OMF - Glenn is all in on trading for Anthony Davis; a confused listener thinks she called into public radio, 3-19-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Monday, March 19th

HOUR 3 - Glenn & Lou debate whether or not giving up Al Horford, Jaylen Brown & Jayson Tatum is too much in exchange for Anthony Davis. Christian & Lou sing over Glenn's argument, but Ordway has some support from Jermaine Wiggins.  Barbara from the Cape thinks she called into Jim & Margery & Glenn wants to talk Trump.


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Are you ready. Fort Wayne. And -- and forty I think this is very much Tom Brady came back in 2070. Answered you know what was once by some balls and start doing some more things on the way I want to talk wants to feel differently be treated differently he feels that if 41 he's our at a different level of treatment that you probably start speculate that just. Just trying to go to work can appreciate and have fun. Analytical and Lou and Christian more you get away with the war OK you get which tried doing. So much at all. She brought an equation you don't know what's review had a bit of a special greeting injured new clothes and shoes I felt like they had a loving relationship to disappointment. If the defense was aware of aaron's sixty condition that would clearly when the trial she TE what's the reason why air Hernandez decided to murder people. Bad flipped the switch and his brain and he decided he was. Out of chino tristar plastics like he's a big boss man trying to make the break. Right now on Sports Radio WEEI. That is aggressive album. Did you did you pick it up at all. Well there are nights. That he he just plays. A good average well. It's. Their boundary. Woman I wonder what Michael that would be negative like slap him across the I don't know what we're using our stop just for a and he and they say you know what he's saying so a little bit worried if carrier Irving is not. A 100%. I'm sorry. How far can this team going to see that's that's the obvious right then that's got to be a hundred doesn't show everybody knows that and they were managing his minutes Lou. They can't manage his minutes in the playoffs. I'd I don't wanna see is much shame. What say you can't you have to. I'm just saying that you say I agree come playoff time. If he's healthy that 3839 minutes and so 30313230. You know I mean that when it's go up for a guy like carrier. But if you have to stay at 32 yet when it's always a unit has addressed it 32 would have for the whole play I hug you and I don't blame at 39 point in this and Osama. To tell united beat Toronto doing that because. Your average guys not gonna make up the points that you need. For months from Calgary Lloyd started started work out the start machine out right now this point I don't edited it has about thirteen games I mean physically I mean the Celtics probably close around the same. But the health of the two most dangerous teams in the east. Beat the Celtics and the cavaliers. Agreement with the cavaliers losing their coach that that's. And let me. Know ultimately I saw that I got that they'll tell you they didn't lose now I don't know yeah that is. A short guy did enough it's another sign of how dysfunctional they are. That's what it is. So yeah they got LeBron James and you never know but note this has been going on since the beginning of the season it's only fitting and not even a surprise that there were there that Cleveland Cavaliers aware they're at now. Now you now you look at it the Celtics. Irving knee issue okay even if he comes back. When he's a 100% how long does that last. He's playing at a hundred recessed and Pacino goes eighty alone is well worth Jalen brown act. Okay how's the how's he going to feel can you get Marcus Moore is not on the team are and he's not going to be playing on the set of the palace lets it. A massive 68 weeks needed the surgery. I think the six day week timeline came out you know last Friday night the other night down at pretty much puts him beginning of that second round. That's reports of now do you think it can negate by the first round you know in the playoffs it isn't Milwaukee in the first drug is in Miami in the first round. And then you sort of not nice Indian for that second round but you'll what is he when he comes back yes of this. This and concerns. Jalen brown. We don't know and I both know it sounds to me like Jim Brown's doing while he's gonna be back I wouldn't be surprised if he's back in the next week given ever because guys like played for a game that set back now let's get happens all the time there's actually a lot yes all the time like our I would elevated to an excellent job in protecting him right now it's been awhile home again we don't know. He's out of the dark room. That's good news Oates also progressing Netflix thing but from one primaries and from what I'm hearing they believe that within a week. He should be out there on Leo on the court. I would say that the whole idea of Gordon Haywood playing. Is full school I just don't see that happening at all so the set if you watched again because I know. You know Celtic fans are very protective of the roam the young players it's almost like. There they they like to hoard these players and keep them on the shelf. And the hole I gear is winning championships and thank god we have Danny Ainge as a general manager yes I'm sucking up to him again using his ass again. Because he's not gonna horde players that's not what he wants to do he's gonna win championships. So let's say New Orleans came few and Nazis. And they said to you. You know what we don't deal Anthony Davis 'cause we think it we put to work its cousins and we're gonna resign him. We some really good players around him we can build something over the next couple years. And it came to you and said I did you don't throw Horford into the deal and you're gonna be miserable that happens Apple's Selena take away can you lost valuable weight loss though you can't get any special items or if it. So eager for the money you gotta give Horford for the money. But we would like both he don't and we would like Jalen brown. And for that maybe you throw in a draft pick one of those draft picks or whatever for that you're getting Anthony Davis if I'm Danny Ainge you know what I say. The guys I know didn't I swear but that's you know what. Well I think now. All of my. Look at them both I I I don't know I'm not I don't know I nodded and I don't want to with them not I would give a look. Until I took a while we Hitler but here's the starting lineup right in Vegas doesn't matter doesn't it's Anthony data that's reason I was your lawyers and game Hayward there are. You reply anyway unique market smartly keeper for energy. And in doing it next year and you grab yourself some older veteran Bob May not that allows you get here's you know you all back he's reside Isaiah Tom. If you want to come back and say you know what we love you pay you okay elect start average coming up the banks know. Ventures blocked off people good people and arrest and yeah crazy yeah. And yet Lou Jalen brown is going to be a phenomenal player bought unfortunately he's highly effective I think he has issues the issue with Al Horford and up there now now or you can see is open and NBC's William. Jagr over the edge with Jalen brown and you won't allow you to say okay they can't buy first over. Placement not given up both now wanna be on the good side of the Twitter on apply. So this show it's okay now my ally ally basketball genius guys somewhere nice to get to nineteen hours but on the honest and not. I'm not given up both of those guys we take you back Milosevic and I take you back now yeah I want to take you back to you when 2007. Digit Beck and. Well again and again did that 2007 to do and doing talk radio I. The eighties Celtics proposed the train yeah they were going to win include this I didn't. Cited Al Jefferson and wire they were gonna have to she lured him in a deal moved forward Kevin Garnett and let me just give you Cedric Maxwell on the program. Said that I was so. Do Muslims easily. I. Are kind of view that. You would tell you highs and said it and if they make that deal op Ed who involves not only okay. And they did the deal the residences. Didn't know they're taking you back. I. Big brown and and really hear it on my planner Anthony Davis is going to be one of the great. Yeah I. America not. And I don't so. And on monikers were hoarding grading her words to say yeah I'm went up north of our Obama what I give up assets it Maxwell said he would never ever do would you view gigantic mistake what is Cedric Maxwell saying now Kevin Garnett is better than I want to read our program legal police okay inevitable Tommy Hanson was going to quit. Yeah absolutely I won't quit they make it probably. Do you really think you're OK so it's just it's just try to pull one of the back and I'll rather I would like a little out would grab the opportunity to pull it back. 01 back at a we'll look back. At that ball back but dude dude dude you're there. Well that one's scared of the key date in the boat that it's as the fullback Jim Brown who you gonna get. There are enough data. Okay over the winning players entered every French as the rest of the won everywhere he's gone great roll out is not enough about winning it's about winning player no we don't for the money you dictate him. Unprotected Sacramento pick which is going to be garbage at gate gadget to hold on you giving up to administer UF. It's keeping track down and said there's always that either saw the audience all along unprotected sex pick next year. Did the big deal be to a rate it sucked. We know if they change the system that has been Smith quote now it I don't know all the systems on Shaq does fall with them are you telling me that out. New Orleans and I'm going to give up I get a great young players Davis who might be one of the greatest when it's also no one of the greatest players to play the game for Jason they are not well I'll tell you out selling. Nader day ago but yeah let's all of this of players in here now so we are throwing Shimmy a solid. Did you criticize an economist when the 200 baseball right now that's what I. How much are asked makes perfect face and goes ahead let's go to all the not a real realistically Horford to Needham. Unprotected Sacramento pick and if you wanna go to and go to Google rosier. Whatever you have to do to go on holding on to Nancy because it was every news release according to lose with davis' policies are Italy and whatever I want on the back whatever you want. What anybody not let go around or don't want I'm ready and we'll be able hold on the markets more than I'll say that I don't know what else. This I love brown okay I think he's terrific player. He matter of fact probably is more difficult to replace the Jason Tatum yes OK because Tatum is is a would say one dimensional but. But Brown's got more to his game especially on the defense advanced so he's important. But you're gonna have to give up both of them to get this player if you want to play. If you want Anthony Davis you'll put Anthony Davis with -- your thing and put him with Horford. And then you add all those little PCs you were talking about the Rosie is in the smarts or whatever you'll have a chance to win the next season. Next year you have a chance to what I don't Davis is back freaking right. To watch the game last that is that pretend that he changes the entire temple you have to play the power forwards like similar position 22 yeah controls it. Ticked when you look at him. All of them now it is one thing that did business and what are alert you can take without an on his his biggest auto thirty years. Hole yields he's trying to he's trying to make for our viewers you really believe what 38 have an argument I don't but I went and got awards right now I'm gonna keep one of them I'm keeping one of him than I don't know why did you not that you I can't take unless they are lesser player. And round and Tatum and that personable play above what he should be doing because the rest of the guys are so good he shot will be easier his matchup will be easier he'll produce justice. But yeah other guys because you'll have Davis. May work and carry or can it can have a high marks and Jalen brown taking back. I don't question anybody's going to make that deal I mean I thought all along we wore our players or whatever you watched this guy play. And he's a big who plays like a small despite this he's certainly a ball through his legs. He gets only bounty picks. Up that triple Peltier himself Eldred was two behind his back and you do it the another they're making about the same money man fails to make informed and. You are giving that one of them best all around players in the league often Al Horford. Does he does all the little things she's got to factor that in he's gonna make everyone at team win. Tornadoes later. Yeah I'm making this deal right now because I think I can win right now and the good news I think the Indians would be willing to do it. But I guarantee that issue rod and drapes and and gore men and Abby and everybody else are probably. Would never ever ever think of doing anything like that to the same people by the way different names but same jobs men who. Wanna give pop. Al freaking Jefferson. For Kevin Garnett Elian to did not wanna do separate Maxwell did not want to don't. I think that trade was long sighted in the end there was all in Boston's favor and at the time people were split 5050. Because you've got a lot of these Celtics fans and give the Celtics marketing department all the credit in the world. They get their people to be so supportive of these young players is it gonna be great they have great potential. I want to great player right now it pretty Davis is at 24. One of the best players in the league he's an MVP candidate at age 24. Right now and look at what he's doing with that team. Look at the rest of the team they have crazy Rajon Rondo one team. Right they have. Good point. Good point. A lot of yeah. Apple one that crazy to drive up and they're winning right now and they're winning and they're winning without. Cousins so if I'm New Orleans I've got to go one or the other on either keeping cousins or keeping Davis now another padded his. I don't think you can do it because the other guy cousins is a freeagent. Can't do that deal with the Boston got to do on heartbreak and more right that's the phone calls load them up 6177797. And its recent. Christian rants about the pat Sox b.s and c.s courtesy of Twitter Christian Fauria. Right now we return Gomorrah or away Maloney and Fauria. What Sports Radio WEEI. We're more I see there's more I think this. It's a no brainer I'm looking at. Texas social media whatever people are killing me. That's okay because they wanna hold on to these young kids in this city got going works so hard to get these. Hi first round draft picks now and you're gonna take them and turn them into one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Only 24 years old basically that's that's why I came out draft. Murray emerged with 24 in his rookie season and now he turned 24 in December of his rookie season. Potato there at times. This is to me that's a no brainer this isn't a no brainer it's as if people can argue this I know I don't want more because you'd be enough and not the same way I love Jalen brown and love the Jason Taylor might need to vote gonna be terrific players. Would you want to get one of the greatest players that to ever play the game you have to give up. Really good and as a. Just think of from the pelicans point of view though crisis. Sent the Allen had problems with at at forty wins right now they're gonna make the playoffs. How far away how many players are day. Away from turning the tide from being out for being elected Hughes a deal to compete with Houston. From being able to be with Golden State. That's what they need things are you telling me. That Jalen brown. Jason Tatum a draft pick it gives them a better chance than Anthony Davis and whoever fill in the blank they got. Idiotic and they can sign a mark they can sign cousins. Okay now cousins is a little crazy I get that I am an SO but he's a hell of a player and he gives you a lot of the same things impede it just gives that to me Davis is more dependable. And it is the better player but cousins. Is a terrific talent you can keep him. If you deal Davis now because you've got drew holiday plea and Emma maximum contract money through 2122. Season. Are you kidding me. You are locked in there with a calf. You've got no movement with that team whatsoever if you're gonna end up having Anthony Davis and a bunch of stiffs. For the next four years 'cause his contract expires in 20/20 one. You can do that. Or you can trade Anthony Davis. You can re signed cousins you can get Jalen brown you'd get Jason Tatum he can wrap from around you know holiday and E'Twaun Moore. And that Ameritech and he's all the guys get off and and you gotta look. Or. Not and if you're you're you're already isn't it you're and you know judo you know you're cousins and hole for Jalen and Tatum and drew holiday why would you do it if you Boston. Because if they don't that you wanna go both of them. That's all sorts wanted to see so many of them do you want one young kid that you gonna have under control. And a nice dollar range with those other three guys that you need those four guys I got. Anthony Davis. Through the 20/20 one season and he's got four years to left and is real player option in the last year but it hit 29 million dollars. He's he met affect you ready for this he's an extra year or longer on the deal than Al Horford gets. There on loan and a kitten amassing a trying to get to know when an a for the Celtics and the green color of it that is an arguable. Does not to have to if you're gonna get into I don't view that pass on an idiot and often that's. Then you're gonna wait around for 34 years for the Celtics to be put on the sand got I don't go out and state I don't know obviously doable. I don't Obama Lou absolutely. You tell me that to Wallace. And and it and why I was just and graduated three years that I wanted to drill with the draft pick haven't the other guy values the ethnic. It will also mean about a draft who held an asset problems are nothing don't want to have basic unity to top five picks up a take what they only give you the best answer we got lots and why you're getting Al hole if there was enough warning that they should get it now holes right and we won't. Well that's what his color there's there's a reason why does a great amount only straight out. DeMarcus Cousins went OK so corporates and he's can be the leader and little things would include in his new contract and maybe he's on the new orders and it was something would be taking care 'cause they call those great shots you have your husband's holiday or it's gonna just elevate. CNN Los. At the team with those guys of those. With the least those are trying to. Justified here if it isn't always in the reason the pick is is a huge question mark as you don't know where it's going along if that was the number one pick in the issues draft. You could feel the number one pick with a kid eight and coming out right you can deal with him and Arizona even though he was short lived in the tournament so you can look at it disable it eight so that's a real replacement. And on top of that we're going to get brow Ortega. In Boston can't international forget these are they heard an ally Ricky quick we're not including youth with problems are. I think I think it crowd really lunch if you're not willing to give up two players to get a guy three pool is okay. Who picked it to give up a guy. Who could be the greatest player of this next generation that's how good Anthony davis' that's probably I would just. I would try to get away with it I figured out that is not your ex that you not a team rose some great young players sound like those call is that you ripped apart when they call you all too well the double you wanted a vote now Leiter Joseph is an all out assemblyman Sam Alford when it's about. He's a Sunni and tell them rosier basketball are criminals and protect you like them Memphis is unprotected few years should now the FIA is gonna be -- do this let me go to guy early bird and he and Burlington what's up guy. Galactic terrible courtroom where you're right I think you could champ. Bigger and bigger bag question cap perspective. That bill now will help or hurt. It is part of it was I don't know I don't know how are you who are dealing as he is being everybody is down a deal you have to. You have to. Today what what what and they've kept. As a player you're gonna. No Anthony Anthony gave him your Davis is four million under Al Horford a Salley Roland brown NT adamant albeit a listing of three crap that's got. I like crap holy crap you're John Rundle back. Truck drives recites a great deal works. We just finished that we noticed that you listen he's. He is wanna a once in A generation player or you know once known as the not so you can get that. And you combine that with Connery or thing. And Gordon Hayward you can get 34 guys out of the YMC. Put him up there in a court and have a chance to win a championship in somebody's legs if you're somebody who went. Stand there get the rebound and passed it I think anybody is crazy not to do this deal. And it's something that if I'm New Orleans I've really got to think about because I've got no way out but he's. That if you that the allied signal and you do. Finally I don't know if we just talked about docket no you currently markets cousins with Horford Tatum brown and drew holiday yeah all of sudden now you're pretty good today. You know what's gonna have much better than what's gonna happen losing Anthony Davis is okay being in New Orleans right now at 24 tells everybody that. Sure is tell the truth but I but he's 2627. And you're still a 500 team out there on the. Do you do that you got to do take him back. Now it that's that's the way to go. And I would I would the least sleep over. Now let's say that I hope that you know things are pelicans are loose they're not like the pelicans have been in worst they'd be it in a better position. Yes with Al Horford and Tatum best Jalen brown absurd and what their focus camera signed cousins they gonna lose cousins if they don't son. If they sign cousins the gonna sign him for big money and they're done and so they have duplicates. They have Anthony Davis and they have Anthony gave his tour. Or true and it that's what they have yet that's always Al Horford and me and a couple of things like Horford does no good plus plus. You're adding to winning player exactly Marie go leader appear that an official role model so mentor to say you say what do you do if you don't have that statement. Well then Carey version you're moves up of the line maybe I'm able to hold on a market Smart. As part of this. I don't know you but those players are not a lot of length in the wings have a toast toast you know like. You'll be fine thank you needed link is with Olivier be open to everybody got a manager at Izod. That basketball anything that comes anywhere near as far as in the paint is is dead. You keep Marcus Moore you put him on your best the other team's best the optical player and and other guys just man up and play defense the reason I love. There is an olive that this was because you can hear it from all the that degree teams are going to be sitting things on and and we have to hold on to. To take them we have to hold on a brat and I agreed. I think they're both going to be to really think players I think either one of them is ever going to be as good as Anthony Davis but they've got to be really good players. They're gonna say we got hold onto when we got a hold on don't. What are you holding on for. Did not gonna hold on don't. Trigger Danny is not going to hold on don't he will deal something like this if this is if this is strong on and on his desk. He will do this in a freaky in a heartbeat. To get here pretty Davis kite were your drink and Gordon Hayward so what would you say Anthony Davis should be top three in the leak. I'm year old now get mural and a top five. What's driving Irving now we already talked about him healthy is probably top 5567. Right at them a much okay. What did you think of eighteen. I recall I think that's a stretch and it is better than that. Well he settled and players when he's only 888 people about where you want an end he would somewhere around 1516 a fifteen point of OK so you're gonna have three players. That it going to be three of the best players in the league you can supplement that with what ever you want fill in the blanks I don't care. You'll have a chance to win the championship. Allegory. But I don't do without giving up all the I don't know what to disable it be Davis don't Irene a Ramallah and I'm with you but. Got held on one of these guys know and Angela the players and future picks to move different things and keep one of them if I'm New Orleans if I'm Noah once and I'm giving up Anthony Davis once in A lifetime player from I want you guys that are twenty and 21. That have a chance to beat great player it's ultimately about if you get a shot him now it's a what are other teams willing to give up and do they have what the Celtics have to give up in a guy like him or guy like brown with a guy like Horford. Is another team out there so now they forced to deal how foolish what do these the Sacramento preacher Rawlins is that he feels like at the trade this guy in the look at it now taken the best. Offers but how foolish would be if the Sacramento pick next year turns out to the U trade in this offseason because you don't know what it is and it turns out to be 9678. Okay and you end up with a a seventh pick in the draft. And Jalen brown or Tatum along with Horford for freaking Anthony Davis. That's a steal for for Boston and that's a disaster over get fever the ones who don't forget the Rosen. A tournament that was nice of him so in there and Jimmy of that's nice that's. About Ali I'll donate are now listen this is gonna hurt Bogle locket that bush. I would generally none of them and there's several players give final legislation to my Larkin in the courtroom like no bill of adult golf. Pad is back nationally he's I don't know and although I don't I don't indelibly don't you love this guy did it and visit I'll open it in the delta of old Dennis for the you know everything goes well and it's got to go to somebody I think Jermaine and he's he was of Jermaine. Pay well first reply. I'm tired. I know you larger men and their hard. I'll. Talk in this of the best we're just saying he's a record and I thought I would agree but I don't. Want with you run. Since I. I. Coordinate. Some. Areas in every final I. Well what'll I am not gonna help beat the colts. It's quite. There's so. I agree we'd. Core sports talk radio what are your. Thank you man. I think in the event let's say what you will tell you are so on target in your should be doing their radios you personally would be out. Without. Getting any not that what are what can I don't think he's. I I I don't know if I don't I don't pops up. Soon. Just a no brainer. Show isn't over into the great teams there are waiting in the hours earlier in the year ever and let's see our earlier here there was there is this like OK you know. Not teaming up those two guys that matter what was his love of certain that that began with family and after letting the year now yeah and browse and gosh there was about a mile long none at all still he's still stuff but let's and still is the New Orleans. Pistol is that if we appreciate you study your Boston to me it's you imagine the line again just that all the lights. Davis Hayward Tyreke Montel course then you go ahead. And you get Isiah Thomas off the back on now go that is all we know their jobs pay like a starter on OK nada not a brain structure that I guess started note Rhonda Romney a deal and you break that both guys you know I read in Isiah feels similar to what they can do and how they lost because Isaiah is in such a good friend among non. I'm back it is that I'd rather bail them into the Sacramento I'd rather expect Rondo and Ray Allen. We want to take advantage other little multiple again I'd back to the phone call 6177797937. In my crazy. Or MI is germane just said. Smartest guy in the city X. Syrians claim the 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. You or away. Now back to more or waiver looming Emporia watch Sports Radio WEEI. It's because I'm getting a lot of these people that I hate my proposed deal here we sit and saying that. The DeMarcus Cousins when they just get rid of him and then they can go in and sign all these other players and get great players like free agents. Wrapped around Anthony Davis became a because DeMarcus Cousins who by the way averaging 23 points thirteen rebounds five point four assists per game. He is salaries eighteen million and next year. Derek 95. Million dollars all ready. They are in cap hell aren't they having major problems they paid Jrue Holiday maximum contract money. Drew freaking holiday you talk about Al Horford getting Max money. That's one thing Boston needed him they needed him desperately. But a couple of tests true how did you ever think of him is a Max contract nowhere was in a maximum what's his deal. 26 million this year 26 next year 26 the year after that 26 and then 2712345. Year deal. Crazy. Stupid money grew on Gordon thought let's go to Barbara down the capable Barbara. I cry I cry hi Kim I actually Solio Barbara thank. I'm great how all the margin is one ounce for Aussie on year well okay. I looked calm and make about child just turn one. I agreed that a lot and it was etched in the book. The side here the one that came out a couple of months ago yet. What enabled by this aid to continue to work in the White House trying to keep hearing like it. I'm not much a human being but rather collection a terrible trait. Yeah yes I totally Aurilia totally agree 100%. How do you feel like how do you feel about a decent you know there's you know he's he's been involved in a lot of these interactions also isn't it and he's up for secretary of state. I don't know I don't know him on about Jalen brown. I don't know any public stormy Daniels all. And nuts and I think he just liked Jim this ordinance and or in whatever she had yeah it if you would you ever call would you would you say that Donald Trump has averaged. Now. I don't know the disaster notion that partly just the disaster which is is going on Google's own mouth when I lost it. You know what out. You don't think you know I think Barbara this Jim talk. You know I think I think he thinks this is the the Celebrity Apprentice every other day he's firing somebody. This government. So. It's the government or hate. Pretty. Barbara I knew is a reality holds onto his president Barbara did you. Believe that Tyrone Matthew is at its attacks and now. Now do you believe that and I am amazed. That new whig lane and the state of Massachusetts didn't see the value. And him and allowed him to go to Texas and Barbara stay with us next hour we're gonna take up a collection here for public radio where do you think we're giving we're giving umbrellas donating blood and armor. At a at an umbrella channels and one bronze we got a radio. Okay don't say nice mark think Anna's little yeah. I know he has the I'm in the White House yeah Barry Q and to attack me as an and it's like you know he's not actually different outlook and he said he had not. I. Yeah. Around the clock I hold on life I have made his sea sons I want to divorce right now is like sleeping on why would he did talk about Donald Trump junior why would put his arm. I'm adamant it was only Houston LAQ Barbara and more and call it call RR I want very much on them and Marjorie said hello. Should Obama. Take calls from other shows that you play I don't see how do you could get it doesn't bother you really wanted to do so she's got a big. And a gym in March maybe leaving it on a public radio today. If pretty good script for Brady out for many video of this I don't know I don't know how homes in the recent OK with gentle and did you think you'd really messages and maybe was million. I don't know what you say voice lessons he's gonna emerged Marjorie she's got called Wally talked about basketball. Is good with a female voices of your strategy it's create excellent repeatedly them. We go to John America and is jumping she realizes that he didn't count on both into and now Raikkonen and John. So BO this market cousin is helped off the floor with what I believe it was and at least that would be correct John. I thought that okay we're gonna. Build a team around I was you know big though he's been around awhile and they can't be easy it's Tony Tony Tony yeah. We're gonna build a chain around a guy wouldn't Achilles tendon just recently the best player they know they society in general manager commodities sound when. I don't so foolish desire they have so they have to do something. John I have to do sound and I feel wages and Obama. You would he said about me genius called the genes is to hear what Barbara said about me corset I was seek Jim. Get back to reality ago June you to put on our show notes at the reason why they're so it's a winning games is because I European number one yes. Who's number one incident that format the you know that expansion average format saved from the Celtics are winning because nickel defense they are now. They want because Kyra your time Yorvit every every now and his team. When wind coming how many games you think they wanted to take carrier forgot distinct. They because they're winning because they're playing defense you know that I don't. Lying excuse me to these amounts are just took a junior was a dumb you zones. He's well now it won't let that guy next here an alliance. It's not. That he's Lleyton you know about everything. Yeah. And then yeah that. Kind of money. And a second to criticize them. That kind of money. When you will announce his first play. Urged Clinton has not yet that you are nothing new million. I want aren't jewel did you dream last night John and they just aren't that John did you watch the game last night. How else so you think. He had two of the best and you and you want but. And he was the senate all of the Ali you are now. Halo only NB love that. A mosque. If that lets you know. Yeah nobody actually. Anthony did you force and that there and the outlook we couldn't make that kind of money. You're here as they like to say in NPR you're entitled to your opinion they judge John I'm gonna thanks John John adequate journal for Jim and Marjorie they're coming up next he sees. And here's Erica Jacksonville. Fla. I need guns. There and man all of this so I don't get Colin go tomorrow is warranted. I totally would love to have Anthony Davis here it would be amazing blood there's a hole in your argument. The usual. On our land is making the point if they get rid of ethnic data and get out or tradition Tatum and Jalen brown that they would be able to guard DeMarcus Cousins how a baby it would do that. It has taken on board million dollars more a year. Is they can sign one of their own players who becomes a free agent. And go over the cap. They take out more money to take on how or bird then they would. Now it did know if they're doing the in the way of a trade they can re signed their own player. And go over the capital. When he eight year old that distorted Achilles and get rid of the best player in the league. Bet getting rid of him year acquiring talent for him. What could be out there what is. I was eating sounds like those of indoor and Eric Eric oxygen Eric do me a favor. Give me the future of the New Orleans. Pelicans because I look at it right now and look where they where where they are and I say how they don't get any better in the next 34 years. How they gonna get better I get rid can't beat David that dude is written off shore points and I cannot and then practice season. Number yup because nobody nobody else can do it is packed every shot in ga. Me and easy yeah. Now listen Eric here's here's the thing Eric you are you are correct I write this I'm I would big question is would you trade ovals guys' answers yes if you bought them it would but it but it your but it your New Orleans it makes no sense. To trade one of the best players in the league surround surround him with better players. That's that's the answer to at some pockets. Problem idiot don't you agree that you have a shelf life for these superstars. Especially in this league. Cleveland had it with a bronze back in the day is first go round. To a U do you get a player in the draft you have required Alec Anthony Davis and you have a certain time period to put a team around him when you don't that players just looking elsewhere. That player starts demanding trades goalies is a free agent. If you can't let him walk as a free agent likely the dual LeBron. So you look at your futures they would be getting back getting it we will be happy with the package we give back but when you're proposing a mean withhold for Jalen and Tatum. Yeah I think you get a lot back if you bring back cousins. Not a big gamble bringing god back when Achilles understand that. But at the future's already what do levee until we've already had how many years 455 years to try to build on him we can't we haven't and the guys it's gonna walk we can't let him walk ads. It's gonna happen you're gonna having Anthony Davis and a couple of years be very disgruntled because if you look he's playing in the west. He's playing in the west worst chances. Sent LeBron goes to Houston. That the does does he have any chance in the next few years Anthony Davis of of even going deep into the post season chuckled deep into the playoffs. You call which of these to go what Boston wins I agree urban. Am with Courtney. I don't know what a bunch of public describes what is it that to me that's a no brainer. I mean it and I hate to go back earlier in the year and actually some treatments that Tony was right of course he'd be open to oblivion to. Kind of you know pull back a little bit. Before the game. That is a no brainer that the biggest question mark would be. What the public integrate intelligence got it right the L and college. Look at this problem now Christian is that both the coach and the general manager. Arnold last year of their deal. And they are living and dying with what happens with this team I'm. So if they get blown out and I don't think you're going to because right now. If you look at what they've done especially since cousins has gone down with the injury Davis has been phenomenal. They're probably going to survive so the answers probably. No he wants is probably not going to do it but a father wants. I do this deal because I've got no future. I have a great player and Anthony Davis I don't have anybody around him that we have so I don't believe I did not. And when you start here in the player. Talking about leaving in free agency arena and we talked about Paul George's name. Mean how many times we bring up his name only serve with the same argument you make it why would you trade Paul jeweler. You know why would you just build the round of world Anthony Davis starts chirping about you know. It ain't working here it ain't happening here. I'm Angela somewhere it'll Poulter or hadn't won your laughs well disguised it you know what three years left of the DS or arts culinary next year the trade deadline maybe it's not this office he skied it says here he's got to a player option Anthony Davis -- there's multiplayer options is that two years left. That's about the time I mean definitely with one year left as when you start sharpened to cope with the years left as when you sensing a tick I got two years left. As thick as it's ever gonna change overnight next year. Are gonna change it and gotten a lot of hear no. And mass effect if you had any injuries you're not gonna make the post season at all. That to Wallace can look at that Wallace lineup. Look at their contracts look at where they are right now look at how little flexibility they have. For this next season and you tell me if you're New Orleans can you go forward here which is Anthony Davis and a bunch of stiffs. That's what you got our we have another out of gold in addition more patriots of Fauria will break got everything you don't know about Matt Tobin and more.