OMF - Glenn critical of the Belichick defenders; Are the Patriots issues being exaggerated? 3-20-18

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Tuesday, March 20th

HOUR 1 - Glenn has been a notorious Belichick defender on this show. So when the idea is floated out that Belichick needs to change his coaching style, why is Glenn so uncharacteristically quiet? And are a lot of these reported issues between Belichick and the "planet players" being blown out of proportion?


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On you read eat. Beets or Wayne or moaning and forty. Like Glenn does this thing now if he doesn't know we just he says it anyway all that you want some NPR podcasts of like thirteen listeners on an in your king show with a limit of thirteen people what do you think as a thousand reviews I think five start modcast yeah the thousands upon thousands listened of the glance like a little pocket I'm gonna hurt them for a with the gland Lou and Christian well. There are guides. That he he just plays. Like an average. OK but yeah. A he would not Hines didn't know did you back there on the ground and it is here and I'm okay. Now on Sports Radio WEEI. So again on the storm. Another song I actually on the baseball season starts next week these things sneaking up. View one where you weren't aware of I had no idea where to get the storm it depends on yesterday. I have no clue what it's just think coming tomorrow to tomorrow challenges to authority and it goes like the last moments ago on the to a twelve to eighteen inches thick it's like what's that its outcome mean. It's become so powerful new ways to. Notice none of these new mustache exactly Martinsville at least there was thought right now is more like February February loans February Saks. Okay January take most of that senator and it February spam on your face. March it's kind of rainy and wrought and look at it over to change but I don't need another ten inches 1218 inches maybe could use another ten inches now. Yeah. It says the good news to baseball season starts next week and is starting to goers in in Florida and nice they eat whatever it right and then Miami. Perfect and now. If it's important exists no. Can be cured me. Any good you're sure football today or what he got yes and a football community that you'd be going a little bit this warrant until what I'm with the on this went through because you know this is this is getting the opponents predict I'm not with us that I'm not seen. I'm I am don't guard I don't know what did you let you are all worked I don't know I think that I think makes perfect. Since this is Colin calorie and everybody says Colin yeah him much as you like your version of another you know what sometimes you know he just hits mean mills that being they'll regret this is what punctured Bobby knight's career Bobby Knight like a whole lot of Smart Poland. Just some background. These haven't played solidly and alcoholic hours on remote via thank you coaching style of one bill bell yes. And and all the attention that might be building and is Tom changing is built changing any goes in on bill ballots Jack and now he is the one that is and this is what punctured Bobby knight's career Bobby not like telecheck is Smart he's a legend he's a creator he is revered. But in the end Bobby was just too cranky Bobby never relented Bobby could never pivot. And I do think there is something here would ballot checked I see this all the time if you don't have that as you age young people are empowered I mean you know athletes now have political feelings they make a lot more money. If you are not willing to grow old we had your sport and and with the business and with the athletes and with the culture. You can be seen as outdated and I think ballot check me he still runs the system he's still great he's got to have a little bit. I've just seen so many great coaches go from great to has been. Because they wouldn't evolved and I think Belichick and a danger spot he email have won your left anyway. Ordered to show there was a lot of regrettable residents go from good to has been there and evolve. Arco I have to say give me what. Observed is the caller didn't give me one maybe go one they used to get old what people are old platoon peak arrow. But Pete Carroll here's the weekend is different bit thing is that. You were acting like he used Pete Carroll. He's acting like bill has gone three years in a row of light you know not making the playoffs 8810 to 697. I'm losing losing the players and the players leaving like Richard Sherman talking about how we never listen we've heard that story a thousand times. That's Seattle. Pete Carroll not being able to pivot don't think Pete Carroll's fault. For not you know he herald is who hits. His issue isn't the fact he can't pick. His issue is he kept his players to a long and didn't infused new talent. New younger players who could take his message and keep it at that level. He loud all the players to run about the team to run the locker room to run the mentality there on the philosophy. That's what happens when you got a guy like Pete Carol as a player's coach. So it's not bill has pitted it. Little has changed not only what the way the rules are but not all of the way with the practice time in the availability of the players. And how much time you have with them during the off season. He had candidate Ed let. They just lost a simple buys I error. So what are we talking is and that I don't know I think I think everybody Max yeah by the time this news did speak out. Cornea which work Howard doesn't show he's so removed from the reality of. The situation is and always well it's it's I'm waiting on squad but it's a bit of what is it's taking. A discussion. About meaty issues you know of appreciation to really about a guy like Tom Brady changing. And Bill Belichick in two guys are happy in his bill the reason for the about the Butler thing is still out there. But he's taking is it's taking too far. To say he's coaching style he can't do it anymore. There Burke we are talking about the different athletes. Attain what what are you wait until he starts to fail. Don't want to wait that stopped going to super balls. Once I mean he won a Super Bowl two years ago this patriots team what two years ago got that is doable this year and lost. And are actually having conversations about his coaching style being outdated. On the run to the right. It needs a pennant. Yeah well livid about what you there and I got pregnant and I don't think he's more sensitive to certain things he's looking at Thomson I want my football quarterback back. Ottawa TB twelve back. So he's being stubborn in certain areas are more sensitive to certain areas. But I had no idea I can say that he's coaching style isn't working. He'd been conceivable that each of the last two years there's still winning what did you let go eight Dayton actually lose a locker room for a real. Before you start talking about it's over and it is not working anymore and it's on it to me it just drove me nuts because of the parents say RE. Francona Ari bodily that is so proud he's the Tennessee got two of now to both you guys actually I actually agree with the Colin Cowherd who disagree with a legend tells wall so proud we're sitting there just you know jumping on a whole business. All right on to build on your diligent and Nigeria yeah. And every month from and he's very much like blah night. You remember the story origin remember the story and you could share torture Malcolm welcome practice of about how lawyers aren't Alderman an historic so some of that stuff is kind of what he reminds us realize that when you guys a second of the votes being placed in you is relayed to me like yeah I know about. I'm not talking a pivotal in a little bit too down fall okay with that down right in my he's gone too far all of your. It to me it's just it's it's it's you're looking at everything is exaggerated what this. Everything there depth is as it is exaggerated. Their issues are exaggerated the Arnold ice Nate. Shoulder and Malcolm. Air and Danny Amendola. Robert Burton did know. Everything exaggerated. And then the demise is just two positive because god god I'll let him on the list not my outlook on ousted its okay so Francona. Kate is a good example right. 2011. Lost the locker room lost the clubhouse right should he had hit it. Or should he have done a a better job of bringing in infusing. Different personalities. To compensate. For the guys that. Kinda had enough. And I think you should give it a little bit. It's OK I don't think I don't what does it look like fly I'd sort of saying like I don't know I already knew in new backed the player and no matter a lot and I think their times it's a teacher recognized it was not backing for a long time but you know now he's got to take advantage of now now you law now you start to division because you know I'll leave you alone I'll be back but that's got to end the difference is what we're talking about is that. Bill Belichick again like I said while we wait Julius 2011 type of team for the Boston Red Sox. OK before we start talking but his style not working. But it before they 2011 after as you start talking about Terry Francona. And I now maybe maybe it was time and it may be didn't give it lets you said maybe didn't change and it justice places they got older. But we'd let him go all they have like a type of year collapse Ehrlich a bad year before we start talking about his. I'll not working. These people are up your talking about bill style not working. As that he just what the consumable late eighties the Pentagon that a big one questionable you before that. And they've been how many days to kind of games Toronto it's 867. Economy more so. Sick pack if they go 889. And seven this year with Tom Brady is a quarterback. I'm open on number where we're all here for you week in week it talked about how. His style is outdated he can't win no more he's not adjusting to the millennia stalls all that fun stuff. I'd say he's just doing pretty good he's an issue with a couple guys. History now I was present when you sit there and you start comparing him. Soon Bobby Knight who okay great coach but I have a national champs just that you went. Anybody anybody anybody have a number I know he's got one and letting anybody is who's to know everybody to go there are too early to know. And military you have three I think three okay coast. We. Time he's got up more than a little bit QB Matt. The big difference of it between like Bree meets art bill anybody else really. That is personality is is is personality and he's looking at the Seattle Seahawks went out compare. To. Is that better example of what Howard is talking about here's a guy that. Doesn't necessarily need to pivot has been the same same way ever since he was in this year. And put the patriots what is at USC Tony with guess Seattle here's the team. That is losing its way it looks like when you look at their season started when he started 2012 loss to division I division around. Next year won the Super Bowl thirteen three losses suitable twelve and four. Lost the division I division around at ten to six loss of divisional round at ten at five and one with a tie. The bear next year 97. Now here comes the exodus here comes the players here comes your core players are you guys they're leaving and now. All the way out there kicking you tell you that. Your method doesn't work one that method is the bears a method that helped to win and suddenly peak early. At what point Doug you hold players accountable. That bad that they should and steadily. We know everybody changes but what my job you fitness they maybe I should just take it coaches because. You know works you know what's been their first 678 years. And his philosophy more proper votes. We thought I heard all the stories to tell her almost every every story every one yet it still yeah and I are regarded as recyclable. Well that was at the antiquated Beckett when he twelve Tony thirteenth 2014. Was one when that black or how. When a decision made maybe bill recognizes that as well that's why. You know I'm how many guys can you count on one hand have been with him more than 67 years. An audience and that's my point is not a coach pivot is a is that player Ron Lieber Don. Development in Oregon so instead from it was a lot different those moves on from there it's death whom I last couple years but it like welcome to disabled sailboat Eagles undressed not browns like whenever you say build up gobbles it all up so. There he turns that thing all or. My point is that people talking about Bobby Knight you know and losing Newton and not been a great coach anymore in the game has passed him by the start talking about that. When you stop winning. If they start talking about you know maybe the game is passed by this guy back Joseph Gibbs why what it's not about it. Because he started losing it could whip anymore. We really could have this discussion about Bill Belichick is started losing. Again it's it doesn't it doesn't work. But it's such a rush to say what you say they way I can always change wait until you want on his onto Ausmus and I highly it's almost like well let's not wait. The air. There guard got doubles he tried to hit it. During the season how so. And then crafts that ends at no treat you so sold with the perfect so is that the Taliban has it. If you're talking to the two guys that are given an issue of trade possibilities out late. Well is rated praised Jonathan do coaching is coaching style system recycled and get players out here in his current anti it was an average at Grady Whiteside Hillary came and said you know what I'm doing things my way. Belichick consent you know what. He grapples donuts and a person. Standards Malaysia are you is that the guys talked up the guys he don't roll they all say that you go attack him right now are breeding came back in 2000 and eighteen instead of seventy answered you know what we've wants five syllables and start doing some more things them. The way I want to a forty. When does a little down to go to Iraq blow you knocking on irritated at all orderly I don't know why it is I guess you just have it they don't Democrat over in Asia we get some. Doctor detected because instead of where double file and I don't know I realized I don't call it an alum who hears you know it's factual ones on what's Goran meets and smile he's actually close Marxist general glasses on the stock and Paul exe and where not interrupting which I don't know used to I don't have the necessity it's an amazing that two Xbox. One who actually played the sport the other would have played Sissy sport are actually finally figuring it out finally what are your inner elderly or you know I did power fox. I can't say anything seed that this would happen more often on this program. If you guys made more sense I wouldn't have to implement a NAFTA commencing they had to sit back like I just neutralize them with them vision now. Explain what do we now. Explain it. That I don't have explaining I don't know you don't want you know great I gotta tell them not knowing that you could do it until it isn't about making me hand signals. Should have been looking here we're just saying Christian not yet easily twice if he's if you say yes you know I can't win that can't sing it and that is that the two of you just that I. That's it on the subject. Is about is not a totally a couple of now if there and dark as a matter of the bottle and Ed what's the last time you remember some like that happen. Whether that player. Like it has a one. One mile commute ideas from on our college dorm. To go and play game and added that some czar and I've only got it and when he got back to his dorm last night at Harvard after a goal and two assists in his first DB HO. I hope that was lying down the whole valley you know it was exam week tell him around you nobody was there that a lot of I don't know always this feeling. Here. Yet he slept at his twin bed what kind of little twin bed L go is one little light and all day and probably probably went out and try to find a place the each of these probably not tells us on the out of vending machine and television idol the boy usually the auto boys I heard that Harvard pretty good consistently and his uncle heard people peoples say isn't it and you can do. And Barbara you can actually live in the dormant not go to classes could just. The classes I taught him I was go to class. I did not know or at least do you do you look ahead on your caller now is playing I was studying abroad and all they call it study abroad guys you can do all you stuff on the computers now. You know to me I saw the hard part it's easy now popular it's a little work diligently both of those matters that are difficult leg after the first two years you just kind of standing. He's then. Gold to assist holdouts are spam after the game was from got to go to the dorm. I got some stuff waiting for me. I got a little hole mark Danica yeah whole market are about that looks like he was good let's not let users adding that he does look they've put a side by side and his dad that when he played him in the ninety's this. You know no I know a lot of older than him but yeah they look exactly the same I love the that I think they did that Bergeron. Played with countries that instantly Bergeron are complicating trees Teddy and I got really excellent first race there in nineteen he put it would steady at an out of and now he's out here you write an identity is outstanding. He is he was he was really good last night so did you have any problem they'd lose that game is that scored. That Marcia should've got a penalty that I. Bob let's be honest we do we have a good topic the first they need to squash to totally go and alienated the evidence could not watch it. Topic quick look at someone's unfold right now they wanna call -- we have to present the data because of that we could subjecting you to like I didn't understand why I just say to work and Otto and he can definitely lost though I was out of our life nobody's -- that's why he's not aged old good old envelope because I into the bottom of this that we will get the rank and on Wednesday. Mommies that we will get through. But I don't know Whitewater run from the topic. What we runs to choice or you don't have an opinion on it. And the minute we give you one little output was adored that out you took off in grand talk wanna talk we'll look if I said before if you guys came up in the right side of these topics that we're talking about. Say nothing you're nothing for me for four hours. We don't read before so if you say something about like David Price of the record sales are you know outing last night the would you statement couldn't set a better and it you have an opinion move on and expects subject is that debt equal with the IR. I already gave you money by opinion I don't you did you veterinary and anywhere near anything we have to we have the mocked on the floor it's always been you have to use some guys that develops I don't know. I really don't ever did accuse me. I of doing anything. When it comes to the bill Belichick's legacy whatever after the last out in the owner what is the video and again glad less about the hill in the future it's. As it is more about. The national media and how they suggests. Just suck these stories of additional just don't rise and America and you believe I got Natalie and even faster and better understand his French is they never. I think there's a lot of things going on down there I think it is real I think British prisoner appreciated I think that big Rob Gronkowski. Is basically just. Following Tom Brady whatever he does study chronicle do quite frankly and I don't know what the hell happened in the civil ball never except the Japanese Super Bowl but at some point there's a school board and have never seen people talking about. A coach possibly not being able to paper rewrite these guys that he's coaching style has to change the athletes are different. Old that is something that you hear. When a coach starts to lose it. What what yeah when they start going set in the fine. 08 maybe even a nodding seven for this team and it's a what is going on. Feels lucky John Terry Francona lost the locker room after his team collapsed. But actors team lost the Super Bowl because of a strip sack. I don't slaughter and let go seven and kind of always are talking about the game passing this guy back. That's the thing I don't think he stroked the super ball. You don't I still think that he's got a light up a little bit and actually stroke at the greatest quarterback of all time a little bit more. Dario. Excellent job so it's. Go to break. Or political or if you got an opinion on anything that you can sit there and almost. Always. If it doesn't give you a weekly glossy leaves are you worried but I don't even exist. So I see it can't you took it hard facts of life because I've been trying to work with you guys Eagles all knowledgeable fans as we saw Belichick and others that fraud incident we're talking about size and a lot of 3000 dollars else are we going to get to us from gonna get to 43589. Dollars and twenty cents us some mistaken for a free I was when I ride a monthly bill was 23000. 689. Dollars and twenty cents summation can't be Megan as long distance phone calls since you went overseas delegates 1985. Your call like you know party lines are light you know some sort of wacky sex lottery try to get some sort of annual 900 will be added back to her charisma did all right how I protect an accurate. Somebody let me keep you on the lies a longer bounce. Words are not a bad guy you'll everything that you can recruit to reiterate what did you go to these people gave my number away and they called Slovenia. I take. I think always is that it's all of it. Relate to this case and charged 23 freaking great and putting it 123000. Dollars and in. That would some guy. It's up to 8000. I'm a big big big you made that may be way keep dialing no time at all. I get rid of that type of guy. Adult and noted that a bill Lyle roughly 209 every single month without an old kind of strange starting up the 15107013. 1222000. I mean you got to be kidding me is locked anywhere. In music critic Jack thanks dad like me to get. 8689. Dollars a day morning woke up a courtesy call on me I oh I don't usually does. How do you think the when he gives us five grand. There they may have their baby if you like yours. What do you Rick and I think it yet like you know oversee his wife for something like that 38 minutes under a good note all you know I don't know if you want triggered I don't know. Eleven dollars and 61 minutes and eleven box that was 78 involves some of its own particular object does when he's. What I want quick U flag. A house where do you flag all around the lobby he he's it is now wanna step into the show 240 dollar phone bill. As suddenly turned out to be 23000. You don't bitch about it. I jag did not use of the national often. Yeah. She's 23000. Did you not go to do you do the emergency. At a hospital and yeah that's a shadow of part now to take pain and suffering. It's a statistic just a simple calls it to me finally put. Our I know charging over 20000 dollars in international calls is issuing a much more check I don't rethink that and I'll let you know that you don't fear. Eight cool cool yeah 24 hours since it's a good guy. I can't go with. I got something that is every single time and she doesn't look as Larry and Hans singles he spirit of it. Easy enough to let you know that parents Merck and Aerosmith. It's on its video and you guys like you have in the hole on Thursday in the journal of the electors model with a four iron and frankly that. I got sucked that Marty and I still leads not good luck with these I'd pass it doesn't believe that he's gonna utility that we do a three. Press three locate it still talk. That I'll be right back but it's a. He hadn't caught that and what are varied and been blocking light. Now there's a new way a completely different way to need help just like me over the phone. 43000 dollars related areas such as that yeah because there's so right now I want to shut until April 5 the figure that thing out this big guy out of direct direct payment yet direct billing. And so I worked well in addition check to make sure it's a twenty grand next month okay. Is that it's well I guess I got my people taking GC AT&T people understand that people make mistakes well. I know you're perfect. But some people make mistakes they're clerical errors that are good people have you know stress in their life. I attacked a police say they straighten them yet as they say and it. The notion that we'll see but I would have a better a little last for a little extreme don't need to do so since he took the first segment off. A feeling I think I urge you know you have you know oil and other. I ever we're knowledge. He's yeah did you or are you that you had always wanted. We're gonna give you all the what you're your own show the well my ambition yeah I do not only gives you quality again with the two will get you can sit here and I'll get it let's just see how works would you accept the pot I'm doing that you'll literally all I gonna lead at no it was good to hear a lot of it has not done for the day but I'm gonna do you aren't out doing done with a hot day. You quiet and then the next set when we come back don't miss it all go away. And ball solid curtain went out might be going out a few around. You've got the outstanding class. As you know cook imagine actually trying to sit at all of the seat running the show I was embarrassed it was one five at the foot tomorrow. Is once again these Glynn blue and Christie important way merlot moment emporium on Sports Radio talk. I would make sure we get some. Doctor his check and uses that word evil five and I'm now. No I've realized that it you know what I'll let you know I don't see here's here's the you know it's yet to schedule one nautilus or he's a smile he's been active in sports there's no glasses on the stock and Paul accident we're not interrupting got what I don't know if I don't have been affected kids are amazing that two extra bucks. One who actually played this what you wanna play the Sissy sport are actually finally figuring it out. Here's here's the issue. They were making my point there was no reason for everybody. That point but notice what happened. What happens so they think this will I just you're gonna say anything for 510 minutes I thought it was a site appeared at the items on my own children and started abrupt OK you cannot be solved and can helps obviously and John -- ahead keep going on and done Tippett government could percent I heard you like him. So I grade would you point and there was no reason for me to do. To jump into the conversations or stayed out of it and us what happens when you give the guys this type of freedom. And you don't interrupt what happens they start dropping it happens they starts where. You you're the beliefs we're you know we're recruit but because you can't put that type of language. On the radio channel. What on the radio so I mean you either you to have adult supervision. What you don't you can have it either way you want. So. You thought and yeah I got a lot of wrapper no you can't no you can't you can't you are you need frozen by my arm area although. Jacquelyn and are ready so little because well I say we're it was making SNC but didn't feel the need to interrupt so that's why you would throughout did you feel the need to know throughout the huddle or you don't send your lap anything ever say and that's a taste of what would you ever comment because it'll say. I agree with what you said try to eat talk and eat interrupt. So next time you talk about something that I agree with you you look at indigo. Well said well I thought they would go to the next. I'm just to the hypothesis that we do here sitting here laughing when you guys were talking because you accused me to be in the Belichick some compassion far. Ten or twelve minutes oh my that was the biggest sucked up about that it's happening bloodless. Like you're you're stumbling and believe me Augusta does try to make this alleged puppy night and I know. On none are you by the daylight I don't mind boggling and I don't it's natural NCAA how long it has taken on the why am I teaching amputated on at eleven Big Ten waited to take that long I didn't want to tell you are delighted and wanting always do my mother's. I was looking at it to where do you. I. But I love you got it to a on each of those views here. He does it a huge difference between saying that you know I think that we shouldn't be critical of bill Belichick's coaching style I think that we should. Before we start talking about the game pass him by his coaching style being outdated I think we should wait till you stop showing up in super balls please okay that's a big difference lies that's a big difference being sane. Well listen nobody wanted Malcolm that they. Bill must be back he must I'm not so big a deal on was that academic knowledge well he must be back you'll be jays pitcher and he's back to you did did did did did the competitive all the good and we still would jump ship has been. That's not her at her and then heads tired I don't I heard that stereo wired has centered on top. Now first of I never said that about Malcolm I dignity. Veteran act as to why Butler did play today I don't do I thought Butler shooting played negates I don't have to put my. Which guys got. Guys that here we're all. And it's. And it's because some books helped him. Was trying to compare Belichick isn't blobby nine it's just all that somebody would take and try to everybody. It's just one of what did you guys. Snow from the great and you said here and they found on the sure to build knowledge that he's got a more than a little bit of a problem Colin. Powered. Who's probably seen the patriots play three times and 100 meter Olympic opportunities. You get in here with a huge block any night you got word out of you now. Worked up this morning in the conference code which remains in your late to again. Oh yeah and only one. Yeah. I think what happened. I totally I was explicit he thought it was thought I was late today that's one of the first on the Bentley on song I give you pass because. I write using alarm an animal what happened from the complete my phone can be from an element. It's another bill if convicted and I got angry I don't know iPods and look with my mobile service. Everybody upset evenly freaky bailed on us into mostly only on I don't upset you now. Like 23000 this month you don't expect to get woken up so that you didn't about it the next year you'll miss your missing the point it's less it's less about bill Acer's. The hysteria that revolves around the patriot we're not event. Are you listening you know I promise you all I had we got hit a two week off to her and remember that our government particularly in center of that Bob myself about a way taking him off. Nobody's gonna go my impersonation none no 100% think it's ever did you think he's annoying person I guess you were darting like Milwaukee had a walk. Over there is a lot of you obviously think Italy's twenty minutes usually have some short case if you are all adults and show you can keep Cuba. What did you cutting Mozilla you can get on that somebody's. Personal appearance yes I you can join there right so your hair looked punish her mother Jeanne what is the ugly guy and everything. Definitely takes its non Americans I got my I don't put the mark did you go to training yeah. Learn yeah supposedly is that it is an organ or good looking guys now isn't. If you don't have light on the here in the opposite if you're gonna have a replica of a contest like it's going to be you you can't look at you as a okay what lags wasn't yeah. You want it if you want to donate anything need to look more like it. We have a monkey get you are doing that the the air and and his look note that the beard and a great underneath. And grey neck. All the support about it you know wells has that look whom Andrew Luck. Yeah all the civil war. Here mob boss he's got a million and a but they don't hold belittled the gas round beer in the number no light at the point is the rain and the need to have you heard is like controls not figures Altria you know like LB and he's just. But here goes out of and a line and the neck he's just scratchy I did it color likable Houdini be known is that great now. I agree we as criticism that they would give him like a name like danced with wolves did they don't go to the point where it shut the hell up. Had to skip that go straight to shut Allen notes and and I hi guys and I was there are many billions of how eight. Did you have to rise that you will not show that was out and they said they can't pick on fat short people right now. And what can we hear that while you were talking to the the lawyers and the CFOs yet while we were all actually working and non union hall meeting in your idol I can come to Jesus moment deal would be how would you know mayor Michael hall you might written word got him you might. I waited all briefly but a tractor beam focus on song on the part of felt bad you. You feel it yourself. Yeah. You ego. I heard no person nation at that's why you're being asked in the yeah well I'm old person. Who. That's what I mean not incidents are now. After all all resolved gone from being privilege now to being a guy that you can just attack academic development up and that's what are on the audio out of his right now you know we can do that for four hours. And it. You know like you may have a whole day you know that when we took off idol every day of the year like this whole day and I can do nothing but does make fun. Around the bachelor I. I didn't think you did during the regular ribbon the crap out of Ramallah most of the bad looking guy. On music plus years I was messed up his arm on a Saturday night demand isn't sleeping movement because he's on the morning. I was asked that you know you gonna do the hair thing your article ball. I don't I honestly don't know and involved one or two wouldn't look good the mental cue ball you know I think you actually be shy and a little bit. It's a good example I think he'd be happier ball I think you like like just like LeBron. James is refusing to just shaved his head and just go straight cue ball. Like you're losing the battle it would lose that battle under shave off. Who's the guy I was the guy you know him and that doesn't basketball announcer. Is a host. Where TNT yeah. Most early on Johnson none an older guy Eddie guy Charles Barkley no shaft pillars that are telling me his hairline I don't know where Catholic overs had. But he sees visas to round yes that's one of the one Vick nurtures and LC that Al yeah CBS on the ground yes it's in tune with our. Lomas brown who Charles Brown you know Charlie Brown win I do I know he's there. Literally. Up the middle attack as far as its gains and round but sooner or the guy's a good. Then then yes obviously highlighted I don't even bella look at net loss of a hundred I'm is I'm for it it's like it admit is that as you look like. It's our community theater itself if you look at the care to of them got Albert was it shot beat yet again it looks at those and it looks like he paints. Something we shouldn't be foolish you know we should not be donuts well now we should not be talking about the people like this because we didn't we learn we're not supposed to do that. You're ripping me. OK then you're ripping mark during the breaks is awfully Senator Obama. It was yeah it was fairly I was yeah I'm amount amount amount ever by a mop I'm doing I'm I'm gonna make fun of that everybody. Let me on the opposite direction and let me out of there may update your there's some your insecure about I'm gonna make fun of it I want a dual I thought Kirkwood good. On that Hernandez special. And an eagle good. Now putting on a tire design that they don't make a big change bronzed and beautiful. Thing. Be very careful are you people loser here I'm sorry you're not that category they'll never have to worry about it is totally not an act and Hillary who had afterward you'll need. It's hard look at a drive in movie theater right and that's sort of start look like I think was happening when leaving too easily find yourself the same time I'm but he did when you know you look at Meehan and I'm being born and they say I will give this dude is a good head. And make sure it's well. I'd like they may recall why they'd you know skinny. But you know pretty bad hair out. Once all the way actually six through all my sixth city would you would you wouldn't be other. Radio show invalidated the homemade balloon landed in the book that you badly legs a little out of their day like I thought that they wanted to go to Seattle goes yeah. Citizens are mad at making always plugged into alleged gonna be so round you're going to be 59. When you actually stand because streak is great amount the government all sophomores and they give you the biggest ass a person your size and a console which. But I would get on it departments close I'm close. We shouldn't be don't. Is Christie at these good. Right this wrong feels good hearted about it feel good so good about afterwards senator Lamar not appropriate yes no I agree to any not yet not appropriate song appropriate. You want talk some football and now they're built. And I agree with negative net pay another young guys and and other guys are on board I get to differing views of what Bill Belichick has done in the Nazis Allred and I'm sure you'll agree with both of little little Nobel injects. And you on. FaceBook Twitter and it's moral or wade were loading and 48. Sports Radio telling you. One thing that Bill Belichick have to do have to repair the relationship with Tom Brady I'm sure you guys are the end of Tom vs time. Get full editorial control a lot of that over that if they fix it the last couple of weeks he could have gone to Gotham Chopra says you know what take apart. Which itself saying he wants that you'll appreciate it got out that we don't need that in there that's Dillon that is the problem between Brady and Belichick isn't that yet. And I'm not think they need to go out have Beers together after the game I'm not saying to go to dinner during the week but they need to get their relationship level again. That's first career yeah bring enough this'll play once again I gotta get together with the kids except for Obama. The towers. But I do you have an accurate but the but the can't get together because Brady's doing an exclusive interview every single day some People Magazine that. That's his latest interview talking about strawberries. And TV twelfth obviously bush in the brain. And the interviews she's doing and I don't know how this was exclusive. This was the exact same stuff written People Magazine. That he did in the previous interviews and is there anything exclusive. Anybody yet you did you did you like this you can like about it used him as people article you know you were very upset about love. Wouldn't swallow you I just thought about it a moments. That. Keeps me such an insult. It does. I I don't know why let me just say this guy I know your fear be honest I know you like the other along with people around it hasn't worked out so well at this point and blue and I have to help you get along with people that yes you didn't say anything about Mott. During the break we made it up as they radioed ahead. Okay that you gotta go I you have now did you get out there and a human dignity and blood room now let's get back to a Great Britain on record and. At the savior. Plan but British doing all of these like this look toward historic Spencer will witness and have them out. How are I would say this you I guess you could say he's the one that brought up and I don't think he's taken time away from his family. But he's the one that did say that the one thing he was devoting all of this times tonight. But any other hair. People are going to get a little higher Tom Brady promoting the product TB twelve he's a marketer right now. He's out there are doing infomercials. Commercials to promote his pride. He's just playing you why why and I I hear you but this is what to do isn't. This is what if you look at blogging is this good man look we beat Killen guy what really killed on Peyton Manning what for doing commercial I don't know this I don't. We we did people roll people people in this area. Don't look for doing it Buell commercial don't republic John's commercial here's the difference though. See Peyton Manning doesn't have like the man away yet the Manning passing academy. Which he has every year for you know high school and college kids but he doesn't have a lifestyle that he selling. He's not doing that he's not telling people you know how they should live their life. And you know what's but you know it's eating habits he's not doing that so it's. It's extremely different we look at Peyton Manning who you don't like why you don't like that Tom Brady's doing. I could care less appealing he's doing the right thing we're sure what point should we do vs Clinton why is. You completed seven people were upset many nobody nobody was upset many people appear in my area and I thought man always. We make fun of our. We are not a commercial. Nobody's thinking at least doing so what he's doing right now guys that commercial is something that you go in one day in the studio wanted to few hours of buying up commercial. Tom Brady now is out you're doing. Interviews to promote his product it is obvious to all of us. That there is a criteria set up for each one of those interviews nobody has asked in the question and all these interviews he's done what happened in the super ball. Eli and nobody out and I'll go to out of his shell each while right so they're giving you wait list of questions these are staged. In for commercials that Brady is so. And all of us is and the funny thing is it's it's. Hilarious that People Magazine is promoting it as an exclusive. Interview with Tom Britt did you read anything in the that's exclusive. Thought TB twelve it's the same thought that he says there attack the other night yes right in the same stuff with Coke it's all the same stuff. Is this not gonna get a little bit tedious a bird person going to get together and they need to have this conversation he's got to sit down with Belichick and the and I agree it's probably a good idea that they get this thing and and answer but right now I'm sure that's the main priority. That Tom Brady passed because companies doing something in this offseason that would never seen him do before. Checks when the exact same things that are wrote a yesterday he stormed this. She's friendly all outside hit the bag right. And making a funny joke in front of a microphone and I was. That was it I don't people were excited about classical there but it is no of course is in but anxious. This is weird. Why why are so why is relatively Brady get the break is on you do or Euphrates he's not gonna allow you in the game that the charity game I don't play anymore. What happened like iced. Play his replacement camera you retire no Tehran to make an attorney and a million miles actually study tell us what their plans for cutting your double what younger I don't like the. This that they had a ball these guys and I think Tom can still separate once again among Willis sit there and say well Tom's new lifestyle. Has got to change. Suing go back to being Tom very that was the MVP. It to 500 yards mr. ball. I'm not raise it to say that Bill Belichick needs to change his style of coaching can that he worked at after just with the back to back for consumables. So I think everybody's gotten ahead of themselves. Is there tension between these two this Tom Phil under appreciated absolutely agree 100%. But I think both of them. Our cell. How that they can separate the he just separated. Which are about to with a great you grab some great athlete and used to talking to me like that there's law center. He's a little bit strange Bill Belichick is like that he can separate the two I think Tom is like that that's why they got together for solo that's why nothing is really gotten personal. Is because even though you're pissed you don't like somebody that is a casino would sit down with what a football game. Very nice ending to what we go on our way. India and Matthew once in awhile it's not gonna stocks showed them what they have to meet if they're both professionals on the Campbell's deal with. All of this that's why they have to get together let's go against you I think what's important that you do your job and also much I want to be true and I don't think you. Want to get such a point you know come to a head. It just clear a few things that we just move on it you'll never agree it would never understand each other but this when my life is right now. And you can't acceptable you know whatever goal about a business. Just to win football games you know I think these two could separate IP they can work together. But are these any question that bill was really like the new Tom and Tom does it really like bill right now. I would give me another athlete in any sport I don't care what it is an Olympic sport doesn't matter. That while they were at their peak there were also pushy and of way of life. The people books. Cookbooks. Training books. Training facilities and leads Al yeah an athlete in any major sport doesn't matter what it is. Nobody's ever done this before you bad guys you know you know let me let me release an applicant tree he had Medina did you read a book about the wait grew up. Nobody. Nobody has ever done what Tom Brady is doing this is uncharted waters of what the way he's handling it it's par picked. Yes because he's the same person that was the same message that he gave too cold there. The person that was pretty people didn't sickle where. So save these would be a dark brown and I mean you aren't none inauguration on eagle there it is our legacy gives you might actually yes. I that if it was same audience yes no I think. Yeah I think people who do you think by People Magazine women men women actually my stand up I'm a huge demo and rocket would be what chemical there. I didn't know yes women articles and it's just that you know they're nothing to do you watch that more people at 88 Donna because I had my title there. Because they did I just meant by People Magazine also right. Right that's candidates went and the art at all. The talk I'm not talking about going to do I know what he's doing he's trying to go in target. All of these different demographic groups but you can't tell me that People Magazine has not aware when they did you did you what questions were cold there. That's that they knew they knew they did their research these magazines go overboard with research when they do these about Tom's people probably also gave analysts question that's what it is. It is yes it is all who see it all set up. This is all a setup People Magazine is it they go oh my god we can get Tom Brady degree Tom Brady talked to us. But you gap but you can only get him to talk about something that he wants to promote because it is his life now. Or a minute who's like just football he lost in the Super Bowl he brought the team from behind a year ago he lost this year why can't I ask of a question about that. They won't let you. Because they don't wanna talk about football. They don't all the wanna talk about as TB twelve. And you're telling me that as as fans out there that this won't eventually. Start getting to the point where people go OK Tom I get it your view in great shape you been able to do this at age forty. But you know enough is enough don't. Only when exactly drops what is my job that's incorrect on incidents at our mile of you're bitch right now we spent too much time without where the he's losing his mind to devote 500 yards consumables MVP of the league you these candidates right now about somethings don't I don't care that is get the bill. We reviewed bill that all the stuff is getting to build and build upon it like you bill yes yes absolutely absolutely yeah that's so it's the next big Russ Anderson that we can't. We can't survive IQ we know our game on the new Tom I don't like the new Tom Brown but I ask you win games and I knew Tom I know that much as you still play quarterback. So again that's the end game personally I think a lot of issues you tell me professionally I must surely don't. You've heard by playing back and forth with bill and Brady and you pointed out numerous times in the show. That the great thing for players like you and others was to build could lack child and point out something Brady didn't do right and people wet about it. And do you think that bill's not gonna throw if he's having struggles are there issues he's gonna serve TB twelve on his face second throw some of these in. Commercials and as some of the documents like slides slowly backhander past and apparently we're doing now you'll probably you'll probably working on episode three Euro zone and that's crossed the line. On a lot of heated economy not jokingly that's. That's also. So initially left tackle getting blown out. And Tom you sit there and you rip in the left tackle and you say you know. And Tom meets up catalyst team but still get hurt them doing that happened the bills and let me get out of my guys that expect when. And yet when I die. So I think all jokes and our country and I think that's I don't think I will help I don't Yelp pliable Tom is that that's to begin hurt yeah you know fill that can have a gym. Yeah that's the real thing. Calling him out for not having an answer right sanity spending too much time selling a book that wouldn't happen nobody I think would lose saying is selling the book that's what he's doing. He's advertising to the world this is what I do. Orvella chuckles they want to go back it if he played poorly want to go back to the luxury box up there and had a guy rugged down won't want to you don't think you suspect if I don't think he also does something like that happens everybody's Kevin Graham now as bill fills in South Carolina to. It is our day and a Prodi you know at some point time let's talk about Auburn today and Donald the trump junior really eager you know age is good let it be careful not remotely to this interpretation of the season I just got at least a who shouted you wonder are you actively used as a might attract a weapon with which it's funny is. Is that it can remember every. Propeller while say this what you don't do this. Which don't do I'm just you you don't hear area you don't have a with the singer. Who will end up writing a song about cool and name the JT move Donald who. From your privacy at some people you know they might. An affair with them on and meet them it will vote you don't think stormy day I was scenario dilate you know socially like you know whether the summary in in that power position. That America so stormy Daniels on the marrying thing what do you think exactly exactly proving Mike port and thank you very very much. It won't cost three cents consensus is that are doing it 6177797937. My.