OMF - Glenn and Lou appoint Christian to our "moving committee"; Red Sox president Sam Kennedy joins the show 5-17-18

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Thursday, May 17th

HOUR 3 - Sam Kennedy joins the guys to discuss the recent changes being made to sports betting. And we're moving! We'll be moving to our new home across the street in a few months and we need to create a well functioning, very organized moving committee. Naturally, we put Fauria in charge.


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These Fort Wayne and moaning and 41 thing about our guys as soon to be transparent genuine and responsible answer for that accident airplane repeat. Put packer I read that you've sort of living you a little bit of that did you take it that way at all neither take about ways would speak argument my surprise but. And I if you felt that way he shoots out to us right now we got to move on with glue and blue and Christian is a good job put on the black and not enough white church directories count. Read too. It sent. JD checked. 46 degrees. All of which means you get a good yes plunging in final little way to hanging. Would you like to call emergency swing right here's where he was hit the ball real artist outs were loud and come loud outs and nice line drive earlier on in the the barrels barrels big. Now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Coming up just few minutes we're gonna give away their tickets to see the Red Sox and your ails this week there emerge. And then we'll give you with the details on something the Red Sox are doing for the first time in a quarter century when. Between country and you really solid value added proudly out you arrogant guy out there will be of that and our guy. Guy you rumor alone he he didn't play important ideas and twenty toward it. Well be involved. We'll give you all the details coming up in just couple minutes back to the phone calls we go on this whole topic here's Peter in Jamaica Plain beat. Right beta of the idea. Yeah spent enough time or two points market Smart on the court order tree if you have been in there. Big blows here force steals. Six rebounds. United. He really hard goes so that bad point one point two when currently held back you've got to be a point guard easily look at it is every. Every. Celtic they interviewed based it was in Europe intimacy horrible. Soak it see if he's got you know 821 charts. Morning S three point guard would think years. What are you didn't have to have a good old old old dirt. Okay. So he's going to be here you're twenty point. You know nine exit. He's going to be a change sum up your that I haven't seen since these same office. He was part of this team right and and used was doing the same often. OK so he's got India will play decent piece spends. Ing get the ball. To Jason Tatum. Jalen brown. You put up 27 be the leading scorer army what. But it didn't give one then there. Incarnate the ball he took 21 soccer game and sharply from Jason it. I just to say at least today say the war would be right there at the law I have is when I can't think Kyra there Atlanta. I hope they're better retirement he can't play on this team. It. I didn't say that Hollywood is saying about it. If you inventory are oriented game. It's score it is 220 shark the game and burden created sit. That arts. This is on the list of what are you saying he can't play with this team right now. But it did say analysts are back behind the alienate them but at sixty he didn't let me out. If you and me so broad equity. Now that they did their fixing everybody how it's gonna be okay. Peter is eight footers one of the great green team is callers I love your take I love the fact that your you're thinking outside the budget not just going along with the little things. It's still it it makes those it's a lot. Different take this is cut disagree gamer to want to get to go look at the critical screen rubbing up so I don't play with this team carrier has changed his game and got them back I guess you learned just stunned. OK okay no okay becoming. Apparent which OK. Larry Irving averages. It's a nickname. You know. What the Celtics. I it scores 25. And it's the big shot as he's been there before an experienced a championship game on a good. Peter here here's what they need you or edit your said he you talked about Marcus Martin what he does in the fourth quarter and it's all because of his defense. If you can't depend on him at the offensive and no hit some shots that he wants all here's what you need to get to the next although it's not about winning two games. In an Eastern Conference final against the aging. Cleveland cavalier team it's about winning a championship you need again I was going to be able to commit in the fourth quarter and take over the game. Hi Irving is that. What you do not you do not you do not. You are not right now not to be Golden State to be used to you. Just said mark is why was the guy in the fourth quarter. That's what you said he's the heart solve it either. Let me ask your questions just here because. Because. Or got an edit changed game is five unassisted gaining think Terry refused getting. The Celtics to women because they're put five players in double figures and I have one case. Or 27 point and the other guys in the shark went when I we Irving was starting. They contain him today and brown. And they weren't getting enough they weren't getting as many charts. Oh yeah like I like you I like these figures of the Arctic cat outside the box Peter by the way the other day told us that LeBron couldn't score forty. Against the Celtics team rules coach forty it's. Well what's it wasn't a little better look legendary doesn't sing it on the board here people looking at saying that Jason Tatum by next year will be better than Gordon Hayward so start dealing him. You're gonna start getting some of those the more success this team and that's why I think it's crazy. The people don't think that you're not going to see some splintering here we're gonna say after they win the title. If they wanted to she. OK let's take. OK let's let's I wanna ask you let's let's play this game hold on. Let's say the curry or to rant or one of them get hurt and opens up the door for the Celtics only miraculously won. Was what I was gonna say but can you say OK I just sort of four of charges that you know try to casual during a break that's what if Houston. Can somehow beat Golden State. You don't think this others can be used to yeah Houston plays no defense whatsoever. Even last. And it's it's all isolation and stuff and a big eagle and state does to the doing something I mean they put about rape when we were just where even. A vote you know Golden State kind of defense they complain exportable plucked one occasion I know I want to miss shot. But they didn't know what happened donated to the yeah the missed shot less there was Hardin right. We use the next 24 bit justly benign committed big didn't miss a shot. Soul if they Beagle statement you think some of can be used to. I think they can. John Houston I think they can beat the by the late last night's game is a throw away was that the biggest no brainer in the history of of mink and certainly BNP yet. Colts they got what they want. They got home court advantage back they owned it they won one of those two games. And you know that's only needed I'll go back to take two in the series of probably go six in the wanted to at six at all. Are we gonna give away a pair of Red Sox tickets Kennedy is going to join us as well. From the Red Sox will do all of that mortgage phone calls and such concepts of seven months and nine threes. Back terror on all MF lunchtime hours are get together Sam Kennedy the president of the Boston Red Sox missed Kennedy how are you today. I'm Rick and terrific big announcement. Today loom alone he is coming back wearing a Red Sox uniform he will be playing in the game and Fenway to sales. On the 827. To buy your tickets early and often. Other Red Sox are going to play what they're calling. And alumni game for the first time in quarter of a century their brain and all these old ball players back that c'mon it's. You're amazed once again to be in really politically correct when you and I were grown up we know what they called this game. I'm old timers game but docile and some sense of what's wrong well why did you dump alzheimer's a bunch of old timer knock them. We wanna move Mickey he's a sensitive guy. I think you or concern about teacher and one little lesson on quest to have in this game it's going to be it's going to be grandson like Pedro in an oil and Wade Boggs Mikey lol everybody. Derrick wells coming back but on a lot of people already asking other separate tickets for this thing is just the game. Laws like the idea of the ignition and it's time we haven't done it's 1993. Years. It actually was an idea they can put public and our winner we can't do it very passionate about old timers games. I actually 1000 yankees return that was my responsibility was. Little thought this day so we're gonna try it you are our inflation that we got our alumni weekend with. Big event on Thursday night as I think you know you can buy cable. Eric well Conan direct talks at all and so it should. We can't so perhaps this little back. Sheila and I noticed they dumped this years ago because they think they were afraid guys are gonna have heart attacks I noticed these are a lot younger players of war. Recent Myers from normal concern door for rich Garces is a pretty good shape right now do you guys checked on his health and condition. We have. You know the other fellow lacrosse history will have the other squat both T shirts ready to roll such Libya should be fun. Mercedes Sam the supreme court's decision to legalize sports game ruling initially I was a pretty big topic. So do you think this is going to I don't know invigorate Major League Baseball and do you or do you think it's gonna have a negative effect and how it's viewed. Well we've taken positive view so far we have to understand how to work it would have been easier frankly energy industry to have. One set of rules nationwide. Towns like the supreme court's decision. Will allow each individual day and decide whether they want to allow sports settings and not. Our our focus our big issues. These guys noted that he became so we're gonna follow major policy lead. How they play outlook the government gets involved to regulate things obviously you'll be able to monitor activity at betting as it occurs which contained in terms of protection agency and we all know there's hundreds of iron out more illegal illicit activity going on sports today. The United States so I'm hearing here is that that I can't. You better off monitor. By the government. The industry a pocket health will there be that it's a positive side to it. My gut tells me yes terms of engagement given authority happening. Going on a lap and see how it plays out he you don't know until you actually get into it and of course we don't know what state of Massachusetts. What their position will be so we need to be prepared ready and mitigate all this is that a great job of getting ready for the position can now this week. Does M I keep hair like you know he's integrity of the league you with the NFL. And M a doctor's know. How was how would the integrity of the league of really baseball wherever art and all least be affected by this how do you think that that's that be possible. Well baseball hasn't. Tire department and dedicated to. He's the insecurity. And monitoring. Any kind of activity illegal or or rules violation so we think government hell we've sports addicts. Can't legally be able to brackets through it. Companies that are able to will be providing the data. Obviously if you're betting on baseball you. Period from Major League Baseball so it will be a part of that potentially if it becomes legal so they'll be more transparency. Can't disclosure about what's going on and I don't work naive I think you'd realize that illegal activity. He may kill a lot of it'll happen but it becomes legal to be activity that you could monitor Apollo. And make sure this. The people are the ten. It worked so that they are gambling. Art and that's the most important and integrity. Similarities does not that year old organization or some high ranking official got on the bus by Howard Bryant he says he claimed he talked to somebody. Who doesn't believe basically god bless America anymore no reason why not 'cause if you get killed publicly that. I'm just seriously have you guys ever even discuss this you comment on what Howard Bryant claims. No never never once it by. Plus years and years that conversation never. Kamal. I feel like it got a couple of everything's coming up in the organization but maybe. Someone. Named person has a strong feeling about. That's that's their two in personal opinion. I'm not sure practically if if that was what was setter or how which represented. But an organization. We will continue to play god bless America on Sundays. For holidays. It's a great moment and there has been. A focus on that since 9/11 that was obviously very packed full time for. All of us around the country and I think this. Really goofy sport has the opportunity to bring people together and I think that's for the moment. Does bring people together. I think you I know it will continue that was part around baseball. What's your budget rules we Karen yeah you get rid of and a half until this how. Yeah the other night after that great article. I think the fans actually sent a message that. Because I never. We Carolina. Dogs sunk so loud. Well I don't know you know its its fans that don't like it they want it to hit the wall saint. I think it's can consultants and have been blown out of proportion. A funny moment. Way cool calm once twice the year locked up. Agent. And and as far as people jury like you will continue to play it people would just sit pen and make changes but. It's. It's paid and they had an issue like that can get that much ink in a newspaper. Couple that we will continue to play until people elephant I don't don't want your. I don't wanna share about the rain delay the other night the Yankees are already backed out they were supposed to complete a game that was suspended the day before last night and then play another game that was on a network as well. And had this problem balls and now the gonna have to make them up on the line and it becomes a domino effect. USA game the other night you guys elected to fight through it do little more rain delay I heard Paula call up here. On a station and he was pissed off drove all the way you know whatever it is that the people who just how. How does that work how do you make the determination where does it in your hands when is it in the control of the and how final line is that there because it is tough it is tough. It is it really can China play a 162. Games in a 18385. Days like that that the general operating. Principles we got a game. To not wanted to claim. And I double headers. You do not want have you have to come back into town and burn a hole all paper. Red there are certain. And other markets so it is really difficult it's one of the biggest baseball and business challenges we have especially. In April and may see that around the country so. Which and will work closely as possible but as close as we possibly can with Major League Baseball as any team in the weather forecasters. You know sometimes that we get it right sometimes you know walk the other night it was. Call I was frustrated forecast changed. I'm gonna. But ultimately that got game and then started late it was. Remarkable that we had turnstile count we have over 20000. Here with a miserable. Conditions the identity. I later on but it was the guys are indefinitely at the scene out of a movie with will power how bad conditions weren't consultancy. As well also. It's it's just it's difficult to work through it we can negate it and from competitors. Endpoint so we can do everything possible. OK so how difficult is it because you've got let's say a family that's it they're saying I'm driving down from Maine it's the I'm gonna to gains during the course of the year. I noticed that some other teams obviously they've got plenty of opens opens seats. Are they allow you to cashed that in for a ticket somewhere down the road you obviously I I just don't do that because. You don't have the open seats for the gains that it. We don't exactly we don't have the inventory. Or availability. To do that so that's that really does drive and desire to try it again played on the day's schedule that I had scheduled. Whether obviously has personal life goes to that. We do this the best we can't. In our twenty years here we. Good job of ball 81 incident but not without it. I can challenges. We do you think are as their patients can and it's frustrating you'll practice communicate better through email address for all expired. We have no fault of alert we are or what time. The approximate start time and try to communicate through that you actually can be two and but it it is one of our larger challenges especially here currencies become difficult to we recognize that and try to communicated effectively as possible. Similarly asked but Alice cork is that you bring him in as a manager for get a boat you know on the field forget about in that locker room more how he handles the media the felt like that the previous manager maybe. That's where he didn't communicate properly or as well and press conferences and this is sitting back out. Of both these do himself any favors Frontieres you're sitting back here yet few you're looking at sea in reaction to fan base is reaction of the media. You the manager now that is honest that usually talks to the media things the more refreshing how would you sort of how important was that would use when you hired Alex courts say this is and they're worth that you can improve. Cuban important that out commands and they want he had a transformational. Effect on our club policy front officer. Players. You know he he's really. Effective communication that's wanna. Strongest. Qualities that he has had as a player as you know. And as a coach now manager. And he's just done a remarkable job he really effective. Communicators director and its parent ul. And it's really important out roll it. The results are so far terms of where we are poor market these. Extremely pleased with this entire staff that they don't that your job. I don't similar censored goers could targeted at their old timers game by the way you're gonna beloved twenties of Islam old timers game right before. The scheduled a that that that sample collected on the road. Again it's all brought to you by talent you're tired Cumberland farms. Only the official coffee of the Red Sox radio network so. Lou you actually can play in the ski season eliminated us out of the bison grass a mile and a game stuck it to Israel thirty love we're going three innings strong. Yeah there's a bunch of votes guys wheat and all of spoils envoy to Orlando Cabrera Scott Cooper Jim coarsely. Lenny DiNardo. Alan Embree. Rich Garces Jonny Gomes Jonny Gomes in the dynamite and ours is already horse like Greenland Iceland born Darryl Lewis Derek Lowe yup so bill bill leak. Yet Steve went down everybody at the same list does everybody have the same way as this keeps McWhorter I don't know. I'm sorry you know you don't need I don't and it's not what I was horrible thing whose tumor alone I don't yeah. I'm not trying to be a factor last and I and those things Rick Miller Mike Myers that's a guy with a man and that's. Definitely a medium center analyzed. Yes this list that was put advocate tweet about the list you know mauled just excellent the media release with all the list of people. And others at throwing names rice PDA between like every one that's coming there now is the only one basically didn't name it like it left my name I did that that's for comfort genetic. That's our suppliers. Well he had everybody including key supporter of the quarter and none of us know he has 1988 in eighty water has ever disrespect Elena I'm wondering how many appearances that he. And on just legislate this name let's talk about eon is for reference this 1988 Red Sox. I don't remember I really don't so Pete Abe remembered. Keep from a quarter but forgot about when warlord he's on the ring. Yeah singles prize he just you just as some like process he's pissed that he has just done and we we get the favorite and somebody your eyes when I needed to jump on board I don't stop sort of grew you encourage you don't stop light by not stopping him bureaucrats justified the bully mentality for an invisible and until but it should be fun and it's justified the we do beat him up a little bit of Euro. And and I read recently that and more Chris Gasper gap there really aren't by the way we're asking how is that our guy I want. I thought our guys or compliment Gaspar today he wrote an article Celtics making pants between a man on the moon a mission possible. I its current an attorney about the predator attack and I don't want to then yeah. Only did we give we gave me aids a rough time when he was were in the state legislators is David BI. I got to ask including round up. I got Buckley scheme against a twenty year old throwing 8890 was saying ha ha you know they're based all located up there you know abuse and by the way can still pitch but his socket in these guys are gonna be rather harassed the first base either give me one back in mediating in the field and thank you. Billy's fastball in the big leagues with 72 miles an hour we wouldn't ball 46 now it's only 74 now. But our. I does it might soon north Providence I might. Hi guys you have those all of about that you're older you know but Bret Stephens and but that previous caller mentioned in bulk artery he had a point yet the wrong conclusion that he had a point that. Harry had to take a few CE averaging eighteen shots in this boat without Gordon Hayward. And unless you wanna even. Legislate another quarter personal Wiki so other people complete shot yet that take lat. Habitats but my my dad is an overall. Team problem when you develop all of these new players so what happened is the intention of going into the season. Was not maybe dictate it was going to structures they were gonna go with a small lineup on Plame before. But Jim Brown posing a start it was gonna be coordinate what took so is this isn't develops you lose they would then later on you you lose Carrie and so brown. Tatum wrote sheer get lots of playing time. You're right about that. So now next year you're gonna do you gonna Buchanan the does that won't play will be to Shane Larkin the guys at the end of the bench the Michael the which are Daniel Tyson people like that. They got a very you know rarely get playing time except when you're trying to get rest over. You know of a rough schedule over two week period. All but don't you want congress to take over game of the fourth quarter against good teams. What that is the point that that he came to the wrong conclusion consider scenarios already commitment history I think economists with the Detroit Pistons took a step back. They played a difference that the basketball he didn't shoot as much needed before they have very deep team they spread the ball around more and it still war. He scored fourteen points in in a minute and and sixteen seconds of something of African playoff game one point 21 up a huge change for them. They didn't change. We talked about pitching they brought they brought many need they they microwave often don't in his early. Oh no figured out. Here's shot here's the good thing ailments is a good thing I know we visited the so next you all these scores on the court als average and 111 shots in games he had no problem that doubtful. Yeah it's sure that there's that team play that there's sentiment in addition because he had no he had a lot of trouble. Taking it from seven and eight opted not eight rocky and when he went into oblivion a year ago. Understand the shots is only so many legal round writes the league you look at the year and it's a Kia Tatum had averaged ten a game you know in that range some. If he does come off the bench. Or because you started big with Horford. Then he gets the shots for the second unit now he becomes a score in the second units we still get some shots. Right throughout the course of a gain you know and dedicate all average eighteen is only so many shots a game but it it's weird how come as a way of working out. A marching right here on the on the torch on its Gordon Hayward and carrier her because you've won games without them you think you don't need them. Are you kidding me. Most of the two most talented players the best players you wind up on that roster we look at best players here's AJ and Florida Asia. Good morning. And asked him no car or sport so well. I went out and getting by people forty quicker so it's quite well. And it was only. But looked at that. I mean when you are doing this second oh yeah this court order. Or order was. Austin what is. But we're all going to be part of it. Yeah. And let the learning from the old and I think whether. You'd do. He left he left Cleveland because he did not want to be a second fiddle. He came to Boston so we could be here is team go back and read some of the quotes yes he. But in order. At that moment. You wanna go why are you want it both ways agent you wanna say that he left. Because he couldn't be detained and that becomes the Boston suddenly become a team player and just fit in with eleven other guys. Org and later. In Britain or. Yeah. Team player well. Boy he's a team player why isn't in camp right now. On long Barack earned runs and Lou yeah I think everybody else. Why is any anti. Not again right below 6177797937. Once again these glee and who can Christie for away admirable in 48 sports. Looking at the hole enough on WUPI reporter cal yeah. Our poll who do you think he's smarter it's now Christian Fauria 62. Jonny Gomes 38%. Is it that much just amounts shaft. On November out of I am sure there. By the way did now it's a very tough challenge did nominate you to the moving committee for and in the office cited too especially if you hear me this morning yep. Yeah do you look good when there's there's a lot of them so everybody knows it says that we are leaving normal everyday you Angel okay so this. This is from our general manager. Marcum said a couple weeks ago. In our department head meeting I announced the inner calm corporate. Has made the decision to consolidate all of the Boston operations in north company owned building at 83 legal Birmingham parkway in Brighton. Is that the young. The building that the Corky protest that one next yes that's the ones I know that's that brought us. Maybe they'll use some of those pictures put him up like in the in oddly I have. Are outside the window pagan on the window. The meeting I asked the department heads to share the information with a all the respective team members. Whose team member. We have the amended nobody knows who's who on the hundred dollar committee they are part of the so I trust that you are all related where suggestion box or someone. So this is gonna need to vacate this. A facility by the year end inclusive of destruction. A certain areas that may take weeks than they talk about a moving committee. Is going to be for. And will begin meeting regularly so that they can plan and now a manage all the moves and who and I of a nominated. But blog albeit Christian Fauria. Faults is that since I don't he's nominating got to not take bleacher actually nominate myself. And I'm taking myself off the list no. They relent though yet the meat on a weekly basis that pain is this what you did with the patriots all things that you nominate yourself out of that are already at what rate balloon there and just let you address like the biggest concerns. Yet should be on the committee guest of the biggest issue okay leaving the other but this they cafeterias that sausages partying you just Nigel parking indoor parking well there's a cafeteria that adds everything's Christmas lights could name it they got. We know all the people there degrading you'll cross street. There is no cafeteria and no food whatsoever and everybody either parking dinnertime with some snow come out nationals eight inches this whole night's outputs you wanna. You're charged apart okay birds aren't a part about him that I've read I have a rather helping with the food OK so I'll put it up are you home with so so it's it's a pro. Woman the building we're moving into and the studios were moving into the sports guys in there right now and lose biggest series and we see that with the Clinton administration. When George W. Bush moved under the white as they take all the w.s off the computer a key keyboard that they do that are shot like that the Clinton people that the Oscar. So we think it could be war I don't trust him I think Jacob he got and. You know both the I don't know if we commitment make America's launches an issue so I think his. There's no food there's no cap via the yeah Brownback is a mcdonalds and store now is to drive into work I think what I did Bertrand leftover food I was allowed an astronomy I probably put an accident or you might as well I don't know I don't know doubters that. I thought it was. Trucks and it just Mosul armor. You know rolls out but not not to elect Allen classic Fallujah they'll they'll struggle not what I've dealt that too and that didn't know now they are so awesome if food's great need to weddings you Craig at night food truck aren't so I was awesome for all I have no idea I just typed in my best food trucks and Boston look at recharge our insurance doesn't. I hate them now none of them what they don't chocolate while we're gonna Biden please send them. It was like I should say from them when it comes gonna buy you sure and it sounds gonna blame for a twelve to one of its stock price that we're going to count. So in that area but noticed an identical bill that we RD oh on Sunday losing nice begin their line goes a little Rich Rod is gonna benefit from all the employees. Like a work site but it's a nice food truck. You just type the best food trucks in Boston and I'll give him much options there's one called the big truck blew it right away. Climate yes Ryan bacon on doughnuts Groce every you have everything you want. Kate big daddy hot dogs won a game it's a big hot dog Wednesday. Maybe a piece of Friday there's a pizza tribal okay editors regardless it chicken and rice guys love that OK to me on a diet yet to complete it doesn't get a W. I got out of chubby chick peas I gotta veteran analysts and answer I'm gonna serve all purposes until a few spots Scotland's gets stuck in Beantown. Or is it any truck out about right now the weather's getting nicer I nobody's listening. Call it and tell us why you could be a great candidate to be one of the food trucks that shows up every day at note. You get a bunch is there here's don't go here's the good news since Christian owes little and I about twelve free lashes now all you have to do you salute these food truck companies and can come over here. And you'll pay the bill I don't you know I don't know I didn't do that and my dad and ultimately we have an ounce at this to the army is what the committee's gonna be talking about illicit it was pissed off there's no food there. People like gold in the cafeteria you know every shot runs delegates act now. You run out there in between to great you have a few good. The bush ordering his well you know the guy here's what you don't know why at all have nicknamed him we do this belated damage and we got us work with the wolfpack right yes okay so let's think selfishly for our own screw the rest of the people's struggles and we don't care about them right now that's coming at him about a cells took it out there is even. So look brought up a great point. He for food trucks just don't have to pay its owners notebook. We're gonna give them real the real team we'll take care reforms we've already talked to them there or so here's what we do we come up with every day. The because we do the lunch how we do between twelve and one of his arrest the registrar of the day perfectly and I hope they all I think that they'll match today you knew you guys that doesn't mean they become like their instructor they become like an advertiser. A pack up and down. And am you were reports that dirt roadway I'm Erica so here's a market here we have the restaurant of the day so let's say and Monday it's it's got into obvious breeze over the flu. Food for all. We've done already so why it's not a matter to you first I'd be doing an Internet first our little we get an up borrowing. To close a low. Premium bakery on furlough days. Different yeah. Problem are these are we solve the partner and your production costs and with talk about a pizza tomorrow you know your dad has been technically if you look at tigers weren't in Gaza and offered him. Plenty of time yeah. Bring these aren't a lot of we get it oozes through so here's a perfect get account doesn't pay a cent which fits right into their work their way I don't yeah. Exactly what all of this thing. Yeah just available to you on the building on the bill definitely if this era on the field and beautiful as a result in the they're throwing those dads out and then it helps sales because sales gets new climate sunnier in time we get free food now Campbell get enough for for me an email at you is have everybody on the list. People who don't think that we can when it is I would not Israel needed Steve because they're going and you have their diet menu whatever is their diet plays he's got a good molybdenum in the fat loss he's doing right now is duet in the -- idea that it's better than last but he's on to actually hurts less but he's a QVC selling lasagna OK it's about 15100 calories a Biden we have right now and we can have bad news that there's so here's the thing. There's sole many options for Sony in like. The last five minutes we've got multiple options. I select a food truck option you're gonna beat you even have a nice I'd like to come by got to register from the boss mark your love your own and I'm not a lot of theology and Iran has no out of the quantity channel to be back in Ottawa by the way part of the moving company that's. I guess I'd move. Oh and I think the company's gonna hire more. We like we got here is the one good faith all that crap that's an at all that's been there more amber throw it can be dumped officially. To that level of big giant bowl that we walking out. Everybody just hangs out. This dumpster ever actually paying out about time we get to work morning guys on the air but on the afternoon guys get to work we are on year so it's not like but everybody wants tech we sharing. To damage your personal pictures sure. Maybe but that truck helps everybody in the like the future like booster as you know politics free food I like to sponsor like the you know what I like this to the resolution trust him even all of which are gonna have to tightly held. Have we can pick putra because the food truck needs to pay for that to put food but notes and trucks go to work site they go to street and noble has holds no don't. They parked. It's the destination. I told you just you know what I call look at it and show what you get the food for what you pay well ahead on knucklehead we don't our problem can now Clinton refused to pay out is Alexandra comes down. I don't think anchor I'm gonna pay. Oh no we don't know anybody in here I just want the option to buy some Utley they pay you to hear again. Yeah I like double break out all of it all I most of our buying your own food bought an iPod again every neighbor I'm gonna I'm gonna take Jonny Gomes instead in this order the straight and you're acting like now you think everything is free. A it I guess you're just jealous yeah right you know there. Okay. I'm Marie your studies by day. All you are rolled food and he's in a multi spider John Hume I've got a privilege for all too much it's like Archie are. Is that you you want to be right you know what seven back on market on. Your back on the again.