so you cautioning that he's gonna do a radio show from Rome from the same guy who put weight that look eye. On what ought to. Somewhat unaccountable. Beautiful views pollution Brazilian kids. Mean. You've ever created this mozzarella stick to Chile where Pratt in a note at bottom should try them good to them. Now time. I'll give you credit they ago that you wouldn't put it in the crude into the North Korea but he got a you broker with don't you know you're hack in every turn. No I do not only do god that I trust when they were years it went by the princess and I weren't even speaking to each other can tell you that. That that's not the case anyway not the case and we have to support will be right scenario that I do it's good that we get together a little blogging session. You've never met banks that you'd like to straddle both it's not too. What did you read that sucks me and you kept your kept our little stubby horns. I don't not because we played the cut some friend says that everybody does everybody does. Oh I don't I don't I don't have a problem with the princess. What was the I don't see don't have it anymore what was the issue was like a real boss yet New York withhold. Well no doubt the issue the issue they don't go to try to get to the issue guys who have nothing to do with it. On years ago. Of mad dog Russo and princess. Used to do the NBA. Weaken the group all star weekend there so these host Friday night Saturday night Sunday during a game more and they would do it yeah. So. It was a snowstorm in the in the east and I think that the all star game that year was in Denver or whatever. And so mad dog Russo had no problem getting out to Denver for incessant wanted to complain the next day or something he never meted out there there. Sylvia I was already appears they hired me the end being hired me we go to Denver. I was I was out there covering almost as though they lost a game and yes Syria you know Jones of the teams I used to do. So they hired me to do that every weekend that and the next year they hired me and Russa. And did not hire. Mike and Mike was not happy about that no bats he got to think. The thought I shouldn't be taken shots that you publicly illegal after year not just ones and bigger and I walked up to Wanda my cowboy blues. Were. Rarely so that's you got the Christian and I realized it solid coming years ago when we're out in now with a however Arizona. Oh Houston. We are in Houston and he sat down with you to edit realized that this was made up your loan nervousness it was for they don't know it is though that he was gonna. Now you want an equal in value it at its always on might need something and might need something Mike was on a Yemeni was starting to take a beating and he wanted to go over F and he knew that we had gone FM and suddenly he was reaching out to. Very chatroom. Now somebody who can who can tell you what it's like when you go over to F family. What really tight and stuck together here's the titans might be a stretch one. We don't we don't find some of that sound though I remind because the other day Christian guy. We re going to be David Ortiz if there was a lot of Lou Lou you know yeah there's you know Willie McGinest was the ultimate Christian you know. We're searching for someone a Clinton needs a you know glad you know. Amid this princess a wanna go back today at the pressures a Clint no radio was like I'm so it made any validity can find the attaining. A few photographers it was a radio Roland in LE. For the cowboys and bills that was the first year the vocal as some of the radio stations together you'll over uncles. And said you OK with that and we says. That's a news stations as a likely so that was the first Portland we are replying honestly history of the Super Bowl. Iceland that's that is as part of the yeah yeah. I have my doubt that was my form against us Danny was the England you know letting all of it in the eighties. I care guide that's out of my dad and my guess I think a princess of those deathly my guest in trust me Andy hasn't and you know we don't chief was like you know chief in every. I didn't realize until Andy just told me that Francis is going to charge a monthly fee for out costs are eight. But it's. An utter oh the how many apps you pay for you pay for a lot of apps. I heard that operates in many 9399. Portland and how many deaths are really worth. Yeah I don't pay perhaps I guess so to would you pay monthly fee all of that into her critics that it. Why don't pay with that app to get it right dead in the industry we wanna right now went on a radio or the next day acting buddy get your index and radio. It would be like you driving home and you Clark is everybody likes to now videotape. Driving in the car and speaking into the into the camera. It be like you're driving home from doing a Red Sox game and giving us a you're take on the game tonight. Drivable yeah and I do know that analytic database and we're gonna do not pay for that little sorry I love you but on Monday that you're a non. But I guarantee you and you can find some some Danny Ainge Danny is to let you know when is it clarity. Our little blue colony of the gentlemen Oakland 6177797937. Right here. On Ole MF. Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after the show at bloomer Loney. Moved back to moral or waiver ammonium 48 right now fox Sports Radio. There's already blended. There's plenty and prayers to any blame the players but many bad players but anyway it's. When he put the players and any plant. Gotta give you an idea that you just like you're you're so cute you didn't need. You know twisted view bill. They're only four. Probably I don't for now noted for. You do that Monday for a minute you like calamity was never super chunk of the Osce was one. Distance bills lap I was the one asking the tough this issue who's going to be liked it charming anymore. Like this more out those two ability without you without that is such a lied to everyone knows it's not a baseball is such shall not Alex. The news no question because when I love this you're gonna get bored spectrum which. But our own. In an air. So married to an effort there. And I know the difference is this. I respect outsell accounts. But I'm not afraid of Feliz in the general fear Alex clinched the first Ellis scores show next Wednesday afternoon right excellent yes but I'm not afraid of them late these two will be the bill will be a unit and not afraid of I'll have no problem with all its tough questions without always I won't have an issue the the fact that I am one who. Admires what he's done what he's accomplished that's a problem. After guys socked. And I was I was latching on to this sassy coach yes it would be it would mean we'll be back don't think you're good girl got up you a rough swallow when you shouldn't care. Respected the fact that the guys but that could it if you think bill's does a good job as a good coach and yes you can say is. It. If that does that adds that the difference is. When we your broad swap if somebody who really sucks at his job yeah that's an issue yeah that's a problem can't do that right. So OK I was you have from Schwab Larry Bird and it'll use the case of Bobby Valentine's. Show. Omaha. Bottom. Okay that could see the we want to do. She only salt what anyone puts in the thing is this. Time. Yes it's over it's he's got balls. He's got a rich are different Keith Kerr he's been very good at these interviews are. It's sort of entertainment news week but did you just brought up the difference for me with Bill Belichick I respect what he's accomplished with Bobby Valentine mechanically he's a fraud. Is that fair. Is that and I at least I would say to Bobby's case. It did once. Of neutral I say let them like that millions and you wanted to kill millions of any Shalit floors me is that he asked the yeah you'd think that wanna be asked about do in the Michael if you that was the first day advocate its first Bobby Valentine interview like this them. Personal. Fund personal as you go to outlet after he got the job that Michael Caine interview was analysts in New York. There's an eighty being on the show and so great to have an orderly or you're gonna you're going to be like that with perhaps it would be like that with core myself to anyone because at this point. I think he's done a good job. Now as he made mistakes he's made mistakes I think you called my yesterday in a mistake you probably won't do it next. Did it when he lets you always that he needs he blatantly. We are well Brian Johnson should run well Dave Wright I hope you'll go next Wednesday it's at breakfast I had Benjamin. I don't that's I will be is intimidated with chords you two will be item whom I know would I'd Whittle away and I yield back W doesn't. The exit Alex Cora basically said he expects him. Since Chinese remains. It's obvious expect to Tressel wouldn't it that was weird. It was weird fortunately like I every state that's woods and advertising options as I said similar text aired Boone is well the summaries. That the Korean boat McGinley just out for some reason why that name drop there and it just at the text by accident. Invite bull over Fuller couple Beers washed again. And then you made the the statement on the air that you wanted David Kaplan to be the next move to address this and how to act act. Remember somebody out who interviewee glory in bring in now on out. Heroic there is ever right see you can find that audio where Lou once did GAAP liter V the next managed the reds a I want it in the open. For the Alex or interview and I'm sure you'll probably continue to play. Why that would said everybody in this town Lawson taking my take. Even know ally that I think is the perfect miniatures that Edward Said about and just regurgitate it all over the place like you say goalie was solid it gets so bad it doesn't you know what now everybody's on core sort of in the slim and everybody was stealing your take that was. Please. Only you steal Jimmy Stewart's take you up on them yeah yeah. Listen from. This news content. Can't really stole this heaps of comfort own views he wants the knicks he wants to go to the net. It's rural communities considered moving and they're moving food through here. Yeah personally offends me on you have beautiful skin. And you're comfortable sweater. Pulled the truck. It. That's the NBA insider Celtics insider for our new competition. Of what can. And the review. Reappear if I tell Bill Belichick on Monday yeah. Alex Cora on Wednesday against the you'd pick up one it's an off Bobby in the first and hear what we're excited about doing this each and every Wednesday throughout the baseball season about it. I don't wanna ask you this question of dual weekly radio segment on the local ESPN's station in New York as well. I can't even imagine that. We're doing our pregame of the pre season and actually asked me your first question about. Something like that I am yeah yeah Leo it is yes absolutely good doing it lately what a week of my good buddy Michael K. Ran the day he hates you right that was the first question I asked them on the first show yeah. You led the balls that could throw something up and outscored its web slowly with first question was doing a radio show once a week somewhere else. But that was not a legitimate thing a B Bobby Valentine my my feeling was he wasn't truly invested in this thing. He still had he was latched on to New York teams still doing the what happens at the finish of any advice just a legitimate idea go in Europe. You know suck up the bill and yet in Miami as early and show you know I salute that. Let me help Pia that. The option would you would you Q did you. Kate you ought to sort of bloody it looked a little issue do you put it but you can't admit it could vote if it did you want asked how could strike so this how to attack bill. Copeland crystal butterball if you asked about Malcolm buttons. Exactly vote Bobby V readily rightly or when it's right but it sets up. I am. What did you butter and things weren't going so well for Bobbie you ran the gate if you remember right out of the gate there was. Did you ever before the all of the things correctly. Because it's been played zillion times and mark I would like to play NBC sports and now and liberal only under the light to a body all things out of context that we all got out of context if I asked that question is certain at all. Play to don't if you're a whole other level it was in spring training Kia is pre game is free Dave shell used talk and media talk about how he likes to hit and run and he wants to but more. So right away to college a couple of in this reluctantly. They kept playing is because that that player was that put it down here Monica during those Olympics or maybe you'd like BB play anymore. But said all we do it's I'd love the blue Bobby V index yet. He's talking about small ball. That's analyst on the ball cap the only club I ever played on a couch and NBC sports Boston was a blow to play died on the run equipment and run you guys run run run at somebody else asked him. Tough questions right out of the gate question number one shoulder number along all one big ball I was of all of us number one without the there are Christian will be the one that will be. Nikki you could already tell could unit in the times with talked with Christian the last couple weeks talking about the Bill Belichick interview he's ready to attack bill. Still pissed all those political. Please don't sit this would be a good opportunity for him to bring him up would you think. Tried or tried to in some way. Paralleled that with something that the team is doing now ever again. Yeah. Exactly tip. Bill orchestras are used to with me that was their bill what do you don't why let these guys off a note to care if you're German of the time that. This wasn't that long ago this was when we're talking about the Malcolm buck with. And Christian one on about the time it was a big playoff game. He sat down on Tuesday found out of the game plan was a Wednesday and said oh my god Ahmad of the game plan generated far money been involved in the game plan this week. I'm hardly going to apply and it was all pissed off. Witnessed it and I think that's what this BA perfect way for him to segue into the Malcolm Butler question by saying it. Referred back to something that happened in the in my reaction and how I felt about it and it showed up on Wednesday it was big AFC championship game whatever. And I was not part of the game plan I was really pissed off and and I'm wondering. So what happened in the Super Bowl this year. The company while I. Was out of the game plan oh let's go. How can Nestle and executed that's that's absolutely related to yourself you can do that he played for the divert all ballots and it did play you don't play for Belichick you know so we can weave it into his life. And say now. What happened there. Perfectly well let's talk that's the game plan and Christian will be our sacrificial lamb. This is gonna sound like Steve Burton decided that this could. To get their but I have got to get him. Okay. It'll all look to get going by there is guy to coach at it doesn't back up a certainly terrific student. That's a good question. Because Ninkovich shirts because that is the. Nobody else is he be know he loves talking to the who with eagle craft are making him. No Eagles and Els and Steve loves it following loves target what it was an owner of there's going to give it probably didn't do it because he probably is not bad for removed yet. Like Christian you would think Christians far removed the game you know he's like 62 years old now is out of the game. I Ninkovich couldn't ask those questions because he would unquestionably. Happening and what out of cars that don't leave the span of the first half ago. Well it's just it's gonna make in the second and it that's that's that's all that is right so our. Gotta put your the Doris Burke face and get it and those guys with the ball well the Flagstaff which boy yeah. Of course some of the reasons Indies at the vote yes gonna Guyton. You're asking a guy that's afraid of sharks swimming pools or hot this questions did to the Patriot Act now to report. Scared of sharks in your own swim makers to me that that's ridiculous and so I didn't believe commercial and any leads us out here swimming in a pool today. Shark though. Other way to sell this tweak those pretty testing out Boston's what's in Bogut. You know the Red Sox did beat the Orioles tonight they'll limit you're. We'll look into your I'll throw phones at it from winning the day at least it didn't all just. Just attempt yet though they the Orioles that they lose that I cannot win the American League east the B limited etiquette I guess there's still. 78 games away from. You officially eliminated from the post season it's August 10 at ten that's pretty amazing artists the tenth we have a team eliminated. From the postseason are well the ludicrous and eliminate had a bit of video es how far they limited no morals are at ten days will be tough but I don't know voted for the postseason so we're embarrassing is that what you want. If you Vick and shut them down tonight that's beautiful well there are a lot of teams that you can see. You're going to be out mathematically. Eliminated here pretty pretty quickly. This the biggest problem I have a next. Month and a half your Lou. It's gonna be boring with a Red Sox laid up and unless and unless they go into a slump. The Yankees go into Iran and we're looking at three or four games with six games to play between them in the last two weeks of the season. Because if it remains 789. Or ten games you get down to the first second third week of September. When those six games may mean absolutely nothing. It is I think it divisions over OK I just. But it doesn't mean to kick it into it because the Yankees the garden route a fourth straight again I told you. When they lost the money and that swept the next day we came in looked at their schedule the to sit through the White Sox they swept the they got four I think with Texas. You know then there's that the Mets are involved which by the way I found interesting because there actually pitching to drop to one game played on Monday when game grown. So it actually bumped him up to pitch against the Yankees know they kept erode to a new missed that bumped him off keep on regular rest. Then I think it's Baltimore it's Detroit it's a White Sox again. Toronto's in there. If they have the easiest there next gig is up these so that played they've won four straight to the next 23 games. That it West Coast trip which would be odd September of a fourth a third of fifth whatever the Labor Day Vick could very well get this thing down before. Guess they're schedules so bad they can get it down a break it down before but that's what that win did on Sunday night instead of being one with two. If you beat three or four and I I but I just I don't see the Red Sox is going on some trees Cecil B but will soon. No I facilities or they're probably gonna take you to understand yeah this gonna settled on a little how much they're gonna make it interest of openers having difficulty still. Did the Yankees still have some issues here if they're playing such crap. That it will matter at all you coming around now and you'll crap elector in Major League Baseball equivalent are a lot psyche teams out there. But it does the last I checked their loss last count. Two count as that that counts still counts. But you know what happens after September 1 and everybody goes up to the forty man roster and you said about Sasha. The Arnold sort how wait till September of that readily column and they were really sucked. I 6177797370. Christian today he'll be back on Monday all three of us will be back on Monday and will be on Ed UPM. Starting Monday afternoon. We mentioned it earlier that you might differed maybe you did not hear it made you read about it yesterday. Are many and tweeting out that he said a rough last week. And he explained in detail this morning. Well what did you experience and it's unbelievable and we're gonna get to a Kevin over the next hour.