OMF - Glenn and Lou push back on Kirk's notion that shows should talk less about sports; Why aren't fans more excited about this Red Sox team? - 7-11-2018

Ordway, Merloni & Fauria
Wednesday, July 11th
Hour 4. The boys (minus Fauria) dive back into Kirk's comments about baseball talk being boring and note that this is why the station is successful because different shows focus on different issues.  

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Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and forty back those bulky but it to the track in front of the red sox' Paul than Palin put it. You let them get becomes Jackie Bradley junior in the right. Okay closed its independence hall. Default so the kids don't cannot do do and with. Glenn doing Christian who I think that talking about a baseball game from 94 interest thing. I cannot sorry who does this segment is the dollar goes right in the country in what I mean obviously. You know we'll mr. Jackson's tech review and literate and the. Are in the eightieth right now. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. Regulation is still looking for love he was ciller Turkey's target of the day. And that's a competing in the early first down with a program right right out of the pack. I doubt gay young waste any time you know you just went right at chip it really matter our tires is that. Rants now we're thinks he's courageously and get it Lou you're angry you know. Glad fake laughs and just do it again today I'm sure I'm. Some of the last night dropped his can be even on Wednesday's wild wacky that makes their pitches up enough he drip. A listen I don't need Kurt many hand through give me the stamp of approval to talk about baseball and all of a sudden it's like it doesn't interest him. They don't discuss and show their ratings of very high indeed because they don't talk baseball. That baseball nobody cares about it obviously because they don't talk about to get good ratings. When they don't talk about the patriots don't talk with the Sox don't talk with a broad digital surely do a good thing. Okay well we've had sequenced before we people called beautiful cents a lot to sit near talking about sports talking about the Red Sox knew meaningless win last night. Boards Blake's wire Eagles to before he's been known as the recount is against Texas. You know Jackie Bradley finally get to its weekly finds out the Major League baseball's not gonna know associates and given to a list that does to get Texas. Move keydets of that great catch out right field that doesn't count that's against Texas McCain gets so bad it of course that you know what I'm beginning to get broken doesn't count against Texas. Meanwhile the Yankees they're lucky is help. They walked in last night down to an app distilled down to and after that Austin Baltimore apparently doesn't count out so there's still down two now part they knock those games don't count on account. That the council can appoint an economist in New York the only thing people are saying. Is these teams sucked or a lot of psyche teams in Major League Baseball now the Orioles had been the difference between the Red Sox. Being up three and a half games on the Yankees Red Sox are nine and one against Baltimore the Yankees are four and five so they do count in the standings and that's all the really matters right now doesn't it. It is your pick right now into your biggest problem. Is that you want everybody to embrace. This Red Sox team and everybody should feel good about the should feel good about the post isn't I thought oh. Oh what is your feel good about the postseason with a solid deals that there's no trust did assault that's up that and approve it to me okay would've seen as we look at and say 63 wins. Yeah but they swept Washington they socked. You know which I don't think they do their okay I think they I think they demoralized. Good teams. Art good teams. I don't you know I think they just they just found that a lot of from there on a roll right now. They step on the field again that's a dollar art not a big defensive plays they repel the hard hearted view which great defense loaded down one nighter up one nothing nature's put five missiles in your face you'll sevenths Pittston and hitting your five note that a six hits right. Double double double triple in Europe five to one today got you we're gonna lose again. I think that's what they do to teams it was two years ago it was a quite yet they got to win these games like it they beat these crappy teams what you DB these crappy pitchers and other beaten these crappy teams these crappy pitchers and doesn't mean anything. You know they're boring you know are not exciting. We have a guy called the other day what's more small boy what's more by its not ridiculous last year than others idealists have lasted that we're excited to an annual runs and an exciting in home runs with an ex attic they don't want him. Don't know I love the excitement I'd love think that the long ball OK it's terrific what people are saying is it's a wait and see attitude shocked that this we spent the entire offseason saying they can go to the entire season with a 110 games and until they win a playoff series people aren't gonna get excited you synagogue which all you people are doing what I. Right now is absolutely out of control out of future it is fun to watch it if they are just pummeling teams tonight at sale tonight. You know so. Early in a year it was this team need to get off to a good start how important it is for outscored the steam coming out a can open attracts and do things that a seventeen until it's at or whatever. I mean and don't see this guy improve bonus play this shot is almost at that guy is available and have great years. Lot of pressure on Judy Martinez has worked in the past the Beckham's are as well investigators in baseball that the best. And it's a cure whatever because against Texas. I mean graded against his city Campbell Tibet is an MVP candidate as you get 67 anybody named finals MVP candidate you like and whatever she does in playoffs. You may have the two best the number one and number two MVP candidate unless people wanna go with the best player in the league and that would be Mike Trout. So you've got those two guys and both will keep pets and JD market is nobody is saying that everybody thinks this is wonderful they're gonna won a lot of games they are to the point now. And when David Price is pitching he can suck against every team except for the Yankees. He can suck and they still win the game. He doesn't he he doesn't he doesn't get any loss but Kansas City game he was gone off the views that. Are lost no I drill. Like yeah right so there at that point right now do you have any question that the gonna win tonight's game the question. They should with a big win tonight's game yeah guaranteed put the book right now socket and when did you wait to see they don't want it is. It was difficult their dominance at on 99 nice to blow these guys always targeted strike out he's gonna go seven innings maybe one run DB strike out twelve on four hits the what does it is going to be glow. It is until we see them enough that we see them do that it's. In the in the postseason. I'm sorry Lou people aren't going to get overly excited about effect I'd like your chances tonight don't like the Orioles absolutely against Florida are off Puerto. Half up you could be four and a half up tonight and. Unbelievable yeah and the Yankees afford half up Woodson at such a Don I hate them. They can't zip right nick is a run away with Red Sox are three to Africa now it's that whatever notice them I want people the word that I suppose what have you asked like that that it's over. The the Red Sox are gonna win the division. Over it's far from over and over nick is gonna be far more. Active when you get to the trading deadline like the first part of street 36% up from the demographic. Point five to 54 to 36%. Open you know of people watching it gains in trouble. The game got a I got chose these four point plan to fix baseball. Meanwhile you know in this city and I know he's not talking a separate issue but I've whatever it is separate issue ratings are we need to be no it's it's validation of all we're talking about the Red Sox. And the reaction by the fan base it is a different issue I get really we're we're talking about the issues that Major League Baseball everywhere ratings other teams you know in there did they play every single day that you would six as well the other team to win you win a sports basketball and hockey doing two dates in three twos. They play twice a week listings every single day and date that didn't six isn't what's wring his first response that means 94% of people out there don't watch it. Well you don't peace corps code ESOP's current he wrote his piece today the mediacom. Media columnist earlier. Do art critic and it would you award these media. A V critic UVs and monitors only get inside yen rallies in the ratings so Sony percent from the year ago your response is that means ninety or 94% people are watching so was first media critic column is the suck up to Kirk Manning it's only gonna show. Unbelievable finish there'd be less sports talk on the sport's top radar. Okay. If you can do it in the guys in the morning can do it's there's strength it's the strong point it's beautiful. They get into what they're passionate about it but it doesn't mean that's how you have to do it under the current. Yeah we know that with doesn't but it doesn't mean you have to do it as a successful show cross strait that doesn't do any of that stuff. She did before more I think affected today if in his first day back he ripped the crap out of Kurt Manning. And Kirk would have enjoyed that more would have been created more bloggers given that you do that he should. He should he should have wrote that instead of this suck it up till now we don't know. Yet because exactly what you did but. I don't understand why you can't get the fact Lou. The people sit there looking at this thing and they're saying yeah but what are you gonna do when it comes to the plan that's all you're getting right now. You're getting him I'd not emotionally and it would catch myself to this team I'm not gonna hug this team too tightly because I'm afraid we get the postseason the same thing will happen that apple launched. And the year before ten years now an entire decade the Red Sox in one of those ten years. Had won a playoff series they actually won three in a World Series but bats they'll only one. Of those eight years they were able to actually win eight playoffs. Why is it the one sport in this town that that has to be that case. In order to enjoy regular season Vick brought that here's a list Erica. Did you think the Celtics had a chance to an NBA title victim pro so pissed of the brits are human world there's a can appreciate that the broad support playoff series here. Right 2000 it'll only want the whole thing the Celtics back and always put their playoff series and so they wouldn't be as everybody makes the playoffs. All heroic and everybody that's the great teams here after the league makes the postseason that's okay when they re arrange Major League Baseball everybody gets in the policies as the only way we can get a good show opened. And they rearrange everything and you'll be fine. You have to build up leading up to it is like are out of and his team of watching his team a team fun team to watch. You know remedies to audible Bruins talk about Celtics talk about championships and talk about owning a policy that is not about them. Without the suns to win a championship. Nobody knows what the regular seasonal. That they thought they could win a playoff series let me tell you Jersey native played a bunch of crap. Have the league and cup after a third of the league is tanking yet little more that make up lay out his right on an MLB blatantly first off that is the that is not factually correct it is. Oh it's. Rarely does the baseball hall is a third of the league in the NBA sat starters down the stretch to two. Lose intentionally a dating back all the touting its called tagging yeah the NBA is that the for years they every arranged the draft starting to go here so they can get around that and MLB has adopted the tanking. Because they learned the Houston Astros have found the winning ways because they tank for five years site break because they take great because they acquired guys in the I know that they don't carry team them in a Major League draft. That you gonna get a great player you pick one you pick ten did a pretty good job well they did is they spend no money because they spend no money they were able to move to its money. On the upper but they couldn't spend the money initially because they couldn't they did have a photo and an idea that's our. Think they should probably have a full a floor. And whether to cap or not no that's why should get more competitive but it will be the union never allow that or not but all the teams right now that really do suck. You turn the clock back three years ago in the better teams in the league but they can't afford to do at Texas Kansas City Baltimore. They're all playoff teams just two or three years ago but all their players came up and create scenic can't afford to do it. It's sort Tampa Bay has gone to what their whole career all that's gone through a postings of state competitive but these other teams did bottom out and they're relying on their system because again turn away pieces. It's a problem Lou when you have the bit of major market teams like the Dodgers in the Yankees and the red so they can do every single year. They can do whatever civilian they can sustain it because they can bring in enough revenue to be able to do with. And those small market teams can't it's a problem with baseball but I want to get back to the Red Sox and a I don't know what you're missing here in that. The fans still question I donated this team Glenn can't win I don't. I do too well on the neck while I don't trust them that I don't trust anybody and that's not my fault that's bears that article when a series before I can trust them. But it doesn't mean I'm gonna sit there for six months and just not believe what I'm seeing all this is true I'm not gonna sit there and say you know what. Whatever yet they won today who cares whose Texas whose Kansas City it's going to be. Detroit Minnesota I don't care what I'm watching some tweaking. His can be on I don't drink it Comcast. NBC sports boss I don't know a senior on Saturday you know what I'm going to be in this book blossoms do in the early dish in the late edition tonight the candidates we might face off he's he wanted to hunting arrow straight back since suffer no way to go to these games that every single vote in sale visit anomalies that doesn't count this of those that you realize that they Sarkozy account. The rehab stuff it's. Hopefully you'll here's Dan and Beverly eurodollar map what you got Dan. Hey guys a person ball don't change anything your Q and I love your show I love most of these shows that. This guy in the morning is a cantor. It was within minutes. Now he's not answer from the Athens and it does it does look a little bit let alone a accusing us via. Amateurs ever you meet them I think count tactic whose personalities like gulag you click the Celtics in blue plate for the Sox increased the old did. You do not know what type radiant you know you know jot down it's everybody's got television Bible Belt these guys are not. Guys it is now he's on he's he's not. Quite a bit here in the last few years he's been pretty good at his at his craft down. And eat out a guideline at Boston Marathon that put him on the map. Pretty good though that's pretty good all you think that'll work as well I've worked in that was like a week ago. I was like a month ago. That's pretty good shouldn't get. Although on the exit was good look at a city looked looked who'd until is obviously. Doesn't it no question about it but it. He's very down to. Guys are just normal guys I need of an analyst radio right we do and and so it's not play a double overtime I turnabout. And the first thing I years. You you're screwed up last night really really doesn't matter. So I think I think kids eat disconnect from the audience is we want your sports and wanted to entertain ought to be taken whale bit. Dan Dan and this let's eight defending him to their liquor. Is really not much disconnect when in didn't you you pretty much taken all the morning shows can I agree greater criticism I mean there's really not much of disconnect with the numbers they put up. The number one rated. I think morning show in the country. Last year. The disconnect. I don't know who these people dispute that all of you annoy me I love or people say. An additional so that's of organs at the just doing it for reading it was simple guy look kitten into an a for ratings that's that's that's the job is. The job that you had this to say and do shows and try to amass as larger audience as you can. They just do that oh and it works for the person and by the way I agree can probably find much screwing up every single line that's easy fodder for them. There at such don't repairs and what does that you can easily through the month ago what is not Peterson Jamaica Plain happy there grow. I mean there. Visual component in the morning that I don't care about transgender bathroom he always pick and chose her torture and they suck so bad ask him. And Carter. Are eager to. I agree that. And it basically yeah I mean I'm okay conflict occurred every every interest Ankara the current government show you know XP even met. They won't come operational and market Richard thankful. Now. About slow art better route to. And its currency you think. Thank you we love Peter what in the trademark smile that day no was enough Rhode Island I don't. Guys know it is yeah. Certainly. Bill competition in the water and you know you would have been awhile. And then you know whenever when my question is if no one talks or regional lines and yeah we don't. On third and it. And anybody. Would have liked. Somebody but it was too. You can go to our exports but they bring in my training they bring in Tomas and they bring in evidence anyway they exactly know that those guys supported single pane windows anything outside of sports the music about it with it read what what's ma. Sports know you consider Roemer sports guy. Agreements. I just thought woody gone but I've just. Under but I don't want don't call sporty look or aren't. Oh. Going to it was all in all it typical. It's an interesting point what why when you reach out if you gonna get. For a person in the casting couch and get people that are outside sports. They're constantly looking for people who can counsel league pitching that they can't find other people. When you reach out there to try to victory sports what they find the guys that of people that are involved in sports. Also passion about social issues and those guys that while. You brought up I talked to pay for and maybe not months. But he fits for other reasons. But the point is why would you get some of the people outside of sports because you you're gonna get back the sport bringing acumen Marjorie saw or heard much last week so mark was on last week he's still in the morning shall we know the morning show. And by design is not a sports right I. As a result last week which was did you hear it. Is what you all I know is that it gallons of Iran and because that's deep down inside that's modest but the sports schedule exports to that was an interest in Rhode why why when you get people outside of the the sports world. On a Catholic plus X. Throw strikes. Work but it worked for it works for them listen if I guys. My only deal. And whatever we knew we do our shot to wanted to show to be the same you don't. You don't with the tonight's men's Wear combo of both. So and so we don't we don't hold the latter I do if I get everything I do have thought I had something outside of sports we got we got so. Sasha baron cone yet who I find is a polar yup or rat and he's done this or was always get the the the Ali G yep over the Ali G show was your PO. Which he went out there as as a character any interviewed people and people words that don't. That they could not figure out of the whole thing was misspoke or was got a brand new show and it's going on the are that the son Michael who is America it's on showtime Bible. And I can't believe this how stupid people are winning he got Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney and sheriff Joseph down here in Arizona Roy Moore he got all of these people to agree to sit down into one of these fake interviews. And they and they took him seriously. I'm sorry if Sacha Baron Cohen walks into war room. And you've got your people X Halen I would believe he's making overtone. But the bugs index in between two forwards. Don't know how little thing it's not that I know it is a doll but that is something we you know that it's comedy in itself yeah. Sarah Palin sat down with the Sacha Baron Cohen where he apparently was the disabled veteran. And that was the way he was able to get the interview whether as the disabled veteran. Was it that these people have not figured out the joke with this guy. Give a crap that. What he's getting crap today about the disabled veteran posing as well here actors posing as a there's a disabled veteran and we know that Sarah Palin is obviously going to use that she's. You know trying to get the veterans now to put some pressure on May be donate money from the show to veterans and she's using that obviously the but but Gina figured this thing now. That this guy is well known. There this is not just some. Some as an actor that you just don't recognize and I don't care what cost them he's wearing what Nate hippies wearing what you don't facial areas where you can't figure out. Other kittens and appear by Sasha baron. And that good nationals both physical base will stand similar to houseboat suited. Will it big vote should live in that field in Manhattan at the. If I don't think it's a major major people and have people working around and it's not like. In a Dick Cheney okay. Former vice president you telling me that Cheney doesn't have people that are setting this stuff up in these people are that dumb that they set him up with an interview. We at Sacha Baron Cohen as safe as it is a character. And and they don't puck and they don't know who yes. We dropped the ball you know well how did we do that we'd we'd do if we bury the lead that should have been for sick. Those last five minutes were gold. And you've we should have we stats that we show Kyra that coupled hookers right but I'm just saying we shouldn't components through that story. Instead what we do we do in stocks and indeed pats in brew a mean Bruce Celtics right I mean. We should have done that the entire. That's cold or wait I thought this was interesting I thought this was infinitely been gone. They're gone I thought this was interesting now this guy has changed right. He himself. This is Margaret I get a ticket yet historically and again tonight and pentagon it was rattled. Motorola find regularly and I'm more segments ago and O'Reilly I'm good. A show for tough talk enough with the excuses already won Japan. Why don't let job mentally weak and he's now back toward waiting Ramona in for EA Sports Radio guy. Do you John Carlo. Well you know save roles don't follow that means John Carlo can't be stopped we don't want them stop we want to go to the all star game. The man who gives you those stands oriental rugs so yankees dot com slash vote. Please vote give the people message on. Hi in Bennington. Appreciate that viewers right now watch Kansas City Royals series. So that pretty much speaks for itself. Thank god it's over it's over 2002. Hours it's over a few hours. The dumbest stupidest thing that they could possibly doing Major League Baseball and then they don't even allow. People young kids to vote like likely to show them loose on try to go out there obviously. Vote fridge I'm allowed to open the none logically to vote for days to get got to put up a shot put his date and instead he's ineligible for a vote. Already the young kids if your computer will never ever ever be able to vote for anything with a MLB ever again lady is there are under Reggie doesn't vote actually help someone what do choke. In this whole thing has been stupid hasn't a mean. It was a bit attendees had a I had a really good first half of the season especially the last 23 weeks and off the charts right. So should he does he deserve to be deals are to. Yeah but what are you. Really wanna see I would think that the public wants the see Stanton more than they would wanna see benefited but Major League Baseball has to do. Is fixed things so have certain slots the Euro are going to be able to when the voting is over one all of the selections are rover. Major League Baseball can add. Scant if he's not on there why because he's 88 bit of a premier player in the game that the public wants the city so you want to watch a free calls. Aren't big they came out that the leaderboard right thing to do 12 and three between file they'd die hard on the lead bottom saying Abbott didn't we didn't say how close and but he can't give you the voting. I'll say this I mean that nationally to an easy easy as you are. By far right deserves to be in the all star game. None of the five guys the least deserving for this season is John Carlos Stan. Yes the other guys you can flip a coin cigars and Austin and Bennett and should be there was our notion either image should be that Shelby there. But again this is about the best players arose about the best first half. And who the fans wanna see they wanna ceased it I'll admit that I. So you manipulated Eugene do you allow Major League Baseball to add players at the end of the process pushed the ball. But it players on each team is at 25 and it came I don't know if there's one lesson one moment a case Elizabeth let's say 45 point four on each team. And then you get the injured players. Or the guys that don't want a golden that come up with some injury because they need the rest so you are really going through 3233. Players on the team. I'm convinced it's a reason why Jed Lowrie and and snell leave snow or on this fan votes that should because they know that both getting in Larry's already and there's Torres is hurt and snell will go win to somebody will pitch in on Sunday or just take themselves out so they don't put among the fans. But. I'd rather put it I guess I'd be nice if he got to be happy forum but. It's just hoping this whole campaign is suspending exhausting hearing at all even last night with you know hands keg vote any and in the go to bay attorney get him. Yeah I guess that I understand it's the fan base and wanna put him in there. And obviously you know your kid didn't didn't pay attention to process you understand yeah the man gives you those. Stand Tony don't run facilities this is. That's up. Why should we expect any less from John Sterling until Timmy can't what's up Tim. Other. Big out of our game phony and hypocrite and wrong I. Yet trying to down Farrah and Ryan Nash got duke Donald people got to do. Sacha Baron Cohen is a match or what he died due made up and in that they don't want to say you that your luck and she got now. You sat next to a guy who he said it was a legitimate brought out but already has a got duped and I talked to speak to meet shot. And it's been an assembly right it was a all all I personally yes I study is a real broadcast to millions of applause and we are in good point you're. The way they go you yourself have fooled people. Did you not tell people they would have a radio Korea when they don't come too erratic to make and ot just. There's a good point my unit a good point you nailed it off most of yeah wait hold on hold. Alex Roemer he's superstar right now are all right that's you know Israeli air trust me I would have been on the other winner ever. Before right. Glad no real courage it came evidently during Vietnam PY and it was us. And it won't. I'll outpouring. I think Bobby bell. Now let's and I loves such America I I'll watch the show on Sunday I did you tell me example Jim did you tell me. You're not people these are people that have people around that. That can that are gonna set this interview while they're doing the research that figure and I'm one of those guys. I'm amazed that he's able to pull this off for another year has done this now for a few years. He's coming back and he's getting away with a with a high profile people are you think. Dig all view so you know all I've seen it is laid him wary stocked on store earn another place about how would all the up and you won't. You won't reveal how he gets sent to actually sign the release. The guys that map its well key. Put time you know Halloween makeup and sits literally just come on and it taught me. Yeah the whole process that he set up at people but act as they work or are they to multiple game and yet they can't look into it enough but the list of people all weekend it got parked in the public. Why don't give it a moment credit a lot of it is absolutely amazing. Not only did he get Cheney this kind of releasing a Chaney signed a water board. Each Sheila. A little slow yelled. You should be a radio consultant to you get it brought up it's all about variety all these eighty equality and say good morning shall locked. And the analysts every morning or had a number one right right knee is despite a lot. AJ you go to Google and Verizon unemployed attempt by his margin assailant later all of Orlando Florida Dale Earnhardt died I thought. Good mark. Well I must be one of the unit yet because I listened to the shell in the morning Apatow are you you don't want curtain Callahan Cheney and hate anger about the way they do her show. We didn't do it we don't need one you know why go elected who beat. Us by 10 o'clock. Your westerners are so anxious to hear someone talk about sports they are ready for you guys attack like he's. It's sacred arts what you guys do this sport now everybody could turn opera radio at 10 o'clock. I answered I like this. Now good Andy us a little did all this marvell it is. Well I don't want to tell you my wife and I would towards you as the base while god in our. Geez I thank you. I think you're admitting it's called me that many many times they worship can or bottle at colonial times that. I'm when he slips and adversity you we can't. Even count on the fingers of one hand IQ been wrong about everything that we bought a whole lot of good luck Paul. I don't really throws I give you a once a moment you'll boy get month. Good dog loose phone call right there I'm mark thank you very much boy just beautiful thing for the whole angle that he plays or enforce laws that can lead to a sports market and a fumble call event and habitable or shall we do know. We'll check in which was found them. Or. Of this guy's just outright stupid or. He's just broad and figured out ways of circumventing the law because there was rural Stephens via. 69 years old from treasure coast palm Florida. Some way to yeah they did so he's driving and it picked him up and a apple mobile decided and he's facing ED UI charge Casilla. He sent the old blood alcohol content. Off the charts at. But given a set down in and talked about it he said were you drinking. And he Sid yeah he was taking drinks of Jim beam Berman but he was only doing it when he was stopped at traffic signals in the stoplights. And so he really wasn't drinking. When the car was moving he only did it when he stopped for the stops and so it was an by the law drinking and driving straighten stopping exactly at a traffic signals. So rather how the case reminds he's appealing your right now so we'll see what happens unfortunately for him it doesn't look good as you get to prior do you wise. In the store so he's he's well known in the DU wide circle but that's his excuse at these mile I don't know if he's a brilliant guy. Rich Keith is down their life at Fenway Park missed he. Gentlemen how are you Edwards ritual Gloria yes great we have John mosque here today we of course of the manager Alex quarreled with 230 also I don't know why this is a formal news outlets that new made it to new Pittsburgh. National rich key fronts that new this year I had a question for later in the day what does it as a asked a asked Alex how it feels managing meaningless teams that don't count on. I'd your little of that you next time like real game last night Lou you got to look echo the united just enjoy we'll get ready is a W down and I keep you know it's. Please tell us that it's called on fall that's what I yeah about a product that you did it got and I'm eat the Enron make you eat you Keith and tell mustn't with the skipper coming up the next when I'll be back to bubble there now. There. Okay.