OMF - Glenn attended a World Cup party; callers rip Christian's moronic soccer take, 7-16-2018

Ordway, Merloni and Fauria
Monday, July 16th
HOUR 3 - Glenn experienced the World Cup final at a strange party yesterday. Christian has a solution for USA Soccer that gets callers up in arms. Ordway mocks the perpetually "fast growing" game in the USA.

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Are you ready. Beach Fort Wayne and moaning and for the Red Sox game and Iran UK man. Christian Fauria I think he did a great time talking about the Red Sox recap and I find to be boring exercise. The game's great. Red Sox roll. Awesome there are no issues those people should just admit they don't like baseball but it's okay should there wonder why that is passing Cochran with the wind blew in Christian terror groups are. Give us into the big days we'll talk about it in the afternoon to talk about it or that would mean days. Afternoon at it whatever whatever what now on Sports Radio WEEI. Photo in. Sealed up tonight. Use me as an example. Win a mocking those people that you talked. Don't be so sensitive I should be sent to occur says one thing about YouTube panties in and walk out like fellowships and I should I I've never seen somebody that's accomplished as much as you had. Because all joking aside like you're telling a cockroach things can get rated XX yeah the integrated via. I mean this is just hang around oh lead there are always right cockroach he's our Jack or get one guy says something about you. Explain yourself like so it's. So what if perk many hands starts jab and I don't care refugees in its kitty a look at those and you didn't hear you aren't there is sensitive your IO insecure you know unbelievable no that I know you're out here I am just via its. I I do not care what anybody says especially during secure especially you definitely on value for anything you say vs anybody actors and shield and it just don't. The counting right now just felt like Google. Ultimately accountable in what they a battle is your problem as a bunch of issues like that's beside. So I went to Maya World Cup soccer party user or jump start your one of those guys no I'm not one of those guys are so large returns that you just him learn in the Stanley they invite you oh culture. It bites into a World Cup soccer party and you find only three weeks in advance because you know the dates the final. And then like a week lady everybody gets an email only say we want everybody. To be ringing in dish. From the country that you're supporting. For the World Cup and I'm certainly glad to mice once the ball in public about its way to really know who is in the finite so so I more than a final well I don't this week when I I didn't know. Like to wit what it all case because they told me about it they said they're gonna have this partly questionable parties are little more a case of federated not so hamburgers or special blocked exactly it started off on every UBS and addition of the cut late so a case again I don't know that team are getting a lot alien you have to Wear out for it. That represent the costume party with a constitutional oath for itself and I actually use it yes it's certainly Sarah's idea. As a terrorist booklets noises and I don't usually a whole lot to do a lot so is it knuckles are white you find out. Because I wasn't intentional at all so what did you find out it was France and France and cores I found out before I actually knew that it was 11 AM in the morning I thought it was like Saturday don't look at what team did you back. Croatia bogeys so just say no clue I wait to what researchers don't layered kind of food or readers are known for so what did you bring. So I looked it up online queries and god knows Google search to none and there was some type of of a carry vegetable. The dish. And so I looked it up on line and it was all of which. It was just awful so I'd brought there and then I found an Ole. A stoic over like a bitch number eleven Jersey who spoke of frank of which is a an NBA basketball player play for the Celtics 74. Catch. And I insurer was for some reason was. Was picked as he was skinny duty with the edit. So war that but later on I I think I made a mistake is that. I don't think he was a Croatian and it gives a Serb I'm not sure remember Yugoslavian account to split it up in the in the croatians went here and the Serbs and so so there. You don't know we'll go day yes that guy. So I'd just looked up Croatian. You know famous food it was very popular opponents I. I was politically correct in this thing was short portion don't wanna define Islamabad. Mr. oh if I could have fun staffers are a lot of that came up on some on OK for Croatia will now pursue your gonna consciences or good I look at the Shubert generally more jerseys recruiter and he had me that's not right. That's really not with discount on that capable Wikipedia. Aren't here it is here's his first against somebody who actually decide it is the cruelty that it's through. It's ST RUK allies and other things will be its talent that she's I did it why did teased it it was characters. He's in itself is like us do that they may balances on time here's like some pastries. There's like there's a whole fish with some proms I probably wouldn't go. This is pretty good it's like kind of looks like. Euros. Or glamorous like I don't know what goes outside of its. Did you hate to its participation in recent slowdown that would have been easy and he don't it's us against Edmonton jet. Try to get a root for the team and I don't want the French the way and because French took a lead early was over ceiling of their McEnroe well it's funny not that I watched. They it's funny you mention that because. I actually I it was drove me nuts some people it would sheen's people for not watching the World Cup when you think about the World Cup it's the world's going into each other and and in one sport. And you would think the excitement. That's the public side are you with that you would have with the Olympics. They are people going to not sick or rush as it might wanna get each other greatly. The excitement level. Actively. Almost drove me to turn on. I was actually becoming shame that the like condone it. You don't tweeting about it and talking about like that isn't how I have of having Cuomo unlucky you're missing doubt though like I should actually. It takes so much precious time. Angle why all you violent because everybody was like tweeting about it like all this is a great match also bodies on the field and Ollie should be watching that did not want to be sure. Is first of all the people that I think debate now that the people people understand that are a bunch of hypocrites and liars. Because I can tell you in this party everybody was excited about this party of the but he made a big deal about it certainly to people who are having. And we got there and it became any other party them almost as were flying it was a brunch type of a deal. People were drinking heavily they were eating food and oh yeah the game was on in the background. Okay sorry you could talk all you want it did the World Cup was not but the party was about it is about a book get a much people who got but it (%expletive) me off that I had bring this. I aggression dish I went the Whole Foods Market. And visiting grandma always present questions accident could plug and why can't go to stop or stop the job at the international space they got all of that same style just a Christian I wanted to be as lazy is possible good goalies he Christian Fauria unwanted find a place a Croatian place. We could make a dejected walk in there and I could be you know and prestige in the party right now and I get you that our ability could be economic tweet about it I only brought a great guy did this I normally do I couldn't find it I made some quite happy to Eric and cheese and always so somebody must know obviously went all right like the holy to the party anyway Obama Ollie and my great tradition that was passed along from there isn't as did it's I'd I'd hate I and and still people. People ended up most people did the cheap easy lazy way units they want restaurants they were for it for a French toast and so register. Eight. I would even now at this pace you know what brought to hate us like Jesus on Jesus promotion we get a lot of that stuff. But not me I tried I'd ride to bring authentic stuff including the start of fragments and thanks stellar Yahoo! I don't know that I. It's sort of rank and ensure he is a former and being now played played for the the Yugoslavian team. I think Alex are you I was a little worried that maybe I was he was a Serb and apparently was Croatian. So but I but that's but nobody keepsake to work of so you never want I think. Not all I was only I was I was came close to but I refuse to have you know two to buy into just not doing it I'm stubborn that way I do it's it's. I you know French president going craze the you know qua and make it seem like a lot of fun. And it seemed like it like it. You know as far as a one day exercise induced you know and a how to thrown event. It looked like it was nuts right but it's never going to see him but the odds the dog darted out from the twenties when he guided the odds RD out. For the year 20/20 two World Cup which is I think the United States is like eighty to one or someone that they they saw was gonna sock and a very he's got to get in first. You get eventually leaving do it that's. Think so there's a turtle Panama getting Brian. Iceland get in bowl with a population of Iceland's 339000. Police are 30000 we have 300 what sixty million people out. At least that we bring us like we don't let a lot more racially four point two million. And we can't even qualify for displaying the next time will be able to qualify. Will be when they get what you games in the United States which is what 20/20 four when you the United States really want us to take it to the world and and really wanna brag and show the world how bad ass we really are. You take all your best athletes. And any sport you see you know for the next two years users can play soccer. You take your best running backs use your best. Anybody in baseball as an early that athletic but you know but mostly football players cupid basic take all the best football players and make them play soccer. At any given two years to train and you say all right go ahead take him out and then they would and when in the World Cup. So what you're telling me is. Soccer which I was told when I was a hypocrite if it was good indeed the next great big sport. And it's got to there's more people involved in that has more interest in it but it's nowhere walks. To where the you know football Jerry we're we're we're baseball is certainly in this country internationally through different story. Erica we were gonna screw up football we're gonna genre that's harder time with its corporate small just that we can I want to give soccer ate at a chance to maybe. He what you don't know me forty years I'd say I went on air to. Like when you won the United States Miami's decided. To use their pros to play in the Olympics like the original dream team. What it unbelievable the Barcelona right what do unbelievable asked will everybody received if those were. Basketball case play fine but you're you're taking guys of the sport I don't know how that particular event but at least to be your best that it really two years yeah I think he's going poorly a football players and I don't play early once and I'm gonna take the slot receivers tail backs him to take. So who's really tall and athletic them and make them play goal he. That's plummeted due may it's insulting donates over ago. You gonna get beat like a moment it basketball player that has long orange real long lay on the big Kevin Durant. A mystical right middle I'm illicit here's here's what you need to do to look newly simple write a new musical. They're gonna kick ball that you face I'll be got a remarkable way. And you're like yeah 68 to six and an easy for you have great lateral movement yeah great range great instincts. Great hand eye coordination were put some really big Hamburger Helper gloves on you so you know her two precious he has. And just got the ball away. You tell me he would be a good goalie Jimmy LeBron James will be a great goalie. C united has been so you don't wanna be able as a goalie they would be if they started playing the sport will go surely if like me you know being beat goalie in hockey league of its you can do that acted more. It's because Theres nothing real Smart idea just look back on this I was good doesn't matter. I should range flew us and you see one of the series and it was good that you weren't they said it was good that receive U were ban in the point is the soccer is never going to be. It's it what are where it's at now. Is probably give equals with steel and you have certain cities. That Adam and have a desire for LA. LA's LA galaxy edit and play at home depots that are they pack it aboard talking 60007 were talking when he by the 30000. Seat stadiums. We took an MLS soccer right now yes and a soccer is better than where it waters in a ten years ago is no denying that he go to the that the the problem you've got. I think in his country and you start with the ratings for the World Cup the ratings were down 3540%. For the for these World Cup games. You can't tell me that part of that was not patriotism. We want to watch Americans if the US eighteen. Was re young could you begin if there really good. Beat totally different we'd we really. Their only escape would change dramatically here the problem is the Americans didn't make the freaking turner let Glenn as other weddings would get. Even lower seed handled the play out the year internationally is it better and it's. But I do well what America loves more than anything it's not soccer. It's an excuse to have a party. It's an excuse to get together adroit get hammered hook up when I go it's green throw open is trying to get arrested and all those things that's what Americans like. So as we did before you came back. We actually aired one of the get this whole debate discussion about should we do that people gonna wanna listen now we actually took the day off. And we actually went to a bar watched it World Cup match food we did the Tim Burton. And and a little luck lose revenue and includes certain guys felt like everything that a part of the but no there was show I don't think our usual inner popular. Had no clue what was going on. Somebody went out of them just like using ever gonna have me at the bar and we're gonna drink during the day to be really fun it's just I assume you don't have to understand it. All right so it's as if the party. Okay air and the it's. I don't JJ if you've been a Super Bowl party before. Yes I hate Super Bowl parties because most people don't pay attention to the game and I do care about the game so they probably felt the same way about me. At the World Cup not affect I would say this symbol of the people at the party. I would guess I watched more of that game. Then virtually every one of them are certainly I was in that top at special on group of people watch because people didn't all about it didn't care about. It was felt obligated and merchants. Everything going over yeah skyworks and now Warner as it was and yeah yeah he's over there talking to women of all the bachelorette. Now city I would also obligates you get thrown into that positive light up your. It's just she's born dagger radio sports guys. Need to know about who's gonna win that I don't know if three he's planned for somebody did nothing in us food music music to owners and had no freaking idea I can't name a single Croatian or principle I had no idea gimme ten give it to go to CNN Atlanta hello similarly ridiculous I did me. I ordered it. This. Hey Christian I I agree with everything they about the party aspect of soccer and everybody at angles for. I mean this with the most respects but the statement that you made about taking. Other superior athlete and train him in the two years they would win the World Cup is ignorant idiots and it. It is an echo. Analogy that out by a late forty's I have a friend of mine I'm socket who's just saw. And he'd tell me all the equals equals our. Kids. Physical basketball all the time and he's as you can tell me you couldn't that LeBron James and the in the best soccer player to yet. So I flipped on him and I said. That's exciting and I try to explain to him that you know sports Gilbert they're too good skill set and your opponent and you never played it. I said that's likes and take them LeBron James. And in two years you can be the best baseball player out there his response was called the guilt. And it's that bad analogy you you can't tell you that they've played all. That and you know and I'm hoping that you're having on by saying that. And he believes it's him and does believe that. And you're right it was idiotic it was it made no sense you would in two years you couldn't develop to hear is that those players at the US to play from a kid now right now now you you take you take typical athlete appointed in your typical athlete in the points you can do here is evil man you agree with him that I'd isn't going there's a whole lot in your squad you'll what you played tight and that it is very humbled and helped you while out and it's already okay. The point is is that if the mayor if Americans took their best athletes and they only focus on Fokker if if equivalent football. It was like basketball you can't it and they do but the best athletes don't. Plays soccer from China or they hit the left over his play soccer Christian support guy hitting it on cross if you take these great athletes at LeBron James starts playing soccer when he's a kid and then all of the great athletes Kevin Durant whatever development soccer players I would agree with you took here and playing other sports who is suddenly say years too is it important to get rid of soccer and like any outside his term sending you to I don't know ordered up burrito you're gonna live where he can't run nice area live eat drink soccer for two years of basketball no nothing to him you're right idiotic or internment camp Anderson. Had this at one point the you know and I knew I grew as a basketball player you know to play every sport typical you know American. You know from the North Shore. So he what's gonna happen I think and and it's really generation you know my generation. I'm not on the spot if my daughter my cute when they're 678. Yet goal. And when might it not happened here. And they not soccer those young Egypt which didn't happen. And my age and went when I was in high school if you make the football team to play clock. And but that's changing incredibly east generational. And actually going on in Europe and you know Latin America. I hear what you say and Tim but I disagree because we've gone through probably a twenty year recycle. Worst soccer has been more popular than football. In youth sports and where is the conversion. When people. Suddenly become consumers of sports isn't there. If that was the case than the MLS would be a legitimate. The big week. It it is at its it's a niche sport right now so you're right more of these kids it for the last forty is simply thought of them played football. But then when they become adults and they actually have jobs and your money where they go buy tickets for sports. They go to football games they get it that this soccer is never been built up here in in this country. I'd 61777979. 37 are for a number lower Maloney is the third guy he was trying to think if that's got to the day off. Sophisticated. Boston sports talk with a mature sports fan little Erica it's like oh that's right you're gonna play other go to jail. I don't I don't they guy also but I know better for a lot of beer I'm I'm. Rumor loony and 48 on WEEI. US soccer is not prepared they have not done a good enough job of getting this group ready to play. He kicked mine the last two Olympics no. States those players that would be playing in the Olympics 24 or twentieth how many of them are and that's roster the pirates got a big enough to. So a lot of people on social media right now once they cheered Clinton's fault it's Bruce Arena it's fall it's in yield a lot of fault. Otherwise that's fire. Every single one of those fires intakes that Ayers yet for the rest of their lives because this is an utter embarrassment with the amount of money. That is a Major League soccer and in the sport. You can't get it wrong. A top. Against Trinidad. That you don't deserve to go the World Cup if this failure does not wake up every one from US soccer to Major League soccer from pay. Tough broadcasters. To everything them all insane is that definition of insanity is doing the exact same path not a result. Jack yeah. Act as fast. Taylor twelve I actually like I he's a good guy he also. I think show some emotion in the sport or whatever I think it got them. I love hearing it because it's like a rant but I'm sitting okay. Whatever it is we did what US shows you how it's good though I like I like the fact that that people internally within the sport. Our sadness and this is not good enough laws in Iceland does it when I am 360. Million people he's right about that vikings get worked out. I couldn't it would have been a lot easier from eagle on the party wearing like American stuff. And makings for delicate American dish yeah you know US there's just brought announcers. Is a Croatian doctor it'll make some Croatian seeking. Or put on Alipay you know beat the nebulous kind of racist yourself if you bring in an American Idol. I'll do what Tony and reviewer two wants to talk about something different go ahead don't. I'm you don't want to know you'd like actually actually right now art or jobless somewhat coincided wanted to do it and because not because you weren't there. Christian Christian your rates are. The two of those I was gonna talk about actually an all electric source heroic character actors and some political. How would give me in Russia Asia electronics firm and quick question the US senate so a little while launches planned. 900 ones out. Okay we're here and you've got the other night called as a short straight all the user cracked or. Best of the best who who do it again the once again is the only guy who interviewed me yeah it. Mark yeah it doesn't mean I'm you all know each. Other and I've seen you like. About law. Source sure you love what what what basketball. What basketball and I've been taking them on black eyed Thomas yeah on social support city so I don't and on and on and on and on not obviously I don't know obviously. Size does matter but for him bachelor it's been that guy that burn him he he loses. With outs guys. So it's it doesn't matter for him doesn't matter. Question promises that the the taut and I say it grows out jerks that what the legacy and nobody used it is such sites. But the trump little satirist and Sean Butler he can get 25 regulatory shall put. Talk for a sports listings and Alec lean more to me collect that debt. Judy ageism and there's a special comment recurrence and correct. And SE doesn't know what our usage site the. Okay and a whole line Tony Tony. Allowed yet for love the energy. I love it right here could thing of course of course it matters. But he is proven that he's he it doesn't matter because it's short as he is. You issued a playoffs. He delivery was the best player and also the shortest players so obviously. So I did not matter of three hand tells. Christine look at it say because of his lack of size yet he we fill economically so and only one gift for you want Singapore I agree with you my what do you know that people novel. He's got port more than that kid did he was gonna be a maximum contract guys are certainly close to a maximum contract guy he is a minimum contract. If I had told you that a year and a half ago you would say you're crazy there's no freak NY. And it's because of the hip injury it's because of all of the do you go to the chronological order and I I I get I see his tweeting. And he's constantly talking about in all that he brings up toward he brings up all the stuff I'm gonna fight through it whatever. And I don't see it I I he's trying too hard right now to to get some of the stock but he is taking one year deal Chris and. And now it's also might point to use in chemistry is money doing it one hole at the well educated as you get more and you talk about Sacramento Utah coffees are argued you pass on. Once the Celtics. Ruled that he was worth it okay yeah it is okay suffice to trade away Eagles in Cleveland. But he goes from Cleveland Eagles to LA. Now is a nudge it to you tell me that LA. But in my town and he was there he wasn't able to impress them so at some point in time. You have to look at and say you know it it's probably an attitude problem also that's got to be part of the equation I think it's a 100% the issue. But it's got to be part because that if a guy I was able to sit there and if you make an impression in in in Austin. We can't make an present. In Cleveland and LA. And now endeavor said so ever played Denver offices you know we don't believe in you reader again here here's a big chip on her shoulder we don't believe in you. We're not willing to commit Q long term upon people of talk to them the Celtics organization. Tell me 3-D couldn't be further from the duties technology companies say too if it could be farther from the truth truth is that. Busy posing as Josh isn't is. Of fracture. It is part of the tooth problem. Is he cocky absolutely overly confident. Athlete isn't. Do you want an athlete that that did that's not confident that doesn't isn't in the Romanian. Slew quiet people look at junior washed athlete is still have a huge ego rush and it works way. I hope one works does that actually mean something now. And that everybody's washed up and so I was gonna say in front of you washed up when you retire it on and I don't want you like Michael Jordan now. You have Michael Jordan's Assad has forced fumble forced them here's this got a car which that's. Eight and it ought not. Computing. Why there's no way Barack played basketball player football players good touch any of those teams. Is the world got. Hold on at least it surely. Thinks who picked the fastest soccer player in the world right now. And I'll give you. Ten players. Currently on rosters that will be that fastest player in a heartbeat wouldn't it be money used only in third gear the problem here and we'll be proud purely runs early. They run for 240s. In their sleep. You tell me they couldn't. The story BP did fastest player doesn't matter does it Eagles before we think there's a half stars out. He's wide receivers attract stars. A hundred meters is nothing for them. They'll get it all you hear me got a two year internment soccer camp. Wolf you know I think it. Looks like trump. I heard Greg you're gonna be like you know we're gonna call it an insult and so would do that article soccer draft right didn't draft it. And they you know what I. I'm doing this he still bears out there with whom he's out there you know in August socket that the prize valued team Sox didn't make it you know I didn't just a bit about it got the he's a draft all the best athlete stick it somewhere in Vegas like in the desert somewhere you know Ali you know it was awkward years. Marcus Moore. Greatest filter any NBA are outrageous property into. And of course that's down all of us soccer players are believable is thinking about this and this party. Wasn't working for him gonna try to you know. A flop and say it was sick my stomach was all of you for me incorporated. That helium co op I got no. Idea if there would flop flop for a long time. They're got you had a commitment to do it dead on unit area that documentary. The seller Christians they sell it like these somebody in the third deck just fired at them or something you know and elegant and are doing still the foam on the field. Like when did you like him they put like a home here if both the kick the ball. They have put like you know three feet of all reflexively rave party I'd like I did it. Three I say this dude there for their poor actors I mean it's just terrible awful acting like sector you want to say you know that's due in celebration of what this is one much my practice than anyone they should be able to go back to like the NBA Ian embarrass the sport because I I grew. It is that it's pitiful as you know there are saying but okay it at all what you're getting old star so I can. I understand it may be during regular season games or review columns and the regular season you you can do whatever he wants a walk he's trying to buy something. But they pull out and do it in like the biggest gains and they cute it is it is majestic what they're doing is. Is is important to the sport synagogue this is embarrassing. How soccer fans buy into what any of these guys who don't they just buy time that's what they're doing. It so you don't is lying or not. Overly violent in the first place and there's some collision via people think you're late now that's what's what's most there is the spot they would they Wear shin guards a case of the only part of their body that they're really worried about. The oceans that the toughest on your body anyways. Those guys like break bats early it can't fool guys lately you know league breaks of the musicians. Flopping is just beyond. Beyond normal. 561777979372. Of the three a boy met in attendance at today's program we have. Quit loaning. For. Our kids or who it was like those prints to divest overlord of caveat on Sports Radio tell you. We DI. I've got their wake up OMF we'll pick a couple more of these calls and chastise you were available if I can do it in the baseball roadside. Here's that David Cumberland I didn't. They've gone I don't wanna I wanna say a big city goes you it was a bit ago Fitzpatrick looked at what would you thank you do on site. Who's a Christian like yeah yeah yeah like of what you'd expect that the guy in the world if you could have report you late quote struggling. Record we're going to look at all sure he can beat everybody element of site for what it really wanna talk about was all. Real quickly before you switched used the fact is that this the speed the straight and he's just one aspect. But this state they will be going to we soccer internment camp on my New Year's Day. That's a table they would be able to sleep well they have Boris later or is a nobody anything else but not Brazilian drag artists we came out. The last joke all the ball all day did you ever play. Soccer answer. I was so good at it was like what challenges so I they all you. And we deal liturgy you OK and out members are going to kids that are played soccer now I realize why they are playing soccer and it played you know forty your book. I thought. You're a soccer guys see that's the thing is like you know for a back and take the best. Athletes. Soccer's best athletes and I did it take baseball's best athletes football basketball. You know curling. They would end up being better. Players than the actual soccer players can do to even in them within two years on the site it's reality is Tim Tebow Tim Tebow is a terrific athlete. He's trying to play baseball right now is that we're gonna. He still doubly. It's that's usually did and you let a ball hitting a baseball. Old general to fickle played with played soccer for Hotmail. It was like usually really good to eat every you're playing you explain what we thought a big games. And that I don't think I could athlete that's had let the games I don't think. You. Still. I'm a particular area and they take the best athlete I'd wanna be a soccer player do you know what intensity and geographic and like dean. All of his name Ronaldo. A hundred million a shock I mean Durant and and the problem vacant for. I don't know enough see there is no I would outlet army shot at this I did see you're trying to put its dug out. The money that's in soccer right now is off the charts as did get leagues fighting over these guys. It is phenomenon though you're right about that it here if you are Smart and if you're a mean there's. There's concussions and soccer you know there is there are collision so they're dealing with that also. But if you're really Smart parent and you elect really recognized early on that your sonic release your son because of the women's game he its. And authors editors the league but Amanda really dominating and that's all the money is. You put them in your own personal soccer return to cancel so we divorced them to be because the Europe you can be eighteenth fourteen years old and they recruit you but unless you can do in this country city pick up the family moved to Brazil. No there there are sixty minute I actually just there's a guy that plays forever I mean Africa there was a sixty minutes. And this kid was recruited when he was like fourteen years old. And sign this huge mega deals up to the failed miserably right not to get that and this guy didn't I was supposed to integrate with a kid's name he was like well we use all the nobody thought he's going to be. This humongous already do yes. Burned out right. And I was very good. These to be great to write when a user next phenom I'm scared out of my so I'll know this he did go to Brazil leading go to Panama. No this guy. Is what's his name is name his own Christian pulls sick. It he's a nineteen year old from Pennsylvania okay. Here's this week place for Germany Germany's wheelchair sixty Pennsylvania and also Germany's Siemens wanted to get this whole thing on them. And Germany's soccer team is the compared to the Steelers. A blue collar steel mill Patrick town this guy went to Germany learned these parents just stuck it in high school. Okay it says it figured out heated up learning to speak delayed the guys get paid millions and millions of dollars. To play soccer he's nineteen years old he's just just starting to do it and he's an American. So yeah to this guy's point adapt learn to learn to kick ball learned to juggle forget about football playing where where's he plays in Germany. The boy ninety years old and now other teams other European team of Merkel might have rotting polygamy. For the German national team with a Q and Johnny was then Jones took his dammit you remember but there are a lot of kids over the merger. Jermaine Jones are a lot of kids over there in Germany that are Americans. That ended up playing for the German team and and I'm trying to remember all the details on. As you well moma skewed that much on soccer's on marketing and all the details I'll get a few of them in that might be right. But port they'd like sons of military people US military people that was still stationed in in Germany. I love this guy is actually from Hershey Pennsylvania so he didn't want to get to talk business. I don't put his dad was the coach is Dow's like they're really popular code should immediately those executives it was probably see it a Little League and as I can stay as good you have to they play dark chuck. Can't use the Bill Russell and oh really ought to be right now but what. Dark chocolate is better than normal getting around Obama and notre noticeably dev. You don't know the differences in Jack irons where we are stupid here in Bosnia Danica I'm appear whenever somebody once shoot a to keep buying her stuff some scientist comes out with some study that says well did you go to that it. Actually pretty good for you as a study out yesterday. That if you have two drinks a day one or bigger the bigger one really surprise element. That you have a much better chance of living until nineteen assists that the numbers and now the the analytics. The the Saber metric like people up they were all breaking these numbers down and they are saying that that you need to drink at least like to. To attract and then but the basic excessive drinking not a factor that's going to be a factor. The fear that amateurs you're. Also sedated and you know Nokia packed and it was actually good for your loss and honesty and the winding as a buying into it just is yours it's yours sucked into an uninvited to a public as to how much the beer I don't is it really puts a gun on you. Any other one is it if they say that it more than two. Is Sam is also gonna improve your odds are you kidding me you're livers not a surprise surprise 6566. Right. No I have I don't I don't black hole I don't buy the whole. Our online library is he dead he'd be the example. Serie. Do you how much how much you actually. Accusing you drink a glass of wanted it that whole thing drinking a glass of wine it's just too so it's a two glasses two days good. Day who put that idea winemakers of America now. This is that they donate dental and medical people that's good etiquette based on medical people selling medical scientists have been embattled mayor mayor Mike that. They are always good. Well Atlanta is that your dad found out about why it's good for you. The other two Q did for you you know appear skewed view you know what chocolates good view you go about it you don't even as good view also makes it easy and as good news for you say it's no good for removal costs he was bad for example Ed would like to three cups of coffee you were going to die down or you'll forty deaths but it is gonna help and higher growth than anything else. Now it's the greatest thing in a world out copy is on my own minds clean copy down the dream team of Greek coffee shop agrees Vietnam Greek up. It like eats away at the fatter so my step out of mr. wanted to wanted to come coffee this morning and we relate title sponsor growth of the please do we really just fade it out loud it's. It's a stunt the growth of its not that you don't know make you bounce up the walls and Travis not so well the answer is no decaf we. Everybody lies about it and leg and Jalen brown L yeah did ground as the truth there. Nine he tells the truth I we another hour ago uranium program it's able get back into some baseball. At 6177797937. I can't believe the controversy. That has been created over this that Terrell Owens. Skipping out on the on the hall for Morgan and some of the second anomalous but we will get back to the Red Sox coming up next at 617779790. Threesome.