OMF - Giardi says Brady family is already living in Manhattan; Lou and Christian break some news 1-28-20

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Tuesday, January 28th
HOUR 4: Mike Giardi of the NFL Network reports Tom Brady, Gisele and the family are already living in Manhattan while their Brookline home sits for sale. Giardi says Tom and Gisele pulled the kids out of school before the season ended. What happened to Gary Tanguay's report that the Brady's were waiting to move until after the school year? Lou and Christian were hard at work breaking two of the biggest Boston sports stories of the day (Scarnecchia retiring + Mookie and the Sox being $100 million apart). In today's "Last Call", Earl Campbell AKA Earl in Austin calls Mad Dog Russo's show to weigh in on the death of Kobe + ESPN anchor Elle Duncan shares possibly the most emotional Kobe story you've heard so far 1-28-20