OMF - Glenn has some support for his critical take on Mike Tomlin; what is Dombrowski doing in Orlando? 12-14-17

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Thursday, December 14th

HOUR 3 - Glenn thinks Mike Tomlin is an overrated head coach, and one website's coach rankings backs him up. Why is the entire Red Sox offseason stuck in the mud? Dave Dombowski sure is taking his time down in Orlando.


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Fort Wayne and moaning and forty children should go do a little with his original restaurant group well according to her. That's actual rest implement many get to the other a hard thing I do you want to battle but I did not you're an improbable. You'll release. Kids a bath. Back in pocket with glee and Lou and Christian thing that you always announced they'll data buildings literally got why would you announce him out of the bill the winter meetings why would you do get socked in victory in the winter meetings but the job of the ball the go to New York you know one possibly almost possibly poll why would you do anything led may first duplicate all right hey Kirk yeah. We calendar made our and you can't throw it owes his spirit that may. Big Bertha 2008 and these spirited bottles sit a while now on Sports Radio WEEI. Mitigated the Red Sox in a few minutes holding up its I know that they've impressed he's been really patient right now down and Orlando. But I'm just hold. Hopefully if I delay it long enough that one of these guys will be signed because they do have Christmas that at Fenway Saturday but one other thing on this football game on Sunday. Against the Pittsburgh steels I don't know if you heard dale and Holley talked about this yesterday. If you think I'm rough on Mike Tomlin. There's this website out there that that that Don banks is on it and almost sucked dot com yes. Put it it's like hit Canada side says don't call. It really identity it rates the head coaches only half and it breaks down like analytics with the head coaches like. Exit no decisions that they guy runs that's an inheritance. Tomlin was rightly know were hit. We don't pretend he was ranked when we get the sense because I would have reported that lol I'm. And better I was driving driving down their ridiculous I was like what Agassi Tomlin had some of the other names. Within a lot of young coaches are. Update Peterson. Hampshire yes Doug Peterson we editors there is an internal shares Airways and bill so this year top there's four of them and this is but here's it is imminent only. Only this year we're not talking about so coaches Pete marriage and agreed yet Sean Payton. Yet the wires used Abbott so here's the one thing I'm I'm I'm wondering with Pittsburgh and how big how hot home become ten. Is it. That's what about Pittsburgh when you look at if you if you talk to people down Pittsburgh and in no particular order in no it's in potential order a likes the way you do these rankings they firing them out of love Mara and for the moment they would love you to be number twenty and feel like you're as good as number one in your ranking. Now they rank and irony here in particular order. But the one thing that's that's interesting when you look at Pittsburgh and one thing that than them are heard. That the people in Pittsburgh are claiming this is what they're very concerned about has gained this weight. Is that they have been they have they have won by like four points or last year like eight games this year read something wrong. They're they're barely winning these games and according to the people that are conversing about it down in Pittsburgh. They're claiming a lot of that was horrible mistake of the other team is making. Yes close to Pittsburgh making a big huge and so you want a whole list on an island that and that hurt that might hurt Tomlin on this if. So so bills obviously one Sean Payton Doug Peterson and Sean McVeigh. On Mike Zimmer. Andy Reid Jay gruden and a this record has nothing to do Jay gruden and hadron Craig Jay gruden once alone grooves. My guide dug in Rome and and then Mike top and no that Jim Cole you know call. If not a wholesale. And I hope. He's not. Oh gruden and Jim Caldwell should run wanna throw out the O Jim Caldwell when it did loses all credit that he appoint you as well every Siena were usual player in the side of the other team gets it every element of blind squirrel fights in the corner right you're lucky you're just the united announcement a coach at -- as portions of the bodies locked. So to your point. Is it because the other team gets a big stupid. Because you were really proactive that you played chess and Playtex that's generally how is it that's kind of the right. It's kind of the narrative in Pittsburgh right now and so what you're hearing about Tomlin is. It's not like you're winning these games easily it's almost like at the end you think your team is going to lose. And then you know markets marianas screws up you know just rose a ridiculous. Ayatollah so here's here's the creche here right five key areas areas we fields is there's hazard there analogy. Strongly influence the outcome of any game the five facts as we review analyzed in great are. Number one play caller. Okay Blake played college okay. A student recently because when I played solace that's it we're going there we go way. But Jennifer head coach yet because the head coach is in charge on the Isabel now now wedeman he's not in charge of the individual but he's in charge of this is the approach will Annan what is it hardly great you know Josh goes over the plan and it is some distance expected fourth bullet. While the game's going on. You know he's charged article called you don't you know look if you're not offensively and you calls all plays entered on offensive minded coach and that's a major major mark definitely eighty recycles poisoning so loose point game planning is actually the third year Aso. No politician being well yeah Seattle play calling is like a head coach for sale OK hey coach out of office Courtney can we go forward on fourth and one I won't won't play call which when you have okay yet going to go out and on the play. That's not personal you know you don't give a Christian it's fair to say that when they're talking about head coach ranking. It's the entire coaching staff okay that's what did. This does coaching staff that apple says here that why don't they don't know who's making specific decisions so then I could sit there and personal annihilated you read on this anymore. You know because he's no longer calling the place so personnel utilize the nation. City great how well each head coach utilizes the personnel will be able to him on the Roth for example if a particular running back is is about the past answer. And opera with the tournament. You're just so this is like on a pre game plan. A case number four in game adjustments. Okay what I think is out here are the two most support these and and though in the the last two the two most important things. In game adjustments by halftime adjustments their lips and how do you switch it and how quickly can you coach your team up to guess just those adjustments right. That's what did we get Brady we give a bill more credit for that more than anything. And clock management. Games are won and lost it and we re doing that it is okay. So it makes sense finds these but. That's the most what they villages. In making the Demi 11 o'clock man I I don't blame game bounce our solid offensive plays and talking about you know fourth and one and the forty punt in the Nokia stock. You know like they're in teams coming to Foxboro so mean those decision making putts. Note though running the ball it. You know we discussed that even Miami even though they lost that football game. With seven minutes tick goal you're going to run for nine for a first down pass past give the ball back there packs needle. L checks clock management is eight point five Andy Reid to seven point two. So is that hey anyone in or any of these two point 70 I had a good look at vanities or is it too easy two points. It's awful these two points that he's kept he's a really good coach. Do you get down to the final two minutes of the first half from where the end of the game. And any of these clock management does. I was like that's that's the most important thing we have all the games watched Iowa especially policy that's that's always the biggest blunder comes from. Like panic rooms of the coaches because they don't have an Ernie Adams a politics that there will be the first guided out higher out on the biggest nerd. And Alexei you know ousted listen to your only job is to do at this exit. I'm not having a look at the big job this party your job we look foolish and that's wrong if you're yeah exactly yeah zone and that's it I want you go and I was telling you this among you needed. You don't need her failure as guy like they're just in their basement all the dues look at charts graphs and isn't that all of that is the rub. I know Jack is the best clock management. EO Zimmer 76. You can make any numbers read anywhere you want I don't know how they got numbers to put Jim Caldwell in the top twenty coaches in the national missile. Apparently they found what does winning percentage of anything like we're winning so where they want to record wears a marvelous honestly no. And I've actually. Made clear glass of our by the way our hopes that he had a lot right harmonies are finally modern Islamic violence to lie. You live in an atom gates is John Fox against GO Isiah watch. I'll give added it's still a lot of credit he did a great job. In coaching on Monday night was a brilliant job he had Tom Brady confused when I watched Tom Brady's line all the time. You know seeing all the questions and all the answers stride and don't yet know any of the questions and it answers for various units at a gas or less than it has such a large Rolodex of pleas were taken there so when he different adjustments they've seen everything in the edges this plethora of options at their disposal. You know it make it okay you'll admit we saw this eight years ago they judgment was a litany years ago. Go to page two of the bureau standard operating procedure look at paragraph one it. I think barrels to 22. For light that went through and through it. You know you don't YET you know why you know why big hair big giving Russell Wilson all the credit for ad living. It there's only post on the issue is not hurt peak of its its lowest ranking he is five point seven play consumables years ago there are the only go to on this year that yeah that one fat and easy gal looked a couple of they said it's only this year. It's doesn't mean we appreciate the Jim Caldwell played so and that and the white tablet thing I said here yesterday and I'll I'll make the argument again. Mike Tomlin to me is not a great coach he's a good coach yeah he's probably good motive later. My guess is you'll find a way of screwing something up on Sunday afternoon and to have to go against the New England Patriots constantly if you wanna win in the AFC. And having this poor record by the way I under. Rated dean the I did you off of one and five he is one of the sect who I missed the game. Outcome of Hollywood is one and six against number. Actually missed Natal loss yet that does not wanna fight everyone in five years they wore us. So he's still as far as head coaching him go but you can't coach I don't against the team you need to. 16. With a dismal read what would you Pat Riley when he was head coach of the knicks bullets his record against Michael Jordan and balls. It was he couldn't get past the bulls he could get past them and never much Abra Pat Riley sane. He had a good team but he had the unfortunate luck of having a good team at the exact same time. And being in the same conference as Michael Jordan so I told one radio affiliates on the till I think. I think a lot to do with it but Mike Tomlin all on Mike Tomlin. It's a good coach but he can't win a Super Bowl and just gives you used to eat just had my chance. You don't you can't lock your way to a suitable picture I don't care how much talent you have too much crap too much work too much convincing your team. That what's what about the play or is important to wrap. If these Christian I have a major problem when Mike Tomlin to win has to get through the New England Patriots and head to head. Against the New England Patriots and Tom Brady he's won in six. Tom Brady has 22 touchdowns. Zero interceptions are quarterback rating of 128379. Yards through the air in each one of those games and oh yeah. Averaging 39. Points a game that is off the charts. You can't sit here and tell me. He's a really good coach you have a problem you can beat all the other teams but you can't beat that team or you can't compete. And you can't be better. Does Tony Dungy had the same problem with bill for a while. It's compete Manning had the same problem with not only could an idea the editor Tony Dungy is eight Antonio got basically not only done late. Dominique Douglas Tony Dungy finally figured out. Finally got over the heart rate and it took awhile. To type of blaming so that it may feel all right that's what's. It turns and after all for the big Peyton Manning. And in that there are 41 while he was in Indianapolis after that and actually 45 or one credit to Bill Polian went to the competition committee and said. The change the monitor and go out and his opening game they lost but there was a ploy when Bill Belichick knew we had to go to India and couldn't beat. Peyton Manning so I guess you could say that can't be great if you can't beat the teams boast a doubt guarantee you heard we heard from Pittsburgh since yesterday. No can't do well at eight blue note can't lose Ellman. A go wrong at the same time to form again you can lose one and but you can't lose a bowl Super Bowl would have the same old time brilliant weekend. Paul would have been brilliant if he. If he tweeted out with some numbers to back it up which destroyed yesterday just have got a palpable would have been a dope and sent and received this year ago there. The thing is that in Pittsburgh right now that's the one thing they're concerned what they know they've got the best running back and the best wide receiver in the game quick about it. This running back and best wide receiver their quarterback is a winner of the wary about their quarterback he's that good evil place breakdown offensive line. Pretty damn good. Knew what their biggest fear in Pittsburgh is. Mike Tomlin will find a way to screw this one up on Sunday outlaw and and that's and it ends meet eventually. And that's where his expertise comes and he works with Keith Butler he these big on top of the wrinkle. And Brady's got a Fino I. I said is that most of the offered even the mighty dogs the first time had a really good game plan against the patriots. They just they day they got away from me they throughout their playbook they throw their opening place. Buffalo the Buffalo Bills had a great opening great fifteen script that place. I think Tyrod Taylor like a knuckle head out of place in the bills that more than a dolphins dolphins at the struggle that's applicable always take you to snap the balls at the end zone but look at it and literally nearest you look at the way they know but they're bit. Their first opening plays they couldn't execute it correctly it didn't work for them sold at this three now three out next you know it's fourteen nothing. Yes and then they came back a second accident okay they can actually make this game but again the distance between them the amount of points is too much as eighteen points. So. Mike Tomlin. About getting monkeys off their back our vote like you know having that signature wink is that really what he means but if you wannabe. You know the best that I agree with you he's got to beat the best. But it doesn't mean he's a child as a coach that these these these should be considered in the top five for what he's accomplished. Just because personalities rough. End of a tennis a little little heart. It's a little guys. When you when your team is eleven to and you can look at those games and say oh yeah there was some games you really should of handle these games and it over the last couple weeks that barely won. And a big part of that has been due to the team that they're playing screwing up I get them to spend a lot of that during the course of the season but he's better than number ten. I just think they're a bunch of guys I would put ahead of a note I said five or six is probably where I would rank him and he's had the Oakmont and U don't know how good coaches with a bad team just doesn't have the personnel so you can't figure it out he said really good talent. Really good talent and I think he's under achieved with the talent that he sent. They can't best running back not Marvin Lewis as islanders should not only the best and I mean that that to me is a complete joke. That the guy has been in that position for fifteen years though he's never won a play after we've not found a single person. Who was ever coached or managed in sports that has been in that position for fifteen years. In which they have never won a a playoff game. You know we I don't know he'd have to go low you'd have to go to two Major League Baseball years ago when it was just the American League and nationally right. And yet to win the pennant either one of those links to play in a World Series and that the playoffs that we have right now. You know series appliance that's where you'd have to go to find one of those guys. Well as a public has less to lose Marvin Lewis is only one point seven points Belichick it's too congested as it's opposite the bottom is. Yet to fine it's a fine line you know it's coming up an analyst Paul would you watch Mike Tomlin let's thing and I think. I don't know how you can't come up with the game plan for this office she worried about the defense of either one of these these teams this is going to be an offensive game on Sunday. Which offense. You would think the hit which offense produces that he's going to win this football this does take what is. Gore's the most points to move problem prudently and we will most of you know they leave their long while you know you read delegates at Lutheran. Yes I'm about third and long sinker. It's my scenario you can't sell the idle thoughts about takes that's my touchdowns not funerals you know I just got strives. To many times when show. Really it's about how do what I do you wanna I do I should gears does and buses and because it lets you should keep there there are out there talk about as well let's break it doesn't hunting this this long though ball LeBron giant on the actual payment into the Sig and I'm not our decision Lavar ball it can ultimately is not my obsession it's the public's obsession is that fair fight now. Was a great player and I don't planet is only things that Russian so. What does all you have to do is like all I mean. Doesn't even matter who are your day to get the right Arenas it's the lakers basically records now look. So verses you know McCain. I mean he's he's a great player to player he's the leading candidate for MVP Alonso ball right now is probably of the first round draft picks in this past here's well let's take the whole draft. He's probably the tenth best ranked player. Today a case can be better I think he'll be better in the end but right now. They're probably nine guys and about to afford them I can run that was at a funny there you go that's it you don't. In gonna dig into this Boudreau gave him a rescue make a move yet. I don't know how we're gonna have to talk about it then I guess we'll have to do it. Keep up with the show on Twitter act a win that on WEEI. Before during and after the show. Let's get you back to more afford weight room loading and 48 right now on sports break WEEI. We have a lot of different people that are involved in those conversations with the agents and all those type of thing so we've got a lot of conversations with free agents. Their agents. To date to our government that would personally. And creates so much and but the paper to this hour. Closely yesterday hasn't been up without any of these creations. All maybe isn't stealth mode. Today Levant and the guest today and mission went back on this season going to do with you all that information meaning he met with some last. At that point that's what it meant so it's obvious Jody Martinez got the depth chart out rescue equipment. What's the market for JD my teenager now the Yankees on in cardinals are the giants to dig up the stand because they viewed as a once in generational player and they'd they'd spend the money on that the but the minute and missed him there out on big time guys. Who Dodgers on in on them. Was there is on a big free of the money patriot Greinke maybe. That. What's the market for bush and being forced Flemmi had seventy some Oscar but honestly and realistically who's a team going up against army Rangers want to get involved students out so if that's the case you engines out and you were talking about the chastity and Boris doesn't have a strong enough market. For his guy. He's probably gonna waste and this thing up for as long as he possibly can correct weighted out now. Going down but now they have to get Martinez right now. So Boerse may be looking at the support he's going to bring it up as they may now be an awful it's presumptive right now for Martinez. You Boris maybe look in and it's that well. If I'm to Brodsky I know he needs to get this well that's he's got no buzz and Boston he lost out as they and I asked out of Arizona what's. You bourses and look at it as you flip it. But look around Scott you need me. You know here's a look at that way. He just doesn't isn't that whenever I will create even a mystery team. Because. You need you still need JD more than I need you need to make it they'll play that way. Every that this is Boris cat manly and he's like a broad baseball had an. They thought and so thinks so I mean I know but as far as like I mean he's he's really the one who's who controls Major League Baseball. He is the one analyst who says who has all the power so we probably usually am players novelist or football version of him. I'm trying to think if there is one like now because this is it's just good and there are agents though. He had a relic and reads it opens up the patriots make called an awful Wes Welker monies Ager goes finds a team Denver offers a money they called back into this what they're offering what do you think it's what I want to go there. Bold which I would Denver here. Here's my offer if I mean a week. We called a two week I think he would meet January did there's just a vacuum mid January we don't hear. Default this is the offer. This is what we offer you find a different one dot mean today's the nation series is okay William ultimatum like three days go by. It I hate it is that. It's so slope so he dictates that every the other sports in particular us. I exotic idea I sit there I see this guy hold court is on the big platform is talking over every buys like he's King Tut over here there. Being walked through it to the village and everybody sort of roses out of old. In court in in Anaheim. He owns the box that's right behind home plate that is at field level behind liquor a chain link fence right. You've seat in the entire game for every angels take it back at history you must hate having to deal with him because popular candidate. And it just basically he dictate market dictates he dictates. That Dick picks he did he decide exactly. What the market is going to be he's that's at all. Yeah it does irritated the eat it. Dave yesterday talking about the involvement they had with Marcelo soon the Marlins to me is just annoying it was just a you don't have to do that date because people she rector you know don't throw Boni fan base that we know is no chance of it happening and say we were involved. Casino Cisco acquired Becky knows people being impatient so he guessed that he sat there they talked about how he was involved. Really. Yes the bottom but I think and they called me back before you and you know kind of just to look you know that they were making it as a courtesy so we're in the mix enough to do bonus Africa. DH spot open so this kind slight drives around in that regard it. I don't in the mix and up okay that's what I had thrown a bone right but that's I did not like that last thing he said he can play that again. We have it as the gates and because a lot of cuts like us. Are we are. OK so they eliminated become engaged in the early on prospects to get no they don't they if they eliminated. Him. Out of the DA intro and they've not thinking of him to first base. On no. He saw him in a result and there's lying which is fine. OK this idea that Jackie Bradley is not in play easy joke. The fact you even call Marcelo sooner. And think the Uga again by the way this points out 1017. Gold glove for the National League and you gonna sign him to DH is a joke he was gonna play left. But it was going to be and senator and he was betrayed Jackie Bradley right if he can get a sooner Bradley's starting gate TD Brad he's gone he's the only gets Hosmer. We never attended the trade Bradley not aware of that game from we'd love Jackie Bradley so it all depends on who they sign but if they sign a guy like osu and they ever did and trade all of the eggs Saturday LA GD. I think Jackie's gone okay this is where the Boris stars Haley you kick it to be a first baseman doubled every single day. This would divorce stuff comes into play the Christian was talking about. You know what they may be being very careful of what they say about Jackie Bradley junior dealing Micah that it would you just laid out Lou is exactly true if they get somebody who can play that I'll feel. As opposed to DH he's playing the outfield Jackie Bradley junior is gone. Just being represented by Boris. And they got to be very careful about this because they don't want this more softer than try to do would deal would Boris right now within and I that they need that's where Boris has the power. That's almost everybody was Jackie. Very much wanna continue their relationship and either senate. Are there sports there bill I was in the even eating in an NFL agents in the you don't really hear a lot of them here and speak in. There's the one dude out of Miami. I don't need to hear about it or natural rose and I shouldn't Garros and house that's that would be the last guy. He likes to let's get right in front of a college I actually got pictures of his hot wife and yes your little girl who look at the spotlight that'll do. Hasn't. Oh there was Jerry Maguire now if rosenhaus. Now he's gone now he'd had a heater memo about how we shouldn't ask this pain and a mentally yeah your guy you know at least I never urine as periods. Through that house thinks he's the real gentle undated. On is how long do you slow play and it is a market for the guy. You want them you know I know you'll wait for it levered is can't compete and in a little riddle came out he'll hold out. I'm old enough and he'll get up and yelled don't play the Arizona game and you'll use them that car he'll hold on as long as he candy keeps Arizona alive. And you can go back to the Red Sox since AA JD really likes and Phoenix and you know I don't know he got to play that game to get their price up. As long as you get at the Arizona decides to move always cigarettes are you can also play that game and watch every single potential. Just landing spot disappear. Let it is. It EC in gold there cardinals knuckle in the area there. So where's he gone. You know and indeed can look around the street are designing and mystery meat team got a regular credit mystery I mean the house but things kind of interesting to lose to Kansas City is still kinda keeping out some hope on a wide world where they go and I want to their pre rolled. A 110 million. And then you've got same the eagle and a mixed so it is caused it to point its career and they know he's got a rink. Is he looking at this thing whether beautiful we can have every day in San Diego California not a bad day bad lies and I don't want wanna go to a pressure situation he goes Boston played her a lot. I guess there where if if it's confidence things I was so well last year and create she's gonna go there and die in their ballpark right. He didn't pay him like a big time free agent he's wondering he's gonna go live in San Diego. Hello. And who would want that who wouldn't I had no idea that. Guys accomplished. To wanna if Indies with China on what the hell's going there. The Dow is agency and is no negotiating window so it's gonna trade for him if we're not in normal Baltimore's not gonna go off Lawton return if you don't. Open up and allow. The other eighteen to negotiate with a but if you're the agent. Why do you wanna negotiate now if he gets traded somewhere you want him to see if he enjoys that city for years don't you I wouldn't I wouldn't follow him charter much as gimmicky killing. He's gonna be a highly sought after he embrace our critics here. One why would he mess around but the amazing part about it is. Is it dander cat and the Orioles look like irradiated and rebuild the whole thing Britain's available now they're looking to rebuild the whole thing. And they would trade within the division whatever that I don't conversations with the Yankees and the Red Sox. The Yankees as you know even talking about it Bechtel what they give up. Treat within the division that would be taboo right a few years of White Sox and make it offers you do what. Give up the gave me mature out of Chicago for a year watcher rebuild go. Why did you guys trade me and I appreciate Tony Scott is critical for you have gone. America's stick around here the Yankees really want the child they did it get them next year so that's the only place that's straight for a period and even if you Boston imaging or got a contract. Well would you give up 41 year mainly China. Let's double crippling. The aide to browse to roll the dice on me which I don't think and it left the one years beloved here because this place so freaking glorious funerals and Brad Wright and compete and you trade away prospects and an a year later you trade away prospects the player walks of the door to go to New York that is a kick in the balls because you get wrist that he can put your job on the line because of that happens you're gone. Backfired throughout got his best buddy PD as a did do it. Competing in now and they're both the buds I'd 6177797937. Cubist moment nothing. With the Red Sox in Orlando nothing is going on we'll keep you abreast. You board way remotely hand or hey if you blink when normally he's a little bit of a fraud. And I told him this he wants everybody else to be as good that he wants to be the nice guy standing in the back I grew from a 1000% go much Sports Radio. Yeah. And this is lost. Folder along. A much closer you feel so. Or owner arrived I think we're close or. But I don't know we're closer to getting something done are being eliminated from doing things. I think we're closer to getting answers. On some things. You've got to nail down really gonna get our guys. Or not been together guys and that's progress wouldn't you know it is progress because we're close. Sir to get in our diet or. We're closer to not getting our guys really got released the gap at least yet we're gonna get somebody will not cutie and act like it's started here. Nobody thinks somebody or nobody closer I think to browse in the hole we're just talking about during the break is done pretty good job here. I think he's got an awful lot of pressure because the Yankees have accelerated program dramatically nobody stopped beginning of last season. That the Yankees would be where they are. Get past a Red Sox is they had more success last year in the post season. And now you add sneaked into the equation they are not done yet they're probably gonna add another player and a a major or. You look at its ailment got so there's pressure in Nebraska. You can come back when this team next year I don't. Al scores been program that apparently in every interview he does say well really happy with weather team know and you can yeah. We would you yes they they they say they're not gonna sign a big time hitting freeagent. As the DH. It's just that to me that it's not gonna happen then you've seen nearly mayors my first baseman. And is it for the next two years possibly get because the stuff that their vesting option. What's gonna happen in my mind is that you are gonna get JD Martinis and admitting he gave him you're gonna see Johnny Damon you seek Ken Rosenthal. Buster Olney the Red Sox are talking with Chicago Bulls they bring you the minute that happens with an acute throw that out there now. Because if moss mark is the only guy you can get. For whatever reason. You know touching off a tray and Jackie Oscars are first baseman. And the guy's a good player again he's a winner in the clubhouse leader. He's better than mall and personally seen the numbers does that mean the financial numbers to doubt he's gonna be much better but it it nice for you. So you don't get that outfielder. JD Martinez tonight. And you you you continue to squash these reports avid interest in trading Jacqui what she sighed JD was I think they will. I think they move on from Jackie Bradley and bitches. Is my opinions they go it's their first I. I think your right eye but the amazing thing is that he actually came out instead we have a need for designated hitter and we're looking edits and well. You first base DH right at first baseman it's merely to first base DH somebody that can work with him. Which Shiites are still I still think and they're gonna have to find out whether he's healthy first of all and with handling you never know we don't even know what shoulder it is right. I still think you're gonna try to unload him I don't see any reason you'd wanna bring him back and think yeah. Try to deal him. And pay off some of that salary of movie and somewhere else not going to be an easy thing to do. But I got to believe you try to do for exactly what you deserve it because he's got a vesting option that can keep him a year a year after that. What about having him for the next year for the next two years and you may need a little. You may need to play a lot of games we in this next year specially if you have any type of an injured would you agree they need to players not one player right now. I think so too. He plays all women got to play too well because in my mind it's you moving on from Jackie. And then I was saying this for log on Twitter TV and it's not because I don't like Jackie Bradley. Matt I value more than you do a valuable valuable object and I do I actually think you build a better under management believes that. A guy is I think that was a bad relationship between John Ferro. So. But I believe in bent anymore I believe in rookie bets more and when you go to improved talent on this team. It's it's a left fielder with pot so case someone's got to go. I don't want to be better than me too much control I don't want to be rookie is oh that therefore there Jacqui what they get a lot of value can land a guy like a brave. Well you decided who he does not even in the same category. We have Jackie Bradley junior and I think that attendees get four more upside they also think he's a better upside is a defense supplier and hopefully better upside is you a run on the base basket he sucked that that this year. Brought my have a Jackie Bradley junior is and I mean you're talking about a multi. I'm like these folk for the data don't wanna look the gaggle you know why. Because during the course of the season there were eight or ten plays in which you statistic all my. I just something I never thought I would say great difference he's a great defensive player. He gives you ESPN's sports center highlight material AT and give it to him twelve times a year here's rob might have an. For years we've seen him around you know right but for years we've got a wide enough sample of at least three season after only three full seasons on. We've seen enough of them right now to know what he is he's a guy that for some reason gets locked in and focused and for six weeks. Four weeks. It's the cover off the ball bats for wanting to sit there and go that's the guy I want up every single time we got men on base then the rest of the season. He is an automatic out he's a black hole out there he's a guy that you look at Illini but it only got no shot he's gotten a book and and here he comes up to the plate we get the bases loaded. You can't depend on you shouldn't go a long time ago loop couple years ago. I'd rather have him back dropped the ball if nobody can dump the body of 21. And the next month. Quick hits to an extreme you know Thompson a defense would be either you know that this is baseball and his guys give out guy's vehicle. The easy extreme off and when he is down and for a month month and a half. It's an easy out. That's the problem with him and afterward there's there's a lot of room for growth there because if that 198. With twenty punch outs you know in eighty at bats. It if you can improve when you're down and shorten those periods now he can beat you 75. 280 with 26 point seven bombs which is another reason league and he's gonna get pretty good deal when he's a free agent. You look at all those things gold glove defender and global of the offender with pot. Somebody you'll think that that's a lot of money so what will think he can figure it matured with the kid out now who got their Oden. Chicago you from Saint Louis they were. Yes the money he got for haven't popped play gold glove up in consistent in the but I don't understand that and it's a flaw. In Jackie Bradley junior he's gonna have to figure this out how you go from. Being the best hitter in the week for 45 weeks to being one of the worst hit instantly. If the very next month again I stood up and down game might play a game it's an again I don't. I think he well. Guy I actually I actually like Jackie Bradley going to be penetrated Cecil for the winner. I I liked them a good thing we've got to figure this level that I just it is another way to pro now or is it that that's the area I want to take. That is a long time listen to default cause people wanna talk but the Red Sox here here's Steve Saudi Celestine. Let me tell you Lou how are you wish it's real sort of egos don't. Oh I democracy with a couple of things. Personal blog you know I agree due to land I think the brush is that a decent job. A lot of trees don't wanna come here you can't blame him for that are just talk about San Diego. Seeing that no. It had not did not want from the Boston. Yes chuck Japanese guy didn't want on the books that and there's a lot behind an ad in Internet history at all but. Yep they got a JD OK and then edit gotta get I greet you Lou they got to get another bitter and subject to play the field and that and glad. You've got to find a way to reduce so ultimately period in order saint. Well I think I think they might try but because they're concerned about is we just said you know getting that vested you're the second year I think nerves can be easy to deal. Think his grit picked up different accounting it was known anyway it is limited because he's a designated hitter but he's about. Under and lose it between a 115120. Games this year is we right around that vesting them up as a 13035. Is considered. So it's listed. In seeing how that works. To try to move on from memo what they do with him because and you get. 130 games then again if and if he hits like he did two years ago. You're you're you know might bring him back for one year twenty million dollars right. If he hits like he did to ours and talk them. That I guess I could I would think that was a perverts to I don't want us with or two what's more he's here in just. You know shown you can do it passing of the torch on that it was just like the perfect scenario for him and then there was going to hit when his presence was in the clubhouse it was just. Larry mr. well not only that played he got to be the designated hitter which I think. He was willing to play first base on the last year fourteen horse because he knew that Ortiz asked waving and user didn't suddenly going to become big popular guy Poppy Hills go to. That guy you know so molested them browse he's done a decent job. Because yeah asylum patient you know especially when it meanings in things going on around them but when you look that is a criticism to browse the back and forth on Twitter. Better than a decent job since he's been here you can say what you want. He ripped the farm system away okay do you do you care all the loss monk methodical open. It Medicare well apple product on the down the road might. All right now you don't put us if you could funny I'm pro going to be accurate down the road you can you can do that forever right I mean league. You do that forever down a road five years from now I don't know maybe sales Tommy John careers all YouTube you'll like Doug Vogt. Last year right now coming this year been bitching about more chaotic OPEC is you get sale I don't think so. You brought it Palmer. Greg there mean Espinoza. I was fine with that you have a screen but Espinoza as close as enablers to pick since he's got Tommy John surgical serious now as a year older mr. a year and a half. Was it is the 24 year old kidney ball with with potential. You know what they give up being Kimbrel. They gave up. Could get that was it with a gimmick may Margot mail all Fargo yes they gave up repetitive town. You gave up Margo would you be left field right now to think that attendees better color. But he's already double pop. But as a young player a decent out there in San Diego was shooting becomes. I don't know but you got that attending Uga Kimbrel. Your hobby glare and people a big key flaw was talking moat MVP type and it. Please get to 22 and in a ball double in the sixth Ethiopia asked her about us and video a couple of other little. Utility guy. You know that's basically what they've done a ratio to bond. Special player to go along with Trevor shot about her but don't you think that brought failed average makes us feel a little bit better. So what are you actually end up. Where is he stood up about Crenshaw would teach drivers show okay devers helps. Umar gul better than he has Trevor show would have been another power bat they could views like this that would be the one I would assaulted Bornstein Goldberg and I assured that your. I believe he walked in here. Is rotation. Was Buchholz. Or sell weed Miley Henry Owens he rod and Joseph Kelly. And close it was cold you we Horrow is a 172 years all African Il two years later its sale of its price its Palmer and it's Kimbrel Porsche sells your fourth. So yes there's a post season issue with this team and you'll be able to get rid of that until they win out admit that but if you eat. You don't want a they better. They better to dig his most of yeah job as the next this year last year next year international signings draft picks because there's. Toy kids that would draft elected going to be a big leagues probably a lot more there's even more gonna be this year you can replenish your system and two with three years that might be. His biggest job to date forget about TD he should get them. But still replenish your system which can be done in three years is I still think he's given up gained changes and his team is a lot better since the. No I think you could look at the pomerantz form where you actually had an out oh okay get a second opportunity where he could give up on it because Cindy eagle lied about it. And he said none of them to stay within and at the time I must tell you I thought he was crazy. I thought this was the perfect opportunity. To rescind the deal or ask for more do something he stayed well that by the end of the season Palmer it's pretty damn good. I went to the point where now Palmer it's at the end of next season you're gonna have to pay him some money that's what you gonna have to do but his biggest problem right now the Yankees have bypassed. And that's all people gonna look at that Lou he's done a good job but the Yankees have bypassed them. And the Yankees are our. Or scare here is your rewrote the Daryn you're a year ago. Any Yankee fan of the exact same discussion just get a Red Sox got. They got a severe username and it'll just in Florida and he's just trying Chris Hill that doesn't. Scary tee up with quite a war young players in the occupied attending just not up to I can't take it anymore yet the Red Sox and oldest division for a year. And it all. And down years right which makes you feel like they all suck now and we'll see if the Yankees. Will have good years down years Severino mostly. I think that's a fair point to two years ago they all add up gears and you saw the result of that and then they all had down years this past year. Do you look at it and say well it's gonna be somewhere in between but I also think the beginning of last do you look at and say who's on the docket for the next five or six years it's gonna be the powerhouse. That's going to be the Red Sox look at the youth that they have. A look at the Yankees right now I think the Yankees have made no longer window of opportunity and now been established for themselves in a year ago so it's like it does change we shall say. But so far. They haven't done anything Christmas. Coming up at Fenway unknown unknown on Saturday knickers that players taken pictures with pop puppies which is always Q. Are we a more football coming company a final hour of the program big game coming up on Sunday. And could be the difference for the New England Patriots of the number one seed. At home feels her out the playoffs or it could be that number three seed may be be heading out on the road.